Who Walks In - the story of the new harlem jazz band

The New Harlem Jazz Band lineup is completed and the band starts to be noticed, and gets more gigs. A recording opportunity arises and is almost derailed by a burnt roast dinner.

Show Notes

Drummer Richard Opat responds to Ian's advertisement and gets the gig. Ian persuades trombonist Chris Ludowyk to join and the band lineup is completed with a chance meeting in the street with pianist Doug Rawson. New Harlem makes successful appearances at the Geelong Jazz Festival in 1969 and 1970 and starts getting more gigs.

In 1972 the band gets an opportunity to record for the Jazznote label. Jeff Parkes leaves the band before the recording is completed and is replaced by Bill Morris. A second attempt at the recording is almost ruined by a potential burnt roast dinner. 

What is Who Walks In - the story of the new harlem jazz band?

In the late sixties a young jazz enthusiast decided to start a band. This is the story of how the band he started went on to entertain audiences and release records for the next twenty years.