Healthy Conversations

Listening to Brad Bostic, founder, chairman, and CEO of HC1 -- and Daniel’s latest guest -- you can’t help but be excited about the future: “We've got this incredible opportunity that's once in multiple generations to advance the ball, and it's because you've got access to medical information that's digital unlike you've ever had, and you've got this access to compute, and you have a collection of really intelligent, committed people working on these different areas of innovation. You put all those things together and there could not be a better time to accelerate in healthcare.” He explains how the use of digital twins, and being able to be predictive sooner, can help.

What is Healthy Conversations?

Healthy Conversations brings health care experts together with CVS Health leaders for open discussions via video and podcast on timely topics like COVID-19 and insight into both the challenges facing the frontlines and the emerging innovations that will ultimately transform the industry.