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Introduction and Morgan Rielly Suspension
Injuries and Lineup Changes
Leafs' Performance Without Key Players
Struggles with Shooting Percentage
Bobby McMann's Performance
Liljegren's Performance and Future
Samsonov's Performance
Discussion on Potential Trade Targets
Patrick Laine Controversy
Negative Comments and Support for Patrick Laine
Nicknaming Bobby McMahon
Discussion on Hat Tricks
Discussion on the Leafs' Fourth Line
Limited Options for Trades
Concerns about Goaltending
Options for the Arizona Coyotes
Updates on the Arizona Coyotes
Potential Locations for the Coyotes
The Challenges of Building a Fan Base
The Coyotes' Ownership Issues
The Potential for Relocation
Expanding to Other Cities
The Second Team in Toronto
The Popularity of the Raptors
The Inherited Fandom of the Leafs
Competition for Attention in Toronto
The Wealth of Team Owners
The Unlikelihood of a Second NHL Team in Toronto
The Future of the Arizona Coyotes
Possible Name Changes for the Coyotes

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Alrighty, welcome back, welcome back.

It's been a crisp 24 hours, but we are
back with another one because the Leafs

played and there's so much more to talk
about because what should have been a

normal game, Sans Morgan Riley, I guess,
turned out to be a game Sans Morgan Riley

and a couple other people.

So we'll have that to talk about.

And the suspension came out.

So welcome back, everybody.

Oh, that was supposed to play the intro.

That was supposed to play the intro.

There it is.


No, that was me.

I just clicked and it didn't click.

I gave you a note.

Okay, so Leafs late night where it's never
too late for the Leafs Roscoe and Sudi

tonight Presented by Inside the Rink and I
am NOT wearing a Leafs hat this time

because the one that I wore last night was
hurting my head if you stuck around for

the post credit scene You will see that it
left a mark on my head and I was getting a

headache by the end of that episode So we
were going messy today.

I need a haircut

He's the same that tells you you need a
haircut buddy.

it is.

So five whole games for Morgan Reilly.

So guesses were everywhere from, you know,
Brian Hayes and the crew were saying two

or three.

We had some Leaf haters saying it's going
to be 10.

We had some people that are negative Leaf
fans saying it's going to be 10 just

because that's what we think of George

I said seven being said about five or six.

What do you think it was gonna be?

I said it was going to be four.

Okay, so, I mean, like I said, everybody
was all over the place.

There was no telling what was going to
happen because if there's one thing the

Department of Player Safety is known for,
it is inconsistency.

Their consistency for inconsistency is
rather remarkable.

To your point, everyone was guessing
between two and 12 games.

So that pretty much sums it up right
there, right?

No one actually knew what to expect
because you can't go unprecedented.

It changes every fucking time.


And it came out today that Leafs have been
the most suspended team under George


So, you know, there's reason to think it
could be as high as 10, right?

Like, it's so stupid.

So obviously the number comes out at five.

But what was weirder is the timing.

So Kevin Weeks puts this out.

And I don't think we've ever seen a
suspension, a suspension leaked like this.

where it becomes erased.


So the fact that it did get leaked is kind
of, you know, it raises some eyebrows,


Yeah, and I forget what the wording was.

Like, I guess it's a scoop race.

I don't know what the actual term is.

But the fact that people were looking to
be the first ones to get on this is weird.

Like, this is usually just an announcement
from the department after they contact the

GM and the player from what we understand.

And then it gets announced.

And that's how everybody hears about it.


It's an announcement after a meeting with
a department.

It's an internal affair.

It's a suspension.

Like, I don't.

This is something that has never happened.

there is no one that should know about
this before the two GMs are owners of the

teams, right?

Like, it's insane that it happened.

Yeah, so in case you missed the pregame
show, Dredger, Drager basically alluded to

and kind of confirmed through further
conversation on it that the league didn't

or the the team and player didn't find out
until Twitter did.

Like when Kevin Weeks put that out,
everyone found out, which is insane.

Like the Morgan Reilly and the Leafs
should not find out from Kevin Weeks on


That's absolutely bonkers.

And there were other reporters talking on
X today saying like, you know, everyone

knew about this this afternoon.

Like it's never happened before, but we
all knew before they put it out.

Yeah, the whole thing is crazy.

Like I expected more than five games.

I thought it should have been less.

So maybe five is a middle ground type of

But they came up with the reasoning to
write and they said that there was no

previous engagement.

So Greg shouldn't have been expecting

But I think that's inaccurate.


For what he did, he should have been
expecting some type of retaliation.

Maybe not a cross check that, to be clear,
hit his arm and then rode up.

I don't think it was incredibly malicious.

I don't think he rally met to him in the

but he had to have known that there was
gonna be some type of retort for what he


Everybody's been talking about this.

He's the heel of the sends now.

He's playing into this character.

He knew exactly what he was doing like

of play like they have Valentine's cards
over this like it's him taking a slap


It's the guy's not hurt like why are we
getting five games for this?

like everybody's playing into this.

It's reigniting the Battle of Ontario.

Leaf fans are pissed because it's like
just not pissed in a well.

I mean, some people are pissed at the
amount of games, but like for the actual

incident, I think it's you know, we're
angry because he did something to

purposely aggravate us.

Like it's at the point it had its effect.

Like this is what sports is.

This is the rivalry between these guys.

I'm glad it's finally hitting this point
after fucking 20 years, it seems.

I bet, yeah, even on his team, like a guy
like Giroud or Jacques -Martin, they must

have been shaking their head at this
because that's not the way that they play


No, and I mean, look, I know he's
obviously on the Leafs in his bias, but

Matthew's saying he's never seen this at
any level other than the All -Star game.

Like, it's just, it's, this is a time when
you miss Don Cherry.

know that someone has to go get them.

Like it's, it's not even a question.

Yeah, for George Paros, like go to YouTube
and search George Paros.

It's not going to be highlights of him
scoring that show up.

It's him fighting people.

Like you're telling me this guy is not
going to assume like this guy's not enough

of a hockey player to know that if you
take a slapshot point blank with five

seconds left on an open net, you're not
going to get jumped by somebody like that

is ludicrous.

You're 100 % not wrong.

Like, isn't he an Ivy League student as

I don't know.

Honestly, I'm too young to really remember
him playing.

I just looked up Colton Orr beating the
shit out of him and him hitting the ice


But yeah, that was a thing that happened,
George Paros.

He's only 44.

When did he stop playing?

Part of the 2007 Stanley Cup winning
Anaheim Ducks.

So I should remember this guy.

College, Princeton University.

Yeah, no sludge.

Like this guy knows what's up.

If you just look at the stats, I
fractions, it has been very lopsided

towards the Leafs.

Not to sound like a homer, but...

fourth smartest athlete in sports by
Sporting News.

In sports, not hockey.

And you're telling me this guy can
confidently sign off on a report that says

Ridley Grigg was unsuspecting in this

Or he can't run an operation where he
can't have a leak.

He doesn't have the chance to tell the
owners or GMs what's going on first.

Somebody else needs to be in charge of
this and it shouldn't be somebody that was

a hockey player to be quite honest.

I don't know.

This is.

the whole thing is making me feel like a
homer, but like the facts are facts.

Yeah, the rule book is a sham and this
whole league just kind of calls shit by

the day.

I like what Riley did.

I wish he hit him maybe on above the pants
and the ribs or something, but he did what

he did.

And sent a message to the team.

And look how they played tonight.

Yeah, so moving on, I guess we find out
five games and we think that's going to be

the only person we're down.

And obviously we find out right before the
game starts this illness that has been

ripping through the team.

I don't know what the hell is going on.

Like we find out Timmons has mono.

So that's one thing.

He's not part of this, but Gio was out and
now Marner and Tavares are both down with


And the.

the fan duel didn't know either.

Nobody knew, like, McMahon wasn't even
supposed to play tonight, apparently it

was like when they took the ice they were
like, oh shit, runner's not playing,


Man, like for both of them to be pretty
out, like they must be pretty sick.


Yeah, and for it to be that last minute,
like they really wanted to and the team

doctor must have stepped in and be like,
guys, you're going to throw up on the


the whole dynamic of the game tonight
shifted, right?

Everybody's roles changed.

Everything changed.

Yeah, and I mean, like Brian Hayes said,
too, like anybody who's a Leaf fan knew

that this was going to be this kind of

Like any time we're down the stars, like
after the game, they even said without

Riley, the Leafs are like 15 and two for
some reason without when Matthews is down,

it's the same deal.

Any time these guys go down, it's the team
comes through as a collective and plays a

completely different style of game where
they're not relying on setting up a couple

of guys to score and then playing defense
the rest of the time.


I thought Matthews had a few chances, but
like he wasn't overly noticeable.

It was everyone like Domi, it was
Robertson, it was like man, they all up

their game like times 10.

They were just huge tonight.

They got way more ice time and they just
played a whole different style of game

that they would normally be called on to

Yeah, and I think because they don't know
how long Mitch and JT are going to be down

for, I think they might have been trying
to lighten the load on on Nylander and

Matthews tonight.

They were playing a really good defensive
game, like both of them were focusing more


minutes into the game there's only 12
shots against?

That's a really good defensive effort from
top to bottom.

The first period they only had like three


like, it was like 26 minutes, I'm like

Yeah, that's insane.

So everybody was playing well defensively,
which, you you kind of have to when you're

down so many guys and you've got a bunch
of rookies coming up.

So, you know, it's good to see it's it's
not always a write off, but when it

happens, it kind of reinforces that.

OK, like it does seem like every time
they're going to do this.

I don't know.

it just talks to the depth of this team,

Because if you were to play 82 games with
this roster, you're not going to have the

success that you would with JT and Martyr.

But with them out for a couple of games
and Riley out, it just really shows that

people can step up on this team.

You also have the added bonus of people
having absolutely zero playbook on you for

a couple of games because like the Leafs
for six years have basically been the same

couple of players that run everything.

So everyone knows the few moves they have.

You know, they can update it every now and
then, but they know what to expect.

They know.

Yeah, they know who's going to take the

They know who's going to pass.

But when you completely throw out a
blender and take a couple of guys out,

like throw all of your notes out the
window, especially when you found out the

second you took the ice that two of the
guys aren't there.


So the other thing Fuck this second line.

So I was curious about the shooting
percentage of this team.

So I sent this out earlier today I was
doing a little stat research.

So there's seven guys on the Leafs that
have over a 10 % It's actually over 11 %

Matthews is the highest I think at 19
Reeves Ryan Reeves has the second high

shooting percentage on the team So you can
kind of take him out of the list because

it doesn't count Same with Robertson
doesn't really play enough minutes to be

considered either and Yarncroak's been

So really you've got four guys that have
over a 10 % shooting percentage.

The next one is David Camp at eight and a

And I had to really go a couple pages down
the list to find where he ranks in the

rest of the league.

Like what does eight and a half mean?

That's 376th in the league for shooting

Domi and Bertuzzi are like five and five
or six and a half or something.

So they're like 500th.


Bertuzzi is never going to score an NHL
goal again, so we can just not think about

that anymore.

But Domi, that's a pretty low number for

He's a playmaker.

I don't expect his numbers to be up.

They shouldn't be that low.

But for Bertuzzi to be that low,
especially with everyone he's been playing

with, and the amount of posts he's hit,
the amount of times he's been just robbed

or missed, this list luck can't keep up,

Statistically, it can't.

I would argue for Domi, if you're a
playmaker, your shooting percentage should

be higher because you're not taking as
many shots and the ones that you do take

should be in opportune positions.

He had a great one in opportunity
recession tonight and I just don't think

he has the shot to beat NHL goaltenders
right now.

Like Bittington saw it in coverage and he
still gloved it no problem.

That's as hard as Domi will ever shoot.

96 miles an hour.

I that was a that was a good shot from.

Yeah, it was 96 and it was.

I was surprised Bennington got it, but.

bit more with some movement, lateral
movement and like some screens, maybe he

will score a bit more, but he just doesn't
have a great shot.

No, but I guess to my point, like we've
talked about how much the top guys are

carrying, but it's not like, you know, you
see sometimes these guys in the bottom

line will have like a 50 % shooting
percentage or something because they never


But when they do, oh, look at that.

It goes in.

We're not even getting any of that.

Like the guy, the amount of times I've
seen Domi and Bertuzzi have a puck just go

across the line with no one touch it or
just sit in the crease where no one knows

where it is, is absolutely insane.

Like, I've never seen guys not be able to
just touch it in.

hasn't had a goal go off his ass, his
chest, even his face.

Like that's all he needs.

I think is just for a fluke goal like that
to happen.

Lower your shoulders, relax your arms a
little bit.

Stop clenching the stick so tight.

Since sometime early December.

Yeah, it's it's crazy watching how hard
they try like that line the second line

was so good tonight, but oh my god, they
were never gonna score

I find Nice has a little bit of an issue
where he's got a pretty big body and he

puts himself in front of the net, but he's
still like a foot away from the goalie's

line of vision.

If he's directly square up, I think he's
going get a lot more tips off his body

stick and screens, but he has not been
doing that yet this year.

funny, I thought Nylander's goal was
actually nice at the beginning.

I was like, oh, great.


Nice tip that in.

And I'm like, wait, what the hell?

How did?

I was like, finally, all right, off his
ass, great.

Out of the way, now he's going to start


But Bobby McSnipe.

Bobby McSnipe.

So those first two goals, like it wasn't
like the guy got a couple of garbage ones

in an empty net or like these were

Are you joking?

Oh, my God, it was so good.

had no business scoring from there, but
like, I'm so glad he did.

business scoring like at all, let alone
two, then three.

That empty netter is like a highlight reel
for the decade empty net goal.

Like he was absolutely not meaning to do

And you know what, like everyone shits on
Keith and stuff, but good for him for

putting him out there because he knew that
was going to pump the boys up and that

was, I think that was a move for the

Yeah, and it speaks a lot to Leafs Nation.

Everybody was kind of split on, hey, the
net's empty.

I know McMahon has two, but should we put
Pertuzzi out there?

Like, I almost would rather...

I'd rather Pertuzzi just get a fucking
goal than this kid who has two goals in

his entire career getting a hat -trick.


going to cut you a check behind the doors.

A little bonus.

Don't tell anybody, but.

Pertuzzi needed this more.


But no, you're absolutely right.

After all the shit that Babcock took, it's
nice that Keith in this situation where he

absolutely didn't have to puts out Camp
and what was it?

Camp, McMahon and Greger.

My God.

things like that go a long way for the

Gregor though, that breakaway.

I wanted him to like have a little more
patience, trust yourself, like take that

extra move.

He kind of just shot it at the end of the

I don't know.

doesn't even take breakaways in practice,

But like, you gotta think, all these guys
were the best player on their team at one

point, right?

Like they were all, they all have that
capability, whether they've tested it out.

They're playing there for a reason, like
these guys are the best in the world.

They're so good.

Yeah, I just, I don't know.

That's where you want to see it to know
that he's got the confidence and needs to

be here.

And that was just kind of a...

Yeah, it might have been like a small
little right flag.

Maybe he doesn't right now.

Yeah, just because everybody did play so
well, one who didn't that I just want to

give two seconds of grief for.

Justin and I talked a lot about Lilligran
last night.

He had a rough game, like everybody played
like Geo had a good game, Brody played


Jim had a really nice dive on a 2 -on -1
that he broke up.

That was huge.

Oh, and speaking of dives, what about that
one Robertson with the complete 360, like

stands up with it too?

Are you kidding?

The amount of energy that could like he's
actually playing healthy for the first

time maybe in his whole career like fully

And he's so quick.

He's got so much energy.

He's fun.

Oh, sorry.

But sorry, what was I gonna, what was I

Oh, Lillagren.

Yeah, so he definitely had the roughest
game of everybody tonight.

Kind of, he was highlighted on that first
goal by St.

Louis there, obviously was unable to tie
up the stick as was broken down by


So I don't need to go into that.

And just the times where he's the last man
on the blue line there and I've seen it

skip over his stick, like a couple times,

selection too is like right terrible.

It was right in the shins of the person
defending or trying to block it.

Oh, so many times he gets people on the

is crazy because like when we drafted him
this guy had such high up like offensive

upside And you just don't see it right now
and he used to see it even like two years

ago one year ago

Yeah, and I was reminded today, it's been
seven years since we drafted him.

Yeah, he was taken in the same draft as
Robert Thomas, who we played against


Like, that's just to compare the
development level.

you think like he's feeling just tonight,
a lot of pressure, Riley's out first game.

Hopefully he bounces back for these next
four games because this is a huge chance

for him.

like this is kind of his last chance in my

I mean,

I don't think if he does anything in the
next couple of games, you have to really

think about packaging him for something.

Yeah, I mean, honestly, I would have liked
to see last year as being his last chance

because they did give him a lot of
opportunities and then they kind of went

into this year like, I don't know, I guess
you're with Gio on the third pair.

If he's not going to be offensive, he's
too light and like not gritty enough to be

on a bottom three for defense.

So he's kind of stuck right in no man's

And he still got some value.

They're not meant to be bottom line
players, but there's never going to be an

opportunity for them to take like this
team has so few opportunities to take top

line spots.

Defense is definitely not going to be one
when you've got Riley and Brody.

Like that's kind of it.

The first pair is there.

We've locked up McCabe.

showed nothing that he'll like supersede
those people.

No, and look what happened when we brought
Benoit up.

He jumped over him in a matter of two


was going to be a solid four to six, five
to six probably, but he's great at what he

does and he knows his role and Lily is not
playing his role.

No, unfortunately, and it doesn't seem
like they're like because

training Sandeen because those were two
young guys who were supposed to come up.

Then we bet on Lily instead of Sandeen.

Lily over Sandeen and now here we are

hasn't really showed that much either to
be fair, but...

Yeah, and I mean, look, not every draft
pick pans out, but I don't think they gave

any opportunity for this one to go in the
right direction.

And now.

question though, because a lot of our
forward traffics, you know, have all these

are core four minus bars and everything,
but we haven't had like a really big

defensive pick that's hit.

Well, I think it's hard to like know that
a defensive defenseman is developing well.

like there's no question about it.

Yeah, it seems that those guys get picked
up later in their careers and kind of move

around teams as far as offensive ones
like, yeah, it's it's tough because once

you have Morgan Riley, like you don't
you're not looking for somebody to to take

that spot.

And it seems like every time they have
tried to trade for somebody that's that

same type of player, it never works out.

So this team has been in a really strange
defensive spot, like they don't really

know what to put around Morgan.

There's I've been saying for a long time.

I think Toronto.

The perfect guy was when Muzzin first came
to the Leafs, right?

Like I was nasty.

He was quick.

He'd have a great outlet pass and he had a
heavy shot.

What the Leafs don't have is like a threat
from the point right now.

You have a threat that Riley will go in
and pinch.

Easier offense and defense, right?

But you don't have someone who can just
blast it that will draw other teams

wingers out to your D and give more room
to Matthews, Tavares and Marner.

And that's just not a dynamic that the
Leafs have right now.

So other teams are defending against it.

They need Benoit with a slap shot.

You know?

Like, it's getting to the point where...

Kaber had like a massive Slapshot and was
a little quicker.

Yeah, see McCabe is almost that too.

Like I feel like they get almost there
with so many guys, but just Lillagren is

the one that every time they bring someone
in, it's they push him down a spot in the


And I like to bring it back to what you

I think March 8th is coming up in two
weeks, three weeks now.

I think they really got to see is this
something that we're going to keep rolling

the dice on every year or is it, you know,
somebody else's to deal with now?

It's a really big question for them
because he's had so many opportunities at

this point and he's just, where is it
going to be in this team?

His value might never be higher right now,
but it's not even that high.

Yeah, but exactly.

It can only go down at this point.

Look, it's good to have depth and
defensemen would going into the playoffs,

but I feel like with what you've got out
of all the other guys, like I would rather

if someone's injured, I'd rather see
Lajoie play a couple of games or Ligason

than than have.

obviously he's got mono now, but like even
a guy like Haber, like that hit he laid on

Sunquist tonight, no one else does that at

He brings something that no one else does
on the D and that's what Lily has to do.

Yeah, and yeah, exactly.

I just think it's not working right now.


That's so huge on him too when they
drafted him.

Yeah, me too.

And Sandeen too, it was sad to see him go.

And I was high on both of them, you know,
just the prospect of having like we talked

like you were saying, we never have
defensive prospects.

Finally, there were two that were, you
know, decently talked about.

he had Mondo in his last season in
juniors, so he slipped a bit to the Leafs

and we got him and he'd almost rather have
him right now.


On the plus side, Samsonov.

Another decent game from him, finally.


thought he looked good.

He looked cool, calm in the net.

He made the saves he had to make.

The one I blame on Lily, not him.

Yep, unfortunate tip right in front of

Other than that, limited shots and limited
danger, so...

really good defensively, like you said,
like the amount of shots they had going

into the last eight minutes of the game
was a 12.

Yeah, and I mean, most of that came from
the Leafs going down short handed.

Oh my God, what about McCabe getting his
nose bloodied up every game and getting

nothing for it?

Like good on Domi for running in like, no,
no, no, no, no.

We don't slam our friends into the boards
like that.

no, come on now, that's not happening.

He had two fucking stuffies up his nose,
his eyes were just watering.

The guy's a warrior though, like getting
fixed up on the bench and even have to go

back to the dressing room.

I mean, at that point, there's nobody to
take your spot.

So you kind of have to come back.

But like he's becoming to me like the
heart and soul of that D almost.

Just like what he brings for the team like
to rise him up.


Yeah, I do like that he, like you said,
he's got an identity.

He knows what he's there for.

He's got a job.

He does it.

He's mostly reliable.


Mostly, yeah.

of FutureLeaf per echo?

See, this, I've been looking through the
trade list and his is a name that I didn't

really think about that much until I saw
him plank tonight.

I was like, you know what?

the term the term isn't it like six years
at seven seven at six or six or seven

Colton Pareco, cab friendly.

How many years you got left, boy?

Oh my god, he signed until 2030 for six
and a half.


And his production's already falling off
of it.

He's got a he's got a no move.

is he too?

Is he like older than Brody already?

He is...



So you'd have him until he's 31, two,
three, four, 36, at six and a half


Yeah, no thanks.

I don't wanna.

two years you don't worry about you can
figure out afterwards, but the floor.

got a modified no trade clause in the last
two years and a no trade clause for every

other year.

Yeah, it's not an easy thing.

Like, I don't think he'd waive it to go to
Toronto either.


I don't know, maybe but I see.

Well, again, I don't see the Leafs having
the money to take that on like six and a

half for that.

Look, you're if you these off the books,
you've got a couple of those random like

Murray and some of these LTIR contracts
come off the books.

I don't know.

There's a whole bunch of like, Jomi,
Bertuzzi, there's a lot of things in the


I just don't know if you can make it work
at the deadline this year.

Like the Leafs are spending the most money
of any team right now.

I don't know how you find six and a half.

And I don't know if Colton Pereyko is
really the guy.

think he's the guy to do it.

Like I said, his stats have been falling
off a little bit the last two years, so

he's already a bit of an indecline.

So if he gives you two good years, then
you get stuck with four shit ones.

So I know they're not like super awesome,
but the team is not super awesome either.

I brought up a couple weeks ago, Andrew
Peek and Adam Bogwist.

They're both right -handed and they make 2
.75 and 2 .6 and they are 23 and 25 and

Columbus is shit.

So like I got shot down for that one, but
I don't really like, why is that crazy?

Like, are they that bad?

age, I think, and the control of the
amount of money that they're making.

That's extremely valuable for teams.

Yeah, I guess it would be a lot to get
them, but I mean, two years on bogquist,

one after this year and two years for peak
after this one.

So it's not like it's crazy term.

an interesting team because like they
always don't want to spend too much money,

but they're stuck with Lanny.

They're stuck with Gujuro.

Like they got a lot of money that they
probably don't want tied up right now.

So if they have good contracts like that,
it'll take a lot to get them.

Um, I guess quick little side, um,

Do you hear about this, this Patrick Lyne

Like, if anybody didn't hear, um, there
was a podcast that covers the blue jackets

that was making jokes about Patrick Lyne,
uh, taking a leave of absence for mental

health, um, in a very disturbing way.

And no, it's just like what I couldn't
help but think is.

you know, compared to us, like if any of
the Leafs took a leave of absence for

that, like I couldn't imagine talking
about them in that way.

Like I just like as a fan of the team that
covers the like, I don't know how you get


as a fan, just like as a human being, you
would never expect anyone on this panel to

talk like that, right?

No, and like, I get people are shitty and
people make shitty jokes, but like, I

don't know, as somebody -

on that panel and the one girl, she came
out with a great statement afterwards.

She said she didn't understand what the
joke was and she didn't find it funny and

she severed all ties right there.

But everyone else was kind of laughing
right in the moment.

So it was quite obvious that they knew
what was going on.

Yeah, so I mean, thanks for that.

I didn't know that by that part.

Yeah, it's just.

Like, yeah, I get that as a human it's a
shitty thing to say, but like I'm thinking

as somebody that covers the team and calls
themselves a fan of the team and wears the

jersey, like to say that about somebody
that like you claim to like represent and

I don't know, that's just something, I
just don't know how you get to that level

of shittiness.

It's like there's nothing funny about it.

There's nothing clever about it.

I also, I don't get it.

I just want to shout out to the people
that have been donating to Columbus and

Ohio's mental health awareness stuff in
his name.

of the big name reporters and Patrick
Lenny himself came out about this.

So good for everyone for, you know,
rallying around him right now for this,

because it's it's frankly, it's bullshit.

Yeah, the one of the other podcasts on our
network inside the rink here, the I don't

know how you say it.

It's objectively speaking, but instead of
objectively, it's CBJ like Columbus Blue


So I don't know how you pronounce that.

But anyway, they they donated in Colombia
or in Patrick Lina's name to the Ohio

Health Mental Health Resources.


Huge shout out to them for doing that and
being better for the fan base than this

other podcast that doesn't even need to be

So just a I don't know.

Reminder that there are good people in the
hockey world, but there are also shitty


So, you know, just be louder than the
shitty ones and we'll all feel better.

Yeah, and like, you know what, we're not
having a million listeners here, right?

Neither were these guys.

We're having fun with this.

We're doing it because we're passionate
and we care about what we're doing.

So when you start doing that stuff,
there's no fun.

There's no passion.

We got to be better than that.

Okay, fun right turn here.

What are we going to nickname Bobby

Bobby McHattie, it's over.

He's never gonna score three more goals
maybe in his career, but it's done.

I've been calling him McNuggets, so I
remember when he got his other one, it was

just, ah, McNuggets.

And then he got two, then I got two piece,
and then he got the three piece McNuggets


So when he got his second goal, I called
him Bobby McSnipe because that goal was


I mean, I think the Mick just allows it to
be very versatile, just whatever the

situation is, throw Mick in front of it
and great, it's a Mick man.

But you know what, there's a lot of great,
I bet you if you looked it up, there's a

lot of great NHL players who've never
scored a hat trick.

So Bobby McHattie, I think that would fly
really, really well in the room.

You know what, that's probably a fair

Like players that score a lot obviously
have a number of hat tricks, but.

done it this year, Matthews?

That might be it.

Martin might've got one.

Um, I think.

or T 'Varus did.


Where's Justin?

Leaves Hattricks.

Oh my God.


I'm not doing this like this.

Where is this year?


This year started the...

Ryan O 'Reilly...

John Tavares on...

No, that was last year.


Matthews, Matthews, Matthews, Marner,


That's insane.

My God, he's the best school score of all

11th, October 14th, November 4th.

I can't remember the exact numbers, but I
saw a stat just the other day.

He's like 25 games ahead of Ovechkin for
Mount a Gula score that I already played.

He's on a much better pace than Ovechkin

Okay, since 2013, what's that?

There have been 32 hat tricks by Leaf


Austin Matthews is one, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11 of


He might be pretty good at scoring goals.

I don't know if you know this.

the Leafs' hat -tricks in the last 10

The rest of them, Nazem Kadri, Phil
Kessel, Tyler Bozak, JVR.

Yeah, Bozak got a couple in here.

Tyler Ennis?

a lot of tips.

He was a big man in front of the net.

Andreas Jansson, shout out.

And a 6 -0 win against Philly.

And Tyler Ennis had one.

Jason Spezza.

That's shocking.

in the 7 -3 win against Vancouver two
years or three years ago.

And Ryan O 'Reilly's, other than that,
it's been the core.

And by the core, it's basically just like
a couple from JT and the rest from


That's pretty crazy, I've never looked at.

have been Bobby McCall up, but...

Yeah, this is not updated.

Now it'll, we'll have to add Bobby McMahon
as the 349th hat trick by a Leaf player.

So congrats.

Good for him.

What a day he's had.

He played a great game, even defensively,
I thought.

He played really good.

And his other two games, I didn't think he
played that good.


like that line's been kind of meh this

They they've had some games where it's
like, oh great.

They kept it in the zone the whole time.

But other times it's like, am I watching
three Alex kerfuts?

Like, do you?

sure what you're going to get from them
from night for night.

And that's not great for your bottom line.

Yeah, you don't know if they're physical,
you don't know if they're defensive or if

they're offensive.

They're just kind of...

they do whatever.

It makes it hard for the coach to put them
out at key times too because you don't

know what you're going to get.

No, so that's something if we're gonna
make any moves by March 8th I'd like to

see like a veteran on the fourth line to
just give some sort of identity Like I

mean Perry and Kessel are now off the
board as we now have heard Kessel's going

to Vancouver So those are guys that I
would have liked to leave to you know,

maybe get for league men But that's kind
of the type of person

how it fits on the team, but I agree with
what you're trying to say.

Perry, more so.

Yeah, like somebody that has been to the
playoffs a bunch that isn't 22 and, you

know, knows, can tell the guys, OK, we're
doing this.

Oh, great.

The Paxson are and OK, follow me.

Like, it just seems they don't know what
they're doing.

It's tough with...

It's tough with camp though too, right?


Just the amount he's making.

Yeah, that was a shitty contract.

I don't know about camp, man.

Yeah, when he's making that much amount of
money on your fourth line and he's not

producing as he was in previous years,
like not even close.

And you tie like, we're trying to hail him
as like this defensive power kill dude,

but even then he's not the same.

That's a lot of money tied up for a fourth
line center.

Was it two and a half?

Yeah, for like, how, what, two or three

See look if he was one and a half which is
probably 2 .4 okay if he's one and a half

which is probably what he's actually
valued at and that's you know being

generous that's a whole other player that
we could have right now like that's a you

know somebody that's been waiting for a
contract league men signing like I just


to bury him in the A, it's a way bigger
deal just because of his ticket.

Yeah, somebody you can wave and maybe
somebody will pick him up, but at this

point there's no way.

But it's so kind of weird, like before
this year, he was so reliable too.

Like you would have wanted him on your
fourth line, maybe not for that amount of

money, but you would have expected a
certain amount of play from him that we

just have not received this year.

Well, I think to his credit, the most
change we've seen in the lineup has been

the bottom six this year, and he's kind of
the only guy left from last year.

Uh, yarn trucks there.

Yeah, Yarncork's there.

But I get like for the most part that
bottom six is entirely different.

So maybe he's just.

line to be a lot more offensive to you, so
the fourth line would have had to be

extremely reliable defensively.

Yeah, so I just think maybe with the new
makeup of guys there, he just doesn't fit

in the same way that he did last year.

And, you know, unfortunately, they're
paying for him to be better than he was

last year.

Yeah, at the same point, I don't feel like
he's someone you should trade and like

throw in maybe a second round or something
just to offset the money but it's not a

great predicament to be in right now with

No, and that's kind of what it comes down
to with this team heading to the deadline

is you're not in a great predicament at

Like, there's not many available players
that are going to fix the situation.

You don't have a lot of picks and and
prospects to trade and you don't want to.

And you don't want to move any of the big

So like, there's really.

Yeah, there's there's not much they can

Like, I know everyone's screaming Brad.

And by everyone, I mean, SD like.

everyone on Twitter.

There's a whole faction of Twitter that is
just puke inducing.

But yeah, we won't go there.

what there is not everyone's asking like
what's the trade?

I've seen a couple proposals, but really
like there's nothing out there.

Even like as I said for Reiko, like what
are you going to give?

How are you going to compensate for his
amount of money?

Like Brad came in this summer.

He's had not even half a year so far.

Like it takes a lot more time to carve out
your own team, right?

Well, especially when you come into the
team where all your first and second round

picks have been traded away already.

Yeah, exactly.

And your core team is set, so you can't
really mess with that too much because

there's no trade clauses.

Yeah, it's like.

flexibility is just so limited.

Like I can look at other teams and say,
oh, this person would work or that person

would work.

But when it comes down to, well, what are
we going to pay for it?

There's no answer.

Like, I don't know.

or then you hear the smart answer.

We just let Marner walk at the end of his

Like that's the dumbest thing I've ever
heard in my whole life.

So Justin and I were talking last night
about, you know, do you punt on the year?

And we kind of came to, you can't punt by
like, you know, give up on it and trade

people away.

But like, really, there's nothing you can
buy on.

So it's kind of just you are what you are
this year.

And I don't think it's going to be much.

I think if you can add like a deadline
piece, that's not going to push your cap

over too much.

Like you say, it's not going to be very
much, but at the same time, you can't

trade away assets on a season where
Matthews might get 70 something goals

because what does that say to him?

You owe it to him to at least try a little

Yeah, the thing is, all of your assets are
valued differently at the trade deadline

than they are in the offseason.

And I feel like if you spend on somebody
that's overvalued, like all the whoever is

selling the player at the deadline gets 50
% more at the deadline than they would in

the offseason.


think especially this year too because
it's like there's no one really out there.

People always overpay, like look what
Tampa gave up for Tanner Geno and Brandon

Hagel, like that doesn't happen.

Lisa did that?

It would be a massacre in the media.


So I just I can't help but wonder, do the
Leafs maybe just hold on what they do


Hold steady.


And then once the season's over, you're
going to have a whole bunch of different

guys available and teams in different
positions once they've either not made the

playoffs or been knocked out.

Caps going up like why spend now to not be
able to when the market's going to have

more for sale, you know?


Unless if you're trading for someone who
has term and money, it's going both ways,

which I don't see a trade out there right
now for that.

Then I tend to like hide out in your camp
right now.

I think we're just going to hold steady
and see what happens.

Hope to make the playoffs and hope the
core four goes crazy.

Like, OK, the Jake McCabe Sam Lafferty
deal was something like if you do

something like that, obviously we didn't
keep Lafferty, but where you get McCabe,

who's locked down, what did they send for

Joey Anderson, Pavel Gogolov, a second and
a conditional first in twenty five.

So like that, I don't hate where it's like
a couple of guys from the Marlies that you

really weren't ever going to have in the
lineup and a future pick for some guys

with term.

Mm -hmm.


I think McCabe's birth itself.


The first makes it a tiny bit weary, just
not even for a draft pick, but I think

that's good capital going forward that we

We're not in the position to groom people
right now.

But yeah, something like that, that would
kind of make sense.

Yeah, I don't know, fine, whatever.

Have you looked at like TSN's top 25?

I haven't even looked at it in so long.

I was looking at it last night, but
there's a bunch of them.

I'm not sure I'm trying.


Nine here, Connex, no not Connex army.

Who do we want from?

Let's go to TSN.

There's also this one little wrinkle that
hasn't been spoken about right now.

It's goaltending.

Oh my God, we're rolling the dice.

Wall has been...

Did you see him on the ice?

The shots of him tonight?

I mean, I wasn't paying attention to it.

It was like Leafs porn.

He looked his ankles going in circles, it
seized, it looked great.

He doesn't look too, too, too far away.

However, he's got such an injury history.

Sammy, one of the best school attendance
last year.

This year, you don't know where you're
going to get.

And Jones, it's such a question mark.

Do you trade Jones because he might have
some value?

You could probably get like a second round
pick for him.

There's so many people looking for
goalies, honestly, like you might be

better off trading and like if you're
ready to have Hildeby back up these.

there first if he started heating up and
then just went with wool and j - like

that's a huge question that really no
one's talking about right now.

Like, obviously the safest thing is to
say, well, they're going to ride the three

into the playoffs.

But while we're in this position where
you've got no picks to trade, maybe this

is a spot where it's, hey, you know what?

Fuck it.

We have a surplus of something for once in
our lives.

Let's exchange it for something we have
nothing of.

Yeah, or guess what?

Maybe let Hilda be taking a game or two,
or he's a backup.

I find that's the most interesting part
for me right now.

Okay, this is from January NHL trade
Deadline player rankings here from bet MGM

four days ago Noah Hanifin Chris Tanev
Adam and reek Vlad Teresanko Jake Gunsell

Jacob chickren Sean Walker Mark Andre
flurry Scott Lawton Trevor Zegris


Like again, going back to leaves Twitter,
the whole Hennepin Nintendo thing that's

been rehashed for four months now.

So everyone knows about that.

But what are you giving up for that?

And do they really move the needle that
much for you?

Yeah, like that's that's what I keep
coming back to is like what's really going

to move the needle and how much are we
going to have to spend on it?

Like, is it worth it right now?

Like, is one player going to fix all the
problems on this team?

No, because we've got better than mediocre
goaltending, which is kind of all the

Leafs need, but it would be better to have
a little better.

But we got what we got.

Defense, little shaky.

Bottom six, little shaky.

One trade is not going to fix all of those

And we don't have the resources.


And look.

If you want to say get OK, let's pick
three of them off this list.

Let's grab Chris Tanev and we'll take Sean
Walker and Marc Andre Fleury.

OK, well, we can't afford any of them.

So that's that.

I guess we're not fixing our problems.

I don't know.

I hate this because of the season that
Matthews is having a new lander.

It's like it seems like robbery to them.

But I don't know.

There's, this is the hand that we've been

I pray that wall really turns out and he's
our savior in the back end.

But even if that were to happen, that
still leaves a little hole on D.

Like there's no real stud there other than
Riley, who's like pretty close to a stud.

And there's just no way to get one this

Like you said, maybe something in the off
season, you make something work, but it's

just not going to happen this year.

No, I mean, I know the Leafs have talked
about Rasmus Ristelainen as an option too.

Like that's maybe the closest thing to
what they need.

Like a huge defenseman with a shot like.

It's not kind of like the Lubuskin of this

Yeah, I'd say he's better than Lubushkin.

Like, maybe higher potential has been also
on a shit team.

I would take Lubushkin back, honestly, and
Luke Shen.

being said, I don't want it to sound like
super duper gloom because I do think this

team can turn it on and I think some of
their puck luck has not been great this

year and it will turn around.

But they just don't have the flexibility
to make the big moves that people are

really salivating for.

Yeah, I think it's really got to be fixing
the problems within 5 and 6 % shooting


Like, look, we're halfway through

It shouldn't be keeping up this long.

It can't keep up this much longer.



No, that's like a guy in the NBA shooting
1 .5 or to 10 free throw, like a three

pointers or whatever.

You can't, you can't have that.

Well, on the flip side, it's like the guys
at the beginning of the year who for two

months are shooting 40 % and everyone
goes, OK, well, this isn't going to

sustain and they go back to Earth.

This is crazy.

Especially for a guy like Perttuzi, like

That's the biggest one, right?

This guy hasn't scored since early

He's got quite a big ticket.

He can do it like he's come so close so
many times in the last two months.

And if you move him, he's gonna score
wherever he goes.


And then if you go look on Twitter
everyone's gonna say, well, he's just a

playoff guy.

But it would be nice if he was doing this
in regular season two, boys.

I'm not gonna lie.

This is getting dicey.

when you drop six of eight points to the
Ottawa Senators who are in last in the

East, it's not great, guys.


yeah, yeah.

We're making this harder than it needs to

Yeah, I mean, look, if it means we're not
having a matchup against the same fucking

team we always do great.

But I don't know, unless Bertuzzi all of a
sudden turns it on and scores like two

points a game in the playoffs.

I'm actually worried about it.

Yeah, like his defensive game has gone so
much better.

The chances are there.

He just...

Dude can't score.

He's got fucking hands of stone right now,

Okay, who would we play if the playoffs
started today?

Oh no, we would play the Rangers.


I think, right?

The second place plays the first place
wild card?

Yeah, we'd play the Rangers.

to the one in eight.

Krazy said that at the All -Star game, and
I completely agree.

Yeah, if we went one through eight, the
Leafs are in seventh in the east, they

would play the Rangers.


It's funny how often that happens.

you hear Overdrive saying that they should
trade Shastrkin at the deadline?


Because they I think they just wanted

That's that's the craziest take I've ever

Quick is super old.

He's only got a couple more years left in

As good as he's been playing like their
gopening situation right now is so

enviable, but you don't trade Igor.

That's that's so wild.

Isn't it?

wild card format versus the conference one
through eight.

The Eastern matchups don't change.

It's exactly the same.

Crosby's like, oh fuck.

It's weird because it does affect things
drastically sometimes and other times it

does nothing so Why not just go back to

Yeah, obviously this is all subject to
change but

I haven't looked into is what does our
next four games look like without Moe?

Oh, so we did this last night.

It's like St.

Louis, St.

Louis again.

I think it's Philly, St.

Louis, Anaheim are the next three games.

Vegas is after, I think it's the first
game with MoBak.


Okay, so this is game one.

So the next one's Flyers.

Oh yeah, Anaheim.

So it's Flyers, Anaheim, St.

Louis again, and then Arizona.

Those are the five games.


Yeah, so kind of lucked out there.

Not bad timing at all.

If it was seven games, the sixth and
seventh game would be the Golden Knights

and the Avalanche.

And then the Golden Knights again after

So the Leafs have a really shitty three
games, but this is like the most trap


Like do five games against bottom feeder
teams and then let's play the first place

teams in the West back to back to back.

But there is like clear picture, which
would be great.

We just rally around without Mo being

And then when he comes back, it's hurrah,
hurrah, and we win those next two games as


We have a back -to -back away Arizona and
then Vegas.



Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

be a Salt Lake City coyotes.

Yeah, so I guess there was some news in
the coyotes that came out.

We can finish on that.

So they said that they had interest in
land like they had expressed that they

wanted to purchase it.

Then Betman said that they were interested
in land and then they said there were

multiple things they were interested in.

So contradicting what Betman said.

And then they said that they were going to
give them kind of till the end of this

week and that Alex Murrell was going to
talk to the staff of the coyotes this

week, which I guess would have been
yesterday or today or tomorrow.

So we don't know when this news is gonna
come out, but it...

the first or second or third deadline that
they've broken though.

This year.

they're telling them they're packing it in

Like it seems Betman is not going to give
them any more runway on this because if

they're going to build something that's
like six years down the line.

So it seems like the option is either sell
the team to what's his nuts who owns the

sons who doesn't want them, sell them to
this dude in Salt Lake City and then wait

and bring a team back to Arizona once the
thing's built.

or just sell them and forget about it.

over until you find another owner in

Well, I think it's just the fact that
you're not gonna have an arena for six


Like they can't afford the...

that's an option that's not even viable,

So I think at this point, the owners are
breathing down Gary's neck because they

don't want to pay to support this team
that they were told is going to be three

years max.

And now it's looking like it could be a
decade in a college arena if they have to

wait for something to be built.

You can't do that.

It's insane for a professional sport.


ready in Salt Lake.

You have a team ready in Kansas City.

You have a team ready in Houston, I think.

You have a team ready in Quebec City.

This fucking one worked.

Atlanta, that's the other one.

Thank you.

But that would be your third time in

Like, what kind of look is that?

Yeah, it's just like the way that I put it
before is you're just expanding for the

sake of paying off your problems until you
solve Arizona.

So they got to.

expansion fee, which is great, blah, blah,
blah, but.

But the owners are tired of paying for a
dying, you know, whatever you want to call

the coyotes.

And it sucks because those players are
like they've been so bad for so long that

they've been drafting all of the star
talent for the last eight years.

And these guys are sitting there playing
for nobody.

And they're getting good.

Like they're actually they made some
trades to have a better team.


Like they're well, I thought they were
doing better.

They're in fourth last.

some pieces that you can actually build

Yeah, oh shit, they're on their two six
and two in their last 10 or otherwise

before that they were doing pretty well
But yeah, look you've got things to build

around It's just it sucks seeing them just
draft guys and trade them away like, you

know, look at the look at Jacob Chikran We
spent five years saying oh, when are they

gonna trade him?

Where's he gonna go?

Cuz it can't be at, Arizona McBain like

McBain's there, right?

No, no, no, I'm not crazy.

I don't it's so hard to keep up with the
fucking self.

Anyway, I would just like to see this team
sold, moved, and then try to build

something in Arizona because obviously
there's a market that wants hockey there.

It's just the ownership group has been
abysmal for way too long.

They've given it every, like more than
every opportunity.

Yeah, and this is a point that I've seen
made in Gary Betman's favor.

And I do kind of agree with this.

Like, as a lawyer, he has the grounds to
say he tried absolutely everything and

this is on them.

Like, they gave them every opportunity to
make this a successful franchise.

They gave them all the runway they could,
and they couldn't put it together.

So when they're offering to other small
markets, hey, do you want to expand?

They're not going to say, oh, well, what
happened with the Coyotes?

It's not on the league.

Like, Betman has made sure that no

how anyone looks at this, they know that
it's not the league's fault that Arizona

didn't work because they literally gave
them like four miles of runway to try to

get off the ground and they couldn't do

So final question.

If they leave Arizona, where would you
like to see them land?

I would like to see, I mean the joke
answer is Atlanta because it means we'll

get another Canadian team because they
somehow always end up moving to Canada.

The Videotron Center was real nice in
Quebec City, just driving by it.

It would be cool to have another one, but
I don't think Montreal and the Leafs would

let it happen just with that whole compete
thing they've got.


okay, if I'm taking all that out and I'm
just speaking objectively, Quebec City

would be cool.

I think the market can take it and it
would be fun to have an old team come


I mean, I guess most of those markets,
it's an old team coming back.

My pick, I think, would have to be maybe,
I'm going off a little off the board here

too, but I would think it would be Kansas

Houston's also like the fourth biggest
market in the U .S.

that does not have a hockey team.

Yeah, if we're talking like for the growth
of the sport, definitely with the success

of basketball in those places and how many
people are like young people are moving.

Oh, yeah, obviously the Super Bowl.

Those guys, the sorry, we can't say Super
Bowl, the mega plate.

But yeah, it's Houston's obviously
becoming a hub for entertainment and lots

of young people moving there.

So that makes sense for sure.

They've got the facilities for it.

I don't like Salt Lake as much.

I really don't like Atlanta.

Quebec I do like, but then you're going
against the small market Canadian dollar


It's really, really, it's a huge uphill

Yeah, I don't think there's really
feasibly room for another Canadian team.

Like, there's no other major sport that
has seven Canadian teams.

Like, there's room for growth in the
States to keep this game profitable,

because I think at the end of the day, we
need to make more money for this if the

cap is going to keep going up and yada

So if you want a successful one that's
going to be good for the league, I think

Houston is probably the best pick.

That's probably my guess as well.

Kansas, I think you're just gonna struggle
with getting people interested in hockey.

It'll be good, I think for a couple, like
five years, maybe seven.

And then after that, it'll just die down
if they're not really like run well or

like the product on the ice is not that

Yeah, that's the what it really comes down
to is, I mean, the success of Vegas comes

from how much the ownership group gave a
shit about winning, right?

Like they weren't just building a cash

They wanted to win and make sure that it
was a product that was going to sustain


And people know what to expect.

they just got the football team.

They're getting the baseball team this
year coming up, like Oakland moved to


So like no other city has that type of
dynamic, but.

Yeah, it's an interesting way to have your
branding is just winning, but it worked.

You know, get people used to it.

Yeah, actually, it's a good point.

So if somebody is going to actually put
the money in and not just be a billionaire

who's writing it off, I think that's going
to be the key to success in the southern

states, because you need to really have a
successful team, because people will get

behind anything that they can cheer for
because it's winning.


Yeah, exactly.

If you give people an excuse to yell and
cheer and drink, I think people are going

to go.

But if the team sucks, then no one's going
to go.

especially if you have so many other

Exactly, but the new expansion format does
help that but I mean we're not talking


We're talking We're talking moving We're
talking moving the coyotes so they're

They're already mostly set like we talked
about they have a lot of picks It's just

that the ownership group has been you know
We don't want to really spend the money to

build a team out and they've just kind of
wrote it off.


it from like five years to five years to
be the same.

So I think if someone gives a shit, makes
the right trades, they're not that far


You could have a successful product.

So, yeah, it's there.

Salt Lake, I think the only advantage is
they've got all the Olympic facilities.

Yeah, and you get like the upper left West
Coast as well.

Like it's even like Portland's not a bad
idea to you.

There's so many hockey fans up in the
Northwest, but.

It'll interesting to see a Mormon hockey

is the second team in Toronto.

Yeah, I don't know.

People always talk about this, but like, I
don't know, with the amount of things to

go to in Toronto, are people going to
really get behind another team?

Like, I know New York's got two, but like,
how many people are...

the lease are, like how many people want
to go to hockey games and GTA of like six

to seven million people.

Look, speaking objectively, like the Leafs
are the second Leafs.

The Raptors are the main team in that town
and the second, yeah.

I mean.

Maybe not anymore.

Maybe for a few years, but...

maybe not this year because they've kind
of moved on from that that core but I'd

say for like the last 10 years it's been a
lot more people that have been interested

in the Raptors and spending money on them
and wearing their jerseys around and going

to the games like those things.

to see the numbers.

I think maybe they feel a bit more
prestigious because they've been to

conference finals.

They've obviously won it the one year, but
that's pretty interesting.

I think they have more of the bandwagon
effect because of that, whereas the Leafs

just have this, they're always losers
thing where unless you're into them by,

you know, whatever thing has indoctrinated
you, you kind of avoid them.

But the Leafs have the thing where like
your father cheered for them your

grandfather cheered for them This has been
passed on like for generations

Well, that's what I mean.

Unless it has been passed on to you, I
feel like people aren't getting into it as

much as they are picking up, you know,
being a fan of the Raptors of the Jays.

Like, I feel like Leaf fandom is more
inherited than it's, it's more, what,

nature than nurture?

We're born with it now.


So just to bring that back, I think if you
bring another team in, like, it's already

hard enough to to keep those three teams
afloat as it is, like not they're doing


I think it's just like it's a lot of
attention divided in that city when

there's a lot of other things going on.

Like sports are not the biggest thing in
Toronto, right?

Like it's a big thing, but there's it's
pretty big.

But there's I'd say there's it's equal to.

other scenes there that you know I don't
know there's always a hundred concerts

going on and different things happening

that you have owners with like the deepest
pockets maybe in all of Major Sports

League like in the top five for sure.

Rogers is they're so wealthy.


And then, I mean, it comes down to who's
going to go up against those guys and own

a team in Canada.

Like how many...

If Galen Weston is going to step up and
set up another team above, he's going to

expand that old Maple Leaf Gardens above
Loblaws into a brand new...

because auto will never allow it.

Lease never allow it and Buffalo will
never allow it.

Yeah, I think that's what it comes down

It's all just kind of a pipe dream.

we'd sooner get an NFL team before a
second NHL team.

be interesting just because of the off
season times.

But yeah, yeah, we'll see where the the
Arizona coyotes end up.

Oh, do you think they'll change the I
guess they'll have to change the name.

They're not going to keep the coyotes.

You'll want to disassociate themselves
with that.

Okay, what would you call them if they go
to Houston?

Oh god.

I should thank you about that one.


I don't know.

Texas already has their Longhorns.

That would be like encroaching on
something sacrilegious there, I think.

What do you mean?

He was in Texas!

Yeah, but like the University of Texas,
the Longhorns, which might be popular than

fucking anything in that whole state.

Yeah, true.

I think there's there's ways to play
around with that.

Salt Lake City.

Who the?

The land speeders, you're over there.

There's nothing you can call them.

The Mormons.

I was just trying to make a Mormon joke.

I couldn't think of one.


We can scrub that.

They'll just be called the salt lakes
cities of Latter Day Saints.

Brought to you by Jesus Every Night.

Ah, wicked.

They never go there.

Alright, that's it for tonight.

Have a good night everybody.

think we're done.

We're done.

I think it's one of the five games that no
one did.

Keep going.


I'm sorry.

Go, go, go, go, go, go.