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What is Veteran's Affairs Plus W/ David L. Washington?

Veteran's Affairs Plus discusses the issues that veterans in Las Vegas deal with on a daily basis. Your host, David L. Washington connects listeners with relevant community resources and information that they need to help veterans or themselves.

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Good morning, Las Vegas. This is Veterans Affairs plus on 91.5, jazz and more. I'm Dave Washington, your host. And I look forward to a couple of guests that hopefully will be calling in shortly. Mr. Vinson, he's with the Purple Heart group and also miss Kimberly Bailey to row local business woman. But in the meantime, as I wait for their calls, again, this is vegetal fares plus 190 1.5 Jazz and more. I want to congratulate my daughter Amber and her husband, Nathan on his 20th wedding anniversary. In fact, Nathan and his operations person was on last week, Miss Terry and they did an excellent job talking about good works. Outstanding hospitality app that folks who are looking for to include veterans. For some extra work or work in general, you can go on that app and apply and you go through their program and they will get you set up. In terms of announcements, condolences to the Scott family. They lost. Dr. Scott, young man who was an outstanding activist within our community. don't know the details and just important for us to acknowledge folks who who have done work within our community and this young man was an outstanding individual ran for office a couple of times like myself, didn't have success, but yet he was dedicated to our community. So condolences again to his family. With respect to birthdays, Miss Deborah Campbell. You know, I forgot the Deborah's birthday was in October. Deborah Campbell just celebrated her birthday and, and also I have a couple of cousins. That's Alberta, Washington Blake, and her twin brother, Chef Albert Washington just celebrated birthdays, and Joseph Scott and this is a Joseph Scott out of Detroit, but been in Las Vegas for many, many years. And just want to say happy birthday to all those folks. And then in terms of speaking of birthdays, Dora the grand had an outstanding birthday party put on by her daughter for her 70th birthday. This is an a facility out on the far west. I think it's far west Sahara. Very nice room and, of course had the great local DJ spinning in this. Mr. Ronnie yo, he was doing his thing and did a great job. Just want to ask folks to pray for Dr. Lawrence weekly. I understand he's under the weather. So let's say a prayer for that young man. Again, we know the kind of work that he's done in our community to include serving both city council and county commission. 91.5 Jazz and more membership drive look, Las Vegas, they have a lofty goal that we know it can be reached. And I know we're getting down to the end of the month. So when you hear this show, we hope we will have already made that $65,000 And then finally, Tanya Flanagan, the scoop she did an entire month on cancer awareness had some pretty interesting guests to be on her show. So Sunday morning 7am The scoop with Tanya Flanagan. Thank you Las Vegas once again. This is Veterans Affairs plus 1.5 Jays.

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Once again, good morning Las Vegas. This is Veterans Affairs plus 91.5 Jazz and more. On the earlier segment I mentioned that we would have to get essence, Kimberly Bailey to row would be our second guest. And we'd have Vishal Vinson as our first guest, and this is with the primary juniors his name Vincent primary and Jr. is with the veterans purpleheart group and something must have come up, but we'll try and get hold of him because I think he has some valuable information to be shared with, with our audience to include our veterans. Again, we have Miss Kimberly Bailey, true drove to row and I've been knowing this young lady since she was a young young young lady. In fact, I know her mom and dad, deceased. Dr. Bob, we make Bailey great guy, community guy, community activist. He was a trailblazer in terms of the media, he had his own talk. In fact, my wife was on his show, you know doing dance and and all this different kinds of stuff. And also, Miss Anna Bailey, whom I hope to get on the show sometime. She has a rich history as a dancer in our community and in the world. In fact, Kimberly Bailey Trudeau Trudeau true RO, how are you? And I'm just stepping all over your name. How you doing this morning?

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I'm doing great. Thank you so much for having me on your show.

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Yes, absolutely. In fact, I guess Charles forgot that. I've had you guys on the show before to talk about some of the things that you do in a community particularly your your, what does it call the one that you do downtown? Are you still doing?

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Hey, synth sounds Uh, so yeah, we're trying. We're trying to get it back on, we're going to incorporate a major, major job fair with that, you know, a lot of people are looking for employees. So we hope that during Black History Month, we can make it an economic push for many people in our community to, you know, get a job as well.

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Yeah, we're sad heard your name, but I think I've heard of her. But what does she do SA, she is a young businesswoman. Light and her and her husband, they do a major, major food type function downtown Fremont at the Fremont Street Experience. So as well as doing some other things. And I also told them about how you ran the micro business program to assist people who are going into business or were into business, but not doing things in a proper way. And you kind of help to school. I mean, and I recall, too, if your dad had a school he had built and he was training people on

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Yeah, well, you were a part of the NED COE with the financing. And so I know, my father, you know, just adored you, and cherish your input with Nico and all that you have done for our community. Dave. So, you know, I it really touches me for Edie, give me any accolades. Because I'm just trying to keep keep the ball rolling where you guys left.

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Kimberly, you know, I listened to your show from time to time on KCP. And, and I listened to some of the things and you know, something that I like about your show, is you bring on, you bring on these authors, and some of these books, man. I said, Man, this is, well, when you do your research, and you're out there and then no like you, you will find people who have interesting things to say, as well as have written about them. But some of those books I've actually purchased. So keep doing that. I think it's important. And one thing that's a that's a lost art. And I've said it before, I don't know if it's called an art, but certainly reading to me is something that is lost particularly in our communities, and in all communities, but particularly in the black community. And I stay on my grandchildren as I did my own children. You gotta read you got to read because there's things that you will learn and, and know about if you can read and comprehend in fact, took my young granddaughter, as me and Marsha are kind of hanging on to the kids right now that their children as Amber and her husband, Nathan on their 20th anniversary went on a little cruise. So anyway, I took her breakfast this morning. I said, So what's your favorite subject? He said, reading? I say reading Oh, that's great. I said, Well, why do you? Yeah, I have so much trouble and I try to assign y'all something to read. Well, we they give us certain assignments, and we get certain things to do. And then we have to talk about I said, Well, that's what I've been trying to get you out to do as well as say so you want to know that you can read and comprehend what you read.

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Yeah, if he has leaders or readers so, again, we work very closely with the Las Vegas Clark County Library District. Mr. Calvin Watson, you got to have Mr. Watson on your show. He's phenomenal brother and just, you know, so innovative with reading books and technology. So he's contributed so much. And you know, so yeah, you're telling him right, because I don't know if I didn't read. That's my happy place. I think Belmont college. I got that instilled in me, you know?

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Absolutely. So tell us about it. You know, I wanted you on the show pacifically because this is a cancer awareness month. Yeah. And as I listened to Tanya Flanagan, she has a scope, a show on Sunday mornings at 7am called the scoop. And her whole show this month was dedicated to cancer awareness. And I and I knew that you did something you've been doing it. So for how long until folks about what you do each year? In terms? Yes, well, we

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were Las Vegas black image magazine is our publication my husband and I published. But we do an event. This is our sixth year for the Las Vegas caravan for mammogram. And primarily, we target black women, because all the medical studies show that black women are the first to die from breast cancer. So it's possibly related to a lot of social economic issues. But you know, we I just I dreamt about this event event day for three years. Every year, every October, I got to do this event. And so I finally made it happen six years ago, and along with some wonderful assistance from our community. And we decorate our cars in pink and black and, and we galvanize, we have a DJ out there and it's gonna be October the 28th. And then the Metro volunteers. Escort has found the Las Vegas Strip, and then we have a wonderful lunch at town square, so it's all free. And it's not too late people could just you know, come and show up on October this Saturday, October the 28th. And you will get your bag of decorations, go to your parking stall and and just start decorating your car. So it's really something that it's a public awareness activity. We don't actually do mammograms there, because some people you know, they don't want to get a mammogram. But what we really stress is that please take care of your breast health. So Intermountain Healthcare and anthem. Those are sponsors that make this happen each and every year.

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Wow, that's great. So this this morning, you all were airing here today, it's 7am. And what time does your program actually start?

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Should we start at eight? Yeah, so today? Yes, it will start right at eight o'clock AM you can come we won't start the parade of cars until around 1030 or 11. So 700 Shadow lane right by Valley Hospital that parking lot. And we start decorating so you'll see us all out there with a DJ and it's so much fun David, I hope you'll marshwood Make it out.

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You know what I'm gonna try to stop by so let me ask you so are you guys still thought and we call you guys going down the strip? Are you still doing it?

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Yeah, we're going down the strip even though the strip I just did it today to make sure it's all open. But yeah, we were going down the strip. That's really what what is so exciting. Because the tours is the international community on that strip of visiting Las Vegas. And they cheer us on and they're yelling and and we're talking and and it's just really, it really makes it very festive because you're going down that strip you have a built in audience from people from all over the world. But one thing about breast cancer everyone is affected by it or know someone that's affected by even men these days are getting breast cancers at a reduced rate. But this is what's happening. Speaking of

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that, a friend of mine has breast cancer he it's a male. And he said it was Yeah, but he's he's doing well. Okay. And we just told me and we just keep praying for your brother Yeah, one of my fire service brothers came down he had another cancer and then come up with breast cancer I guess once it happens it can easily move around in you but I don't know all the particulars, but it's it's something important and I we certainly commend you for doing this and you've been doing it for six this

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year. This is our sixth year so you know praise God it's just been something that was on our heart and like I said you know you have other organizations out here that they do a lot for breast cancer awareness month which is October but I didn't see a real big push for black you know as it's specifically for black women because we're dying first right and and like I tell people it's not just for us to to be aware of this but I want to help give care industry to realize because I know someone with breast cancer right now battling and she said it just grew because she couldn't even get her appointment with the doctor because she's on a wait you know, you have to wait two to three months even get to be seen. So It's really something so the healthcare industry, we have to do better. There's so many disparities. And again, black women are 40% more likely to die from breast cancer than any other ethnic group,

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you know, again, with that focus and then health in general, and for all, you know, it's kinda, I think, you know, people have jokingly said, man, don't get sick in Las Vegas, man, you better go over there, we've got better medical care over in Southern California. But we, I agree with you, we've got to grow our medical community here to have greater experts in particular areas of medical care, to ensure that we have a community that can be healthy. But certainly this is, this is great work that you're doing for sure.

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Oh, thank you day, well, it's, we're really excited about it. You know, the response has been wonderful. Like I said, inner mountain health care's along with anthem, helped sponsor the event. So we can feed everybody, but I want to give, you know, if you're interested in coming out, you know, just give me a call 702-615-8216. And like I said, it's free, come out, get your bag of decorations and, and we get to it at the fellowship. I mean, I should say, the sister ship and fellowship, because our men come out to and we want you to bring the whole family bring your children, your grandchildren, because I think this is something we all should be aware of, and just to take care of our breast health

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apps. Absolutely. You know, and as the old folks saying, now that I am wondering, oh, folks, I'd say God willing, and the creek don't rise, I'll make sure that I make announcement of this throughout the month of October next year. So hopefully, we'll still be doing Veterans Affairs plus on 91.5, jazz and more. That's who we are. And we have Miss Kimberly Bailey to row on the show this morning talking about a great program that she's been doing for six years. So please consider coming out this morning. I think she's doing a great job. And we got to support people who are who are stepping out and doing things that are important to our community in particular. So Kim Lee salute salute. So sure, how many how many have you had to participate? Do you recall a number over the years?

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Yeah, yeah, of course, we've had as many as 280 black women, galvanized, we've had as low is about 175. But we haven't gone any lower than that. So, you know, is we hope, you know, the goal is for me, I want to see as many as possible. I would like to see care of being for mammogram in different cities around the country. And so that we you know, because it's an interactive, it's an engagement of us, you know, you're getting your buddy, you're meeting new friends, you know that you're not alone. And you can go through that process, because it's, it's pretty scary. When I go for my mammogram, I was called back and I tell you, I was real nervous. I said, Why am I being called back? Yeah, but they check you double check you and thank God, everything was okay. But you just never know, because a lot of things are hereditary or DNA. And so you just got to stay on top of everything. It's just like, You know what else I noticed what else but we just got to do it. We got to you know, my mom is 97 now and she said when you feel some go to the doctor, you know, I

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was telling with our engineer say that? I think her mom is Miss Bailey. I think she's like, I think she's 9697. So I was right there on time.

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You're on target. He loves you.

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And we love her back. Look, tell me and I'm talking about this is particularly for the listening audience. What do you get that fire in your gut for this community activity stuff that you continuously do to include having your own magazine, you and your husband, which we really appreciate.

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I think what it is I Dave, I think just watching you and watching earnest and watching daddy all these years, you know, just working in the black community doing so much and seeing the voids, you do the voids, in procurement or wherever and you guys would fight to try to you know, fill those voids and you don't know the impact. You never know who's watching but I was watching and I think to further my education at Spelman College in Atlanta, as it pertains to the black community and what we need to do for ourselves. It empowered me and I, you know, and I just get such a fulfillment out of it. And I just you know, Oh, I don't I'm not a complainer, I just I'm an innovator. So I try to I innovate, I try to create things that people might enjoy, make you feel better make you feel good. And, and and I'm just blessed that God has allowed me to do that, you know, with with my husband.

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Sure. And I trust that you're going to have a great turnout Saturday morning, whether or not I'll actually participate in going through the route, I'm going to do my best to at least show up to show that support because I think it's important, what you're doing is certainly admirable. And we got to, we got to show support for people who are out there, step it up and doing the kinds of things that are necessary to ensure that we find our rightful place in terms of just getting the proper medical care within our community. So outstanding work, keep doing what you're doing, you and your husband. And again, as we have a little bit more time yet, you do a thing every I don't know how long you've been doing it. But you do another thing in terms of health down in San Diego's I've seen pictures of it.

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Yeah. Well, that's our health escapade. We, we invite people from our community to come to La Jolla each, each year. And we hike and we, we just do activities that pertain to our health. Health is just so important. You know, I don't even think I don't hear people talking too much about money much. But I do hear people talking about, they just want to stay alive, they want to be saved, they want to be healthy. They want to be able to you know, participate as we all are getting older. You know, it takes an effort, everything in his life takes an effort. So, yeah, we do the Las Vegas black image magazine at the beach. And, you know, so we, we people meet up with us and we go to San Diego to La Jolla and, and we just have a wonderful, wonderful time Alicia Keys. She joined us one year with her husband. He doesn't live far from from from our family condo out there. Yeah, so it's it's been really fun. And it's relaxing. We do a barbecue. We do the bonfire on the on the beach, we listen to Marvin Gaye. So one year you were Marcia gotta come?

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Absolutely. Yeah. Like I say, from what I've seen and heard of is really an outstanding opportunity for people together, as well as learn some things about you know, taking better care of themselves. And I agree with you 100% That when, as your mother said and my wife always talking about me and how we don't go and take care of ourselves, you know, we just kind of meal around and yeah, it's a man. We

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have grant day. We have grand marshals this year. Oh, we have Mr. Kelvin Watson. He's Executive Director of the last day of Clark County Library District, we have Dr. Marguerite Braithwaite, and she's a OB GYN so we have doctors in the house and also my Morehouse brother that recently moved here he's he's a medical doctor, Euro forts and he writes for black image, but he'll be on hand as well. So you know, you always gotta know your doctors, you know, when you can't get in with it. So we're trying to build those relationships with some of our doctors here so that you know, the tension can be had when you need it, you know?

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So again, if you would go back over what the particulars are for actually participating, you bring your own stuff to decorate your vehicles, etc.

Unknown Speaker 23:44
No, no, no, you just bring yourself we when you come to 700 Shadow lane, you'll get a big pink devil I'm still doing is getting more decorations, but you get a big pink bag of decorations and then you all you do is park your car we have the scissors to the tape, and you just decorate and then we'll all get into one file of cop cars parade of cars. And we'll be escorted by a Metro Police down the Las Vegas Strip to Town Square and they will have a lunch a healthy wonderful lunch. But it's really good I'm gonna you know sometimes we say Healthy People trip but it's really gonna be good, it's good food and but it's really good and then we're gonna have our music. So it's really and we'll be over by 230 in the afternoon

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and it's absolutely good to know that you know, because I know when people hear about decorating a vehicle for parade etc. You start going okay, well what do I bring? You got everything there.

Unknown Speaker 24:47
I got everything there and and because of Intermountain Healthcare and and some of that sort of sponsorship money goes as we get to make sure that we have our decorations everybody is satisfied with their Food. And we have the protection of our security with Metro. So we taken care of all the boxes, all you have to do is get in your car and just come on.

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Great. Wonderful. Now back to as we get ready to wind down for your, your activity in February, has that been locked down? Are you still working on?

Unknown Speaker 25:22
We're still working on it, you all could call the Fremont Street Experience. You know, it's really sad that they you know, every time we try to do the event, there's always been in that particular excuse, but I'm gonna try to keep it positive. But yeah, sometimes it is a bit tremendous struggle. From the political environment, we have little to zero help. And all we're trying to do is give our businesses opportunity to tap in on that tourists dollar. And you know, they'll say oh, go to Craig ranch park, or go to Westside or go, no, we want to tap into the tourist dollar that's being generated on that strip, as black owned business people and chase and salsa so culture Fest has afforded people that opportunity, I'm telling you, Dave, I would do the taxation for the and and the money that was generated for each business is tremendous. When you're able to tap into the tourist market. I wish we could have more dialogue like that, where we get the Super Bowl is gonna be here, all of these things are happening, but what is going to be our participation. So maybe Dave, that's a show you can continue?

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Well, I'll tell you, I've had heartburn about Allegiant stadium. And a lot of people know, NEC man, just let it go. Forget about it. I said, Look, if it's a public private partnership, which that stadium is, when you take 750 million of tax, a room tax dollars and put it into that stadium, it means we have a part in it. I'm talking about the public. So I'd like to know what did we get out of it? From you know, I start up originally asked about black and I could see was upsetting people? I said, You know what, let me just say, give me a gender and ethnic breakdown of one who has vendor opportunities, who have concession stains, you know, and they basically told me, yeah, tell me nothing. And some people say you should go through the what is it call? It's a lot of forms you have to fill out but there's, there's a, there's a means of doing it. And I'm like, Why should I have to go through that when I was sitting at a meeting when I heard them hire a person to, to to compile all these stats. So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 27:39
you know, what day we just need to be do better. And I mean, and like I said, it's not to criticize as much as to give direction. And I do believe that the politics in Detroit when Gil Hill my cousin was running for mayor and he was on the council when people the MGM wanted to build a Detroit. Then he said, Okay, well, how many contractors how many businesses how many sold before the project was even get started? Those because some people call the set asides. But those things, those stipulations were were were agreed upon, were requirements before construction even started. So until we get those kinds of politicians in place that will ask hard questions, and then put it in writing and hold the and hold the developer to that. We won't see none, because now we'll get we're backtracking. It's already done. It's already completed. So we just you know, so that's what we should be looking for in a new mayor. That's what we should be looking for. And anyone that's going to represent our community

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no doubt. Will see it young lady appreciate you once again, and we'll get you back on the show between now and when you have your function in February. Once again, Las Vegas this is Miss Kimberly Bailey Trudeau. I keep that I keep saying Trudeau

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to row just like another our ows

Unknown Speaker 29:02
I love you Kimberly. Tell your mom and your husband I said hey, once a Las Vegas is Veterans Affairs plus on any 1.5 years or more we'll talk to you next week.

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Hey, what's going on?

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