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Prometheus is a story told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Show Notes

It's kinda like Space Hell... but with a fake N'Orleans accent and xenomorphs. This week we're talking about Prometheus (2012)

Trigger Warnings: gore, forced pregnancy, and body horror

Greg: Blade Runner
Jaime: Chronicle of Riddic
Emily: Annihilation
Ben: The Transporter
Jeremy: Legend

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Alicia: Hey, just a heads up.

The episode you're about to listen
to is about Prometheus's directed by

Ridley Scott and written by John spates
and Damon Lindelof based on elements

by Dan O'Bannon and Ronald choose it.

Some relevant trigger warnings
for this movie include.

Include body horror, forced pregnancy
and gaslighting, and our host

ranked this movie as ridiculous.

If you'd like to learn more about
the movie, discuss this evening,

please visit our website for show

After the spooky music we'll talk.

Talk about the movie in full.

So be forewarned, there will be spoilers.

Jeremy: Good evening and welcome
to Progressively Horrified the

podcast we Old Horror to Progressive
standards that never agreed to.

Tonight we're talking about the Less
beloved prequel of one of the most

beloved sci-fi franchises of all time Now.

That's right.

It's the fan of Menace,
I mean, Prometheus.

I am your host Jeremy Whitley.

And with me tonight I have a
panel of chil and Sy Bites.

First, they're here to challenge
the sexy ol sexy vampire binary.

It's my co-host, Ben Conn.

Ben, how are you tonight?

Ben: Holland Hunch Drunk We are doing
a movie I have been requesting since

we started this fucking podcast.

This is one of my all time favorites.

So bad.

It's good.

If you are a long time listener
of the podcast, get ready.

I am in full on fucking Resident
evil mode for this episode.

Jeremy: Oh boy, and also
the Cinnamon Role ofs.

Our co-host Emily Martin.

How are you tonight, Emily?

Emily: Well, I watched this
movie and then I did a seance and

spoke to the ghost of Han De Ger.

And what was that?

He's still not sure how he feels
about the uh, the genital aesthetic

being considered to be a superior
architecture of a superior race.

But no, I can't understand
what you're saying.

Ben: I can't look, you know,
they're superior cause they have

flute based navigation technology.

Emily: Yeah.

Flute based.

If it been a penis
shape, it would've been,

Greg: Are we sure Lizzo is
not part of the alien species?

Ben: Would is it a better movie?

Jeremy: speaking of superior people,
our guests tonight, both returning

superstars, Gregory Silver and Jamie Naci.

Guys, how are you doing?

Greg: Alright.

How are you?

Jamie: I'm excited.

I'm excited.

Greg: I was telling Jamie uh, before we
started recording that I'm of the, or

at least was my opinion may have changed
a little bit since rewatching, but was

explicitly told that the host won Beyond
because I am one of the few fans of the

Alien franchise that really like for media

So, uh, this will be interesting.

Ben: Yes.

Every time I watch it, I find something
new and Dumber . Why is Patrick

Wilson doing a British accent who
desperately needed this Patrick Wilson

cameo that they're like, Fuck it,

Greg: if you're looking for fun to play
Noomi Rapace's, Father It's uncanny.

Ben: At first I'm watching,
I'm like, Oh yeah, right.

Patrick Wilson, strangely British child.

And then I noticed he's
also doing a British accent.

Oh, I totally miss that.

It's crazy.

Especi like, who is clamming?

Like fuck, we gotta have that.

Patrick Wilson cameo in 2012 pre coning
movie that's gonna put butts and seats.

He is in the movie for a minute.

Just cast a British person.

Jeremy: I mean, Jesus Christ.

If we're gonna complain about weirdness
of casting in this movie, we gotta

talk about Guy Pearce acting 10 pounds
of makeup for five minutes of movie

That was wild.

I kept waiting for something to
happen that was going to this man.

It did not happen.

Ben: I dunno, just old man Guy
Pearce the whole time he looked less

Emily: like he was aged and
more like, he was like fried.

Jamie: there was a whole viral campaign
with young Guy Pearce as Weyland Katana.

he did a Ted talk.

Oh well.

Ben: Cause I saw that.

Good thing it's Canon with the a g.


Those things that always aged super well.

, that was totally worth having
the most bafflingly, distracting

character in the movie.


Jamie: I only remember that cuz
that shit when it was coming

out, when Perthes was coming out.

I watched all of that shit like I was.

I was in, I was like, Weyland
Katani, this is an alien movie.

Fuck all y'all.

Jeremy: I am the, I think the sole
person in this group who hadn't

seen this movie before this watch.

Uh, Just because it, it came
out and I didn't see it.

And then I got strong enough vibes from
people not having seen it or from people

having seen it that was like, Oh, maybe
I shouldn't put myself through this.

so yeah, I think like, Ben,
you seem to be pro this movie

despite thinking it's stupid

Oh yeah, Jamie.

Jamie seems to be
overwhelmingly for this movie.

Greg seems to feel the need
to defend to this movie.

Jamie: I also think it's stupid.

Like I watch Common Writer on
Purpose a show aimed at six year

old Japanese kids to buy toys.

So my opinion is

Greg: very

Ben: This is a movie where every Frame
is from one of the greatest visual

geniuses to ever grace the medium
of film working at the top of his

craft with a script and a confidence
that is near Tommy Wiseau levels

Greg: I could

Jeremy: think the entire time watching
this movie, once we got past like the

first 15 minutes and it just started
getting weirder and weirder uh, I was

just like remembering this interview
that Ridley Scott gave last year

where he was like, Yeah, I just can't
get the money to do any big movies

anymore because superhero movies.

I was like, Is that why

Ben: Or was it that they gave
you the budgets and you made two

Michael Fassbenders kiss each other?

That was genius.

Emily: Shut

Ben: up.

Wait, what?

Geniusly Not in this film.

No, that was not in this movie.

Oh, I haven't, I haven't seen Covenant

Emily: yet.

Yeah, that one is actually
watchable because of that.

I don't care what anyone says
it was like a shit sandwich

with like one diamond in it.

And that diamond was Michael Fassbender.

Androids making out with each other.

Jeremy: Speaking of Michael Fassbender,
Androids not having seen this movie.

I was watching this movie with Alicia
for the first five minutes while she

was awake and Michael Fassbender came
on screen and started doing whatever

it is he's doing in this movie and
she was like, What is his deal?

I was like, Oh, he's definitely an
Android because that's the whole deal

with this series is fucking weird.

Android dudes

Ben: and they never made a weirder one.

Like fucking weird Android dudes.

Fucking, the degree to which David runs
away with this movie, Fast Bender is

easily giving the best performance.

Easily the most explored
and interesting character.


He's clearly the character, both
the writers and the directors

are the most interested in.

You can feel them mid movie.

So having started with a plan and then
just slowly morphing to like, Ah, fuck.

Turns out, we only care
about writing David.

Emily: Yeah.

I have things to say about that,
which travel get to after the recap,

but I have a science question.

So how many generations does it
take for Lance Henriksen to become

Guy Pearce or Michael Fassbender?

Because I'm pretty sure Michael Fassbender
is playing a young Guy Pearce because

Weyland like every fucking Android creator
in science fiction makes a fucking,

Ben: But was it the whole point
of casting Guy Pearce is that

young Guy Pearce's old Guy Pearce.

That would be insane.

Oh my God.

this movie is just insane
enough to cast Guy Pearce as the

old version of the character.

And Michael Fassbender is the younger
that Michael Fassbender somehow ages

into Guy Pearce in old man makeup.

Emily: He was like, he
was covered in Honey.

Like, I don't even know what that age

Jeremy: makeup.

That's good.

Ok, we gotta get to the recap here.

Emily: Can I finish my quick question?



No more, I'm just gonna ask this
question we're not gonna equip about it.

So Guy P or Michael Fassbender,
whatever Weyland was, Lance

Henriksen and Alien versus Predator.


What Paul wsa and ERs and whatever the
fuck his name is that we just watch a

movie of and then he becomes Guy Pearce,
and then he becomes Lance Henriksen again.

Ben: I'm gonna say, how does AP
takes place in a separate universe?

That's a different, that's
a different Av p timeline.

Emily: I don't accept that because
if Bradley SCO could say that

fucking Blade Runner is in a,
the fucking alien universe, then

Ben: He

Jeremy: can't That's the ultimate alien

Jamie: universe.

New Becky, Old Becky, New Aunt Viv.

Old Aunt Viv.


That's the explanation.

It's the

Ben: I don't know.

It's just, I like this idea that we
can somehow set all over at least

Scott's movies in the same universe.

Emily: That's what he says.

I'm not doing it.


Ben: Can we put both alien take place
in the same timeline as both Gladiator

and American gangster and the last
rule and legend and match sick men?

Greg: Yes.

And Fellman and

Emily: Louise.

Did you know that soldier signed Russell
is also canonically in the alien universe.


You can do the recap now.


Thank you for this indulgence.

Ben: I demand it.

I demanded they didn't have a choice.

Terrible things would've happened
if I did not do the recap tonight.

So I am doing the recap.

I have been instructed
to stick to the facts.

So let's see how much we can
communicate with a wildly sarcastic

tone that's still technically accurate.

Jeremy: I need you to say who
directed and wrote this movie.

Ben: Right.

Jeremy: who directed this movie
with, who wrote this movie.

It explains so much

Ben: This movie is directed by
Ridley Scott, which explains a lot.

It is written by Jon, uh, Spaihts and uh,
Damon Lindelof, which also explains a lot.

A director and writer who I have
loved a ton of things they've done.

This is not one of them.

. So millions of years ago, or maybe just
a few thousand, it's not quite clear.

A giant buff, stay puff, marshmallow
man drink some bad coffee melts

and I think creates all life.

Question mark.

Fast, the mean company from the future
in the alien movies is still mean in

the slightly less future of Prometheus.

They've funded an expedition led by
scientist couple, Charlie Holloway

White guy, and Elizabeth Shaw.

After they find a cave painting of a giant
failing to juggle, we get introduced to

David, the Michael Fassbender android,
who has discussed is going to steal this

entire fucking movie out from everyone.

I'm telling you, it's crazy.

He acts British and robot and Mad
Sketch and also other better movies.

He wakes up the crew, which includes
the scientist couple, some other

scientists pre mcu, Benedict Wong,
Charlize Theron as Charlize Theron

type, and Idris Elba doing just the
most whimsical New Orleans accent.

Also, just a bunch of other random people
who just exist do not have faces and die.

Then we get a, hologram
of old man Guy Pearce.

uh, It shows up to explain that
this is an expedition to a place.

They think they'll find
the big buff white out men.

They call them engineers.

Sure, why not?

They go down to the surface and
inspect an installation on the planet.


It's mad, creepy and full
of HR Giger alien aesthetic.

Did you ever wanna know all
the answers to your questions?

An alien.


It's super disappointing.

Shaw recovers ahead and David
helps himself to some murder.

Goo Scottish scientists and glasses
Scientists get lost in the base, which

I really need to gloss over else.

This recap will be an hour
of me explaining how dumb

this whole sequence is.

. Fast forward.

Fast forward the two end up having to
spend the night in the nightmare base.

And David poisons Charlie with Alien
Q cuz la Why not Charlie and Shaw have

conversations and then poison alien goose
sex back inside the structure of the

two scientists decide to do science with
their faces and die super mega horribly.

It's great.

Charlie gets super sick the
next day cuz of the alien go.

And they rush him back to the ship.

But Charlize the knows her
proper pandemic procedure.

She's kept up and she takes the
flame thrower to him super hard.

Also Uhoh scan show saw Shaw suddenly
pregnant, even though that's supposed

to be impossible, she knows it's
definitely some alien goose shit.

So we get uh, definitely in the most
hardcore scene in the whole movie with

just a really intense self perform
C-section that's really chilling.

Good job movie.

You did a scene good.

But then we follow it up with guess what?

Oh man, Guy Pearce is here and
also Charlize is his daughter.

Does it affect the plot?


Does it give you another point
in your middle school essay

about the themes of this movie?


Now David Shaw and Old Man Guy Pearce
go to meet bald Vampire Swartz and

Agar . They wake him up and then he
rips off David's head and beats old

man guyers to death with it cinema.

After that, Shaw gets the fuck outta
Dodge and the engineer decides to take off

and murder all of Earth with murder goo.

Idris Wong and third guy decide to
be the real cheese of this movie and

Heroically sacrifice themselves to crash
the Prometheus into the alien ship.

Haw and Charlize run
away from the following.

Rolling ship will get to it.

Trust you.

Me and Chars is crushed.

Shaw can't catch a break, but ultimately
manages to survive at least until the end

of this movie when she sets the giant evil
squid baby against Need Sunscreen Hulk.

Her and the head of David take off to
find to their big buff alien makers

and maybe we'll see them again in
a whole other motherfucker of us.


Cut recap.

Emily: You forgot the part
where the alien showed up,

Ben: did I?

Oh boy.

I feel so, man does Xena morph
is so much cooler now that

I know all of the steps are.

. This Steps to get you to
Xenomorph are apparently.

Goo in guy, Guy puts Goo in girl that
equals a rapidly growing squid baby.

Which if you then have face hug the
like big buff, like albino body builder

then gets you the proto xenoMorph.


Man, The mystique is growing by the second

Jeremy: It's real.

Geoff Johns writing.

It's just like

Ben: It's a lot of like

Jeremy: a steps that suck to get
to the thing that already existed.

It's explaining who puts the air
in Batman's tires is what it is.

Nobody wants to know yeah
I would say Geoff Johns

Greg: probably loves this movie, but
that would be to imply that Geoff

Johns has an interest in literally
anything other than DC comics.

And I'm not sure

Ben: if you about it.

Jeremy: I knew from like the
credits that it was gonna be wild.

Because it has an amazing cast and
it's listed backwards of what it

should be for any decent movie in
this cause it was like Noomi Rapace.

I was like The girl
with the dragon tattoo.

Is that okay?

Logan Marshall Green.


Michael Fassbender.

Idris Elba, Charlize Theron Guy Pearce.

I was like, Oh damn.

Like a good cast rafe spaul.

Benedict Wong.

Greg: Shit.

Jeremy: A lot of those people
are barely in this movie.

I forget who it was, I was talking
to online after watching this movie

and I was like, Again, Charlize St.

And they were like, Charlize St.

I don't remember her being in that movie.

And I was like, that is evidence
of how weird this movie is.

, that Charlize Theron isn't memorable.

Ben: Like what does she do?

It's eight

Jeremy: foot tall karate Amazon.

Any movie that she's in, you
should be like, Fucking Charlize

Theron is amazing in this movie.

You're like,

Ben: Was she in

Emily: this movie's?

Cut her

Ben: out entirely.

I don't think the plot
changes in any way more sense.

Who would've kept

Jamie: up the quarantine
protocols and burned that

Ben: mother?

She has that line where it's
like, what would I would've done?

Just run the C while you're gone.


Well, look, dude, dying old man
who at the very least is gonna

be gone for four years, This

Emily: motherfucker Charlie, consolidate.


Ben: Charlies, don't you also
fuck around for four years?

Why do you think you're gonna
be in charge afterwards?

Okay, so I think the guy current, the
person currently running it for the

last two years is gonna keep running it.

Maybe that who Lance Henriksen is,

Emily: She doesn't burn the
guy up until he asks her to.

That dude actually is
like, Please kill me.

Oh my

Ben: God.

It is.

That's true.

It is a co consensual flame.

They listen

Jeremy: to her when they do not listen
to Sigourney, like, where they do not

listen to ney in the original alien.

She is like no, I'm not letting a man with
an alien attached to him into this ship.

Fuck you.

Like that man is clearly
going to get us all killed.

I am burning him alive or
he is staying out here.

And he's like, No, please
just burn me alive.

. Yeah,

Ben: so I've watched this movie a few
times and I think, and maybe there's an,

it's an element of just repetition, but
I think I figure out why, like, I feel

so little tension, especially so little
compared to like, say Alien and Aliens

cause badly paced, It's bad, it's badly
paced and the plot is fucking nonsense.

They can leave at any time.

Greg: you know what's the

Jeremy: wildest thing is Paul
Reiser is an infinitely scarier,

bad guy than Charlie St.

And Michael Fassbender.

my immediate reaction to watching these
two in this movie, Michael Fassbender

playing a psychotic effeminate cyborg and
Char Theon playing a Huff is nails Aris,

who does nothing for most of the movie.

They have some real team rocket
energy, like Uhhuh, Jessie and

Ben: James

Jamie: there for trouble.

Ben: Yeah.

Jeremy: Tears playing me out.


Greg: whole thing they go under.

Ben: Yeah.


Jamie: An old decrepit meal.

Greg: Yeah, I'm covered.

And Ed

Ben: wow.

The scene where like, Charlize like
confront David in the hallway and tries

to take control and he's just like, No
I'm the writer's favorite of this film.

I'm the menacing blonde person.


Jeremy: writer forgot to
give you characteristics.

Ben: The business will control it.

That's not plot relevant.

You can legitimately cut.

We don't even get to get a real
full on sex scene of her Idris Elba.

Jamie: Yeah, I thought there
was gonna be more to that, but,

Greg: Well, the thing I noticed the time
around is immediately preceding the sexy,

which as been noted, is not actually
a sexy, We don't see them having sex.

We can see them discussing having sex,
which in its own way is kind of a metaphor

for the movies approached to storytelling.

Ben: But,

Emily: Least they don't say, Fuck,

Greg: I didn't notice that,
but, That's interesting.

Ben: But

Greg: The scene that immediately precedes
that discussion is uh, the two dudes who

were left in the spooky cave you know,
during the storm they encounter this

different extraterrestrial creature that's
described by one of those men as a, uh,

snake-Like a elongated reptilian creature.

And it's so ironic that they described
this encounter with a longit creature

right before IBA gives Charlie St.

A long creature

Emily: It was a long buildup.

. Yeah.


Ben: got there.


Jeremy: I just wanna talk about
Feld Sean Harris's character.

Oh yeah.

Who is A geologist with the
personality of a mad Irish boxer.

Ben: I know Brooks.

I know Brooks

Jeremy: he shows up.

He's like, Fuck this whole mission.

Fuck you biologist.

Fuck everything that's going on here.

I just want to fucking
box people and fight.

And I was like, What is this guy?

He must be a soldier.

And they're like, Oh, he's our geologist.

And I was like,

Emily: Fuck you.

And he's also a drone engineer
is pups that are designed,

Okay to make dog noises.

Oh, the dog.

The fucking drone is in front of a door
and it starts whining like a puppy.

When I first saw that scene,
I thought I was going insane.

I thought I was having a stroke
because I'm like, Where's the dog?

What the fuck?

And Brett's like the drone
is making cuz it's his pups.

You see?

And I'm like, listen this dude's a Harper,

Jeremy: first of all.

And a character in this movie has
exactly two character traits and at

least one of them is fucking nuts.

Like, the fact that like he
is the geologist who just

seems to wanna punch people.

The fact that Idris Elba things are
attractive pilot and that fucking

accent, whatever the hell that is.

No, that age won.

Runs a panel and has that

Ben: hair, whatever.

Yeah, that's his character.

Emily, I'm really glad you brought up
the pops because that gets into a really

big part of why this whole thing with the
two scientists is so delightfully dumb.

They immediately get lost.

His job was his laser
drones . How did he get lost?

That was his one thing.

Nobody keeps you shit in this.

The biologist.

They bring in the biologist
like, Hey biologist, your

whole deal is to do biology.

In case we find any kind of embodies, they
find alien bodies and his response is,

Well, time for me to nope the fuck out.

Like do this is what you're here for.

And then he meets

Jeremy: vagina snake and he's
like, Maybe I should poke it.

Emily: after this pile of bodies is
taller than all of them stack together.

Ben: They go into this room, they're
like, This room is creepy as fuck.

We're leaving.

They get lost and then they go
back to the room they ran away from

originally even though it's now.

Even creepier and full of goo The

Jeremy: wildest thing about
this movie is that they're

all supposed to be scientists.


And like the moment that they walk into
this place and somebody's like, it seems

like the air in this alien cave on this
planet we've never been to is breathable.

They're like, Well, fuck, I guess
we should all take our helmets off.


Greg: get

Jamie: that though, because I wear
a CPA and I hate that thing, and

every time I can take it off, I do.

It's just, Are there

Ben: scientists the scene where like
when Holloways is like being really sick

in the cave and they're being like, Oh
no, there's an active infected agent

going around on this alien planet.

All of the canisters are now leaking.



Nobody put your helmet back

Emily: on.


The first big red flag that like
coated everything with its redness

and its flag was when SHA is like, I
believe what I choose to believe.

And I'm like, Oh no.

Ben: I feel like there's a movie
too in love with its themes.

Like this is a movie that's
like we're tackling the.

Big question, right?

The origin of what's it all mean?

But no J though, you don't have
anything to actually say about that.

No juice's

Emily: can use Christmas time.


It's Jewish in space.

Everybody's like, Oh my cross
necklace, Where do we come from?

We're gonna find God and fight him.

Ben: Like if Shaw is our POV
character, the movie to no conclusions.

Like she has no spiritual arc.

She starts the movie being like, I wanna
ask the engineers what their deal is.

And she ends the movie being, I wanna
ask the engineers what their deal

with us is, but in a different way.

There's no,

Greg: she starts

Jeremy: out wanting to be like,
Hey engineers, what's the deal?

And she ends with, wanna ask
them what their fucking deal is.

? Yeah.

Greg: Just a different job.

Ben: So like,

Jeremy: I hate both of the main
characters of this movie, Elizabeth

Shot and Charlie Holloway.

Ben: Oh, I thought I heard,
I thought you meant Dave.

I thought you were just
starting talk about David.

No, David.

I had no way considered Charlie to be
a main character in this, this he's,

Jeremy: he gets so much screen time
and there's so little going on there.


But like,

Jamie: He's the definition
of failing upwards.

He's just, he's like every mediocre person
you've ever encountered that's been put

in like a leadership position or is your
boss or for some reason owns the company?

Well, like

Greg: Sean's like

Jeremy: whole thing is that
uh, she's crazy about aliens.

She loves Jesus in America too.

I don't like

Emily: She's an anti-vaxxer.


Ben: Yeah.

What the hell?


Greg: that character

Jeremy: sucks.

Her b boyfriend sucks in a
completely different way.

Emily: I have two things.

One, This movie makes a lot of mistakes.

Yes, we talk about this.

A lot of these mistakes are also made in
other movies, but they're more forgivable.


Because this movie is so of its own ass.

This movie

Ben: takes itself so seriously.

This like,

Emily: Oh, where did we come from?

Oh, we came from a bunch of Rob
Halford aliens that are like seven

feet tall And then it's like,

Ben: where did we come from?

Where did we go?

Perfect dna.


DNA match?

I'm like, get fucked.

Emily: Like, that's where Idris Elba
comes in, isn't, he's got the accent.

Ben: Okay, my second thing.

How, How do yo

Emily: this is like, even
with the intro, with like the

fucking earth at the Crescent.

And apparently we're not
so old that we've paned.

Or I guess unan, whatever.

Apparently this alien didn't
create all life on earth because

there were already plants, cuz
those rocks were covered in moss.

So I just wanna say Crescent Earth,
2001, Space Odyssey, Panspermia Theory,

Our intelligence comes from outer space.

In this case.

Tall, white dudes.


Like anyway,

Ben: Real white.

Greg: Like really white?



Ben: transparent.

I don't know where to start.

Like do I go into my point about
all the way the engineers are dumb,

or why Charlie Holloway is dumb.

I, We get the panel.


Greg: if we can, before we go any
further with trash in this movie, which

I'm sympathetic to , I do feel like
now that we've been talking about this

for like a half hour, I should explain
why I came at it from the perspective

that I did, at least at the time.

I mentioned this to Jamie, but I did not
know this was an alien prequel when I saw

Ben: in theater.

Oh, damn.

Oh, that's wild.

Jamie: Wild.

That's how they wanted you to see it.

That's exactly

Ben: how they wanted.

Like, I remember seeing

Greg: trailers and thinking it looked
really cool and like, being a fan of that

first movie, I hadn't seen the others yet.

I was like, Oh, cool.

Ridley Scott is doing a new different
sci-fi horror movie, and I saw all these

people being like, Oh, I bet it's gonna
like secretly be connected to Alien.

I was like, Why can't Ridley Scott
make a different sci-fi horror movie

without having to be tied to this
other thing that he did in 1979?

And like, I wasn't super
online at the time.

Like, I didn't know, if it was confirmed.

I just thought like, that
was like rumors, you know?

I didn't even take them that seriously.

And then, It was a big surprise in that
last shot where I was like, Oh shit.

The alien from Alien, because I, I,
refused to tell it a Xena Mo It's

the Alien from Alien . Um, But I had
not seen it for 10 years up until

literally yesterday re-watching
it for the purpose of being Yes.

On this show.

My hot take has always been,
it's not a perfect movie.

And certainly on rewatch, I'm
finding many more flaws about it.

But if everyone went into it like I
did, not realizing it had anything to

do with Alien I think everyone would.

enjoy it a lot more.

It's got good vibes.

You know, if you've ever been like,
Hey, what if someone tried to make

2001 a Space Odyssey a horror movie?

The answer would be, it actually would
be less scary than 2001 Face Odyssey.


Um, But , like, I just so appreciated.

Like at the time that was like trying
to do a thing, even though now that

I'm older and somewhat wiser, I'm
like, it didn't really succeed.

Ben: I mean, this is a gorgeous film.

There is no effect that doesn't hold
up, even if I still wanna know why

the engineers have squishy buttons and
flute based navigational technology

Emily: because it's superior.

Jeremy: The thing about this movie there
is no film that is more the antithesis

than the 1979 hit film, Alien . Because
like that movie is so, like cheaply made.

It's made on a budget.

They're just like doing everything
they can, using what they've got,

making it work and like they,
they just do it so beautifully.

It's so well made.

And this movie has an enormous budget.

Alien is such an interesting take
that this sort of, this like blue

collar sci-fi of like this group of
nobody minors on this planet that just

happened to run into this murder alien.

And this is a movie about the
dumbest smart people in history.

Like they're all supposed to be genius.

And all of them are so dumb.

Jamie: I've been thinking about that.

I've been thinking about this in movies
in general and like when p do stu,

when smart people do stupid things, I
always like, you are a fucking idiot.

However, we have just witnessed
very smart people do very dumb

fucking things in our immediate
now, like with the whole pandemic.

And so like I've softened my opinion
about the stupidity of characters

in film because of the stupidity
of characters in real life.

And it's not just like the
crazy conspiracy theorist.

It's people you would expect to
be absolutely totally rational and

reasonable just showing their whole
assholes these past couple years.

And so, like, I no longer care when
people make stupid decisions in movies

cuz I see it around me all the time.

I'm like, Yep, someone would do that.

I hear you.

Greg: Someone would

Ben: do that a lot.

I totally hear you.

And it's why I think I judge this movie
a little harsher because again, how

seriously it takes itself and all the
characters like, yeah, these aren't

normal people in a stumbling into a
situation like alien, like minors or

cargo people like these are people who
came specifically to do this thing.

everything that happens in this movie was
within the overall foreseeable variables.


Of the mission.

Like this is like a group of CDC hazmat
people, going into an infection area

and making all these dumb decisions.

Like you're specifically
supposed to be the people.

Not to do this, like, I love Idris
Elba, but I'm like, when he just

leaves the people just stranded in
the strange base to go have sex,

Emily: relate to that the most.

I would

Ben: make that decision.

I'm just like, I feel like that might
come up on a performance review.

Greg: I like actually started
to wonder in my rewatch, Didn't

Ben: of the

Greg: movie actually started
during scenes like that.

Is Iris's character secretly a robot?

Because this movie is unique
opposed to the first alien where the

robot reveal is very much a twist.

you know, it, it started with a
character who we, we know, like

they go to gray paints to tell
us is a robot and like, wait.

But there could be a twist that like
he is purposely acting like total.

Ben: I, Oh,

Greg: no, J just incompetent.

Ben: Like on purpose.

I agree with that.

I think it's possible.

I don't think he's like a
fancy Weyland, Yani Android.

I think though he is themed
restaurant and a Medtronic

that then got his pilots, like,

Jamie: Bob's big boy, he's the Bob.

Holy shit.

Emily: Holy shit.

That's a, I mean, that's
about as problematic as the

movie already makes him.


Ben: With that fucking, I
mean, that's then is crazy.



Greg: have to talk about that accent.



Ben: Yeah.

I, like,

Greg: it was interesting seeing this
movie in the wake of a more recent

Idris Elba movie called Beast, where
he plays a, which by the way beast,

you like, killer animal thrillers.

Good movie, fun time.


Ben: recommend it.

It looks good.

I mean, it looked like a simple
premise that if executed right, could

be really thrilling and exciting.

Greg: And it is, but it's also very
clear that even though uh, Idris Elba's

character is explicitly stated to be
American, that very early in the shoot,

the director just trying to remind
him that he's playing in American

Jeremy: he's New England,

Greg: didn't

Ben: he?

At a certain point, and I even
stopped hearing the accent and

it just becomes Idris Elba voice

Greg: and here it's like he's mostly
doing the southern thing, but like

it's very obvious that like he's
trying to hold back his Britishness.

And it's so interesting to see that
with a movie like Beast where it's

like occasionally there parts where
it's like he's kind of trying to

be American and just mostly give up


Like he's been doing it for a long time.

He knows what his strengths
and weaknesses are.

Emily: That actually brings up a
lot of very important things about

his character, representation
of people of color in the movie.

You know, if he was a robot then that
would be the most representation that

we would have because all of the robots
so far in the entirety of the alien

universe have been like old white dudes.

And Michael Fassbender is the youngest.

Ben: Not if we count Blade Runner.

Jamie: Winona writer was, Oh
wait, she was, Wait, Ridley

Scott didn't direct that one.



Emily: right.

You're right.


Well, but it's still okay.

So that she, That's a good point.

She is in the alien universe.

He didn't direct that one.

However, she's Okay.

Old's white dudes.

One out of like all of the other ones.

One young white girl.


Who kind of is basically like
the cheesy version of Michael

Fassbender, like hashtag

Ben: Android so lot.

Emily: I love that character.

I love Winona Writer's character.

Ben: I, Winona

Emily: Rider.

Yeah, me too.

Who does?

I mean,

Jeremy: I love it when she
writes the letter on the wall

and the Christmas lights.

Ben: Yeah.

Emily: I like her in a lot of things.

Ben: So Androids, do they
dream of electric sheet?

Do they dream of electric?

Emily: Apparently not.

They dream everyone else's dreams.

Ben: so upsetting, which is so wild.

okay, that's

Emily: invasive.

when people say, like, is Shaw the main
character through whom we see the movie?

No, David is the main character.

David is the movie's protagonist.

Even that whole movie, he's
trying to be an antagonist.

He's like basically spending the first
15 minutes of the movie trying to

figure out how to be evil and like also
good at basketball, but mostly evil.

And he's like watching British people,

Ben: I don't know, evil basketball.

I don't

Emily: know the name
of the old British man.

He's very famous British man.

I wasn't that Lawrence of Arabia?

Yes, it was Lawrence of Arabia.


So he's

Ben: like anyone else?

I'm sorry.

Did anyone else, and especially on their
first watch through, spend the entire film

waiting for that Lawrence of Arabia line.

He repeats like about
like certainly it hurts.

The trick is not minding that it hurts.

Oh yeah.

Was anyone just waiting the whole
movie for that to be made into a

callback that should have a Never came.

Should have been like it felt
like it was just begging Yeah.

To be a callback.

Especially as he just kept
getting creepier and creepier.

Emily: Yeah.

Also, someone said a small set for mankind
and I'm like, that's not the fucking line.

I don't know if you're trying
to invert things here, bud.

But it's not the fucking

Ben: line.

Fucking Charlie

Greg: Hall, that's the

Jeremy: stupidest man in the world.


I mean, that's our lead biologist,

Ben: Oh my God.

Hey, how did the weed space suit work?

And where can I get one?

Emily: It's a vape.

That's a vape chamber.


But I wanna go back to Michael Fassbender.

Oh, there you go.

That makes sense.

He's, he's, he's, uh, he's treated like
the protagonist of this film, even though

he's supposed to be the antagonist.

Like Jeremy was saying about
this biologist, or maybe it was

Ben, someone I, I'm fuging out.

I don't know.

Ben: This movie will do that to you.

Emily: Yeah.

So the biologist is like, fuck this room
full of alien bodies that I came here

specifically to study, but I'll look at
the fallas and talk to it like it's a

puppy and Michael Fassbender's character,
who's obviously doing his own shit and

doesn't have a better group of people.

To help him fuck everything up
because everybody is really dumb.

So it kind of makes him look
like he is in fact, advanced.

And then he's also trying to be like,
he's also talking about the superiority

of the race of the engineers and like
dying himself blonde and shit, and

trying to be more like a colonial
fucking British guy and talking

to people like they don't matter.

And then he's like, Oh, but
the world, oh, look at this.

And this music, this weird
fucking Star Wars music is

happening where he is like, Oh,

Ben: and he's enjoying a laser light show.

Jamie: He's in a different movie.

Emily: Yes.

He's in a different movie
where he's the protagonist.

And it's really weird messaging because
I'm like, there's a lot of like weird

bad kind of like eugenic kind of shit
that's, they're really dipping into here.

And Michael Fassbender's character is
right in there and like at the end of

the movie we're still, he's still like,
Oh, oo, can you ha, can you help me haw?

Let's go to the Stars together,
. And then she's like, Okay.

Michael's head, I mean David's head.

And I just, this movie is not,
in conclusion, this movie is not

decisive enough for his character
to make sense other than just to.

A weird Android to look at him doing
things and go wonder what that's about.

Ben: It.

It really feels like the, both the writers
and the director and fast writer just

fell in love with the character and just
couldn't stop giving him more screen time.


Jeremy: This movie is fucking
check checkoffs gun show.

Like . It's fucking
checkoffs artillery range.

Like it's just fucking
checkoffs guns everywhere.

None of which ever fire . Like, it's
like fucking David poisons Charlie

Holloway with the Silvery goo.


Ben: We don't know he can
then fuck this win baby.

I think it was just a
fuck around and find out.

Greg: He just like, he

Jeremy: just drops that shit in his drink
and like, there's no end game there.

Like he starts getting, he's
like, See what happened?


Ben: Yeah.

Greg: The other thing about me, like
really liking this movie, the first time

I saw it you know, I was in theaters.

I couldn't like pause it or rewind to
be like, Wait, was that thing explained?

Like , hey this conversation doesn't.

Seem to make a whole lot of sense.

Like maybe if I listen to it again,
I'll, you know, I'll grasp it more.

I always assumed that like, cause I really
like the ideas that were being suggested.

I was like, Oh, if I just
watched again more closely,

it'll start to make then, yeah.


Jeremy: is somehow suddenly pregnant
after having sex with Charlie and

like she's pregnant the next day?

Like they do, he does an ultrasound
on her and apparently he looks

at it and he is like, Well
that's a wild fucking squid baby.

I cannot tell her about that.

Gotta make sure that gets born.

And he like

Greg: jazzed about quid

Jeremy: baby.

This is best to keep her from like
getting rid of the squid baby.

But then when she gets it caught out
and just shows up in his room later

on, he's like, Huh, you survived wild.

yeah, he doesn't ask about the squid
baby doesn't ask what happened,

doesn't go back the check to see
if the squid baby is extracted

somewhere, running around the ship.

He's just like, well I'm actually here
to do what I'm theoretically here to

do in this movie which is Find the One
Living Art or find the one Living engineer

and deliver old ass Guy Pearce to him.

And that's it.

Like, that's his purpose here
is to find the engineer and

deliver Guy Pearce to him.

He just tortures all these human
beings for shits and giggles

Emily: really quick.

I just have to say

Ben: some good old shits and gigs

Emily: indeed.

That, that now Shaw was like asking
the question of, you know, she

wanted to ask the engineers why,
and then she's like, Well, they

made us and now they wanna kill us.

Why ? This is

Ben: me.

Meanwhile fast.

Well, David go in the whole movie
having lines like, doesn't everyone

wanna see their parents dead ? Wow.

And then everyone's just like,
Oh, David, you silly robot.

You also,

Emily: the fucking Weyland
hologram at the beginning is

like, I don't have any children.

The only children that I have is my robot.

And then we find out that Charlene
Char's Theone is this daughter.

And I'm like, Hold up

Greg: No.

What happened here?

Closest thing to a son, he has Oh,

Ben: bless the loophole.

Also, was anyone else really weirded
out seeing Charlize in a normal haircut?

No, it's been, doesn't
do it very often anymore.


Jamie: The thing I thought would be
revealed was that, cause there's a

scene of David talking with the his
sunglasses to, to old Guy Pearce.

And so I thought like him trying to birth
this alien was like his actual mission.

And then when it's revealed that his
actual mission is to find find se so

that old Guy Pearce can have SEI notice.

It feels like there's a third entity who
may have reprogrammed David to be like,

All right, you do what you're supposed
to do, but also we wanna weaponize this

Greg: somehow.

Ben: Well, yeah.

Led to

Greg: what for me was one of
the most confusing exchanges had

with David and other character.

Cause at the end, like, you know,
Shaw, you know, is trying to figure

out why the engineers changed
their minds about creating humans.

And David is like, the
answer is irrelevant.

And she,

Ben: He's why

Greg: do you need to know?

And she's like, Well, I guess the
answer the, my need for an answer is

what makes me human and you a robot.

And I'm like, Okay,

Ben: first of all, you a robot based.

That felt, I'm like,
that felt Robotist ai.

It did feel weirdly.

Like, not just what she's, but
also like the way she said it.

Like she said it in like a bigoted tone.

She said,

Jeremy: Robot with a hard

Ben: R, you know?


Also makes me put the robots also
recontextualizes the conversation

she had with Idris Elba where
she's like, Don't you wanna know?

He is like, I don't care.

, that whole thing.

Go home with

Greg: With David thinking
the answer is irrelevant.


Like even for a robot, a species
creating another species and then

deciding they don't like that species.

Like, look, I'm not a robot maker.

But it just feels like if his
mission is to find out stuff

about the origin of humanity, why

Ben: would he ignore that component?

Well, I think you have to remember
from his point of view, he is a person

who has spent his entire life knowing
exactly why his creators created him.

And it is an incredibly
unsatisfactory answer.

Greg: I mean, is one of the more
interesting things about the movie, The

Jeremy: Wild Me.


And I love dating wild things in
this movie, , but the wild thing to

me to think about that's revealed
in the ending credits of this movie

is that it is an origin story for
the aliens from Alien and the, or.

This Cyborg was playing TikTok
pranks on the other people

Greg: on his ship.


Ben: that's how we have aliens.

Jeremy: Like, he was
just like, No, fuck it.

I made you drink poisonous goo ha.

Ben: that's how we seem an
alien real robot, tri gun.

That is as hilarious as that is.

That is what kind of legitimately
angers me about this movie is how much

smaller it makes the world of alien.

It takes.


Like, wow,

Jeremy: haha, I made you
give birth to a Swiss monster

Ben: unknown area from
impossibly long ago.

Who knows?

Something that was just like almost
the monstrous embodiment of the

unknowable, vast horror of space.

And now, oh no, actually just
a robot humans made 200 years

ago did it with some goo prize.

You got, you tan

Greg: the squid baby.

I was really hoping during
the rather horrifying.

Self c-section scene that the little
robo surgeon they had after quote

unquote delivering the squid baby
was gonna be like, Congratulations.

She is beautiful . It's a squid.

Or at least

Ben: wow.

Black quote.

It would've done that.

But the, because there's a plot point.

The surgery pod was said to mail
physiology, because which is our

very clever foreshadowing that
old man Guy Pearces on the ship.


Emily: Which is a twist that
I don't give two shits about.


Ben: This movie matter.

None of the twists matter.

Like I feel like I run through like
every plot point in this movie,

and I'm like, none of these matter.

Like, I don't, I can't tell at what
point the plot starts to matter.

They spend

Jeremy: so much time on old man Guy
Pearce, like, he talks to the, he

talks to him through the little visor.

And then like him, David and Meredith have
like an argument over him where they don't

say who it is, but of course it's the
one other fucking character that matters.


Like that we've seen in his little thing.

He goes out of his way to be like,
By the time you guys come back to

Earth, I'm gonna be dead cuz I'm sick.

And then like, he, they revive him and
it's like, Oh, they haven't actually

figured out any way to fix him.

He just wants to go meet . He just
wants to go meet Yoed God guy.

Ben: PPI joked, kill me live more Guy.

Pierce's plan is fucking bonkers.

Does he have one?

I'm pretty sure Guy Pearce's, absolutely
bonkers ass plan is step one, meet yolk,

alien, God, Step two, question mark.

Step three, immortality.

Jeremy: Yeah.

I'm pretty sure that's it as well.

And I feel like we, we've, you mentioned
it subtly in the recap, but I feel like

the most apt metaphor for this entire
movie is this fucking round spaceship

rolling after the two surviving main
characters, Char there and Elizabeth

Shaw and the two of them just running
forward in the same direction.


Forgetting where are they going?

The dodge

Ben: button.

They're not

Emily: physicists.

Greg: Come on

Ben: about that physics shit.

Remember even the first time I was
movie, I'm just mentally screaming at the

theater screen to the left, Go, run left.

Greg: You have the dodge button.


Jeremy: triangle.

Greg: Hit

Ben: triangle.

I will say Ivette

Emily: Horizon has better science,

Ben: My God, right.

Movie I would do the credit of
this scene of which is, once again,

characters that are supposed to
be smart act and real, real dumb.

The, like, the seconds of Charlize
actually being crushed under

it are very like terrifying.

Especially there's this one low angle
shot where it's like really just like

coming down on her and you and I don't
know, especially if you're claustrophobic,

it's only a few seconds long, but it
is very effectively shot and directed.

Jeremy: Yeah.

The point that she falls down in
front of it, you're like, Oh, well

now it makes sense that you would die.

And, but to that point, she is just
running from it in the exact same

direction that it is rolling, despite
the fact that it's about eight feet wide

. And if she were to dodge roll to either
side, she would be completely safe, which

Ben: is Shaw only.

Has to roll like three times to
be completely out of the way.

Jeremy: Yeah.

Shaw, who has had her stomach cut open
and rest stapled in the last 30 minutes is

able to jump out of the way of this thing.

And Charlize Theron who I guess
has been just sitting around having

sex with Selva, who, I don't know,
maybe that just takes it outta you.


Greg: does.

This is on, This is outta the

Ben: way.

Is that the first time
Char leaves the ship?

The whole movie I

Greg: party outta to catch

Jeremy: people on fire.

Other than

Greg: that,

Ben: Yeah.


Like again, you could gotten her out
the movie entirely and nothing changes.

Greg: But to be fair,

it's really hard for someone like
Idris Elba to find someone to have

Ben: sex with them.


Old man Guy Pearce

Emily: Michael Fassbender's right there.

Greg: I mean,

Jeremy: maybe I'm judging in the
hair, but I'm guessing Benedict

Wong would be down too, so.


Ben: yeah.


I mean, I do appreciate this is
like a pretty classic, Before they

were famous for Benedict Wong.


Though I do appreciate that he gets more
lines than the other nameless pilot.

I forgot

Jamie: that there was another pilot.

Yeah, there was

Ben: another pilot.


There's like, Okay, you get a cool
line to go out on Benedict, you

get a cool line to go out on third.

Just keep staring.

You're doing great, buddy.

Jeremy: He's actually listed ahead of
him in the credits too, which is crazy.

Like Benedict Wong is playing
like skater punk navigator.


Greg: Is a skater boy.

Ben: This is the kind of thing, like if
I got to interview Benedict Wong, I'd

ask him no questions about the MCU and
exclusively questions about Prometheus.

Of course I don't

Emily: do that.

I mean, this isn't so bad that it's
like a we watch situation for him,

but I'd just be like, put my hand
on his shoulder and be like, okay.

Jeremy: Imagine signing up for a
movie in the time this movie was

made in 2012, and they're like, Hey,
we want you to be in this movie.

It's written by Damon Lindelof,
you know, the guy from Lost and was

directed by Ridley fucking Scott.

And you'd be like,
Shit, my career is made.

I've got it from here, . Not a problem.

I'm gonna be in the best
movie that comes out in 2012.

And then finding yourself,
making this movie.

Ben: Like, again, Ridley Scotts
like Hollywood won't gimme

hundred million dollar budgets.

I'm like, they did it twice recently
and it wasn't great either time.

I, I am very much a

Greg: passionate last dual defender.

That was really

Ben: Oh, good movie that
very good people saw.

I honestly forgot about last dual.

I just meant Prometheus
and Alien Covenant.

Greg: Oh yeah.

The last was an expensive failure.

Jeremy: Yeah.

A lot of other people I have
heard, like Medieval Boston.

But like, yeah, he made that
back to back with House of Gucci,

which has the most accents.

It has more accents than this movie.

Ben: Oh, that is just accent golo.

That is, Are

Emily: we talking about accent?

Accent or quote.


Ben: Yes.

It has so many quote unquote accents.

I'm surprised Tom Hardy didn't
just bust out the floor.

God bless you, Tom Hardy and your
five voices per scene in Venom , Ben

Greg: Affleck did not try to have a
medieval French accent in the last rule.

And the movie, it's so much better for it.

I don't mean that in Starkey Way.

And Aflac is so good as just like totally
anachronistic character in the last

Jeremy: you fucking your film at me, bro.

Ben: I think that's, I
think that's the right call.

Cause I think you're really in like
Kevin Costner, Robin Hood, Keanu

Reeves, much to do about nothing
territory of trying to do French

Greg: accent.

The only

Jeremy: problem with that in
last dual is that Matt Damon is

trying to do a different thing.

Ben: Damon Matt Damon's character in

Greg: the movie is like kind of a dumbass.

So like him having this
very silly accent perhaps not

Ben: intentionally does
work for the movie.

So y'all is last dual a feminist movie,

Emily: I dunno, I haven't
seen, Wait, have I seen.

Wait, is it new or is it a remake
of the one with Harvey Kittel?

Greg: It came out last summer, which
I know because after a beach trip

I took four of my friends to see it
with me and everyone hated it but me.

Ben: Okay, given everything we know and
all the knowledge you have after the end

of the movie, why did the engineers come
back multiple times or just one time and

go on tour around the earth and be like,
Hey, ancient humans, how's it going?

Check out these stars.

I know you can't even do flight.

Nevermind lactic travel.

But uh, don't, don't go to them and make
sure to put in your caves and all your

and paintings not to go to these planets.

Oh, you don't know what planets are.


Like, how did that work?


Like how and why did the
engineers coming back?

She's like, work.

He's like, Hey man, and why
did they do the gay paintings?

Jeremy: He's just like,
That's my house over there.

You can see it from here.

Check it out.

That's my fucking house, man.


Emily: either like a totally stoned
engineer or like an engineer.

Engineer whistleblower who's like,
Listen, you're being engineered.

See those

Ben: motherfuckers?

He's it's like, I just don't get it.

Like, why did you go specifically to
ancient humans to tell them not to go to

a place they had no hope of ever going to?


Jeremy: theoretically we see the dude
at the beginning who my wife insist

on, colleague Prometheus get melted
and have all of his stuff go into

the water and I guess create life.

And then I guess a whole bunch of
other aliens or maybe just one wa

win around to all the other countries
and is like, check out these stars.

And then I guess at some point in
there, the other aliens were like,

Fuck, we gotta kill these assholes.

Like, they're bad, likes bad.

We fucked up on this one.


Ben: gotta get right.

I mean, agreed.

Again, like did they have
to wait millions of years?

Like if they were hoping to get to us,
did they have to go through the dinosaurs?

Did they have to go through
millions of years of being like, I

don't think we're getting humans.

No they're still doing
the giant lizard thing.

I think that's what they were

Greg: asking.

Is the

Jeremy: giant lizards, like
maybe why are they also a

Greg: joke, Solomon,

Ben: are they also a perfect
DNA match to like tactile?

How does this, are they a perfect
like DNA match to koalas if they are

also equally descendants of this?

Like we, how is this supposed
to work given evolution?

Jamie: We, we were probably an
unexpected byproduct because if

you remember that mural that dope
as mural that they did, they were

trying to make the ultimate killer.

So we were probably a mistake.

that was my interpretation, . Like
they prayed to this death, God

that looks like the alien queen
mother and that moving mural thing.

And so I didn't even, I
couldn't even tell my theory.

My theory is that like, we
are not supposed to be here.

Like the dinosaurs were supposed to
be the thing and then they got bloated

and then we somehow got through that.

And so like when we show up on
the door, it's like, ugh, get out

Ben: Yeah.

I mean I've long believed humans are a
glitch in the system just being like,

Oh no, these monkeys like learned
how to throw and talk to each other.

This whole world's fuck.


Greg: I really think this movie
cause solved a lot of problems.

At least in terms of like it making sense.

If there was just some kind of line where
it was explained that the engineers.

Did not anticipate humans being
as terrible as we are and even if,

you know, they initially hoped that
we would all be dinosaurs forever,

Like if it just was like they observed
how terribly we treated each other in

our planet for, you know, however, may
thousands of years humans have a thing

and we're just like, Okay, we have to
do everything we can to make sure they

don't have anything to do with us.

Cause they'll ruin it.

Emily: But there's nothing
in the film that has anything

to do with that morality.

Greg: No, it doesn't.

I'm just saying you would make more

Ben: friends.

Jeremy: if when they wake up the
last surviving alien, he fucking said

something instead of like, Right.

He immediately just rips off the cyborg's
head and starts murdering people.

Ben: Amazing.


You guys, like again, I cannot tell you
the joy I feel every time he rips off

David's head and then just beats old man.

Guy appears to death with it.

. It's, a glorious bit of violence.

Like, look, this movie delivers
dumb people dying in wonderfully

like creative yet dumb ways.

Squished by donut.


Oh, the effect with the acid.

Just like melting the space
helmet into the dude's face.

Incredible effect.

And making

Emily: him love that even more feral.

Like why?

Ben: Yes, he's a full, why
is he a fold up zombie?

I don't know why he's
had to fold up at first.

Like that was a strange
element, but I'm into it.

Again, this isn't a very funny
criticism, but a legitimate criticism

I have of this movie as a horror film.

I feel like this movie just
really likes just introducing red

shirts as needed, like an alien.

It spends a while letting you know every
person that is on the crew, everyone

who's there and every death is meaningful.

Cuz you know, if every person killed
that someone you spent time with, and you

also know how much of the crew is then
left as they dwindle down one by one.

And we don't

Emily: have to have that much
time on each of them either in, in

Alien , like there's no fucking Yeah.

Basketball montage or fucking
ash going around being like,

Ben: you know.

Promeus is constantly introducing
new security personnel or, oh look,

old man, Guy Pearce also has his
nurse and attendant like, where

the fuck were they staying in this?

I forgot about those

Jamie: extras.

Where the fuck were they?


Emily: but only David can

Ben: wash his.


Like, as characters die, it
doesn't feel like, oh, this

is a steadily dwindling team.

And things get more
desperate with every death.

It just like, oh, there's some
more like people who died.

I didn't even catch their faces.

I don't know their names.

But uh, yeah, that was a
pretty cool death, I guess.


Like it, it just desensitized as you
to what should be a source of tension.

Greg: has,

Jeremy: It has as much care with
the characters as it does with

the religious symbolism, which is
on the same level as Evangelion.

Greg: Like, I guess shots fired,

Emily: fucking say's plan for the third
impact made more sense than Weyland's

fucking whatever he was trying to do.

His motivation say's
motivation was clearer.


Ben Gillian's fucking plot was clearer.

Then this movie's fucking motivations.

Greg: One of the many, many, many
great things about the first Alien

movie, even though as I keep saying
like it's a Prometheus, was best,

if you don't think of it as an alien
movie is that it's such a simple

yet effective condemnation of like
capitalism because you've got this crew

where there, there's a woman in charge.

For 1979 movie.

It's pretty di diverse, and they're
all just ultimately victims of this

very coldly calculating corporation
that just wants to throw bodies

at their, this sacrificial fire
for their own corporate interest.



Jeremy: by, by robot billbo.

Greg: Yeah.

And it's like this very like
kinda lateral organization.

And so this was a movie where there's
more of like a hierarchy even than aliens.

where, you know you've got
all these face Marines.

And I was really hoping that there
would be like a thematic point to that.

Kind of like how the different
George Romero night of Living dead

movies all kind of attack a different
sort of corporate institution.

And it's so disappointing that it's
just like, no, they just needed . They

just needed expendable characters
and more important characters.


Ben: It's also like once you know
that like the CEO himself and his

daughter is on board, you'd think
like, Iris feels like a captain.

They picked up at like a truck stop.

Like Yeah.

You think they'd have like a,
maybe a more professional military

crew than, Well, I do have

Jeremy: to say this.

He and his bridge crew are
the only heroes in this movie.

They do.

They're the ly sacrificed themselves
to do exactly what NASA just

did to a comment or Right rock.

No, they are like, Let's fucking crash
this thing like Admiral Hodo right

into the fucking side of the ship.


Emily: are.

And while the coast of dinosaurs are
just like listening to Mad World, like

Greg: wow.

Ben: They get the badass heroic sacrifice.

Like, you know, it's serious
cuz Idris Elba puts on a hat.

Greg: It's awesome.


Jeremy: true.

Here it is.

A Wong and

Ben: the other guy like,
Listen, this would be a great.

Even like in a good movie, and it's
still at least a good scene here.


Emily: if we're gonna go into some
progressive politics here, if we

talk about like racial representation
movie, racial representation movie.

If we talk about racial representation
in this movie, my racial

Ben: representation movie that, Yeah.

This is not that.

Greg: My favorite genre.

This is not that genre.


Ben: Like that feels like when people
go, I'm like, Oh, is this book lgbtq?

I'm like, Yeah.

All of them.


You all of them.

Every single one.

Emily: Plus it Swiss so much
fucking, just like Haun Deger

brought it, wrote back around it Mer

Jeremy: flu it's merciful that
those fucking epic movies and

shit like that ended before we
got to queer movie and oh my God.

Represent racial representation movie.

Emily: Yes.

Okay, so racial representation.

This movie, the only characters of color
are the people working on the shit,

which we assume are working class people.

Also, the decision that Idris Elba
decision that is made by whom?

I don't know that Idris Elba
is southern question mark.

And is really obsessed
with his Steven Stills.

Concertina like, okay.

And then they all sacrifice
themselves to save the white woman.

Ben: Well, they sacrificed

Greg: themselves to save the entire earth.



It's a little different

Ben: Yeah.

Like, they were also going to just
be like, Well, if we crash their

ship, you were also now just stranded
on this awfully in depth world.

I think at that point it
was sacrifice all around.

Emily: Yeah.

But it wasn't, I mean, it was it
was not, I mean, they also had like

significantly less screen time.

I mean, Idris Elba had the most screen
time of all of those characters.

I think he

Ben: had a name also.

I'm gonna take guess, I have
no evidence to back this up.

Total guess I'm gonna guess.

The New Orleans accent was E J's idea
and I'm gonna guess that the Crosby

Stills N bit was Ridley Scott's idea.


Emily: Did

Ben: you know that Ridley, he's
singing the song again as, See he goes

as like he does the hero sacrifice.

I thought that was a fun bit,
that he's still singing the song.


Emily: Briley Scott also made a
movie about Dolus in 1978 called

The Dolus, and I don't know if
it's the same movie, but anyway

Ben: now that's gotta be in the
same universe as the last two.

Emily: It's, It's all
in the same universe.

Ben: He fucked himself though.

He can't continue the series now.

He already did the last one.


Well, he could do it prequel
the second the first dual.


Which I guess is just a cane Enable movie

Emily: The last dual requiem.


So the,

the representation ain't great.

No, that is what I am saying.

Ben: Logan Marshall Green gives us our
boring white boy representation is that

Emily: there's a lot of, there's a
lot of boring white boys in this, but

Jamie: there was that crew
that we don't remember

Greg: it does need to be said because
Logan Marshall Green is not a very famous

actor, and I don't want to get a bad rap.

The movie The Invitation, which
came out just a few years after

this one much, much better.

Logan Marshall Green Performance,
like he actually Emos, it's amazing.

Oh, Red

Ben: also, he is the lead
actor in Upgrade a movie.

I have heard nothing but
phenomenal things about.

I'm sorry we're bagging on you
for this movie, but congrats

on Kicking Ass and Upgrade.

Greg: No.

Upgrade was a lot

Jamie: of fun.

He was so good in that.

Greg: Where was that guy?

Jeremy: And Invitation
is a Karen Kasam movie.

Like Yeah.

We no Fans of Karen Kasam.

Greg: I really think
you guys would love it.

I think it's, I think it's rather
than Jennifer's body by a lot ly no.

I don't mean that with just

Jeremy: Jennifer's body.

I mean, I've seen the invitation
it's not nearly as much fun

as Jennifer's body that,

Greg: that No it's a very different tone.

It's a very different tone.

But I, I think if you guys uh, did for
uh, the show, you'd have a lot to talk

about in a good way and a very good way.


Emily: Another thing about the
representation in this movie is

that you have, and I mentioned the
fact that the engineers are white.

They're also all men.

As far as we know, the only one
that we see naked has a dick.

It is visible.

Ben: For some reason I swore the
engineers had just like Ken Doll crotches.

I don't know why I, No, there
was, I swore like I, I was wrong.

We don't get to see utterly
smooth Barbie doll crotch.

, but for some reason I could just swear
that these were giant, buff white

out people that also had no junk.

Emily: In the very beginning when
he's like, dissolving, we see of Wang.

Jamie: Are there any, I haven't

Ben: seen Covenant yet.

That's the, that's what made us
the, we came from the Wang dna.

Jamie: Are there any female
engineers that show up in Covenant?

Cause I know there's like an opening
scene where there are engineers

and like, David's like, Ha bitches.

Emily: I don't remember.

I don't remember that All I remember,
honestly, all I remember that movie is

Michael Fassbender's cute little lab
and then him making out with himself.


But yeah, so, well I'm
watching that now after this.

Oh my God.

I feel like that one's a better
one even though there's more

fucking aliens in it, for starters.


But the engineers, the only aliens that
we actually have in this movie, which are

the engineers which are tall white dudes.

There is a old spiritualist
belief that kind of got.

Scrambled up with UFOs, conspiracy
theories and stuff like that, that

there's an alien race that's looking
after mankind called the tall whites.

And they're also known as Nordic aliens.

And a lot of that be comes
from like Madam B's whole shit.

Madam Bki was an old,
the coldest that it Yeah.

Influenced a lot of the
spiritualists back in the day.

And also Hitler, Whoops.

When the

Jamie: bastards did a podcast on her.


Emily: Yeah.

So the Behind the bastards.


Behind the bastards.


Cuz her idea about s and like how
mankind supposedly descended from

like these angelic beings and
the closer the wider we are, the

closer we are to these beings Yeah.

Is all in her shit.


And it's rough.

And that seeing that and also like that
echoed with these like fucking engineers,

I don't know if it is on purpose.

It's one of those things like the
Illuminati where we don't always, those

of us who aren't familiar with like
how the Illuminati can get scrambled

into like super antisemitic conspiracy
theories and things like that.

And just

Ben: trust me, everything
can be spun into an anti.

Absolutely theory, conspiracy
theories, like find a way Yes.

To be antisemitic.

Emily: Yes.


so that is especially problematic for me.

You know, that on top of Michael
Fassbender's whole fucking trip about

being like blonde and superior and
like perfectly manicured and perfectly

obedient, but also wants to kill his
father and become like superior as well.

I, yeah, it's, yeah,

Jeremy: I, it's a lot going off of
the discussion of the engineers.

Like, well, the most disappointing
thing about this movie, honestly, like,

you know, it's fine that it's stupid.

Like I'm fine with stupid movies being
stupid , but like, the most disappointing

thing to me about this movie is the
design, because like the face hugger

is such an elegant, practical effect.


Like it's done so well in that
first movie and in aliens and

every time it pops up, you.

Oh shit.

Like it's that weird puppet,
but it's gonna fucking kill us.

Like it's a weird spider
puppet thing and it's like,

Greg: oh,

Jeremy: like that's
the thing that's scary.

Like the xenomorphs are scary, but not in
the same way that face huggers are scary.

And they, we trade them in for these
snakes, which I can only possibly

call face fuckers at this point.

. Cause

Greg: like fucks they,

Ben: they're,

Greg: they forget the hugging.

Jeremy: They just leap straight in.

Greg: I

Ben: will say if there's their
gentle cares, if there's a content

warning for sexual assault, it is
entirely on the part of these snakes

and like giant squid monsters.

Oh yeah.


Greg: they don't say fuck
like in their all, There's

Ben: a fucking like, see, so would it be
giant squid monster just starts saying,

Oh, like, opens at six, I don't know.

Vagina mouth eyes just like,

Jeremy: fuck Mom left me . Yeah, they
trade in face huggers and xena morphs for

these face fucking angry vagina snakes

Ben: and ashy Hulk.

Ashy Hulk.


Greg: ash Hulk.

Jeremy: And then whatever the fuck, like
the closest thing to a decent design in

this is the, you know, giant evil squid
things and mostly there off, like, mostly

there's CGI or off screen tentacles, like,

Greg: and it's like, like, I don't know.

We've seen that before.

There love was something there.

Loves horror movies with evil

Ben: squi.

Yeah, just imagining David looking
at the squid being like, I guess

it's kind of ultimate life form.

I feel like we could go more
ultimate life form , like between

him and like young Billbo.

I don't know fully what means, but
it's interesting that we now have AOC

recurring element of androids having
this like, almost like religious

experience in relation to the zen worth.

And I just feel, I feel like I don't
know what's going on there, but again,

I do wonder if it minimizes it, given
what we know about the future when

we're just like, Oh, well David created
them this unknowable un like terror,

which is made by an earth robot.

This earth about it must have
happened unfathomably long ago.

Nah, 20, 2090s.


Greg: had to some kind symbolism
with David's name though, right?

Like biblical symbolism.

I don't remember enough about.

Ben: Okay, so yes, I can answer this.

I can answer this one.

Please do.

So again, this is based off like
cut con, cut script material

or stuff that wasn't filmed.

Apparently the idea is that
Weyland got the idea to name him

David after being inspired by
Leonardo DaVinci statue of David

Emily: that Michelangelo did

Ben: David.

Michael, it's supposed to be that Weyland
Yani is inspired by Michelangelo's

statue of David, and you can just
edit it in the second take and not

the take where I said the wrong name.

. Yeah.

I mean

Jeremy: it's just like, it's just like
naming the ship Prometheus, right?

Like it's just like the most
on the nose referential shit.

Ben: Very on the nose.

And also at the time, I think he broke
it with Alien Covenant, but at the

time there was a running theme that e
the Android of each movie, their name

started with the first like letter.

So, you know what, like what's the, what's
Bill Bo's name in the first alien Ash.

So yeah, you had Ash
and then you had Bishop.


So, since this was, I guess in
a way, in some way that wait.

Oh, because, And then there wasn't
one in three and then you had

Emily: Bishop was in three.

Ben: But wait, but there wasn't
a new Android to get the cname.

I think the CNAME came for Sigourney
Weaver, Not Ney Weave Weaver.


Greg: Rider?


Was Winona Rider.


Emily: Yeah.


So that all the Androids
have on the movie.


I get

Greg: what you're saying.

Ben: Yeah.

Her name was called.


So it goes like abc.


So this is, so since Fast Benders of
the fourth Android, he is David for D.

So that's also part of just
keeping up that naming convent.

But then the next movie introduces
another fast bender named Walter.

So either they decide to fuck
the name, the convention, or you

only get one per actor, I guess.

And like the next alien will
be like, Hey, I'm a robot.


What up?

Evan is the worst name
for an Android . Yeah,

Emily: except Fian.

Greg: Ah,

Jeremy: his name is Evan Gelian.


Greg: Is me, Evan G.

God, I'm just imagining my dad's
friend named Evan like being a robot.

I, This is a joke that will
literally only work for my dad.

So you out

Ben: Your dad listens to every
episode and we wanna make sure we're

appealing to that target audience

so anyone have anything else they
want to really like, dive into?

Or should we kind tackle
some of the themes?

Greg: I

Jeremy: did wanna know if you guys
think that this film is Feminist.


Emily: where I was gonna talk about.


Ben: okay.

So we're, so actually we're all in
agreement that we're ready to talk to.


Greg: I do have one very quick
story that I'd like to share.

Ben: Yeah.

Is it about Evan?

I swear to fucking got it.


It's about Evan fucker.

I want Evan's story.

Greg: Yeah.

I don't think there's enough in silver.

I know it's not a common name.


So as I mentioned, I saw this
pretty blind ish, or like more

blind than I would've had.

I've been more online when I came
out in 2012 and I went with my

brother who is two and a half years
younger than him that than me.

And does not like horror movies
like actively avoids them.

But we went to see this movie,
like we didn't even know it would

be a horror movie, I don't think.

But in that last shot where you
see a glimpse of the baby alien

from Alien, he was like, Oh

Ben: wait, was that the

Greg: predator?


And I had to explain to
him like, you were close.

Be because our dad had showed us the first
Predator movie when we were way too young.

Ben: And I had to explain like, that's the
best time to watch Predator though, when

you're way too young to watch Predator.

That's exactly when you should watch.

I say, I think I was

Greg: like eight, which would've
made my brother perfect at the oldest

Jeremy: six years old.

That's time to run around

Greg: Yes.


So yeah.

Slightly different franchise.

I do know that someone had asked Ridley
Scott once an interview, like, if this

movie would have anything to do with
the Alien versus Prouder movies, which I

did see in the lead up to this episode.

And Ridley Scott just laughed in
their face, but he didn't say,

Jamie: no.

love those.

They are dumb as hell,
but I fucking love them.

Greg: Talk about a movie
where they don't say fuck.

The Alien versus Predator,
the first one is Rated Peach.

E 13.


, Jeremy: we discovered last week
that movie is responsible for the

existence of event in Horizon.


Because Paul Ws Anderson did that
movie and they wouldn't let him

show any kind of blood or guts or.

So he was like, The next movie I do,
I want to be a sci-fi horror movie.

And so he made Event Horizon
instead of making the Xmen film.

Greg: Oh God.

Oh my

Emily: God.


We talked a lot about that alternate
universe where he did make Xmen

Jeremy: film for making Xmen and
instead was like, No, not unless

I get to have Wolverine say fuck.

So he made Event Horizon instead.

Emily: If you look at it in a
particular way, I mean, we have

the evil baby trope, not great.

We have the evil baby

Ben: trope.

Oh God.

We somehow have evil baby and weird
infertility makes me less of a person.

Can we

Jeremy: talk about the two minutes
of this movie where Iba tells the

two guys that are lost in the death
tunnel not to bugger each other?

Oh yeah.

That was the bad.

Then cut directly to the couple
being like, But we can't have a baby.

And I was like,

Greg: Fuck is happening all of a sudden.


This movie until

Ben: then, and

Emily: then I wasn't, but

Jeremy: I was ready to see that
geologist punched somebody.

Emily: I was ready to see them.


Jamie: I was thinking the same
thing on the second watch there.

I was like, they're getting
real close to each other.

Why aren't

Greg: they

Emily: making out?


Oh, because their helmets are on.

Oh, they made out with the face.


Maybe that was all symbolic and
that was all in their minds.

And that's just their projection.

Anyway, so we have evil baby trope, the
bugger each other thing goes in the bad

score for qia A plus representation.

Jamie: What is the bad baby trope?

The ba the Bad Baby Trope.

Oh the

Greg: evil Baby.

Emily: Trope is evil.

Baby is like vilifying
the whole idea of birth.


And making, talking about how birth
like fosters over your body and, Yeah.

And while like I, it's.

In certain cases, like I think it's very
interesting and, you know, I'm really

into body horror and things like that.

And as somebody who has to deal with
like menstruation and uterus and shit,

multiple I don't ask any questions.


Greg: wasn't need to.

I get it.

Get it.


Jeremy: wild thing is they managed
to sidestep evil baby trope in the

original alien by having John hurt.

Be the one that gets pregnant.


Ka gets the baby.

Greg: Yeah.

It's like an important thematic thing too.

Ben: Yeah.

They still love the scene where they
reveal that she's infer to like where

Charlize just being like, Oh yeah, like
these engineers, they can make whole

species and like bring life to worlds.

Like they can create life.

Like that's cool shit.

And Charlie just like,
Charlie, I can't produce life.

Like that's not what he meant
and you fucking know it.

Emily: It's, yeah.


It's so fucking shoehorned in.

And then like, so she gets her wish to
have a baby and, but she immediately,

like, everything about her doesn't make
sense until like this one time where

she's like, Oh yeah, that's a Demonn baby.

I'm in a cesarean section myself.

Which doesn't really feel
like it matches with the

Ben: character.

Well, I felt.

Again, like I agree it doesn't match
the charact or like, or the themes,

but I did feel like it worked in the
sense of just like, Oh, well logically

she's like, Oh, I'm suddenly I pregnant.

That shouldn't be possible.

It's happened overnight, but is now
apparently three months developed

and the father got poisoned by alien
goo and just like really gnarly died.

Like whatever is inside
of me cannot be good.

This is not a miracle baby.

This is, every fact is leading to this
is something very fucked up inside of me.


So I got it from a pure medical
science being, I'm like, Yeah,

you should get that out asap.

Emily: Which is the most
scientific she's ever been in

her entire career in this movie.


She has faith.

Yeah, that's the thing is like
can't She can't just believe shoes

to believe that the baby's gonna
be like her magical squid baby.

Like it's not, But if

Ben: that squid baby cured

Emily: cancer, I mean it technically does.

Jamie: If you did, you don't

Greg: have cancer.

But then,

Jeremy: but so the only other
notable female character we

have is Meredith Vickers.

Emily: Who was not sexualized or
no, I'm thinking of the other one.

We have

Ben: Lady Aaron, who doesn't
even get her own death scene.

She just gets shoved really
hard by like the engineer.

Greg: Oh,

Jamie: right.

Then my doctor,

Greg: lady.

Oh the one who I kept having to remind
myself that just because I saw the

witch a bunch of times doesn't mean
that's the only thing I can think of

her as the the crazy mom from the witch.

She the queen from the
Green Knight, you know?

Ben: Yeah.

Love when they bring like a
severed head back to life.

That's pretty crazy.

And also seems like it should
break the Geneva Convention.

Emily: Oh yeah.

That whole part.

That whole part was a lot too.

Like we didn't even talk about
that shit because it's so bananas.

Ben: Honestly.

Look, that's one of the early
experiments and this is also can

into the future Ima universe actually

Emily: Yeah.

Well we just simply reverse the process.

Ben: So yes, explode the hedge
and then they put them in jaw.

You start with the exploded head
and then you put it back together.

Emily: Yeah.

It's like a transporter, but,

Jeremy: okay.

So Meredith Figures Sucks, is a
terrible character and her only

motivation it seems is wanting to beat
her sort of Cyborg brother to running

her dad's company, but also she has
to make sure that he is dead first,

Ben: just to go along on the right,
Ryan to make a king thing happen,

but it's not actually happening.

Emily: I wanna point out.

That she is a badass.



Ben: she's, Is she, what
does she do that's badass or

Greg: do we just sing?

She's a badass because she,
Charlie Spar and we've seen her

be a badass in better movie.


Emily: says us suit our shows.

Ben: I can do pushups and like, okay,
she sets a man on fire who is actively

asking to be set on fire and does pushups.

But I can do pushups.

I'm not a

Emily: badass.

I can't do pushups.

But Charlize Theron can.

So there's one, two,
she is one of the more,

Jeremy: her doing pushups and like
delivering things like a badass and then

having nothing to fucking do in the story.


Is worse than her not

Greg: being

Emily: there.


But she is a badass because she
is decisive and she has a pretty

good delivery on her lines.

That's, those are my definitions
that I'm calling her badass.

But this is important because it's, I
mean, maybe she's not actually a badass

cuz she's very optional to the story.


Ben: So I'm not sure, however, what
she wants, like, I, I think she

wants the aliens to not exist, but
then once they do, I don't know

Emily: her.


It's a disaster.

And we've discussed about the
disastrous of her, of just

everybody's motivations in this film.

Whatever they may be.

Ben: How about Charlie just being
really Moy over making the most

important scientific discovery
in the history of mankind?


Emily: But I wanna put I wanna
stay on target with the badassness

of char's tho cuz we're supposed
to think that she's a badass.

That is what the movie wants us to think.

And then it goes and has Idris
Elba be like, Are you a robot?

And I feel like he is written to ask
her that she's a robot, or whether

she's a robot because she's so,
like, you know, badass, No nonsense.

And like also she's sexualized.

Shaw is sexualized.

Queen Erin isn't sexualized cuz she's old.

And then we have no,

Jeremy: her response to argu a robot
is basically, if I were a robot,

could you stick your dick in me?

Which is like,

Greg: what

Ben: is that nagging?

Did Idris Elba neg her and did it

Emily: work?

Maybe, I don't know.

I don't know.

I don't know what the future fuck like

Jeremy: this.


Greg: you

Ben: let stick your dick
in an artificial hole.

Could you?

Emily: Well, we know Michael
Fassbenders fully functional in

every way and programmed in multiple

Greg: function.


Emily: What is with these motherfucking
sci-fi android creators making an

android a hot version of themselves?


Ben: Would you not?

Emily: No.

I would be like, I wanna, I want Iris El
with a robot or you know, I want Taiko

Y t their robot just to look at him.

I don't wanna look at myself and think
about like myself washing my own robot.

Greg: I just keep thinking of the
future drama episode where Fry gets

a Lucy Lou robot girlfriend and it
ruins his life because he spends

all his time making out with her.

Emily: Maybe they can, maybe everyone who
makes a robot in science fiction after

that, even though this is all before that,

Jeremy: I just wanna meet the cyborg
that created the sexy Ian home robot.

That's like, Cyborg is
like, I know what I want.


Ben: know you only make a robot
at yourself for two reasons.

Anytime you encounter, whether it.

Clone robot or multiverse, duplicate.

There's the fight or fuck response.

Do you fight yourself
or do you fuck yourself?

And some people probably do both.

Emily: Being a cyber physician,
you really need to ha go through.

It's part of the process.

You get your certificate by going
through that existential crisis

of facing yourself as a robot.

And if you succeed, then
they're like, Okay, cool.

You have your certificate also.

Why isn't anyone talking about
Noni and sing and con noian sing

Ben: again?


Can you have sex with your
robot self and still pass?

Or is that the automatic fail?

Is that the test to weed out people
who are gonna fuck their robo selves?


Emily: a d Like it dependences
for I think the sci-fi universe,

the terms of that sci-fi universe.

Like in Star Trek, if you
fight the robot, you lose.

If in Cri Athe, if you
fuck the robot you lose.

And that's why Home Robot
exists because they need a

robot that nobody wants to fuck.

Don't say that

Greg: about, I'm sure.

Oh that, sorry.


Seventies Ian

Emily: home.

Seventies Ian home is
he's an attractive man.

Somebody wants to fuck

Jeremy: Billbo Bas, they are out there

Greg: I

Ben: believe that's true.


Greg: my box

Jeremy: molder.

I believe they are out there.


Emily: No, look at me.

I'm really sorry right now I will rescind
and apologize for my statement that I

home an alien or at all is Unfuckable

Ben: m not talking about
in home can fucking get

Emily: it.

I in home can get it no matter what.

It's just Ash.

Ben: No, not ash.


Emily: can't it?

Ash is not fuckable.

Bishop is fuckable.


Ben: Bishop's mad.


Emily: Bishop is su Even though he
like fucking Lance Henriksen came out

of the womb with like, like looking
like he's a gargo, but like the kind

that's beautiful and cries all the

Jeremy: time.

I'm just saying Bishop would
be a very giving lover.

I feel like, you know,

Emily: and all that alacrity,

Jeremy: good extensions,

Emily: you know, slight of hand,

Jeremy: who knows what kind of
attachments you have for Bishop,

Emily: he is sorry, into

Greg: multiple mental illness.

There are definitely

Ben: people out there.

There are a hundred percent people
out there who watched aliens and

saw Land Hendrickson with that
fucking scene with the fingers.

They're like, Oh, I am both
gay and into knife play.

Turns out

Emily: Wasn't that a

Greg: screwdriver?

No, it was a knife.

Nah, that was a

Jeremy: knife we watch after
dark and we're like, Yep.


Greg: Yeah.

Ben: Also this movie Explore.

Oh, sorry.


Emily: I just wanna say one thing
about before we're done with feminism,

Greg: I can't wait.

Jeremy: End of feminism.


Ben: more thing.

One more thing.

And then I think, and then I
think we can say we've officially

closed the book on feminism.

Greg: Wanna

Jeremy: wrap on feminism?

Ben: We did it, y'all.

All the banners.

It only took,

Emily: Okay.

Jeremy: It only took

Emily: five of us to do it.

Final statement on feminism in this movie,

Shaw is the reason we have Xenomorphs.

We have Xenomorphs because
of one Christian anti-Vaxxer.

Ben: Well done.

Greg: Yes.

Fuck yes.


Jeremy: And Psychia psychotic robot.

It's just the two of them.


Ben: God, I think we covered.

So Facebook, this movie
has characters of color.

They are noticeably more working
class than the other, but they

are all much smarter and more
likable and given way better depth

than all the other characters.

So, is this movie racist?

I don't know.

Feels like a bit of a
feels, feels like a wash.


Why I'm gonna say this This movie
breaks even on not being racist maybe.

Greg: Yeah.


Jeremy: I think it has not have anything
intelligent or interesting to say

about disability or mental health.

It's not very, like, this is not
things that it's interested in.

And it's surprisingly little
to say on class, considering

that's kind of like aliens

Greg: thing.

Ben: It's like, it's Right.

Very obsessed with like, the themes
that's ultimately interested in expressing

are creator and creation and like, not
even necessarily themes of parenthood.

Like even with Charlize being
the daughter, like that isn't

a father-daughter theme.

They're exploring it is just another
facet of creator and creation.

. And that's, it's trying to be heady,
but it's a kind of a more unapproachable

theme than a lot of others would be.

So if you're gonna go for that, you
def you gotta have something to say.


And this movie doesn't, So it
both kind of has a bit of an un

unapproachable theme and then doesn't
do like, say super interesting things

with that theme, with those themes.


Jamie: feels like there's a whole
TV series that we missed, right?

And then we got the movie, like,
this is the movie of a TV series or

like a series of films or like a mini
series or a comic book or something.

And we're missing parts of it.

And that's kind of why I liked
it initially, because like we,

me and my wife binged all of the
alien movies before we saw this.

So like, while we were watching
Prometheus, we were like

picking out little things.

Like David play basketball calls
back to Alien four, where like

hybrid Ripley does a shot behind
her back and like, makes basket, No.

All this kind of stuff.

So like, Prometheus feels like all of
these questions that are being dropped and

all of these unanswered questions would've
been covered in a show or something else.

And we're just missing it.


Ben: just would've been covered if the
next movie had gone on to actually follow

Sean instead of just becoming completely
obsessed with being the David show.

Jamie: Yeah.


It's like

Emily: the first movie.

Greg: Yeah.

Jeremy: Yeah.

And the only place where this movie
gets anywhere close to addressing queer

themes is when intra tells those two
crew members that are stuck in the death

tunnel alone, not to fuck each other.

Because God, that's the worst thing
that could happen I'm sure is if they

buggered each other, fuck is going on.

Greg: Also is like,

Jamie: that's not a southern term,

Emily: so, No, I know.


Greg: Rights

Jeremy: like fucking doctor who Okay.

Lots of places have a south.


Jamie: It just is accent.

Is future, Future South.

Emily: What?

Oh, it's like a Wales

Greg: in the very near future of

Ben: 2094.

Greg: It's

Emily: like the expanse where
they have Yeah, I dunno.


Ben: the filter.

Look, I don't know a ton about British
politics, but based off what I see during

my 6:00 AM Twitter scrolling when the
British people are awake , , I dunno.

It seems like national national
decline triggering mass migration to

various other parts might be a thing.

I don't know.

Maybe there's becomes like a large
influx of Welsh immigration to

New Orleans and like the 2050s.


Greg: Yes.

Leaving that TRT with them,

Jeremy: trust budgets, leaving the
European Union and somehow joining Texas

to make a single country not that far off.

, I feel like combining Turf
Island in Texas really

Greg: makes Oh, yeah.

Emily: Oh God.

It's like moving to
Florida for British people.


Jeremy: You could pick up all of the
UK well, all of Britain and put it in

a small corner of taxes where there
currently is nothing and it would fit.

That's true.

So yeah, just put it in the panhandle
where there's nothing of value right now.


Greg: see, that's what I'm saying.

Jamie: There's more to this
movie that we're not seeing.

Greg: He's from London, Texas.


Emily: We needed like a credit scroll.

Like a fucking horizon.



Greg: To Jamie's point I was
fully expecting like, kinda like.

One of the things that I just infuriated
me about the rise of Skywalker.

That, that was the final
Skywalker Stars Mary, right?


I was like, when all these people
were like, Oh, but all these things

were actually explained in this

Ben: totally other novel
that you know, that

Jeremy: novelize

Greg: the movie you just saw like
I was fully expecting there to

be like a Prometheus novel ride.

I'd find out like, Oh, fuck that.

Like, I'm not reading that.

Just so this will make more sense.

I expected that to exist, but no,

Jamie: we get what we get . It's

Greg: an adaptation of
a book that does not

Jamie: exist.

Yeah, that's what it,
that's what it feels like.


Greg: what it feels like.

Jeremy: Yeah.

You were saying that it needed a,
like a scroll, like the beginning of

Event Horizon, what it needs is Cone
and O'Brien going in the year 2000.

Greg: Like,

Jeremy: that's the level of
Diane's fiction that's in this

Greg: London moves to Texas

Jeremy: All right, guys, would you,
what would we recommend people watch

Greg: this movie?

Okay, so if you can do like an Eternal
Sunshine of the Spotless Mind kind

of thing and erase all your memory
of this conversation that we just

had of unfortunate as this was,
and like everything you know about

this movie, having anything to do.

Alien, you would have a
good time just as I did.

Even if you can't do that which I
imagine as most of you I'm still of

the opinion that this movie has good
qualities that like, if you like scifi

horror, if you like cosmic horror, I
mean, there are a bunch of other movies

I'd recommend first, but like, you
know, you might get a kick outta this.

You know, watch it with someone
you like and feel free to you

know, poke fun at it occasionally.

But I hate to admit it, this movie
is not as good as I thought it was

when I was, how old was like 21
and just looking to have a good

time at the movies with my brother

Ben: But no, like, that is what it is.

Like if you have some friends
over, like crack open some beers

and are watching it to have a good
time with some gorgeous visual.

And to see some really entertainingly
dumb characters die in some pretty

spectacularly entertaining ways.

You know, you'll have fun.

Like, I always have fun talking about this
movie and finding new crazy things like

Patrick Wilson's baffling British accent.

Jamie: It's interesting you said
that, Greg, because like when I went

in to see this I was like, fully,
like that week we watched all of the

aliens shit we like night after night.

So like we had everything fresh in
our mind and I was loving every bit

of it, even as dumb as it was because
for whatever reason that like, I don't

know, I was taken in by like the visual
language and all the suit technology

and how, like, if this was a pre,
why does everything look so shiny

But that it further reinforces that
the first movie is like a working crew,

like a working class kind of crew.

And I haven't seen the
last one the latest one.

So it, it might like fit together,
but like for me I would recommend it,

but also understand that I watched a
show that is aimed at six year olds

to sell toys to Japanese children.

You should never ever take
my opinion on anything.

Emily: We like to be, we like
opinions of color on this show.

As you said that your opinion earlier
is colored by your experience,

Jamie: Common writer is dope, but like
I understand that it's not for adults,

Emily: No.

I mean, neither is rise of the TM
and T, but it still slaps hard.

This is a very gorgeous movie.

I would throw it on at a party.

I might have some chill times with it.

As long as you're not paying
too much attention to anything

that anyone is saying or doing.

It is the, It was lovely to watch.

Ben: if you're hosting a party, put
this movie on in the background.

Have some like chill wave going on.

Ooh, nachos.


Emily: Yeah.

Have some nachos or
subscribe to our Patreon.

We'll do a track of just us
mumbling about it and be like,

Jamie: how is she running with
staples in her fucking belly?

Like, what

Ben: the She's John mc cleaning it hard.

She is just like, but like

Jamie: muscle tissue as gone.

Oh yeah, going.

Greg: It's

Jamie: going.

Greg: I just chalk that
up to future medical care.


Ben: Future, future staples.

Future staple.

You know what?


Greg: easy to be pessimistic about
the future, but I choose to believe

that sometime in the next 70 years
our healthcare will get better.

Actually outta no.


Jeremy: this is what it doesn't suggest.

It'll be

Greg: cheaper.

It just suggests that
it'll be done by robot

Jeremy: It makes very explicit in this
film that this bed is one of very few

that exists and you would have to be
very rich to have it and is designed

only to be used by a single man.

So yes, I think we already
have that technology.

Greg: Yep.

The richest man

Jeremy: in the world just has
a bed that'll just do surgery

Greg: for you.

Emily: Yeah.

This is

Ben: have you ever needed surgery?

But don't feel like getting out of bed.

Boy, do we have the device for you?

Emily: Listen, this robo talk, she's like
freaking out and like, she looks like

she's wincing in pain and I cannot believe
that this robot does not, This robot doc

does not have a localized anesthetic.

Like I know she's setting
it to manual or whatever.

So anyway, that's, You can
watch this movie if you want.

Jeremy: I, this is my first time
watching this film and I was just

scrolling down the IMDB page to look for
something to recommend to go with this.

And I stumbled upon this review,
which I think really encapsulates

how I feel about this movie.

The title of the review is, I sort of
enjoyed it, , This is the review the

movie tells upon a story about a group
of curious people who wanted to know

the origin or can say what created them.

They collected all the signs,
which showed them a way to follow

and find out as they planned.

They reached their dis,
their desired destination.

They found a breathable
environment and source of life too.

But everything doesn't
go according to plan.

Greg: This

Ben: is better than my recap.

Fuck, why didn't we read this?


Greg: is way better than my

Jeremy: she.

The more deep they are exploring the
planet, the more they are getting killed.

Greg: Someone.

Jeremy: Hold on.

David, which is a robot designed
to go along with the mission, found

something in the cave and surprisingly
it turned out to be an alien,

which was alive but was in Pod and
David tried to communicate with it.

, were they able to
communicate with the alien?

What was killing them?

, Who left signals for them?

Were they able to complete
the mission at last?

It will keep you wondering and you
cannot, but watching the second part of

the movie, but not, I love alien movies.

That why I choose to watch it and
it comes out to be thrilling for me.

The visuals are awesome.

So the alien looked bit creepy.

I have to watch the second part now.

Alien Covenant to
understand the entire story.


Greg: I two 15?

That'll finish.

I think that really says it all.

Oh my

Ben: God, that's good.

Something else I think bothers
me about this as if I haven't

fetched enough and just been like
a whiny little like complain baby.

This whole movie, I feel like
this movie has like it's ma, it

doesn't have a main storyline.

It just says temporary storylines
that overlap like the two scientists

do killed in the cave and then
one comes back as a murder.


Has nothing to do with David poisoning the
drink and making a squid baby has nothing

to do with old man Guy Pearce being alive
and wanting to talk to the engineer.

The more deep

Greg: they are exploring

Jeremy: the planet, the more
they are getting killed, the more

Greg: they're getting killed.

That's, that

Emily: should be the tagline in space.

No one

Ben: Can hear you being killed
the more you are being killed.

Greg: it's my murder core band.

Emily: No one can hear you in space,

Jamie: no one can hear.

The more you are being

Greg: killed in space.

Jeremy: Space, the more
you are getting killed.

Greg: Oh my God,

Jeremy: Greg, now that we've made
you hate this movie that you loved

previously, what would you recommend?

Greg: Yeah, we're

Ben: sorry.

We're sorry

Greg: for I liked the movie previously.

I wouldn't

Ben: say I loved it.

We're sorry for killing your

Greg: joy.


Jeremy: That favorite movie
has been exposed to you as a

Greg: terrible thing.


Have to tear down all
Prometheus posters on my wall.

I'm, man, I'm gonna have
to burn those fan letters.

I wrote to Ridley.


Jeremy: I know you were playing, you
as, I know you were playing to dress

up as yolked God for uh, Halloween, so,

Greg: Yeah.

Actually my, my Coplay was gonna
be old Guy Pearce for NY C, so,

Emily: oh.

That's a lot easier.

You don't need stilts for that

Greg: one.


obvious you and dark, thoughtful,
but like more successfully thoughtful

sci-fi movie directed by Ridley Scott.

Blade Runner holds up.

If you're gonna watch it though, make
sure you're watching the final cut.

The, that, that is Ridley
Scott's preferred version.

The theatrical cut has stuff
that's like very insulting to

the audience's intelligence.

It like the studio made him
go back and like dumb it down.

And it's very frustrating.

So please make sure you're
watching the final cut.

That's the version I think most
streamers usually show anyway.

But it holds up.

It's, it makes you think
it looks beautiful.

It's morally complex in a
way that doesn't feel cheap.

I have some great twists too if if you
haven't been spoiled in the left 40 years.

Jeremy: Yeah.

The more they are investigating the
robots, the more they are getting killed.

Greg: I fucking love that.

I love

Jeremy: that.

It's gonna be my pitch for every movie.

For now on the more blank, the
more they're getting killed.

Put that

Greg: put on your pitch for your next

Jamie: topic.

Oh my God.

Can that be volume six for

Greg: Extra to Rescue Girl?


The more

Emily: they're learning,
the more they're getting

Greg: can we do a horror one?

. Oh

Jeremy: my God.

Jamie, what would you

Greg: recommend?

Jamie: I was trying to, I
was trying to think of like

sci-fi, thriller horror stuff.

I think Pits Black would be a fun
one like the Chronicle of Tic the

Vin Diesel one where he's like the
dude with the shined eyes and shit.

I think the, I think both
films are very entertaining.

I cannot stand Tandy Newton in
the second one Chronicles of,

but it is very entertaining.

I feel like I, I feel like they
have that trying to the first

one is a nice contained story,
just like Alien, the second one.

Tries to do too much and takes itself
way too seriously, much like this film.

So you get a different kind
of feel with both of these.

So like, watch Alien, watch Prometheus,
then watch Pitch Black and then Chronicles

of Tic and you'll see what I mean.

But yeah, I think so.

Oh, and also Common Writer.


Always common writer.

Greg: I r always recommending common

Jeremy: writer,

Emily: A R K R

I would definitely second the
the pitch block recommendation.

Also Pitch Black has
Keith David in it, so.

Greg: Ah, that's right.

Yeah, it really does.

I'll have

Emily: to watch it now.


For me just watch Annihilation, we
wanna have that, that like biological

horror, weird shit going on.

And, you know, I mean,
Annihilation characters have

motivations which is a plus.

It's also very pretty and has some
weird space madness shit in it.

So, and the books, I'm always like,
Oh, the books blah, blah, blah.

But yeah, the books are good, but
they, you like this, if you like the

weird like biological horror element
of this movie and that sort of mystery.

Annihilation is better and
also keeps it a mystery.

So also a lot of ladies,

Jeremy: You like ladies?

Ben, what

Emily: would you Oh, Benedict

Greg: Wong

Ben: is in that one.

That's right.


Aw man.

Benedict Wong is in that.

I forgot he was in Annihilation.

So, if you enjoyed Prometheus, I'm gonna
assume it was mostly because of the

presence of bald white men and you want
more movies involving bald white men

So I'm gonna recommend the
transporter starring Jason Sta Thumb.

Jeremy: You know, I feel like
you in a similar direction to me.

I'm assuming that if you enjoyed
Prometheus, you like Ridley Scott

telling stories about yo God, and
wouldn't you like Ridley Scott

telling stories about the Yoed Devil?

So you should check out Legend.

Greg: Oh.

Emily: Now if all the engineers
look like Tim Curry in that

movie, I'd be like, Hell yeah.

Also, that's just
Childhood's End by Arthur C.



Jeremy: it is probably as good of
a movie as Prometheus . It does

have Tom Cruise as an elf in it.

And it curry as the Yolk Da Devil.

Also Robert Ricardo and Billy Bardi.

And a whole collection of.

Fun character actors,
and it's not very good.

It is very like one
hundreds level fantasy.

But it is fun.

So, you know, maybe maybe get
your d and d party together

and drink and you can watch it.

And yeah, that'll be fun.

Check that out.

Emily: Yeah.

That movie is a vibe.

That is a hardcore vibe.

It's just a vibe.

Like a hundred percent vibe.


And I'm here for it as well.

Love that movie.

. Surprising.

Ben: No one.


Jeremy: of course, you do.


Before we wrap up here Greg, can you
let people know where they can find out

more about you and what you do online?

Greg: Sure.

So, I have a column called Silver
Linings where I talk about comics and

movies and related pop culture things.

I am planning on doing a
month's worth of horror content.


I wanna do Silver Bullets
again, like I did last year.



I'm actually, you know, it's funny
cause I'm coming back from a I

took a break from freelancing for a
couple of months because I just was

totally burnt out and can't imagine

Jeremy: why that could be the case.

Well, wow.

Oh, that

Greg: freelancing.


Free cause Well, yeah.

Freelancing on top of my day job . So,
but now I'm starting to come back with it.

So if you've missed Silver Linings it is
coming back as of this recording on Friday

I'm working on a new piece and I'm hoping
you get back into a consistent schedule.

Also check me out on Pop verse.

They are the new pop culture site
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know from conventions like New York.

ComicCon started writing
some stuff for them.

I'm about to do a whole bunch
of New York Comic Con content.

So look after that.


Oh, and at Greg Silver at Gregs is
my Twitter and socials and whatnot.

And Jamie,

Jeremy: what about

Greg: you?

Jamie: Angry Zen master on Twitter.

, have music on Spotify.

Greg: Oh yeah?


Jeremy: So you can find,
you learn about the sushi

Jamie: boat.

Sushi boat is sushi boat time.

And then just, I don't know, man.

Just put my name in a thing
and you'll find something.

I make it.

It's fine.

. It's fine.

I'm awful at promoting shit.

Jeremy: T feel weird if I agreed with that

Greg: bad.

I said real time.

Jeremy: As for the rest of us,
you can find Emily at Mega Moth

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And then we keep get to getting, to make
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people we love about very dumb movies,
. Speaking of the people we love, thank you

again to Jamie and Greg for joining us.

This has been so much

Greg: fun.


Thanks for having me.

Yes, Always great to talk to you.

Jeremy: Being forced to watch
it was the only way I was ever

gonna end up watching Prometheus.


Greg: it.


Ben: made it happen.

Well, now I can quit doing the podcast.

Might a job here is done.

Listen, I

Greg: here and

Emily: I'm Hhl Watch Hype Ben Angelian.

Greg: So

Ben: yes.


Greg: with me.

Jeremy: Yeah.

You've made me watch Evan Evangelian
and Devil Man and Prometheus now.


Ben: that's a You are welcome.

Greg: We're gonna have to come
back for Alien Cove, I guess.

Ben: Oh, I would love to.

That hot fast bender on.

Fast Bender.

Action . Hell yeah.

I believe the ship name is fast.


Emily: That's good.

That's good.

Greg: If when Fast Bender gives
himself consent to make out with

himself is that fast pass a,

Emily: Depends on how long it takes.

Jeremy: Get some fast

Greg: as.

There we go.

Jamie: The cheaper they
go, the more kissing

Greg: band

Ben: That should be Fast Bend him.

Greg: This is our

Jeremy: third week of
scary movie month coverage.

So we're gonna wrap up with one
more creepy sci-fi movie Next week.

Next week we're talking about
John Carpenters nothing.

So that's gonna be my, It's good.

It's a good film.

And then after that you can all
rest assured that we will be jumping

into Crow Mber talking Nothing
about, talking about nothing but

David Kronenberg movies all month.

So I thought it was look forward to that.

Ben: Right?

I thought we were just doing
Crow movies, Like movies about

Greg: crows that could be Crow

Ben: Vember 2023.

I know I was part of the Kronenberg
month discussions, but I forgot

and got temporarily excited
for Crow Month about The Crows.

Greg: You do The Birds.

I'm sure there's been a
movie about the Raven.

Oh, there's actually, there is a movie's.

There's a

Jeremy: movie called The

Greg: Crow.


Emily: also the movie that Crow the movie.

The Raven has oh fuck
it has Vincent Price.

Jeremy: Oh boy,

Emily: Vincent and and
Christopher Lee or maybe Bella.


Greg: Yeah.


That's like, Oh, sorry.

Emily: Well, I was just gonna Google it.

Greg: What

Jeremy: the raven,

Greg: That shit wrecks.

Emily: Yes.


And Peter Laurie is in it,
and Jack Nicholson is in it.

Greg: Holy shit, baby.


How have I not seen that already?

Jeremy: Or you can watch the one
from 2012 that has John q ve,

Ben: There you go.

Oh, well thank you guys
again so much for uh,

Emily: bores, Karloff, P Peter,
Laurie, and Vincent Price.

Jeremy: All right.

Well that is a wrap for us.

Thank you so much for
listening, everybody.

Until next time, stay horrified.

All right.

Greg: Thank you all

Ben: prayer

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