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In episode 8 of the Inside The Rink podcast, Matty and Smitty are joined by new co-host Conrad Jack. After the long hiatus, we get back to hockey with a PACKED episode!
  • Matt Rempe & the Devils vs. Rangers Line Brawl
  • Could the Vancouver Canucks squander a playoff opportunity? 
  • Have the Winnipeg Jets finally figured out their lines?
  • Flyers Head Coach John Tortorella is a sound byte MACHINE
  • Ovechkin is on his way to 895, Who is next?
  • McDavid joins elite company with 100 Assists in a season
  • Ryan Hartman was suspended 3 Games, was it worth 3 games??
  • Can Auston Matthews hit 70 Goals this season?
  • The Eastern Conference Wild Card race is heating up, who lands the two playoff berths?
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Maddie, Smitty,

and Conrad Jack as we

return after a small hiatus.

yeah yeah a little break

whatever just a wee little

break hey boys yeah that

was seven seven episodes we

were like we're spent so we

had to wait till episode

eight came back yeah we had

to wait for conrad to you

gotta get the young guy in

there yeah we had to wait

for conrad to actually make

it a half decent show so right

Now we have someone that

actually knows hockey and

we can talk to him about, uh,

goings on around the league.

Oh, Smitty.

That's a stretch thing.

I know hockey.


That's my bad, but we'll fight through it.

We'll fight through it.

It's a team.


It's a team game.


Uh, tons of action, tons of, uh, NHL news.


of course we haven't been on in about

two months,

so we could talk about a ton of stuff,

but right now let's talk Matt Rempe.


He gets a line brawl going

against the New Jersey Devils.

He's played 14 games.

He's averaged about five and

a half minutes of ice time,

and he has 69 penalty minutes.

This guy is like Slapshot 2024 on red.

Oh, well, I mean, if you take a look, well,

I just want to go off of

the stats first and

foremost with Matt Rempe.

His three games against the Devils,

he's been ejected all three games.

I think he has, like,

barely over five minutes of

total ice time.


That is tremendous.

I mean, ejected, ejected in every game.

I mean, that's, that's just,

it's doing your job to the

fullest right there.

He's just going out there and,

and being the enforcer that

the Rangers want him to be, I suppose.


I mean, it's circa 1982.

I don't, I don't know this guy.

I don't even know if he can play.

I think he played a little bit.

He has a goal and assist anyway.

So he has done something.

But if you're watching on YouTube,

you'll see the quote on getting tossed.

He says,

I thought I was going to have a

good five minutes in the

penalty box with the fellas.

We were going to be cuddled up in there,

getting cozy and having a good time.

I had no idea that was a rule.

I was like, dang it.

My total ice time didn't go up that game.

He said it was a real banger.


Yeah, I mean, it was.


I mean, everybody was fighting.

So, I mean,

they were banging each other around.

What caught me off guard

with all of that is how

quick VC and Lazar went at it.

It's like the puck dropped

and both of them are like

just bear hugging each other,

just chucking them.

And I see everyone else on the ice like,

OK, let's give the crowd a show.

Just VC Lazar is like, I hate you.

We're going to fight.

And it was, yeah, that five fight line,


Just like good old time hockey.

And that's the first time

since like 2014 that I can remember.

with a Canucks and Flames

brawl that something like

that has happened right off the drop.


Well, there was a Stars,

was it Stars Bruins?

Was that what's his face?


Was that Avery?

Steve Ott and Avery,

Sean Avery was on the Stars

team at that point.

But I don't know if he

fought anyone because he

wasn't really a fighter.

He was more of an agitator,

get in your face, clear things up,

and then get out of the way

and let other people handle

the pugilistic aspect.


um yeah but uh that was a

bunch of penalty minutes I

don't think it was a

full-on line brawl off the

side of the game though it

just it just uh I think

there was a couple guys

that fought and then it

just kind of escalated as

the game went along what I

what I think what I think

we're referencing is the

game where it was three

fights in four seconds or

something like that yeah I

just remember jack edwards

going nuts on the clip just

like oh we got another one

off the draw just right

little things like that it's like

And the crowd loves it, obviously.

I think they do.

And the question on YouTube is,

do the NHL fans want fighting in games?

I think they absolutely do.

Um, and I,

and I don't think there's going

to be much fighting in the,

in the league is actually

threatened to take it out

and all that stuff,

but there is some room for it.

Now this might be a little

over the top what's

happening now with Rempe, but there is,

there is actually a role

for fighting and a lot of

it's the policing of the game with the,

with the players.

And that still needs to

remain in my opinion,

or people are just going to take shots.

And, um, and I,

and I feel like people take

more and more shots recently, uh,

And it's probably because

there's less enforcers in the game.


I think the enforcers can't really

control it without fighting.

You can't have just guys

running around and killing

people and not have fighting in the game.

I think if they try to

uh legislated out of the

game it's just asking for

trouble and you know

there'll be longer

suspensions and guys taking

cheap shots and I think it

needs to be there because

you know the refs miss some

things and then there's you

know if guys get hurt or

stuff like that like there

needs to be some kind of a

payback and that's in those

type of situations so I feel like

You know, fighting has to be there to to,

you know,

it allows the it allows both

teams to kind of answer for

what happened and then move on.

And without that, you know,

that stuff can linger for

for much longer.

The interesting thing about

Rampey is that the Rangers are good,

like really good.

And it's not like they're

just like a bottom feeder

team that needs some

entertainment value thrown

at just a ham and egg or in

there firing shots at

people like they're really good.

So it's I find it

interesting that this guy

is just kind of roaming

around with five and a half

minutes of ice time,

getting all sorts of

penalty minutes on a team

that's that's excellent.

Yeah, you wonder,

does a guy like that create

more space for the likes of

Panarin and Kreider and

Zibanejad and so forth?

Does a guy like that kind of

open up the ice knowing

that if somebody takes a

run at one of those guys,

there's going to be repercussions for it?

That's the other role of

having a guy like that on

your team is maybe your

creative players get a

little more open ice and

don't have to worry so much

about getting suckered or

run or whatever.

Yeah, for sure.

I mean, it's interesting.

I think the Rangers should

be a favorite to

potentially get to the

finals and win the Cup.

I mean, they're really good.

Panarin's had a great year again.

But Rempe is just kind of there.

And in the playoffs, I mean,

that doesn't really work.

So does he even make the

lineup heading into the postseason?

I think that's something

that you got to look at the

team because you don't want

a guy like Matt Rempe

coming into the game,

getting a couple of shifts in,

and then all of a sudden

he's gone and you're down a forward.

Now you're going to play

with 11 guys and double

shift another guy.

It's like,

do you run the risk of wearing

your top guys down because

they're playing more now

with Rempe being out?

It's like a lot of factors that,

you have to take into consideration,

especially with rampy

chicken winging guys,

like our guys off the devils.

I can't remember who he chicken wing,

but just little things like that.

Cause other teams are going

to start going after him.

And it just,

it's like a snowball effect of

what's going to happen when

this guy does these sort of

things and just.




I think maybe with, uh,

it might be matchup based, you know,

you could see him going

into the lineup against a

team like Florida or

something if they happen to

meet because of the antics

of some of the guys from,

from Florida and the

toughness kind of they have.

Um, but then, you know,

the team like the Bruins, you know,

do you,

would you put Rempe in the lineup to,

you know,

knock around with the likes of

Jasper Boquist and stuff?

Like, I don't think he would, you know,

I think the Rangers have

enough speed and skill and, and, uh,

you know, other,

other things on their team

that they wouldn't need to, um,

have a guy like that in the lineup,

you know, in a series, like, you know,

if they face Boston, for example.

Yeah, I totally agree.

And, you know,

we'll see what happens when

it comes postseason time.

All right, Vancouver Canucks.

This is a team that's been

pretty good this year.

Potentially unable to

capitalize on potential playoff success,


Yeah, so I take a look at this team.

I also fired off a few

tweets about this and got

myself into some hot water

because my team got on a

nice long losing streak,

but that's not the point.

I've watched the Canucks

from the start of the season,

and they had a bit of a dip.

They kind of came back, played a few games,

and it looked like they had their mojo,

and then they acquire Elias

Lindholm well before the trade deadline.

And now you have this team

that's kind of struggling to keep afloat.

I think since acquiring Lindholm,

they're just barely above .500,

which isn't good because

he's supposed to be an

impact guy and he's your

third-line center.

Going into the playoffs,

you have guys who should

make the lineup who aren't

going to make the lineup

because they're going to

get pushed down the depth charts.

And I watched Vancouver play.

I think they're frauds

because of their lack of just finishing.

They don't have that it factor.

Like, yes, you got Pedersen and Besser,

but like,

you don't got a guy who's going

to go in there and take

control of the game.

The thing about Lindholm is

that Smitty and I talked

about on the Bruins podcast,

we didn't really want

Lindholm on the Bruins

because he really hadn't

been producing that much.

And Smitty was definitely

someone who just would

rather not use the capital

to get him and would not

like to extend him.

Especially for that price.

Yeah, that's the thing.

I think the price is coming down.

Every game he plays,

the price is coming down lower and lower.


he'll be an effective third-line center,

but he wanted nine and

change from Calgary.

That's not the price of a

third-line center.

So, you know,

if he's going to not really

produce and he's going to

be getting less minutes, he could be a,

you know,

a suitable third line center face off guy,

you know, and put up 40 points.

That's nice.

But you're certainly not

getting top of the market money for that.

Uh, and, and I think you're right, Conrad,

I think since he's been to

gone to Vancouver,

they've kind of haven't

really been able to find

where he fits well with that team.

And he's just not really producing like he,

like they thought he would.

I think they thought he

would come in and really

give a lift to their bottom

six and really kind of, um,

stabilize and energize that, that group.

And he really hasn't done it.

So they, you know,

they they may be in a

little bit of trouble.

I mean,

they have a pretty deep team and

they have some defense and

Demko is really good.

So, you know, they'll be they'll be OK.

But the West is stacked.

I mean,

there's a lot of great teams in the West.

And if they're, you know,

playing at less than their

optimum level going into the postseason,

they're going to be in for

a rude awakening here, you know,

in one of the early rounds.

And Lindholm's out now with

a hand and wrist injury,

and he's out for a little

bit of extended period of time.

So it could be into the

playoffs that he's out.

So that kind of backfired on

them to give him any sort

of balance or stability

there with the addition of Lindholm.

And who knows what happens

to him at the end of the year?

I mean, like you said, he might be in...

he might have to do a prove

it deal with a team just to, just to,

you might have to do a

bridge deal because he just hasn't,

he just hasn't been the

type of player that people

thought he would be.

He was white hot in the

beginning of the year.

His name was everywhere.

And now I'm not sure how

many teams will be

interested in him at any type of price.

Like you're talking about, I mean,

a third line center,

you're talking maybe 4 million a year.


not nine.

Now that's just ridiculous.

So be interested to see what

Lindholm can do.

And if he actually gets

playoff playoff time with a

wrist injuries are funny.

I mean, that's, that's your whole game.

That's your hands.

That's can't lose your hands as a center.

Can't face off.

Can't score.

Can't shoot.

I mean, that's everything.


And I,

I think also with the price they

gave up for him,

Kuzmanko and Hunter

Brustavich alone could have

been enough to get him.

if that's the role they knew

they were going to play him in.

But you added a first-round

pick and two other pretty

decent pieces to the deal.



I look at Winnipeg and all that,

and I see what they acquired,

which we'll get into right away,

but I see the market for centers,

and I'm like, that's not... Like, yes,

you're going out way ahead

of the deadline,

so the price might be far,

far higher than what you wanted, but...

Now they've been figuring

out the right line combinations, Conrad.

Is that right?



I got a little mad last night and

cause Rick bonus seems to

continuously get back to

having Kyle Connor and Mark

Shifley play together.

And it's a line that keeps

getting caved in.

They went eight or they got

outscored eight,

nothing in a six game losing streak.

And just defensively, they were awful.


Bones finally says, you know what?

We're playing L.A.

We got to snap this losing streak.

And he plays Nick Ehlers

with Shifley and Velarde,

bumping Kyle Conner down to

the second left-wing

position with Sean Monaghan,

who they only gave up a first for.

And what's his name?

I have it picked up,

but I should have this memorized.


And now you have two first

lines on a team,

that shouldn't have the

depth that they do.

With Niederreiter being down, it's like,

okay, we're going to bump Toffoli down,

and we have all this

interchangeable depth

because Ayafoll has gone

from the first line all the

way to the fourth,

and he's effective wherever he goes.

You've got Lowry who will

step into the second line

or even first line center position.

It's so much interchangeable

depth that this team has

that if they want to be the

team to beat in the playoffs or –

Sorry, I said that backwards.

If they want to beat the

teams like Colorado,

who are the teams you want to beat,

you need to have this depth,

and your strength needs to

be your scoring and

everything that you have

going on the wings.

You need the finishing touches.

While I don't believe

Winnipeg has that with this lineup,

they have the interchangeable depth.

They'll change on the fly.

Sometimes they're reluctant,

but if you look at the roster as a whole,

you have 16 guys.

who can get put into the lineup.


I feel like the depth of Winnipeg is

definitely one of their strengths.

And you need that in the

playoffs because usually,

and we've talked about this before,

the top lines,

the top six guys kind of

cancel each other out.

And then it's left to the

depth guys to win series and win games.

You know,

it's the depth scoring usually

that leads to victories in series.

And then Winnipeg also has

tremendous goaltending, which...

The Avalanche don't really have.

Edmonton doesn't really have.

So you're looking at a team like Dallas,

a team like Vegas maybe,

that can match goaltending-wise.

But I think with the depth

and the goaltending that Winnipeg has,

there'll certainly be a

tough out in the playoffs.

They could,

and the only problem is that

they're staring down the

barrel of a Colorado first round series,

which is really hard.

Like you said,

if offensively they're not

getting some balance

throughout the lineup,

Colorado can score goals.

Colorado has excellent talent,

good offensive talent,

and that might be a really

bad matchup for someone like Winnipeg.

Maybe Winnipeg can hang in and

But I think that Shifley, you know,

there's no surprise that

Shifley and Connor would

have one of the worst

defensive pairings there.

I mean,

they're just not known for Shifley

is widely regarded as a bad

defensive player.

So, you know, it's, you know,

to get you definitely have

to separate those two.

We've talked about with the Bruins,

Pasternak and Marchand,

like they turn the puck over.

a little bit too much

together to really play together.

So it's just too many turnovers, too much,

you know, just too much unbalanced play.

The same can be true for Shifley and,

and that group, because it's just, it's,

you know, it's just, it just doesn't work,

especially in the playoffs.

You can't be giving up odd

man rushes and more,

more offensive chances,

especially to a team like Colorado.

And the thing, all right, John,

what's that?

Go ahead.

John Tortorella.

It's in the news again.

I tell you what,

I'd love Torts to be the Bruins,

and I'm a big Bruins fan.

We host a Bruins podcast.

I'd love Torts to be the Bruins coach.

I would.

I mean, I just love coaches like Torts.

He says it like it is.

We've had that with Bruce

Cassidy in Boston before,

but Tortorella would take

it to another level,

and he calls guys out,

and he calls his team out, and so forth,

and he does it with such honesty.

And recently, after a game,

he talked about how the Flyers, who he's,

I believe,

has completely squeezed

everything out of.


this is a team that should not be

where it is.

It's in playoff position.

But he says that there's a different level,

which is true,

as you get to the end of the year,

trying to get that last

wildcard spot or whatever the case,

and getting into the

playoffs and succeeding.

And Tortorella had this to

say after a postgame recently.


it seemed like after San Juan scores

that goal early in the second period,

you guys got all the

momentum and things kind of

came to a stop.

What was your assessment of

where things were?


One guy played, the goalie.

How encouraging is it that

he came in like that cold

and was able to?


He's the only guy that played.

Is that pretty surprising?

Considering you said you trust your team,

you don't have to tell them

or remind them, and then they do that.

You're finding things out here, okay,

when these games are at a

whole different plane, okay?

It's still regular season, right?

But it's a whole different plane.

So we're finding things out.

That was kind of what you

felt like wasn't a great performance.

Are you concerned at all

that tonight it kind of

lingered again that you

just said it was a soft game per se?

Not the whole game and not

the whole group.

There are certain people

that they don't have a clue

how to play or just don't

have it in them to play in

these type of situations.

And this is why I'm glad

we're playing them.

Because we have to figure

things out as far as what

we're going to become as a team here.

That was embarrassing in the

second period for the

Philadelphia Flyer uniform,

the way we played.


High marks as far as how we

came back in the third.

Some guys.

With regards to Ivan,

why did you make the

decisions to bring him in

and how impressed were you

in his performance tonight?

I wanted to bring him in.

It just didn't look right

with Urs and I'm totally impressed.

I put him in a hell of a spot.

And he's the only goddamn

player that played in the second period.


Yeah, yeah, we can talk about that.

To rest, this, that, the other thing.

If you don't have enough

balls to play in these type of games,

rest doesn't do us any good.

Doesn't do us any good.

He's had a hair across his

ass with Kateria, hasn't he?

Oh yeah.

He really has.


I mean, maybe he's not caught in or,

or maybe getting a little

pushback from him or, you know,

he's the captain.

So he's the one that he kind

of has to drill down on to

kind of get the rest of the

guys to fall in line and say, look,

I'm going to,

I'm going to treat Sean Kateria this way.

So the rest of you, you know,

assholes better,

better fall in line because you know, or,


or you'll sit for a long period of time,

you know?

Um, but I love towards, I, I, I,

I love his honesty, but,

and he's a hell of a coach.

Uh, like you said,

squeezing every ounce of,

of everything that he could

get from this flyers team,

but he is definitely one of

those coaches that has a shelf life.

You get to a certain point

and everybody's like,

this fucking guy won't get

off my back for crying out loud.

Can somebody hire someone?

Can we get someone else in

here who's not going to rip

me a new one every time I

turn the puck over at the blue line?

It reminds me of the Ryan

Kessler interview on Spit

and Chicklets where he was

just like going at Kessler,

stripped him of his A and all that,

and then almost fought him

in practice pretty much.

And he's like, I fucking love it, Kess.

I fucking love it.

You're going to get your A back next year.

And Kessler's like,

you're not going to be back

here next year.

I'm not going to be back here either.

And this is like little things like that.

It's like Torts definitely

has a shelf life,

but there's a reason why.

he has continued to find a

job in the league.



I mean, he gets,

he gets you there and then

they may even win it maybe

next year or whatever.

He gets you there.

But then after a while, it's just like,

that's, that's enough.

I mean, it's, he's kind of a hot, hot,

hot knife through steak.

He's just like kind of after a while,

I just like, okay, okay, dude.

But what I love is that that was like a,

that was like a post game on a,

on a bad one night stand

where you just say like, Hey,

what's the one thing that

comes to mind after that performance?



That's like, you know,

that was just incredible.

I love it.

I love torts.

I mean, I just, I mean,

I would love to play for a guy like torts,

you know, but some people don't, you know,

and it's hard nowadays,

obviously players dictate things.

We saw it with Cassidy in Boston,

like players dictate things and,

and the coach goes,

you can't fire all the

players and that type of thing.

But torts has done a great

job with that group.

And that's a team that I

didn't think had any chance

of making the playoffs.

And here we are, like,

just really on the cusp of making it.

And it's a scary team

because they'll have no

expectations and they play hard.

Like, he gets them playing hard.

And they're a scary team.

They get going.

They win game one.

And all of a sudden, you're in a dogfight.

So that's a scary team.

All right,

Alex Ovechkin is on his way to 895 goals.

He sped up a little bit here,

and the Caps are actually another team.

Completely surprised by the Caps.

I thought they were one of

the worst teams in the

league coming into the season.

But Ove is getting there,

and I think he's actually

going to get there.

He's at 848.

So he's about, what is that,

46 away from Gretzky.

Yeah, he'll get there.

I think he will.

He'll play until he gets there.

We'll put it that way.

I think so.


whether he's just out there on the

power play,

just banging one timers until he hits it.

Uh, but he will, he'll get there.

And, um, and then I think, you know,

down the line,

you're looking at a guy

like Austin Matthews, who, uh, uh,

we talked to Ardo Cal, uh,

and he thinks Matthews will

pass Ovechkin at some point.

And it certainly looks like

Matthews as well on his way with, uh,

you know,

does he have 60 already this year?

Oh, he has 63 this year.

63, yeah.

So, you know, and, you know,

if he starts putting

together back-to-back, you know, 55, 60,

65 goal seasons,

it's only a matter of time

before Matthews catches

Ovechkin and Gretzky.

He's only 26 years old.

I was going to say, he's still very young.

So he's got a long time in front of him,

and it's just whether or

not he plays long enough to

get up into that stratosphere.


I agree.

And that's, you know,

there's only three people

ever who scored over 800 goals.

And I tweeted out on our

Bruins friends' account a

while back that there were

a few like Nathan McKinnon

and Matthews and Pasternak.

who are in the mid-300s range,

under 30 years old,

who all have a chance.

But like you said, longevity is the key.

I mean,

with the money that's in the game

and those types of things,

are guys really going to

play until they're 36, 37, 38?

You know,

there are some in the league right now.

You know,

the Zach Parises and Goligoskis

and guys who have been

around quite a bit and

played a long time in the league.

But do guys like Matthews

and Pasternak play that long?

You know, in the league, who knows,

but definitely have a chance.

And so do you think, okay, Conrad,

I'll ask you this.

Does Ovi do it with the caps?

Do they, I mean,

I would assume he would and

the caps would want him to, but I mean,

he's a guy who every single

year would be a candidate

to kind of deal for a playoff run,

wouldn't he?


and I think the Capitals have done a

good job at keeping the

team relatively competitive

because they're fighting

for a wild card spot at the moment.

It's a wild duck chase right now.

With the way that Ovechkin

kind of started the season

and everyone's like, oh, he's 38,

he's slowing down,

and now he's picking it

right up near the end of

the season because, well, one,

they're in the playoff hunt, and two,

you have the team

to go on this run like you

have patch ready Sandin uh

McMichael you have a bunch

of young guys and then a

lot of really strong

leaders too to go on top of

it so it's like you have to

look at the team that they

have put around him and you

also have to look at

Ovechkin's play because 846

or 848 goals later in the

league and he's still in

that one position in the

power play still scoring

from that one angle


I mean, he's, he's X. I mean, he's just,

I mean, he, one,

one thing about OB that's

impressive is the fact that

he he'll play physically.

He always has.

And he is tremendously durable.

I mean, my God,

he's like a machine and

he's still out there

playing at a fairly high level.

And I mean,

he may be a little bit more one

dimensional than he was,

but there was a time where

he was banging bodies and

playing physically and,

having a different impact in

the game than just scoring

goals on the power play.

And that may be how it ends.

Like Smitty said,

just kind of being

specialty guy and that's fine.

But it's interesting that

the Capitals have been able to,

because I really thought

this was a Cal Ripken type

of situation where all of a sudden,

like you're just waiting

this guy out and your

roster is struggling through it.

And you just, at the end of it,

it's just your bare bones.

You're all done.

Like you have to completely

rebuild after this.

Like you're selling your soul for this.

But it doesn't seem to be that way.

It seems to be that they've

done a pretty good job of

staying relevant and

staying in the playoff chase.

Whether or not they make it, who knows?

But at least they've been

able to remain relevant in

the playoff chase.

All right.

Moves that we think teams

should have or should not

have made at the trade deadline.


anything come to mind for you as

far as who should have made?

I think I kind of alluded

with the whole Vancouver thing is

The Elias Lindholm trade is

one that they should not have made.

And I feel so strongly about that.

And I'm pretty sure my trade

deadline grade piece,

I think I gave them a D.

I was very rough to them.

And then San Jose also comes

to mind with some boneheaded ass moves,

trading Thomas Hurdle with

two third round picks,

which are basically second

round picks for how bad the

team is going to be over

the next five years for

their best prospect in

Vegas at a first round pick.

That's basically a second

round fucking pick.

Like, what are we doing in San Jose?

It's a clear F on their part.

So I got two teams that I

want to rip an asshole about,

but here we are.


I think Mike Greer in San Jose

probably should be fired

for the way that he did.

I don't think there's any

two ways about it.

He should have been fired

for negotiating to Trent Hurdle.

Even cap retention on it.




The, the, you know,

the retention back and then

not getting enough.

It's, it's a,

it's a viable offense in my opinion.

And, and then, um, you know,

some moves that people did

make at the deadline, you look at,

you know, Vegas gets hurdle, uh, you know,

Edmonton gets some pieces, um, you know,

uh, Colorado with the trade for, um,

uh buffalo who was it oh um

uh middle middle stats are

uh byron that was a good

move for them to give them

some more depth um so you

know the teams in the west

kind of loaded up there for

the for the stretch run uh

and it's going to be a

battle uh and then you know

tampa and you know makes a

minor move and florida

makes a minor move with duclair and

uh you know carolina uh

makes a move so um there

were some good moves made

by by some of the

contenders in the east you

know boston gets the peak

trade I uh peak and I think

that was a little bit of an

underrated signing uh he's

kind of fit in well with

them on their third pair

and giving them a little

bit more physicality and pk

work so um it seems like

most of the contenders made

pretty good little moves

with the exception like uh

conrad said of of vancouver uh and and

And, you know,

then there's... I don't know if... I mean,

San Jose obviously was a

dumpster fire or whatever, but... Yeah,

you know,

I think that... I thought when

it happened that the

deadline was a pretty good deadline.

I thought that teams didn't

have a lot of room to take

on salaries and had to be creative.

And I thought it was going

to be a real dud.

I really did, but...

It really wasn't.

I thought teams did a really

good job of having some creativity,

getting enough help.

Many teams did.

We kind of lamented Boston

not getting something a little bit better,

maybe a centerman or

another scoring winger.

But when you look at Maroon, who's now...

he's going to start playing for them.

And that's probably a good

move because they do need

some bottom six help.

And then the peak trade was

a really good one, as Smitty said.

So they actually did some

things to really shore

themselves up when they

didn't have a lot of cap

space or any capital to trade.

They don't have great prospects.

They don't have a lot of

high picks and don't

certainly want to give any

more of them up.

So I thought that was a

pretty good deadline all around for

But the Lindholm thing was,

if you could ever see

something coming a mile away,

it's that Elias Lindholm thing.

It's just like,

you could just see it

coming that he just wasn't

performing well,

wasn't producing well in a

real dry spell.

And then you make that trade

with all that was sent in return.

It was just like a head scratcher for me.

It's just all the red alerts

were there to not do

something to that magnitude

with Lindholm.

Another thing with that

Lindholm trade is Vancouver,

I very strongly believe

they're going to get

bounced in the first round.


So you're giving up a pretty

decent first round pick on

top of some other pretty

decent assets for a guy who

might not even sniff the

playoffs with this team.


And I thought Carolina

really helped themselves with Gensel.

He's been really hot since

he's been there.

Carolina has a lot of good

forwards and he'll fit right in there.

And they just got Freddie Anderson back.

And, you know,

with the exception of the

Bruins game last night,

he's been terrific since he came back,

I believe 11 and one before that game.

with the,

with the goals against under two.

So, um, you know,

Carolina is going to be a

really tough out cause

they're playing well and, and have,

you know, the defensive depth and, and,

uh, you know,

a really good solid forward group.

Um, if they can, you know,

figure some things out, uh, as far as, um,

you know, fetching the cause, taking some,

some, uh,

kind of stupid penalties he did

last night.

Um, so they need to clean some stuff up,

but there'll be, uh,

there'll be a tough out in the East.

But, you know,

Vancouver's looking down the

barrel of a L.A.

Kings first round matchup.

And the Kings are pretty good.

And I would favor the Kings

in that series.

It could either be the Kings or the Preds,

looks like.

The Preds have been fairly hot.

Bruins beat them the other night,

but they had won eight out

of nine at home in a really hot.

And the Kings are pretty good.

Either one of those two

teams could upset Vancouver

in the first round.

One thing with Nashville, too,

is they went from not having a great...

not so great to start to

this season and then the

whole thing with the

youtube concert and the

team out and getting

cancelled they went on just

an absolute terror they did

I've I don't know if

they're still or no they're

just sniffing up winnipeg's

back for the third central

spot but right nashville is

going to be a very sneaky

team when it comes to

playoffs because yeah 92 points

The admirals are also a really,

really good team and they

have so much depth.

It's like guy goes down,

they got a guy who'll come

in and step right into that role.

It's no problem for a national.

the guy I always thought was

really underrated is Philip

is Philip Forsberg.

Like he's 87 points.

Like he's such a good player.


they don't really have enough around

him ever, but man, he's so good.

And he signed to extend with them.

And I just think he's an

under the radar star for them.

Like no one,

people don't give them enough

credit for being,

if he was on a team in a

bigger market or,

You know, in a more of a hotbed of hockey,

like, man,

like he'd be someone that the

league is really, you know,

that's really on top of the league.

And he's just so, so good.

And he kind of makes that team go.

Connor McDavid joins Wayne Gretzky,

Bobby Orr,

and Mario Lemieux is the only

players to record 100

assists in a season.

Nikita Kucherov has 90.

I don't think he's going to get there,

but he has 90 this season.

But 100 assists.

for McDavid.

That's pretty impressive.

Yeah, it really is.

I mean, that's, uh,

that's pretty good company to be in with,

uh, with Kresge, Lemieux and Orr.

So, um, you know, he, he just continues to,

to put up numbers and, and now, uh,

his legacy will be, you know,

can he get over the hump and,

and win a cup?

All those other guys have

multiple Stanley cups.

So he needs to, uh,

he needs to join that elite

company if he wants to be

mentioned in the same

breath as those guys.

Uh, I mean, you know,

he's a tremendous talent and, um, but he,

he really needs the playoff success now,

um, to be mentioned among the greats.

Yeah, I mean,

Edmonton-Vegas could be the

first round matchup.

And that's a tough one.

That's a tough one.

I mean, Vegas has been dinged up.

I mean, Eichel was out for a while.

Stone was out for a while.

But man, if they can get healthy,

they're fully healthy.

That's a tough first round

matchup for Edmonton.

Yeah, it is.

I think they have 21 or 22

million on long term

injured reserve right now.

Yeah, that they're, you know,

that they got guys hanging

out just off to just off to

the off to the side of the rink there.

And so all around and then

you see everybody hop the

boards and be like salary cap gymnastics.


I mean, hey, it's legal.

And, you know,

everybody kind of jumps on

people for doing that and, you know,

cap circumvention and all this stuff.

But until somebody closes that loophole,

you got to use everything

that's available to you in

order to field the best

team possible to win it.

So, you know,

Vegas is doing what Tampa did

for a long time and some

other teams have done to, you know,

kind of get around that and

have the best team come to playoffs.

I've had this conversation

with a few friends, too.

It's like,

if it's there and the league

isn't doing anything about it, yes,

it might seem like cheating

to us because we're fans of other teams.


But they are doing what the

league refuses to kind of

put their foot down on.



If it's there, use it.

Like, I would love for Winnipeg to do it.

I would love for Boston to do it.


Like Toronto did or tried to

do it a few years ago.


You got these teams that try to do it,

but you got other teams who

are doing it to an extreme,

like Tampa with the 18

million goes and wins the cup.

Can't fault them for using what's within,

I guess,

I don't want to say the rule book,

but tactically in the rule book,

the LTIR thing.



I mean, that's part of the gig.

I mean,

that's a loophole that you take

advantage of for sure.



Minnesota wild for Ryan Hartman gets

three games suspension for

throwing a stick on the ice, uh,

from the bench after a game last weekend,

the second time he has

received supplemental

discipline in the season

and the third over the past

year for Ryan Hartman.

Nobody likes him, I guess, huh?

In the league office?

What, did he piss in George Daros' chair?

Three games?

Is it because of the multiple infractions?

Three games for throwing your stick?

It has to be.

I mean,

there really can't be any other

explanation for that.

It's because he was already

disciplined once this year or whatever.

That has to be the reason.

It has to be.

Because throwing your stick off the bench,

I mean, sure.

That's more like a 10-minute

misconduct than...

then, you know, suspension worthy,

in my opinion, I don't know.

It's like, that's like a, you know,

go hit the showers early, buddy.

We'll see you.



it's not suspension level in my opinion,

but I mean, I,

I have no idea what the

people of player safety

deem suspension worthy and

not suspension worthy or

how many games they should give.

It seems like it's fucking

completely arbitrary to me.

Like they just spin the

wheel of fortune and they're like, Oh,


You get fucking 10 games.

And then this other time,


You know,

give somebody a slight push from

behind and he gets a

boarding and then they give them,

you know,

five games or they give them 5,000 bucks.

Like it's just all over the place.

It's completely arbitrary

what the decisions are from team team,

from game to game.


player to player.

It's all over the place and

I wish it was a little more consistent.

I think that's really all

anyone would ask for is

just be consistent with

what you call and what you

dole out as punishment.

Yeah, I agree.

I just think it's throwing darts,

throwing darts.

I don't know.

Or whatever the mood swings.

Someone's in a pissy mood,

and I'm tired of player discipline,

so you get five games.

Or we haven't had one in a while, so yeah,

give him a fine.

He's fine.

It just seems like that.

It just seems like if you

hit me at the wrong time,

And I've had too much of

this crap this last week.

Then I'm going to just lay

the smack down on you.

And that's, you know, in the Hartman thing,

it's definitely basically them saying, OK,

Ryan, that's enough.

That's enough from you.


that's it before it escalates even

further, which I'm OK.

I mean, I'm OK with,

but it's just such

inconsistency in all of it.

And some guys get treated differently.

And then other guys do.

And then you can talk about the teams,

which teams seem to get, you know,

anytime anybody has an

infraction against the Bruins,

they get a fine at the most.


it just seems like nothing ever

happens if something

happens to a Bruins player.

They just don't get suspended very,

you know, very harshly or anything.

I mean, Boston also did.

has gotten away with murder before.

Not literally,

but it feels like they've

committed murder.

Peros is like, whatever,

you guys are fine.

It's extremely inconsistent.

You know who's very

consistent is Austin Matthews,

who's at 63 goals.

Does he get to 70?

He has seven games remaining.

Seven goals in seven games?

I have the schedule pulled

up and they play some pretty tough teams.


The only two kind of not so

tough teams are Montreal and Pittsburgh,

but the rest, maybe New Jersey,

but New Jersey, isn't that bad.

They're just having a down

year in my opinion,

but like you got Florida, Tampa,

you got some pretty decent

teams coming up.

So Tampa shut them down to just one goal,


That's a goal per game for

the rest of the season, maybe less.

I think he hits it because I

think he could score four

or five against Pittsburgh.

Honestly, fair enough.

I think they got more

offensive inclination.


I mean,

I think Pittsburgh's kind of cashed,

cashed it in.

They're like, yeah, I mean,

Crosby's trying,

but I'm not sure the rest

of the team is really just

in the last few games, you know, devils.

He had a goal.

He had a goal.

He had two goals against Florida,

one goal against Tampa.

like it seems like he's scoring against,

you know, the good teams too.


I mean,

put those guys on the power play and,

and he can score, he can score a bunch.

So I'm going to say he hits it.

I'm going to say he hits it.

I say he comes just like one

or two goals shy.

It's like he can score,

but he needs to get in a groove.



And again,

you got that Pittsburgh team

with Carlson on defense,

the reigning Norris trophy winner.



I'm looking back against this season,

and I don't see a goal,

if you can believe it,

against the Pittsburgh Penguins.


That means he's going to break out.

Did not score a goal against

the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Scored a shitload against Philadelphia.

Oh, my God.

At least seven.

but Austin does too.

He lights up the flyers.

Oh, he lights up the,

and David Krejci used to as well.


Lit up the flyers, uh, like a lampshade.

But, uh, I, I think, um,

he has a real chance.

It'll be interesting to see

if he plays all those games.

I mean, do they,

do they give him a load management,

you know, once or twice,

or does it depend on

whether or not he's at 68 or whatever?

He'll, he'll play.

He wants it.

He wants 70.

We know for sure a player like that,

do that in the modern era

because it was cool when he

did 60 and then fucking

Pasternak and McDavid do it

the same or the next season.

Is McGilney and Solani the last to get 70?

Who's the last to get 70?

That's a good question.

I think they both had 76.

Solani and McGilney.

I don't know if there's been

a 70 for a while, right?

I don't think so.

McDavid is supposed to be 70.

It might be McGillney.

It might be McGillney.



That's impressive.

All right.

Wildcard race in the East.

Flyers, Capitals, Red Wings.

And there's maybe another team.

Which team locks up the last

Eastern Conference playoff spot?

Pittsburgh's actually surging a little,

although they're slightly behind.

Who gets in?

I'm honestly going to say

Detroit is the team that sneaks in.

Yeah, I'm in agreement with Flyers,

Red Wings.

Get in.

Yeah, I think so, too.

I think Detroit gets in.

I just I don't think.

I mean,

Islanders have played one more game

than Detroit.

And are only up a point.

So I feel like Detroit will

sneak in there.

And Philly, you know,

they've lost five in a row.

So that doesn't bode well for them.

No, it doesn't.

And that's probably why

torches beside himself.


And they got some tough games coming up.

I'm not sure.

I'm not sure the flyers stay

in the playoff race.

I think they may fall out of it.

Cause I, I just,

they just don't have enough.

Like he's gotten every ounce

out of them and they just,

they just don't have enough.

I feel like, um, you know,

the Islanders have some

goaltending and some forward, you know,

Washington's right there.

So I feel like one of those

teams will probably jump

over the flyers and get in.

And I did look up the 70 goals, by the way,

and it was McGilney and Solani,

both in that 92-93 season, both had 76.

McGilney did it in 77 games.

Solani in 84 games.

And before that,

it was Brett Hull had 70 in 91, 92.

And before that, 86 in 90, 91.

Brett Hull?






So that's, wow.

So that's, yeah.

So that's McGillney and what was it?

93, 94, 92, 93, 92, 93.

So 31 years ago,

McGillney and Solani both

in that same year.

And then before that, um,

Brett Hull in three straight years had,

uh, 72, 86 and 70.



That's Adam Oates, right?

In the mid-80s.

Yeah, it was late 80s, early 90s.

89, 90, 90, 91, and 91, 92.


I think Oates was in there somewhere.

Yeah, I think Oates was still there then.

Actually, Oates,

we were talking about

college free agents.

Colin Graff went to San Jose.

Jackson Nelson, the Bruins.

It was Jacob Quillen went to Toronto.

And in that talk,

who are actually any

superstars that come in as

college free agents?

And Adam Oates is probably the all-timer.


RPI, yeah.


And there's a list of some

that really did come about

and have really good careers.

There's not a ton of them.

But Adam Oates is definitely

far and above the best

college free agent signing

ever as a Hall of Famer.

So that'll do it for this

episode of Inside the Rink podcast.

We're back at it.

We're back at it weekly.

Next week we can do our

playoff predictions probably.

Yeah, sounds good.

I think we'll be like a day

away from the final of the season.


Oh, yeah,

definitely get to

You can get merchandise on there.

You can get great articles,

extensive hockey coverage,

and other great podcasts.

And we'll see you again next week.

Thanks for listening.

Thanks a lot.


Thank you.