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In 2019, 950 pages of Google's internal documents leaked, providing evidence of Google's use of blacklists and machine learning algorithms to censor conservatives and populists. These are the documents Elon Musk should release.

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In 2019, 950 pages of Google's internal documents leaked, providing evidence of Google's use of blacklists and machine learning algorithms to censor conservatives and populists. These are the documents Elon Musk should release.

Google receives 5.6 billion daily searches, controlling 90% of global search traffic.  YouTube has 2.3 billion users.  Our beliefs are inseparably linked to search results, but Google is a biased source of information, and the tech platform actively manipulates what we see.

Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai, and VP Karan Bhatia, had previously testified to Congress that the company wasn't "manually intervening" or "utilizing blacklist" in search results.   Based on Google's own internal documents, Sundar Pichai and Karan Bhatia lied to Congress.

Elon should consider allowing Dr. Robert Epstein to examine the #TwitterFiles.  He's a Harvard-educated researcher, the former editor-in-chief of "Psychology Today," and the premier academic studying how tech giants use algorithms to manipulate behavior.

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we're live what's up everybody welcome to The Jonathan Kogan Show your host Johnnie K it's great to be with you another day another bomb shell not a bomb shell today is not a bombshell day today is an exact clear reason why in the year twenty twenty three this podcast the john of the ogun show has been blessed to be around in the year twenty twenty three why you ask because if there's anything we have learned over the past few years it is that there has never been a time that society has needed that has been so necessary to function humanity to thrive for citizen journalism to explode through the ether particularly through the internet and into your ear podcast you while youtube censors which we're going to get into that's the topic dsourtoday censorship citizen journalism like this which we're going to get in today is exactly why we are blessed to have this podcast the biggest political podcast on the internet whatever you're listening to even if you're on dial up i'm sure the podcast functions it doesn't matter so thank you for being a listener thank you for being a part of this community this is citizen journalism and you happen to be alive at this point in time the inflection point i think i think we have just passed the act inflexion point i think it was more like last year and now we're seeing citizen just skip ahead of main stream media and the new main stream is becoming the citizen journalism you have learn now if you've reached The Jonathan Kogan Show you have learned that you cannot trust what you have been spewed for the past few decades because the main stream has sold out to massive corporate interests okay and also political affiliations and they have the inability to tell you unbiased news they cannot do it it's imposs well hence why we are currently band for one week on youtube and i want to say a shout out a hundred subs on your tube doesn't sound like a lot but that means there's a hundred true fans who listen to the john the coke show are watching on youtube i want to thank you we are band but we're still getting subs we've got like eight subs since we've been and i want to thank you if you're one of those people we are anti censorship we are pro human we are pro freedom very simple very very simple principles we have okay and and we're a political that's another very very important principle we do not agree with any side of the political spectrum we stay out of it because all theater it's all fake okay it's all fake once you realize that it's all fake you'll start creating your own parallel economies your own societies your local your starting you know you'll you'll get food from a farm you'll stop getting everything from from on santo and all bear and all that stuff and you know have chemicals in your food and shrink your tan bubble bla okay so here we go today's topic is censorship and a fantastic article and i'm going to pull it up here if you're watching on rumble subscribe to the rumble channel it is amazing obviously the but i want to pull it up and there well get into it a second but this has to go with this article it's kind of going around today from let me get it right it's a four part series just published by columbia journalism review written by pullet surprise winning excuse me jeff girth for decades within new york times is absolutely devastating on how casually ah how casually frequently and recklessly and eagerly the press lied on russia gate so that's making the rounds a lot of people are talking about that article and i haven't read through it so i can't comment on it but basically it can say how we know rusagate was all false it was all propaganda was all made from hill clinton and her staff and crazy crazy crazy deep stuff but that ties into the story today and this is from canacoa k n e k o a dot substag dot com twitter account at canacoa the great okay has an amazing thread we're going to get into today about censorship tying into the twitter files and the google leaks and how they all are same thing to censor you the people not only of america but the world because you're a peasant and they hate you and i don't know why they hate you but they do anyways two thousand and nineteen nine hundred and fifty pages of google's internal documents linked providing evidence of google's use of black list and machine learning algorithm to censor con servatives and populists these are the type of source documents elon must release now let me make a quick comment to censor conservatives and populists okay if this said liberals and populists okay i'd be doing the same story the point is of this podcast as everybody has freedom of speech okay in fact the people who really have freedom of speech are those i disagree with the most that is most important okay so all sides of the spectrum are treated equally under the law okay we must have that we must have that otherwise don't start spewing things like oh see democracy we go say democracy oh my god our democracy is going to my god we're losing our democracy well if you're saying that and then the other side of your mouth r sing we need to censor we need to censor that's double speak that is b s you are a clown okay you are literally a clown all right and if you are advocating for pro censors p and you're journalist you have failed your profession okay but thank god you failed your profession because you gave rides to the jonathan ogan show and other incredible citizen journalists who are taking on the job that you should have been doing in the first place that you sold out on you sold out if you're on the new york times the atlantic whatever you sold out and now you lost your little critical place in society with your blue check mark where you can say anything because now we have check marks and now everybody's willing to listen to citizen journalism and you blew it you had a monopoly on information and you blew it guess how bad i feel for you nada not at all in fact i'm thrilled that you blew it because this podcast has now brought eight political movements to the top of the internet and that was needed because things were getting out of hand for a long time till we came into the in the mix thread number two google receives five point six billion daily searches controlling ninety percent of global search traffic ready for this one you tube has two point three billion users so when they talk about users they're aling about monthly active users where they log in and do something on youtube once a month they log in once a month point three billion users are on youtube and they censor they shouldn't censor anyways our beliefs are inseparably linked to search results but google is a bias sorts of information and the text platform actively manipulates what we see and we got some videos so before i actually get into that i want to do you remember this from a previous podcast where the united nations speaker and i gonna play the clip right here the united nations were ll economic form literally said this to an she was getting interviewed okay the head of whatever it was a sustainable development impact meeting ten twenty two forty second clip at the world economic for your favorite place ever of the web they're asked about the climate change and she says that we own the science now for those you unfamiliar with science you cannot own the science okay you need to research you need to investigate you need to question she said we need to own the science on climate i remember this clip let me play the for just guess you forgot oh m m yah yeah we need to be active in having a monopoly information and letting you know that we own the science and we will manipulate results to funnel you to the skin that we own and that is how we will implement either a dictatorship or talitarian so i don't care what you want to call it it's insanity and i promise you if you have questions like oh that could be a good thing you could be the biggest climate cha active in the universe you still should not want that because it starts with climate changes and it ends with something you disagree with them on show me one society in history show me how well soviet union did you know they used to have walls up not so people would break in like normal places they had him up so people couldn't get out okay they couldn't get out think about that they had walls so couldn't get out that is where censorship thrived it didn't go so well it sort of i don't know what's the word collapsed okay so for those advocating for censorship just learn about history re think the position re evaluate maybe come to a different conclusion so let's get back to the story i just wanted you to get into that just in case you forgot that the science was owned and you will obey you understand number three in twenty twenty one formal google software engineer zachary vorhis sorry if i pronounced that wrong published a book where he explained that the turning point was the election of donald trump of course it was that was catastrophe that was a catastrophe okay the whole world's ending because because because a guy from my t v show listen back then i didn't even know who the president was i didn't have to care i was free i was doing my thing i was being left alone there was no totalitarian like things going on i didn't care but apparently people thought the world was crumbling apparently the media decided to sell out apparently people lost their minds and apparently some people like sam harris got infected with trump derangement engen which seems to be a real mental disorder which we should either bring fier into the meg and we could prescribe stuff and make that really really good business right there may we force every adult to have trump date arrangement in rum and get a hundred billion dollar company out of that or wait they do that for something else maybe we should do that for this too sounds lucrative or maybe people so just get their sanity back and realize oh my god we could disagree with people and still be friends what a crazy concept refer them to the jonathan hogan show tell them we're a political because we are in that scene of the story so the morning after the election employes cried lost their minds and planned their resistance so the book by the way looks like a good one is called google leaks a whistle blowers expose of big tech censorship sounds juicy sounds very exciting which we will read and i'll break down in another podcast so now re gonna play some videos here and i'll probably read the voice overs but google co founder surge bran so he's not the one i believe it's his other the other one the other co founder who like he has like some feature facial paralyses of voice paralysis and he can't talk any more it's like really bankers i've heard t's crazy i heard sam par talk about it so google co founder sir brand said in an all hands company meeting quote i certainly find this election deeply offensive and i know that many of you do too many people apparently don't share the values that we have and let me conclude that that's the other quote and i'm going to add what he really means we're going to force what we believe down their throat so then they understand next time so take a listen to this video this this will make your heart nice and cosy right wing website bright bard has published a recording of a google executives meeting at an all hands meeting in late twenty sixteen bart says the video was provided by an anonymous source and is a confidential internal recording the google vice president oh google did not dispute the authenticity of this recording by the a c n n google co founder surge brand was born in the soviet union and moved to the u s as a child later in the meeting c f o ruth poor ad appears to tear tear up when she talks about watching the election results come in wait what the hell o she mean we're going to lose she's on a team what when she's crying over that that's insane when you're in a business setting you must be a political you must be a political that is a meritocracy the best performer the best workers should rise to the top like foam in a coffee cup or whatever they say cream i don't know but you understand what i'm saying it's a meritocracy is based on performance is based why is she crying about we we we mean we there's no we okay we as in maybe america you can go that level perhaps but still a political and then let me get back to the sorry i jus thought that was really weird president trump has a cused google of biasing its search results against him he tweeted google search results for trump news shows only the viewing reporting of fake news media in other words they have it rigged in caps for me and others so that almost all stories and news is bad in caps fakes and it is prominent republican conservative and fair media is shut out illegal question mark ninety six percent of search and then they said search is not used to set a political agenda and we aren't biased we continual work to improve google search and we never rank search to manipulate political sentiment so that's a good point we talk about you hear society a ot about diversity equity inclusion yeah they're very they're very obsessed about that from like a physical standpoint and character trades that you can't change skin caller or gender sacks whatever maybe maybe you can't can change that now if you're dinner foaluid for a ittle bit i don't know how that rules but you know maybe you can change some of that but what about the differece of ideas we don't like why is that not like treated the same way because there's no diversity of opinion there seems very monolithic that's in out the white word but you know what i mean very one way very weird let's get back to it though a google employe asked if any of the executives had any positive reflections for over twenty years everyone at google has been able to freely express their opinions at these meetings nothing was said at that meeting or any other meeting to suggest that any political bias ever influences the way we build or operate our products so we know that's not fully true because we know that eric schmitt who used to be the sea of google who i believe the sea of alphabet the parent company now is a very questionable character okay he's obsessed with trans humanism he's very very big on the trans humanism agenda he's all about making you and a machine one of the same he's all about that life so maybe that's a good thing i don't know he just seems like some of his actions are a bit sketchy let's get back to the story i just wanted to play that i didn't mean to get off of it but that was that was a c n n video then it goes into let's see here kent walker google's chief legal officer suggested trump voters were motivated by fear zeniphobia hatred he described how the company would take on the rise of populism and nationalism let's take a listen to that well i got to say you blew it with the covidians if the covodians didn't become a cult the past few years and go absolutely insane and fucking disregard science and we got to move at the speed of science we got to do this you got to be the grand experiment if you didn't turn into fucking what jobs you maybe would have avoided the tribal ism if whoever he's talking about there is a group of eople that became tribal okay the covidians and they blew that you want to talk about blowing trusting institutions well you blew that i didn't i did not have trust in institutions back when the smoke was talking i didn't care if the c d c told me to wipe my ass i'd do it whatever but what happened in twenty nineteen twenty twenty twenty one they blew it they blew it okay this what he said didn't exist at that time for me and i think for a lot of but then everyone woke up and then this great awakening started happening then people started listening to jonathan ogan show then we started doing our own research then we realized everything was a lie then we realized we want to learn the truth and we don't want to be political we just want to live and everyone's like yeah yeah yeah yeah and it seems like this message is resonating across the world okay if a hundred plus countries are part of this a political movement we have to be on to something okay we just live be free be pro human and that's it and pro freedom that's it and everybody i think unanimously across the world less you're a dictator or want to be dictator or a hopeful alitarians leadership regime then you know you don't like that but you know what we say to those machines welcome we don't need them okay we like freedom that's just how we do it six in many ways google did lose the twenty sixteen election to donald trump alphabet chairman eric shmittsy he's always involved somewhere he's a slim dog he's always in there s guys hang the cookie jar all the time gave hillary clinton team a campaign plan a full year before she announced her run for president schmitt was the quote head side head outside advisor to the campaign so he took this personal and he's like we're not going to screw up next time twenty twenty so we are going to make google whoever goes whoever is against trump um and i'm again we're not trump supporters were political is just very interestin we'd be doing the same thing if if it was rigged for trump number seven the clan campaigns chief tech ology officer stephanie hannon and chief product officer as mac paria came from google two other clinton campaign staffer derick parham and jason rose and bomb also previously worked at google fully those people since they failed at their jobs that year hopefully the clintons didn't kill them because they like to do that we tell you the truth here no matter how rough it is sorry if you're new i just tell you i don't sugar coat it google paid for free rides for a get out of the vote for his get out the vote sounds like what sam bankman frees mom was all about she had like get out the vote for people like in in like silicon vale or something that worked out real well for her son oh man talk about getting your hand caught in the cookie jar way not to get side tracked it sam bagman fred supposedly is tampering with witnesses before his trial new big deal over signal because you can't you know it's an endingcription got to love these people for her spanish voters operation employees called it a silent donation to hilary clinton's campaign in internal emails because they thought it would help her win first of all we we don't like any political candidate but she was exceptionally bad she was exceptionally untrustworthy and just seemed guilty at every turn her head did like crazy shakes and stuff she looked like was she's not a trustworthy figure okay and we know they kill people and we know she's a terrible human being and we know she does of illegal and she runs a lot of the way things really operate the deep state the clans are tight all deep into their nowabamas are trying to take them out but by all we don't need no that tech employes are notoriously aligned with the political left you got remember political left is not that does not mean liberal okay liberal means like oh pro free speech we will do anything like pro the little guy pro worker anti wall you know anti big farm that that would be liberal political left is pro censorship dictator uh unwilling to listen to other points of views anti human agenda with ninety six percent of google employees donating to democrats during the two dozen eighteen us mid term election and they have a chart here of employee donations to mitterm kennedy candidates by party net flax is literally ninety nine point six percent democrat twitters ninety eight point seven arab and b is not talking about diverse where's the diversity here i thought we love diversity inclusion and equity so there seems to be no equity in the idealogues like what's going on here that seems little messed up the closest one is oracle the sixty six percent democrat and thirty three almost thirty four percent republican that's legitte that's cool that seems pretty even now sure one is gonna be favored in tell i'll even give them a little bit of credit but there you ring off seventy eight point five percent democrat twenty one point five percent republican than the other ones are all aitiand above you get no credit if you're at bof you are you're a biggetifyou if you are alien about not really big but you know that's what they would say um anyway so let's get back to what we got next year all while look we got a young james okeefrom project vert from voies that's the softer engineer who leaked this and wrote that book from his perspective when google launched a crusade a crusade really they launched a crusade okay i don't know about a crusade but they launched something against the so called fake news meant in actuality was censoring the ideas and arguments of donald trump and his popular supporters anything quote pro trump or quote anti hilary was labeled as quote fake news and this is a two minute in fifteen seconds interview james okeef had who looks much younger than he does now obviously he really was younger back then with this soft or engineer who exposed this listen to what he as to set yeah yeah yeah i oh that's right subscribe to the john of the ogan show wherever you get podcast subscribe to the rumble and you tube channels and donate patroon dot comfort slash ownership economy five nine in a month but seriously that's what we're do and that's what he's talking about and the crazy thing is that really was google's motto was don't be evil right don't be evil that was like the only thing they had to do as chill and not be evil and they decided to go back on that mission statement obviously there then we've learned if they're censuring and manipulating search results which we know they are now i use neva neva's much better i get very fair search results and you can skew them if you want like at the top political left political right that's how you want to roll moderate which is just fair and e v a much much better but yeah look at the docks they're released he's a whistle blower so in twenty nineteen project veritas um released footage of google executive gen i sorry if i'm pronouncing that wrong discussing quote preventing the next donald trum situation you mean like a democratic election where more people vote for him than others like where the electoral where our system or constitutional republic system votes for the person that won the constutional republic system mean that terrible thing i don't care who it is okay it could be someone i despise okay which obviously is is a pretty good example so obviously despise him i don't care if they win fair and square based on our rules of our constitutional republic you got to go that if you subvert that like sam harris wants to do to protect it that's like the silliest argument ever had in my life you want to subvert the very system you're trying to protect what person is that much of a whack job to say something like that that makes zero sense okay anyway she remarked quote we're also training our algorithms like if twenty sixteen happened again and would we have would the outcome be different let me play this video minute thirty nine here we go this is our hopefully you can hear this oh crazy crazy crazy kind of scary too when you really think about it it starts here and then it goes to every other situation like like there's a virus outbreak and you know we need totalitarian measures and then they actually implement those wait that actually happened all right so next part of the thread you tube co susan was roziski i forget how your last name described how google uses machine learning and classifiers to berry trashy news and promote thoritative news authoritative authoritarian main stream machine learning is when algims are fed real world information and learn how to make decisions based on the patterns they find you know what's crazy is if you are if you're on the back if you tube you can pick and choose the stars that you want if you like if they chose the johnthecogan show to be recommended and trending now or appear on more you know more search results boom you can make someone into a full time creator million users probably guaranteed in months how cool is that but they shouldn't fix it it should be ase on merit based on who's the best sure are we the best a political podcast in the world yes but if we treated unfairly on youtube yes will we still make it to the top yes will it be harder yes does that have anything to do with the topic today no so let's get back to the video two minutes here we go this is the c e o of you tube oh yeah this is amazing while she's talking there's a screen behind her if you're listening that is a picture of the show reliable sources with brian spelter with c n n it's on c n with brians alter and says reliable sources because that's the show which has been canceled because it's fake says the real troubling effects of quote fake news that is what that was represented as the real news which we now was all alive couldn't make this sob this is great parity you know why it's coming on of syria because i's pure propaganda we just bomb them okay we just bomb syria that's we just drop bombs on them oh my god yeah if it doesn't say c n n m s m b c we demode it and we make authoritative news rip okay we want that to reach all the masses because that's truth and don't you dare look outside main stream or you will be misled okay don't you dare listen to the jonathecogan show and other creators or you will do dangerous things like believe the truth and understand what's really going on how terrible so we'll rig the system we will fix the results and control your mind welcome to fifth generation warfare baby ye h she says reputable sources i would have believed her back then when she made the speech but now we know reputable new sources are literally propaganda outlets owned by corporations that sold out many many decades ago and we just didn't know it until they screwed it up in the last three years and we all saw the upper has no close and it was all exposed hilarious absolutely stunning oh gosh unbelievable unbelievable that's real that's real that's crazy she's telling you that ringing this isn't for authoritative news which happens m not rhyme but be another word out of authoritarian like we all of a sudden are while bill gates is training on twitter while what a shame okay what are these classifiers here's the leak document fringe ranking classifier google ranked a b c c b s and c n n as more authoritative than the trashy fox news and bright bar which is left wing verse right wing this is how big tesman manually interjects political buys in the search results and algorithms and here it is raider based classify example wall street journal eight point five three a b c news is eight point seven you go all the way down and even has it's got the alex jones channel because he used to be on youtube as negative one point five six but that's not the lowest one the lowest one is the next news network at minus three point three five but so the highest what looks like to be right wing is fox which is five point two but m s n b c is higher can socially a press c b s p b s news hour oh my god i can't the alex jones channel back that i can't believe he was that big i don't even know who he was back then this wildall right they define a few fringe searches and mentioned humans training their censorship i followed by a flow chart and says quote people are programmed yeah they're going to program you to doing whatever they want you to what does every is in the interest of the corporations and the politicians to do what they want you to do if they want to funnel you nutoltalitarian environment that's what they're goin a do if they want you to put something inside you that's what they're going to do if they want to lock you down do to climate or due to virus that's what they're going to do they are going to use this to program your mind to do whatever they want to do to maximize their revenues and totally sell you out and then tell your face that we're losing our democracy when we're not even a democracy or a constitution al republic and they are literally just going to say do as we say otherwise our democracies in jeopardy and we need censorship to protect you even though we hate you and we think peasants and we want to leave you at home lock downs forever and we want all the blue college class to lose their jobs but we love them more than anything and we're here for the worker it's all a lie it's all a lie that's the cold hard truth so these are the type of documents la musk should release to show how twitter promoted specific ideas and suppress others sample fringe queries okay did the hollow cost happen sandy hook shooting is a false flag vatican knows about aliens who shot jfky proof earth is flat dynastors didn't exist climate change hoke is global warming real pizagaobama running for third term these are weird weird bowling green massacre jews secretly control the government what's up do vac it's causeautism interesting fake news and other fringe trash you reap every day top two hundred fifty videos in top twenty six low cows are rated by multiple human raiders to train the classifier so they're training the algorithm like chat g b t to it represents like a human they made these algomims act like humans once you have enough classifiers tagged to the associative search results and then it learns and it learns and it gets smarter and then it can just operate on its own unbelievable very very interesting and this is their process their flow chart that like i said the softforengineer vorhis released one google black list that flagged hundreds of conservative websites to be censor or pushed down in the search makings for example daily caller western journal red state gateway pundit stephen crowder michelle malkin and glen beck were censored so there's a whole list of black listed sites and there's a lot of them i mean a taunt it's ridiculous there's literally got to be over a hundred on her and this is crazy so basically it's just the right wing oh look i could see one donald trump news dot net obviously that wouldn't make the cut so you got a sense of that and then google black list conservatives verse progressive basically eleven are conservative there is one progressive forward progressive dot com red verse blue it's all red right verse left it's all right trump candidates it's all trump cans verse libs beconservative vers libs it's all conservatives g p it's only gopnotdnc because serves verse liberal it's all conserves but there are two liberals one is media matters dot org palmer report dot com and then publican verse democrat there's a democrat occupy democrats dot com patriot christian all red voos softer engineer released a youtube black list that showed hundreds of topics censored from search results these are incredible and i knew of this listen to this okay why is there a youtube black list for this search cancer cure or cure cancer what what anybody well you should go watch the documentary about drprezinski there's a document in this guy who suppollysupposedly has cured cancer for tons of people and the government has bee trying to sue him into oblivion since the eighties in the nineties drbrazinski supposed ly as a cure and like the government is trying to suppress it and they won't let him get it out and he's saved so many people but they can't let it out because it huge money maker plus they want old people to die so we don't need to pay them you know like socialcurityand all that stuff listen to other topics that a black listen los vegas shooter anti trump los vegas shooter was democrat los vegas crisis actor oh my god the truth about the las vegas masacor a lot about the lost vegas masacr their mas questions there seems to be like there are late term abortions okay what h g o p train crash maxine waters assassination of g p congress members oh my god kate spade death kate spade suicide kate spade murder of kate spade pizza gate anthony bordin death anthony berdan suicide what playing parenthood time square explosion pro life so weird unbelievable proof of crisis actors this is bankers um and then what do we got here oh yeah here's other ones las vegas shooter a democrat lost vegas shooter left los vegas shooter anti trump oh my gosh this is so crazy this is weird unbelievable google co cedar pica and vpkarkaran bata had previously testified to congress that the company wasn't manet manually intervening or utilizing black list and search results based on google's own internal documents cdarpicha and karen badia lied to congress so he said we don't manually intervene on any particular search results in december twenty eighteen golcosendarbachi testified to congress that the surgeon was not biased okay we don't manual intervene and that seems to be false google shifted two point six million to this is what one of the quotes one of the guys said google shifted two point six million two point four million votes to hilary clinton in the twenty six ten election so they claim to have shifted based on how they filter sure results two point six million to ten point four million to hillary clinton in july twenty nineteen dr robert epstein testified to congress that he measured bias and google search results by preserving and analyzing thirteen thousand two hundred and seven election related searches and the ninety eight thousand and forty four web pages linked to those searches the level of bias absent on being in yau was enough to convince between two point six and ten point four million undecided voters to vote for hilary clinnattwenty sixteen it's crazy she still lost it's still nuts and then google senior software engineer leaks nine hundred fifty pages that's the guy i've been talking about internal documents showing political bias censorship and use of black list and that was in august of twenty nineteen zachary vorhis leaks internal document showing google has been secretly acting as a publisher manually boosting or promoting content while publicly claiming to be a neutral platform the documents show a clear political bias censorship and black ting of hundreds of websites and search queries actively suppressing conservative viewpoints they shouldn't you can't suppress either side let's just finish this up a study found that google cost republican candates over two billion in donations since twenty nineteen by flagging seventy seven per cent of their fund raising emails has spamp during the during the same time email marked less than eleven percent of democrats funding fund raising emails as span which would go to your span folder and therefore you don't see it and therefore you don't raise money and here's the last one la mas should consider allowing dr robert eston to examine the twitter files e's a harvard educated researcher the former editor in chief of psychology today and the premier academic staring how tech giants use algorithms to manipulate behavior listen to this video forty five seconds here we go crazy so if something is free and so great and it doesn't cost you anything you just use it all you want you are the product you are the product don't forget that so drabsine research the last decade has documented how google facebook and twitter shift millions of votes without anyone even noticing many of the concept that his research pioneer are used by twitters to subconsciously swing cion results in summary elam should release source documents on black list and machine learning algorithm is used to stifle free speech giving access to an expert like dr epstein would help show the world how a handful of silicon valley executives manipulate the minds of billions that i tweeted right after will be sharing on the next episode of the john of the ogun show and as promise that what we are doing so here's the punch line you cannot censor any side of the debate you can't tell me that you we we are losing our republic or people an okay democracy we're losing our democracy sure we're constitutional public whatever we're losing it it's going away oh my god and it's gone so we must censor one side so we only get one result that is still telitarin that is authoritarian you cannot do that you can't say you're losing something and then subvert that system you are trying to save okay i don't care and honestly populists on the left and the right are being banned equally you're neither of you are liked by the system because you're populists and you think the whole system needs to be reformed and the unit party is going to hold on for dear life and that is what we are experiencing are experiencing an awakening awakening like no other time in history okay something is going on whether the techtonic shifts are plates are shifting where there's different energy you know the energy between the then the other things in the solar system the energy grid is like you know tighter or not since we're like seventy or eighty per cent water we react differently when there's a stronger man pull in the solar system and weaker man pulls maybe that's what's awakening everybody i don't but we cannot argue with with each other that there is an awakening going on and people realize something isn't right okay and we are coming together as peasants as free people who are pro human and we are organizing our own system our own podcast our own community to realize that yes we need to perform system but that doesn't mean we need to tear the other one down or we need to bring down everybody now we're just going to build a bet one over here okay and while they do their thing we're going to keep building and building and building and then it's gonna be better and then people are going to voluntarily join our community okay because we're going to address a moral deficit of integrity in society where they are missing it with their other system and then our community just explodes and becomes massive and then the a political pro human pro freedom movement takes over a hundred plus countries we take this from the us to canada if there's any country that needs freedom more than anything it's probably canada okay you guys are totally you guys don't even have like weapons anymore to defend yourself you guys are borderline total dictatorship hopefully yo don't have climate lock downs and they force you like to turn off your energy grit and they you know shove you into a house with all your neighbors hopeful that doesn't happen to you guys but it might it might sure as well might but we are going to take the thing in the moon and we're goin expose the truth along the way i thank you for being a part of the john of the coan show please subscribe to the podcast wherever you get your podcast think about donating patron dot com for its 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going to get through this together that's an end of story we're taking this thing to the moon a political to the moon seriously have an amazing day an amazing morning amazing afternoon i'll see you tomorrow subscribe wherever you get your podcast thank you God Bless bye