Hardcover Live


In this conversation, Adam and Ste discuss recent events in their neighborhood, including a shooting and stabbing incident. They then move on to discuss updates on Car Cover, including the ability to edit authors and set author avatars. They also discuss the upcoming list page updates, including the table view and column customization. They explore the possibility of adding a popularity chart to show the popularity of books over time. The conversation methodically discussed and designed the charting functionality, explored the concept of popularity charts, and brainstormed the bulk editing functionality. The team also discussed and refined the design of the bulk editing interface, including the placement of buttons and the selection process. They further discussed the rating bulk editing and finalized the design of the table view. The conversation concluded with considerations for the card view design.


Charting functionality can be implemented to show the popularity of books over time.
Bulk editing functionality should allow users to select multiple books and edit various attributes such as rating, status, and tags.
The bulk editing interface can include checkboxes for selection and dropdown menus for different editing options.
The table view design should provide a clear and user-friendly way to perform bulk editing.


00:00 Introduction and Unexpected Event
05:04 Updates on Car Cover
11:44 List Page Updates
15:12 Table View and Column Customization
33:45 Discussion on charting functionality
36:02 Exploring the concept of popularity charts
38:24 Bulk editing functionality
44:29 Designing the bulk editing interface
52:04 Refining the bulk editing interface
58:02 Discussion on rating bulk editing
01:03:38 Finalizing the table view design
01:05:10 Considerations for the card view design

What is Hardcover Live?

Each week Adam & Ste focus on a specific feature, idea or prototype in Hardcover and iterate on it together or with guests.

Adam (00:01.206)
Hey, hey, stay, how's it going?

Ste (00:04.249)
Hey Adam, not too bad, not too bad. I'm pretty well, how about you?

Adam (00:09.454)
Good. Recovering from some, you know, things that happen on the street that I live on yesterday though, that I posted about in Discord.

Ste (00:19.697)
Yeah, it was like eventful. Yeah, what was that about? It seemed like very, very intense and yeah, I've seen the link.

Adam (00:28.198)
Yeah. I live in just a apartment complex in Salt Lake City. And next door there's a funeral home. And yesterday, I guess there was a stabbing and a shooting at the shooting home and like, I have my window open and it faces it. And so I just heard like a, just a ton of screaming. I didn't know what was going on. Um, and there were like a bunch of police on the street.

Yeah, it turned out that like three people were stabbed and brought to the hospital. I think everyone's lived, everyone lived and they were able to catch the perpetrators who did it. They escaped by car afterwards, but the police stopped their car and found the gun in the car. So hopefully happy resolution, but it made for a very, uh, like curious afternoon, didn't know what was happening. Lots of people just on the street trying to figure it out.

Ste (01:28.121)
Yeah, I believe you. I mean it sounded, yeah, it did sound like there was a lot going on. Oh wow, and did they actually like, is there any like word on the street about what happened? I mean, funeral, home, shootout, stabbing, it seems like straight out of a movie. Did they like, yeah, know anything about that or is it like too fresh?

Adam (01:28.874)
luck going on.

Adam (01:51.066)
Yeah, they haven't, they haven't publicized anything that happened or why it happened, any motive or anything. Um, yeah, but they have all the, um, they have like a bunch of witnesses, like everyone that was at the funeral home, as well as the three people who are responsible or at least, uh, potentially responsible. So I have a feeling all that that'll come out pretty soon.

Ste (02:17.069)
Yeah, that's wild, man. I mean, wild. I've been watching Too Detective lately because I haven't seen it. And I'm on season 3 now. And yeah, that seems exactly like the kind of scenario you'd see there.

Adam (02:22.002)

Adam (02:28.718)
Thanks for watching!

Adam (02:33.19)
Yeah, pretty much. So yeah, that was my event for yesterday.

Ste (02:36.849)
Yeah, and are you okay? I mean, is everything... Yeah, I mean, both physically and psychologically... I mean, this is the thing that can shake you up, I guess.

Adam (02:45.776)

Adam (02:49.406)
Yeah, I didn't know anyone when involved and I, um, you know, feel, feel safe enough at my place, even though it's next door. I feel like, you know, this was, you know, people just coming for a specific thing. And yeah, so I'm not worried about it, but yeah, it's crazy that can happen right next door.

Ste (03:07.965)
Yeah, that's good. Yeah, I know. I mean, I had a murder going on a few months back out of my window. So yeah, this is wow. I get that.

Adam (03:20.498)
Yeah, I can't believe both of us in a couple months.

Ste (03:24.177)
Yeah, what are the chances? We're destined to go through, maybe that's a sign, maybe, you know, all this hardship just to get hardcover out there. We've been like missing out on danger. Or not, just random stuff, scary stuff happening. Yeah.

Adam (03:40.478)
Uh, yeah. Yeah. It's, it's almost like, you know, you live your entire life and you're like, hopefully very few thing, bad things happen, like in your proximity, but yeah, it's, um, very much coincidence that both of them happened to us in the past couple, couple months.

Ste (04:00.669)
Yeah, really weird. Plus, Southlake doesn't seem like the place where you'd get like shootouts and stabbings. It seems like out, I mean... Out of the whole US, Southlake seems like one of the cities where that wouldn't like happen.

Adam (04:08.555)

Adam (04:18.73)
Yeah, it's historically a very safe city just from, just in general. So yeah, it's kind of a, definitely a surprise. But yeah.

Ste (04:30.273)
Yeah, it feels like an inside story, like something going on over their funeral home. Kind of like, I mean, as much as it'd be scary, makes you wonder, you know, was the story there? Yeah, nice. Well, you know, it's good that we both have fun.

Adam (04:42.278)

Ste (04:51.261)
safe project to return to after all of this stuff. What have you been up to with Car Cover the last week?

Adam (04:54.432)

Thanks for watching!

Adam (05:04.51)
we finally got out the ability to edit authors. So librarians can start editing authors and that also comes with the ability to set like an author avatar, be able to set the gender of an author. We have another flag for like, is this author a BIPOC author? Is this author a LGTBQIA author?

LGBTQIA author, and hopefully we'll be able to do things like in the list page we're working on today, do things like filter by those options. So you could say, only show me women authors or things like that. So I'm glad to finally get that out there.

Ste (05:50.646)
Yeah, that's amazing. I mean, we've worked up to like this. We've talked about this for the stats as well and for the goals. Like I'm guessing this would be useful in that area once we implement it. So if you wanna read 50 books by women authors or by pop authors, this year we could do that and it will show up in stats as well. So that's exciting.

Adam (06:16.919)
Yeah, I have a feeling once we get to the dashboard, one of the next things will be like trying to get more data about those authors. So be able to say like, here are 10 authors that could use more information that you've read, that you are very familiar with. Go and edit their author page so you can add their additional metadata.

And same for books like here, here are 10 books that you've read that maybe no one else has go and add some metadata about them so that they'll show up better on your stats.

Ste (06:42.993)

Ste (06:52.449)
Yeah, that'd be great for the librarian widgets in there. I'd love to see that. I mean, I always like for the books, I mark as one three if I don't like find any covers or yeah, I just edit them. So I guess seeing that in there will be very, very helpful.

Adam (07:13.662)
Yeah. How about you? What have you been up to lately on the hardcover side?

Ste (07:16.406)
That's nice.

Well, I've been working on the new menu that we covered last week. So I nearly got it running with CSS only. And that's been like a surprise for me, I think, because we've got that drop down in there and we've also got that drop down in the menu. So I managed to make that work today. So I think I just have a couple of other stuff for the other drop down to take care of.

transition pretty smooth and then it's pretty much done. And we gotta figure out the footer. So maybe if we have time, we can also have a quick glimpse over that today, else we can do that on our time or.

our cover session. It's been nice that on the Discord we've been seeing chats in the authors channel, which we created like a while ago, but finally people are exchanging ideas in there and there's been some really good chatter about

what we can do. So I'm kind of feeling that, you know, with this update that you published last week it's going to be interesting to start gathering information about authors, you know, both talking to them and I really like those ideas you shared. I think some of those you can already start, I mean those are some good like directions. I think like instinctively we could just...

Ste (08:56.229)
build towards some of those while of course validating them and maybe asking authors at the same time how we'd be able to help them the most and different types of authors, meaning you know, an author...

that hasn't published a book is very different than an author who has published a book is very different from an author who has published 10 books and is very different from an author that is like a bestseller for like on in the New York Times or whatever. So yeah.

Adam (09:35.14)

Ste (09:39.001)
That's going to be interesting.

Adam (09:41.202)
Yeah, that's definitely some exciting stuff there. I have a feeling like next quarter, we're going to be doing a lot more with authors after kind of the list page and the dashboard updates. I have a feeling author stuff will be a high, high up there on the list. Maybe just starting with something simple, like the ability for someone to claim an author page that way. Like you can.

Ste (10:00.623)

Adam (10:09.354)
you know, a user can be like the manager of an author page because I'm seeing it as like, it's not like we're going to have two separate accounts. Like it's not going to be like a reader and an author account. It's going to be like, you have a reader account and then maybe from that account, you're able to manage multiple authors and maybe something like that.

Ste (10:28.121)
Yeah, kind of like, yeah. Uh-huh, kind of like you manage a Facebook business page or something similar, so you have your own content, you can access the business page. I'm seeing that level of access because there may be authors who want more people to manage their page, so it's the author themselves and someone who maybe wants to update.

Adam (10:41.93)


Ste (10:57.001)
stuff on their profile that stopped being TBD.

Adam (10:59.73)
Yeah, maybe. Yeah, it's kind of like you might have you want you might want your publisher or your editor or your agent to edit that author page for you.

Ste (11:12.865)
Yeah, exactly. Yeah, that's gonna be nice. And I think maybe what we're doing now with lists will help authors when they try to organize, let's say, you know, you wanna publish a list and let your followers have access to these controls and the stuff we're doing now will definitely make a difference.

Adam (11:39.178)
Yeah. Speaking of that, wanna jump into some list page updates?

Ste (11:44.349)
Yeah, of course. Let's see the screen. I'm going to share my Figma window and boom, here we are. So, everything good? Okay, here we go. So, this is where we left it last time, the new...

and we had this sidebar where it's filtered by author. I was thinking you put the comment there, where could we integrate the search? And I was thinking how that would work. Where do you think that'll go like best positioning for it? So.

The thing here is, for everybody watching, you're on a list page, you wanna quickly search on author name, let's say how you have a list with 1,000 books. You want to see all the books by N.K. Jemisin. So, you know, you write the name somewhere and it gets filtered by that. So I was wondering...

Adam (12:54.446)
I'm gonna go to bed.

Ste (12:58.961)
Would it be under filters? Would that be like a good way of?

Adam (13:08.831)
Yeah, I was.

Ste (13:09.133)
And doing it like a quick... Yeah.

Adam (13:12.65)
I was thinking about that. Like, I think having it, like you have it here with the author filter, that's, that's one way. And then maybe like, this is almost like a, a multi filter where it's not specific to one field. It's kind of like search kind of across the books, different info, like search the title, search the author. It kind of is like.

I don't want to get into the weeds about what field I need to search, but I know I want to only include things that match this term. And yeah, that could be something like there.

Ste (13:57.101)
or I mean we could put it like exactly there. It kind of bugs me that you're gonna see two, well this is more of a button, right?

Adam (14:05.23)
Thanks for watching!

Ste (14:11.041)
And I was wondering, I mean, we'll still have to figure that out on mobile because on mobile, maybe we can just like keep the regular filters so we can keep these and not show that on mobile, or we could make it into...

Adam (14:26.357)

Ste (14:31.777)
thing that opens up on the whole screen and you can search. But yeah, what do you think about these? I mean, seeing this position, I mean, right off the bat, I think.

these two options would be like the most valid.

Adam (14:51.718)
Yeah, I think so. And I think having it, having it here can make sense. Maybe we could, uh, leave it there for the moment. And then maybe as we talk about bulk edit mode or some other things, we'll, we'll end up revisiting it anyways.

Ste (15:12.077)
Okay, yeah, that makes sense. Yeah, let's do that. So today, we're basically concerned about this area here. So these are the views. So right now...

When you're on hardcover, when you're on a list page, you can toggle the shelf, the card, and the table view, and you can see your books either as covers, as a table, or as those cards. So I guess the goal here would be how do we make that even better? So maybe we can start with the table view. This is just an image. So let me just push this out of the way. And

Let's imagine we don't have any sidebar here.

Adam (16:00.462)

Ste (16:05.469)
Maybe we can grab a cover. Grab a cover right here. And...

Ste (16:16.173)
We'll have this one. And we were saying last time that we'd want the column headers to be like you could add columns or you can remove columns. So I'm guessing you'd basically see something like this on top. So let's see. Cover.

Ste (16:44.857)
and then you see all the other info let me grab them from here it's not this book but we'll edit it later so we have this one we have this one we have the one to read button and let's also just like preempt if you put this oh here we go oh forgot we even had that we can use that yeah

Adam (17:11.186)
might see something like details. And then details kind of covers all. Like details is like one column that has kind of the cover, title, and author. I mean, we could also have columns for those. But this one's kind of a three and one. So you don't have to worry about three different columns, which is nice.

Ste (17:38.209)
Yeah, I was wondering if you'd want to disable the covers though, would that be a thing? So let's say you want to just see the title and the author of the book. So you see like just, yeah.

Adam (17:54.684)

Yeah, I was thinking like right now we have a column called details and that covers all three but you could add a column that's just title and then it would just show title or you could add a column that's just cover and it would just show cover.

Ste (18:11.137)
Okay, yeah, that's perfect. So we defaulted to like all of these details and then if you wanna add a title column and disable this, you can just go ahead and do that. And I was wondering, you know, when you're gonna hover it, maybe you could have a minus sign that's, or...

a little x that... uh... is this it?

Ste (18:46.465)
that lets you hide the column maybe. So let's see, you add title and, let's put rating here. So that will only show up on hover, I'm imagining, or we could actually have that four touch devices, I guess, showing all the time. What do you think?

Adam (18:51.994)
Oh yeah, yeah. I like that.

Adam (19:16.458)
Yeah, yeah, I like that.

Adam (19:22.914)
So let's see.

Ste (19:23.473)
Let's put the line here so it gives it more. Yeah.

Adam (19:27.359)
So the columns we probably want to show all the time are this details one, the book button for sure, thinking like your rating.

Ste (19:42.861)
Oh yeah, I got the points. You are right, Dink.

Adam (19:43.454)
Or should it be like, or actually your rating? It's not your rating. It's like the list. Technically it's like the list owners rating, or should it be your rating?

Ste (19:53.673)
Yeah, list owner rating. I'd actually like word it exactly like that. I think we have this right now, but does it work it differently?

Adam (20:09.983)
Yeah, I think.

Adam (20:13.706)
I think we just have it as like in the, actually I'll check while we're doing this.

Ste (20:20.821)
Yeah, I'm not sure about it either. So we have the book button over here. That's a vital column. So we have, yeah, I guess it's important to show both of these. Might show you the contrast as well.

Adam (20:41.622)
We just show it as a, like right now we show it as something like at stays rating if, if this is owned by state.

Ste (20:42.487)

Ste (20:50.786)

Ste (20:54.946)
Oh, okay. So we could...

Ste (20:59.889)
this one is owned by you, so it's advanced rating. Okay, yeah, even better. I like that, you know, it's personalized.

Ste (21:12.473)
It gives me this like little bit.

Ste (21:19.821)
Yeah, that's what being good.

I'm wondering, as far as styling goes, what do you think works better, having it like this or having everything, let me duplicate this, as kind of a column that's, you know, we can even put some opacity to it. So.

Ste (21:49.093)
So come like this.

Adam (21:51.992)
like zebra stripe the rose in the table.

Ste (21:56.825)
Yeah, or not even a Z-Bus truck, but actually make them like this.

Adam (22:01.602)
So like each row is kind of a little standout from the background. Yeah, I kinda like that.

Ste (22:04.493)
Yeah, it's on box. Yeah, what do you think looks okay?

Adam (22:12.03)
Yeah, because it seems better than almost having a border between them.

Ste (22:19.081)
Yeah, that was my impression as well. I don't know why, maybe because their books so like...

I don't know why the association that, you know, having a table of books doesn't look like exactly right, but yeah, I like this better. Definitely. So, if you think it works, maybe we can leave it like that for now.

Adam (22:40.002)

Adam (22:46.11)
Yeah, I think.

I think for some of these, let's see, like the two ratings there take up a lot of space. It almost makes me wonder about like, like if this is gonna be the default view.

Ste (22:59.596)


Ste (23:08.773)
We can just do like 4.8 and put a star next to it. Yeah. We don't need to show the actual stars.

Adam (23:13.542)
Four star, yeah.

Adam (23:17.709)

Adam (23:21.694)
Yeah, that makes sense. So it would just have four and then the star icon, or 4.5 and the star icon. Yeah.

Ste (23:24.794)

Ste (23:28.184)

Ste (23:36.906)
And maybe on desktop we could only show the X while hovering it, so it's like a little bit cleaner. And on mobile, yeah, you see it all the time, I guess. Oh yeah, good point.

Ste (23:56.331)
So that's your idea of my studio.

Adam (24:06.83)
Thanks for watching!

Ste (24:10.009)
Oh yeah, put some like, believable data in there.

Adam (24:16.786)

There we go.

Ste (24:19.473)
Oh yeah, we should put average rating or like rating on hardcover there.

Adam (24:29.414)
Yeah, I'm trying to think like, what would be the most useful thing if I were looking at a list and it could be like match percentage. But I was thinking about that and maybe match percentage here becomes like a like a pro feature or like a supporter feature. But yeah.

Ste (24:37.037)
Yeah, okay, let's put that.

Ste (24:49.253)
mmm yeah I mean definitely can

Ste (25:03.052)
in the next list.

Ste (25:21.185)
Yeah, I'm thinking like...

Adam (25:21.226)
Or maybe just sorting by match percentage becomes a supportive feature, but just showing it is a free feature or something like that.

Ste (25:31.825)
Yeah, we can figure that out. I guess, yeah, we could make sorting by it. It makes sense. Yeah, let's think a bit about that. I'm not entirely sure. I'd lean towards, yeah, putting it in the Pro plan since it's a feature that, you know, I think only we have. But let's check, you know.

Ste (26:05.697)
What other things could we put in here? So you have the batch percentage.

Adam (26:16.034)
Definitely need... ..or...

Ste (26:19.073)
Remember readers.

Adam (26:24.23)
I mean, one thing, and this is a, like we have the rating chart we could use. We have other things like popularity over time, like, or popularity on hardcover or things like that.

Ste (26:25.198)

Ste (26:44.505)
Kind of like a chart, like make it into something like this.

Adam (26:49.79)
Yeah, it could be like kind of like a spark line of that, that book's popularity over the last three months or something on hardcover.

Ste (27:00.273)
Yeah, that'd be nice. Like something we have for, let me just grab it from the discussions, I guess. Because we have that nice little chart over there.

Adam (27:10.858)
Oh yeah.

Ste (27:16.625)
So actually, let me grab the...

Ste (27:27.529)
I lost it. There we go. Okay. Perfect. So this kind of looks like this. So I'm going to copy the styling for this one. And put it... Okay. It doesn't work.

Ste (27:59.577)
Would this be an accurate chart or were you thinking of something different? I mean, it's a small chart.

Adam (28:12.234)
Yeah, something like that. I mean, we could play with the style, but yeah, it would be something like that shows direction over time.

Ste (28:21.833)
Okay, so it's just like a direction that shows how popular it was, like, over time, basically. It's not...

Adam (28:33.045)

Ste (28:35.889)
supposed to be like very like just give you let's say broad image about how this book is doing.

Adam (28:47.431)

Adam (28:58.09)
Yeah, I need to.

Adam (29:02.222)
I think I did, I'm trying to remember, I did something like that for like a stock chart in something else. Let me pull that up just to use as an example.

Ste (29:14.725)
Yeah, that'd be just fun to get an idea of.

Ste (29:21.157)
What information should we include in there? Maybe something other than a line.

the number of readers maybe here as well. I'm guessing that's relevant, like how many readers there are for that book on high cover. Or maybe this isn't like, yeah, this doesn't seem like something that should be there by default, but...

Adam (29:47.71)
Yeah, this is the card I had for a website I made. Try to move it up here.

Ste (29:55.821)
Okay, okay, gotcha. Then let me do something different. So we have this, sorry, this is a really like awkward chart. But it works.

For Mocha purposes, why not? So we have this one, and I'm gonna do that nice gradient that you've shown me.

Adam (30:38.898)
Yeah, I don't think we need the controls for like one month or three month, one year. I think just kind of maybe as like a header topic or title, we say like one year popularity or something to denote like what this chart is over.

Ste (30:59.384)
Oh yeah.

Mm-hmm. Yeah, that's looking good.


Ste (31:11.001)
That's not how a truck looks like. Let's say this goes downhill. Yeah, after one first candle and boom. Yeah, that's looking good. And maybe we can make it take up the whole row. So it's like something like this, or maybe even. Yeah. You have another column here.

That's like a beginning and an end.

Ste (31:50.185)
Something like that? Or is it to... should we make it...

Ste (31:58.117)
something like.

Adam (32:00.156)

Adam (32:03.922)
Yeah, trying to get this so that you could put it at any column instead of just having it be last is definitely a little more tricky.

Ste (32:13.825)
Yeah, we'll figure it out. So we have this.

Ste (32:21.47)
And just like this. This doesn't look too bad. It looked nice with the opacity at the end of the column though, but we won't probably like have that like for.

Adam (32:32.969)
I'm sorry.

Ste (32:39.286)
real use cases.

Adam (32:42.726)
Yeah, I'm thinking like.

Ste (32:43.301)
That kinda looks good.

Adam (32:46.702)
for like data visualization things. One thing is we can do like...

Ste (32:58.573)
Oh yeah, the little points.

Adam (33:00.918)
like a.

Adam (33:05.226)
Something like that where it's like...

Ste (33:07.173)

Adam (33:18.19)
and it's like really small.

Ste (33:22.697)
Also, you can actually hover over it and it shows the number of readers at that point in time on hardcover.

Adam (33:29.438)
I was thinking we don't even go that far. We just have it as like a one-time thing. So it's like, we show like the max or something. That way they don't have to hover. They can just look at it and see like, oh, this is the max readers that it's had in any given month.

Ste (33:39.221)
Yeah, that's perfect.

Ste (33:45.021)
Yeah, yeah, that's great. So if the max is like, let's say it's over here because it goes down, you have the point over here and yeah, it says.

Adam (34:04.95)
Like, not 10 by 10.

Ste (34:05.061)
We do have some.

Ste (34:21.456)
Yeah, that's it. It's not been pretty good, I'd say.

Adam (34:28.626)
Yeah, and these charts, they could be like relative to just themselves. So it's like, you know, like we have here, we have one that maxes out at 34 readers, we have another that maxes out at 3000 readers, but they would still be just filling up the box. So it wouldn't be like, you know, if one's 34 readers, it's not going to be like, using the same y-axis scale, everyone has their own y-axis scale. If that makes sense.

Ste (34:56.297)
Mm-hmm Yeah, that sounds good because you know, let's say we have one with 34 and one with You know from these charts Their own point of reference. We're interested. Yeah exactly How that book did over time? I'm guessing this would be nice for like

uh, smaller authors, because you'd see a very popular book that has a chart like this and you'd see your book that has a chart like this and it'd be pretty much hype because you know, you'd see this trend and even though it went for from 34 to maybe 100, uh, or it went from zero to 34, you're still going to see this line and be like, oh, okay. And maybe we'll encourage other people to read less known books.

when they... Yeah, that's a great idea, yeah. Actually, like having it with its own point of reference, I guess.

Adam (35:56.044)


Adam (36:02.67)
Popularity. Yeah, it's like, yeah, what this is describing is like, it's a line graph showing monthly popularity over time where each point represents its popularity for a given month for the number of readers who completed that book in that month.

Ste (36:25.102)

Adam (36:27.082)

Ste (36:27.861)
Yeah, I mean...

Adam (36:30.448)
Yeah, maybe just popularity.

Ste (36:31.009)
It makes sense. Yeah, of course. We can have an info icon maybe. Yeah, and we can have a tool tip that explains what that means. Maybe that's one way to solve it.

Adam (36:34.134)
or maybe just readers.

Adam (36:44.378)

Adam (36:50.706)
Yeah. And I can even see this being like positioned kind of dynamically.

Ste (36:59.246)
Oh, right next to the...

Yeah, why not? I see it's like there. Oh, and just, yeah. 34.

Adam (37:14.13)
And we need to use some charting math to figure out where to position the tooltip so it doesn't interact with it. This is going to be a fun little D3 project.

Ste (37:23.237)
Yeah, that's your thing. You're the one who... Uh huh, yeah, exactly. You're the one who really likes doing that kind of stuff. But you know, it pays off, it pays off. Very hard to achieve, but if you like doing it.

Adam (37:36.664)

Adam (37:42.694)
Yeah, like the chart, the chart on the book page, like everyone seems to love that chart, like the rating chart. I think this is like the next iteration of our data in some kind of basic charting functionality per book. And we could show this on the book page too.

Ste (37:59.281)
Yeah, and of course. Oh yeah, exactly. Yeah. Good point. Yeah. I mean, as long as we make this charts and you know, we're lucky to like have you so passionate about charts. I'm not complaining. So this looks great.

Ste (38:20.609)
Yeah, that's pretty good.

Adam (38:20.866)
And then...

Yeah, I think the part that I'm like most, or probably needs the most discussion is how we handle bulk editing.

Ste (38:36.213)
Yes. So when you're bulk editing, um, you basically want to select multiple items and. Edit stuff like that you can edit. So it would be like your rating. Um, what else? I think it would be. Yeah, exactly. Your status. Yeah. Um.

Adam (38:57.39)
Yeah, your status.

Adam (39:04.015)
your tags, so genre, mood, tags.

Ste (39:08.245)
So like add book, add tags or remove tags.

Adam (39:13.598)
Yeah, and probably, yeah, bulk add and bulk remove.

Adam (39:21.814)
So that way you could say, okay, these 10 books are all this genre, or I wanna mark these 10 books as like Libby because I listened to them all on Libby or something.

Ste (39:35.415)
Mmm, yeah.

Yeah, that's great. What else could we mark for bulk editing? Let's see if anyone has any ideas in the chat. That's...

Adam (39:52.75)
Let me look at our roadmap, because we have this in our feature request thing.

Ste (39:57.821)
Oh yeah, good point. I was thinking of where people mentioned that. So...

You wanna add those? Uh...

Adam (40:11.146)
Yeah, okay. Fuck.

Ste (40:13.389)
I can't think of like anything else right off the bat, but...

Adam (40:19.07)
Ah, someone, okay, so, add to list, remove from list, mark as owned, mark as not owned. I mean, these are kind of, these are, this is both, this is just a list, but it's, you know, just so we can think about it.

Ste (40:30.737)
Thanks for watching!

Ste (40:37.057)
Yeah, yeah, no, that's perfect. Yeah. Okay, there's not a lot of stuff in there. So that's good. I mean, I was thinking, yeah.

Adam (40:45.698)
And then I think, oh, go ahead.

Ste (40:50.701)
Yeah, I was thinking like how would you select it and Best way would be to somehow visually select everything like you know you bulk select in a Explorer window or at least to have some sort of checkbox appear or something like that But yeah, you're doing something for the librarian side

Just try me that this would be like a good way of Letting people bulkhead it a list of books

Adam (41:29.65)
Yeah, at least, yeah, at least like the things that are not like a, you know, description or, you know, author, things that are more tied to just like, like fiction, nonfiction, is this a collection? I think like, maybe even like series, like.

Ste (41:30.745)
which would be great.

Adam (41:57.574)
add to series, remove from series. But that one, this one I don't know about because when you're adding something to a series, you probably also wanna set a position. So you probably still have to go to the edit page for that.

Ste (42:11.225)
Yeah, maybe it's better to edit them individually. Plus, I mean, this kind of stuff, I'm guessing, could also be done on a book by book basis. Um...

Adam (42:26.058)
Yeah, that's true.

Adam (42:31.062)
But yeah.

Ste (42:31.605)
So let's say you wanna like, you wanna bulk edit this. You either, I guess, have a check sign somewhere when you grab like a check box. So you could either have this. It's a big check box. I'm gonna make it so big. So I'm gonna have a look.

this and you can select all of them or just select one of them. Yeah, let's delete the...

Ste (43:15.352)

Or it would be great if you could, I mean, you know, how you're in a finder window and, you know, you can just select stuff and do something like this as well. So this stuff is selected, but you'd have, I guess, to go into like a select mode.

Ste (43:47.865)
necessarily so you can just like yeah.

Adam (43:52.467)
Yeah, it's.

Ste (43:53.089)
I'm guessing the checkbox would be like the most straightforward thing. What do you think?

Adam (44:00.678)
Yeah, I like the checkbox when you're in the edit mode. I think we might need some way to toggle between regular mode and edit mode, or bulk mode. That way, we're not showing the checkboxes all the time. Or do you think we should? Or because one of the ways we have it now is you're in table view, and you add that column for like,

Ste (44:18.401)
Yeah, that's true. Hmm.

Adam (44:29.622)
bulk editing, but I feel like that's kind of hides that feature a little bit too much.

Ste (44:35.329)
Yeah, true. Could we just make a button that says bulk edit over? Wow. Yeah, that's really good. I was thinking like a button that's.

Ste (44:50.513)
sort of stays.

Ste (44:55.237)
here at the end and yeah.

Adam (45:00.438)
What if it's up here next to these? Like...

Ste (45:04.665)
Yeah. I'm in the way of the month.

Adam (45:07.086)
Because bulk edit, like if you're on the shelf view and you click bulk edit, I have a feeling it should go to the table view anyways. Because.

Ste (45:08.404)

Ste (45:18.321)
Oh yeah, that's true. I mean, you won't bulkhead it on the... Mm-hmm. Yeah, and this is just for the table view, right? So...

It would just be like over here. Yeah. Why not? I mean, I like that. And it will basically call toggle this column where you can bulk edit. And then the problem is once you select them. So the next thing would be, how do you change it? So.

You select it, right? How does it usually go? Usually, you know, you select it, and you get some controls that appear somewhere. So let's say you have something appearing from the bottom that's...

Ste (46:08.377)
basically is like change rating.

Adam (46:15.663)
Yeah, like...

Ste (46:16.975)
Change status.

Adam (46:22.638)
All right, now this is how it is for our admin. It's something like this, where it's like a, let me put this up here.

Ste (46:38.145)
Yeah, the bad actions.

Adam (46:40.426)
See, yeah. So you're like selecting, and then there's like a dropdown of all the things that you can do because there might be a lot of different batch or bulk actions.

Ste (46:54.061)
Yeah, I'm wondering if we can fit all of these into, like, not something that you see under a dropdown. So, let's see, like, add tag, or edit tags, I guess, where you can, like, bulk edit tags, or...

Ste (47:22.149)
how that works.

Adam (47:25.866)
One way I could see it is it's kind of similar to the book button. So it would be like the bulk book button. And so when you click on the bulk book button, it's like set status to read, want to read, kind of just like you're doing it for a single book, except now it's applying it to all the selected books.

Ste (47:36.032)

Ste (47:49.449)
Okay, that sounds good. How are you thinking of, I mean, where should it sit? So you're thinking like instead of the book button or like another. So let's say you select, yeah.

Adam (48:00.344)
Yeah, maybe it's like somewhere... Yeah, where would that go? Because...

We still, I think we'd still want this one up top for like select all and toggle, like select none. So this one.

Adam (48:22.498)
Yeah, where would it make sense for this to go? Like...

Adam (48:28.83)
I mean, it could just be live under bulk edit as like a drop down here. Like this.

Ste (48:35.657)
Oh yeah, and you could have all of these maybe. So bulk added would be like change rating, added tags, and it would show you all of these. Well, not in this way, obviously, but basically be a sub menu.

Adam (48:53.746)
Yeah, and if you're on mobile, it would just pull up the drawer.

Ste (48:59.049)
Oh yeah, exactly. I mean, we're doing that for other things and you could have that just like this. So you would be able to.

Ste (49:13.541)
have here. So maybe you'd have like change or set status or change rating or add tags. I'm sort of wondering how remove tags would work.

I got stuck thinking about how you'd edit tags because you're supposed to see like all the tags for all the books. But yeah, for add tags and remove tags, maybe you'd like see the common tags. For add tags, you'd add the common tag to all of them. For remove tags, you'd see the common tags and be able to remove them. Right? That's how it would work. I'm guessing.

Adam (50:03.826)
Yeah, it would, yeah, we could have it so that it's like, you're just adding whatever tag you want and it applies that one or you're adding, when you're removing a tag, you just set the tag and it just removes that one from everything. If it doesn't have it, then it kind of just skips that one. But if it, otherwise it, yeah, it's a no op for if you're removing a tag and it doesn't have it.

Ste (50:30.041)
Okay, okay. Yeah, that makes sense. So

Ste (50:37.033)
Marker zones. I'm guessing it could be just like an owned column that would be like checkbox.

ideally that you could activate or not. So this would be like, oh, and we got a set like add column over here. I guess, let's not forget about that. But yeah.

Adam (51:10.078)
Yeah, maybe that's like a...

Adam (51:15.502)
Let me see.

Ste (51:21.961)
here. Add the column. Add the column and this is actually like it's gives you a drop down with all the columns available.

Ste (51:39.153)
It's actually like, we can talk about things because it makes more sense.

Adam (51:49.918)
And we could probably just have it say add.

Ste (51:54.538)
And yeah, of course.

Adam (52:04.802)
Yeah, I'm thinking like for this bulk edit. So I'm thinking like, you know, you're on one of these other views, you click bulk edit. It goes to this view with this, you know, this column here. And then at that point bulk edit becomes this like active.

Ste (52:05.361)
That's a refreshing change, Wayne. Yeah.

Adam (52:28.854)
button color. So it's like it becomes this yellow color with a drop down when it when you're in bulk edit mode, if that makes sense.

Ste (52:38.777)
Yeah, it does. Here we go. So it's a drop down now. And you can do that. Shuffling down.

Ste (52:54.393)
Volca did the thing. And what would happen when you click Set Status? I'm guessing, like, for Set Status, you could have the actual button for setting the status. So maybe you would get something similar to the Book button. I mean, it's not the most orthodox thing to have a drop-down render another drop-down,

Adam (53:25.83)
I was thinking what if each of these is kind of similar to the book button today where it's like...

Adam (53:39.954)
where it's kind of like this, where it's like a...

maybe like set status has like an arrow to the right. And then you would just like, it would just like take over that and you would say want to read and it would just set everything and want to read.

Ste (53:52.414)
Mmm, okay, yeah.

Ste (53:59.393)
Yeah, that's perfect.

Ste (54:04.337)
designs for that? Do they have a design for that? Well, it's over here somewhere so let's just remake it. So we'd have set status, let's put like a background on this and it'd have like a nice sheriff run that goes sheriff run right. Okay, perfect.

Ste (54:40.931)
status and it could just show yeah I'm thinking it could show like the icon of your status maybe

Adam (54:49.15)
It could show what?

Ste (54:51.057)
Uh, like the icon of your status. So if you'd, uh, oh yeah, that's what you're thinking of. Right. So this would be like, if you have all the books in that list marked as red, or you'd want to like bulk edit the status, you'd do that.

Adam (55:10.006)
Yeah, it would, yeah, I could see that having like,

Adam (55:18.182)
I'm trying to think like how we could we could visualize it as like, you've selected books in three different statuses. Like should, should that be something that we showcase here where it's like

Adam (55:35.51)
like what is it like the badge on the right, kind of like how we show the number of lists something's in, we could use that to show like how many different statuses your selection is in, if that makes sense.

Ste (55:52.409)
Yeah, so kind of like have, like you have.

34, no, this would actually be like three statuses. That's not really, yeah. The thing is it's not really, yeah. It's not really clear what the three is, if it's like how many statuses you have, or to me, it might mean more like you have like, if you see 34, for instance, you have 34 books.

Adam (56:04.819)

It could be handy. Yeah.

Adam (56:18.326)
That's true.

Ste (56:29.017)
that are marked as red from this like bulk edit selection you've made, but even that is a bit like shaky. So.

Adam (56:38.874)
I have a better suggestion than my last one. What if like when you select it, oh wait, you could keep the one you currently had. This is like what happens when you click on the right button and it goes to this view. Maybe this is like, it shows the different statuses and maybe like for the ones that it's in.

Ste (56:43.134)
Oh, yeah.

Ste (56:50.229)
Okay. Yeah.

Ste (56:56.579)
Okay, gotcha

Ste (57:02.765)
Okay, yeah, okay.

Adam (57:08.198)
It shows the check and the row in a different color. So like, so like a.

Ste (57:12.67)
Oh yeah.

Ste (57:18.465)
Yeah, that's great. I was gonna go to the book button where we made the book button so I can actually get those icons. I need to batch real quick. So we have the book button over here. And we have these. So let's see. These maybe are helpful. And go here.

Ste (57:43.309)
Yeah, that's great. Let me fetch a badge for those over here and make this a little bit.

Adam (58:02.59)
Yeah, so the idea here is that, like, from your selection, some of them are in currently reading, some of them are in read, but none of them are currently in status, want to read, or stop to reading.

Ste (58:20.205)
Nice, yeah, that's clear, that's clear enough, that's good, yeah.

Adam (58:26.19)
And then after you click this button, what I imagine is this page would stay exactly the same, except then all of a sudden, after a second of loading, it would change to a check box by want to read with, you know, 57 selected there.

Ste (58:46.785)
Yeah. Yeah, that makes sense. That's perfect.

Adam (58:53.614)

Ste (58:54.565)
Yeah, sounds good. And I'm kissing. Yeah.

Adam (58:56.318)
Yeah, this is going to be so much easier.

Ste (59:03.801)
you just like align these and I'm guessing that would be valid for all of these, right? So it would be like a similar thing for, yeah, everything.

Adam (59:17.762)

Ste (59:18.994)
So you go like in some other.

Ste (59:25.713)

Ste (59:30.794)
Make everything.

Ste (59:35.441)
Thanks here. Yeah, this is looking great. Bulk editing is gonna be.

Ste (59:46.134)

Ste (59:51.349)
Yeah, for the add tags and remove tags, since that's like pretty info heavy, I'm guessing we'd have to figure out like different things for change rating. I'm assuming that's going to be like input box where you could just like input, right? Something or oh no, it would just be like a star rating, right? And

Adam (01:00:17.682)
Yeah, or it could be something like this where we have a row for five, four and a half, three, and it shows the number. It shows you kind of your current breakdown of things you have selected, but that might even be overkill.

Ste (01:00:22.678)
Oh yeah, you just have like...


Ste (01:00:33.326)

Ste (01:00:37.761)
No, that's perfect, but I'm thinking of half stars. That's gonna, that could be like, we could show these, but I'm thinking we should show the half stars as well, right? Since we have those. So...

Adam (01:00:52.094)
Yeah, which would mean like 10 different rows. Maybe we just show, we just allow them to set the rating and then we say how many different ratings they have or something like that.

Ste (01:00:56.901)
Yeah, maybe that's like, would that be a lot?

Ste (01:01:10.501)
Uh-huh. Yeah, we can just do this and then we just have like.

Ste (01:01:26.277)

Ste (01:01:32.805)
star. I need to like this. That makes sense.

Thanks for watching.

Ste (01:01:44.666)
Thank you.

Oh, and again, we need half stars here as well, right? One, two, three.

Ste (01:02:03.041)
And maybe this is, I mean, I wouldn't put like, there's gonna be a lot of stars in there. So I'm thinking if there's like some other way to do it. So we'll have like 10 of these.

Adam (01:02:17.818)
Yeah, maybe we don't have to show every different rating. Maybe we could say like, I'm trying to think of a way we could approximate this. Like if we said.

Ste (01:02:33.025)
We could do a chart Same One start to five stars

Adam (01:02:46.23)
We do something like that where it's like, we just show like, oh, you've, you've selected 14 books and you have four different ratings selected or something like that.

Ste (01:02:56.305)
Oh yeah. Yeah. I mean, if you want to bulk select, I mean, that is like secondary knowledge. You don't like necessarily, I mean, it's useful to see, okay, I have that many ratings, but if you want to change the rating for all of them.

You're gonna do that. So I'm guessing you're coming here with the knowledge that, okay, I wanna like change the rating of these to one star or five stars or three stars. So yeah, I mean, I think this would work.

Ste (01:03:35.189)
Yeah, okay.

Well, I think that's good progress for the table view. We've nearly figured it out. Yeah. Yeah, this is amazing. This is what you can do in one hour designing stuff for hardcover for everyone. So pretty neat, I guess. Yeah, good progress on this.

Adam (01:03:39.006)
Well, this is... Yeah. It's, uh... It's taking shape.

Adam (01:04:02.202)
Yeah. Cool. Yeah. I think that's a good stopping point for the day.

Ste (01:04:10.017)
Yeah, that's perfect. Let me stop sharing. Yeah, that's very good. I think once we get this in, the car view, I mean, for the car view, I'm still wondering what we could put in there to make the car view actually useful. But maybe that's a thing we can discuss next week or if we work on it until next week. Yeah, we can.

discuss other things. The shelf view, that's the easiest. So the shelf view is only covered. So I'm hoping that it'll be like more straightforward. Thanks, Seth.

Adam (01:04:44.102)
Yeah, yeah, I feel like the shelf will be the easiest, but yeah, I feel like the card view is going to be a little tricky because like your intention when you go into a list of books, there are lots of different intentions. Like sometimes you're going to explore, sometimes you're going to look at insights from your own data. So how do we make the shelf view generic enough that it's like...

Ste (01:05:01.861)

Adam (01:05:10.658)
most cases and then when you want to get something really specific that's when you jump into table view but then again i think table view on mobile is kind of a really poor experience so like whatever we do should like i feel like card view is our mobile first view

Ste (01:05:23.075)

Ste (01:05:30.197)
Yeah, yeah, definitely. I mean, that has enough info to be useful and not so much info that it's unusable. Yeah, that's good. Let's think about that for the week and maybe if we don't get that until next week, this can be our next session.

Adam (01:05:41.83)

Adam (01:05:53.442)
Yeah, sounds good.

Ste (01:05:54.533)
Perfect, awesome. That's great, well, I'm gonna let you go get some lunch and yeah, I'm gonna go check on my son, see how he's been like, he's been giggling in the background for some time.

Adam (01:06:07.312)
He really likes lists.

Ste (01:06:09.481)
Yeah, exactly. He loves this. You can see it in his eyes. He's like, ah. Perfect. Yeah, awesome. Have a good one, Aydan. Thanks, everyone. Bye.

Adam (01:06:14.377)
Cool. Well, talk to you later. Bye.