How to Win

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Chris Walker, CEO at demand generation experts, Refine Labs. We hear about the value of testing assumptions, the difference between delivering content and collecting leads, and the power of ignoring the competition. I weigh in with my thoughts on creating strategic narratives, building companies with inbound marketing, being "the best" for your specific customer, developing personal brands and owning a unique point of view.

Show Notes

Listen and learn:
  • How Chris knew Refine Labs was going to win as an agency (1:45)
  • How I built CXL using inbound marketing (2:50)
  • My thoughts on creating strategic narratives (5:00)
  • How Chris used LinkedIn to land Refine Labs' first clients (7:24)
  • What I mean by being "the best" (10:12)
  • Why Chris focusses on brand, rather than being transactional (13:50)
  • My take on building personal brands (14:20)
  • Refine Labs' vision for the future (17:25)
  • How agencies can differentiate (18:15)
  • Refine Labs' plan to take on industry giants (20:47)
  • How Chris thinks about building moats (24:05)
  • Wrap up (24:20)
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What is How to Win?

Hear how successful B2B SaaS companies and agencies compete - and win - in highly saturated categories. No fluff. No filler. Just strategies and tactics from founders, executives, and marketers. Learn about building moats, growing audiences, scaling businesses, and differentiating from the competition. New guests every week. Hosted by Peep Laja, founder at Wynter, Speero, CXL.