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Harris talks about the deals that can be the fastest to close—and the most frustrating—when you are selling to people you know. We also talk about Transistor, the podcast hosting service, and the latest improvement in Intro CRM that can track deals by billable hours or units sold.

Show Notes

In this episode, Harris talks about how selling to people you know can jumpstart your business. It can also be a source of frustration as those deals may never close. Whether it's friends and family or past colleagues, these are people you know and who you in return. So, should you avoid selling to people you know? Harris shares two tips that can make this source of sales worthwhile. 

This episode also kicks off a series focusing on tools that you can use to grow your business like Transistor, an independent and bootstrapped company that makes a tool you can use to start your own podcast. Transistor is a great company, they make a beautiful product, and they make it easy for you to publish and distribute your podcast.

Lastly, we touch on the latest features in Intro CRM. These features are built for freelancers, solopreneurs, and early stage founders who may not necessarily think of their deals in terms of revenue. Maybe you don't know what deals are worth, or are focusing on your sales in a different way to hit traction. Maybe your prices are locked in and it's really the number of clients that matters. In any case, Intro CRM makes it easy to track your deals.

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Pipeline Meeting is a podcast brought to you by Intro CRM, a simple, privacy-friendly CRM for entrepreneurs and freelancers. Hosted by Harris Kenny.

Website: https://introcrm.com
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What is Pipeline Meeting?

If you feel alone managing your business' sales pipeline... Welcome! Consider this your invitation to join Harris Kenny for a regular sales Pipeline Meeting. We will discuss finding new business and pricing. Things like getting ghosted. Winning proposals, new technology, and a lot more. Brought to you by Intro CRM.