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In this episode, Mikki talks about the good and bad in the Anaheim vs. Wild game. Then she matches each Wild player to an article of clothing. Throw in a few rambles, and you've got a show!

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Wild Hockey Fan | Cozy Mystery Writer | Mom of 2 | MN Raised | She/Her | Hockey Takes that No One Asked For

What is Her Wild Side Hockey Podcast?

Her Wild Side combines hockey knowledge with a side of vibe checks. The weekly show will have game breakdowns, any topical news about the MN Wild, and fun things going on surrounding Wild's social media. This show aims to be informative while also sparking good conversation about the Wild and hockey in general without having to keep everything serious.


welcome to Her Wild Side Hockey Podcast.

I am your hostess, Miki,

aka HockeySheWrote.

And here we are.

Last night was the first

game of a back-to-back in California,

which means West Coast time,

which means 9 o'clock start.

So I am exhausted.

And I am going to record

this and try to be done within, I mean,

like done with everything

in like 30 minutes because

I would like a nap.

Not only were we up late with the wild,

but I also had an early

wake up when my son's

insulin pump ran out of power,

which means I had to plug it in.

And then there's all this

stuff you have to do when

it turns back on.

So I was half awake doing that.

So I'm running on not very much sleep,

which is probably why the

second half of this podcast

is going to be a little unhinged.

And I know that that's kind

of what you're here for is

like the unhinged hockey content.

So don't worry, it's coming.

first so last night anheim

ducks tonight kings yes

like I said I'm tired folks

um so last night

There were lots of good things.

Gustafson had a shutout and

hopefully that will help

him with his confidence,

because I feel like that's

part of the problem.

Consistency wise.

Do you know what I mean?


even if you have that little bit of

doubt in the back of your mind,

it's just enough to kind of

throw you out of a routine.

So, hopefully, I mean,

we'll be seeing Fleury in net today,

but hopefully Gustafsson

will be in one of the games

this coming weekend or, you know,

coming up.

They have a three-game homestand,

and we can kind of see how

he's doing and maybe how

this game is doing good for him.

We also had Marat, who was, what,

this is his third game?


And he, again,

he is still taking face-offs like crazy,

winning face-offs like crazy.

And it's really fun to

finally have a center who can do that.

Although, apparently,

I just saw on the Minnesota

Wild PR Twitter thing that

Ryan Hartman had like a 70%

face-off win percentage last night, too.

Now, I don't know, you know,

I don't know how good or

bad the Anaheim Ducks are

like on the dot.


Who knows?

But Murat also got his first NHL point.

He assisted and they gave

him the they got the puck

like Johansson went and got

the puck out of the net for him,

which I think is so cute

because it wasn't even a goal.

It's just this first his first point.

And then he gave the helmet

to Gustafson in the locker

room afterwards,

which I thought was kind of fun.

And now we've talked about

the not so good part of last night's game,

which is Jonas Brodine and his injury.

And, you know, I watched it happen on TV,

but I didn't see the other

angle or I don't you know,

I didn't really see the

other angle until this

morning when I was when I

went back on social media

and I was looking around

and his leg that it bent away.

It shouldn't really bend.

And he landed on it.

And I mean.

I'm going to be positive.

I'm going to be very positive about this.

Russo did say that they

don't think it's his ACL,

which is good because that

was kind of the option that

would take the most rehab time.

So hopefully it is just something small,


The one fun thing from that

incident was just that when

he skated over to the bench

and Fleury helped pull him

into the bench.

And it was very sweet.

But I did not like watching

that because you could see

that he could not put any

weight on his right leg.

And if both of my Swedish guys,

my Swedish bestie favorite

guys are out with injury, I might riot.

I don't know who or where I

would hold this riot.

Maybe we could all meet at

one of those get mad and

smash things places.

And then that's where we could do it.

We could get all of our anger there.

Now, in other good news, the St.

Louis Blues lost last night.

And with us winning,

the Wilds are three points

out of a wild card spot.

So we leapfrogged over the Blues.

We are three points out from

a wild card spot.

The Wilds do have...

one of the easiest schedules

for like the end of the season here.

We're playing a lot of

easier teams or games that

might be easier to win.

And so there is still a possibility.

And you know me,

like I've got the good vibes.

I am completely convinced

every year that we are

going to make it and we're

going to win the Stanley Cup.

So that's kind of what I think.

But I also think realistically,

we'll make it to the playoffs.

you know, we'll have to see, but yeah,

I was doing this fun post

on Twitter where everybody that liked it,

I would add like a piece of,

of Mickey lore and just

like weird facts about me.

And it's really fun.

I'll see if I can link it in

the show notes just because it's a fun,

I don't know, super just weird stuff.

But one thing people were

saying was that my dad is a

he's just,

he's a weirdo and he's so funny.

Um, one of the facts that I had shared,


one of them was that he's a

construction worker and he

actually was a hand model once.

Um, and the other is that when I was born,

you know,

they stayed in the hospital for

like a couple of days.

So my dad works construction.

He was working outside.

It was June.

He got to the hospital to

pick up my mom and I to bring us home.

And he did not have a shirt.

And they would not let him

in to the hospital without a shirt.

So he went back to the truck

and the only thing that he

could find to put on was a jean jacket.

So there are pictures of him

bringing me home from the

hospital and like holding

little newborn Mickey.

bare chested with a jean

jacket and it's just it's

amazing um my dad and I

we're kind of the I'm the

most like him out of like

my siblings and I so he and

I we just get each other

but he there are just so

many things about him that

I don't know how to describe

And many are hockey related.

I mean,

the reason that my whole family is

into hockey is because of my dad.

My dad liked hockey.

He would have loved to play hockey.

He grew up in a family with seven kids.

They didn't have any money.

So he wrestled because he

didn't really have to buy

anything to do wrestling

versus hockey where you

have to buy all the gear.

So he is like obsessed with hockey.

And one of the best things

is that when my brother was younger,

so he played all the way

through high school.

Once Mason got to where he

was playing JV and varsity hockey,

my dad would make it to

every single game.

Again, he's a construction worker.

He worked long hours.

He works odd days.

He works,

but he would make it to every

single game.

So one day my dad is at work

and he is cutting concrete.

And he is using what's

called a diamond blade saw.


my dad is like the utmost safety guy.

Like he is someone who is all about safety,

you know, at home, wherever,

at work especially.

But accidents happen.

So he's cutting concrete and

somehow ends up cutting

right over his wrist.

Like literally right through.

He cut like three tendons.

He had to go to the hospital

and he eventually did like

surgery to reattach them.

And he had to like do

therapy to learn how to reuse his hand.


my dad does not think to call my

mom or he might,

maybe he did think about it,

but my mom was a teacher.

And so he knows that like, okay,

number one, she's busy.

Like I can't just call

whenever I feel like.

And number two, my mom does not do well.

in any sort of emergency.

The world can be divided

into people who do well in

an emergency and people who don't.

There's not really a middle ground.

My dad and I are both very

good in an emergency.

Something happens and the

first thing we do is just like, okay,

What's our, like, what is our plan?

What's the next move?

My mom just panics.

So he thought, okay, I'm not gonna,

I'm not gonna call her.

I'll wait until she's done with school.

This was the morning, by the way,

this was like eight,

nine o'clock in the morning.

So my dad goes to the hospital,

gets through all this stuff, uh,

calls my mom at three o'clock once,

once school is done and the

kids have left and says like, Hey, yeah.

So like I had an accident at work and like,


It's kind of bad.

And so he's like describing it to her.

My mom's like, oh, my God.

And he was like, OK,

but I will meet you at Mason's game.

So see you.

Love you.



Like he was not going to go home,

he was not going to miss.

And so my mom,

like my mom rolls up to the

rink and my dad is like, you know,

has his arm all bandaged up

and he's got it in a sling and like.

But no,

he was not going to miss that

hockey game.

I love it.

But I will say so growing up

in a smaller town.

The arena was really like I

spent so much time at the

local arena and not only that, but.

People knew me.

And because we were a smaller town,

my brother skated with the same boys,

you know,

even if he was one of the younger ones,

then he was skating with

kids that were kind of my

age or skating with the as

one of the older ones, more kids his age.

I mean, and so we knew families and.

They were always there to

kind of like to help.

You know, they were always there to help.

So hockey family is just different,

especially in a small town.

There was one day where

there was... So we had a

boys hockey team and a

girls hockey team for high school.

Whenever one was home, the other was away,


And I was a cheerleader for hockey.

And so we would cheer for

whichever team was at home.

If it was girls, we'd cheer for the girls.

If it was boys, we'd cheer for the boys.

So my...

I went to, there was a girls hockey game,

but this was a year that

the boys hockey team was

doing really well.

My brother wasn't playing on it yet.

He was too young, but they were just,

they were winning all the time.

They were doing so well.

And so my dad had been

following them and just, you know,

watching all of their games too.

And so they, my parents and my sister,

my brother,

they had taken off and they

left and drove wherever to

go watch the boys.

I had to go cheer at the girls.

So I get in my car.

I drove a 1975 Ford LTD,

which is like a land boat.

Basically we live kind of

out in the country.

So I'm taking this back road

to the arena and, and you know,

my parents are always like, yeah,

this is probably not what happened,

but there were,

someone had gone into the

ditch before and they were

like ruts in the dirt and

And then I had iced over it.

And so I literally like I'm

driving along and all of a sudden, like,

and I'm in the ditch.

I'm like, crap.

And so I get out of the car

and I'm actually not that far from home.

So I was thinking, you know, OK, well,

I can just go home and I'll

figure it out from there.

But someone and I don't even

know who it was, some random person.

pulls up and they were like

hey you know are you okay

and I said yeah I'm fine

and they're like would you

like a ride home and I mean

mind you this was like it

was not like a creepy

person even if I didn't

know that I you know I

could tell that it wasn't a

creepy thing and I said you

know actually could you

give me a ride to the arena

And so this very nice random

person drove me to the arena.

And then by the time I got there,

I was like,

I was just a little bit upset

at that point because I was like,

I don't know how to tell my parents.

You know, we didn't have cell phones,

so I couldn't call them.

And thinking about how we're

going to get out of the ditch.

And one of my brother's teammates,

parents saw me and I was

crying a little bit.

I will admit.

And they were like, oh, what's wrong?

You know what's going on?

I told him what happened.

And they were like, OK.

you know,

you got to get going for this game.

Give us the keys.

We'll drive out and get it.

So they drive out there and they,

their names are Tracy and Eddie.

They drive out there.

They use Eddie's truck to

pull my car out of the

ditch and then drive it back to the rink.

And it's just such a wonderful,

like hockey family.

Like that's what you do.

All right.

That was a long rambling thing.

So I'm sorry if you're still listening.

Thank you.

And I do have more to say.

My unhinged content is coming.


I do need to pause just for a minute

and play our little ESPN ad.

So I'll be right back.

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So my unhinged content, I thought,

you know what?

This is actually episode 30

of Her Wild Side podcast.


And I thought I need to do something fun.

It's been a little while since I've done,

like I remember, you know,

quite a while ago before

they went to Sweden,

I did like the airplane stuff and, um,

And that was good.

And so I got to thinking, first of all,

it's supposed to snow here in Minnesota,

which I'm extremely excited

about because I love snow

and we've had a really

tough winter for that.

So first I was going to kind

of try and figure out how I

would separate the players

into the different seasons.

That got a little convoluted because...

You know,

if I was thinking winter is like quiet,

maybe a little more like

chilly and fall is a little

like kind of mysterious.


there's players that fall into both

of those categories.

So it's like it was getting hard.

So somehow I came up with

this idea to assign each

wild player an article of clothing.

And none of them are repeated.

So I just went to the roster

and they just had it

alphabetical down the list.

Here we go.

Matt Boldy, being a Massachusetts boy,

gets a polo.

It's probably a Ralph Lauren.

It's got the little guy on

the polo horse playing polo.

And probably in a nice light gray,


Adam Beckman is a pair of joggers.

I did consider doing a

backwards baseball hat,

but that felt a little bit like...

Like, he actually wears that?

I don't know.

I was like, no, that's too much.

So he's a pair of joggers.

Jonas Brodine is a well-tailored suit.

You know, the Swedes, they look good.

And they don't just buy off

the rack and like, no,

because it's tailored.

Zach Bogosian is a pair of fishing waders.

I feel like that one is

pretty self-explanatory.

Declan Chisholm,

we don't know a ton about him yet.

I did listen to The Wild on 7th,

and I liked that he listens

to folk music in the car,

which is like different

from any of the other players.

And so I kind of got that

maybe he was a little bit

like laid back vibe.

He's just like a plain t-shirt,

like a v-neck,

a plain white v-neck t-shirt,

but like a nice one, a nice one.

Jules Erickson Eck,

I don't think he has ever

worn this article of clothing before,

but it popped in my head

and then I couldn't think

of anything else.

He is a turtleneck sweater,

probably in like a navy blue, I feel.

And it is a sweater, not just like a plain,

not just like a turtleneck.

It's kind of a turtleneck sweater.

Rock Faber is a letterman's jacket.

Again, pretty self-explanatory.

Marcus Foligno I put as a floral tie.

And that's kind of,

that's a little bit vague.

But I just, it felt fitting.

It felt a little too on the

nose to put a floral tie with Fleury.

So I thought Foligno kind of

shows his like fun side, you know.

Marc-Andre Fleury is a pea

coat with a scarf.

Now, probably a darker,

like a black peacoat,

a darker colored scarf,

just to kind of go with

when he's like in a serious mode,

you know.

Freddy Goudreau is a nice

pair of leather loafers,

perhaps like the ones that

Matthew Kachuk wears.

Alex Goligosky is a pair of dad sneakers.

So he's like the white

sneakers that you buy at

Costco and they have like a

little green on the bottom

because you use them when

you mow the lawn.

Philip Gustafson is a fisherman sweater.

So I'm talking like one of those chunky,

like thick knit sweaters.

And like down the front,

it has like those little, like the hook.

It's not a button.

You know,

it's got like three kind of hook things.

That sounds like dangerous,

not dangerous hooks,

like this little button hooks.

Ryan Hartman is a pair of jeans.

Just a pair of jeans.

I'm going to guess probably boot cut.

Do men have other cuts?

Do men wear, like, other than blue cuts?

I don't know.

He's a pair of jeans.

Murat Hustaninov is a leather jacket.

Like, a classy leather jacket.

Not, like, motorcycle.

Kirill Kaprizov is a pair of

expensive sneakers.

Marcus Johansson.

I was tempted to say...

The thing from the photo,

if you know what I'm

talking about with Jojo,

but I really didn't want to

try and explain what that was.

The thing he wore for his bachelor party.

So instead,

I thought I could see him in a

nice cardigan.

Can't you see him in like a

like a nice button up

cardigan with like the

little patches on the

sleeve or on the elbows?

I thought he might wear

something like that.

Jake Lucchini, again,

one of the players that I

feel like we don't know a ton about yet,

but a nice pair of khakis,

maybe even just from the gap.

Vinnie LaTerry, okay, sorry,

he actually wore this,

but Vinnie LaTerry is that

three-piece suit that he

wore that was purple checked.

The vest, the jacket,

the pants looked so good,

especially with the black

button-up shirt.

That's going to be my

picture of him for forever

because that was amazing.

Jake Middleton is a Harley

Davidson t-shirt.

One that he bought when he went to Sturgis,


Dakota Mermis is a pair of gym shorts.

Like not necessarily like

I'm going to work out at the gym shorts,

but just like it's a regular summer day.

I'm going to go bring my kids to the park.

I got to pull on some shorts.

Gym shorts.

John Merrill is a pride themed hat.

Is that too on the nose?

I'm also wearing a pride themed hat.

I don't know.

I just couldn't come up with

anything else for him.

So we'll see.

Marco Rossi, a pair of wool socks,

like really like nice wool socks,

not like not boring.

You know, they maybe have like a pattern,

not a busy pattern,

but just maybe enough to

like make them look good.

They're also very warm and comfortable,

but you can wear them if you go hiking.

You get what I get, what I'm going for.

mason straw is a pair of

overalls and that might be

a little unfair to him

because that is just

fitting into the farmer

stereotype so like maybe I

should have thought of

something else um also

cowboy boots you know what

I think he could be cowboy

boots but no no no not

cowboy boots he's gonna be

he's gonna be a pair of um

red wing work boots

That's what my dad and my

brother both wear.

So he's going to be a pair

of Red Wing work boots.

And he uses them to work.

They're not just, you know,

not just for show.

Jared Spurgeon is a set of

matching pajamas.

Perhaps they are pajamas

that match the rest of his family.


but they're not like Christmas themed

or anything.

They're just like a nice,

maybe like a nice plaid,

like a nice red and green plaid.

So it's Christmassy,

but it's not candy canes, you know?

We've got Matt Zuccarello,

who is like an athletic hoodie.

You know,

not like you would go to Lululemon,

you know,

and get like a lightweight

athletic hoodie.

And then I did throw in a bonus.

I think John Hines is a kiss

the chef apron.

He just really got that vibe.

He's got like that dad vibe,

but also that he...

would totally take charge of

the grill at any barbecue,

like not even just at his house,

like anybody's barbecue.

He's going to don that apron

and he's going to be like,

this is my territory now.

You may leave.

And that's maybe why he is a good coach.

So that is the end of the

unhinged content.

For today,

there will obviously be more

because there is always

more unhinged content

floating around in my head.

If you have any other ideas

for what you would like me

to sort the players into,

I would love to hear.

I also don't really know.

Well, OK,

I was going to say I don't really

know about copyright laws,

but I do know about fair use.

So whatever it is, it should be fine.

So I'm going to do one more quick thing.

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So now I'm going to go take

a nap because it's two

o'clock and I have two

hours till my kids get home.

So I'm going to take a nap

and I will see you all on

social media later tonight.