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Abigail Ali 0:00
Hello guys, welcome back to Eye on the Triangle. My name is Abigail Ali and today I'm here with.

Heidi Reid 0:06
Hey guys, I'm Heidi Reid. I'm one of the assistant news editors at Technician.

Emily Vespa 0:10
And I'm Emily, I'm the other assistant news editor at Technician.

Abigail Ali 0:13
And today we have some good news for you around the triangle. And yeah, we'll get started.

Emily Vespa 0:20
All right, so in spirit of Valentine's Day, I thought this was a cute one. So the event is called "have a heart save a heart", and it's a free CPR class from the American Heart Association. So on Saturday, February 25, at 2pm and 5pm, at growler girls, but girls are spelled like G R L Z. Um, they're going to be having classes where you can do training for First Aid CPR and for an AED, which is like an automatic external defibrillator. And so these trainings are designed for anyone with little to no medical training, who wants to just be prepared. And you should call the place or come in to register, because space is limited. But I thought this was really cute, because being trained in CPR is always good. I feel like for a lot of different situations you would want to have that I know like as a babysitter when I babysat a lot. I wanted to be trained in CPR and first aid. So yeah, I feel like it's always a good thing to have. But I thought it was cute.

Heidi Reid 1:12
That's a really good idea. And it's also cute, because like Valentine's Day on. But like, I don't know, that's a really good idea because I was a lifeguard so I had to learn CPR. But the only time I ever used it, I was not like, I was not lifeguarding, it was some random park. Like, for a different event. And like, it just so happened that someone like, you know, like needed.

Emily Vespa 1:29

Heidi Reid 1:29
So I don't know, it's a good idea to always be CPR trained, or at least know what you're doing if not.

Abigail Ali 1:34
yeah, exactly. Because like, as somebody who like, has a knack for caring for people. If somebody was in trouble, and I didn't know how to do CPR, I would probably be so angry at myself, because it's something like, the trainings don't usually take that long.

Heidi Reid 1:47
Yeah, it's not hard to learn either. Like it's not a tough skill to master

Abigail Ali 1:50
No, so I think that's a really, really cool program. And yeah, definitely helpful for a lot of people.

Emily Vespa 1:56
Yeah, and I do think that like first aid, especially like, even if you don't think you'll ever use CPR, like I found that the first aid stuff I learned in first aid class was so helpful. Like, when I got stung by a bee, I knew what to do. And I knew like not to put ice on it directly, because that would hurt your skin, like things like that, where it's like, just everyday situations where you might need first aid, so definitely check it out.

Abigail Ali 2:18
Okay, so bear with me on this one, but I have no clue what Poguelandia is, but I didn't watch the outer banks show. But their giveaway of two tickets to go to whatever that place is on February, on February 5 in front of the Zaxby's on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh drew crazy long lines of fans hoping to win. And according to Elite Daily, the tickets are for a show with artists like Khalid and Lil Baby, the cast as well as others will be making guest appearances and attendees will also get the chance to eat at the Rec and get a chance to shop from the show's collab collection with American Eagle. The event will take place February 10, at Huntington Beach, California, not in North Carolina, because that, why would that make sense? Check out the netflix.com/tudum/poguelandia for more information on the event. I chose to talk about this week, because we probably should have covered this for Technician when it actually happened. But I didn't realize until later how crazy the line was. Because like, like I said, only two tickets were available. But there were like lines wrapped around the building. And it was like kind of insane. So I don't know, I thought it was really interesting. And I do think it's kind of funny that it's not even in North Carolina, but fun.

Heidi Reid 3:44
I don't understand why they chose the Zaxby's parking lot in Raleigh, like I get the show is in North Carolina. But the only other place they did it was some random place in Florida. Like that was the only other place they did a giveaway. I just don't understand why they did it at NC State. But yeah, I get the long line. Because I mean, they might have a chance to see DJ kelly, Peaches live.

Emily Vespa 4:05
Yeah, I can't remember who I was talking to about this. I thought I was talking to you guys about this. But I feel like we were saying that maybe the reason why they did it at the Zaxby's is they tried to partner with NC State, because it makes sense that you would want to get college students. But then like, for some reason NC State, I can't imagine why, wouldn't want to partner with them. And so maybe they just were like, what's a place on Hillsborough street that's really close? But it is really funny. And I also did see on one of the Facebook groups, it's like an NC State.

Heidi Reid 4:31
I saw that too.

Emily Vespa 4:31
Yeah, one of the people who won was trying to sell their ticket. So if you want a ticket to Portlandia you might have a chance if you go on that Facebook group.

Heidi Reid 4:41
I checked. The post is gone.

Emily Vespa 4:42
Wow. Okay, yeah.

Heidi Reid 4:45
I think it was during the news meeting with the culture.

Emily Vespa 4:46
Yeah, yeah. It was really funny because I was like, wow. And yeah, she immediately wanted to sell it, which after winning in such a long line. I can't believe that. But yeah, it was funny. So.

Heidi Reid 4:56
Yeah, I didn't realize til I was walking home last night and I walked past it. They were taking it apart. It wasn't real sand, like it was like, like they were taking it apart with like ply, made out of plywood. It was a very convincing looking pile of sand. Like, I thought it was real. But they were taking it apart and it was hollow.

eSports 5:16
Better known as eSports

Abigail Ali 5:18
And today he has some 60 seconds sports news for you.

eSports 5:22
Alright, let's do this. Hello everyone. This is eSports and welcome to 60 seconds with eSports a weekly segment on Eye on the Triangle where I your host, eSports, takes you through everything you need to know about NC State sports and sports in the triangle. I'm not here to mess around so let's get to it. NC State Women's Basketball had two backbreaking losses this week after beating Notre Dame last weekend. Sad time for Pack women's basketball. As we speak, the newly ranked number 22 men's basketball team are playing its game against the number eight Virginia Cavaliers in Charlottesville. After getting ranked for the first time since 2019. I expect nothing less than a heartbreaking loss from the Wolfpack tonight. Meanwhile, Duke and UNC clashed over the weekend at Cameron Indoor Stadium in Durham. It was here that Emily's two mortal enemies, Armando Bacon, John Shire, went head to head, this time it was Shire and the Blue Devils that got the better of the Tar Heels. The Hurricanes don't have any games this week but resume action after the all star break this Saturday against the New York Rangers in New York. And by the way, if you're not already deeply entrenched in the hurricanes, this rabid Twitter fandom, then why are you still here? In other news, the Pax wrestling team and women's tennis team have been on a roll and all of campus is gearing up for the opening weekend of the Pack's baseball and softball teams next weekend. By the way, eSports tolerates no baseball, slander, I repeat no baseball slander. And that was 77 seconds with eSports.

Heidi Reid 6:45
Yay, so good. Okay, exciting, exciting tidbit coming up for you guys. Art in bloom is an annual event held by the North Carolina Museum of Art featuring the creativity of floral designers who arrange flowers based on the works of art in the museum, which is kind of cool. The event will take place from March 15 to the 19th and tickets are $33 for non members and $30 for members. And all children under six are free, proceeds go to support the museum and the Noma foundation. I don't know if that's the proper acronym, but I like calling it, North Carolina Museum of Art. Yeah, Noma. It sounds really fun. I've looked at pictures online, the exhibits all look really pretty. And it is a little pricey. But if you run fast enough, they probably can't stop you.

Emily Vespa 7:33
Yeah, I'll just tell them I'm under six. So how are they going to check?

Heidi Reid 7:36
They'll probably believe it.

Emily Vespa 7:37
Exactly. Because people under six don't usually have like any ID. So like if they ask me for an id, like I don't have one. I'm six.

Heidi Reid 7:44
Yeah, and plus just wear your velcro shoes.

Emily Vespa 7:46
I'll wear my velcro shoes. And no one will be, no one will know the wiser.

Abigail Ali 7:49
Yeah, I'm so excited about this. I've been waiting for this announcement since last year because I missed last year. And it was so upsetting. So I'm so excited because I can't wait to see it.

Emily Vespa 8:00
Yeah, eSports. Are you going?

eSports 8:02
Uh, I was nodding off during Heidi's little opening spiel, but uh, I'm still. No, no, I'm kidding. I'm sure it'll be-

Heidi Reid 8:09
you're fired.

eSports 8:11
I'm sure it'll be awesome. And yeah, I guess I'm still out on it. The jury's out on the Noma thing.

Emily Vespa 8:17
Oh, gotcha. Okay. Okay. So my next tidbit is interesting, because the City of Raleigh officially banned TikTok on all city devices, which is following after North Carolina. And I think that's kind of interesting, because I would assume that like, sorry if this sounds stupid, but like, I would assume that if North Carolina implements a law that bans like TikTok on all devices, it would apply to Raleigh because it's in North Carolina, but maybe they just did this for good measure. But it applies to all city computers and cell phones. It starts on Valentine's Day, so they better get all their Valentine's Day content out before February 14. And it's because they said it lacks sufficiently, sufficient privacy controls and connects to countries which have sponsored or attempted cyber attacks against the United States, which I'm assuming because it's like it's connected to China. And I wonder if this has anything to do with the spy balloon. So that's my tidbit. It's short.

Heidi Reid 9:07
Um, so when I first downloaded TikTok, that's what my dad told me, he was like China's going to steal your information and first of all, like why specifically mine there's a lot of TikTok users I'm sure other people's information is more useful. And second of all, I will not give up the serotonin it gives me so. Yeah, I felt like Roy Cooper and everyone's really sad they can't use TikTok anymore though.

Sucks for them.

Emily Vespa 9:27
For their constituents I guess, but I don't know. I don't really care that much. Still city devices and honestly, I think they're right like I was reading an article I think I told you guys this about like, how, yeah, like and they like targeted like specific journalists in one case who were writing an article about TikTok and how was bad like, they found that like, TikTok actually targeted their personal accounts, and were like collecting data on them and their location and stuff. So it's actually like, not great if you're like.

Heidi Reid 9:55
oh, wait, that is scary.

Abigail Ali 9:56
I think it does make sense for work devices specifically. especially for like governments and stuff because they do have like the VPN connections to like important information. So I kind of think it makes sense, but I hope they don't do it to my device or like I hope the schools don't do it. I know.

Heidi Reid 10:14
I suspect the schools are going to do it soon if the government did it like I wouldn't be surprised if you can't go on Tik Tok on like NC State wifi.

Abigail Ali 10:20
Yeah. But honestly, who uses eduroam?

Heidi Reid 10:23
right? Like just use your data and go on Tik Tok, it doesn't matter.

eSports 10:27
I don't know my dad is in the military. And he's been, he's had this for a while a bunch of military users can't have TikTok or even like, certain apps on their phones. They also can't have their like locations on like, no location services are allowed on their phones.

Heidi Reid 10:40
Wait, sometimes it's kind of scary how accurate, like I'll go to a restaurant and not even like typing in Google nothing. And they'll ask me to rate the restaurant later or like on Google.

Abigail Ali 10:47
Oh, yeah.

Heidi Reid 10:47
Whatever. I don't know what their restaurant rating thing is called. But yeah, I don't like that. Like I know I leave my location on because I would never survive without GPS.

Abigail Ali 10:56
Okay, guys, if you have an RBF. This is the place for you. New champagne bar is opening in Cary in the Williams house downtown. It is called RBF winebar. This business is a woman owned, oh, is woman owned and celebrates people's beautiful RBF. They plan to have a rotating list of wines and champagnes and will have fun snacks and charcuterie boards to go with your drink. There's not a ton of information on the website right now. But I do know they've already had a soft launch. And plan to have a grand opening really soon. Their menus are on their website already. So if you want to head over there and check it out, they have quite a long wine list. So that's very exciting. And yeah, get into it.

Heidi Reid 11:40
Really glad you thought of me when you found that. Just an honor. You know, but it sounds really yummy. And we should also go there. I think it'd be so fun.

Abigail Ali 11:50
And I keep seeing like because of the soft launch. It's like all the like local Raleigh journalist people have been going and all of them were posting their like RBF in front of the building. And I thought that was so cute.

Heidi Reid 12:02
Oh my gosh, we need to go.

Abigail Ali 12:04
We need to go.

Heidi Reid 12:05
That sounds so fun. Wait, where do you say it was?

Abigail Ali 12:08
It's downtown Cary in the Williams house. I don't know what that is. But I'm assuming Cary people know.

Heidi Reid 12:16
Show to any Cary listeners we might have. We know you're out there. Well, yeah. So the North Carolina Senate is planning on debating and is very likely to pass a bill stating that teachers must tell parents if their children are questioning their gender. It would also ban teachers in elementary schools from saying anything that has to do with gender or sexuality. And supporter says, supporters say that it stops the indoctrination, supporters say that it stops the indoctrination, thank you eSports, of students. Um, okay, so this is quite literally one of the worst ideas I've ever heard. Yeah, yeah. If it passes, abuse and suicide, I suspect, rates will definitely go up because yeah, I don't really.

Abigail Ali 13:00

Heidi Reid 13:01
That sucks to be outed by your teachers, your parents.

Emily Vespa 13:03
Especially in a southern state.

Heidi Reid 13:05
Yeah, in southern states, not to mention the invasion of privacy. Like I cannot think of another situation which like the teacher would call home and be like, Oh, bla bla bla bla,

Abigail Ali 13:13

Heidi Reid 13:13
like, it's absolutely unnecessary. It's not the teachers business. And as like the second part of the law, or the bill, excuse me, it like, I don't understand what kids with two moms or two dads will do. Like, are they just not allowed to talk about their parents anymore? So that was annoying. But our King Roy Cooper is not for the bill as of now. So.

Emily Vespa 13:33
Thank God.

Heidi Reid 13:33
It's only in the Senate, but still very bad idea. And I hate that people even think this way.

Abigail Ali 13:38
No, literally.

Emily Vespa 13:39
And like the thing about like talking about questions, like not being able to talk about gender or sexuality at all. Like, that doesn't just apply. Like that applies to everything. Like, just like, think about all the normal things. Like if you're saying like, Okay, time to go to the bathroom, like, if they still have gendered bathrooms. How are they going to like, know what I'm saying like, yeah, it just applies to everything. So I don't know. It feels like it's yeah, not.

Heidi Reid 14:01
Yeah, it gave me like the ick reading it. Like, that's something like Ron Desantis would do in Florida like it's awful.

Emily Vespa 14:06
Yeah, yeah. And what's crazy about it is like it probably will end up passing the house because the house is really like there's like a supermajority there. But, um, let's just hope they don't have enough to override his veto.

Heidi Reid 14:18
I don't think they have, I think the article said they don't have enough as of now to override the veto. And most of the Democrats, thankfully are against it. But we'll see.

Abigail Ali 14:27
Yeah, I like know a teacher who was like, she's part of the LGBTQ community and it would like, break my heart because I feel like that's something she's really passionate about in her classroom is like being open about her and just like, I don't know, just everything that comes with like being part of the community. She's very open about it with her students and helps make them feel safe, I feel, which is really important. And if she can't do that, I feel like that would be so unfortunate, and I don't know, it would just really suck. Yeah,

eSports 14:59
Also, sometimes school's the only place that kids can talk about that stuff. And you know if their home lives like it's not accepted at home, sometimes school is like the only escape or outlet. And it's, if anything, it's like an invasion of privacy. So.

Emily Vespa 15:13
Yeah, yeah, definitely.

Abigail Ali 15:15
Okay guys, that is all we have for you this week. Thanks again for joining us and we'll see you next time. Bye.

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