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In this episode, I, Candace Nas, delve into the theme of seeking peace amidst life's chaos and challenges. Reflecting on the phrase "peace, be still," I find solace in faith, particularly in Jesus Christ, as a source of strength and hope during tough times. The experience of a loved one's stage four cancer diagnosis prompts contemplation on mortality and the importance of treasuring each moment. Encouraging listeners to embrace stillness, I highlight the value of connection and love over accomplishments. Emphasizing the guiding mantra of "peace, be still," I stress the significance of prioritizing relationships and inner peace through prayer and meditation. Ultimately, I encourage viewers to tap into their greatness and seek peace within themselves, even in the midst of chaos.

Show Notes

In today's episode, I, Candace Nas, reflect on the concept of finding peace amidst turmoil and chaos in life. Amidst the struggles and challenges we face, the simple phrase "peace, be still" continues to resonate with me. This phrase serves as a reminder of the refuge we can find in our faith, particularly in Jesus Christ, who is a source of hope, strength, and shelter in difficult times. Facing the diagnosis of a close family member with stage four cancer has prompted me to contemplate mortality and the preciousness of each day we are granted on this earth. It's a reminder to cherish the simple moments and appreciate the gift of life. I encourage listeners to pause, be present, and tap into the peace that comes with being still. As I navigate the process of grief and contemplate the importance of healing relationships, I emphasize the significance of love and connection over accomplishments and to-do lists. The mantra of "peace, be still" continues to guide me in focusing on what truly matters in life. I urge listeners to prioritize their relationship with Christ, emphasizing that His love prevails in all circumstances. Spending time in prayer and meditation can help in finding inner peace and connecting with the divine. It's a reminder that God orchestrates the trials and triumphs in our lives to shape us into better versions of ourselves. In closing, I extend my love and gratitude to all listeners, urging them to embrace the mantra of "peace, be still" and remember that they are designed for greatness. For more inspiration and insights, I invite you to listen and subscribe to my podcast "Designed for Greatness with Candace Nas" and join my Thankful Thursday email list. Remember, in moments of chaos, finding peace within ourselves can lead to profound growth and empowerment.

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