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On this week’s episode of The Audit, Dave and Josh are in the back of the classroom with comedian and TV writer Lisa Curry (38:29) to consider a pair of PragerU videos about the male identity. Listening to conservative white men trying to give sex and relationship advice to young people is both hilarious and enlightening for what it reveals about today’s national political conversation. You can follow Lisa on Instagram @olympianlisacurry and on Twitter @lisa_curry

Videos discussed this week:
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What is The Audit?

In The Audit, comedian Dave Anthony and screenwriter Josh Olson audit a variety of online classes, docuseries, and other media products created by noxious political figures and boil them down to the good stuff. By which they mean… the bad stuff.

With the rise of MasterClass, TED talks, and celebrity biographies, the country’s political elite are bombarding us with information so we can be just like them. But who has time to devote to all that self-congratulatory navel-gazing?

That’s where The Audit comes in. Dave, Josh and a rotating coterie of guest hosts will consume depraved educational content for the time-pressed listener, then regurgitate a short-form review detailing the sociopathy and insanity baked into the messages. It’s like listening to someone present a book report — except all of the authors are deranged lunatics who are poisoning American culture.


Josh Olson 00:00
do the intro figured out while you're looking at you,

Dave Anthony 00:04
you you are listening to the audit podcast on the lever with Josh Olson and Dave Anthony who is the sexy Spry one Gareth sorry Josh something old and cranky

Josh Olson 00:29
like probably the worst intro you've ever done that was great

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bag of grains is here but I have to get while you got your Trapper came around on this ain't the jam session David this is a young man

Josh Olson 01:36
you sad you sound sad today.

Dave Anthony 01:40
I'm tired. I'm really tired. I went surfing. Really? I surf too long yesterday and my body is?

Josh Olson 01:45
Oh, it's terrible when you Yeah, you know what I you know what I did this morning? What? I've walked about seven miles on the picket line the way I do most mornings?

Dave Anthony 01:57
Well, that's harder for you. Because you're old person as we just talked about. It's harder that kind of that kind of rigorous exercise for us

Josh Olson 02:06
credibly saying which which side? Are you on day is what I'm saying? You're surfing for what? You're surfing. And no, I

Dave Anthony 02:12
did not serve this morning. I served yesterday. And you're tired from yesterday. Yeah, I serve two and a half hours, it was too long. And my whole body is FRAC. No boo, boo, boo, boo, boo, boo boo. This morning, I drove my son an hour through traffic that was all backed up because of an accident. So I did things just as hard as you, I drove about 30 miles, I walked six miles. What I did was hard for my union.

Josh Olson 02:39
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Dave Anthony 04:15
Oh, she she posted that a week ago a week before

Josh Olson 04:19
a week before like on an instant. Yeah.

Dave Anthony 04:21
Interesting. It's very it's basically us talking about, you know, Prager you and how they're trying to get all their propaganda in the schools. And she's just sitting there nodding like let's face it, like smiling and nodding and making faces and it reminds me of like, why I don't like things like tick tock. Not because I think it's for kids. I think it's for young, younger people to do the thing and there's all these old people on there doing that kind of crap and you're like, you don't know you don't you're in a kid's arena. You look like an idiot.

Josh Olson 04:56
It's not just me like giggling face.

Dave Anthony 04:59
Yeah, it's Just so it's just so dumb to watch. Just act your age somewhere, go do a YouTube video. Like it's so weird. I just It drives me crazy.

Josh Olson 05:08
Yeah. And then she's like, obviously, obviously they're afraid of us because they're doing this. And I'm like he Yeah, I would say it's kind of the other way around lady. And there's a little bit of reason to be afraid of us, which we're gonna get into in probably the next week or two. We've got a really interesting episode.

Dave Anthony 05:25
Well, let me just say this. One is afraid of them. I am afraid of them in the sense that we had a school board meeting and there were a bunch of actual fascists at the school board meeting trying to pick fights. So yes, I am afraid of you because you are paired up with the worst human beings through history who have existed on the planet. They are a plague on humanity. So yes, I am a little. Yes, correct. Right. Yeah. View from that us.

Josh Olson 05:54
Yeah. Yeah, the implication is that we're afraid of their the amazing ideas that they're expressing.

Dave Anthony 06:00
Now their ideas are, it's an idiot box, every time you open up you it's like, it's like a Russian doll idiot box, where you keep opening up a box inside of a box. And it's dumber every time you open it.

Josh Olson 06:11
And here's the thing. I mean, it's interesting, she's particularly interesting, cuz I guess she's in charge of their kids ProBlogger programming. And she hosts a show called craft three. And if I were going to say, if you really want to just like have your jaw hit the floor, we've done a little compilation video with some of their most absurd shit. But if you go to Prager, you look at their kid show and look up the craft brewery episodes. There are astonishing, like forget the theological point of these things, which is absolutely fucking moronic. The idea of like, teaching your kids about, you know, Israel's Iron Dome rocket system, having to make a toy that she's theoretically teaching your kids how to make, you know, patriotic crafts. She's so fucking incompetent. If you really Yeah, I'm nothing more amazing than their Mount Rushmore. I can't get over the metal Rushmore thing, which is a glob of clay with a penny and nickel, a dime and a quarter stuck in it. And she does like a 10 minute episode, to show your kids how to make a blob of clay and stick coins in it to show how he like any of us imagine.

Dave Anthony 07:18
It's so It's so dumb on the level of look, when you have a kid you realize very quickly, like, you buy them something that you think the love and they spend three days playing with the box. Like you can't push an agenda of what you want them to be into on the kids. And that's what they're doing. And it makes her I look at her and I go Have you ever been a parent do not kids work? You follow their lead? You do it. But this is like, this is like this crazy thing of pushing this ideological agenda on the kid. And this is, and this is what they're freaking out about with like trans and gay people, which is fucking happening. And it's just the most bizarre thing to watch them not realize they're doing what they hate. Like they're like, Yeah, but the ideology is good. And you're like,

Josh Olson 08:10
right, I don't Well, their idea somehow grooming in their mind is teachers working with kids and encouraging kids to open up and be free to be who they are without without being you know, and in a certain age. It's like, yeah, let them be whoever they fucking want to be. You know, well, Timmy O'Toole wants to wear dresses to school every day. Who gives a shit? Let him that's him. That's not you grooming saying it's okay. What's grooming is taking little Tiberio tool, forcing him to dress the way you want to do and then just ramming like patriotic bullshit down his throat making him make toys out of like oh my god I'm not kidding Israel's Iron Dome they make a fucking out of out of some kind of fruit drink thing with a straw. It's it's it's it looks like shit as well. Because she I've never I mean, that is really the thing as dumb is all the people that that do videos for Prager, you really are. She might be like the peak the peak.

Dave Anthony 09:09
Yeah. And I want her to continue because there's nothing about what she does that will entice kids into watching. She's got

Josh Olson 09:17
that. And also it's the easiest stuff to show someone to go you want to help I have these guys are here to show a minute of any of the things she does. And how we read the stories. The kids that are so imagine the stories are not imaginative. It's like some kid goes back in time and meets George Washington. You heard us do that episode. It's like George Washington goes. I was a great president. And I love America. That is not a story that kids want over and over and over again. They want to hear where the wild things are. Then when you're in the kitchen, it's like the fuck out of here. Well, you know

Dave Anthony 09:45
what if they want to hear about George Washington, they want to hear about how he had fake teeth and slaves teeth, mouth and well teeth like that's what kids find interesting. They don't they're not they don't care about cherry tree getting whacked down. Nobody gives you like goofy aliens as far as is like grooming in schools like we have these people come to our board meetings, and they sit there and they yell, and then our board goes, Yeah, none of that's being taught in our schools. They just and that's all it has been for three years. People see it, they're doing it and that's not we don't do that in our schools. Communism. We don't do that in our schools. We don't do that in our schools. It's that's all it is.

Josh Olson 10:21
Somebody like him who was the other way? He's like, Do you know how fucking hard it is to teach your goddamn kid math? Yeah. It's like, I don't have time to teach your child to switch his gender. You fucking clowns. The but What's the mistake? Sorry, and this is gonna affect everything that we do from here on out the big mistake and she she the dumbest stump they've got over there. I think she might be. Lady. You told us you're listening to the show. Yeah. She's fucking anyway, here's the thing Dave doesn't know we're gonna get into and I don't even know if he knows this happened. I wouldn't know about it. And this sort of ties in a lot of our interests because it does relate to the WGA strike, which we've talked about here, because we're, you know, we're screenwriters, TV writers. You know, I go out and I marched on the line and Dave surfs. But it also ties in to some Prager stuff. I did. Remember that guy. We did that episode A little while ago. David, you remember a gentleman named Bill Moher? Yeah, he's one of my favorites. He's got Is it a podcast, a video thing where he invites people into his like, man cave, and it's really dimly lit. And he smokes pot. I

Dave Anthony 11:32
think it's both. I think it's a podcast and a video thing.

Josh Olson 11:35
Okay. So he had Jon Hamm on recently. And they they got into it about some stuff. And I gotta say, I've always liked Jon Hamm, and I'm, I'm disappointed. I'm not disappointing. People go on a shitty show. It's like, that's what you got to do. But I'm a little disappointed to him. And he tries to sort of pull out a win at one point and not be as awful as Bill but at the end, they both succumb to it. But I want to show this is just a couple of minutes of the two of them talking about the writer strike. Dave, Dave needs to see and I thought we would play it and watch his head explode. So you're ready. You're ready for this, David? Yes,

Dave Anthony 12:17
no, no, but yeah.

[VIDEO] 12:19
I mean, the strike we're in now is a good indication of it how everything has become politicized This strike is not just a strike about writers of course it is that and, and there is a definitely a need for a new model with the streaming industry. Okay. But I mean, the way they characterize themselves as you know, we can't make a living wage. Well, there are people who actually can't, writers are making a living wage. I say,

Dave Anthony 12:43
stop, stop. They are not making a living fucking wage. That's why we're on strike. They are not making a living wage. This guy lives in the fucking 80s. The reason writers are on strike is because writers are not making a living wage, they have used the gig model, the fucking Uber model and put it upon writers, writers and put in many rooms they're not getting their fucking benefits. They're not getting the same amount of money. It is literally and 100% not making a living wage, you old fuck. You have fucking writers on your goddamn staff? You piece of shit. Go ahead. I'm fine. Yeah.

Josh Olson 13:34
What's the thing? He's writers? I would imagine for the most part, I've been working on the show forever. And so they're making a decent living. Yeah. And look, there are plenty of writers who make a decent living I make a decent living, you know, it's like it's, it's but there are and the problem is the people who make the more of a good living you make in in Hollywood, the more high profile you are, and the more you come to represent your craft. But the fact is the rank and file majority of the Writers Guild is struggling to get by and more so now than they ever have been in our people

Dave Anthony 14:07
who have shows on Netflix, who are on unemployment. Yeah,

Josh Olson 14:13
who are living in one bedroom apartment is barely, if at all able to make ends meet.

Dave Anthony 14:18
Because the system has been obliterated. And the way it's supposed to exist, is that you write on a show you get residuals to keep you afloat until the next time you get a job and the studio that has a pool of unemployed writers to pick from. That's gone.

Josh Olson 14:35
Yep. And these guys should know that and they don't and I'm embarrassed that Jon Hamm doesn't know that because it's like yeah, you worked on a show that was a hit and people got I'm sure paid pretty well to write for Mad Men even though man one was like a It's a funny thing. I mean, I love the show. 12 people watched it, but the right demographic did. So it's a very prestigious show. And I think people got paid well on it. But, you know, do you not have any friends who aren't watching?

Dave Anthony 14:59
See, I haven't heard him say because I started I started yelling before he started talking.

[VIDEO] 15:03
Okay, he kind of Yeah, I talked about how you know what must be so hard to do what you do I'm like I'm not a lead miner I mean it's there's a lot yeah there's a lot of harder get exactly and gigs that are less well paid out. Look STOP,

Dave Anthony 15:19
STOP look. The number of hours you have to put in sometimes as a writer is fucking extraordinary. Go tell me that working on community with alcohol MC druggie wasn't a fucking nightmare job where you had to sit there for 18 hours in a fucking office. Is that easy? Is that? Are you a lead mine or no? Are you fucking under a heinous working situation? Yes. But by the way, even there are tons of jobs in writing that fucking suck, and are a nightmare. Am I am I? Are they lugging call out of a mine? No. But it doesn't mean it doesn't suck and is it hard?

Josh Olson 15:57
But even if it doesn't suck? Is that the metric? Like if you're not doing a job that is just brutally physically demolishing your body? You don't deserve to make a living wage? You know, it's like, yeah, like you're big sissy. If you don't, you don't like the fact that you don't get paid to write a TV show that millions of people watch. Why don't you go make money by working in a landmine? Is that what it's like? Fuck, fuck, fuck off. And also we tell you, it's like, yeah, his job. Like he's sitting there. If I were, if I were a fellow actor, even if I were a fellow actor who made more than John AM, that would piss me the fuck off. It's like, you take some pride in what you do. Not every job has to be physically debilitating to be demanding to be worthy of compensation. You know, and I know that feeling it's like there's not been say my entire life. It's like I'm so lucky. I don't have to work a real job. And and yeah, you know, I get to make shit up. I get to play I get to live in I get to legacy in the state of suspended adolescence to tap into, you know, my imagination. And is that better than every fucking shitty job I had before? I got to do it. Yes. And then the fact that I get paid, right? Yes. Does that mean that that I don't deserve to make a living at it? You produce shit that brings in profit for large? Of course you do? Of course you fucking do. It's there's a lot of self loathing going on right there with Jon Hamm.

[VIDEO] 17:21
I love my writers and all writers and I am a writer. So I'm very sympathetic but also let's just keep it real. And also let's not make it but they already did a proxy war for our bigger politics. That's what's different about this strike.

Dave Anthony 17:35
i Oh, so you're saying see this.

Josh Olson 17:38
This is exactly exactly that we're the highest profile right now just by nature of the fact that we are in entertainment and people care about that stuff in a way they don't care about unfortunately, you know, people who work in Amazon although that's been getting some press and that's great. But we are involved in a battle that all those other companies are also all those other unions are also involved in against massive corporate structures that want to turn all of us into just gig workers that is consistent thread throughout this and that is the war that is being fought here and why it's so important that a high profile strike like ours succeed it is a fucking proxy war you fucking clown

Dave Anthony 18:21
it's hard to even argue that like the fact that he can bring this up just he is he's like the fact that he said I love writers I'm a writer no you're not Bill Maher isn't a writer Bill Maher doesn't sit down and write scripts Bill Bill Maher helps with jokes and mostly he doesn't it's just garbage but he doesn't understand or care this is him going into his ideological thing before the facts before reality he's just now pushing an agenda

[VIDEO] 18:51
to is about like, Oh, we're we must be perfectly right because we're on the side of the working man and then you see like rock bands out there playing for the picket lines. And it's you know, like it's Dylan with the like you say with Woody Guthrie

Dave Anthony 19:04
this this issue kills fascists.

Josh Olson 19:08
So what the fuck is wrong with the it's not Aaron Sorkin what really bothers me as I look out there and people are having fun

Dave Anthony 19:17
Yeah, hands have always bands have always done this for labor. This is like a thing that has always existed what so so well, I guess it was Imagine Dragons the played so they don't have type songs or or Phil Ochs like so they shouldn't be out there. They're showing the support fuck off. Shut up.

Josh Olson 19:38
Yeah, that's exactly right. They're doing what they can to show support for people in another another business. It's it's, yeah, it's astonishing. And it's just that but it is such a right wing. This is indistinguishable from a rush limbaugh ran from the SLS strike. It's indistinguishable.

[VIDEO] 19:57
I agree with that. That can get a little taller. Oh, This case, but I think what you said at the beginning is correct. And I think that the only other times that this has happened, and I was having this conversation with a very fancy group of people at some point, but I, it, you look back at the history of when this, this has gotten into a strikey kind of situation. No, though. And the last time, the actors and the writers got together to do this was 1960. When it was about residuals, second reruns 1960s, when both of them went on strike at the same time, wow. And that every other strike, since then, has been a significant sea change in the industry in the ad in the 80s. I remember this because because Letterman went off the air, and I was like, What's this writer strike would write? I was 1516 years old. Yeah, I remember that. Remember? What the reason why cable TV? Yes. What are we going to do about cable TV, it's going to ruin television, right? It's going to ruin television, then what was in it? DVDs, home video, right? gonna ruin our gig, it's gonna ruin our gig four years later that you couldn't sell a DVD if it arrives made out of gold.

Josh Olson 21:08
I don't know. They're just kind of babbling here. And they don't get anywhere except, let's I just finished because this is a really, really dumb exchange.

[VIDEO] 21:15
So what are we doing now? It's another sea change in the industry, right? And it's in a dream, it's got it, it's got to be sorted out. And you talk about it as an existential crisis, because both sides are saying, Hey, we can't pay the bills.

Josh Olson 21:28
To bring it so this whole thing is kind of like, yeah, it's always something. Yeah, it's always something technology makes changes and we try to adapt and, and, and anticipate and keep ourselves from getting destroyed by those changes. You know, that's not that's it's not a that is not proof that we are a capricious guild that just goes on strike every time something new happens, it means that like, every time something new happens, we have to anticipate, how are they going to try to fuck us? Because they will? And how do we anticipate that and cut it off at that? That's the job. And that's what's going on. For instance, right now with a high we have people who really understand how That'll hurt us and hurt actors even more, and directors even more, and we're like, we gotta get on this now. And Bill Barr, it's like, yeah, that's right. That's what they always do.

Dave Anthony 22:16
So he said, they're both sides are saying they're not making any money. Oh, yeah, this gets

Josh Olson 22:21
even better. Do you wanna hear the rest? So?

Dave Anthony 22:23
So Ed, Ed Solomon wrote, Men in Black,

Josh Olson 22:28
yes, I love I love where you guys know where you're going.

Dave Anthony 22:32
And he put up a poster today explaining how it's I think it's made. It's it's made our it's like maybe like $600 million. And Sony's Sony's accounting says that it has lost $600 million.

Josh Olson 22:49
Oh, it stands to make so much fucking money the instant men and black makes a profit. For years, he gets it he posted.

Dave Anthony 23:02
Imagine saying what he just said, both sides aren't making money. They're not making money. Knowing that shit like this goes on with everybody. What The X Files had to sue because that was losing money. They had to like Sue to get there. So this is so this the two sides are like people who work to try to, you know, write stuff. Oh, and the companies who clearly lie out of their fucking asshole constantly to screw over everybody. They're also saying that I'm making money. Who the fuck just flat out says that, as if you

Josh Olson 23:40
were president saying there are good people on both sides.

Dave Anthony 23:46
I mean, my God,

[VIDEO] 23:48
and you're like, the bills are getting paid. And in fact, the C suites are making 10s of millions of dollars in salary. They don't they're not they're not missing a meal. Right? But neither are you guys. Right?

Josh Olson 24:04
And that's where yeah, for a minute I'm like, Oh, good. He's acknowledging that we're not missing a meal. What the

Dave Anthony 24:11
thing? Yeah, this is you know, this this you know, what this reminds me of reminds me of the people are like students, you look you took you took the student loan, you got to pay it back. There are people who have taken out a $30,000 student loan, have paid back $60,000 And now owe $200,000 It's that fucking bad. So they're just not listening to the reality of what the people are saying and why they're on strike. Nobody wants to go on strike. They do it because they have to.

Josh Olson 24:41
It's interesting that you bring that up because because it's one of those issues like the student loan thing. If all you know and this is this is how the other side can frame it so easily and get support. If you don't think about it at all. When you took a loan to go to college and you don't want to pay it back, fuck you. I can make, that's an easy argument to sell to someone who's completely disinterested and doesn't know anything about the subject. You have to take 15 seconds to actually look into it to see what we're actually talking about. But it's easy to sell that to people who are disinterested. It is even easier to sell that same audience on the idea that people who work in TV and movies are living glorified wealthy existences, because that's all we ever see. Nobody's you know, People Magazine isn't doing cover stories on the writing staff of some, you know, mid level show that you know, all of whom are like, you know, spending three nights a week in a food bank to shore up the income that they're not making. Like you only see the people are successful. So it's easy if you're a right wing, rhetorician, to sell the notion that all these people are but the fact that these guys are in the business, in the business of selling this stuff. Are you working for someone? Are you really this fucking oblivious to the people on whose backs you have climbed to get to where you are?

Dave Anthony 26:06
But But what this is a great example of the inequality within the business. These guys, like he said, he hung out with a bunch of fancy people and talked about this, right? He did hang out with a bunch of fancy people talk about it. He didn't hang out with a bunch of struggling people and talk about it, right. So they're just talking to each other. All these are all rich people talking to each other saying it's fine. Neither one of them have any concept. They're not hanging out with anybody who's struggling in the business, anybody? Yeah. And they haven't for years. And so they have no idea what's going on. And no writers gonna be like, Hey, man, here's what's going on. Because they don't want to upset him and have him not sign on to this script at some point or whatever. Like,

Josh Olson 26:45
exactly, yeah, and I keep flashing back. I go to the Writers Guild Awards, a million years ago, and James Garner was there talking because I think they're giving a lifetime award to Steven canal who had created Rockford Files among many other great shows and and he was garden was fired up and he's apparently always been this guy, which is great. But he just he talked about people always coming up to him and talking about what amazing job he did creating the character of Jim Rockford. He's like, I didn't create the fucking character fucking writers. And it's like, yeah, understand whose backs you're on understand like who you are you Oh, my God, there's one of the great iconic TV characters Jon Hamm got to play Don Draper. I can't imagine another actor playing it's amazing feat of casting. He's perfect in it. Everything but it's like guaranteed the people who create the character and wrote the character are so grateful that they found the right actor for it. But it's like no who's back you're sitting on whose back you're climbing on you would not be on that Bill Maher wouldn't give a fuck about talking to you. If you hadn't looked into that perfect part that was created by writers. And oh, God, just just have some fucking respect. They're out there. Take a minute and find out why they're out there before you wrap it off.

[VIDEO] 27:58
So let's all take a step back and understand that you have valid points. Right. And, and that AI is a real thing. That right going away. Right. It's not going to uninvented so no. No, exactly. It's just a new technology that is going to be Yeah, support of the human brain. In a way that word process that is such a great dissertation on that somebody should write that as an op ed or something to just You're exactly right. There is a theme to this and

Josh Olson 28:28
Bill Bill Maher's most amazing suck up. There's nothing wrong with one hand. He's not that brilliant. He's cracking up like he's like sitting across from Don Rickles, you should write that up as an op ed. He just said AI is here. We're gonna have to figure out how to deal with it. That should be an op ed in the New York Times. Time magazine cover piece my god. I'm so fortunate to be in a room with somebody who's brilliant is huge on

[VIDEO] 28:58
that theme is every time the new technology the new paradigm shift. We fucking shit our pants when we could and this is what bothers me about this. The governor of this state could do what politicians used to do called jawboning. He could get these two parties in a room. He didn't say, Listen, I'm the governor of the state. They figured out this industry is a little important to this state. We're kind of known for it. You know, Hollywood making magic Silver's. And the same way I bet not to keep bringing it back to the mining class. But I'm sure back in the old days, Nathan Drake busters and the Pemberton guards or whatever they were called, right and in the minors and crossing the lines and scabs and the whole thing. I'm sure the governor of Pennsylvania had something to say about a course

Dave Anthony 29:39
and what he would stop,

Josh Olson 29:42
stop showing talk about why the governor of California is not doing anything.

Dave Anthony 29:47
Oh my god, you dumb ignorant. Oh, my God. The governor. The governor's would bring in the fucking goons,

Josh Olson 29:57
the Pemberton labor

Dave Anthony 29:58
the pampered Pinkertons dumbass in the community, like, what, in the what? And how do you look man, if you're if you're an actor, it's already a pretty scary place for you to start talking about history, but don't do it on camera. Dude, get an education and then start talking about the Pemberton just like the governor's, have never been Labour's friend they're putting, they're putting power by the rich. And then they crushed. Every once in a while you got a governor that was like, Yeah, I'm here for the workers. But no, for the most part, they were there to crush and destroy the workers and they use the cops to do so. And they worked with the Pinkertons. I just ate you listened to this. And these guys have no idea what they're talking about. And also like, what does he think the governor's gonna do by putting these two sides in a room? So you want the workers to sit in a room with the guy making $50 million and say, what?

Josh Olson 31:05
Well, that's what they do. They get together with a negotiating committee and they're not talking to us right now. But he thinks that like yeah, like so the Calico Newsom is ambivalent to what's going on that he supports both right out here is his bread is buttered on, he's gonna stay out of this.

Dave Anthony 31:19
It's a static because he's, he's gonna stand up for the writers.

Josh Olson 31:23
He's gonna make the occasional statement about how important writers are and then go back to his but Jesus Christ, if you're expecting it.

Dave Anthony 31:30
And the only thing that government can do to stop things like this is to go in and force the rich. This has happened with railroads, dozens of times in American history, there have been strikes, and the government takes over the railroads. Right, and has been functioning and forces the the top railroad guys to give in. Because the railroads have always been villains and the bad guys the government steps in is not to make the workers agree to something. It's to make the rich. Give them some fucking scraps. So What in the fuck are they talking

Josh Olson 32:12
like, like a Joe Biden is last year with right came in and helped out all those railway workers?

Dave Anthony 32:18
Yeah, it really helped him out by just fucking him endlessly.

[VIDEO] 32:20
They might not have been the smartest and he might have had one side over the other. But either way, what they would basically say and what Newsom should say is, look, you, we're not going to do this forever, right? Can we agree on that? Let's have that just started. Okay, if we're not going to do it forever, then at some point, you guys are going to compromise because I know neither one of you is going to give up everything. So let's pretend it's three months later. And this is really where it's going to end up without all this posturing and all the Kabuki whatever it is, listen to Weezer play to you on the news, or whatever the fuck, and no one wants to destroy your sweater. That's a Weezer reference. They aren't negotiating.

Josh Olson 32:57
They're not negotiating and the notion that you just get and go, Okay, pretend it six months from now, and let's straighten it out. Like what the fuck? He's got to know what is the period is 10 weeks I pretended there's a period at which I should prep for this shit. There's a period but where the studios can force majeure, it means they can cancel a bunch of deals that they have with show runners and, and producers and stuff after a period of time goes by and during a strike. And some of this is them going? Yeah, we want to get rid of these things. Yeah. And, and we are, you know, and they know they're going to get where they believe they're going to get a better deal, the longer it goes, because we're gonna get hungrier and more desperate. And on our end, it's like you're holding out to see, you know, like, yeah, how are you going to go when you don't have gotta help me for using this word content to release to the degree that you did before we're gonna hit you in the wallet. And that's how you can't just sit down with people and go pretend all that has already happened. This doesn't work that way a child thinks that's how you fucking into strike. It's absolutely moronic. But anyway, I thought you'd enjoy that if

Dave Anthony 34:09
that. I mean, it's just two rich guys who are just distanced from, you know, the working class, talking. I mean, this is what America is. This is what our media is. They all sit around and talk and they're all from Harvard and Yale, and they're all making millions of dollars. And they all talk about how things are. It's the same thing. The Trans thing is the New York Times, you know, different media companies sit down and they and they discuss trans people, and there's no fucking trans person in the room. And they all just talk about them and nobody talks to them. This is the same thing as this. It's all the same. Rich out of touch people talking about things they know nothing about as if they know about them, and they don't.

Josh Olson 34:52
Yeah, and just a reminder, in case you've missed an episode and are wondering why we're talking about Bill Maher on a podcast about Prager, you We did an episode a couple of weeks ago. breaking down how many Prager you videos that are that start off with Bill Maher ranting and railing against the left. They love him over there. And he's earned it. He's earned it. Yes, he is. He is a friend to the right. And Don't delude yourself. Otherwise. Let's move on. So this week we're doing another this one is less thematic. Much like last week's we brought in our friend comedian Lisa curry. Really like her man, we really like her, you you. She came to us through you, right? You guys were friends for a collection because she'd been on our other show. And since then, like I've I've done her her podcast. She has a podcast on Sirius XM. So like, that's very respectable, I guess. Is that it? Sure, I guess called Long story long. It's terrific. It really she brings people in and they talk about work they do and how they got to do the work they do. And there all sorts of interesting folks. They're actually they're always kind of brilliant. self effacing. And good looking folks. I would say I did an episode. She had you want they've been on me?

Dave Anthony 36:11
No, I ever found 14 You should

Josh Olson 36:15
achieve something. Maybe if you achieve something she'll have you on, I think not interested. It's got awkward. I'm really sorry. But she's wonderful. Not the that's why you're surfing everybody to support your union. But she's great. And we did to her what we always do. In fact, anytime, Dave and I find that we share deep and abiding respect and affection for somebody. We tie into a chair and we force it to watch Prager you videos. So Right. Lisa is wonderful. She's a hilarious, hilarious Comedian. And you can follow her on Instagram at Olympian Lisa curry, which is where you can also find out like where she's going to be appearing live. And I think we stumbled across the title for her autobiography in this episode, but we'll let you figure it out when you listen to it. It's a good one, folks. And we'll be back next week. I think next week, I think we'll be almost ready. We're doing a kind of interesting, a bit of a different one. We've been teasing it for a while. But yeah, you definitely don't want to miss next. You don't want to miss you don't want to do. Is there a single episode that you want to miss Dave? Yeah.

Dave Anthony 37:26
Sorry, no.

Josh Olson 37:31
Unless you're Jill Simonian, in which case you want to miss all of them. But have we mentioned that she is the dumbest stump over at Prager you? I can't believe like, if they if they knew how bad she was. I think they get rid of her and then what would you do for a living? How would this one make a living if she wasn't doing incompetent craft shows and requests and dredging up hatred against trans and gay people? I don't know what you do for a living. absolute moron anyway. Shall we do it?

Dave Anthony 38:03

[MUSIC] 38:11
if you finally had enough of him being college left wing, get yourself a real degree from Prager University

Josh Olson 38:29
Can we can we just throw you in on debating which I've got two videos here and debating which one I want to show you first.

Dave Anthony 38:36
Now what we're talking about Maher, right? What aren't we is are we also doing MMA MMA right now? Or is this we just joined be afraid that already? We did. She was in addition to that.

Josh Olson 38:50
I'm talking about Bill Maher. You're acting like it's

Dave Anthony 38:53
crazy when you don't know what she did. So you're an idiot.

Josh Olson 38:56
What did you do? What did I do? She didn't have a domain real

Dave Anthony 39:01
time when she

Lisa Curry 39:04
when I made the episode of Real Time.

Dave Anthony 39:06
She made a real time episode. You did?

Josh Olson 39:08
Oh, yeah. It was it was lovely. Why but why? Yeah. Okay, we used to think because Prager University loves him. Yeah. No, we're just we're just we're showing her we're showing her video. So the whole the whole thing is just like Dave isn't seeing this either. As know that it's coming. We're gonna show you the video and just like, you know, stop me when you want to stop and freak out.

Dave Anthony 39:33
Or just put your hand up.

Josh Olson 39:36
You'll you'll get it. Let's go with this one. Let's go with this one. Really started. We just got to there only five minutes, but it'll take it'll take way longer to get through the ship. Hey, don't you good? I'm good. She's so anxious right now.

Lisa Curry 39:55
I'm good. I'm nervous for what I'm about to see after that video of Jesus Christ.

Dave Anthony 40:03
Have you watched any Prager U videos? Ever?

Lisa Curry 40:08
I mean, I went on the I went on the website and was kind of like looking around to see what it is. But there's so many. There's just so many choices.

Josh Olson 40:16
Yeah, I can get the bill turning

[VIDEO] 40:18
Ward Cleaver, the iconic father in the 1950s. TV show Leave It to Beaver is a stud. I'm quite serious. And no, this isn't about nostalgia for America in the 1950s. This is about a man of his time yet timeless. But to appreciate him, we first have to get past the noise. I'm Gary,

Josh Olson 40:39
political re senior political writer for The National Review talking about what

Dave Anthony 40:44
we might have the same question, Lisa.

Josh Olson 40:48
She's our guest.

Dave Anthony 40:49
What's the noise?

Lisa Curry 40:50
What's the noise? And also, first of all, no one is discussing with Ward Cleaver. No one it's not part of

Josh Olson 41:02
what we're talking about sexy men. We're not talking about.

Lisa Curry 41:05
Also who cuz I can't even picture what he looks like, because he's from so far ago. And he's a fictional character.

Dave Anthony 41:16
Yeah, well, Lisa, so I guess I'm a little confused. So when you go to like a Hollywood party. People aren't talking about Ward Cleaver.

Lisa Curry 41:28
You know, when now that you put it that way? All sorry. No. I didn't even know. It was ward.

Josh Olson 41:39
Yeah, for a university clinical University. It's trying to reach like, you know, kids and younger folks. were shown here in 1963. Dude, have you ever heard of Leave It to Beaver Lisa?

Lisa Curry 41:54
At yet, at least at least if we're gonna go off of like fictional characters? Let's go with Sam Malone, or like a show from the 90s.

Josh Olson 42:05
What do you think you'll see? I think you'll see that Sam would be qualified at all.

Unknown Speaker 42:11
Allowed corner of American culture has been rebelling against the image of the 1950s. Since So, the 1950s. Most of that scoring has been directed at the Ozzie and Harriet image of American suburban bliss, and specifically dad, well enough already, can we at least entertain the idea that in the rejection of that stereotypical 1950s suburban dad image, we threw some metaphorical babies out with the bathwater, that if today's men modeled Ward Cleaver, America and the world would be better places,

Lisa Curry 42:40
I have to say, Sure, really quick for anyone listening. They just had two silhouettes of men side by side, one in a suit and one on a t shirt. And then when he was talking about how men used to be, the t shirt turns into a suit as well. This is something I've talked about a lot where like these psychos on the right are always like romanticizing the 1950s and then you like these people that are like, you know, make America great again, with this visualization of what people should dress like. They're always in some. They're looking like some Duck Dynasty. Fucking shit. I'm like, you have the option to we have not taken away the option for men to wear suits. You're in full control of this. What are you talking about? Men? Don't dress like this anymore. Okay, then. Just like that. Then, if that's what you want to see, go do a fuckin Yeah, it's driving me out of my mind.

Dave Anthony 43:44
Now these are the guys who who fantasize that we all wear suits on planes, but they're in flip flops and shorts.

Lisa Curry 43:49
Exactly. In camo camo shorts. To be more specific, paired with

Unknown Speaker 43:55
current pop icons. He comes across as boring and buttoned down.

Josh Olson 43:59
But it's about current pop icon when I say is I mean these are all sort of like weird silhouettes. Yeah, who's the guy who didn't wear my sunglasses at night? Everything from like the 80s looks like him. Like that's your radical. Hipster there was even like

Lisa Curry 44:15
pop icons of the time. He seems boring against. Yes, this is a plain gray suit really stand out against Elvis?

Josh Olson 44:25
Yeah, come on, Richard.

Dave Anthony 44:26
Elvis. Yeah. One of the last boys.

Unknown Speaker 44:31
Yeah. Very incomplete picture of Ward Cleaver. We can also say this. He's a man who takes care of business. What

Dave Anthony 44:40
is happening? What do you take? What the fuck are you talking about? It's worth fucking cleavers taking care of business.

Lisa Curry 44:48
It's an actor. playing pretend

Dave Anthony 44:53
this motherfucker this fucking guy. What he called up Prager you and he's like, I want to do it. Think about Ward Cleveland. There. Like, okay, Whose idea was this? It's

Josh Olson 45:04
alive and he's talking about a fictional character, who by the way would be dead for many decades now where he real?

Unknown Speaker 45:13
He doesn't mind. He doesn't brood in defeat. He knows that his hard work and persistence will eventually win the day. If not just stay.

Dave Anthony 45:21
He doesn't. There is no defeat it's Leave It to Beaver. Also, this guy looks like a grown up beaver.

Unknown Speaker 45:32
Grown he never had any interest in perpetuating his own adolescence,

Josh Olson 45:36
by the way, wearing a t shirt and the shirts on button. T shirt

Dave Anthony 45:43
tie on. But how does he know that? How does he know that Ward Cleaver did not have an extended adolescence when we meet Ward Cleaver. He's an older aged guy. You don't know what he was like what is this guy is just making this guy is making shit up about Ward fucking cleaver

Josh Olson 46:04
it's true. Imagine he's doing fan fiction prequels to leave it to

Lisa Curry 46:16
here's it here's another thing about this. He's fantasizing about what are like over romanticizing. Whoa, whoo Ward Cleaver was and how how his work ethic and whatever I'm like, take a look at what you're doing right now as a grown man. Handling

Josh Olson 46:36
word cleaver would never go to a little studio and do a video. The childhood, some character on an old radio show we used to

Dave Anthony 46:49
waiting for this guy to say Ward Cleaver didn't get cut up caught up in petty bullshit. Fox who

Unknown Speaker 46:56
accepts marriage and fatherhood as the life of an adult. Now we can quibble about his methods. But we can't dispute that he loves his wife and kids. They know He loves them. And then he tries to do what's best for them, usually pretty successfully. What is not in dispute is that he's the man of the house and he wears that title with pride. And everyone including his wife likes that fact. Ward was

Dave Anthony 47:20
asked to hit her to keep her in line. All right, just

Lisa Curry 47:22
this idea that you have to be married and have kids to be an adult. I'm like this guy isn't it you know what bothers me? This guy's employee

Josh Olson 47:40
it's Yeah, yeah. It's like you don't you're not a fully functioning member of society until you've peribadi

Dave Anthony 47:51
And he's he's getting into the Oh God, what was the name of that group? I can't remember now but you know, they think they believe that the man the man is in control. And she sane people like she's, she's happy to be subservient to war. That's

Lisa Curry 48:11
I think you're thinking of Christians Catholics

Josh Olson 48:21
Wow. So I've decided to link up Hugh Beaumont done this before we never do any research. You Beaumont who played Ward began his career in show business by performing in theaters nightclubs and on the radio. So probably a little Lauren covenant Lisa curried and with this gentleman. Show person, a show person, what a loser.

Unknown Speaker 48:45
There are lots of other iconic dads of that era. Ozzie Nelson of The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. Jim Anderson from Father Knows Best. And one could argue George Bailey in the 1946 film, It's a Wonderful Life. What's

Lisa Curry 48:59
the way to the end of the time I that is a movie about suicide. It is not a Christmas movie. They don't even mention Christmas until like an hour and a half and in the fucking movie.

Josh Olson 49:14
Well, it's also it's also you know, we did a work to a movie theater years ago, and we were doing a there was some occupy thing going on the Safar getting from our part out how far back it goes. And we were trying to come up with a movie to show against the wall of a building for the sort of like Occupy Film Festival. And the number one film that we came up with the most sort of, like, you know, personify that movement. Was it the wonderful life? It's all about the fucking evil banker coming and destroying the town of like, what happens when capitalism runs unchecked? Yes, it's, it's weird. When these people latch onto it. They really

Unknown Speaker 49:50
don't understand that film. They were grownups who had already been through a Great Depression and in many cases, are veterans of World War Two or later the Korean War.

Josh Olson 50:00
So, waking up screaming in the middle of a night

Unknown Speaker 50:03

Lisa Curry 50:08
nothing's more manly than watching your friend get shot to death.

Josh Olson 50:11
Yeah, I'm sorry. You were saying? What about grumps?

Lisa Curry 50:14
Oh, any adult that uses the term grownups, which is a child's term is not it themselves a grown up

Unknown Speaker 50:24
to show their archetype outlast the 1950s.

Dave Anthony 50:30
Wait. Ward Ward Cleaver in the show did not have a defined career. He was a businessman of some sort, and wore a suit and tie to work. But we do not know exactly where he went. It was left. It was left up to the Onyx imagine.

Josh Olson 50:49
That's amazing. There's a great great line what a Hitchcock's best film shadow of a doubt. Joseph cotton's character who's actually a serial killer, but we don't know that yet. is asked to give a speech at a woman's something or other, you know, they used to have these women's clubs. And someone said what does he do? And I've remembered his life forever. I love it. She goes he's in business. You know the way men are. So that's a word clear word. cleavers a businessman? Sure. Yeah. How are you even doing this too? After madmen? Like how are you? Right?

Lisa Curry 51:27
Are you kidding?

Josh Olson 51:29
Because all these characters actually it looks like madman like like outtakes from madman credit sequence here. Yeah, totally just faceless people in suits.

Unknown Speaker 51:37
Steve Douglas of my three sons, Mike Brady of the Brady. Howard Cunningham happy and Cliff Huxtable show. We're talking

Lisa Curry 51:56
you been on the show, even on the show? Wasn't he running? Gynecology office out of his basement? Wasn't that his job?

Josh Olson 52:10
You know why they did

Lisa Curry 52:12
any of this it still wasn't even then it wasn't a good

Josh Olson 52:17
way. You know why they went there. Because some guys are all white. And the only show they can think of that a black man living out this kind of

Lisa Curry 52:26
person. He was a

Josh Olson 52:29
buffoon isn't a thing. But and but they couldn't come up with someone. So the only black guy they come up with was Cosby.

Dave Anthony 52:37
He characters shared similar traits.

Josh Olson 52:41
So just the character he's talking about, he's making it very clear. He's not he's not. Oh, these guys loved him. Because remember, towards the end, he would walk around and complain about like,

Lisa Curry 52:52
and they love him even though they're baggy shorts.

Josh Olson 52:56
Cliff Huxtable, oh my god, you didn't go there.

Unknown Speaker 52:59
Like all human beings who have ever lived and whoever will live, these men had flaws. But in the end, they were solid and dependable. If you had to summarize them in one word, that word would be responsible. Maybe they seem like

Josh Olson 53:14
inflexible is responsible for a lot of shit.

Lisa Curry 53:17
Is this how little he thinks of actual living men that? Like, there's no one in real history that you think, set a good enough example. That you're

Josh Olson 53:32
like, why isn't he naming real human beings, real men from recent history? And it's probably because real real men actually are much more complicated and fucked up than these characters. So you think they had flaws, but it's like, you know, he doesn't know any actual men who live the way these characters do. Because there are none.

Lisa Curry 53:57
Yeah, yes, exactly.

Unknown Speaker 53:59
Like such throwbacks now, because so much of our culture has thoroughly embraced irresponsibility. But if you ask women what they really want in a man,

Josh Olson 54:08
oh, yes. Let's do that before we get the answer here.

Lisa Curry 54:13
I mean, ideally, somebody that keeps me in my place, has a vague Business Job, carries a briefcase and I see him for like, 15 minutes a night when after I make him dinner. And that's it. He's a grown up,

Unknown Speaker 54:26
right. It's a grown up, or at least those women who have outgrown their adolescent fascination with bad boys.

Lisa Curry 54:32
Adolescent fascination, sir, I've got some bad news for you and my therapist.

Josh Olson 54:42
Oh, my God. There's so much there's so much personal pain going on with this.

Unknown Speaker 54:49
I may not say word events, but they'll describe most if not all of

Lisa Curry 54:55
that is my safe word actually. Word

Josh Olson 55:20
Can't you can't How are you not? Don't say your son's full name whatever you do. Don't say beaver cleaver. That's all just

Unknown Speaker 55:32
trustworthy, smart, confident, smart, sure, funny and capable of laughing at himself, a man who's successful at work, but not a workaholic, a man who likes children, but is not a child himself. Perhaps most

Lisa Curry 55:47
I would say my number one requirement is that he doesn't make dipshit videos like

Josh Olson 55:51
that'd be a start.

Unknown Speaker 55:54
Important devote devoted to his family it's an indisputably masculine figure and make no mistake, that's what most stop

Josh Olson 56:02
indisputably, man.

Dave Anthony 56:08
Just like yeah, oh, just family. Yes. He Bromont was always professional on the set and friendly to kids, but he harbored a deep sadness that he blamed on the show. He lived with his family part of the year in Minnesota and he usually drove his crew to LA when it was time to work however, because filming on Leave It to Beaver began rather abruptly after the pilot sold, Beaumont had to fly to California. Late leaving his son Hunter to drive his wife and her mother out west. Hunter lost control of the car along the way. And Belmonts mother in law was killed in the crash.

Lisa Curry 56:47
I mean, what a lucky crash How do you get that precise in a car wreck? Jesus?

Josh Olson 56:57
Yeah, I know right? And asking for a friend.

Dave Anthony 57:01
Better than I ever could have

Unknown Speaker 57:04
and what all children need. Now, I'm not saying that the word cleavers of the world are off limits to criticism or even mockery.

Josh Olson 57:10
There are no horde cleavers in the world,

Dave Anthony 57:14
right you're or None. None. There's no word cleavers. The word cleaver that he's thinking of is molesting someone or doing something terrible but guys who have that front are generally fucked up.

Unknown Speaker 57:25
I'm just pointing out that there was a time not that long ago when men were expected to work hard be good husbands neighbors and friends to raise or all

Dave Anthony 57:33
work hard motherfucker It's America we're fine we're

Josh Olson 57:37
good death friends and be good parents and be

Lisa Curry 57:41
yesterday that not retiring as the new retiring we're working

Josh Olson 57:49
What does he think that you know that is they look at they look at these kids today. You look at these kids today and you just have no understanding of how they're communicating. And you're assuming what they're all just miserable that they're like

Lisa Curry 58:00
yeah, awesome raise children is outside of my tax bracket so

Dave Anthony 58:08
but it's just like you're not not everyone is supposed to have fucking kids. Yeah, there's tons of people like don't want to have kids just people that do just want to have a fucking record collection. And the the idea that you're supposed to work these guys can handle that there is a whole generation of people going why don't we work? Yeah, yeah, because work is fucking stupid and bullshit. Like if you really like who wants to go to a fucking factory for 30 years cry Come on. It's It's It's nonsense. People don't want to fucking work. Some people do but most people like I'd rather just go hang out on a beach.

Josh Olson 58:45
Yeah, and don't get me started the the Romans and the Romans suffocation, the deification of hard work as intrinsically good in and of itself is so depraved and has done so much harm to this culture.

Dave Anthony 59:02
practices where his happiness and work ethic?

Josh Olson 59:04
Is he happy is this is this guy happy because I'll tell you something. I don't know about you guys. I've been in relationships that happy people I've been in relationships with deeply unhappy people. Much better off as someone who's this guy, we don't give a fuck about what Ward is feeling. We don't give a fuck about the fact that Ward is waking up every night screaming because he's back over there. And he just wants to die every waking minute. The only thing keeping him alive is the fact that he's beholden to his wife and children. And if he doesn't keep earning, it is impossible job. They're going to die in an orphanage or something. There's not a happy man, we're talking. I'm guessing I don't fucking know.

Lisa Curry 59:41
I mean, we only have 15 minutes into his life. Every day. That's not much he could be doing all kinds of fucked up shit outside of that. Everyone can be good for 15 minutes a day

Unknown Speaker 59:53
children and to act as role models for the next generation. Sure, laugh at them. But remember, they are what our world is built. of time. And here's where we're

Lisa Curry 1:00:04
founding fathers

Josh Olson 1:00:10
are world is not built on fictional sitcom dads. It's just not.

Lisa Curry 1:00:19
No, it's built on fictional people from the Bible. So

Unknown Speaker 1:00:24
Eva fits in today, where he's never gone out of style, not really getting married, being a father, working your way to owning a home. These are probably the best things that will ever happen to most of us

Josh Olson 1:00:37
and increasingly are decreasingly unlikely to happen any so, yeah. Working your way to being able to rent a one bedroom apartment.

Dave Anthony 1:00:49
Our culture Snickers at work cleaver types?

Josh Olson 1:00:52
Yes. Yes. I mean, of course we do.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:58
Yeah, yeah, it would be wrong not to propagating a falsehood when it paints them as stifled, miserable, hollowed out men yearning for their carefree bachelor days and regretting their commitments.

Josh Olson 1:01:11
This is a man whose job is so inconsequential, that nobody even knows what it is. Yeah, the thing he spent most of his time doing he cares so little about. He doesn't even ever enunciate to his wife and children what he does, yeah. Imagine giving adding meaning for the goal to aspire to.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:37
What leaves a man depressed and hollow and not attachments, but the lack of them? Consider this. If all the slackers in the world disappear tomorrow, the video game industry would collapse

Dave Anthony 1:01:54
could you imagine? Only people that don't have jobs played video games? What? First of all, they're very expensive. Secondly, everybody plays fucking video games.

Lisa Curry 1:02:07
Just also Isn't it like a multi multi million dollar industry? Am I missing some? Yes. Yes, it's everybody.

Dave Anthony 1:02:16
Yeah, yeah. It's a job creator. Yeah. Oh my god. You know what people want to work? Go fucking work.

Lisa Curry 1:02:25
Yeah, you gotta get back to you know where when we didn't have before video games. Everybody was playing dominoes and jacks, and there were no such thing as slackers. We gotta get back to just a good game of solitaire.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:42
But if all the word cleavers of the world disappeared tomorrow, civil, they

Dave Anthony 1:02:48
do not how do you what he's gonna say? How do you

Josh Olson 1:02:51
disappear if you were never here? There are no word cleavers.

Dave Anthony 1:02:57
There's none. So we only job he did. There's a movie about a French guy who gets fired from his job and he leaves his house every day for a year. And he just drives away and just drives around. telling his family he lost his job that can be Ward fucking cleaver.

Josh Olson 1:03:16
Oh my god. Imagine if Ward Cleaver was a serial killer. Like every time he left us at work. Was he that show like the other side of amazing amazing yeah,

Dave Anthony 1:03:26
he's he's out there killing little beavers because he hates his son. Causation would collapse.

Josh Olson 1:03:33
No. civilization would not collapse if the word beavers doesn't know. At least to stun

Dave Anthony 1:03:46
Isn't he just right guys are important. Yeah.

Lisa Curry 1:03:49
I think well, and they are I mean, look at this guy's doing a lot of important work. For example.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:58
Garrity of the National Review for Prager University. Yeah,

Dave Anthony 1:04:03
I mean, imagine making that video when your your whole thing is about hard work and do other shit. And then you make that you make that video, and you walk away thinking you've accomplished something. I mean, you just did nothing.

Josh Olson 1:04:20
I want to see the sitcom that guy writes about like a slacker couple would be amazing. What does he imagine? Like you can't be in a meaningful relationship unless you wear a suit.

Lisa Curry 1:04:37
It's also like, How mad are you at your son that you made this video?

Josh Olson 1:04:43
Or your dad?

Lisa Curry 1:04:45
Just talk to them?

Josh Olson 1:04:48
A five minute video or this guy is going you know we need more men like my father, that at least you would understand that would at least be some vague version of reality. Assuming his father's in any way kind of shape a decent father. There, but yeah, this is called the sexiest man alive. And it's just him lamenting the

Dave Anthony 1:05:09
sexiest man alive. We aren't how the title.

Lisa Curry 1:05:14
Yeah, Ward Cleaver was around longer for whatever magazine puts out.

Josh Olson 1:05:20
That's true. Yeah, People Magazine.

Lisa Curry 1:05:23
People. It wasn't even a real thing. It still isn't.

Josh Olson 1:05:31
Sorry, you're talking to somebody who's been on that? Cover? So? Oh, boy. I just had one made. Okay, fine. I have Yeah. Is that enough? Lisa, you're done with that? Are you the Evany? That was unbelievable.

Lisa Curry 1:05:43
Well, now I'm like, well, shoot. I wonder how much it pays to write this for Prager, you? Because I could use? You could say no,

Josh Olson 1:05:58
no, because the people who do this don't put their credits up on IMDb. For some reason, it's hard to find out who's behind these. We're guessing they're non union. I mean, it'd be reasonable. It's I can't imagine to be a union shop. I would think you could probably get seven

Dave Anthony 1:06:11
non union. But I don't think anybody gets paid. I think these are just written by little ideologues who want to get for

Lisa Curry 1:06:19
the love of the game.

Josh Olson 1:06:22
Yeah, right. That's yeah, that's why they only do one or two. So let's let's just leap right into another one. I tried to keep these, you know, vaguely connected to something you this generational. Lisa, you should say for the record that Lisa's a few years younger than daver. Me. And it's Praeger, you ask a question that I think all of us are asking and they're coming up with answers.

[VIDEO] 1:06:50
Why are so many young people unhappy? To cite just one example, Reuters reported in 2019, that suicidal thinking, severe depression and rates of self injury among us college students, more than doubled over less than a decade. And unhappiness is hardly

Dave Anthony 1:07:12
i This. This kind of shit makes me insane. Because I know so many teenage kids who broke down crying in front of their parents because of climate change. Like just openly fuck, that's probably

Josh Olson 1:07:29
the first read he's gonna get to that in a minute. I'm sure. Yeah.

Dave Anthony 1:07:33
But they Yeah, but he'll say it's because of God. But go ahead.

Josh Olson 1:07:37
No, take bets. Lisa, do you want to take bets

Lisa Curry 1:07:39
I? It's gonna it's gonna because I agree with the God thing. And it's going to because the family unit isn't what it used to be and everything is broken. It's like, man, everyone has suicidal thoughts grow up and think about killing yourself.

[VIDEO] 1:08:00
confined to Americans, as the social commentator que Haima, which recently wrote, Germans are lonely, the Bovie Vaughn French are lonely. And even the Scandinavians are lonely. The British Prime Minister recently appointed a minister of loneliness. People have more money, better health, better housing, more education and live longer.

Lisa Curry 1:08:24
Do we have any of these things? Yeah, I'm like, what more money does he mean like things are more expensive so people are paying more for things because that's where we house right? Who can afford college?

Dave Anthony 1:08:41
Right. Oh my god. Oh my god. The woman in Parliament who set up the Minister of loneliness Well, if

Josh Olson 1:08:53
you tell me she committed suicide I

Dave Anthony 1:08:56
know she was the one who was murdered was the one who was assassinated remember that? I remember the Member of Parliament who was killed that that was her

Lisa Curry 1:09:06
Why am I not remembering that?

Dave Anthony 1:09:09
You don't remember that?

Josh Olson 1:09:11
I don't remember it was

Dave Anthony 1:09:13
shot and stabbed shot and stabbed a bunch of times. By a far right guy. Yeah, he assassinated her because she was she was a lefty anyway,

[VIDEO] 1:09:29
I'm in history, but people especially the young are on the happier than at any time since the data began to be collected Right?

Dave Anthony 1:09:38
Right. Yeah, why no fuck you. Why? Because there's no fucking future for anybody right now. Economically fucking socially the planet it's all fucked you dumb asshole.

[VIDEO] 1:09:51
There any number of reasons increased drug and opioid addiction

Josh Olson 1:09:55
we fuck? What I mean. Yeah. Which people are Just doing because like, hey, there's more drugs and opioid I'm doing great. But you know what, Jesus, this stuff so easy to come by, I'm just going to start doing tons of it.

Dave Anthony 1:10:10
They can never connect that everything that's happening here is what happened when the Soviet Union collapsed and afterwards and how it everything, all this all the same shit is what happened like, people lost hope but they start doing drugs and they get fucking they become alcoholics and they kill themselves like this is what happens when your society is falling apart. Yeah, oh, wait, no, God.

Josh Olson 1:10:32
He also he doesn't want to acknowledge that there's causes and yet in other videos, he basically especially the do the homeless stuff, they blame all this shit on poor character. So essentially, if you connect and it's preggers dots, he's saying the people young people are unhappy today, because they have poor character. Yeah.

Dave Anthony 1:10:52
Okay. That's a lot of Oxy in that picture.

Lisa Curry 1:10:58
Also, why did it like I can't tell because I do think people on the right are so stupid they I can't tell if they know and aren't saying it or if they're too dumb to realize that the problem with our healthcare system and with pharmaceutical companies is what's causing it's connected to the opioid crisis. Right? They're not separate those are prescriptions

Josh Olson 1:11:25
right? You think some happiness on

Dave Anthony 1:11:30
I think they're too dumb honestly, to connect all that so I don't think they have the analytical skills that are needed to be a fully formed human.

[VIDEO] 1:11:40
Less human interaction because of constant cell phone use. And young people's fears for their future are the most widely offered explanations

Dave Anthony 1:11:50
UP UP, UP what happened there? Okay, let's see what

Josh Olson 1:11:53
he's about to shoot you down. Dave brings talked about the shoot your ass down.

Dave Anthony 1:11:58
The cellphone thing is true. It's, it's an actual problem, particularly with teenage girls. They for some reason, are are disappointing. My wife, he's a psychologist, they're up later on their phones, texting and getting into shit. And whereas the boys are less, doing that less. So it's causing less sleep. And it's it's a it's a genuine like thing. But then they just say fears for the future. Tell me he's gonna go deeper into this like,

Josh Olson 1:12:33
oh, yeah, tell me because once you have all these down, man, I'm sure.

[VIDEO] 1:12:37
But the biggest reason is the loss of values and meaning. Let's begin with values. And

Dave Anthony 1:12:43
I'll focus on a minute out all my organs, my organs all just came out of my body, I shut them out. Because my body is one of the United

[VIDEO] 1:12:49
States was founded on two sets of values today are Christian and American. This combination

Josh Olson 1:12:56
of sound and not American values. What is that? I get it? It's dumb. But you know, United States was founded on Judeo Christian values. Okay. I'm assuming you mean, how was the United States founded on American values? How do you feel? Let me see. How does it adult say that?

Dave Anthony 1:13:13
Um, let me just let me just let me just first of all, so Judeo Christian values are genocide. Is that am I understanding that correctly? It's just genocide. It's the building block of any solid society, Dave?

Josh Olson 1:13:31
Here's what I want to know. Oh, hang on. Okay, good.

Dave Anthony 1:13:36
It's genocide and slavery. Those are the building blocks. You ever heard of Thomas Mortensen? Thomas Martin. He was a dude who, who came over during you know, the puritanical times, and was like, This is fucking crazy, and split off and started like a little group. And they were fucking partying and having gay sex. And Native Americans were coming in, they're all fucking hanging out. And they were creating what essentially would have been the greatest fucking country on Earth. And then the Puritans found out and went and killed. Of course, we had a chance, we had a chance.

Josh Olson 1:14:21
But here's my question. When the founding fathers were founding the United States, where where were we getting these American values that we're basing it on from?

Dave Anthony 1:14:32
It's there? It's inherent within us it's, it's part of our DNA, American.

Lisa Curry 1:14:40
When you're born on this soil, there's like a magical mist in the air that gives you American values just inherently

Josh Olson 1:14:47
got it. And why didn't I can't pursue this too much. It's gonna remember I

[VIDEO] 1:14:53
created the freest most opportunity giving most affluent country in world history. This is not Shogun

Dave Anthony 1:15:01
just worked, so it doesn't feel like at least one of the least free countries on earth. Because we are all slaves to an economy that is fucking killing us. Other than that, yeah,

Lisa Curry 1:15:15
also after one has he seen any of the people at a mega rally? Just any any

Josh Olson 1:15:21
two countries have a country's

Dave Anthony 1:15:25
there are so many places in America that the UN has described the same as a third world country. Like yeah, but we're Affleck

[VIDEO] 1:15:36
ism, it's fact that's why people from every country on Earth have wanted to emigrate to America and still do.

Josh Olson 1:15:45
No, no, it's it's

Lisa Curry 1:15:48
I just met last year,

Josh Olson 1:15:50
we have made the place they live now on in fucking habitable.

Lisa Curry 1:15:53
It was in Poland last week and I met some extended family for the first time and they were like, Yeah, you know, we came to visit years ago and we always thought America was like, the land of opportunity and freedom. And then we visited and we were like, Oh, not at all. We'll never move. There like it's a terrible place. I'm like, yeah,

Dave Anthony 1:16:16
that's all redness.

Josh Olson 1:16:17
What am I doing? All those people are coming here because like, you know what man stuffs this. That's all right here. But God, it's so good in America. I'm gonna go like who is? Who is who's Okay then? Okay, you know, it's just completely better and completely.

Dave Anthony 1:16:34
It's better if you're, you know, in dark for or, you know, war torn places, like, you're in Guatemala, and you can no longer farm your crops because the Earth is dry. Like, okay, I'll go to America. That's his fucking coming to America.

Josh Olson 1:16:55
That's what I'm saying. Nobody's sitting around in a halfway decent middle class existence, making it all right living and everything's going okay. going, you know, I gotta go to free it's so much better. They're usually having our bombs dropped on them.

Dave Anthony 1:17:10
You know, what's wrong with Denmark as I'm not getting shot?

[VIDEO] 1:17:15
The American values was keeping government as small as possible.

Dave Anthony 1:17:20
This not true.

Josh Olson 1:17:23
What were these American value? That's an Iranian value.

Dave Anthony 1:17:29
Yeah, that's that's actually a, a, a group of the founding fathers who believe that but then there, obviously, there's another group that didn't believe that. So it's just as a fucking lie. It's

[VIDEO] 1:17:40
enabled nongovernmental institutions, Kiwanis, rotary and Lions Clubs, book clubs, the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, bowling leagues, music societies, and of course churches, to provide Americans with friends and to provide the neediest Americans with help.

Dave Anthony 1:17:59
What What the fuck just happened?

Josh Olson 1:18:02
He left out swingers clubs but I what he's talking about the loss of community which you know real thing real problem. One is a rotary clubs, I think is

Dave Anthony 1:18:20
I mean, that's where I met my wife like, what the fuck just happened?

Lisa Curry 1:18:28
I mean, there are ways to build community though. And I feel like we're all working ourselves to death. So it's like most people just have community around work because you don't see the fucking light of day outside of that. Maybe that's

Dave Anthony 1:18:44
and we've obliterated our small towns with Walmart's and everything else. Like all the shit that he likes, has destroyed these fucking places. Yeah.

[VIDEO] 1:18:55
But as government has gotten ever larger, many of these non governmental groups have dwindled a number or simply disappeared.

Josh Olson 1:19:04
It's it's correlated causality. What is it? Correlation is not causality yet the government got bigger somehow. And the Rotary Clubs went away. Yeah. Like he's conducting.

Lisa Curry 1:19:17
An array is still finding people that grief support groups for people whose loved ones have been shot to get to that those are still fucking thriving.

Dave Anthony 1:19:30
I don't think we've been the same since Circuit City closed.

Lisa Curry 1:19:33
Who could be Dave who could?

Josh Olson 1:19:37
It's true. I mean, we are as a nation as a species. We are more disconnected than we've ever been. Oh, yes. That's a real

Dave Anthony 1:19:45
especially America, especially America.

Josh Olson 1:19:47
But Jesus Christ, it's like he has no grasp of what causes that and what the solutions are. The Rotary Club,

Lisa Curry 1:19:57
I believe in onward cleaver.

Josh Olson 1:20:00
Yep, that's it for ya Ward was a he was a Rotarian.

[VIDEO] 1:20:03
Another set of values is referred to as middle class or bourgeois values. These include getting married before having a child, making a family. Getting a job, self discipline, delayed gratification, and patriotism what what

Dave Anthony 1:20:22
what what is Wait What huh? That's got nothing to do with the middle class. What does it mean delayed gratification here? Yeah, what is delayed? Is he talking about? Gonna house Oh my god. Patriotism has nothing to do with the middle class.

Lisa Curry 1:20:55
Won't maybe in so far is like we're sending the middle class and anyone with less money than that overseas to fight in bullshit wars. True.

Josh Olson 1:21:04
And then once you have kids, and then you go get a job. Interesting, interesting order of events. They're like, how are you? How are you even? How are you paying for anything before you have the kid? Who cares? Who cares? Really?

[VIDEO] 1:21:19
All of these have been under attack by America's elites with the following results.

Josh Olson 1:21:26
Okay, to be fair, screenwriter, TV writer, comedian, mixing anybody here actually does what the fuck he's talking about.

Lisa Curry 1:21:40
I just never understand what when I see And I'm assuming he makes a good grip of money. With all his bullshit. How

Dave Anthony 1:21:57
he lives the town over the rich

Lisa Curry 1:21:58
now I feel sorry for him. How are these people complaining about the alleged elite? I'm like, I can't ruin it. What are you talking about? Man? Yeah, no,

Dave Anthony 1:22:10
he's the definition of the elite. He's He's literally a rich guy who is creating propaganda to sway the poor. He is exactly the elite.

Josh Olson 1:22:21
Yeah, he does. And he is financed by massive right wing organizations. Big anti fracking groups and fundamentalist Christians and so forth. And and he gets to just sit around and spew idiotic garbage 24/7 We'll

Lisa Curry 1:22:39
find anything. I am on the wrong side at what am I doing? Oh,

Dave Anthony 1:22:43
yeah. Yeah, literally. Yeah. You can just say your right wing and they'll just throw fucking money. I eat it. Yeah, my

Lisa Curry 1:22:48
blonde white lady. I should apply for Tucker Carlson. Yes, job.

Josh Olson 1:22:53
Oh, yeah. The No, we tell us all the time. Why? It's like, we were like, Why isn't there a left version of this. And now I'm thinking fuck that noise. We can make so much more money just going off and doing Prager, you, right? Yeah. We just walked into a guy. He was temperament bump, and we'll make this thing really good. Get ready. Get rid of the old guy.

[VIDEO] 1:23:15
Majority of births to millennials, or to unmarried women.

Dave Anthony 1:23:20
Is that true? That's fascinating. Good for them. Because it means you don't actually have to get married just because you're gonna have a kid like it doesn't mean it doesn't mean that so I just want to point this out that if you don't get married and you have a child, the father doesn't disappear. Like what happened in the photo? The father can still be there. It just not married but

Lisa Curry 1:23:43
so aren't these the motherfuckers that are stopping abortion? That Yeah. So you're also creating single mothers? Yeah, you are creating them intentionally. Yeah.

Dave Anthony 1:23:59
Yeah, yeah. And one of the reasons you're creating single mothers is because now that woman has to take the worst fucking job she can never quit because she's living paycheck to paycheck. If even that, and she is beholden to the horrific system that you've created, you're essentially chaining her to a nightmare.

Josh Olson 1:24:19
Yeah, imagine eradicating abortion and then parading women for being fucking I every now that it just hits me what an awful human being Dennis Prager is

[VIDEO] 1:24:31
according to a 2018 Sickness study on terrible single parents are generally the loneliest of Americans. The percentage

Dave Anthony 1:24:40
Well, no. Fucking shit. What the fuck just happened Ah. So the these are the so you're gonna force women to have kids so there'll be the loneliest people. Great. Yeah. Nice job, guys. that

[VIDEO] 1:25:00
bunch of American adults who have never been married and who have no children is at an historic high then there's patriotism. Yes. Yeah.

Dave Anthony 1:25:14
Yeah, the whole system is is set up so you can only go to work and come home. Yeah, that's what that's

Lisa Curry 1:25:25
to be patriotic about. I'm just curious because I grew up super patriotic. I mean, my my. I don't know it's more about where I that being from rural Indiana than anything. And then you start to put information into your brain and it's like, oh, fuck this. Like, I can't get health care but I'm paying to keep Mitch McConnell alive. You want me to celebrate you

Dave Anthony 1:25:54
Yeah, there are every day the the number of people who who dislike this country just grows and grows and grows. That's how it works. I I've never been paid.

Josh Olson 1:26:09
With those people who just had a drummed in their head so much. And I get it who Yeah, get it don't want to make that leap. And it's like, they may not hate the country, but they're miserable in it. Yeah, you know.

Lisa Curry 1:26:20
And they can't afford to see another country to see if in fact, America is the best.

Josh Olson 1:26:25
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Oh, Prager is here to tell you this.

Lisa Curry 1:26:31
I feel like the fact that my family I was gonna say that my family lives in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere in Poland. And they're like, Yeah, America in it. What a pumpkin. Heap a shit. It's.

[VIDEO] 1:26:48
Then there's patriotism. Until the 1960s. Americans grew up loving their country. Admiring the founders. Oh, What? What?

Lisa Curry 1:26:59
What happened in the 1960s? Oh, that was something that made that point.

Dave Anthony 1:27:06
Also, absolute fucking horseshit dismisses just that endless fucking history of the working class. I don't know if you've heard of black people. Not that great.

Lisa Curry 1:27:18
Black people aren't that great

Dave Anthony 1:27:19
in the 60s before the 60s? Yeah, that's what I'm saying. Before the 60s came along. Was there a thing where Japanese people were putting camps? When did women get to vote? I mean, besides white women, like fuck you, you the revisionism is fucking insane. Like all of a sudden, the 60s came along, and it was bad. No, for white dudes is what you're talking about. Yeah, nobody else

[VIDEO] 1:27:45
believing in America's values, most especially liberty. Americans did not ignore the bad parts of their history. But they were wise enough to recognize that what made America exceptional, was not its flaws, which were all universal. But its virtues, which were

Josh Olson 1:28:07
What do you mean universal?

Dave Anthony 1:28:09
What is that? How many though? That is a that is a nod to slavery. Everybody did slavery, that that's what they're saying. They're saying, yes, everybody did slavery, which is?

Lisa Curry 1:28:19
Oh, the flaws are universal across the world. Yes, of course.

Dave Anthony 1:28:23
Right. They're saying that everybody did what we did. You know, every country did genocide. Like it's just yeah,

Lisa Curry 1:28:30
every country is running coos and other countries. I mean,

Dave Anthony 1:28:35
every every country helps set up operations, a different time leftist.

[VIDEO] 1:28:43
The strong American identity provided generations of Americans with roots, community optimism, and meaning.

Dave Anthony 1:28:52
I mean, in the fall, a

Josh Olson 1:28:54
lot of those people found out that was bullshit. And

Dave Anthony 1:28:57
we just don't get to stay stuff. That's not true. Like, yeah, we like that. That's that's the image that is portrayed in media, but it's just fucking bullshit. Like, that dismisses all the socialists that dismission dismisses every anarchist every fucking leftist every single guy that worked. That was in unions, who was fucking fighting for shit and dying in Colorado and Utah, in the fucking mind. Like it's just, it's just the most dismissive garbage. Like what the fuck you talking about the fact that you can say why don't you just say dragons were real.

Josh Olson 1:29:30
But don't discount the impact that Americans actually seeing, you know, soldiers coming home in body bags on TV. What that did to people's perception of the country, the people who did buy into these myths?

Lisa Curry 1:29:45
Yeah, learning what we're doing abroad for no fucking reason.

Josh Olson 1:29:50
Yeah, it's really simple. Most people when they're fucking lying

[VIDEO] 1:29:53
to us, which brings me to the most important reason for all this unhappiness, a lack of meaning, as Viktor Frankl the renowned Austrian American psychoanalyst, wrote in his masterpiece, Man's Search for Meaning, aside from food, the greatest human need is meaning. And nothing has given Americans or any other people for that matter as much meaning as religion.

Lisa Curry 1:30:19
But I mean, the graphics team here is doing a lot more work than whoever wrote this.

[VIDEO] 1:30:31
In the West since World War Two, God and religion have been relegated to the dustbin of history.

Josh Olson 1:30:37
What is he talking about?

Dave Anthony 1:30:40
Like, seriously,

Josh Olson 1:30:41
we're still the most religious country in the world. Last time I checked, people don't know that it's horrifyingly true.

Lisa Curry 1:30:48
So I feel like when you're told that everything is out of your control, and there's a man in the sky, who's deciding your destiny, what could make you feel more meaningless than then? That? What is your purpose? If somebody else is doing everything for you?

Josh Olson 1:31:09
Yeah. But again, he goes back to that community thing he doesn't seem to get, you know, if because one of the things church provides for a lot of people is a sense of community and belonging. And it is the one area where he's right. He just doesn't understand any of the causes. Yeah, is lost that loss of community has done us probably irreparable damage. Be nice. We talked about the actual causes.

[VIDEO] 1:31:33
The result is that more than a third of Americans born after 1980 affiliate with no religion. This is unprecedented in American history. And it's even worse in Europe. Maybe only a third.

Dave Anthony 1:31:45
Only a third you would think it would be and I think it is way, way much more than that. With the Gen Z and millennials.

Lisa Curry 1:31:57
Oh, yeah. They're just not pulling us. I know, I think I know two people in my whole life that believe in God.

Dave Anthony 1:32:04
Yeah, everybody. Yeah, it had something to do with all the molestation of, you know,

Lisa Curry 1:32:11
that everyone likes to get.

Josh Olson 1:32:14
Thirdly, when when you're when you're when you're, you know, supposedly authoritative figures are revealed over and over and over again, to not just be liars. But as you say, you know, child rapists, things like that. It does have an impact on your desire to take part in their, you know, their System Shock and

Dave Anthony 1:32:35
that's, and that's everyone, that's the Baptist, that's the Mormons. Obviously, the Catholics like it's across the board be

[VIDEO] 1:32:42
just maybe the decline of Protestantism, Catholicism and Judaism, those great providers of meaning, is the single biggest factor in the increasing sadness and loneliness among so many young people in America and around the world.

Josh Olson 1:32:57
It's capitalism. It's not exactly right is the biggest religion of all of them capitalist. Also,

Lisa Curry 1:33:03
I grew up Catholic. The whole the whole crux of Catholicism is making feel people feel horrible and guilty about everything they do. All right. I don't understand how the absence of that creates.

Josh Olson 1:33:19
What you are feeling guilty together. Yeah, exactly.

[VIDEO] 1:33:25
Secret Journal of the American Medical Association, Jama psychiatry, found that American women who attended a religious service at least once a week, were five times less likely to commit suicide. And common sense suggests this applies to men as well.

Dave Anthony 1:33:44
So if I can understand this correctly, people who are motivated enough to go outside and groups are less likely to commit suicide. Okay, thanks. Really hot day. Yeah.

Josh Olson 1:33:58
No, but it's interesting. He's leaving that out. Or that the study, it's like, they look at that, and no, religion is the answer. It's like, no, motherfuckers getting out and being around and engaging with other people.

Lisa Curry 1:34:07
So I can answer. I'm alarmed at the phrase at least, because what's going on? I need to know what these women that are going to church 345 times a week because I'll tell you what, I have an aunt that goes seven days a week and she is unwell.

Dave Anthony 1:34:22
Are you fucking kidding me? Seven days a week.

Lisa Curry 1:34:26
I Oh, dead ass serious. Seven days a week.

Dave Anthony 1:34:29
Holy shit. There's nothing. I do say I don't even eat seven days a week now.

[VIDEO] 1:34:36
No. Young people have been told God is nonsense. Their country is essentially evil. Their past is deplorable. Their future is bleak. And marriage.

Lisa Curry 1:34:49
Yeah, that's all young people have been told the

Josh Olson 1:34:52
truth. They figured it out for themselves you clown.

Dave Anthony 1:34:56
I mean, they're just kidding history and reading about the flip. Look

Josh Olson 1:35:01
at the window. Looking out the window.

[VIDEO] 1:35:04
Children are not important. Why are so many young people depressed, unhappy and angry? It's not capitalism or

Josh Olson 1:35:16
you know, that's why you brought that up that is he couldn't help himself. Yeah.

[VIDEO] 1:35:23
Man equality or patriarchy, or even global warming, kind of just having no religion, no god and no country to believe in.

Dave Anthony 1:35:32
Okay, so I will say that

Josh Olson 1:35:34
those things he listed will all kill you, like matter of fact, kill you dead. Physically, those things he saying we need, they will not actually save you.

Dave Anthony 1:35:47
But he is right, in that if you believe that you're going to heaven and that it's okay to happen soon, then you're perfectly happy with global warming. Right? You're perfectly content with the planet being destroyed. Because you think, well, that means we're all going to heaven, those of us who believe like, you're hastening the process of the Apocalypse, not realizing that that's just a book that a bunch of guys made up 100 years after a guy died.

Josh Olson 1:36:14
Yeah, and I don't like to brag on religion, because it's brought a lot of good to a lot of people some of our great you know, it's like, you're gonna back on religion. So tell me what an asshole Martin Luther King was, you know what I mean? There's plenty of Well, great. problematic, though, but it's, it's, you know, I know my points anymore.

Lisa Curry 1:36:40
The idea that that's the only way where you can seek community is your brain, or that you need the fear of God to I remember when I was growing up my family, my mom's side of the family is deeply religious, and half of them are Magga. And I remember growing up, they were like, well, if you don't believe in God, how do you know right from wrong? And I'm like, inherently,

Josh Olson 1:37:03
it's a thing. That's one of the things that people who misuse religion, like Prager does, and they use it to harm people. Before their perception guy. Yeah, I mean, their perception, their version of religion and God, that one that says, there's an afterlife, so it's okay, if we suffer, it's okay. If you live the world leave the world uninhabitable, you're going to a better place. What that does is it obliterate your sense of connection to the world you live in today? More importantly, your sense of responsibility to it? Yes. Because at its core, all morality is about the survival and perpetuation of the species. All healthy morality, is what I'm doing going to hurt more people than it helps. You know, that's it, because we're all in this together. And when your religion tells you to remove that from the equation, you're fucked, because basic human morality tells you, we have to make sure the planet is inhabitable after we shuffle off it, and this guy's religion tells him it's okay, that's not right. And that is not, I would argue, a healthy interpretation of most religions, most religions actually understand that and we're crafted to get that into people's heads. You know,

Lisa Curry 1:38:17
it's also if you distill it down this idea of, not because one of my religious Maga ants has said to me, she's like, I don't even recycle. She's like, I'm done. I'm in my 60s, I've done my part, which she hasn't, she's never done any fucking thing worthwhile. But it's like this idea that you don't have to keep the planet and habitable for the next generation, et cetera, et cetera. That is you telling the next generation, I don't give two fucks about you and then turning around and being like, Well, why are they so depressed? Will? You just tell them you don't give a fuck? Yeah,

Dave Anthony 1:38:54
yeah. I mean, every single day that goes by, they don't do anything about climate change. You're telling generations that you don't care about them? What do you think? What do you think the result of that is?

[VIDEO] 1:39:05
What does that leave them with? No meaning. But there was always Instagram. I'm Dennis Prager. This video was made

Lisa Curry 1:39:16
sounds like somebody's not getting a lot of likes on Instagram. He thinks there's no

Dave Anthony 1:39:23
he is. He is deeply deeply stupid, man.

Lisa Curry 1:39:28
Yeah, yeah, that was a weird commercial for Instagram by the way the world has any Instagram.

Dave Anthony 1:39:43
But yeah, he's he's just a really dumb guy who who just goes no, just believe in God and everything's fine. And it's like, it doesn't matter what it is like You know, you've got to look at other possibilities like there's no absolute about fucking anything like there always has to be so you can't just go God it's just like going COVID is fine, we can get it a bunch. Like there's just only seems like nobody knows nobody knows any of this stuff but to sit there and go like just believe in God and all this stuff will go away. It's just so fucking dumb and weird Yep.

Lisa Curry 1:40:32
Real bizarre

Josh Olson 1:40:35
What do you think Lisa, you want to well you want to take more classes at Prager you if you had your

Lisa Curry 1:40:39
eye I would like to enroll I'm going for the I'm going for my doctorate

Dave Anthony 1:40:48
you can be like us and Josh and I have committed a percentage of our incomes to Prager University

Josh Olson 1:40:57
continue to good work educating the young imagine just passing this off and feeding it to people as because the shits ending up on Facebook pages all over the country. You know, your your, your family you're talking about half of them are probably putting these things up on Facebook because

Lisa Curry 1:41:12
1,000% They are 1,000%

Dave Anthony 1:41:17
Yeah, I think I would like to know what effect this shit has actually had. Because I think it's much bigger than people kind of understand much more than like Fox News. I think that this stuff so easy to just sit down and watch for five minutes. You know, absorb it and move on because I definitely see a lot of idiots online parroting this absolute garbage?

Josh Olson 1:41:44
Because as he presents this this illusion of reason. You know, I'm using I'm using reasoning to get to my points. I'm using thoughtful compassionate logic. And it's just like it's pure baseless.

Lisa Curry 1:41:57
Yeah, there's it's total nonsense.

Josh Olson 1:42:00
But yeah, but it sounds good. And it takes you to a conclusion that tells you that you're right. So yeah, I

Lisa Curry 1:42:07
mean, not to like, just continue the shitting on religion because I don't look my grandma was very religious, and I respected that and I loved her dearly. And it's something that's not for me. But you know, the people that are willing to believe that um, man in the sky is deciding everything on earth and hates gay people and is helping the bills when or whatever the fuck somebody that's willing to believe that is much more willing to sit in. Fucking believe this bullshit, because they're like, I just want to be told what's what? Much like women in the 50s? Yeah.

Josh Olson 1:42:49
Who are married to? Yeah, Warren cleaver. Oh, my

Dave Anthony 1:42:53
guy. A guy that nobody in the day.

Josh Olson 1:42:57
You gotta go out on it. Yeah, want to know where he went. Lisa, thank you so much for joining us. I love how we keep bringing you on to these things. I love

Lisa Curry 1:43:05
it. Thanks for having me. It's

[MUSIC] 1:43:10
Good morning class. Today we're learning all about socialism, deviant sex and devil worship. And how cool shimmy science fiction is next week. If you finally had enough of him beat college left wing. Get yourself a real degree from Prager University. Gates is here to give everyone free vaccine sciences commie plot. Our professors can't be bought. All textbooks are sorrows free at Prager University. My pronouns are no more guilt. No more blame. No more head to toe white male shame, no waves on your family tree at Prager University.

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We want to thank our incredible support team. Brian siano, our free floating agent of chaos aka research guy

Dave Anthony 1:44:35
and also con McCoy who does all of our music. You can also find him he out there and music world He is known as diesel boots.