Brick + Mortar Visibility - For Studio Owners

As a brick and mortar visibility coach I love sharing how to grow your visibility and brand awareness.

This strategy as been the most beneficial to my businesses both brick and mortar and online! Yes! Online. But I had a lot of mindset issues behind it. Showing up, meeting people and then asking for their time was hard for this introvert.

However, by doing it consistently I’ve created confidence. And I’ve also created a system so that I am efficient and effective without my back office getting bogged down with details.

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#87: One to Ones And Their Ripple Effect and My 3 Step Process to do Them Efficiently  

As a brick and mortar visibility coach I love sharing how to grow your visibility and brand awareness.  

This strategy has been the most beneficial to my businesses both brick and mortar and online!  Yes!  Online.  But I had a lot of mindset issues behind it.  Showing up, meeting people and then asking for their time was hard for this introvert. 

However, by doing it consistently I’ve created confidence.  And I’ve also created a system so that I am efficient and effective without my back office getting bogged down with details.  

And guess what! I share with you my three step process.  This is a quick episode that you can apply today!

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A Little bit about Melissa Rose   

 In 2008, three weeks postpartum, Melissa started her business in her basement while her babies were in the pack and play.  With her passion, resilience and nose down, she created a business that has become "The Highlight of you Week" for her tribe, her team and her community. 

Now a visibility coach for brick and mortar businesses, Melissa guides other boss ladies to a flourishing brick and mortar that provides for their own tribe - creating a legacy for themselves, their family and their community.  

Melissa is a super mama of five kiddos, enjoys long hikes or playing in her garden.  At the end of the day you can find her snuggling up with a self development book with an ice cold beer.  

What is Brick + Mortar Visibility - For Studio Owners?

Hey there Studio Owner - You’ve put your blood, sweat and tears into creating brick and mortar business that serves your clients well and impacts the community you love. You’re my hero. And I’m pretty sure we could sit down and talk like besties do cuz I get it. I’ve had my studio business for many years, a hand full of kids and a few passion projects that I love - like this one.

Hey there, I’m Melissa Rose - your business coach for the studio owners who wants more stellar clients coming in their door, more bank in their bank account and more time to hang out- and be completely present - with those they love most.

I love guiding other studio owners who are also living life and on the edge. Going for their dreams and creating a legacy through their kickass business.

In this podcast we’re going to share the nitty gritty of running a successful studio business. Sharing stories, talking strategy and learning practical tips that leave you inspired, empowered and equipped to create your epic life. Every. Single. Day.

So If you’re a dance studio, yoga studio, pilates studio, or fitness boutique studio - you’re in the right place. Add some kiddos, and maybe a partner in the mix - And I call you a Rebel Woman.

Ready to dive in?

Let’s get real.

In this podcast, we talk all about visibility, all sorts of different strategies to get more people to know about your business. So today I am going to share with you one strategy that I have used very successfully in my brick and mortar business. So let's get real.
Hey there everybody. How are you so good to be here as always happy Wednesday? I hope this finds you well and excited about fourth quarter coming right around the bend. Right? I know I am. Before we launch into today's content, I do want to share an event. I have coming up. My rebel women live event. The are so fun. They are entertaining. They are educational and they are empowering. This is a local event, but you can also join via zoom. And we have had done this in the past and have had great success with it. So even those of you that are live all over the country or world, you are welcome to hop on through zoom. In rebel women event, the topic is community. It's all about growing community in your team, in your clients and in your community. I have three amazing guest speakers that are going to come in and teach us what they have done in their zone of genius to help us with community. So we have Jessica Klatt coming in to talk all about building the right community in your team. She actually has a business that helps business owners create a stellar team. She was featured on the podcast back on episode 70. If you want to hop back and listen to her, she's just a joy. And I cannot wait for everybody to learn from her. Then we have Lindsay Robinson. She is going to come on as a speaker to teach about community within her clients and her tribe, she has got a stellar, just energy and vibe. And she has a clientele that just rallies behind her. She was featured on episode 79. So go back and listen to her. And you'll hear a little bit about her, but she's going to teach what she does and how she creates this amazing fan base with her clients. And then we have Paul roadie, you guys, this is the first time I'm bringing in a male into a rebel women event, but you know what, there's a first for everything. And Paul is an exceptional leader and business owner in the community and he genuinely, he is one of those people, the whole community just rallies behind and, supports so well. So he is going to talk about what he has learned and done to create such a massive support system and a group of people that support his business, but support him. And of course he supports others it's because he is genuinely a hands out giving person. So he is going to come in and share that. So I am super excited about the speakers coming in October 28th. This is an afternoon event. 2:00 to 4:00 PM live at the dancing house in Hudson, Wisconsin. But again, you can also grab a virtual ticket. So go to and click the rebel women tab and grab your ticket because the in-house tickets are limited. All right.
Okay. Talking about one-on-one. Getting in the room. We're going to talk about meeting with other people one-to-one. So the ripple effect of that and connecting with other business owners or just even other people, but I'm specifically going to talk about business owners because that's what we are about here on the podcast. I'm going to share with you what has worked really well with me. And I am going to share with you how I systematize it, because that is where most business owners struggle is they, they want to do this. They want to make it happen, but they do not have the system in place to keep themselves consistent and hold them accountable. And that is what I want to share with you today. So in order to connect with people, one-on-one, we really need to get out of our space, get out of our circle and you need to get in the room.. All right. Get in the room, find a networking group, find a person in your wheelhouse, meaning somebody that would collaborate well with you. For me, it would be a bookkeeper or a CPA or a marketing agency where they do graphic design and things like that. Working with somebody that compliments your business or even somebody who is in your business, but maybe not directly in your community. So not a competitor, but maybe somebody in your industry, in another community and connect with them.
So get in the room, all right. Get in the room and, expose yourself to these different people. So now you've gotten in the room. How do you make it easy? How do you make yourself take that next step forward and connect with somebody? I am always super intentional about one person, just one person connect with one person and I make it easy for them to, connect with me.
So I asked for their business card. I'll small talk with them and in a future episode, we're going to talk about some networking tips there, but I connect with them creative conversation. And then I say, Hey, can I get your business card? I am terrible about not bringing my business cards. And the thing is I don't even like to pass them out because I can not guarantee that they are going to follow up with me, but I know that I am going to follow up with them. So I always ask for the business card. And then if they say, oh, do you have one? I say, I don't, but here, let me text you my contact information. So if you don't know this tip, you're going to grab your phone and I'm an apple girl. So you're going to create your own contact information in your contacts. I find myself Melissa Rose and I have my email. I have my website, I have my Facebook places, all the social stuff and, phone number and address or whatever I want to share.
And I then text them that information so that they have it, they have it right there in their contact information. Okay. So that's super easy. Now I have the business card and now I'm going to go home and I do this right away because if I don't do it right away, it's not going to get done. So the second part of this is then emailing them a link. What do I mean by that? So what I'm going to do is I'm going to follow up with an email or. If they are pretty social media savvy, I find them on the social places where they are, and you can see real quickly if they're active. And if they're active on Facebook, I may send them a Facebook messenger or LinkedIn.
I might send them a message on LinkedIn, but you know what? I'm a four on the Enneagram. So I'm always going to do it a little different. Meaning I am not just going to message or text you. I am going to send you a voice memo or I'm going to send you a short video. So wherever you connect with them. Make it your own, say hello, whatever, but then you're going to say, I would love to connect with you. And I have an acuity link, which is a calendar scheduling system. I like acuity because it's very user-friendly and my assistant, Karen can totally do this and get it done and, figured out in like two seconds. And she was the one that said, oh my gosh, that was too easy. Okay. So if you are not tech savvy or wouldn't say you're tech savvy acuity is fabulous. And I have it programmed in there where I have a 30 minute just because. So for people who want to pick my brain or want to connect real quick, I have that 30 minutes slated. I have an initial email confirmation. I have a reminder. I have a follow-up email after the appointment. So those are all preset programmed one and done. Once you set it in the backend of acuity, you don't ever have to touch it again.
Some things to think about in your auto responders is always include in your signature. make sure its Monetize or optimized. Both meaning I have my link to my website and it's a hyperlink so that they can get to my website. If they're interested in purchasing anything or learning more about me, I have the podcast link highlighted, ready for them to go and listen. And I have a picture. Keeping me top of mind. Don't just say your name. You gotta make sure you're giving them everything they could possibly need phone number, whatever it is. Okay. So that link I grab. So that 30 minute link. Hey Sarah, it was so great to meet you today. I would love to connect. I have a 30 minute appointment. Grab a time that works for you . And that I have it. And then it is in their court to connect with you. But I usually get it right away. I usually get those 30 minute bookings because I made it easy for them. All they have to do is click the link and then they're going to put in their information. And then you guys, all their information is current. It's all right there. And I didn't have to enter anything in and they get reminded. We meet and then we have a follow-up email. So get in the room, make connection with one person, email them a scheduling link so that you can connect with them. And then you have that one-on-one conversation. And that one-on-one conversation. You guys it's huge. It kind of breaks the ice, you know, because when you're in a big room or a room with a bunch of people, it's hard to connect on a real level. Some people are really good at it. I really struggled with this. I was very scared or insecure of going into a room and connecting with people. So when I get somebody one-on-one, it's just so much easier for me. And then you can talk and get to know each other and then learn about each other's business, but I'm going to tell you two things that you should always ask somebody when you are meeting with them.
So this is your little extra here that if you can do this, this is going to propel your business forward. The first one is how can I help you and shut your mouth and wait for them to be like, floored that you ask that questions. All right. You could give them a review. You could connect them to somebody. You could, share their contact information with a referral that you have. Maybe you have a referral for them, but how can you serve them? And then the second question, and this one is trickier. Who in your network should I know, who do you know in your network that I should meet and ask for it. It's easier to ask that question after you've already opened up your hands and offer to help them. They're going to be very receptive to giving you a connection or a referral it's a give and take. All right. So one-on-ones here. Huge help in growing your business.
If this is something that interests you I want you to do it consistently. And when you have a system behind the scenes to help you do it consistently, you will do it. Okay. So I hope this helps you because it can be overwhelming meeting people and then trying to schedule a time and going back and forth. And I want you to have a system, so you're not wasting that time. Cause I know you don't have it. So here we go. Number one, you're going to get in the room. Number two, you are going to connect with one person. Number three, you're going to make that email or voice memo or video and include your scheduling link. And then you're going to connect with them. Number four, connect with them, learn about their business, offer how you can help them and see an ask. That's the thing, ask how they can help you by showing you or sharing with you, somebody in their network. I hope that was helpful. This is like I said, it's been a great part in growing my business is getting to know other business owners. One-on-one and you guys, the really cool thing about this is because I get to know those people one-on-one I then can refer them and I have become known as a connector in my community because I have made it super intentional to meet with business owners one-on-one. So if you would like to meet one-on-one, even if you're not from the Hudson area, I would love to meet you. And you can do that easily by scheduling a 20 minute call, from my website and come and let's connect and chat and learn about each other and see how we can help each other.
All right.
I hope this was helpful and we'll see you same time, same place next week. Peace. Bye-bye.