25 Years of Ed Tech

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Learning Objects, metadata, and repositories.... OH MY! In this Between the Chapters "book club" Laura gathers 'round the fire with John, Brian, & D'Arcy reminisce about the early aughts of learning object repositories and interoperable metadata standards. "Every time a bell rings, an angel fills in a LOM record." ~D'Arcy Norman

Show Notes

In this Between the Chapters episode Laura talks with Brian Lamb, D’Arcy Norman, and John Robertson about Chapter 7: Learning Objects. We learn about Brian and D’Arcy’s “meet cute” over moveable objects requests for repositories, and how John and others see learning objects as OERs with an open license. And see how some of these early tools, platforms, and ideas from learning objects helped to evolve into other useful learning spaces (e.g. blogs and wikis), attribution + open licensing (Creative Commons), and more! 
What do people do with all this stuff?... And, what do you actually do with all these things?” D’Arcy Norman, digital hoarding and reusability of the Learning Objects

Questions for Martin & Friends:
  • Do you think that, in terms of the time, money, and effort spent on repositories and learning objects, we are having better conversations about our teaching and learning? 
  • How would we approach a similar type of project now with cross-institutional sharing? 
  • What would have we learned from learning objects from the past that can apply to a project like this in the future?
Connect and learn with these lads at:
Brian Lamb: https://abject.ca/ 
D’Arcy Norman: https://darcynorman.net/ 
John Robertson: http://kavubob.com/ 

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What is 25 Years of Ed Tech?

25 Years of Ed Tech is a serialized audio version of the book 25 Years of Ed Tech, written by Martin Weller of the Open University and published by AU Press. The audio version of the book is a collaborative project with a global community of volunteers contributing their voices to narrate a chapter of the book. Bonus episodes are a series of conversations called "Between the Chapters" to chat about these topics and more!

"In this lively and approachable volume based on his popular blog series, Martin Weller demonstrates a rich history of innovation and effective implementation of ed tech across higher education. From Bulletin Board Systems to blockchain, Weller follows the trajectory of education by focusing each chapter on a technology, theory, or concept that has influenced each year since 1994. Calling for both caution and enthusiasm, Weller advocates for a critical and research-based approach to new technologies, particularly in light of disinformation, the impact of social media on politics, and data surveillance trends. A concise and necessary retrospective, this book will be valuable to educators, ed tech practitioners, and higher education administrators, as well as students."

Text in quotes from the book website published by Athabasca University Press CC-BY-NC-ND
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