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Black people live abroad too. You wouldn’t know it from a lot of the expat narrative out there. Amanda Bates is changing that.

Show Notes

People of all kinds – yes, people of color too – go abroad to live, love and learn. They study a language, they follow a partner, they go just for the heck of it or for a midlife crisis. Sometimes, they flee war or poverty, but not usually. 

Tired of not seeing her story represented, Amanda Bates created The Black Expat – a media centering the stories of Black global citizens. In this episode, she discusses her TCK childhood between Cameroon and the US, the challenges of life in-between and who gets to be called an expat vs. an immigrant. 

00:00 Intro
01:55 A TCK childhood
06:14 An American teenager in Cameroon
09:08 A Cameroonian student in the US
12:56 Why TCKs and first-gen college students relate
16:43 Minority students and the study abroad experience
18:34 How to become a Borderline member
19:40 Centering the Black expat experience
22:27 Blackness is not monolithic
29:07 Expat vs. immigrant and the power of words
38:17 Outro

The Black Expat is at, on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Its podcast, The Global Chatter, is on all the usual podcasting platforms. 

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What is Borderline?

Borderline is a podcast for defiant global citizens. It believes in openness, discovery and compassion. It resists outrage and seeks wonder. Prosaically, the podcast discusses geopolitics, immigration and lives that straddle borders. If you leave home to get home, Borderline is for you.