The Langley Files: CIA's Podcast

At the Central Intelligence Agency, there are truths we can share, and stories we can tell.

CIA's official podcast, The Langley Files, is coming soon!

What is The Langley Files: CIA's Podcast?

You might have heard a thing or two about the CIA, but have you ever heard from the CIA? In the Central Intelligence Agency's first public podcast, you will. Let us be your guides around the corridors of CIA Headquarters in Langley, as you step beyond the Hollywood scripts and shadowed whispers to hear directly from the people serving each day as America's first line of defense. These are their stories. This is The Langley Files.

Decades ago, a quote was carved into a marble wall at Headquarters. “And ye shall know the truth …” it reads, “… and the truth shall make you free.”

At CIA, there are truths we can share, and stories we can tell. Stories of duty and dedication. Stories of ingenuity and mission. Stories beyond those of Hollywood scripts and shadowed whispers.

Today, we’re taking a step out from behind those shadows, sharing what we can, and offering a glimpse into the world of the Central Intelligence Agency.

This is The Langley Files.