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Welcome to our riveting exposé: ⁠"Truth Unveiled: FBI Whistleblowers Expose Government Corruption and Citizen Exploitation"⁠. In this groundbreaking episode, we delve into the shocking testimonies of brave whistleblowers who took the stand in Congress to unmask the alarming corruption within the FBI and the broader US Government.

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Join us as we dissect the congressional testimonies of these courageous whistleblowers, shedding light on the extent of corruption within the FBI and the disturbing weaponization of the US Government against its own people. Hear firsthand about the serious allegations, legal implications, and the potential fallout this could have on our democratic institutions.

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  • In-depth analysis of the whistleblowers' testimonies
  • Expert insights into FBI operations and alleged corruption
  • Understanding the potential misuse of government power against its own citizens
  • Discussion on the implications for democracy and citizen rights
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Please note that all information presented in this video is based on the testimonies of the whistleblowers, and we encourage viewers to engage with this issue critically and thoughtfully.
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Jonathan Kogan:
live. What's up everybody? Welcome to The Jonathan Kogan Show. I'm your host, Johnny K. We got a big episode before we get into it. Please subscribe to The Jonathan Kogan Show, wherever you get your podcasts, uh, PSA public service announcement on top of my head. I believe you're in Turks and Caicos. If you're in Albania, if you're in, uh, there's another country, I forget you're listening to a podcast. I think the title says in case you forgot, look at the thumbnail and go search for The Jonathan Kogan Show and subscribe to that one. Why I have two RSS feeds, I don't know. Trying to resolve it for a very long time, having difficulties, so please do that. Now let's get into the show. Big deal, okay, big, big, big deal. So one of the greatest things about being unbiased of just searching for objective truth is that it's so clear to see if you don't have ulterior motives, if you're not trying to shove down a narrative down my throat, it's very easy to see when there's red flags. regardless of political affiliation or apolitical affiliation, it doesn't matter. It's very obvious when things are not good for the people. Okay? So, in the United States of America, people have had suspicions, and on this podcast we proved over and over, that the largest superpower in the history of the world, the strongest superpower ever, the United States of America, that government is being weaponized against its own citizens. They are going internally. domestically because they start wars all over the place they kill people all over the place they overthrow they they overthrow Democra or authoritarian and implement democracies Aka just bombing the shit out of countries and killing 500,000 children saying it's worth it. Yep. That's on 60 bits that's true, I played that clip on here before and leaving it in a a state of disarray when there's a slave market, a human trafficking, there's complete anarchy and the people are, everything is blown up and just complete shit. Okay? That's what the United States does. Okay? Sort of like you would, you know, like if you're in the US, you're taught like everyone else is a terrorist. Perhaps maybe we are the terrorists. I don't know. I don't know. All I'm saying is it's something that needs to be questioned because we just care about objective truth. We don't care who is the quote unquote good guy or bad guy. We just want to know what's happening in the world. There was testimony yesterday. Okay. And I don't understand. I can't understand why is the truth a partisan issue? Okay. Objective truth is not partisan. I don't get it. Okay. There was FBI whistleblowers. I'm going to play some pretty chilling videos and from their testimony in Congress under oath of how their lives have been destroyed for coming forward. How. The January 6 videos were not to be released because it might show undercover FBI informants. We've covered a ray apps at length on here. The most sketchy thing of all time. Literally, if you're at January six, you participated in any way. You should be locked up without a trial. You should get the death penalty. But if you're a apps, you're on video, whispering in someone's ear, who charges into the knocks over police officer, you're there, but you were trying to help. Like what? What it's the strangest thing I've ever seen in my life. Okay. You need to have one brain cell, literally one brain cell to be like, this doesn't seem right. Okay. One brain cell. You don't even need to, you need one. Now I want to start off backwards. I want to start off with the closing, uh, uh, the closing statement that was said. And this should really, this doesn't matter if you're Republican, Democrat, independent, this is not good for anybody. And if you are on the quote unquote winning team, that is doing the weaponizing to think that it's never going to be weaponized towards you. You don't know how history works because eventually they come for you. And at that point, guess what? No one has left. So thank goodness for peasants all across independent media, myself and others coming out with the truth so we could put, and we're not stopping. We are speaking out over and over and over again until there's too many voices to crowd out, which brings me to a different issue about how Obama was interviewed and his biggest concern is how media is no longer three channels and people get the truth. Now he says people are living alternate realities of what's real and what's, well maybe because the mainstream media and the elite narrative is the one that's lying to people and the independent media is telling the truth but they're told not to trust it or don't even look at it because they're conspiracy theorists. Yet literally the mainstream news like MSNBC was the one pushing the Russia hoax. which I did the Durham report the last episode for years, for over three years. And that was a complete conspiracy. And it was fake. Who's the conspiracy theorist? It's all backwards. Left is right. Up is down. It's crazy. Let's get into this chilling statement. It's 57 seconds. I want you to listen really closely to this. Just listen. Okay. This is very chill. So that guy, O'Boyle, Mr. O'Boyle, he was a whistleblower. The FBI had him move across the country, he has four kids, and he had like a two-week-old. Moving across the country, the day after he moved across the country, they suspended him without pay and locked up his belongings and wouldn't let it go, clothes, anything. He didn't even have clothes for his little kids, like a two-week-old. How sick are these elites? and to think that they are going on the airwaves to tell you how much they care for your safety and that they want you to do things because they want you to be safe, yet they will crush lives and destroy children. And you think, and literally hang out at Jeffrey Epstein's Island for years and we still don't even know, we don't get any information on it, we're just told not to talk about it, or your conspiracy theorists. You think that those people love you and care about your safety? the same people, the neocons, who are bombing literally hundreds of countries and destroying livelihoods of innocent people, innocent peasants worldwide. You think that they are pushing a message so hardcore over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, saying how they care so much and do this and do that because we want you to be safe, safe, safe, safe. Give us your freedom so you can be safe. What is going on? Think. Think. Learn history. Think. Okay. Use your critical thinking skills. You have it in you. The truth is in all of us. When you feel like something's off or something isn't right, go with that gut instinct. Do some of your own research. I know it makes you a far right extremist if you do your own research, but maybe perhaps it's okay to be a far right extremist to do your own research. Maybe they're lying to you and you're not a far right extremist and doing your own research is just what we call normal or what we call reading. So that's the end. Now here's the most important part of this hearing with Matt Gates talking. Uh, I was going to start it where, uh, they share a video, um, of an interview of why they won't release the January six videos, but I want to start a little earlier so you know, the credentials of these FBI whistleblowers to give them credibility because you're being told everything's opposite on mainstream, which for some reason only leans in one political direction. And they tell you that these aren't whistleblowers. These are insubordinate, terrible people, but it's so bizarre. So bizarre. It's literally the exact opposite. But if it's for their cause, then they say, oh, these are great people. We need to like, you know, give them the purple heart or something. It's unbelievable. Okay. Just please just use your own brain. Here we go. Okay, that is such a massive deal. Massive. Please explain to me why in this case it happens to be the left, the Democrats. What is the argument for not wanting full public access to every single hour of security footage on January 6th at the Capitol? Why are we not all 100% for as much transparency as possible? Why? What is the argument? Shouldn't everybody just give full open source access every single hour to all the citizens of the United States and everybody can go watch as much or as little as they want. What is the logic of censoring or withholding some of that video footage? What is the argument that is being made? Seriously, I feel like I'm losing my mind. Everybody should want access to that so everybody can come to their to the objective truth We want more information more data and they're withholding it and now we're learning that they're withholding it because there's Possibly FBI informants and you know undercover people whatever the terms were of people in that crowd Which like on this podcast because we have more than one brain cell we have been saying for the better part of a year that We need all this footage because it seems real sketchy, especially with this Ray Epps character. And we're just told, oh, they're crazy conspiracy theorists. Just don't listen to them. Just deplatform them and censor them because they're so crazy and conspiratorial. Maybe just like everything else, maybe we're right. Maybe we're doing our own research. Maybe we're not taking the narrative as is, and we're searching for the truth ourselves and coming to our own conclusion based on no bias, no political affiliation. Just truth. Truth has been so distorted and why in particular it seems I don't know what the reason is, but one party in particular, the Democratic party at this point in time has seemed to go AWOL with these ridiculous falsehoods. It's crazy. So many things, this Russia hoax, this January 6th, perhaps there were informants, all this stuff. It doesn't, it doesn't stop. It's everything. It's so much. What is going on? Is it because there was a populist uprising that elected Donald Trump that made the establishment? The Uniparty go absolutely insane. Okay. We don't support any politician on this podcast. We never will. We never will. All right. We are apolitical through and through. We care about justice. We care about truth. We care about transparency and we care about that. The fact that the government works for the people, the people, the people, the people, all right, that's it. And why that pushes that makes people push me into a Trump or right wing conservative person. I have no idea. It's bizarre. I have no clue basically, if you do anything against the narrative, you're a far right extremist pro Trump person, which is Basically everybody who has a brain cell now, so you're just you're just Defecting everybody from your own cause because you went absolutely insane Okay And you do have a candidate with RFK jr. Trying to put some sanity back in the party And then they say, oh, like crystal ball goes, oh, his, his views align with Trump. Why aren't you just with Trump? And she mentioned censorship, which free speech was literally a core, a pillar of the democratic party, but now that's a Trump conservative, right wing, far right extremist view, free speech, anti-war, another pillar of the democratic party. Now it's considered a right wing far far right extremist, conservative Trumper. Uh, and the other one was like questioning big pharma. which also used to be left-wing and democratic. And now it's pro-Trump right-wing conspiracy theorists. I mean, what is going on? Seriously, can people just bring normalcy back a little bit? Because if we don't get this under wraps and get the objective truth back to baseline, literally in the next year with AI deep fakes, and now you have Anthony Blinken, Tony Blinken. at a freedom, some freedom press conference thing, he gave a speech about how the government has created an AI tool that will help reduce and eliminate Russia misinformation and disinformation and they'll be able to share with their partners with their new AI tool. If we don't get this under wraps real quick, when the government has AI tools, it's over. They're gonna own all of speech. There's wrong think, that's already happening. Now it just goes on steroids. They use AI. We need to get this under wraps real quick. And thank God we have patriots and people who care about truth whistleblowing, even though they're trying to be just absolutely clobbered. Like what sick world is this? OK, so Michael Schellenberger did a good report on this and Elon actually replied, which is good, brings more awareness to it because that's what we need. We've been trying on this podcast for a year, but apparently People either don't care about the truth or they forget that the truth is important. So Michael Schoenberger said the FBI and Democrats say the whistleblowers who testified today are quote, a threat to our national security. By the way, it's always national security when they want to deflect, but they're not rather they are honorable public servants who are being attacked for exposing abuses of power related to January six, why the FBI and Democrats are attacking whistleblowers. FBI says it won't release January 6 surveillance video because it would show too many undercover government agents and informants. I thought we were conspiracy theorists for that. What? Maybe we were just apolitical and truthful? The FBI whistleblowers who testified before Congress today are not actually whistleblowers, say the FBI and Democrats. Rather, sounds like they're on the same team, doesn't it? Rather, they are disloyal Americans who undermine investigations into the January 6th, 2021 riot at the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. My Republican colleagues have brought in these former agents, men who lost their security clearance because they were a threat to our national security, says Stacey Plaskett, the Virgin Islands, who's the same person who threatened Matt Taibbi with prison time for being a whistleblower as well. I mean, they have gone so crazy. and went so far into, literally they went into conspiracies and lies and corruption so deep that they have to cover their tracks or else it's going to be exposed that they're wrong on everything and everyone's going to lose trust. So it's like, you know, you're told not to lie because then you remember that lie, then that lie, and then you're in a web of lies and nobody can remember all that. You got to be real smart. But these people aren't real smart. Okay? They're not real smart. They're idiots. and their pawns for the elites. It's crazy. The ranking member of the House weaponization committee, quote, who out of malice or ignorance or both have put partisan agenda above the oath they swore to serve the country? Who believes this? Apparently people still are buying into this. How many times can one group of people be so wrong and still have diehard supporters? It is bizarre. But there is no evidence that any of the FBI whistleblowers are or were ever a threat to national security. One of them, Marcus Allen, shout out Marcus Allen, the running back, won two medals fighting in Iraq and Kuwait. Another, Gerard O'Boyle, served in the army in Iraq, worked as a police officer and graduated with honors in criminology and law. I mean, this is just unbelievable, unbelievable. And then Elon Musk says, quote, he he he this was tweet was FBI says it won't release January 6 surveillance video because it would show too many undercover government agents and informants, this is insane. How many were there? I mean, just approximately. And then Michael Schellenberg shares after the paywall, quote, indeed, there may have been hundreds of undercover government agents and informants, both local and federal, in the January 6 crowd. According to one January 6 witness, there were 100 to 200 Secret Service agents alone at the Capitol before and during the breach of the police barriers. Now, What happens to this country if it comes out with clear video and I'm my prediction is Tucker is going to blow this the roof off with this on his on a Twitter video. I'm guessing he still has the footage but maybe he doesn't. That shows clearly all of the instigation and perhaps even the violence was instigated by FBI and undercover informants for the US government. If that is exposed and we were told over and over and over again for years. that January 6th is the worst day since Pearl Harbor. It's the biggest attack in our democracy trying to overthrow the government. If it turns out that all of that was a planned coup and a lie, what's gonna happen? That scares me. This is why the truth is so important. You can't have this stuff go on and on like something is true. There's people living in a false reality that is constructed by the elite establishment to believe whatever they want them to believe. If this comes out, what happens? Then we might have real violence. So this is why you don't lie in the first place. Okay. This is why you just don't lie in the first place. And this is such a funny tweet by, uh, Aaron Maté. Uh, who's a Russian agent. No, I'm kidding. That's what he's told. He goes, I love it when MSNBC accuses others of quote, fueling conspiracy theories. And then he has a picture of MSNBC Trump and the Russians. Unlikely, but possible that Trump has been a Russian Intel asset since 1987. Could Trump be, it was all a lie. It was all a lie. And the last thing for Michael Schellenberger's piece, he says, for decades after the FBI was caught spying on Martin Luther King Jr. and abusing its powers for political ends, Democrats emphasized strong constraints on domestic spying and the importance of whistleblowers. Now, Democrats are savaging these former public servants as threats to national security. Why is that? Because the establishment, the Uniparty, both on the conservative side and the liberal side, or the Republican side and have all shifted to the Democrat side. It's almost like the populist movement on the right has purged the conservative movement of like, I don't know, of like the uniparty corruption. I mean, don't get mad at me. I'm just telling you the truth. And they all are now the left under Biden. You know, like that Atlantic writer, David Fromm, he was like a huge war guy, terror, you know, big Bush guy, all these people who were under Bush and Cheney, they're all under Biden. What is that about? Think about it. Think about it. Come on. They love war. They love taking away your rights. They love authoritarian. They are central planners at heart. They'll never give that up. And just to know about these public private partnerships, as you know, from the WEF, well, guess what? On January 6 or between 5th and 7th, Bank of America shared all records of anybody who purchased anything in DC between January 5th and January 7th of 2021, regardless of whether they participated in the events. They gave away your private information. If you were in DC and had nothing to do with the event in Washington DC, they gave away your info to the government. Okay? This is the public-private partnership that's so good for your health. Yeah, okay. from the car. This is from the same session. Here we go. It's true. I mean, it's true. The people who are fighting for democracy are the same ones that are subverting democracy. I mean, it's bizarre. It's crazy. It's absolutely insane. And here it is from Zero Hedge. Bank of America gave FBI access to January 6 bank records without customers knowledge, said the whistleblowers. Whistleblowers told Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee that gave January 6 connected bank records to the FBI without the customers' knowledge or consent. And now they're tired. Obviously they're tired. They're targeting people that are fired, that own guns, because they want to take away the guns. Because if you learn history, every regime that took the guns, Mao took the guns, Stalin took the guns, all, Trudeau now took the guns, all the fantastic leaders that we've had since the beginning of time, the ones who took the guns did the most fantastic things for its own civilians. They really love you. They love you so much. They're censoring information to protect you. How many people are stuck in this? really weird world where they think that that's true. Okay. And just a few years ago, literally only a few years ago, you would have been told you are a psychopath conspiracy theorist. If you said that there was a group of elites, a group of elites that were meeting, if you said that there was a group of elites that were meeting to, you know, discuss how to handle the world, the state of the world, you would be told you're a nutcase. Well, right now. the Bilderberg meetings are going on. Bilderberg meeting 2023, the 69th meeting to take place, May 18th to 21st in Lisbon, Portugal. The key topics for discussion this year are, AI, banking system, China, energy transition, Europe, fiscal challenges, India, industrial policy and trade, NATO, Russia, transnational threats, Ukraine and US leadership. Founded in 1954, the Bilderberg meeting is an annual conference designed to foster dialogue between Europe and North America. Every year between 120 and 140 political leaders and experts from industry, finance, labor, academia, and the media are invited to take part in the meeting. About two-thirds of the participants come from Europe and the rest from North America, approximately a quarter from politics and government and the rest from other fields. The Bilderberg meeting is a forum for informal discussions about major issues. The minis are held under the Chatham House Rule, which states that participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speakers nor any other participant may be revealed. I mean, this is just unbelievable. If you literally mentioned that there was a meeting, if you mentioned Bilderberg and said that they were covering AI and all this stuff and they were meeting, you know, secretly with heads of state and all this stuff, you would be told you're a nutcase. You'd be also called a Nazi probably, and an anti-Semitic. Anti-Semite. I mean, look at this, this is CNBC. This is CNBC, May 18th. Quote, a secretive annual meeting attended by the world's elite has AI at the top of agenda. And I tweeted, I feel much better now. That makes me feel safe. I was really worried about AI until the most powerful elites in the world decided to meet privately to take care of it. If that didn't happen, we would be screwed. So thank goodness. Now we are prepared to handle what's coming at us because they are so good and they always do the right thing. If there's anything we've learned in the past three years is that the elites are unbelievably caring, they're loving, they're always correct, they always do their own research and they care about you more than they care about themselves. Everything's the opposite of what I just said, okay? That's absolute bullshit. It's crazy, okay? So the truth is, the point of this episode is the truth is important. The truth is apolitical by nature. The truth is the truth is the truth. We can't change it. It is what it is. We need to accept it and build upon it. So please share this with three people who need to be woken up, who are willing to have an open mind that are interested in dialogue, discussions, debates, evidence, research, truth. And let's come together. Please share the John the Cogun show. Please subscribe to the John the Cogun show until tomorrow. I love you. Bye.