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10 Shvat: The Vision of a Leader

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Topic for Shvat: Women and Moshiach

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Today marks the anniversary of the passing of the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn. The Rebbe would often say about his predecessor, the Frierdiker (previous) Rebbe, that he made a special effort to improve women’s education. He published many of his teachings in Yiddish (instead of the customary Hebrew) because he wanted these teachings to be accessible to women. Furthermore, he ordered that a series of discourses, beginning with the 10th of Shvat, be published in memory of his grandmother. By Divine providence, the Frierdiker Rebbe passed away on that day.

The day of a person’s passing represents the culmination of his or her life. The Frierdiker Rebbe’s life was completed by educating women in general and by teaching them Chassidus in particular. He emphasized women’s education because the closer we come to Moshiach, the more important their education becomes. Furthermore, the Frierdiker Rebbe knew that it would certainly hasten Moshiach’s coming.

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