Her Wild Side Hockey Podcast

In this episode, Mikki talks about the abundance of amazing hockey between the NHL Playoffs and the IIHF Men's World Championships. She also touches on a few fun facts and rambles a bit too much after too many days between podcast episodes.

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Wild Hockey Fan | Cozy Mystery Writer | Mom of 2 | MN Raised | She/Her | Hockey Takes that No One Asked For

What is Her Wild Side Hockey Podcast?

Her Wild Side combines hockey knowledge with a side of vibe checks. The weekly show will have game breakdowns, any topical news about the MN Wild, and fun things going on surrounding Wild's social media. This show aims to be informative while also sparking good conversation about the Wild and hockey in general without having to keep everything serious.


welcome to Her Wild Side Hockey Podcast.

My name is Miki and I'm your hostess here,

aka I am Hockey She Wrote

on social media.

So here we are.

I did not realize that it

has been 10 days since I

recorded a podcast.

That is way longer than I usually do.

And I can tell you why.

It's because I have been

watching hockey basically

nonstop because between

playoffs and the IIHF World

Men's Championships,

there's just hockey on all the time.

I even went so far as to

actually pay for a month of

Sling TV so I could

actually watch NHL Network.

Usually I just use all of my

family's logins for things.

So you know what?

It's like that's a big step for me.

It's a big step.

If you are watching me on video,

you will notice that I do

not have my green screen

background like I normally do.

And that is because I'm

slowly transitioning into a

different sort of podcast.

I don't know if I want to say studio.

I mentioned that my husband

got me a new computer.

And part of that is because

I have been hijacking his

office two to three times a week to

during the NHL season to

record a podcast during

work hours because that's

also when my children are gone at school.

And I think he's just tired of it.

So, which I can't blame him.

I really can't blame him.

So I need to kind of figure

out what I'm going to do about that.

I've actually considered.

Oh, I forgot the camera's backwards,


I just used the wrong hand

to gesture towards my

background where my

brother's jerseys live.

I've actually considered

somehow taking at least

some of these upstairs to

my bedroom because that's

where my desk is,

where I do some work sometimes.

But once again,

there are like 152 jerseys

on that rack and it takes a lot to move.

So I'm definitely not moving

the entire thing.

And my bedroom is also not that big.

So we will figure something out.

But until then,

I'm just kind of figuring

out what I want to do.

I need to figure out...

Logistics, just logistics of things.

So, yeah, that's where I'm at.

It is currently May 17th, Friday.

We are in the afternoon.

My children will be coming

home from school soon,

which is why I was like, hi,

get out of your office.

I need to record because I

have lots of thoughts.

And I actually stopped watching the USA,

Team USA against Poland right now.

I actually was like, you know what?

I just...

need to go record I can't

continue watching this uh

because if I i mean we'll

get into worlds a little

more in like a little later

in the podcast but let me

just say that I'm actually

pulling for team sweden

like sure rah rah usa let's

go but um team sweden is

where my heart's at uh so

let's talk about playoffs first

We have had some incredible hockey lately.

Some just absolutely incredible.

Yesterday specifically,

between Worlds and playoffs,

we had the Rangers come back,

score four in the third

period to win the series

over the Hurricanes.

That was insane.

When they scored that last,

that empty net goal right at the end,

I like actually yelled.

I like actually yelled an obscenity.

Because what?

Now, when I'm watching playoffs,

my kids are always like,

which team are you cheering for?

And with the exception of like,

I'm actually cheering for the Canucks.

Most of these games,

I don't really have much

skin in the game.

Rangers, okay.

Hurricanes, okay.

I think I actually picked

the Hurricanes in my brackets.

But at the same time, it's like, okay,

if the Rangers went on,

I like Matt Rempe.

I can usually find at least

a handful of players on

each team that I can root for,

even if I don't want to

root for the team.


I've decided that Rumpy is who I'm

cheering for.

Just because... I was going

to say he's calmed it down

in the fighting.

And he has,

mostly because no one wants to

get hurt in the playoffs.

But I don't know.

I think he's funny.

But anyway,

that Rangers comeback was just

blowing my mind.

And then in the

Boston-Florida game the other day,

first of all,

both of the coaches were just,

like someone said on Twitter,

they were just both having a normal one.

They were just... But Boston's coach,

Jim Montgomery,

was accusing one of the

Florida players of diving.

And he did the most

incredible kind of charades

acting of diving that I have ever seen.

He like put his whole self

in it to try and get across his point.

And you know what?

We all got his point and the

refs did not care.

They were like,

but as a wild fan from last season,

I have a very tenuous

relationship with the,

When diving is not called as a penalty.

And I actually... And now I

can't remember.

Now that I'm, of course, here recording.

I can remember there was a

player called for

embellishment the other day.

And that was like, holy moly,

the world is ending.

But last season, last playoff season, when,

you know, we're up against the Stars.

And obviously,

that's a very contentious series.

And those games are always, like,

super fraught and tense.


was definitely at least some

diving going on and it was

never called and then the

wild kept getting in

trouble for saying there

was diving and dallas

didn't get any trouble so

I'm just like I'm always

very like it's like marcus

felino was kicked out

wrongfully even.

And then, you know,

for saying there's dive, I mean, okay,

I'm going to move on

because otherwise I'll rant

about this for a while.

But anyway, the playoffs never disappoint.

They are, even when they're not exciting,

they're exciting.

You know what I mean?


my kids don't really understand why

I'm watching if I don't

have a team I'm cheering for

like the ones that I'm not

cheering for my daughter

has decided that she is

also going to cheer for the

canucks only because I said

that I'm cheering for the

canucks uh but otherwise

they're just like I don't

get why you're why you're doing this

But that's OK.

Let's move on.

This is normally the point

in my little show here that

I would plug in some kind

of a commercial.

But we are currently kind of

revamping a few partnerships.

I'm going to be getting some

cool affiliate codes for a few products,

a few brands and stuff.

And that's very cool.

It's just not quite set yet.

So I'm going to kind of skip

my first little commercial

break that I normally do.

And we're going to go

straight into worlds

because that is the other

thing that has been occupying my time.

uh there have been times

where I am watching one

game on tv and the other

game on my computer because

why they don't have both

games going on tv on

american tv I will not

understand like I want to

watch other teams I don't

want to just watch america

like I said I am pulling

for team sweden all the way

probably because that is if

you we had to pick one of

the country's teams to be

team wild that's team wow

they have five wild players

And I love them.

Okay, but so like I said,

I just left watching the USA-Poland game.

USA is doing... They're not terrible.

They're also not great.

They're just very kind of

middle of the track,

which in a way makes sense

because the NHL playoffs

are still going on.

Obviously, a lot of

you know,

American players or even Canadian

players are still playing

in the NHL right now.

But one thing that has been

really nice to see is Matt Boldy.

He has put up

before this game he's put up

six points he had three

goals three assists and two

of the goals and one assist

came all from the game

yesterday all in one period

he hopefully is kind of

ironing out his consistency

problem because the biggest

issue with his game this

past year and I know it

bugged a lot of people was

his consistency

he was either on a scoring tear,

just absolutely dominating,

or he just could not get

anything in the net.

So the consistency is what

he needs and what we all want to see.

And hopefully this

experience is helping to

kind of iron that out

because he has been fairly

consistent throughout the games.

You know,

there's still plenty of time to

go in Worlds,

and we'll have to see how else he does.

But he has just been,

even when he's not scoring,

he is making really good scoring chances,

really good plays.

It's been nice to see that

coming from him.

Austria is also doing really well.

They are, like, okay,

not if you look point-wise

in the standings.

They're not doing super great.

I think they're, what, in...

There's A and B. I think

they're in group A. I'm

trying to remember.


they're in the same group as USA and

USA is in B. So they must be in B. Anyway,

they're like second,

third from the bottom in that group.

But if you have been watching their games,

they have been doing amazing.

They have been taking these

teams that are much tougher,

have way more high level

players and have been

Maybe not winning,

but pushing them right to the brink.

I mean, really making it tough for them.

And you have to remember

that the only NHL player

from Austria right now is Marco Rossi.

And he has been a big part

of why Austria is doing so well.

He has really kind of been

an engine helping to drive the team.

He's not the only one.

There are definitely other players,

but he is doing everything

that he needs to do.

He is pushing.

He is being physical,

just like we saw him this year.

He is scoring.

He is making plays physically.

so much fun to watch because again,


Marco Rossi is the only Austrian

NHL player currently.

And that doesn't mean that

the other players are bad,

but that just means you

kind of see the level of, you know,

most of the other players,

teams have at least a

handful of nhl players

right um I would say I

don't think there's any

from kazakhstan um but even

like chechya has a few um

slovakia has a few uh just

but marco ross is the only

one and to have austria

been doing that well is

just really fun to see they beat

finland yesterday I always

have to think because I've

been watching so many

worlds games I can't

remember who played who um

they beat finland yesterday

for the first time in world

history austria did and

that was the game so this

was right before that

amazing rangers game

austria they entered the

third period with nothing

zero points um I believe

finland had two they had

yes they'd already scored two um

Austria scored.

And then with like a minute left,

Marco Rossi scored to tie it up.

And it was so close.

Everyone's like, OK, buckle up.

We're going to overtime.

Like, this is really cool.

What like what a fun game this has been.

Now, obviously,

Worlds has kind of the same

scoring system as the PWHL,

where if you win in regulation,

you get three points.

If you win in overtime,

you only get two points.

So you want to win in

regulation if at all possible.

It was definitely going to overtime.

It just, it had to,

there was a minute left.

They had a face off with

like 10 seconds left.

Somehow Austria scored with one 10th

of a second left.

I was trying to explain to

my kids how short amount of

time that actually is.

Like I got out my little

stopwatch on my phone and I showed them,

I cannot even press start

and stop in less than 10,

one 10th of a second.

Like it was just over that.

But I was like,

that is how close they were to the end.

So good.

So good.


amazing hockey is happening right now.

And I hope all of you are

able to watch at least some

of it or at least the highlights.

Because this is what we live for.

Like hockey fans,

this is what you live for.

So like I said,

I am Team Sweden all the way.

Probably because my absolute fave,

Julie Erickson Eck,

is playing for Sweden.


There we go.

Julek Sinek is playing for

Sweden and he is getting so

much love from the commentators.

And I'm just loving it because, again,

he is a player that is so

criminally underrated and

not even underrated.

The commentator that was

talking about this was

actually saying this and they said,

you know, he's not underrated.

Like other players know how

good he is and how tough he is.

What he is, is he is underappreciated.

And that is so spot on

because that's the problem.

People who don't know hockey

or who don't really, I don't know,

don't scrutinize hockey.

Don't watch it super closely.

I don't know how to describe it,

but they don't understand.

Julie Erickson Eck is not a

name that you're going to

like pull out of thin air and be like,


he's a good player unless you pay

attention to the wild.

And I believe John Hines

actually said something

like that along the lines

of that during the exit

interviews after the season was over.

That he did not really know

how good Eck was until he

came behind the bench.

And then watching him...

night in, night out, every day at practice,

you see just how amazing he actually is.

But so to hear these national broad,

you know, international actually,

broadcasters talking about

how good he is and giving

him all of the respect that

he is due has just warmed my heart.

It has warmed my little stone cold heart.

it's not stone cold.

I'm absolutely a bubbly positive person.

So I don't know why I said that,

but it has been amazing.

Um, and I mean, the,

the one bad part is that obviously, um,

playing against him.

The other, you know,

USA playing against him.

That was tough because it's

just he and Matt Boldy were,

I just dropped my husband's headphones.


They were just going at it

because you had to know

that Boldy was probably just like, damn,

like I want to do this all the time.

Like he just makes me so mad

at practice sometimes if

I'm up against them.

And so also in Sweden, we are able to see,

Gusbus and Wallstead in the net.

Gustafsson looks good, you guys.

I talked about before how I

think Worlds is going to do

so much good for Gustafsson.


Normally, when he goes back home to Sweden,

he lives like in northern Sweden,

somewhere that's a little more like rural,

a little less populated.

And he has talked about how

he doesn't really get a

rank to skate at until

later in the offseason.


so kind of a big chunk of the beginning

of off season,

he just has to do off ice training,

which he does, you know,

like he's still training.

He's just not able to get on

the ice and do the things

that he needs to do.

So having him kind of extend his,

the amount of off season

where he has access to a rink,

not just access,

but like obviously practicing with other,

um, high level NHL level players, um,

is really good for him.

And that can maybe help him

find some of the more

consistency that he needs work on that.

Um, the mental game that he has to play,


I just I think he's been

looking really good.

I think he I believe he has

started in that two games.

It's it's Gustafson,

Volstead and then Erson.

They've all kind of been

played pretty regularly, I think.

Well, I think Volstead maybe only once,

but both Gustafson and

Erson seem to be kind of in

and out starting.

So it's been really nice to

see him in a different

setting and to be playing well.

And that goes also for Marcus Johansson.

JoJo had a rough year.

I'm not going to say it was good.

What I'm going to say,

so this is something that

Anthony LaPanta has been saying,

and I absolutely agree, which is that,

first of all,

Marcus Johansson this year

had about the same kind of

numbers that he normally does.

And I'm talking points-wise, I guess.

Again, I'm not a huge stat head.

Because I did have a

follower point out that his

points per game was lower than average.

So I'll give him that.

That his points per game

were lower than average,

even if his point total was about normal.

But I also agree when

LaPanta says that the

contract that Joe Hansen was signed to

for the amount of points he

normally puts up, it's a good contract.

I believe he makes two million a year,

I want to say.

And if he is going to

consistently put up 20 to

30 points a year, that's okay.

I have kind of speculated if

maybe part of the problem

with Johansson this year

was that he was playing a

lot up the lineup when he

shouldn't have because

Of all the injuries,

there wasn't really anyone

else to sub in.


I'm sure someone out there is going to

be like, oh,

but you could have put this

guy up on second line and

could have done this and that.

And yeah, could you have?


But that's not how it works in the NHL.

That's not how it works.

You're not just going to

take a fourth liner and

drop him in on the second

line unless you are really pressed.

And you know what?


I think at least one game where

there were so many people out,

I think Duhame actually did

skate second line.

So did it happen?


But I'm saying that's why he

was consistently there.

I think having him on the third line,

I think...

he would fit in a lot more

there and you know next

year yeah that's probably

where he's going to be with

all the young guys coming

um all the rookies that are

coming up we've got who's

nadinov coming back we've

got ogren coming back um

you're always staying in

russia as far as we know he

signed another one year

deal um well someone

missing uh riley height

they're gonna try and give

such like a huge

opportunity for him to make

that starting lineup like opening night

So I think if he is a little

bit lower down the lineup,

I think it would not be as big of a deal.

But, you know,

I just I hate hearing people

complain about, oh, well,

he's scoring at Worlds.

Why didn't he do that in Minnesota?

And it's like, OK, he did.

He was just very inconsistent.

But you know what?

That is that's how he plays.

And was he amazing when he

was traded here and he just

clicked with Boldy in the playoffs?


But that was not normal Jojo.


It's just that was the last

time we saw him was when he

was so spectacular.

So that was like cemented in your brain.

And so that's what you

thought back to you.

But that's not his normal plan.


I'm also going to...

You know what?

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Welcome back.

One thing that I've been

thinking about while I'm

watching Worlds is that this year,

I think the Wild not making

the playoffs was probably

one of the best things that

could happen to them.

And here's why.

I think number one,

this is a wake up call because they did.

They had a lot of.

I don't know,

just a lot going against them in general.

The salary cap, injuries, you know,

just the timing of things.

All sorts of things against them.

And they pushed.

At the very end, they were trying.

And did they play crappy?


but there were definitely players that

were trying so hard and

they were just doing what they could.

But number one,

I think it's a wake-up call.

uh, number two,

I think having some of

these players go play in

worlds is better for them

than playing in the playoffs.

And here's the thing, playoffs,

you are putting your body on the line.

Um, we all know the stories.

We know the stories about

the injuries and Matthew

could Chuck playing with, you know,

what like broken ribs and a

broken collarbone and like

all this crap where it's just like, no,



But in Worlds,

you're not going to push through that.

If someone gets injured in Worlds,

they're done.

They're not going to push through.

Do they want to win Worlds?

Of course they do.

But it's not the Stanley Cup.

It is different.

And it is not as physical.

They're not fighting.

And they're not... This is not like a...

we need to play to the death

for the Stanley Cup.

This is like,

we are going to play our hardest.

We're going to play, you know,

we're going to do,

we're going to do the hits

that we normally do, but it's just,

it's a different level of intensity.

And I think that is going to

benefit the players that are there.

I think it's also good for

some of these players to

play with other teammates, you know?

So Matt Boldy,

He's playing with, you know,

two completely different

line mates than he would

normally and succeeding.

You know, it's been him and, oops, sorry,

that's my go to the bus stop alarm,

but that's okay.

It has been Will.

Bowley has been playing with

Johnny Goudreau and Brock

Nelson on the top line for USA.

And maybe having different

players is helping him,

kind of forcing him to find

some consistency in his game.

I wonder, again, for Gustafsson,

I wonder if playing a net

behind the Swedish team versus the Wild,

and in a different sort of structure,

a different tournament, a different thing,

you know?

I wonder if maybe there's

just less of a level of

kind of mental... I'm losing words now.

like his mental health can

be better because it is not

as big of a deal, I guess.

That's not quite as

eloquently as I wanted to put it.

But just he's able to kind

of take a breath.

It's not all on him.

You know,

he has another two other

goaltenders that can come in,

can also play.

He knows he doesn't have to

start every game.

There's not that stress.

I think part of the problem

with Gustafson this year,

and I think this is obvious,

is the stress of basically

being told you're playing

to show us that you're the A,

that you are the starter,

that you are part of the

future of this club, right?

And having to put that

mantle on and go to work

knowing that you're a goalie tandem with

The best,

most storied goaltender of

current NHL times.

That's a lot to ask.

Because while Marc-Andre

Fleury also struggled this season...

He is still Flurry and he is

still amazing.

And he kind of popped back to himself.

And so having telling

Gustafson that like you

have to beat out Flurry for this,

I think that's got to be hard.

So I think Worlds is just

this totally other level.

And I'm hoping that this

will kind of help some of the issues.

I have a few other just

little blurby things.

So first of all, Vladislav, first off,

his contract,

he was put on unconditional

waivers so that the

Minnesota Wild could

terminate his contract.

Uh, so first off, if you don't remember,

he was playing in Iowa and

then he was like, uh, I have this, well,

everyone kind of thought he was just like,

peace out.

But he did have a really

good opportunity to go play

in the KHL for a coach that

was very successful.

Very had a really good, long history,

great hockey player.

And it was just a really

good opportunity that first

off could not turn down.

So he went and did that.


when his KHL club was out of the playoffs,

kind of like how they did

with Kuznetdinov,

he came back and went to Iowa.

Played with them until the

end of the season.

It's obvious, though, that he...

was looking to see if he

could kind of find a way to

play up to minnesota and

when that didn't happen

he's like you know what I

just I have a better

opportunity in the khl I

don't I'm not gonna sit

here and keep playing in

iowa and I don't blame him

you know I think it's

different when it comes to

russian players to uh the

khl in general khl is a a great league

So to have... It's the same

with Danil Yurov.

Having him decide to stay

one more year in the KHL

versus coming to the United

States makes sense because

in the United States,

he's not going to get that

opportunity with Minnesota

like he should because of

salary cap issues and all

the current contracts that

Minnesota has on the books.

So it makes sense for him to

stay in Russia.

And for first off, he just...

he didn't get that chance.

And so you know what?

If he liked his situation in the KHL,

I don't blame him.

I really don't.

I think it's totally

different when you're

talking about prospects

from Russia versus

prospects from other places like Europe.

Kaelin Addison and Conor

Dewar are back in Minnesota

for the offseason.

And I think that's great.

I think it's so much fun

that people who come to Minnesota,

I'm talking about players, obviously,

genuinely enjoy being here

um I well we know it was

very hard for kaylin

addison to leave and you

know it had to be hard

especially going to a team

that was tanking um

And he said before he even left,

or maybe it was right when

the first game he was back in Minnesota,

he said, like,

I kept my place in Minnesota.

I'm going to come back for the offseason.

And it's so fun to see that

he kept his word.

And then Connor Dewar,

I do think that Dewar was

really excited to go play for Toronto.

I mean, that was, you know,

kind of his childhood team.

He was excited to put on

that blue uniform.

You could see that he was

genuinely happy to be there.

At the same time,

I think he also had those

feelings of not wanting to

leave Minnesota.

When they interviewed him about leaving,

he said that when that deadline hit,

I think it's 1 o'clock

Central Time on trade deadline day.

When it got past 1,

he said that he thought to himself,

I made it.

And the way he phrased it

made it just sound like heartbreaking.

Like, I survived.

And then he got the call.

And again, I think going to Toronto,

I think that's what made it fun for him.

I kind of wonder what his

thoughts would be if he

went anywhere else.

Because I look at Brandon Duhame.

And again,

I think Duhame is playing really

well in Colorado.

I think he is excited to go

as far as he can in the playoffs.

But I also think that he was

not happy to leave Minnesota.

I mean,

it's kind of like those just those

two feelings at the same time.

I don't know if any of you

watch Daniel Tiger with

your children or not.

I'm all you can watch

cartoons if you want.

They have a whole episode

about how you can feel two

feelings at the same time.

And I really think that

Duhame is going through it

because I think that he is

genuinely sad and also

really excited at the same time.


One thing the world's have

that I would love to have

implemented in the NHL is the ref cam.

There's one ref.

I think it's just one,

maybe two that has a little

tiny camera on the top of his helmet.

And then they, everyone,

someone will show like the

goal call from it or something.

And it's just so funny.

And just like the funniest viewpoint.

I'm all about it.

Um, I was going to talk about,

this is getting really long

cause I haven't podcasted in 10 days.


I was going to talk about Harrison

Butker and his stupid ass speech,

but I'm not going to cause

we all know how I'm going

to feel about it.

And let me just say that

he's a complete asshole and

I hope you all know that.


One last thing that is just

going to kind of brighten

up our little day here is

Connor Ingram won the Bill

Masterson award,

which is for the player who

has gone through the most.

like a bad situation, I guess I'll say.

So like the Minnesota Wild

had nominated Michael Rossi

because obviously he went

through COVID-19 and

myocarditis along COVID.

He lost a whole year and he

really did battle back through it.

And I thought that he was a

very good nominee for it.


Connor Ingram ended up winning.

Ingram is the goalie in what

is now the Utah Hockey Club.

And I just saw a quote from

him that just made me love him even more.

First of all,

he's very open about his

struggle with undiagnosed OCD.

And he got help.

He sought out help.

And now he's been very open about it,

which is something you

don't always see in the NHL,

being open about mental health.

But just my favorite thing

was he was giving an

interview and he said

something about going on a

grippy sock vacation,

which means going to the mental ward.

And I just, you know what?

Thanks, Connor.

That was good.

I like that.


I'm going to stop rambling and I

will be back sooner than 10

days from now because I

want to talk about a new

project that I'm doing and

I was going to talk about it now,

but I have been recording

for 35 minutes and you're

probably sick of me.

So anyway, I will see you all later.

Thank you for being here.

As always,

there are links for everything

and anything you might want

in the show notes.

All right.

I will see you all later.