Let's Talk UNLV

Today on Let's Talk UNLV, Renee and guest host Danielle are joined by our most frequent guest, Environmental Health Specialist Dr. Brian Labus. Dr. Labus explains the latest COVID19 variants and symptoms. He even provides listeners with some insight into what the future will look like in the next few years. Listen now to learn more about how diseases are detected, which covid test works best, when to take a test and so much more useful information about the Coronavirus disease.

What is Let's Talk UNLV?

Let’s Talk UNLV, hosted by Dr. Renee Watson and Dr. Keith Rogers, is aimed at students and supporters of UNLV. We discuss everything a UNLV student needs to know, in order to keep students up to date on the latest happenings on the UNLV campus. The program brings guests from different areas of UNLV every week to discuss campus highlights, programs and services, research interests that are essential to being a Rebel. Let’s Talk UNLV places its emphasis on connecting with student leaders who represent the voice of students on our campus. Guests also include administrators, faculty and staff responsible for upholding the mission of the university, which is teaching, research and scholarship.