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Daily Boost - 21 Shvat

21 Shvat: Moshiach Souls

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Topic for Shvat: Women and Moshiach

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The job of all of the souls from Adam, the first man, until Moshiach, is to refine the sparks of G-dliness hidden in the physical world and to rectify the sin of the Tree of Knowledge. The souls born in the time of Moshiach will be of a higher order and will be called “new souls.” They will not need to struggle to uncover G-dliness; rather, they will constantly elevate the world so that it will experience greater and greater levels of G-dliness.

G-d brought a small number of these “new” Moshiach souls into the world to help prepare us for Moshiach. Chanoch (Enoch) was a new soul; he exemplified personal refinement and purity. Moshe was a new soul; he showed us how to refine the world through the Torah and its laws. The Alter Rebbe was a new soul; he revealed the secrets of the Torah, through which we will merit the actual Redemption.

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