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The idea that people of the same race can be seen as more or less than attractive, intelligent, qualified, sensitive, based on the lightness or darkness of their skin is colorism. As we fight the generational curses of white supremacy, we must acknowledge colorism within our own communities. I speak with Aaryn Lewis and Breanna Green, two black women, about their experiences with Colorism.

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What is You Gon Listen?

The Minority Serving Institution Student Council (MSISC) at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas along with KUNV Radio are proud to present 'You Gon Listen', a twelve part podcast that aims to shine light on the issues and experiences that minority students and staff face at UNLV. The purpose of this series is to hear and learn directly from one another. We hope to create a dialogue about social issues and current events that shape our daily lives in order to make UNLV a better and more inclusive place.