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Daily Boost - 13 Adar

Topic for Adar: Destroying Amalek

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Today is the fast of Esther.

In the merit of righteous women, the Jewish People were redeemed from exile. So too, in the merit of righteous women, the Jewish People will be redeemed from the final exile.
(Sotah 11b; Yalkut Shimoni, Vol. II, end of sec. 606.)

Jewish women exemplify the qualities of self-sacrifice for their people: Jewish identity and education of children, as well as many others. These feminine qualities are crucial to each family and to the entire nation. Only through the actions of Jewish women can we achieve the Final Redemption and the time of Moshiach.
Purim is a time to strengthen all matters relating to women. Like Esther, all women must take action to fulfill the role they play in transforming the world into a G-dly place.

Sichos Taanis Esther, 5740; Purim 5733