You're Wrong

And if you thought this was a good movie, so were you.

Show Notes

The You're Wrong crew discusses and reviews the fourth Matrix movie, The Matrix Resurrections, in today's episode and lemme tell ya: them nerds are not happy about it.

Not that I blame them... this is thing is so derivative and nostalgia-pandering that it manages to both copy and fuck up the first movie's ending song at the same time. Not to mention doing the same to post-credit scenes. It's really fucking impressive, in a flaming-bag-of-shit-on-the-front-porch-that-causes-the-whole-house-to-burn-down way.

What is You're Wrong?

The podcast that will tell you why your thoughts and ideas about video games, movies, TV series and other things are dead wrong. The good news is we're all going to have a lot of fun learning just how wrong everyone is.

[hosty_matt]: Hello, and we back to your wrong

[hosty_matt]: this week.

[hosty_matt]: we are going to talk about the most glorious movie ever released in twenty

[hosty_matt]: twenty two,

[cobra]: Alone in the dark, Wait, what?

[hosty_matt]: twenty twenty two. The Matrix

[hosty_matt]: resurrections Actually think it was released in twenty twenty one. right.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: Well, listen,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Well,

[cobra]: just fuck. starting strong.

[hosty_matt]: that's not the only thing we're going to be wrong

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: listen,

[hosty_matt]: about

[hosty_matt]: about

[the_fart_rix___4]: No, not even

[the_fart_rix___4]: might

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: the name of the pockca. for a reason

[the_fart_rix___4]: as well even when you as well been twenty two.

[hosty_matt]: somebody is wrong. Um, as you've heard me Asious, we have luciano,

[cobra]: No, that's not true.

[hosty_matt]: Uh, we have

[hosty_matt]: the fart Ricks for

[the_fart_rix___4]: That's right. that's right. that right.

[hosty_matt]: and we have the Matrix bogitated

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: that that's a good play on the title.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I am excited to talk about this movie for all the wrong

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: reasons.

[hosty_matt]: cool, um,

[hosty_matt]: I think the. I think we should dive into it. I think there' going to be a lot of

[hosty_matt]: ground

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Y

[hosty_matt]: to cover

[cobra]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: and we shouldn't waste any time, so let's jump into it. Uh, randomize or

[hosty_matt]: randomize Me. Who is going to give us their rating first?

[cobra]: the redom mizer was hesitating for a second.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: glitch.

[hosty_matt]: It's okay.

[hosty_matt]: It's okay.

[cobra]: Do I want to do this

[the_fart_rix___4]: Ha,

[hosty_matt]: It was a. It was a glitch in the matrix.

[hosty_matt]: It was a. It was a glitch in the matrix.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Oh,

[hosty_matt]: I see myself out.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: see later, guys. we got it.

[cobra]: fu ga, me, sir, with this shit

[the_fart_rix___4]: tuck your

[the_fart_rix___4]: chair

[hosty_matt]: Um,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Shut it down.

[the_fart_rix___4]: back into the desk.

[hosty_matt]: as it turns out, it is me who wins this round of the

[hosty_matt]: randomzer, So

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: But that's not all.

[cobra]: that very convenient.

[hosty_matt]: what? why can't I

[hosty_matt]: go first? The randomiz are picked. I don't pick. There's no way the randomizer

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: you're not allowed you introduce. So you got to go last.

[hosty_matt]: is just as sound. The Spencer makes this sometimesime. Chris makes this his

[hosty_matt]: voice, and then I pick who. A whoever I want to talk. That is that's insanity. I

[cobra]: Yeah, No,

[hosty_matt]: would never do that to our audience.

[the_fart_rix___4]: S.

[cobra]: that would never happen. but that's

[the_fart_rix___4]: I love luee.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Well now you are right.

[cobra]: I mean. you're talking crazy now.

[hosty_matt]: We respect.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: All heil the Brandomiz,

[the_fart_rix___4]: Oh,

[hosty_matt]: we respect the randomizer, just like a respect to Segu.

[the_fart_rix___4]: mhm, Mhm, mhm,

[cobra]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: So

[cobra]: but it's about the same

[hosty_matt]: it's about the same level.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: I'm going to go first, Um in our grand scale that we use, which is the uh luot

[hosty_matt]: system in many video games. Uh, I must choose from the low end of vendor trash

[hosty_matt]: to the high end of the legendary I listen. I'm go. I'm I'm going to start off in

[hosty_matt]: a real rair position. I'm a little comment on this one.

[cobra]: Okay.

[hosty_matt]: Here's the thing. There are pieces of this movie I think are really interesting.

[hosty_matt]: Um, there are some, some themes and some

[hosty_matt]: ideas that I think

[hosty_matt]: could have worked.

[hosty_matt]: and for whatever reason,

[hosty_matt]: Laa Wchowski could not

[hosty_matt]: stop putting more ideas and more themes and more ideas and more themes into this

[hosty_matt]: story, Such that the two. I think it's about two and a quarters. well, two and a

[hosty_matt]: half hours, if you, you know, include everything. Uh, run time still seem like

[hosty_matt]: there wasn't enough time to talk with everything and everything just kind of

[hosty_matt]: happened in a breaking enough pace, and then wrapped up, and I still didn't know

[hosty_matt]: what happened. Um, and there's there's individual pieces that will dig into as

[hosty_matt]: we go through the rest of the show. Um, that specifically were good, and, or,

[hosty_matt]: um, just literally the worst. Um,

[hosty_matt]: but I, I ill believe I will leave that to the episode, so I'm go to go. common.

[hosty_matt]: Um, it had potential. It was okay to watch.

[hosty_matt]: but you know, probably not going to watch it again.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: well, then,

[the_fart_rix___4]: mhm, Mhm,

[hosty_matt]: Let's go to the other end of the spectrum Luciano

[the_fart_rix___4]: three,

[cobra]: I knew it was going to be me.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Mhm.

[cobra]: Ah,

[cobra]: okay, so

[cobra]: I ill. I'll start with the rating and then I'll explain. It's vennder trash, plain

[cobra]: and simple,

[the_fart_rix___4]: oo,

[cobra]: and the reason why is it's M mainly

[cobra]: twofold.

[cobra]: So to start with, I have to say, Matrix, The Matrix is probably

[cobra]: one of my favorite movies of all time. Top three easily,

[cobra]: and I'm I'm o'vly, talking about the first one.

[hosty_matt]: is is. Hey, As how long is this over be? Go to take here. We're going to have to

[hosty_matt]: shut it down after. like

[cobra]: No, no, no Earthquak, And so

[hosty_matt]: okay,

[cobra]: I, When I watched the first movie, I came out of it like you know, I very impressed

[cobra]: and questioning whether reality was actually reality.

[cobra]: And then you know, the other movies proceeded to shit on that legacy. And then this

[cobra]: movie did two things. It not only continued the shitery on the On the legacy, but it

[cobra]: also felt like you know, given all the little hints in the middle of the movie felt

[cobra]: like they didn't want to do it. That whole madd thing about. Oh, we have to release

[cobra]: Matrixa, blah, blah blah. That felt like they like Leno. Echlska's hand, I guess, was

[cobra]: forced, and she was like, Oh, listen, this is what I'm gonna do right. And

[cobra]: that is like

[cobra]: so disrespectful to her own legacy and to her own original movie, but also to the

[cobra]: defense, And if e, either if this was Ma done shitily by malice or if it was done by

[cobra]: just not knowing what to do it, it is it, Managds. To be worse than than the third

[cobra]: movie.

[cobra]: It has some. It has the the aggravation like Mat out of having some interesting ideas

[cobra]: there and then taking those ideas and cheating on them too on the same,

[cobra]: plus the pandering of the nostalgia thing. So like I just Fcon. detested this movie.

[cobra]: To me. It's in a shit level, as much a shit level as Rise Skywalker

[cobra]: and I I am a lesser person now for having watched it. Thank you for my talk.

[hosty_matt]: Okay, Well, thank you for

[hosty_matt]: you know, taking it easy and not really getting

[cobra]: Yeah know, yeah, I thought I'd pa myself.

[hosty_matt]: into it too much. Stes. A good. It's a good round, rounded take on the movie.

[hosty_matt]: Let's go with the fire tricks.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Yeah, um,

[the_fart_rix___4]: my mute was like messing with me.

[cobra]: How do mute buttons work?

[the_fart_rix___4]: Well, I'm trying to use the space bar a lot faster so that I can be. you

[the_fart_rix___4]: know, light me

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, it's working.

[the_fart_rix___4]: quick with my response time.

[cobra]: Yeah, it works very well,

[the_fart_rix___4]: Well, I'm on

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: you know it.

[the_fart_rix___4]: now. I'm on the air now you know I did. Um,

[cobra]: please. please leave all of this on.

[the_fart_rix___4]: yeah, okay, no, no, no, not even so

[the_fart_rix___4]: thanks toiano's Re. View and feedback,

[the_fart_rix___4]: Um,

[the_fart_rix___4]: I'm downgrading from

[the_fart_rix___4]: uncommon

[cobra]: Yes,

[hosty_matt]: Are

[cobra]: yes,

[hosty_matt]: you that impressionable?

[the_fart_rix___4]: to common. No, it was always common. I just wanted to. I. I appreciate

[the_fart_rix___4]: that like

[the_fart_rix___4]: I.

[the_fart_rix___4]: I felt like I. I agree with a lot of the points that've been made, but at

[the_fart_rix___4]: the same time yes, and

[the_fart_rix___4]: I couldn't shake the feeling that this was a weird remake of the first

[the_fart_rix___4]: movie

[cobra]: Mhm.

[the_fart_rix___4]: with less of a payoff

[the_fart_rix___4]: for me And

[the_fart_rix___4]: okay,

[the_fart_rix___4]: like if for those listening, If you haven't watched the movie already too

[the_fart_rix___4]: bad, Like the whole duality

[cobra]: Why do you? what are you listening for? If you haven't listened to watch the movie

[cobra]: yet,

[the_fart_rix___4]: exactly? I'm too nice sometimes, so I'm just I'm trying. Um, the whole

[the_fart_rix___4]: duality of like, there's no longer a one there or two. Okay, that's cute.

[the_fart_rix___4]: That's a cute button. a cute little bowtie on the end. Great, but

[cobra]: I hated it.

[the_fart_rix___4]: I.

[the_fart_rix___4]: I. I. I was expecting more

[cobra]: Mhm.

[the_fart_rix___4]: personally, and to be honest, I enjoyed. I enjoyed

[the_fart_rix___4]: the analyst and Neil Patrick Harris. I enjoyed his arc more than neos and

[the_fart_rix___4]: trinities.

[cobra]: Ah, okay,

[the_fart_rix___4]: I enjoyed that arc. I like it was.

[cobra]: I was about to have words with you,

[the_fart_rix___4]: I'm just saying like it was. It was fresh and enough. It was fresh enough

[the_fart_rix___4]: content for me to be like Okay and then like the uh and then the trap of

[the_fart_rix___4]: Uh, or you know, the aspect of retrapping and rebuilding Neo, throwing him

[the_fart_rix___4]: back in. That was more interesting to me than the matricey stuff that's

[the_fart_rix___4]: supposed was eat, supposed to be action packed. and so on,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: seven

[the_fart_rix___4]: you know, I. I. I left. I left the whole thing feeling really mad and I

[the_fart_rix___4]: wasn't expecting that, and like for the listeners we were trying to figure

[the_fart_rix___4]: out like Spencer, before we. We, we, um, like three four episodes before

[the_fart_rix___4]: we even recorded this. He's like, Have you Gus seen the Matrix? Have you

[the_fart_rix___4]: gu seen the Matrix? What did you think? And every time he asked and I, I

[the_fart_rix___4]: asked myself and reflected within. I couldn't answer because I didn't know

[the_fart_rix___4]: whether I was excited, Which is a definite. No, and I didn't know if I

[the_fart_rix___4]: felt like, Like, got something that been stolen for me from me, which

[cobra]: which isite Yes,

[the_fart_rix___4]: it's kind of. It's kind of leading more towards that,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: firefo.

[the_fart_rix___4]: and that was my time. So common

[the_fart_rix___4]: hard, common

[hosty_matt]: Wow, great. thanks for the positivity.

[the_fart_rix___4]: listen, I look. I tried.

[cobra]: were you

[the_fart_rix___4]: but like

[cobra]: expecting positivly? Did you watch

[hosty_matt]: No,

[cobra]: the same movie with it? Okay,

[hosty_matt]: I can answer how I want that

[the_fart_rix___4]: true,

[hosty_matt]: to be. You know

[the_fart_rix___4]: I, I want. like the love at the love, like the, The The torn lover, Uh,

[hosty_matt]: we're going to get into it. Don't worry. There's plenty of time to tear this

[the_fart_rix___4]: aspect and angle.

[hosty_matt]: thing apart, living from them.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Let's do that.

[hosty_matt]: But first we need to hear

[hosty_matt]: the the driver behind making us watch this movie.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Yes,

[hosty_matt]: The person who will all punish it a future date. Spencer.

[the_fart_rix___4]: wait. Isn't there a theme? You made us watch the Great night and now we

[the_fart_rix___4]: watchs this.

[hosty_matt]: Listen,

[cobra]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: All you need to know is Spencer doesn't get to pick ever again.

[cobra]: the next movie

[cobra]: at least the next one.

[the_fart_rix___4]: I just put it together anyway. Please go ahead

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: So

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: my review of this movie is

[hosty_matt]: I don't think there's a scale for that. Um, where does that

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I

[hosty_matt]: fit on our scale?

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: to call this movie Trash is disrespectful To trash

[hosty_matt]: Okay,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: this movie.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: To say they made it as a cash grarab is false because that

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: would insinuate that they were intentionally trying to make a

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: good enough movie where people would pay to see it, which I

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: don't believe is the case.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: as an audience member who loved the Matrix. I feel like this

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: movie was pointing at me

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: laughing,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: saying what an idiot and the worst part is their right.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I agreed that I am an idiot for seeing this movie.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: This movie

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: is

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: so beyond bad.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: It not only is an unjoyable film, it detracts from the film

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: industry. As a whole,

[cobra]: Wow, What? this is weird? Why? why am I agreeing with Spencer so much? This is

[cobra]: strange.

[the_fart_rix___4]: it happens.

[hosty_matt]: where the darkest Matrix timeline.

[cobra]: We in the twilight ▁zone, right now,

[the_fart_rix___4]: talk about day. Javoo,

[hosty_matt]: I, I do feel like, Um,

[hosty_matt]: like I don't have a better term than a spern as spirned loverpens. It feels like

[hosty_matt]: someone punch you in the dick as they ran by. Like

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I would have preferred that this.

[hosty_matt]: Okay, Okay, Well, maybe we'll we'll get it there. I don't know. Let's let's the

[hosty_matt]: tive in to our topics. If you're if you're finished, Um, having your heart bleed

[hosty_matt]: out all over the counter on this

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I' done't

[hosty_matt]: one. Okay, thank you. Um. So in case you listening to this, didn't watch this

[hosty_matt]: movie. The Matrix Resurrections is the first movie in the Matrix franchise. None

[cobra]: Yeahcause, you didn't don't.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: just don't fav yourself

[hosty_matt]: is, don't none of them. None of these movies are numbered just to be clear. So

[hosty_matt]: this is not the Matrix For they're all just called the Matrix and then R or

[hosty_matt]: something. Um,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Are something

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, fair enough, r e something, Um,

[cobra]: Yeah, yeah, yeahcause, we all went when we watch it. I'll see myself out.

[hosty_matt]: Mhm,

[the_fart_rix___4]: M,

[hosty_matt]: Thank you for that. that's that's

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like like Popine,

[hosty_matt]: That's great audio. That is some great ideaudio. Um, and basically it centers

[hosty_matt]: around the relationship between Uh, neo and eternity, and uh adds some new

[hosty_matt]: characters in. Um, let's jump into our questions and let's I know you hate it.

[hosty_matt]: Everybody else hates this, but we have to do our best to answer the questions

[the_fart_rix___4]: Mhm,

[hosty_matt]: in in the vacuum they existence, so let'll

[cobra]: We will

[hosty_matt]: start with the first question. Uh, who in your estimation was the best

[hosty_matt]: character?

[cobra]: bugs,

[the_fart_rix___4]: Who' you say that?

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Were their characters in this movie?

[the_fart_rix___4]: Did you say

[hosty_matt]: Yes,

[the_fart_rix___4]: bugs?

[cobra]: bugs. Bugs. Yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: That's a stretch.

[the_fart_rix___4]: I

[hosty_matt]: yeah,

[the_fart_rix___4]: agree. I, Yes,

[cobra]: Yeah, I like the idea of the character. I like Jessica Henwicks acting in it. I like

[cobra]: Jessica Henrick in general and I thought it was an interesting

[cobra]: driver for the like. the The story of the movie Too, Be they fucked that up, and then

[cobra]: she disappears at the end. But if I have to pick

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, Soly forgot to write, but ending for her,

[cobra]: for most characters that weren't you know, Ne, or, but,

[hosty_matt]: you're You're forgetting that this movie isn't about her, so she gets

[cobra]: yeah, but but she

[hosty_matt]: dropped.

[cobra]: just

[cobra]: disappears at one point. She' like super important

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: She was in the movie.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: in the movie In like a Fcket.

[the_fart_rix___4]: she carried it up to a certain point of the.

[cobra]: Whatever, Okay were, answer. Read that question. For me. the best character in

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: this movie is, but

[cobra]: I like to idea the character Il, like how a shoo was acted.

[hosty_matt]: course, you are backing up that statement.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Yeah, but Anna have my own answer, too, so I agree with that. My favorite

[the_fart_rix___4]: character would have to be Nicholas Cage.

[hosty_matt]: Okay, um,

[the_fart_rix___4]: No, I'm just kidding. Um, Neil, Pat Kerris is the analyst again. Just

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I hate you.

[the_fart_rix___4]: refreshing for me.

[the_fart_rix___4]: refreshing for me.

[hosty_matt]: so Chri,

[the_fart_rix___4]: Mhm.

[hosty_matt]: you don't see a problem with Uh, evil Barney Stinson showing up in the second

[hosty_matt]: half of the movie.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Fucking sucked

[cobra]: Yeah, you did.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: so bad.

[hosty_matt]: So okay, so I didn't hear packtic here Because this is. apparently this is not a

[hosty_matt]: therapy session for Spencer,

[hosty_matt]: and as his friends.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I guys like. I'm not even joking. I know this is a podcast

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: for fun. I'm genuine in all of my feeling. I can't put it. I

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: can't fake this

[the_fart_rix___4]: I hear you.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: buck this movie

[the_fart_rix___4]: Yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: and fuck Barney Stinson, as the

[the_fart_rix___4]: No.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: villain. Sorry. continue. mat.

[the_fart_rix___4]: no,

[hosty_matt]: Okay, so I'm going to need you to participate in the episode structure so

[hosty_matt]: people have something fun to listen to. Thank you.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yes, yes, I will. I will,

[hosty_matt]: You hate Bare Stinson's character.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: um be cause. it didn't make any fucking sense at all. I liked

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: him as his therapist.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I wouldn't have minded if he kept that same composure and

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: seriousness that he came. That That was the character before

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: he became. Before you find out he's a program. Apparently

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: because he's a program. He now is. Ab.

[cobra]: y.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: What's up? hey man, you' you

[hosty_matt]: so

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: going to let your chick do that? The

[hosty_matt]: so

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: fuck? what are we doing?

[hosty_matt]: okay? So are you mad at the character or the characters arc?

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I.

[cobra]: Yeah. I'm mad of both.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I. I like the character as his therapist.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Mhm

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I thought that was good the way he was like basically saying

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: what therapists would say when somebody is talking

[hosty_matt]: Yep,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: the way Neo is and I thought it was fine that he was the

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: program. I didn't mind the reveal. That is pretty obvious,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: but that he was going to be bad. But if he's going to be bad,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: make him intimidating. Like the whole point of the all these

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: movies is that the computers are intimidating.

[cobra]: Yp.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: They' not for jokes, The the fucking Billings who are trying

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: to exterminate the human race. don't

[cobra]: Let me

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: make it like a a guy that you kill

[hosty_matt]: mean to be fair, they're actually not trying to exterminate the human race. They

[cobra]: well,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: whatever they. They're trying to control the human oppressed

[cobra]: no

[hosty_matt]: try to abuse it.

[the_fart_rix___4]: batteries

[cobra]: oppress oppress,

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[the_fart_rix___4]: controlling batteries.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: them. Yeah,

[cobra]: Let me let me add to that as shetty as the architect was in the second movie. At

[cobra]: least he will still intimidate

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: yeah,

[cobra]: right.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: yeah, you just talk too much.

[cobra]: And and I, I loved. This is one of the the things that to me is like a good idea that

[cobra]: ended up being shd on because the idea that they counteracted the pure like logic of

[cobra]: the architect building the matrix with someone who understands human minds and

[cobra]: emotions and feelings makes a hundred percent sense. It's a great kind of little

[cobra]: twist on on how they are trying to keep the humans in slave, And they pick that great

[cobra]: idea and they took a shaty like a, like a runny shaty dump on it. The entire rest for

[cobra]: the moment he tosses those glasses off and it goes dud bro on everything that he

[cobra]: does. They like. It's it destroyed. whatever possibilities of that character

[cobra]: being good had

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: so stupid.

[cobra]: entirely.

[hosty_matt]: okay,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: fair enough. Um, let's let's V back.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: and at the end they're like killing him multiple times for

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like comedic effect.

[cobra]: Yeah. Oh, my go.

[cobra]: don't get me strryed with the end in this movie. Fucking. yeah.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: That was like so so dumb.

[hosty_matt]: So let's be back to

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, sorry.

[hosty_matt]: to the question Because not everybody's answered. who, who? their favorite or

[hosty_matt]: the best character was Spencer. Who did you like at this movie?

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: the the well, I didn't like anybody. The one at least dis,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: the the least dislike characters probably bugs again. I

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: didn't mind. I thought that the

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: the guy Groff, who played the new Mr. Smith

[the_fart_rix___4]: Yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: started off okay,

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: but his character, like

[hosty_matt]: K, King George,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: everything else in this movie, E ended up exactly ended up

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: making no fucking sense, and he, by the end he was like

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: helping me. for some reason,

[the_fart_rix___4]: Mhm, Mhm, Mhm, Mhm,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I guess, and being like a good guy, which is again,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: so against that character.

[cobra]: yes.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Well, was he a good guy? Was it a means to an end, though, like they

[the_fart_rix___4]: struck a deal so he could try to get a step closer to what he wanted.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Like I'm not defending the movie, but it made a deal.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, I. I. I think that's what they were trying to get

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: across, but it.

[cobra]: yeah, that's how it started right.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I don't think Mister Smith as a character is wanting to

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: compromise, and

[cobra]: Yup

[the_fart_rix___4]: It felt odd

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: you know he, it seemed out of character for him to make deal

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: with anybody. would. Just if he would, if he would make a

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: deal, he would betray that deal. that character.

[hosty_matt]: So so

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: My opinion,

[hosty_matt]: as far as I understood Mssmith character, he was trapped in the story in in an

[hosty_matt]: air of the same way, um,

[hosty_matt]: uh

[cobra]: new entry. Any were? Yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Ne

[hosty_matt]: m. Mister Anderson was. And once they uh bugs in the her crew showed up, then it

[hosty_matt]: broke him out as well, um, I likeck chlarity on. Once he shot the analyst if he

[hosty_matt]: was in control with the ▁zombe bots, or if the architect or the Uh, the art, the

[hosty_matt]: architect, the

[hosty_matt]: analyst was still in control. Um, he did that I'm everybody thing, but then it

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: analyst

[hosty_matt]: got really confusing as to why he needed to destroy neo. Um, and I was a bit

[hosty_matt]: lost on that, so I. I. I agree that,

[hosty_matt]: Um, if we're talking about that character I, it didn't need to be in the movie

[hosty_matt]: at all. Um, It's one of those things where you're trying to bring too much

[hosty_matt]: nostalgia back and you

[cobra]: Y,

[hosty_matt]: don't have to bring

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Mhm,

[hosty_matt]: back all the characters just because Um they're alive,

[hosty_matt]: but um e,

[hosty_matt]: back to

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: agree.

[hosty_matt]: back to best character. Um,

[cobra]: you didn't tell us yours yet.

[hosty_matt]: yeah, yeah, I.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, so

[hosty_matt]: You know. I liked this movie is compared to you guys. I might be the movies

[hosty_matt]: champion compared to to how much you guy to takete this. Youve you guys hate

[hosty_matt]: this movie so much. This potcast is just turned into a depressing sad affair.

[hosty_matt]: Spencer's joy and fun has been sapped out of his body. Um,

[cobra]: Yes, welcome to my world.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: yep,

[hosty_matt]: I, actually,

[cobra]: Yeah, I, I' never since sponsored this distragt. I'll be honest.

[cobra]: Yeah, I, I' never since sponsored this distragt. I'll be honest.

[hosty_matt]: No, he's someone

[hosty_matt]: murdered

[the_fart_rix___4]: we got to help him.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: his cat. We got. Yeah, we got to bring him back out of the shell,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: No, they murdered my childhood by ruining this movie.

[hosty_matt]: Chas said. cool. uh, well, I'm glad you're not holding on to that at all. And

[hosty_matt]: and on,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Not at all

[hosty_matt]: not biter, um, my favorite character. I actually really enjoyed the job, Um done

[hosty_matt]: by the actor that played Morpheus, and I need to look up

[the_fart_rix___4]: I got it.

[hosty_matt]: his name. Um.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Abdula Jahe.

[the_fart_rix___4]: y, abd mey In the second.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: it's a request that makes sense right the way the day pled.

[cobra]: it's a request that makes sense right the way the day pled.

[hosty_matt]: I, I thought he played.

[hosty_matt]: He played a a good character. I appreciate that he was a character from the

[hosty_matt]: video game and we might get to the whole video game thing. I think it kind of

[hosty_matt]: half works, and then they kind of beat it like a dead horse later on the movie,

[hosty_matt]: But I thought his character was strong. I think he played a good job. I enjoyed

[hosty_matt]: his. I joed him. he. I think he did. He did. He did a good job, and you know,

[hosty_matt]: and it was nice that they clarified that he wasn't actually theorphus, because

[hosty_matt]: the trailer made it seem like he was. So that was good, uh, spoilerer for

[hosty_matt]: anybody who has never played the Um. Matrix Online video game. Morpheus

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: yeah,

[hosty_matt]: was killed in that, Um, and that apparently is cannon, based on everything I've

[hosty_matt]: seen, so um,

[hosty_matt]: yeah, um,

[the_fart_rix___4]: How did he die?

[hosty_matt]: cool. He got shot.

[hosty_matt]: He got shot trying to do something and I forget who cares. It was stupid.

[cobra]: Yeah, who

[the_fart_rix___4]: Okay,

[cobra]: cares? Honestly?

[hosty_matt]: But he got shot And and so he he is dead. Uh, Lawrence Fishburn. Apparently, who

[hosty_matt]: knows how to take it, but Uh wasn't answering questions about why he was in the

[hosty_matt]: movie. He sent people directly to Uh, lot of Achelsky.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: So who knows if there's bad blood there? Um, Yeah, so that I, I think, for me, I

[hosty_matt]: think he did a good job. Um, I don't. I think Josky Henwick did a okay job. I

[hosty_matt]: don't know why she was mumbling in the beginning of the movie. I had to turn on

[hosty_matt]: the close, capturing, because I can't hear properly right now be cause of a

[hosty_matt]: cold. but she was mumbling so bad I couldn't understand what the Fck she was

[hosty_matt]: saying is why to turn on the captions to to follow it. I don't think that makes

[hosty_matt]: your character better. It is weird why she had to mumble everything when she was

[hosty_matt]: talking to Neil. Um,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: the new thing.

[hosty_matt]: I guess

[the_fart_rix___4]: mumb up mumble, acting.

[the_fart_rix___4]: mumb up mumble, acting.

[hosty_matt]: mu mumble core.

[cobra]: mumble.

[hosty_matt]: Pretty

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, yeah,

[hosty_matt]: sure that's the thing somewhere. Let' me ru on to our next question

[the_fart_rix___4]: Mhm,

[hosty_matt]: because I feel like. Well, it'll be interesting to see how uh sad Spencer

[hosty_matt]: approaches this. Um. which actor would you replace

[cobra]: oh man, so many

[hosty_matt]: and Sa you in a moment to think about it to collect your thoughts.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: um, no,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I think like, ideally, I would have replaced Uh, the guy who

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: played Morpheus with Morpheus, Because if you're going to

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: with Lawrence Fisherd, because it would be good to have him

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: back it such an integral part of the Uh,

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, yeah, but he's dead

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: the Well, Nobody cares about the fucking Matrix Online video

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: game.

[hosty_matt]: right. fair, um,

[hosty_matt]: yeah, okay, I, You know I'm not. I'm going to go ahead. I, I don't want to say

[hosty_matt]: no to that. I think the story says that it's a different morpheus, but that

[hosty_matt]: doesn't

[hosty_matt]: specifically mean you need a different character.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, I know, I know that.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like, Let's not pretend that this movie respects the lowre of

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: the Matrixcause. The fucking just dis ruin. Uh, no, I don't

[hosty_matt]: I think it does. I actually think it was it.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: think it does at all.

[cobra]: it doesn't so respect. Respect has many meanings.

[cobra]: It it

[hosty_matt]: Thank you

[cobra]: follows. It follows the lore.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: It follows the canon. Yeah,

[the_fart_rix___4]: Yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: it respects the canon, I guess, but it also disrespects

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: and and undo a lot of the meaning of the previous films.

[cobra]: I agree with that, but

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: You know.

[cobra]: for for different reasons,

[cobra]: a lot of the things that happened in the third movie were kind of undone in this

[cobra]: movie. Yet

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah.

[cobra]: another thing that that compares it to Aky Walker, But

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: yeah. exactly yeah.

[cobra]: if I were to replace someone, it would be the guy that plays

[cobra]: Uh, Adent Smith.

[the_fart_rix___4]: hm.

[cobra]: I did not like he was not menacing or scary or anything. He was just a deche baag who

[cobra]: thought he had pretty ice. I'm sorry. That could just just know gravititaz

[cobra]: whatsoever. For me, he needed to be someone.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: sounds like you thought he had pretty eyes.

[cobra]: Well, he says it, in the movie

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: does

[hosty_matt]: Is not wrong.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: he? I forgot.

[cobra]: he said Yeah, he said he's like. Oh, they made me even more perfect, although I think

[cobra]: they went a little too far with the piercing blue eye. Fuck you, you fucking dude.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: So yeah,

[hosty_matt]: you

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Dude,

[hosty_matt]: told themrn.

[cobra]: Yeah, I

[the_fart_rix___4]: d. o. o. d.

[cobra]: was going to say Douch and then dude came out. whatever. Yeah, I don't. I don't like

[cobra]: him at all. I don't think he did a good job, but I would replace him with someone

[cobra]: whos can could bring more gravitas to the to the character. I honestly don't know who

[cobra]: that would be. Maybe in the cage. No, I'm kidding. Uh, maybe like Oscar Isaac, for

[cobra]: example.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: we want O Cris and everything, we

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: recast him in everything we do.

[cobra]: Yeah, yeah, basically

[the_fart_rix___4]: they couldn't get Hugo leaving back for. I don't know why, but

[cobra]: well, I, I don't.

[the_fart_rix___4]: he didn't come back either,

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, I know why he

[hosty_matt]: conflict who was going to do it and then he had

[cobra]: Oh, really.

[hosty_matt]: another conflict with. I think he had a theatre gig or something and so he

[cobra]: it'd be weird because like why did Agent Smith age?

[hosty_matt]: wasn't able

[hosty_matt]: to to free himself

[hosty_matt]: up'. But didn't you follow the Mi thing as an M. Sricir? Whatever the stupid

[hosty_matt]: up'. But didn't you follow the Mi thing as an M. Sricir? Whatever the stupid

[cobra]: That would be weird right.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Well, it would be cool if he was playing his boss, like in

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: that setting like you know.

[cobra]: Oh, the. uh, D, S. D, S. I, right,

[hosty_matt]: thing they talked about where Neo did look like Neil.

[hosty_matt]: thing they talked about where Neo did look like Neil.

[the_fart_rix___4]: right, Mhm,

[cobra]: digital self image.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yes,

[hosty_matt]: so

[cobra]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: they could have just made up some Dc bullhit for Hego leaving as well, I'm sure

[cobra]: I guess yeah. I'd have loved it for him to be heav back.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Mhm, Mhm,

[cobra]: 'cause

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, he' fantastic and everything.

[cobra]: ain't nobody gonna play. Yeah,

[cobra]: So that that's why I would replace

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, they could not replace him.

[cobra]: whatever the dude, bro's name is, I would replace him.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Jonathan Groff.

[cobra]: Okay.

[the_fart_rix___4]: I think, Um, the character that I would have swapped around.

[the_fart_rix___4]: It's tough because

[the_fart_rix___4]: we need. we need. This movie needs a lot of the original original cast to

[the_fart_rix___4]: bridge us over to this new story. Um, so I wouldn't change the like the

[the_fart_rix___4]: new, The new players like with with bugs, Um, great choice with Jessa

[the_fart_rix___4]: Henwick, And and I liked the the new Morpheus, Um.

[the_fart_rix___4]: I think I' going to switch it up. I think I would to recast the Merow

[the_fart_rix___4]: Viinggeian cameo.

[cobra]: Oh God, we cast it into oblivion, so it doesn't happen. I agree with that.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, exactly. Yeah, I agreed

[the_fart_rix___4]: It was so weird, but fun at

[cobra]: I.

[the_fart_rix___4]: the same time, dishevelled, and just

[cobra]: It took me. It took me a while until he started speaking French. I didn't know who he

[cobra]: was.

[the_fart_rix___4]: exactly

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: was so stupid,

[hosty_matt]: it. Um, I noticed it in the capture because someone called them the Mar. I think

[hosty_matt]: the Asian Smith called him the nerve

[cobra]: Yeah, but

[the_fart_rix___4]: Yeah,

[cobra]: it after he started talking,

[hosty_matt]: and like, Oh, it's that clown.

[hosty_matt]: So of course, are you just er, erasing that character from the movie.

[the_fart_rix___4]: that's what you guys want to do. I'm so I, I. I feel I feel bad for for

[the_fart_rix___4]: rating on your parade, but I feel like if they were to, Since they

[the_fart_rix___4]: recasted Morpheus, they recasted Um. they requsted Asian Smith. They

[the_fart_rix___4]: could. re. I guess the actor who played the Me of Engine wasn't up to very

[the_fart_rix___4]: much, but they could have sweetened that up a little bit. and

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: but

[the_fart_rix___4]: reach asked them.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Het he wasn't a problem with that scene. It was

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: just

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[the_fart_rix___4]: I let' say

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: the fuck. seem him ranting off the side of the stage

[the_fart_rix___4]: correct,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: and then disappearing. It was at no point.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[the_fart_rix___4]: correct.

[cobra]: you, he played. he played an unfunny version of the French nights and

[cobra]: mutiped the Holy Grill.

[the_fart_rix___4]: I hear

[hosty_matt]: so

[the_fart_rix___4]: you, let me finish my recasting

[cobra]: I part in your general direction

[the_fart_rix___4]: Uhhuh,

[cobra]: that that's

[hosty_matt]: I'm I'm going to segway this off, but I'm going to yield my time because I

[hosty_matt]: actually can't find a specifical actor to to replace on us.

[the_fart_rix___4]: I have him

[the_fart_rix___4]: half half eighth,

[hosty_matt]: What you mean?

[the_fart_rix___4]: Gilbert Godfried,

[cobra]: Oh my

[hosty_matt]: Yes,

[cobra]: god.

[the_fart_rix___4]: think about

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Oh my god,

[hosty_matt]: as the Me Vinciian,

[hosty_matt]: as the Me Vinciian,

[cobra]: Okay,

[the_fart_rix___4]: it. He's the maze.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: nay,

[cobra]: I mean,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: you lookck so old. everything's changed.

[cobra]: I, I'm in.

[the_fart_rix___4]: I

[the_fart_rix___4]: hate you for everything. You did you cause

[hosty_matt]: I hate this movie

[cobra]: Yeah,

[the_fart_rix___4]: me everything in G. Gilbert Godfreed, instead of the original

[cobra]: y.

[hosty_matt]: Is Gilbert, is Gilbert godfreed alive?

[hosty_matt]: Is Gilbert, is Gilbert godfreed alive?

[the_fart_rix___4]: Marrowvigian,

[the_fart_rix___4]: Yes, and even if

[cobra]: yes, he is his,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yes, of course,

[the_fart_rix___4]: he wasn't they would digitally bring him back.

[the_fart_rix___4]: he wasn't they would digitally bring him back.

[hosty_matt]: Okay, I'm going to y.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Ne. I hate you so much.

[hosty_matt]: I'm going to say

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: You'll ruined me,

[the_fart_rix___4]: I

[hosty_matt]: off of this,

[the_fart_rix___4]: respect the Segu.

[hosty_matt]: because

[hosty_matt]: because of how much sad Spencer hates this movie,

[the_fart_rix___4]: It's okay. I just bet it better

[hosty_matt]: I don't think that fixed enough for said

[the_fart_rix___4]: we get there.

[hosty_matt]: Spencer. The question I want to ask Iscause. We don't have a question. Norm me

[hosty_matt]: go through and when we get down to the script doctor, I don't know if we'll be

[hosty_matt]: able to cover this in a meaningful way, so

[the_fart_rix___4]: We might we might.

[cobra]: or in just an hour and a half.

[hosty_matt]: you have no idea what the question is, so let me ask the question first. I want

[hosty_matt]: to know

[hosty_matt]: which character

[hosty_matt]: and or storyline you remove from the movie.

[cobra]: Oh God,

[hosty_matt]: I think there's a lot going on that makes this movie convuted and Im wondering

[hosty_matt]: if we can't remove one or two character storylines to clean up a bit of the

[hosty_matt]: story.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Oh, I have. I know what. There might be a little bit of a lag, but I have

[the_fart_rix___4]: suggestion for who we could remove.

[hosty_matt]: Go ahead.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Can't remember the name of the character, but she's the new General Jaa

[the_fart_rix___4]: Pinkket Smith's naope. I don'

[cobra]: Naope. I was going to say I was going to say the same thing.

[the_fart_rix___4]: felt like. So what

[cobra]: Completely useless.

[the_fart_rix___4]: you know?

[cobra]: Y.

[the_fart_rix___4]: nice, but don't need it. Not a lot of scenes.

[cobra]: No dumb. It wasn't nice. it was. it was again. a nostalgia. appal, like appealing to

[cobra]: nostalgia. Oh, look at Jade, Pinket Smith made older. K. Great,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: then acting terribly.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, her

[cobra]: yeah,

[hosty_matt]: makeup was so thick she couldn't talk period.

[cobra]: yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, I, I agree.

[hosty_matt]: her old accent was awful, but the the plastic on her face would made it worse.

[the_fart_rix___4]: It's the physical method to method.

[cobra]: it was. It was like we have to have cameos from all of the G. all of the games. those

[cobra]: all of the movies. so let's just stick naope there. and by the way, let's change her

[cobra]: character when hundred gce.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Hm,

[cobra]: That's what. That's

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah,

[cobra]: what they did.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: they did

[hosty_matt]: Oh, they

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: of fucking was

[hosty_matt]: plot

[hosty_matt]: plota. what they call this?

[hosty_matt]: Trying to think

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: rerot her for the plot.

[hosty_matt]: of how like they. Yeah, she like. She's a plot device,

[the_fart_rix___4]: Yes,

[hosty_matt]: right, The characters of plot device

[cobra]: Oh well, a hundred percent she's She is a person of personification of of a plot

[the_fart_rix___4]: I also

[cobra]: device. Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: Well, and

[the_fart_rix___4]: like how they had to remind. remind the audience like every now and then,

[the_fart_rix___4]: the The, with the sampling of of original footage from the previous

[cobra]: Oh God, I hated that so much.

[the_fart_rix___4]: movies. Do you remember just you? Here you go. It happened here.

[cobra]: a friend of ours described this movie as a bunch of. Do you remember this part Stitch

[cobra]: together with other things?

[the_fart_rix___4]: Yeah,

[cobra]: And that's true. it's true.

[hosty_matt]: it's got out a touch of the force awakens in it. If I'm honest,

[the_fart_rix___4]: H,

[cobra]: Yp.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: The problem

[hosty_matt]: I,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: is that those those cuts made you realize how bad this this

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: movie is, in comparison, like was showing you scenes that you

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like fuck. Oh, that was so good.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: This is so

[hosty_matt]: Yes,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: bad.

[hosty_matt]: I. I think I think one of the challenges you see with Naope as a character is

[hosty_matt]: that not only does she want one, I guess she three sixties from the original

[hosty_matt]: movies

[cobra]: wait. what.

[hosty_matt]: because she won eddies originally in terms of I'm a general and we

[cobra]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: got all be secret and safe and hide. And then because um, uh, priro pro joas,

[hosty_matt]: uh, contacts her through whatever creature, Then all of a sudden it's like a

[hosty_matt]: back. We got to go. We got to hit them because it's going to do God knows what,

[hosty_matt]: So she want eight back to the original character

[cobra]: yeah, yeah, I guess yeah.

[hosty_matt]: she is. But, but there's no motivation for it actually happen in the story.

[hosty_matt]: Either way,

[cobra]: I mean, her character has basically no reason to be there, so she she turns on a dime

[cobra]: every time because she' just reacting to what the plot ▁quote unquote

[the_fart_rix___4]: mhm, Mhm,

[cobra]: needs. so

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, to perfect plot device.

[the_fart_rix___4]: If they replaced her with some, Yeah, if they replaced her with someone

[the_fart_rix___4]: with no ties to the original, we would have gained back some time for them

[the_fart_rix___4]: to

[the_fart_rix___4]: explore. And and you know, surface some more meaning into other areas. I

[cobra]: yeah, yeah,

[the_fart_rix___4]: needed more support.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like the rest of the movie.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Yeah, you could take your pick.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I honestly can't think of.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Who would Sce you? Who would you mind us?

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I can't think of any part of this movie that I would keep not

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: joking. One thing that I know about a hundred percent minus

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: is those fucking stupid as focking. ▁zombies, what? in the

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: fuck?

[the_fart_rix___4]: Towards

[cobra]: yeah, yeah, yeah,

[the_fart_rix___4]: the end

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: The the agents are the coolest villain, one of the coolest

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: villains in cinema history. And instead of having

[cobra]: no. let's let's replace them with dumb. ▁zombies

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: let's let's replace them with the most forgettable blandd

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: horde that you seen in a billion movies.

[hosty_matt]: Excuse me, sir, that's them and the bomb. What he call them

[cobra]: buttbmbs.

[hosty_matt]: yet? Using the swarm as tight. Is that what he said?

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah,

[cobra]: Oh no, yeah. oh, I forgot about that. Uh,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: this the storm is the as dope fam.

[cobra]: it. It's toy

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: a fuck you like,

[the_fart_rix___4]: when they where they were, Uh, jumping out of the buildings and trying to

[cobra]: Also like,

[the_fart_rix___4]: bonmb them.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: It's fireman,

[cobra]: Yeah, Also like if you remember, especially in the first movie they were the. The

[cobra]: machines were always very careful to not cause like mega incidents, and like that,

[the_fart_rix___4]: Mhm,

[cobra]: everybody could start

[cobra]: doubting the

[the_fart_rix___4]: Mhm.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, made fucking sense.

[cobra]: matrix in this one. Let's just walk and toss people out the windows. And like

[the_fart_rix___4]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: Okay, so, so I'm going to say to that, I believe technically Asian Smith was in

[hosty_matt]: Okay, so, so I'm going to say to that, I believe technically Asian Smith was in

[hosty_matt]: charge so he wouldn't care.

[hosty_matt]: charge so he wouldn't care.

[cobra]: I don't think it was

[cobra]: Smithcause right before right before. Uh,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: he wasn't in charge of those stupid. ▁zombies.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, he killed his face. He blew up.

[cobra]: the analyst, but analyst activated the swarm before

[cobra]: activate swarm, and then he got killed.

[hosty_matt]: I still think it's fine for this swarm to blow up, Be

[hosty_matt]: he needs to trap new trinity based on theut Aine story. Pl.

[cobra]: Well,

[hosty_matt]: ha is the very close in Co depair, So

[hosty_matt]: hope, hope, hope is very close and to despair, which we all know is true cause

[hosty_matt]: we're all uh into programming at that level right.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, totally

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, so that's that's a true statement if I've ever heard one.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: tell me, ▁ ▁zero ▁zero, one am my right, boys,

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, so it's ▁zero. ▁zero, One is uh, um, hope and ▁zero one. ▁zero is despair,

[hosty_matt]: I believe is how the coding goes.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[cobra]: as

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: a developer I can, I can attest, Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: thank you. Yeah.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like like two pee and a pod,

[the_fart_rix___4]: the more you know.

[hosty_matt]: Yp. You're welcome for this programming lesson brought you by

[hosty_matt]: Pocast. Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: Pocast. Yeah,

[cobra]: the Ma, the matrix bore,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: so just uh, just to quickly recap so just the things we want

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: to take out of this movie.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: The Na Naoe Sc. for sure, but that's like like a small part

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: of the problem, The swarm,

[hosty_matt]: I mean most of Io. if I'm honest,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: most of Io, the swarm, the ending with the Trinity being the

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: two or the. I think

[cobra]: can I add? Yeah, All garbage. I'm going to add one those fucking idiots talking to

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: all of that. Yep,

[cobra]: each other about the new game and like just

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah,

[cobra]: switching. Oh my God, that was so

[cobra]: switching. Oh my God, that was so

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: but they're talking about the Matrix and they being

[cobra]: boring. Oh, my. it was supposed to be funny.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Yeah, the

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: we're so

[the_fart_rix___4]: writer's room almost when he was caught in the loop.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: we're so cool. We're like shooting on the fans of the Matrix.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: the people who made this franchise possible. Well,

[cobra]: Yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: they like Bullet on. We just want to put good good cool

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: brainms. Fuck you. your pomp is fucking ass.

[cobra]: it's politics. It a fuck you like I hated those in. and then I was like, Oh, I heard

[cobra]: that. there's a postcded scene. I'm going to watch that I wish a fucking had.

[the_fart_rix___4]: I

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah,

[the_fart_rix___4]: didn't even know and I'm not going back for it. What happened?

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: you

[cobra]: Don't don't

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: want you don't want to know it. So

[hosty_matt]: I'm going to bring this train back on track be cause you

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: thank you

[hosty_matt]: guys are just like off on ranting tangent. Um,

[cobra]: us? never,

[hosty_matt]: Th. this question is really easy. It's could this have been a Netflix series and

[hosty_matt]: based on the story they told us, your answer is

[the_fart_rix___4]: Yeah,

[cobra]: No,

[the_fart_rix___4]: they could have, but, but no one needs that

[hosty_matt]: what. How? okay, Chris? No, Chris show you work. How could that have been a ten?

[hosty_matt]: what. How? okay, Chris? No, Chris show you work. How could that have been a ten?

[cobra]: I mean, Yeah, that's

[hosty_matt]: like an Eeflix series of like, At least like five, six episodes.

[hosty_matt]: like an Eeflix series of like, At least like five, six episodes.

[the_fart_rix___4]: man there. What wouldn't they have pulled in order to make that happen?

[the_fart_rix___4]: And I agree with Spencer like

[the_fart_rix___4]: it. It's not so much a cash grarab, but they could have done that to make

[the_fart_rix___4]: them seem. Let make it seem like they're trying to bleed into new media.

[the_fart_rix___4]: So H B ho or Netflix, What have you? So? Here's what they could have done.

[the_fart_rix___4]: They could have they. They would have done what they did to us in the

[the_fart_rix___4]: movie. They would have given us new character and have this new, this new

[the_fart_rix___4]: territory told through their perspective, and then the so called payoff

[the_fart_rix___4]: would have been Uh, would have finally bringing Neo into into like. they

[the_fart_rix___4]: would have revealed that Neil was around the whole time due to that su,

[the_fart_rix___4]: the stupid s, i, r, s or d srs, and then ease the other characters in as

[the_fart_rix___4]: well. they would have just

[the_fart_rix___4]: extrapolated out.

[hosty_matt]: Dsl.

[cobra]: the.

[cobra]: S. S. D.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Listen,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: through that damn camera.

[the_fart_rix___4]: d d r

[the_fart_rix___4]: a ▁x B o, ▁x,

[cobra]: No. listen. I'm going to ask an. What? what? What Chris said? They? if they made this

[cobra]: into an Netlix series, they had three movies worth of Sces. they could play back in

[cobra]: between

[the_fart_rix___4]: Oh no,

[cobra]: the scenes of the new

[the_fart_rix___4]: oh no,

[cobra]: movie To make you remember that this is

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Moreut.

[cobra]: part of. of. Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: they could have extended That

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: To be to be realistic to the question, could it be anfflic

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: yet this movie had enough ideas to make Fuck in a four three

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: hour series. Yes, because

[hosty_matt]: yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: it was so fucking bloated. Whether those ideas were good, we

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: know the answer is no, but there's enough technical content

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: there to

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: make a show. but it would be a bad show.

[cobra]: that's true. That's true.

[hosty_matt]: I would argue that some of the ideas might have been good if they could have

[hosty_matt]: been seen out to the end.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Mhm.

[cobra]: I

[hosty_matt]: But because

[cobra]: agree. I agree.

[hosty_matt]: they chopped their legs off immediately to serve other ideas, I don't know,

[hosty_matt]: right cause I mean, if you look at the overall pa of the movie that the Goldals,

[hosty_matt]: the movie that I can see from Laachowski's standpoint is that you want to say

[hosty_matt]: that love conquers all more or less. I'm getting out of this

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Is that what you got?

[hosty_matt]: And so, Yeah, because because it's about the, The,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I think that was one of the themes

[hosty_matt]: It's about the diad between

[cobra]: Oh God,

[hosty_matt]: Trinity and Nea.

[the_fart_rix___4]: yes, yes, The talk about the diet. It was so confusing.

[cobra]: see,

[the_fart_rix___4]: Why why did they have a Di dynamic?

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: perfect soap. Sop

[cobra]: see, I'm telling you this. This is the Rise of Skywker from the

[the_fart_rix___4]: Yes,

[cobra]: Matrix.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Why

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: that the most perfect

[the_fart_rix___4]: after they were rebuilt their bodies, how do they have a forced diead when

[the_fart_rix___4]: every time they they, they touched outside of the pods in the real world.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: outside of the

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Matrixm.

[hosty_matt]: Course I, I'm going to need you to reference the documentary Handcock for the

[hosty_matt]: answer to that question.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Thank you. Thank you so much.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, welcome. Yep.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I have so much so much script doctoring I'd like to do, but

[hosty_matt]: Well, got there. We got to pick up our pace on the questions to get there.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I'm not going. Yeah, okay,

[cobra]: I, I don't think you can doctor like a

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: no,

[cobra]: corpse, but okay, well, try.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: yeah,

[the_fart_rix___4]: They did

[hosty_matt]: I, I mean, uh, this is this. is. this is really going to test the bounds of

[hosty_matt]: theshipp of Theseis, When Spencer rips everything live from limb in this story,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: yeah,

[cobra]: Is it the same movie?

[hosty_matt]: but we don't out. We'll try. Um, So okay,

[hosty_matt]: Spencer loves this question.

[hosty_matt]: Especial, I'm really excited to see Sad Spencer. I' wait

[cobra]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: till the end for Sa. Spencer On

[cobra]: okay,

[hosty_matt]: this one,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Mhm.

[hosty_matt]: This movie has to win an award. Which one should it be? Chris? Do you want to?

[hosty_matt]: Do you want to leave off for us?

[the_fart_rix___4]: do this

[the_fart_rix___4]: most flat sequel entry to a series that didn't need it.

[cobra]: I have a better one. Sorry,

[the_fart_rix___4]: Uhhuh, Mhm, Mhm,

[cobra]: worst slow motion fight scenes ever.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Oh my god',

[the_fart_rix___4]: Matrix, ti, chee,

[cobra]: All all of the fucking fight scenes in this were like At half speed. I, I swear to

[cobra]: God, it's so ridiculous

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: let's honestly like that is just another level of hate for I

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: have for this movie. This is not about the award. I'm sorry,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: but like yeah, is like watches like. even if this movie is

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: complete garbage, at least it'll be cool fight

[cobra]: fightings. Mhm,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: scenes. and and even that even the digital effects looked

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: terrible.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: That

[cobra]: even,

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, they sucked.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: the analyst, the analyst, moving in slow motion

[cobra]: oh God was so bad.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: looked like an ex. A camera exposure left on like for too

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: long.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: And it's like moving like it all looks like it exposure on

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: too long. I was like this looks like something made by a

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: college student. I was like

[cobra]: yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: this is the fucking matrix. Sorry. What? What a word? What's

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: the question?

[hosty_matt]: I still have to answer. We're going. We're going to

[the_fart_rix___4]: hey, hey, hay, heyy,

[cobra]: let me just add one thing to the what Spencer said. They picked an actor with Jessica

[cobra]: Henwick, who is an actual martial artist and even the scenes with her are bad in the

[cobra]: fightings. The choreography is utter trash.

[hosty_matt]: okay. So worse cor choreography In in movies, What you're going with?

[cobra]: The wors fights worth slow motion fightingenes, that'. A razziward.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Oh,

[hosty_matt]: Okay?

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I. I have an award. I got it.

[hosty_matt]: Oh, hey, I, you're going to go last.

[the_fart_rix___4]: you

[the_fart_rix___4]: sapenceer were milking, Sa. Spencer,

[the_fart_rix___4]: sapenceer were milking, Sa. Spencer,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Oh, sorry, ra, sorry, sorry, sorry

[cobra]: Yeah, you're going to go last.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, I. I. I. I still exist. Let's let's say

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: right,

[hosty_matt]: the Spencer

[the_fart_rix___4]: do you? do you exist?

[hosty_matt]: Steward is sadness in his tears.

[cobra]: Do you know

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: do you though?

[cobra]: is your d. S. I up to speed,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, do you take the blue pill?

[hosty_matt]: Listen, that's for um, psychological problems, and it's actually important to

[hosty_matt]: for you to take your blue pill every day, so you don't jump off buildings.

[cobra]: not psychological problems that the blue pills help.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: and to keep a strong steady boner

[hosty_matt]: Honestly, I didn't hate that that portion of it. I thought that was interesting

[hosty_matt]: if you' if you're if you're talking with the idea that he is trapped in this

[hosty_matt]: world that he doesn't know if it's

[cobra]: Oh yeah. yeah.

[hosty_matt]: really or not, I don'. I't ha to Blll. And that's not what I'm giving here. I'm

[hosty_matt]: giving an award And

[cobra]: okay,

[hosty_matt]: and I think for me, um,

[hosty_matt]: I'm going to give it. I'm going to give the award to Uh. the one. the fuck. Are

[hosty_matt]: you in this movie award to Christina Rechie, who

[cobra]: yes,

[hosty_matt]: shows up as that marketing exec for like

[cobra]: yeah, for literally two minutes.

[hosty_matt]: five? Yeah, and I's just like I. I expect you to come back at some point. You

[hosty_matt]: just never did.

[cobra]: Yeah, and she gets. she gets like

[cobra]: ing too. At the end is like what

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: Y got good one? That's a good one.

[the_fart_rix___4]: I own age, Ma'am good for her anyways,

[hosty_matt]: Spencer, sad Spencer, he had us with there.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I, I'm just going straight with the worst movie ever award.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Not even

[hosty_matt]: Okay,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Angar Co, the worst movie experience of my lifeward.

[hosty_matt]: I don't. I don't like sad Spencercause. He's not funny or entertaining. He just

[hosty_matt]: sad.

[the_fart_rix___4]: ladies and

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Sorry

[the_fart_rix___4]: gentlemen, When a movie

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I will.

[the_fart_rix___4]: when a movie saps the life out of our dear friend and castmid

[the_fart_rix___4]: something something must be done. You know

[cobra]: Yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Sorry. I going to give it the

[cobra]: it's like it's like it's a hate crime against the movie industry. Basically

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, I'll make. I'll try make it a little funnier. I'll

[the_fart_rix___4]: it's not your faulte saidt fencer.

[hosty_matt]: thank you.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: give it the Arc of the Covenant award Because when you look

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: give it the Arc of the Covenant award Because when you look

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: at it, it literally melts you.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: at it, it literally melts you.

[hosty_matt]: Oh, nice

[cobra]: melt your face off nights.

[hosty_matt]: Spencers back. All right,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, and and takes you. So

[cobra]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: he's back.

[hosty_matt]: he's back.

[the_fart_rix___4]: We've resuscitated him

[the_fart_rix___4]: We've resuscitated him

[cobra]: I like it.

[the_fart_rix___4]: clear.

[hosty_matt]: bringing them back.

[cobra]: I like it.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: guess

[the_fart_rix___4]: he's back. We had the technology

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: what were we talking about again? Were are you talking about?

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Oh, the matrix.

[the_fart_rix___4]: de it. Not again,

[the_fart_rix___4]: not again

[hosty_matt]: Is De all right moving on

[the_fart_rix___4]: aging, Doctor Nick.

[hosty_matt]: What drink represents the main villain? You can pick your villain if you want.

[hosty_matt]: If especially if you want the vill, your main villing to be along with Chelsky.

[hosty_matt]: Please. by all

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: H,

[hosty_matt]: mats, Make that your choice.

[the_fart_rix___4]: I't want. go for it.

[hosty_matt]: I'm not here to tell you what do? Of course you're' eager to go. Chris. Hit it.

[the_fart_rix___4]: I call this

[the_fart_rix___4]: the real world and it

[hosty_matt]: Okay

[the_fart_rix___4]: is comprised of warm milk, Some microfone. Okay, So you go into a cafe.

[the_fart_rix___4]: You order this right. Its warm milk microphone dehydrated bet spice,

[the_fart_rix___4]: whit cream

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: the fuck

[the_fart_rix___4]: and ginger shavings,

[cobra]: Somebody thought way too hard about this. I love it. I love it.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Look, this thing was messed up. It's called the real world. It's not meant

[the_fart_rix___4]: to be a good beverage.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: where? Where do you order it At the simulatte?

[cobra]: I was going to say the simulattic. That was probably that

[hosty_matt]: the worst?

[cobra]: was probably the best thing about this movie is the name of that cafe.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Let

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, Yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah,

[the_fart_rix___4]: the haow

[the_fart_rix___4]: the haow

[hosty_matt]: for the worst, can't tell. Um, okay, no, I like it. I like that drink I mean

[hosty_matt]: for. and that's for. Uh, the analysts correct,

[the_fart_rix___4]: the vill. Yes is what the anal.

[hosty_matt]: cool,

[hosty_matt]: Spencer.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I have a drink.

[hosty_matt]: Okay,

[cobra]: Okay,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: There's not really name for this drink So it's like you know.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I guess it's like orange, and maybe some cranberry juice and

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: some like you know, sub bits of like bread in it, but it's

[hosty_matt]: Bre,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: dranking Yp, bread, but

[cobra]: sour bread.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: its. it's ingested

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: and it tastes good, But it's when you throw it back up into a

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: glass.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Uh,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: it resembles the original drink, but it's awful.

[the_fart_rix___4]: give it a

[hosty_matt]: Okay,

[the_fart_rix___4]: name. try and give it a name.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: It's called the simulatte,

[hosty_matt]: sorry, and that's for the analyst. Is your? Is your villain as well?

[the_fart_rix___4]: Who? who? who is your willing? Okay,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yes, Yes, the

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: analyst,

[hosty_matt]: Yp,

[cobra]: For me,

[cobra]: I think I don't have a specific name either, but to me it's like. so it's

[the_fart_rix___4]: tell us Yes,

[cobra]: coffe. So imagine if someone made coffee and then took the grounds that were already

[cobra]: used and then made coffee again with them

[the_fart_rix___4]: we

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Mhm.

[the_fart_rix___4]: call that second round coffee.

[cobra]: the second round coffee, and then like a dollop of sour cream and

[hosty_matt]: okay, okay,

[cobra]: Vegimite

[hosty_matt]: Wow,

[cobra]: Land, blanded

[cobra]: together for like ten minutes on the blender and then drink with a straw.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Okay. now,

[hosty_matt]: okay,

[the_fart_rix___4]: try and give it a name.

[cobra]: I call it the anoist,

[hosty_matt]: Mhm, Mhm, Mhm.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: nice, you got me. I was like. What is Aa Oo? is?

[hosty_matt]: Oh, I see what you did there.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: the

[hosty_matt]: I'm going to.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: the analyst is a delicacy in Australia.

[hosty_matt]: probably, as honestly I want to go the opposite way. I't make this real simple.

[hosty_matt]: Um,

[hosty_matt]: I, I'm picking non alcoholic beer And and the answer is very simple. It's that

[hosty_matt]: much like the analyst you could.

[cobra]: but

[hosty_matt]: but why?

[cobra]: you shouldn't. Yeah,

[cobra]: you could.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I agree.

[cobra]: But why did you?

[the_fart_rix___4]: Di.

[cobra]: Yeah? Yeah, fair enough.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Okay, not alcohoer.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: it's also like the intimidation factor.

[cobra]: actually, maybe toss that not tos that non alcoholic beer on the mix of mine and then

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: Okay?

[the_fart_rix___4]: So it's a something bomb,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like the

[the_fart_rix___4]: So

[cobra]: Yeah,

[the_fart_rix___4]: you have no alcoholic beer, and you put it with the analyst. Now you have

[the_fart_rix___4]: to call it a something bomb.

[cobra]: an Ao bomb. the ano, Bob.

[hosty_matt]: the A. the anal bomb.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: Obviously,

[cobra]: Obviously,

[cobra]: I mean that that just rights itself.

[the_fart_rix___4]: you know.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Oh,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: can.

[cobra]: I think we did it

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: All right.

[hosty_matt]: well, we've done it, folks.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: let's get around animal bombs.

[hosty_matt]: line them up. Um, next question we have on our list. What was the most

[hosty_matt]: we watchable scene? I, um iough to go first just to mix it up.

[cobra]: right.

[hosty_matt]: I actually really enjoyed

[hosty_matt]: Neoen and uh, Trinity or Tiffany, as she was called, for reasons. The first time

[hosty_matt]: they talked in the cafe. I just enjoyed seeing their chemistry on scene and I

[hosty_matt]: thought they had like a really good, uh chemistry and was really fun and cute.

[hosty_matt]: Um, see, and one of the reasons why I picked this is, Um.

[hosty_matt]: All the action was terrible

[hosty_matt]: and

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: God damn

[hosty_matt]: all

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: right. it was.

[hosty_matt]: all of the rest of the scenes with Neil were terrible. Um, I love piano with all

[the_fart_rix___4]: Mhm. Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: my heart,

[hosty_matt]: but he is. Uh, how you say a bad actor and relying on him to carry her movie as

[hosty_matt]: an actor. Probably not the great.

[cobra]: Yeah, they should have given him way more woe lines.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah,

[cobra]: They didn't

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: For some reason they trying to change his character.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Kitteries placed the same person in every movie, but somehow

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: he didn't seem like the same character

[hosty_matt]: No,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: from the First Matrix. I don't know how they pulled that off

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: because he

[hosty_matt]: it's it's

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: fucking is always the same, but in

[hosty_matt]: yeah.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: this movie

[cobra]: it? It takes, it takes some really good bad writing that.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, like more, a motive in this one, but in a bad way like

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: overacting a motive. We said. Whoa. like no. No. who. well,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like like. Was it? Try to be funny when he first sees

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Morpheus and he's like

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: he's like. no, no, No, No, this

[cobra]: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: is Isra. I like what's happening You now?

[cobra]: and then trying to get Kiano to do that,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, I was like

[cobra]: that's just a great idea all around

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: just having

[hosty_matt]: hey,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: be like the same way he was before he was like. What? what is

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: this like? just

[hosty_matt]: yeah.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: inquisitive and confused,

[hosty_matt]: I have a question, sort of a side bar to the count of thing that you brought up

[hosty_matt]: and I' driver us back on track on the second.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Mhm,

[hosty_matt]: Why? why did Neil loses flying power?

[the_fart_rix___4]: exactly.

[cobra]: because you got transferred to Trinity. Here's what happened. I'll tell you in. They

[hosty_matt]: Okay, let me stop you here for a second. Is

[cobra]: were in those toos.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Because I know it's

[hosty_matt]: this the real answer?

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: we know. it's not.

[cobra]: No, of course, not, of course. not.

[the_fart_rix___4]: I was wondering. but then I saw the look on your face

[hosty_matt]: So I just want to see there is no real answer. right. They never

[cobra]: no. there isn't

[hosty_matt]: explained it. I didn't miss anything.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I have a real answer. The

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: No. The real

[cobra]: okay. Go ahead.

[hosty_matt]: Okay.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: answer is the same reason Naope is at this movie. Which was

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: that plot device. Reason. Because you can't

[hosty_matt]: Okay,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: have your character flying around,

[cobra]: Oh, yeah. that makes sense. No, I. I was just going to say that you know, their their

[cobra]: powers has got mixed in the in the pods they put Trinity in Neilspod, andt Po, and

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: you say it wasn't really the person. It's just the pot. The

[cobra]: thes.

[cobra]: Yeah, exactly yeah, exactly.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: pod is the one

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: who's ever in that pod is the one.

[hosty_matt]: but wait, but they are out of the pods when they did the flag. So

[cobra]: there's there's. There's a number on the side of the pod that says one. That's the

[cobra]: one that gets flying.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, Yeah, that that one's it's a little buggy, and

[cobra]: Yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: that that explains everything.

[the_fart_rix___4]: even though they didn't explain it. I think the that the answer lies in

[the_fart_rix___4]: in the message that that marived out

[the_fart_rix___4]: conquers all. Neil couldn't fly

[the_fart_rix___4]: because

[the_fart_rix___4]: he

[cobra]: reasons.

[the_fart_rix___4]: didn't have reasons because he didn't have Trinity, and then through

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah,

[the_fart_rix___4]: the power of the diy he could

[the_fart_rix___4]: along new En,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: that's fug in Diad.

[the_fart_rix___4]: you know, so that and then sprinkle some of that. But like okay, thanks,

[the_fart_rix___4]: you know story, but

[hosty_matt]: Y,

[cobra]: it's dumb. it's it's hall. them.

[the_fart_rix___4]: it's dumb and the special effect suck when they tri to fly, And the was

[the_fart_rix___4]: the worst

[cobra]: Oh my god,

[the_fart_rix___4]: crane work ever as I go. Fuck, they're actually going to die. They, they

[the_fart_rix___4]: didn't

[cobra]: that looks.

[the_fart_rix___4]: clean that up.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, there you could like see the rope.

[cobra]: there's a. there's a. there's a studio. Gibly. there's a studio Gby animation called

[cobra]: Kicky's

[cobra]: delivery service, And and her carrying him when they' flying is exactly the same with

[the_fart_rix___4]: I love that movie. Yes,

[cobra]: S. Kiki. fly on her broom.

[the_fart_rix___4]: yeah,

[cobra]: It's like Oh, my. Is that an nomage? What the fuck is happening?

[hosty_matt]: maybe

[hosty_matt]: you dont know

[cobra]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: you don't know all the ideas for talking here. I'm driving us back to the most

[hosty_matt]: very watchable scene We've sht on. I think at least three quarters in the movie.

[hosty_matt]: So is there any other scenes left?

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I, actually, I actually have a scene that. believe it or not,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: when I started this movie, my hype was quite high because of

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: my Matrix Fanom, and the opening scene I was like is

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: interesting. It's like the recreating the first scene,

[the_fart_rix___4]: Hm,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: but different and I was actually like, kind of intrigued and

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: actually thought there was some cool cinematography in just

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: that opening chase scene Like when they go through the door

[the_fart_rix___4]: Mhm. Mhm.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: and gravity changes like and they' like big.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Yeah, was that almost inception? Like a little bit

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, it was go like

[the_fart_rix___4]: corridor,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: they came up facing one way and when they walked through the

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: door they like went from like

[cobra]: yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: facing down a facing up. I was like that's a cool shot. Like

[the_fart_rix___4]: Mhm,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: the way they did it really looked cool. and it was the one

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: that used in the trailer. Of course, because it was the only

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: fucking cool looking scene in the whole movie. But that scene

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Id re watchch,

[cobra]: that was that would be. That was the one I was going to go with when, but it is a

[cobra]: little farther ahead than

[the_fart_rix___4]: the train,

[cobra]: when morphias and bugs are running away

[cobra]: from the agent and then they have. Yeah, No,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, yeah, no, that's what I'm talking about.

[cobra]: but I really like when they go. like you said when they go for. Like the shift's per

[cobra]: perspective and then she does the little walk on the wall, and

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Mhm.

[cobra]: like, I like that, but

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah,

[cobra]: that's probably the most fast paced fight scene in the whole movie and it's not that

[cobra]: fast paced. I would watch the scene again,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: yeah, and that was like. Was that the only wirework in the

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: whole fucking movie

[cobra]: probably

[the_fart_rix___4]: maybe maybe

[the_fart_rix___4]: not.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Like, Are you fucking kidding me?

[cobra]: because like

[the_fart_rix___4]: Well, there's the Do Joe the dojo fight

[cobra]: when they were flying in the end,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Theo was shit.

[cobra]: When they were flying at the end, The two of them that was a hundred percent

[the_fart_rix___4]: you for.

[cobra]: g and badt, see Ga

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: that.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, was

[cobra]: yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: there. why work in the dojo scene where they just sort of

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like

[the_fart_rix___4]: I like a little bit.

[hosty_matt]: it's hard

[cobra]: Oh, my fuck. I hate that scene so much.

[hosty_matt]: to know if they do if they do W work at all anymore Because of the ability to

[hosty_matt]: see you so many

[the_fart_rix___4]: Mhm.

[hosty_matt]: things,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Don get me started.

[the_fart_rix___4]: It's possible. I'm not sure. then.

[hosty_matt]: it's possible I don't know

[the_fart_rix___4]: Oh, I was just going to say tag on my. my re, watchable scene was the the

[the_fart_rix___4]: train fight and transition through door, door, door, door, Wait, how am I

[the_fart_rix___4]: supposed

[cobra]: Yeah,

[the_fart_rix___4]: to see? Like the only thing. The only thing that was like Okay, this is

[the_fart_rix___4]: new territory for me, was the the new mechanism that they would use to uh

[the_fart_rix___4]: to enter the matrix

[hosty_matt]: the mirrors.

[the_fart_rix___4]: or to broadcast the mirrors. I appreciate that sort of level up

[cobra]: I I liked it at first. I liked it at first because it was like. It makes sense that

[cobra]: it's a new Verion of the Matrix and they have to change the way that it works. But

[cobra]: then they again

[cobra]: fucking up what they did on the other movies. It made it so easy for them to come in

[cobra]: and come out at any point.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah,

[cobra]: And then they even bastardized it further with the whole, Oh, let's take her out of

[cobra]: the Matrix without her being aware that she's been taken out of the Matrix and

[cobra]: because Bugs's brain is similar, like, as the movie progresses, they fuck up even

[cobra]: more of the lore.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: they. they break more rules. Yeah,

[cobra]: Yeah, so I. I agree with you, Chris, that I. I like the idea of using the mirrors,

[cobra]: but as it progresses it becomes worse like the whole thing with you them being able

[cobra]: to see the operator inside the matrix while he's outside, and then that weird sort of

[cobra]: halfway thing that Pria Chooppera's character does when she's doing the operation

[the_fart_rix___4]: Mhm.

[cobra]: wherever, So I,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: see, I would prefer it if you still had to find the land line

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: to get out. It was

[cobra]: Me too.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: just way harder be cause there's no land lines anywhere

[cobra]: yeah, exac, exactly, ex, Yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like it. Just bucking. Not exactly

[cobra]: but you, your Ft now have to find the only payphone in the entire city.

[the_fart_rix___4]: There's only

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: you have to go to like a old subway station.

[the_fart_rix___4]: four and they

[cobra]: Yeah,

[the_fart_rix___4]: and they're covering

[cobra]: yeah,

[the_fart_rix___4]: three.

[cobra]: yeah,

[hosty_matt]: It's a dollar. You can only pay

[hosty_matt]: coins.

[hosty_matt]: coins.

[the_fart_rix___4]: There

[cobra]: oh

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah,

[cobra]: God.

[the_fart_rix___4]: No,

[hosty_matt]: You never

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: come on,

[hosty_matt]: get out.

[cobra]: if you go in, you can never get out.

[the_fart_rix___4]: you go.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeahcause, there's no Pa boons anymore.

[the_fart_rix___4]: you

[cobra]: Yeah,

[the_fart_rix___4]: got to use a flimsy phone card.

[cobra]: Oh god, yeah,

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, in the interest of time, I'm going to, I'm going to skim over, Um, the

[hosty_matt]: fast food question because it's if Neo is the main character.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Who the answers? Po.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, Okay, Near East is the Bo factory, I guess.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: Um. I, I

[cobra]: this again.

[hosty_matt]: want to leave time for for script reconfiguration. Um, And so the next question

[hosty_matt]: we will ask. I think it would be really funny. Um, the studio is dead set on

[hosty_matt]: making a sequel to this movie.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Mhm. Yep,

[cobra]: No, no, kill mej, me.

[hosty_matt]: What's it about?

[cobra]: just give me out. just givee me now.

[the_fart_rix___4]: I got something

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: go ahead, Chris

[hosty_matt]: Okay, You got to use the story from here. you got

[the_fart_rix___4]: I did.

[hosty_matt]: to use resurrection. Okay,

[the_fart_rix___4]: I did. so

[hosty_matt]: Yp,

[the_fart_rix___4]: this is this this trigger? I'll set it up. This lends itself this, uh,

[the_fart_rix___4]: piggybs off the pinocchial concept,

[the_fart_rix___4]: and it's uh, get to the it that get to the prize. First angle. Agent Smith

[the_fart_rix___4]: and Morpheus both want to want to be born. They want to be a real boy. So

[the_fart_rix___4]: they

[hosty_matt]: They don't want to be

[the_fart_rix___4]: sorry,

[hosty_matt]: like. Uh, one of those

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: program.

[hosty_matt]: things like the little.

[hosty_matt]: No, they were

[the_fart_rix___4]: not with the machine.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Oh,

[hosty_matt]: the little little metal balls.

[the_fart_rix___4]: No, no,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like Connectx or whatever the fuck they wear,

[the_fart_rix___4]: no, no, they want to upgrade. They want to be. they want to be born.

[cobra]: there's a name for They give it a name.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: Axomorphs, Exxomorphs,

[the_fart_rix___4]: Sure, but they want to be born. So they want a real

[hosty_matt]: okay,

[the_fart_rix___4]: human body, and so it A. and then like, I suppose it'll be like a a ▁quest

[the_fart_rix___4]: to aquest across differ areas, Uh, either in the matrix or try to

[the_fart_rix___4]: infiltrate different, Uh, different human plants or farms to collect

[the_fart_rix___4]: certain things so that they can

[the_fart_rix___4]: win a body, So to speak, it sounds like board game. Show Me Game show, And

[the_fart_rix___4]: the,

[cobra]: Yeah, what

[the_fart_rix___4]: What's What's the? The real?

[cobra]: is this is this season to a screed game with the fuck.

[the_fart_rix___4]: No, The, But what's the? The Amazing sounds more amazing Race Matrix, Vt,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Hamster wheel. Oh, the maining racem genius.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Thisment

[cobra]: Amazing raised Matrix Edition.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I mean, if I were to make a sequel to this movie, it would be

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: trying to undo a lot of what we've done in this movie,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: so it'd be like Trinity isn't actually Trinity. She's like a

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: program designed to manipulate Neo.

[hosty_matt]: yeah, okay, okay,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: And then everything that happened in this movie was planned

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: to make Neo

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: fucking

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: uses powers, so they could youte. Yeah, so they could use his

[cobra]: It was all still inside the Matrix.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: powers? Like because, when he's using his powers and the

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: matrix, he creates more energy or something.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: And

[hosty_matt]: yeah, but okay, I'm here for this.

[hosty_matt]: but wouldn't that just piss people off more?

[cobra]: Probably

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Oh, definitely, but what wherere we're out? We're halfway

[cobra]: it all a dream As a bad bad trope. It's a bad trope to you, all dream.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: there.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Not a dream. It was like it was like

[cobra]: Come on the same thing. It was all the Matrix

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: so much. Well, how else are you supposed to fix this

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: bullshit? There's so many fucking loose ends and

[cobra]: You, Noting how

[hosty_matt]: No,

[cobra]: do you fix? No,

[cobra]: you can't.

[the_fart_rix___4]: sequel equal,

[hosty_matt]: it's it's like

[cobra]: you can't unmount metal.

[hosty_matt]: it's like it's like what you? you skid in a car, you steer into it to try to get

[hosty_matt]: yourself out like you can't just one idiot to fix all the problems. I mean, we

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: okay here

[hosty_matt]: saw a riceous Skywalker

[hosty_matt]: do that. It was terrible. She got. you got to drift back. Okay,

[the_fart_rix___4]: Yeah, let go of the wheel.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: ready. I got a new. I got a new one. Okay, this is better.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: The

[hosty_matt]: y,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: sequel is Trinity, and Neo now controlled the Matrix right,

[the_fart_rix___4]: Okay,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: and then they try to make a perfect matrix for all these

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: people,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: but over time they learn it's not so easy. and then slowly it

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: becomes like the old Matrix Almost. and then there's people

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: who want to get out, but they're like a cand. It will mess up

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: their siss, and the Trinity and Neil become the villains of

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: the next movie And there's a new person awaking.

[cobra]: Oh, I actually like that. I like that. I would watch that

[hosty_matt]: so so Neo is the architect or trinity,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: the architect,

[cobra]: Neo.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Neil's the analyst and he's like Yo. pro.

[cobra]: Can you imagine Kiano Tri to speak that fast?

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, yeah,

[the_fart_rix___4]: issssssssssssss. Oh,

[the_fart_rix___4]: issssssssssssss. Oh,

[the_fart_rix___4]: issssssssssssss. Oh,

[the_fart_rix___4]: issssssssssssss. Oh,

[the_fart_rix___4]: issssssssssssss. Oh,

[the_fart_rix___4]: issssssssssssss. Oh,

[the_fart_rix___4]: issssssssssssss. Oh,

[the_fart_rix___4]: issssssssssssss. Oh,

[the_fart_rix___4]: issssssssssssss. Oh,

[the_fart_rix___4]: issssssssssssss. Oh,

[the_fart_rix___4]: issssssssssssss. Oh,

[the_fart_rix___4]: issssssssssssss. Oh,

[the_fart_rix___4]: issssssssssssss. Oh,

[the_fart_rix___4]: issssssssssssss. Oh,

[the_fart_rix___4]: issssssssssssss. Oh,

[the_fart_rix___4]: issssssssssssss. Oh,

[the_fart_rix___4]: issssssssssssss. Oh,

[the_fart_rix___4]: issssssssssssss. Oh,

[the_fart_rix___4]: issssssssssssss. Oh,

[the_fart_rix___4]: issssssssssssss. Oh,

[the_fart_rix___4]: issssssssssssss. Oh,

[the_fart_rix___4]: issssssssssssss. Oh,

[the_fart_rix___4]: issssssssssssss. Oh,

[hosty_matt]: Neoss, the mevigian,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: yeah,

[cobra]: So

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Gen is like erably via V concurdedly,

[cobra]: tabernck.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: don't I don't think Nele could pull up those lines, but I

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: think it would be cool if they like. If you imagine them like

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: trying to explain why it wasn't as simple as we once thought

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: to keep the mind placated.

[hosty_matt]: I like this idea because I think one of the reasons why the action sequence suck

[hosty_matt]: and I don't think is all the reason, but part of the reason is

[hosty_matt]: Neo is in his fifties, And so it's hard

[cobra]: yeah, and so is Trinity.

[hosty_matt]: and it's hard to take your main characters in their fifties to make them do

[hosty_matt]: crazy stunts. And so if you drift towards them in control, then you can bring in

[cobra]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: other characters that are morege appropriate to allow

[hosty_matt]: getting back to the martial arts Because he said, Neo says, This is a ▁quote

[hosty_matt]: from the movie which is burtal. I still know kungfu and I'm like No, you don't.

[cobra]: yeah, no, you don't. Yeah, you know you know that not go. you know, Taichi, maybe,

[hosty_matt]: you haven't used any of it at all.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: but not con. For Well, the scene where when Trinity figures out who she is and she

[cobra]: fights her husband, whose name is Chad, by the way, is like. What the fuck?

[hosty_matt]: do you know who chat is

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I docause. I fucking

[cobra]: who is it?

[hosty_matt]: cause you' fucking nerd. Yeah, So Chad is

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: still looked up videos of this fucking movie

[cobra]: Who is it?

[hosty_matt]: Cha Stelesski, and he wass on Double Four Caneres in previous Matrix films, And

[cobra]: Oh? okay?

[hosty_matt]: he is the director of the John Wick movies.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Umm,

[cobra]: Oh, wow, and still well, poor guy.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: which is

[the_fart_rix___4]: is

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like, and they still look fucking shit. He is

[cobra]: Yes, so like.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: probably like. Why aren't they doing this right?

[cobra]: Yeah, Like the first scene. the first time that Trinity fights, which is with him

[cobra]: when he is holding her and she's like, get your fucking hands off of me. It's like

[cobra]: Okay. Now it's a fight. And then she like, stops in the position that she's going to

[cobra]: block his thing, and then three minutes later he punches her. Another three minutes

[cobra]: she does a needle twist. It's like. Come on. what is this? Can am I watching this

[cobra]: Spe, But the fuck is going on?

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I picture like them filming and him being like. Maybe you

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: should try this and they're like Shut up, Chad. Read your

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: lines.

[cobra]: Yeah, yeah, yeah, three, your fucking lines chat, you fuck and Chad.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: No, the reason why the fight scenes in this sucked is because

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: they did not hire the man who did the choreography of the

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: previous Matrix whooping yu, N. who is the greatest biight

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: choreographer of all time? He a crouching tiger, hidden

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Dragon, He did

[cobra]: Y.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: kill Bill. he did

[cobra]: who did the choreography for this one?

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: fearless. I. I P. men. Oh, fucking uh, Google analytics.

[cobra]: I p.

[the_fart_rix___4]: man

[cobra]: I P. Men I

[cobra]: like Beman. Is this this this? A? No.

[the_fart_rix___4]: intellectual property, man,

[the_fart_rix___4]: Listen,

[cobra]: It's a movie about the

[the_fart_rix___4]: okay,

[cobra]: Internet. It's

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: No, you don't know. I pman.

[the_fart_rix___4]: let's copyright in Fringment.

[cobra]: it's it. My, you. even,

[the_fart_rix___4]: I

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Oh, whatever,

[the_fart_rix___4]: don't think you yet think you going to eat that patent, sir. Oh, my

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: delete that

[the_fart_rix___4]: thank you. I man. where

[cobra]: thank you. I pman. No, I know.

[the_fart_rix___4]: would we be My start uping Thrive.

[cobra]: I now know where to go on my web browser.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I subtitles.

[cobra]: I pen, thank you very much.

[the_fart_rix___4]: they're not

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Oh God,

[the_fart_rix___4]: citizens. I

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I've lost all credibility in all my points and I apologize.

[cobra]: Oh my God,

[the_fart_rix___4]: you.

[the_fart_rix___4]: you need

[cobra]: Ah, that was good. I live that laugh.

[hosty_matt]: Thank Spencer

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Uh. The best thing is I said. The best thing is I said you

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: don't know. I p. man,

[cobra]: Yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: defending myself.

[cobra]: I.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Uh,

[cobra]: P.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: so yeah,

[the_fart_rix___4]: man.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: uh,

[cobra]: Oh, that wass good.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: whoever, I don't know who did the fight cor for this movie I

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: assume was a can of tuna.

[cobra]: I mean you you, you did. You May had a good joke when you said Google and Elyytics,

[cobra]: but just the

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah,

[cobra]: odder joke you in intentionally made it so much better.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, that's true.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, be cause. Yeah, the,

[hosty_matt]: it. it was well worth it. Thank you.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: because the fights in this, they truly were the the blandest

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: fightingenes of any action movie.

[cobra]: even even the scenes like there were some scenes where he was focused on buds. And

[cobra]: like I said, Jessa Hanwick is a martial artist and it was so slow and so predictable

[cobra]: like that. There was nothing they are like, almost like superheroes when they' inside

[cobra]: the Matrix When you know

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah,

[cobra]: that it is a simulation and they use none of that other than walking on walls a

[cobra]: little bit.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I dare you to watch any fight scene from the original trilogy

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: and like you will immediately be like whoy shit. This is so

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like. like a league beyond like. I just watch like the

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: opening, fighting and reloaded on Youtube. And like every

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: comment on Youtube is like this scene alone is better than

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: the whole resurrections movie.

[cobra]: Yeah. No. so one thing that I did is after I finished watching that movie. I

[the_fart_rix___4]: Yeah, Mhm, Mhm,

[cobra]: immediately went and watched the lobby scene from the first

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah,

[cobra]: movie. I'm like Yes,

[the_fart_rix___4]: Yeah,

[cobra]: Now we're talking.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: yeah, gun player, there wasn't even gun playing this movie at

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: all.

[the_fart_rix___4]: yeah,

[cobra]: Yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Did even

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: a

[the_fart_rix___4]: also

[cobra]: Anyway,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: fire a gun?

[the_fart_rix___4]: let. Yeah, they did. They did

[cobra]: they did a lot of

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: No, did Neo fire guns?

[cobra]: guns. It was so cheap. Oh, I

[the_fart_rix___4]: not really

[cobra]: don't. I don't think so.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: No, What the fu

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: again?

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I, I

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: can't even express my words. I

[cobra]: Oh no. Since fencers back,

[the_fart_rix___4]: stand Spencer,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: can't let's make him hear. God, I got natty. Let's make a

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Matrix movie without any gun fights without any uh, properly

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: choreograph fight

[the_fart_rix___4]: Mhm,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: scenes. We're going to take out the

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: agents.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Mhm,

[hosty_matt]: Okay, love it.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: We're going to. um. we're going to make the main villain. A.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: uh, you know that character from Uh, how I met your mother

[the_fart_rix___4]: Yep,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: would just use that guy.

[cobra]: Yeah, yeah, him, him, but evil.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: No, just him. Well, he'll

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: say evil things, but he's going to

[the_fart_rix___4]: just him

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: be him.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Just him.

[cobra]: You know what you know what I

[cobra]: wish. That they really leaned into it. And when when Neil was trying to like get to

[the_fart_rix___4]: behind the scenes in the writers room.

[cobra]: him

[the_fart_rix___4]: Yes,

[cobra]: and not like not being able to conse stop time, he should have said challenge, accept

[cobra]: it.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Oh gosh.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah,

[the_fart_rix___4]: this is.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: that that

[hosty_matt]: too too much.

[cobra]: Just lean into it.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: that that one that wouldn't have surprised me. and oh yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: that that one that wouldn't have surprised me. and oh yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: and then trying to a let's do a bullet time scene that's not

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: and then trying to a let's do a bullet time scene that's not

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: bullet time.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: bullet time.

[the_fart_rix___4]: yes.

[hosty_matt]: Oh,

[cobra]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: but let's call it bot time now.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: And but let's call

[the_fart_rix___4]: true.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: it fullll the time. Even though that wasn't in the movie. it

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: was what the filming technique was called of filming those

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: scenes.

[cobra]: well,

[the_fart_rix___4]: yeah,

[cobra]: I mean this is on brand to it with the our parent company, Warner Brother said that

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I,

[cobra]: they were going to make a for. I was, so

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I cock, hated that stuff, too.

[cobra]: I hated all of it.

[hosty_matt]: Okay, So so

[the_fart_rix___4]: Mhm.

[hosty_matt]: you guys are lost again? It

[the_fart_rix___4]: yeah, let me

[hosty_matt]: is like fucking. You're lost in the Matrix right now.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: We need you. we need you.

[the_fart_rix___4]: let me let me course. Mhm,

[cobra]: If this was Star Wars, I would be fully on the dark side by now.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Weuck were stuck in a loop.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, Chris. are you goingnna, are you going to bring this back or you just

[hosty_matt]: going to drive it off of Matrix cliff?

[the_fart_rix___4]: I'm not going to drive off the cliff. and if I did, I still have a

[the_fart_rix___4]: parachute. So what's interesting about what? I? what? I' I'm uh. what I'm

[the_fart_rix___4]: observing, my fellow camates like Reflect on is with the hype of a a new

[the_fart_rix___4]: sequel like this? Right? What tends to happen with people who who enjoy

[the_fart_rix___4]: that that that series is. they'll go back and know, watch some stuff that

[the_fart_rix___4]: they really liked from the previous stuff. And what I'm trying to share is

[the_fart_rix___4]: that, Um, my, my wife like she was like. You know what? Let's dust off the

[the_fart_rix___4]: first one. I don't remember any of it. I don't even if I saw it. I'm like

[the_fart_rix___4]: cool

[the_fart_rix___4]: honey. so I watch. We watched the first one right and then we went

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Oh my God, what a gift.

[the_fart_rix___4]: straight to the next one and I think that's what, and like like. In

[the_fart_rix___4]: hindsight it's odd, but it was a. It was a blessing in disguise because we

[the_fart_rix___4]: reset with number one and it was like this is great. This is what I

[the_fart_rix___4]: remember. This is really interesting. And what created this weird

[the_fart_rix___4]: dicoonomy in this state of like hoo, where I couldn't even process what

[the_fart_rix___4]: had happened after watching it? Um, it's it it. It really creates a

[the_fart_rix___4]: conundrum that we really really unpacked here. So I. I. I notice that

[the_fart_rix___4]: pattern. Like a lot of us have revisited some some stuff from the

[the_fart_rix___4]: previous. You know, the previous trilogy and then boom, it's it's night

[the_fart_rix___4]: and day.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: But Chris,

[the_fart_rix___4]: Mhm,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like the movie says, If you like all the elements you liked

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: when that movie, If you expected any of that in this movie,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: you are an idiot who is chasing nostalgia. you don't want

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: anything original. You're a fucking, too.

[the_fart_rix___4]: you find that out,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: That's exactly what the fucking message of this movie is and

[cobra]: Yeah, yeah,

[the_fart_rix___4]: you find that out. Hm,

[cobra]: the mesage. the movie is like here.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: fucking hated.

[hosty_matt]: So

[cobra]: I'm going to show you all the sheep that you already like to. Piece of Shep. That's

[cobra]: what it did.

[hosty_matt]: okay, So here's one thing. I'm going to tell you.

[hosty_matt]: It's been my question

[the_fart_rix___4]: Hm.

[hosty_matt]: of. Honestly, I haveve never watched the third Matrix movie, Because just like

[hosty_matt]: can after the second one,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Oh, it's going

[cobra]: You didn't.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: to seem like a fucking Oscar movie after you watch that

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: movie.

[hosty_matt]: Let me ask you this. You watch you guy. Ill watch the three movies.

[cobra]: Yes,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Of course,

[hosty_matt]: The first movie was amazing and the second one was, And the is. Like What the

[hosty_matt]: fuck just

[hosty_matt]: happened Right? That's

[the_fart_rix___4]: I't remember third, but

[cobra]: Yep,

[hosty_matt]: how we all kind of took it.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Um, yeah,

[hosty_matt]: Why? why you assume the fourth movie was going to be some like great Return to

[hosty_matt]: Why? why you assume the fourth movie was going to be some like great Return to

[hosty_matt]: the Matrixcause. It feels like you had expectations that probably outweighed

[hosty_matt]: the Matrixcause. It feels like you had expectations that probably outweighed

[hosty_matt]: what you been shown in three movies.

[hosty_matt]: what you been shown in three movies.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, you are way wrong here. If

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: this movie was E even close to third movie, I would have been

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: so thoroughly satisfied. the third mo. Say what you went

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: about. The second and third movies they tried.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Mhm,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: The stories are convoluted the act of writings a little ma.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: they put work into the choreography. they put work into the

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: story building, and blah blah blah. they did. They went a

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: little cliche with the endings, but it still feels like a a

[cobra]: I mean, I mean the third movie is basically Dragon Ball inside of the Matrix.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: movie.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Yeah, that was pretty cool.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, but still it. I. I, Ive watched it again. I guarantee

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: you going to be like this movie is not compared to

[cobra]: Well, in hindsight Yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: this movie. You're going to be like that movie is fucking

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Citizen Ke.

[the_fart_rix___4]: So my new question, then was my new question That becomes Sps. Its, For

[the_fart_rix___4]: So my new question, then was my new question That becomes Sps. Its, For

[cobra]: Okay, that's like I carried away.

[the_fart_rix___4]: anybody, Do you remember what some of your preliminary thoughts were based

[the_fart_rix___4]: anybody, Do you remember what some of your preliminary thoughts were based

[the_fart_rix___4]: on the Tra before you side? What? Based on the trailer and leading right

[the_fart_rix___4]: on the Tra before you side? What? Based on the trailer and leading right

[the_fart_rix___4]: up to one you watched it? Do you remember what you thought or felt? Were

[the_fart_rix___4]: up to one you watched it? Do you remember what you thought or felt? Were

[the_fart_rix___4]: you excited or you just here to see what they? What? What they would

[the_fart_rix___4]: you excited or you just here to see what they? What? What they would

[the_fart_rix___4]: offer?

[the_fart_rix___4]: offer?

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I. I know

[the_fart_rix___4]: Whatever?

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: exactly

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: the first trailer I saw was like that teaser and it was very,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: very short and it was just like Do you even know what is

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: real? And it was just like, very mysterious and I was like,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Ooh, I, I wasn't really had any expectations for this. I come

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: get a little hyped. The the first full length trailer I was

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like, uh, oh,

[cobra]: Yeah, same

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: uh, oh,

[cobra]: I was. I was very Hpped for the first one Just because it was Matrix. when I watched

[cobra]: the second trailer was like, Oh no, where is this going?

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like I, even there's the look. It was all bright and white

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: and like super over lit and saturated and I

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: was like this is not like a neon noar fibe at all,

[cobra]: You know not me.

[cobra]: exactly. That's what I was going to say. You know what got to me is. Just instead of

[cobra]: making like the scenes that were shown in the trailer made it seem like they were

[cobra]: just reggitated again. That word like

[cobra]: just a bunch of ideas spit to get altogether in in a non cohesive way on the screen

[cobra]: rather than serving a purpose. And from the trailer I was like, I hope this is just a

[cobra]: trailer thing where they trying to show everything that's co, and then there' stuff

[cobra]: in the middle, weaving shit in. But then

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Hugo weaving.

[cobra]: it was just more of the same

[cobra]: without, Have helped

[hosty_matt]: I don't think

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: No, no, they can't. No, Thismo needed a full rewrite

[hosty_matt]: so.

[hosty_matt]: To me. it still feels like

[the_fart_rix___4]: Five?

[hosty_matt]: people got a little overhyped for a Matrix movie. Because

[cobra]: One hundred percent.

[hosty_matt]: you, you have an nostalgia of what it could be,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I didn't. I

[hosty_matt]: And

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: honestly didn't.

[the_fart_rix___4]: H,

[hosty_matt]: I going to say it sounds like a dip because I've never seen

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: No, no, no,

[cobra]: I did

[hosty_matt]: you hit rock bottom so hard

[hosty_matt]: you hit rock bottom so hard

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: no, no, I was expecting this movie to be generic,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Ma, like, just like Bottom of the barrel kind of like reboot

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: stuff that

[hosty_matt]: Y.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: is such a high bar. When you consider what this movie became,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: it is. you know.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, I disagree with you. I think you're You're mad at it.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: no, no, no, no, no, no, no, I am mad at it because

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: that bar the bar I set was so low and they didn't even. they.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: not only did they not scrape it, they, they couldn't see it

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: in with a telescope. That bar was so high compared to what it

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: actually is. they were like. Instead of making a movie that's

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: generic, and whatever you know, with some cool looking scenes

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: and stuff, they were just like

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Fuck you, Fuck you viewer. That's what it felt like.

[cobra]: so. so I. I went in because of the comments from other people watching and from

[cobra]: having seen the trailer. I tried to go in

[cobra]: without expecting anything. I was expecting a Matrix movie

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Not what it was.

[cobra]: and what I got. But and what I got was

[cobra]: like nostalgia pandering

[hosty_matt]: okay, so

[cobra]: and and just you know,

[hosty_matt]: let

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: but it't

[hosty_matt]: me ask you this.

[hosty_matt]: What is a Matrix movie? What are the core elements you need for a Matrix movie?

[cobra]: to me it has to. So it it's There's a bunch of little. Well, there's a few little

[cobra]: things that I have to be there. The the Neonoir thing, like the just the ambience of

[cobra]: the movie has to be a a lot less bright colors, and it like Bls flashing in shit. It

[cobra]: needs to be a lot more contained. In that sense I want from the first movie At least

[cobra]: I want,

[cobra]: which, the beginning kind of almost sounds like he was going to

[the_fart_rix___4]: Yeah,

[cobra]: deliver. I want the story to be

[cobra]: Um,

[cobra]: not convoluted, but complex

[the_fart_rix___4]: Mhm,

[cobra]: I like. and I. I want the. The. The, The,

[cobra]: Like, the themes to weave in and out and form a nice match at the end like they do in

[cobra]: the first movie.

[cobra]: And for like, I want to be confused in the first third of the movie. That's That's

[cobra]: what

[the_fart_rix___4]: H,

[cobra]: I'm saying.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Mhm.

[cobra]: I want to say. Oh, holy shit, what is going on here? But there needs to be a very

[cobra]: good payoff at the end where all of those themes inter intertwined to form a larger

[cobra]: story

[cobra]: and I want to see good fucking action scenes. That's that. to me. those three are the

[cobra]: main elements. Honestly,

[hosty_matt]: So I want to challenge you on this, because that's just what I want to see of a

[hosty_matt]: good movie You haven't described to me. What makes the Matrix the Matrix?

[cobra]: No, you

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I can.

[cobra]: don't you okay. Go ahead ahad

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: so

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: first first foremost, the Matrix is

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: takes itself seriously. It's not like it

[cobra]: Yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: doesn't Doesn't say you a joke. you know. it' not like a

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: marvel like it's

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: the. The concept of it is very

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: high concept serious.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: You know fate. What is being what? it is? Slightly dealing

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: with existential serious things

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: And it's not. and they like it can't be littleerate like they

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: did in this movie? That's that's the theme.

[cobra]: Which ju?

[cobra]: just just as as a sidebar to or as a apprentice to that. It seemed like that's what

[cobra]: they were

[cobra]: going with in the beginning with the analyst stuff, and even when he starts

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, at the beginning Yeah,

[cobra]: explaining, You know the, the, Re, the way that the new matrix works right, which is

[cobra]: based more on feelings and blah

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Mhm,

[cobra]: blah blah. That's that's there that that's

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah,

[cobra]: kind. The kind of thing I want to see.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: they abandon all that and then

[cobra]: Yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: also I. I. It's very important whether you know. even though

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: they actually fuck you for wanting this, it does need to have

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: V, very well crafted fight choreography, very well crafted.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Visual effects like that is a staple if they broke the bar

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: with visual effects in that movie, though they created a

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: whole new type of special effects,

[the_fart_rix___4]: Hm,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: You know, so that has to be part of it as well, but

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: more importantly it, it has to have a sort of Alice through

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: the Looking Glass type

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: viewpoint.

[hosty_matt]: They put the book

[cobra]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: there. What more do you

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: want?

[cobra]: I

[the_fart_rix___4]: No

[cobra]: was going to say it

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: exact, exactly

[cobra]: has. It has to be more than a tattoo of a bunny and the song like,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, like the themes have to be heavy.

[hosty_matt]: They put literary Alice through the looking glasses, a book they pan by. I don't

[cobra]: Oh, I know, I know, Uh, pre, Prinka chop goes like And and wings at Neo. When when he

[hosty_matt]: know what you want,

[cobra]: looks at the book

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: M.

[cobra]: it' like here, idiots this. It's in your face like.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Are you happy now?

[the_fart_rix___4]: half.

[cobra]: Yeah, yeah, so mad. What I was going to say is I like not every movie. not every. a

[cobra]: good movie needs like a, a complex interwoven plot. Like some movies have very good

[cobra]: movies have a pre linear plot and

[hosty_matt]: John Wick.

[cobra]: they're still good, but I'

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Y,

[cobra]: yeah. exactly. So what I'm saying here is like I want to. I want this movie to to

[cobra]: make me think

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: yeah,

[cobra]: right to like, wonder where it's going and then take a turn and say no. That's not

[cobra]: like you thought he was going there, but 't and it still makes sense where it goes

[cobra]: now. like just let's just toss all the plat points away and have it go wherever you

[cobra]: want to go.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Mhm,

[hosty_matt]: Y, Yes,

[cobra]: You know, let's finish the movie with. like some some jokes about the analyst dying

[cobra]: and then them flying away like their fucking Superman.

[hosty_matt]: y, yeah, but listen, I fair. I think that's a fair answer. I, I think Uh, for

[hosty_matt]: me, Spencer answered with a little bit more. What is unique to the matrix? I,

[hosty_matt]: you know. Um, you know, the neo noar stuff you know is meaningfulol. uh. the

[hosty_matt]: Kungfu and Gunkta type atmosphere they provide us is meaningful. you know, even

[hosty_matt]: to the point where you know they had guns and they shot everybody, but they

[hosty_matt]: didn't really make it like everybody's loading up and taking advantage of being

[hosty_matt]: in the matrix. they all just carried guns and drove cars right, They didn't. You

[hosty_matt]: know they didn't manifest anything like they could in the original Matrix.

[cobra]: The only thing that that they did was Neo doing his like shielding, which is boring.

[hosty_matt]: They just abused that. anyways. let's

[cobra]: Yeah.

[hosty_matt]: let's put to script doctoring. We're we're. we're at about that time.

[cobra]: uh.

[hosty_matt]: Um,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Okay, I

[hosty_matt]: so

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: thought about this a lot, so

[hosty_matt]: okay, good because

[hosty_matt]: I need you. I'm more put to challenge here. I'm challenging to keep fifty

[hosty_matt]: percent of this movie.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: that's unrealistic.

[hosty_matt]: Well, you're not script doctorors, writing new script

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Let's let's all settle on thirty

[hosty_matt]: forty

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: thirty seven and you got just have a deal.

[hosty_matt]: forty three

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: God.

[cobra]: wait.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: okay,

[cobra]: that's

[cobra]: bargaining works.

[hosty_matt]: to I bargain,

[the_fart_rix___4]: I got a deal for you fifty one per cent.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: iready,

[hosty_matt]: Spencer, Chris,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: agree, forty three percent.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Damn. they shook on it.

[hosty_matt]: Okay,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: So

[hosty_matt]: Spencer, this is this is your. Sa. We got to bring sadpens we got like we got to

[hosty_matt]: let

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Mhm.

[hosty_matt]: him have his um. Ctharsis, Um,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yes,

[hosty_matt]: I

[cobra]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: will play. Uh, the analyst. how did this make you feel?

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Oh my God

[the_fart_rix___4]: Oo,

[cobra]: Oh God

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: made me so angry. I need more pills.

[cobra]: does, does it make you feel legend? Wait for it. Dairy makes you feel ageary

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: tactor. you are hilarious.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: tactor. you are hilarious.

[the_fart_rix___4]: but that is,

[the_fart_rix___4]: must' not

[hosty_matt]: Tell me.

[the_fart_rix___4]: the scalpels.

[hosty_matt]: tell me. tell me how we going to do in the future to break yourself out of this

[hosty_matt]: recurring dream To understand what your reality is versus the matrix. Tell me

[hosty_matt]: how we were going to find that.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I'm feel feeling very triggered right now.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Give me more blue pills. I want to fly. Ha.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: No, Okay, so

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: that you just give me p. T, S.

[the_fart_rix___4]: You can do it.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: D, No, Actually, I didn't mind that stuff. Okay, so

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: there are elements of this movie that are interesting and

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like I said, I think the first act

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: is okay,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: but like a little bit up its own ass. So the way what I'd say

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: is I like the con Anderson, Misterr Anderson. You know,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Thomas Anderson was a programmer, so I like the idea of him

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: being back in the Matrix,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: but he. He's not a like a video game developer, but let's say

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: he's trying. He vaguely remembers the Matrix and he's trying

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: to recreate it in the program Because that's

[hosty_matt]: So far, you at three percent,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: that's he justssed up. So no, that's the same fucking thing.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: So he, he's constantly trying to remember by building the

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: world in in his computer, building the program, blah, blah

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: blah. all that stuff. And then that sort of helps him get

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: back memories. But it's he's hiding it because it's like if

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: people actually think he believes it, he seems crazy. He

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: still sees his therapist who says stuff similar than what he

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: does in the movie and he takes blue pills. That's all fine. I

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: thought that was kind of cool. The, you know, he,

[hosty_matt]: twenty three percent.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Um,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: and I will say one of his. the The programs, like the

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: computer, sort of gets taken over and starts writing to him,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like in the original matrix, you know, and leads him

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: to finding out more about

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: the real world.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Um, and he's like it'. My program

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: sentient. Is this real? Is it

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: code? I don't know, and then it sort of takes him on. Uh, and

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I, I think at the beginning it should be the very similar

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: tone to when Neo was first.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: You know, going to the club in the original movie where he's

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like. You don't know what he's looking for. You don't know

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: what he's doing, but it's serious and it's like paste takes

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: its time. You know. It's not like he's just slowly digging.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Finding out. there's like inconsistencies with the world in

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: certain ways. You know you can. whatever that is.

[hosty_matt]: So it's the matrix reawakening

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, basically so he starts to believe that he. Um,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: you know

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: that this might be real, and so obviously he stops taking his

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: pills

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: right

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: and then he stops it, and then when he starts taking his

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: pills, that's when you know people start coming for him. You

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: know agents

[the_fart_rix___4]: Mm,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: come, and they're like reminiscent of the agents in the

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: original movie, But you know, they're obviously not exactly

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: the same and they seem like actual people. but they're

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: They seem more human than the originals, but he thinks

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: they're agents and they try to intimidate him and stuff like

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: in an interview and like I said, it's all very reminiscent of

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: what happened before. Kind of like the way this movie is, but

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: with more respect to the original would have saying, Fuck

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: you. And um,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Hm. this is where I don't want to to go anywhere like it does

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: in this movie like I. I,

[hosty_matt]: Well So far, you at like twenty three percent. At best, you've not used any of

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I know, so let's say so let's say Bugs is

[hosty_matt]: the scripts.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Bugs. Is

[cobra]: two.

[the_fart_rix___4]: it's

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: is

[the_fart_rix___4]: a timeme

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: watching him

[the_fart_rix___4]: Mhm,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: okay or Bugs finds his program like she does in the movie And

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: and it opens like the way it opened in this one where she's

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: watching stuff happen and she's like It's so. It's the same,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: but different, but it's because he created on his computer

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: and she's like looking at a program within a program, and

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: that's how she makes contact with him and she offers to bring

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: him out, but he's all fucky tripped out and doesn't trust it.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: but eventually he does bring. it does get out, but when he

[the_fart_rix___4]: Sssss,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: gets out,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: everything's different then the real world's changed.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Everyone

[hosty_matt]: Okay,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: is dead.

[cobra]: I was going to say

[hosty_matt]: So so is that act one done? Like Where are we in the story right now?

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, this is like, probably like around the halfway point,

[hosty_matt]: Oh wow.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: and I'll I'll steal from this, and there's no fucking

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: bullshit. Uh, w. B. We're making the third Matrix movie on of

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: that metta nonsense.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: So

[cobra]: fourth move, not,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: whatever none of that bullshit like, I actually thought that

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: stuff was interesting. It just doesn't work in a Matrix

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: movie. It's like a. It's like it would be. It's like its own

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: thing. and then um,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, and I think that the uh that

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: um,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Mr. Smith

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: should be awakened when he gets awakened 'cause they are like

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: a diadd. the original died,

[cobra]: Ah, my God.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: but they are like. That's like the whole point. It's like

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: he's like the response and the programming to his anomaly,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: right, Which why does make sense? The triny's not like a

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: third

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: anomaly.

[hosty_matt]: well, Smith was always there. though.

[hosty_matt]: well, Smith was always there. though.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: No Smith was there. but him being like a woken was like the

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: programs trying to balance out the

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like in Original. That's why Smith became what he was

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: was to

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: you know, for every one there's a ▁zero, or whatever is how

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: they described it. So they were

[hosty_matt]: Okay,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like tied to each other. So when he wakes up, Uh, Mr. Smith

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: wakes up and

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: he

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: goes after Trinity. Let's say because she's still in the

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Matrix.

[hosty_matt]: where does Trinity come from?

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Trinity is also th. when Neo was doing. She's like in the

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: movie 'cause I got a fuck and take some things from the

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: shiting movie. She's in the Matrix, but she's

[hosty_matt]: married to Chad?

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: uh, She's married to Chad, Right

[cobra]: what a fucking Chad.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: And and then Chad comes and murders her whole family just to

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: fuck and give the movie some balls, which this movie doesn't

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: have.

[hosty_matt]: Oh yeah, know it does. Chad

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: murders his own family.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: No, no, Mr. Smith comes to Trinity, kills Chad and her kids

[hosty_matt]: Okay, yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: and it's like whoa.

[hosty_matt]: that's okay like that.

[cobra]: Oh, I like that

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, and she's like

[cobra]: that that would give some weight to the fucking thing. Yeah, yeah, yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, exactly. And now she's like my life is ruined. But that

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: makes it her open to starting to accept her

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: other shit anyways. Yeah, and she thinks it's like a fucking.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: She is? She losing her mind because she lost her family,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Blah, blah blah. Neil has to come back fight Smith,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: and

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: also fight a bunch of agents throughout there, and in the end

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Mr. Smith gets deleted by the program.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: The by bro, Barney Stinson,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: No, there will I. I th. I don't mind that I'll keep that

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: tooth. the analys. His therapist was the analyst. Only he's

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: not a bro and he is pulling the strings, so Neo makes a deal

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: with it.

[cobra]: like you mean. letting Newop Patrick Hars actually act instead of. Yeah. yeah, okay,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, exactly, just let him

[the_fart_rix___4]: indeed,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: be like a calm. like, if anything, he should have been like

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: the way he was with a therapist where he was like. Are you

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: feeling

[cobra]: yep.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: very triggered right now, But then when he becomes like, you

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: find out these analysts, he's like completely emotionless

[the_fart_rix___4]: Mhm.

[hosty_matt]: I. the analyst is actuallyorrphous By the end The of the movie you find out it's

[the_fart_rix___4]: How so? How so

[hosty_matt]: morphous.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: perfect.

[the_fart_rix___4]: the program Moriphus?

[hosty_matt]: The D, sl R thing.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, yeah,

[the_fart_rix___4]: Oh, my goodness,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: and they're like we

[cobra]: okay,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: know we know you'd only listen to someone you trusted. Oh, so

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: he put Morpheus in in in your role as your therapist.

[cobra]: Oh, actually, that's good. Yeah, there you go.

[cobra]: I, so I would go in a slightly different direct. Like I like what you like. You had

[cobra]: you know warm shit to work with, So I think you did a good job with the material.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, little little. a little bit of skating at the end There

[cobra]: Had.

[hosty_matt]: You barely

[cobra]: what? what?

[hosty_matt]: got the forty three per cent. Barely,

[the_fart_rix___4]: until you

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: exactly

[the_fart_rix___4]: until you pose the shit, and then it opened up.

[cobra]: What? I? what? I wondered? Like what I think? W. they should have gone with, Um, and

[cobra]: you could have kept some of it. Probably not forty three percent, but a little a

[cobra]: little bit of it is. I would have liked if somehow they, they we they. They hid this

[cobra]: on the trailers and everything, and you only got to discover this at the end. But

[cobra]: like the whole spiel about having to have the the new matrix and you know, needing to

[cobra]: have people there, blah, blah, blah, doubts still stay there. But like it would have

[cobra]: been li fun if they had made a way like it, just like they showed in Iowa, Where like

[cobra]: some machines, I've refused to call them fuckingcinians Fuck that shit. It's machines

[cobra]: so like

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: racist.

[cobra]: if some there' are some machines in in cahoots with the humans I would have liked if

[cobra]: they. D, they did the the similar on the other side with like a a cipher, sort of

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah,

[cobra]: human where they want to be

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: that's good. They don't want to wake up.

[cobra]: in the Matrix and so like,

[cobra]: Yeah, And so you have the two sides. It is not split by species. ▁quotequote unquote

[cobra]: anymore. It' split by interest right,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: very good.

[cobra]: and in the end in the end why would have had? What would I would like to have seen?

[cobra]: Is they still needed the one like they did to kind of like sum up the math problems,

[cobra]: like the architect explains on the second movie, But they, the Trinity and Neo. in

[cobra]: this movie, they are not actually

[cobra]: Trinity and Neil. They are like programs that

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Mhm.

[cobra]: behave like that in a way to guide the new one bugs to do what needed to be done

[cobra]: right. So like they, they are not their themselves, their dad, which you know, stops

[cobra]: in vaalidating the sacrifice

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yep,

[cobra]: that they both fuck and made at the end of that movie. But they're still like present

[cobra]: in in terms of like guiding the new the one. Um to do what they need to do, Select

[cobra]: they, they would not be the diad that fucking flies like kick his delivery service.

[cobra]: They would be teaching.

[hosty_matt]: who are you? Ma,

[cobra]: there would be like.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I like this and it's cool. You know. it's cool about that

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: too. Is the whole concept is like, Is this real and it's like

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Twist on. You're not real. Like

[cobra]: exactly.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like

[hosty_matt]: Just just over O same page. You wrote an entirely new movie and you just kept

[cobra]: it's not.

[hosty_matt]: one character's name.

[cobra]: It's not an entirely new movie.

[hosty_matt]: How is it not an entirely new movie

[cobra]: It why? it's an entirely new ending of the movie.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: let them

[hosty_matt]: at the beginning?

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: be. I like this movie

[cobra]: Well,

[hosty_matt]: Listen,

[the_fart_rix___4]: Let them have something.

[cobra]: it's you know,

[hosty_matt]: I. it. it sounds fun, but you've not script. doctor. you script

[cobra]: Like all of the

[hosty_matt]: Franknstein,

[cobra]: No, Okay, So the the stuff with the analyst stays mind, Is the broche? Just remove

[cobra]: all of the the clips from the original movie. We don't need

[hosty_matt]: right.

[cobra]: to see that

[cobra]: remove the duro shit.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: half the run time.

[hosty_matt]: Okay, Yes, but I don't see how if this movie is supposed to be about them

[hosty_matt]: guiding the new one through the story. How you can spend so much time with Neo,

[cobra]: Oh, you shouldn't

[hosty_matt]: but

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, yeah,

[hosty_matt]: then how you have all the things but there in the analyst Because it's

[cobra]: okay. Fine. you keep like fifteen percent of this garbage movie and the rest we we

[cobra]: make. Fuck you

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: yeah, I agree.

[cobra]: this, my idea. Get off.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like maybe maybe like bugs is help in guiding Neo to become

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: the one again, But by doing so she's teaching herself to

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: become the one

[cobra]: I like that. actually,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: so that's

[hosty_matt]: up to sixteen percent

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: her characterc.

[the_fart_rix___4]: when you teach.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, there we go.

[cobra]: so like the first. the first, like twenty percent. Thirty percent of the movie is

[cobra]: focused on Neo, and then flips

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah,

[cobra]: to be focused on books. there. Yeah,

[the_fart_rix___4]: they say when you teach two people learn

[cobra]: oh God,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Chris. I

[hosty_matt]: year next

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like you. I like you, Chris.

[cobra]: get out

[hosty_matt]: what you

[hosty_matt]: gotwardward

[the_fart_rix___4]: honestly. I feel like this is. this is an opportunity for

[the_fart_rix___4]: me to yield my time, because I feel like both Sa spsor, you can do what

[the_fart_rix___4]: you want

[the_fart_rix___4]: and and I agree with it. I agreed with what was what was proposed. right?

[the_fart_rix___4]: I felt so mad about this that I. I feel like. what. Like the new arc

[the_fart_rix___4]: that was presented was pretty good.

[the_fart_rix___4]: I us. I want the movie to make us feel like it's going to be ge all the

[the_fart_rix___4]: big players that that we're going to get. But who says? the baton can't be

[the_fart_rix___4]: past. Not that we need more sequels, but that's what I

[the_fart_rix___4]: feel, is it? That's what. I, I'm not going for that, but I think that's

[cobra]: to God. I hope not.

[the_fart_rix___4]: that's the biggest missed opportunity for me. Because, um, with characters

[the_fart_rix___4]: like bugs, and uh, the new Morpheus, and like Prika, Uh, help me, pre,

[the_fart_rix___4]: um,

[hosty_matt]: Jonas.

[the_fart_rix___4]: jonas,

[the_fart_rix___4]: um,

[hosty_matt]: that's her

[hosty_matt]: namela, Lena did not want to pass the batan to anything. For the record,

[hosty_matt]: namela, Lena did not want to pass the batan to anything. For the record,

[hosty_matt]: namela, Lena did not want to pass the batan to anything. For the record,

[hosty_matt]: namela, Lena did not want to pass the batan to anything. For the record,

[hosty_matt]: namela, Lena did not want to pass the batan to anything. For the record,

[hosty_matt]: namela, Lena did not want to pass the batan to anything. For the record,

[cobra]: I know. still.

[the_fart_rix___4]: I just feel like I just feel like it. It would be.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: stop being so

[the_fart_rix___4]: I feel like it was. It would be a great opportunity for us to have like a

[the_fart_rix___4]: palleate. cleans. If you want to play in this world, make it. Make it

[the_fart_rix___4]: interesting and not just you know, nostalgia, lip service fan service,

[the_fart_rix___4]: Give us. if you want to Word World, build or play within that build, and

[the_fart_rix___4]: then throw a layer on. Give us new perspective. Well, take more chances.

[the_fart_rix___4]: It doesn't just have to be it like. If you really want to pass the baton,

[the_fart_rix___4]: it can't always be left to Tano Reeve's car. You know his shoulder.

[cobra]: Yeah. Well, I mean you can.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I just thought

[the_fart_rix___4]: It. That's the point. That's the point

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I just sort of a crazy idea, too. What if this whole matrix

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: wasn't run by the machine, but they' run by the humans and

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: a way to try and find a new one.

[cobra]: Yeah, that could have been.

[hosty_matt]: I

[cobra]: Yeah.

[hosty_matt]: could make up lots of ideas on how to make a Matrix story that have nothing to

[hosty_matt]: do with this movie'.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Listen, that's cool. So that's why they have

[cobra]: Yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: fake, neo and fake, and they' trying to recreate the story of

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: the original one. But but to make someone else become the one

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: and

[the_fart_rix___4]: that they can control

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: then they'll plug that one into the new matrix that the

[cobra]: Matt,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: machines run

[the_fart_rix___4]: Mhm.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: to fu

[cobra]: Matt

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: it up.

[the_fart_rix___4]: M to gain supremacy.

[hosty_matt]: Okay, let me fix this movie.

[cobra]: Mat, we can't. We can't work with this movie and make it a good one.

[hosty_matt]: let me fix this movie. You could you can do.

[the_fart_rix___4]: They're trying. They're trying.

[hosty_matt]: It's not trying you'.

[hosty_matt]: not trying

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I tried. I tried hard.

[cobra]: No, No, no,

[hosty_matt]: you, did, Spencer. You tried. You just hated so much.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: it hurt me.

[hosty_matt]: Luciano didn't try at all. Well that, but that's at the point of the question.

[cobra]: I don't even want to try. I don't want to try. I don't want to try.

[hosty_matt]: The question is how to script do to this movie to make it better. So a couple

[hosty_matt]: things I would do

[the_fart_rix___4]: We did though

[hosty_matt]: is. I think I would just get rid of Smith entirely, because in

[cobra]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: the story we have.

[hosty_matt]: the story we have.

[hosty_matt]: Smith is just a complication that doesn't need to exist. He is

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Mhm.

[hosty_matt]: confusing he. What? his motive and being there Why he's there? Because he's not

[hosty_matt]: really watching after Neil like the other people are. So I don't know why he

[hosty_matt]: exists, so I just choops Miss story line out completely,

[cobra]: he, he is there to make Neil find out his shoe powers. That's the only reason why he

[hosty_matt]: but sure. but whatever, like I, I think

[cobra]: is there.

[cobra]: It doesn't have to be.

[hosty_matt]: we, we can bring those powers back over. we want right like I think. Once they

[hosty_matt]: he know is he's Neo. It's fine. They can just come back. It's like riding a

[hosty_matt]: bike, I assume except for flying. Obviously, um,

[cobra]: See. You can't fix this third

[hosty_matt]: no, it's fine.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: it's like

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: it's like

[hosty_matt]: secondly,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: E, t riding a bike flying.

[hosty_matt]: yeah, yeah, exactly. Secondly, I would get rid of the that scene where the

[hosty_matt]: Meravingjian and all his

[hosty_matt]: clowns show up. What what they called?

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Oh god, yes,

[the_fart_rix___4]: me

[hosty_matt]: ▁, The exiles?

[cobra]: exiles. Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: No need for them

[the_fart_rix___4]: defects.

[hosty_matt]: confusing. Just go the agents, people. like the agents. The agents are a force

[hosty_matt]: that is scary. You could have had agents show up and and you could have soooped

[hosty_matt]: up the agents in some way. That was fine. You could have left them all. you

[hosty_matt]: know. That would haveve cleaned that up. Um, I think if you're keeping the story

[hosty_matt]: of Trinity and Neo

[hosty_matt]: being important and having them resurrected from the uh analists, then I think

[hosty_matt]: you need to get her out sooner

[hosty_matt]: and give a point to give an actual arc to the movie, Because the arc to the

[hosty_matt]: movie is, we have we got kil about because he's the one, but we have to get

[hosty_matt]: Trinity out and they just happen to save the world. Maybe I'm not clear, So the

[hosty_matt]: you get Trinity out like halfway through the movie. So then you have time for

[hosty_matt]: them to take on the analyst and

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: wait,

[hosty_matt]: the the agents, and they Ch.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: is he. is he the analyst or the rapist

[hosty_matt]: and now

[the_fart_rix___4]: Hm,

[hosty_matt]: ripist. Yes, uh, that is that is his full name.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Now

[hosty_matt]: Um,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: he starts off as the rapist, then he becomes an analyst,

[hosty_matt]: yeah,

[the_fart_rix___4]: yes,

[cobra]: so would you? would you keep that whole thing about

[cobra]: you know? Neonity replaing the creation like the painting of the creation of Adam,

[the_fart_rix___4]: Mhm, Mhm,

[cobra]: What they touch and there is lightning in Shi,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: No cause. I made no sense.

[hosty_matt]: yeah, sure. what not.

[cobra]: Then, Because if you take Trinity out of the Matrix too soon, then it become too

[cobra]: powerful Tosone.

[hosty_matt]: No, I know with that that's whatever they can be powerful. That's not the point.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, that's stupid. Take that out. No, they're not powerful

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: outside the Matrix. Their humans will tell the Matrix.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, the humor says

[cobra]: Okay, good, good,

[hosty_matt]: it so. But so you bring them out sooner and really,

[hosty_matt]: their job is to train the next group,

[hosty_matt]: The The Bugs and Friends

[hosty_matt]: to be the next

[cobra]: Oh,

[hosty_matt]: ones to liberate the emotion matrix.

[cobra]: even

[the_fart_rix___4]: than'm you. For that

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Not bad,

[cobra]: they can even do. What? what? What Chriss talking about? In No nostalgia? there is a

[cobra]: way of doing nostalgia right So they could have replicated the fight, the fighting

[cobra]: between morphs and Ne

[cobra]: on the first movie with Neo and bugs. Yeah, yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: but neosorphous.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: All this.

[hosty_matt]: Exactly.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: would you keep Naobie's giant robot bird?

[cobra]: no.

[hosty_matt]: Um,

[cobra]: I. ha.

[hosty_matt]: I like the theory that

[hosty_matt]: you know

[hosty_matt]: the

[hosty_matt]: there are more things going on. Some of the there's more you know, the programs

[hosty_matt]: and the robots. I'm not sure if we need

[hosty_matt]: specifically the things they used. Um, I did like the you know, the Morpheus,

[hosty_matt]: Uh, the, the fucking nanobought frozen P. frozen corn thing.

[the_fart_rix___4]: he

[hosty_matt]: I, as an I. I heard that another poadcast that talked about this, the film sack.

[hosty_matt]: And and so I thought there was a perfect example of what it is. But it's like I

[hosty_matt]: don't think they need to go that level tech. I think that was overly convoluted

[hosty_matt]: for reasons that I will never understand. but I think having a progression on

[hosty_matt]: that standpoint having a techno technological progression makes sense because

[hosty_matt]: it's ▁quote unquote six years after there'sal. matrix.

[cobra]: oh yeah. a hundred percent

[hosty_matt]: So you need to show something whether they can take control of uh atomatons.

[hosty_matt]: Maybe that makes more sense, and then it has like a Iepad face. You know

[hosty_matt]: whatever.

[cobra]: like an Iped on a stick

[cobra]: with

[the_fart_rix___4]: five

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: just a face Nice.

[hosty_matt]: I don't know if I would have like you know, basically anamorphic uh creatures

[hosty_matt]: that play these robots. I think that was a little like lazy,

[hosty_matt]: but but you

[cobra]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: want that technological uh, push forward. Um, because I think that that shows

[hosty_matt]: the matrix is growing and things are changing

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, I didn't mind there, like peace, not peace. but like

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: how there is a civil war. I kind of was like I was like. Oh,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: that civil war seems cool. I'd like to see more and they'

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like shut up.

[cobra]: yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Shut the fuck up. Okay.

[hosty_matt]: and I think actually that's a. That's a great point. to my. I think they find

[hosty_matt]: Neo and Trinity because they need. they need to. The civil war is like fucking

[hosty_matt]: shit up, and they need to stop the civil war for ▁x y, e reasoncause, I, you're

[hosty_matt]: right. I'd love to dig into the civil war.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah,

[the_fart_rix___4]: kill new, all liances.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: sounds a lot like less. like the movie.

[cobra]: I, I think they could have explored. They could have explored a lot more like I said,

[cobra]: even like in on on my completely right. Not not script, doctory, but script right

[cobra]: like I would have like to have seen this new dynamic of It's not machines versus

[cobra]: humans anymore. It's just a difference in ideals. right. They could have explored

[cobra]: that. Even

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, I think that's cool.

[cobra]: in this movie with Io and all that stuff,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I think we,

[hosty_matt]: We can have robot concentration camps

[hosty_matt]: We can have robot concentration camps

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: ma's right, though we.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Whoa,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: kind of cool.

[hosty_matt]: too, too

[cobra]: I have not allowed this. Neither Spencer nor I have allowed this.

[hosty_matt]: far's fine. They' robots. it's It's fine.

[hosty_matt]: far's fine. They' robots. it's It's fine.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: No, I think it's good.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: it's not. it's F. That's what the Nazis said.

[hosty_matt]: They've got

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: No,

[hosty_matt]: red eyes and we only want the blue eye robot. So

[cobra]: Oh, Jesus,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: the the Blue Light robot.

[hosty_matt]: yeah,

[cobra]: the the Blue Eyed Silver robots are okay.

[hosty_matt]: yeah, yeah, they're good.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, but but Ma is right. If we're going to keep our script

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: doctor business, we have to actually doctor the scripts.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Otherwise people are going to bring us their scripts.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: So

[hosty_matt]: Otherwise it's a script

[cobra]: Well,

[hosty_matt]: writing business, which,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: yes,

[cobra]: this is Uh, This is another instance where we were trying to fix Warner Brothers like

[cobra]: taking a shit on things.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: fuck, jesus, C.

[hosty_matt]: so he's the thing. This has nothing to do with Warner Brothers. This is all a

[hosty_matt]: lot of Whatchowski,

[the_fart_rix___4]: Is it

[hosty_matt]: What

[cobra]: I know. I just like to dunk on my brother.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, but it was all

[hosty_matt]: affair?

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: about Lonchowski being like Fuck you like the whole movies

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: are. Fuck you to Warner Brothers and to all the people who

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: wanted a Matrix sequel, but she just happened. Also, fuck

[hosty_matt]: Yes

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: you to anyone who likes the Matrix

[hosty_matt]: that.

[hosty_matt]: I

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: in.

[cobra]: Yeah, Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: think that's fair. I think I think she had a very specific agenda and I think

[hosty_matt]: honestly, she could have told her agenda in a series if you go back to that

[hosty_matt]: question. If you let Lorn Machowsky say the thing she wants to say in a T V

[hosty_matt]: series, she has enough time to unpack all the things she wants to say, whether

[hosty_matt]: we want to hear them, whether they make sense or interesting, is another thing

[hosty_matt]: entirely. But the idea that you know the Love conquers All thing isn't a bad

[hosty_matt]: idea. I mean, Harry Potter did it very

[hosty_matt]: successfully, Um, but

[the_fart_rix___4]: Mhm?

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, no, that's not a bad theme. That's the theme of the

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: original. Like the

[hosty_matt]: yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like, Trinity wasn't also powerful. That wasn't the point. It

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: was like she

[cobra]: no,

[hosty_matt]: no,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: was able to inspire him by believing in him.

[cobra]: exactly. she brought out the best out of Neil. That was

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, that

[hosty_matt]: yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I like the theme of that. They need to be together for him to

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: be to have his powers, because it made sense, but then it was

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like Wait. She has powers. That doesn't make sense.

[the_fart_rix___4]: But if they,

[hosty_matt]: well, I,

[cobra]: exactly Yeah.

[the_fart_rix___4]: with better writing they could have, they could have bridged that gap

[hosty_matt]: Yes,

[the_fart_rix___4]: to to share that ability. Toever many number.

[cobra]: like even

[the_fart_rix___4]: like a squadron of ones. the squad Ones squadrons,

[cobra]: even that, even that one particular thing like it could have been that he couldn't

[cobra]: fly

[the_fart_rix___4]: Mhm,

[cobra]: without her. It didn't have to be her flying. Now could have been just him flying.

[cobra]: Just one thing. Just make him be able to fly because she's with him now, right, it

[cobra]: doesn't have to be. Oh, now it's her.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Imagine if there's like there's multiple ones and it's like,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: but they not called the one. It's like you're the one. Nes,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: the one then Chese, the two. there's the three, the four, the

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: five, Oh no, the seven.

[the_fart_rix___4]: the magnificent,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: you know all these.

[hosty_matt]: you don't want to be the two.

[cobra]: No, you don't be it, too.

[hosty_matt]: Um, I. I. I agree with you, but I think I think and I'm I'm just guessing. And

[hosty_matt]: so this is, You know, no proof to this, but I think part of Lot Ofchowski's

[hosty_matt]: agenda was that she wanted to

[hosty_matt]: take away from from the patriot, having the man be the one to save everything

[the_fart_rix___4]: Right,

[hosty_matt]: and empowering women.

[the_fart_rix___4]: Yes,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I get that.

[hosty_matt]: And I think that's why I think I

[cobra]: but that was a bad way of doing it though.

[hosty_matt]: think it could have been done better, but I think

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah,

[the_fart_rix___4]: I agree.

[hosty_matt]: that's why it

[hosty_matt]: happened.

[hosty_matt]: happened.

[cobra]: Yeah, yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: it's like I. I get that, but it's like I'd rather that be

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: done in an original story than changing a story where I know

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: he's a man. but he was the hero of the original and by making

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: it that anybody can be the one

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: belittles, it belittles the last movie. Like I, I'm all for

[cobra]: it cheapens it. Yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: having like the like a woman be the prot, Like if bugs turned

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: out to be the new one like we were

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: talking about, that would have been a a way to be like

[cobra]: the one that yeah would be perfect.

[hosty_matt]: Yep,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Fuck the patriarchy, But just doing it the way they did it

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: was just like na. He. He's the one, but she's also the one.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: You know. It's

[the_fart_rix___4]: Yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like you know. Just got to believe it's like

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like you know. Just got to believe it's like

[the_fart_rix___4]: it's like a weird Baateon switch.

[cobra]: They' the died.

[the_fart_rix___4]: In a way, it is the die too,

[cobra]: Yeah,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: it'. The die

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: it'. The die

[hosty_matt]: I think we're

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: classic Diet.

[hosty_matt]: end on the diet. I think we've been talking with this for a long time. Go on

[hosty_matt]: forever.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I hope this movie is had fucking diadds.

[hosty_matt]: Um.

[cobra]: Oh God, yeah.

[hosty_matt]: listen, Spencer, maybe stop picking shit movies.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I, I'm sorry, No, I'll be fair. I picked this movie after I

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: saw it because I'm like I have words and I have to express it

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like this podcast is my Neil Patrick Harris in blue glasses,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: where I you know express my

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: crazy thoughts to and he calls me Triggered.

[the_fart_rix___4]: but I still love Neil

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[the_fart_rix___4]: Patrick Harris.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah,

[the_fart_rix___4]: I don't blame him.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: like I don't blame him.

[hosty_matt]: I, I think I think what I will say is. um,

[hosty_matt]: thank you for listening to Spencer's Theray Hour and a half. Um,

[the_fart_rix___4]: Mhm. We created a safe space.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Much needed. no, n. Yeah, thank you.

[cobra]: a long session is a love fucking interpretation.

[the_fart_rix___4]: We're out of time. Now

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: That'll be seven hundred dollars

[hosty_matt]: I hope this helped you. I hope this helped you. Yeah, we are going to bill you.

[hosty_matt]: Uh, this is not

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Fair

[hosty_matt]: a free service. Um,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: fair.

[hosty_matt]: but, but well, we're going to build our our fans too, because they' benefiting

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Oh, do you Gu validate parking?

[hosty_matt]: from this, but yes,

[hosty_matt]: Spr, u. o seven hundred dollars

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: That's fair.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Do you

[hosty_matt]: each. Yeah, I would say

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: accept bits of string?

[hosty_matt]: seven hundred dollars worth. Maybe we'll talk offline. Um,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Mhm,

[hosty_matt]: if you have suggestions on Housepencher can pay us all back, or potentially

[hosty_matt]: suggestion the from We Sprs can watch so he can cleans his brain pilot of the

[hosty_matt]: nightmare that he consumed.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Mhm,

[hosty_matt]: Um, please hit us up on the Twitter at your wrongcast. You can also email us at

[hosty_matt]: your wrong cast at Com, and as always our favorite website. W. w. w. Do you

[hosty_matt]: wrongcast that C? Don't forget. the double of the duu Blve is depending on where

[hosty_matt]: you are.

[cobra]: you.

[hosty_matt]: You guys have party parting words, parting sentences. To keep it short.

[cobra]: I hate this movie and I am sad that I had to shi through it.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah, that's well put,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: I wish I could take the blue pill

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: and not

[cobra]: Forget it.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: not realizes reality with this movie.

[the_fart_rix___4]: I

[the_fart_rix___4]: think Spencers on to, I think

[hosty_matt]: cool, Spencer is good.

[cobra]: Spencers, doing a cipher. He wants to do a cypher.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Mhm,

[the_fart_rix___4]: ignorance, his bliss. I think

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah,

[the_fart_rix___4]: Spencer needs a, needs a. a triple Hes. He needs to pick the third movie

[the_fart_rix___4]: again.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: white chicks it is.

[cobra]: Oh,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Lets hear

[the_fart_rix___4]: I'm done with that.

[cobra]: Jesus. why, white chicks, too?

[the_fart_rix___4]: Did they make a sequel? They didn't, but they should,

[cobra]: No, I hope not.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: we're making a voice Were making it.

[hosty_matt]: Now where where we're going to go now

[hosty_matt]: For now, I'm Ma.

[cobra]: I'm sad.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: No, I'm sad,

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Yeah,

[cobra]: I mad then.

[hosty_matt]: What

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: yeah'. mad. I'm sad,

[the_fart_rix___4]: and I'm not as sad but still sad.

[hosty_matt]: we will see you next time.

[the_matrix_bore_regurgitated_]: Eight.