Lab Medicine Rounds

Interview with Joaquin Garcia, M.D. and Justin Kreuter, M.D.
This episode will discuss the perplexing work of salivary glands. Benign and malignant salivary gland tumors reveal overlapping clinical and pathologic features, imposing dramatic diagnostic and therapeutic challenges.

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00:00 Podcast Intro

00:37 Introduction of Joaquin Garcia, Vice Chair of Laboratories in the Division of Anatomic Pathology and Medical Director of the Histology Laboratory at Mayo Clinic.

00:57 Can you give us a little background as to how you came in to this world of anatomic pathology and also where did this interest of salivary gland tumors come from?

02:09 What are the things that come to your attention when people are asking about salivary gland tumors?

03:13 When you talk about getting a small biopsy, are we talking about getting a punch biopsy for skin or are we talking about a fine needle aspirate where your just getting cytology? 

04:11 Can you get in to a little bit on where this challenge comes from, whether something is benign, malignant, kind of predicting that behavior?

05:46 How do you train up pathologists to make these calls and recognize malignant from benign?

07:04 Can you elaborate on some of the additional testing you’re talking about (immunohistochemical staining and liquid kind of samples)?

08:48 So, in a more targeted way you are able to make a diagnosis. Is that also true for how we are treating these cancers? Are we able to do targeted therapy based on the pathology that we are getting?

09:54 You’ve just recently completed a book “The Atlas of Salivary Gland Pathology.” What surprised you most about what it took to put together this atlas?

10:35 Is it true that head and neck pathology is the most challenging sub-specialty within all of anatomic pathology?

11:02 What sort of things should be features that are concerning, so that when you hear this in the history you really want to do a thorough exam of the patients mouth, face, and neck features?  

13:35 Outro

Atlas of Salivary Gland Pathology, 2019, Springer Publishing (JJ Garcia)

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