The D-List with Debrae Little

With Spring bringing a rush of life into home decorating, Debrae offers some tips for responsibly updating and maintaining the unique beauty of your home.

What is The D-List with Debrae Little?

The D-List is a recurring feature on KUNV 91.5 Jazz & More that focuses on interior design practices and trends. Every segment highlights a new way to spruce up and improve your interiors.

This is the D-List with Debrae Little. I'll be sharing some amazingly simple ideas, tips, and design trends to improve your home. After a year of seeking refuge and facing isolation due to the pandemic, we're all seeking renewal this spring. Let's reimagine, revive, and restore by defining what your home is and will be for handling the many roles and duties we require of it in this new stage of what is normal. Sustainable and healthy home living is on the minds of everyone today. Here are some ideas for a healthier home life. Use earth-friendly fibers and sustainable textiles that are grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Try cotton, hemp, or sisal. Go for one-of-a-kind vintage and antique furniture, art, and decor to repurpose and to decorate your home. Decorate with natural materials like wool, Shoot. Paint using non-toxic finishes like low VOC paints. Hang laundry to dry. It saves energy. Opt for eco-friendly detergent. Go cold to save energy. Wash your clothes in cold water. Use FSC certified, recycled or upcycled when you purchase new. Check your technology. Set your devices to low power mode and turn off lights when you leave a room. Lower your electric bill, open a window to cool a room and hang blackout curtains to help curb energy use. Build a greenhouse to grow fresh herbs and vegetables. It not only saves trips to the grocery store, but it's renewable. For small spaces, assemble a mini plant wall in a sunny corner on a shelf. Or try a compact hydroponic system that allows you to grow just about anything without the mess of soil. Or try a compact hydroponic system that allows you to grow just about anything without the mess of soil.

just about anything without the mess of soil.