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Scott ended up in the Hospital this week for 3 full day Plusl.  He did not see this coming and it has rocked his world.  We are going to dive into what happend and look for different ways we can do this nutritionally

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What's going on everybody.

Welcome to the Clydesdale

media weight loss journey

special edition.

What the hell just happened.

We're going to talk about

kind of what happened over

the last couple weeks,

and kind of see how

nutrition can play a role,

and all that kind of stuff so.

I am still pretty much under the weather.

I was just telling Cheryl

just to get down here to

kind of hook everything up

and get everything going.

takes a lot out of me and

this is probably the last

show I'm going to do until

I get some kind of relief

or some answers or anything

like that um until we so we

can move forward but I want

this to be interactive I

want you guys in the chat

to ask questions I'll

answer them to the best of

my ability um with that

I'll turn it over to share

and kind of lead the discussion


Well, really,

have you recapped anything

from what's happened in

terms of your hospital or anything?

I'm sure you guys didn't

have a roundtable this week,

but I know you had a couple

of other podcasts.

So why don't you just start

with what prompted you to

go to the hospital?


I think we go back to the last time

we did a show when I went

to my family doctor that day.


That was last week, last Thursday,

last Tuesday.

So last Tuesday,

I went to my family doctor.

That is where he diagnosed

me with a lung infection.

But he didn't run any tests.

He didn't.

So through this whole thing,

I got really pissed off at

the way my family doctor

has been treating me.

And, um, when I went into his office,

like I was in full blown asthma attack,

could barely breathe.

The only thing like they

really said to me is put on

this mask because people are,

are scared of you.


I'm dying.

I don't know who's mask on.

I can't breathe, but.

And so I can't breathe.

So put something over your mouth.

It just was dumb.


But anyway, he diagnosed me with that,

threw some prescriptions at

me where one was a steroid,

one was an antibiotic.

And with that, I came home.

We had our show.

I had my breakdown.

Things weren't going well.

But then I started to feel a

little bit better.

The steroids or whatever did

what they did.

And then on that Friday,

things started to slide and

pretty much went off a

cliff by Saturday morning.

And I could barely breathe.

And my wife's like,

we got to go to the hospital, to the ER.

So we walked outside.

I tried to get in the car,

had a full-blown panic attack,

which I've never had in my life.

I could not get into my car.

I talked for weeks about

this gas that's been forming.

So my stomach has distended

out like inches at this point.

Every time I tried to crunch into the car,

it felt like it was

shutting off my airway.

So it took some time to just

kind of like relax for a second.

We opened up the sunroof,

opened up all the windows.

I got back in the car.

Thank God it was only 10 minutes.

We got to the ER.

And here in Ohio,

we have ERs that are

separate from the hospitals.

So it'd be like an urgent

care on steroids.

If that makes sense.

Like they have, they have imaging,

they have x-ray,

they have all that stuff.

So we go in,

my wife tells him he's having

a hard time breathing.

They gave me a wheelchair.

They take me back within 10 minutes,

15 tests done like that fast.

So from my family doctor who

sucked balls at taking care

of me to an ER who doesn't

even know me doing like the

greatest care I've ever seen.

And they hooked me up to an EKG,

diagnosed me with the AFib immediately.

And then started running tests,

chest x-ray, chest CT, stomach x-ray,

stomach CT, blood work out the wazoo.

And that's when, like,

just incrementally as we

were sitting in the ER,

more and more bad news is coming in.

Because everything kind of led to...

other things going wrong.

What was the chicken and what was the egg?

I have no idea.

But my heart rate was 150 to

165 beats a minute and it was irregular.

Then I had blood sugar of 380.

I had

Of course,

I had high blood pressure

because I was just having

an anxiety attack.

I'm still coughing,

spitting up this stuff that

I've been dealing with for

two years that my family

doctor kept putting off.

So, um, we go through a bunch of tests.

They start putting me on meds.

Um, they're monitoring my heart.

They're trying to get it to

go back in rhythm by medicine.

Um, it's after hours, it's not going back.

And like,

we knew we were going to need to

transfer you to a full blown hospital.

My wife and I have to make

the selection because we're

kind of like in between all

the three major hospitals

associated with this ER.

We decided to go to like the

Northern small town version,

which was God's work

because it was amazing.

But I didn't, they couldn't come get me.

They couldn't get a

transport to me till five

o'clock in the morning.

Oh, wow.

So I sat in the ER by myself

till five in the morning,

waited for the Ambo to come,

got put in the Ambo, uh,

taken up to Delaware, Ohio, uh,

to Grady Memorial hospital,

where then I was admitted.

And then they hooked me up

to an EKG machine

permanently for my stay.

Lots of IVs, lots of needles,

lots of pokes, way more tests.

And I'll stop there and just

take a pause if anybody has

any questions.


I think the main thing is heart


How has that been?

Did you get any feedback

from the echo and everything?

Is everything with your heart good?


everything is normal with my heart

other than the beat, the rhythm.

Okay, so nothing,

there's been no strain there.

The lungs are still,

you were diagnosed with pneumonia too,



Okay, so you have lung infection,


They have you on antibiotics?

They did.

Okay, and they took you off the pred?

They took me off the pred.

Okay, you're still on antibiotics?

Today was my last one.


I'm looking at there.

Mostly people are just

commenting on the fact that

it's hard to find good doctors.

It truly is.

It's really hard to find doctors.

And it's so important that

we learn to be advocates for ourselves.

In fact, a lot of times what I do is...

I just had a woman come to me.

It's like,

it's so hard because they run

basic lab tests.

And if you're not sick, you're okay.

They don't think about optimal.

They wait until you're

literally like you on your

deathbed to be like, hey,

we should probably do something.

You know, your red flags were last year.

Last year when the sinus

stuff was getting that bad

that you couldn't sleep.

And then you had the sinus

surgery and it still wasn't

getting better.

you know, and it's just like,

and this is when I was at

my family doctor,

he gave me the prescriptions and said,

Hey, if it gets worse, go to the ER.

Like almost like, don't call me.


Just go to the ER.


It's just not cool.

So you have a new doctor, right?


I have not met her yet.


All right.

So let's kind of just like, so, you know,

we chatted a little bit on Wednesday.

I wanted to check in on you.

And since you've been home,

obviously life is a little

bit scary right now.

I'm sure that like...

what you're dealing with I

mean you probably feel like

oh my god scared that you

can't breathe um obviously

going to the gym is off the

table so and like you just

mentioned walking down the

stairs is hard so how are

you getting around at home

like are you moving around

at all like are you trying

to get up and move because

that's also good for the

pneumonia like are you

getting up and trying to

sit up a little bit and move around

So I'm doing the best that I can.

I like,

I'm trying to take care of myself

and take that off my wife.


Um, where like I fixed lunch today.

Um, I've been doing my own breakfasts,

trying to like do that on my own,

on my own.

Um, but it's been,

it's been really difficult.

Like it takes just so much

out of me and the doctor

does not want my heart rate

elevated at all.


I gotcha.


I know you mentioned that

they have you on medication

now diabetes-wise.


they have me on a lot of medicine

right now.


So I learned through this

endeavor that prednisone

actually raises your blood sugar.

And the doctor I saw in the

ER said that your family

doctor should have known

that it's a risk if you were

ever a diabetic to put

someone on prednisone for

extended periods of time.



how long were you on the prednisone for?

So a long time.

If you count the sinus surgery in October,

then I was on prednisone

for that for like six weeks after that.

Then as things didn't heal

the right way and we were

trying to get rid of the cough part of it,

then my sinus doctor put me

on more prednisone.

Then the family doctor puts

me on more prednisone.

So I was on prednisone drops

and prednisone the pill.

Got it.



And elevated blood sugar, just so you know,

also does weaken your immune system.

So like, that's also,

there's a direct correlation.

That's why diabetics are

also more prone to getting sick.

So kind of like,

it doesn't matter the chicken or the egg,

you've got a bunch of shit

going on right now.

So the medications you asked about,

metformin and insulin for the diabetes.

So fast acting metformin for

two meals a day, insulin for overnight,

And before I left the hospital,

I got the three 80 down to one 40.


and it's getting me off the prednisone.



and so then I have not been able to

read my sugar because they

prescribed me a monitor and

it's been out of stock for four days.

That's crazy.

So you don't even know what

your blood sugar is at.

With your blood sugar being that high,

are you getting symptoms?

So it's just hard because

this is the worst I've felt in my life.

So when I was a diabetic 14

years ago and got through

that and passed it,

like I knew what those feelings were.

I don't know what the

feelings are now because I

get heart flutters.

I get...

I'm out of breath.

You'll get like headaches,

kind of like blurred vision, um, feeling.

I did have a little bit of blurred vision.

I did not get to like,

like overwhelming thirst

that I had before.

And they asked me about that

in the hospital.

Did I get that?

And I never had did, um, uh,

So the only,

the only real diabetic kind of

like key was the,

a little bit of blurred vision.


And how long you've been off

the prednisone for is only

for like a week, right?

Uh, Saturday.



Um, it should start to come down.

I would think pretty quickly

once you're off of that.

So hopefully we'll be able

to get you back to regulated.

That's why I'm surprised.

My only surprise is that

they did put you on the

insulin and the metformin

if it was a pred-related

thing because- So this is

their reasoning.

They needed it down fast

because the biggest risk

with a fib is a stroke.


And diabetes contributes to

the possibilities of a stroke.


Anything that was related to, to pass,

like my,

my blood pressure was one 27 over

70 and they have me on a

blood pressure pill just to get it,

keep it and make sure it's

down because they have to

remove the risk of stroke.




All right.

So questions.

Kenneth has a question.

What is metformin?

I've heard my mom talk about it,

but never heard.

It is a drug for diabetes,

but primarily it does help

regulate blood sugar.

And there are two forms.

There's a fast acting and a slow acting.


But it's a pill.

I was on it back in 2010.

It's awful.


Um, so right now,

obviously our main concern

is getting the lungs back

up and running on a scale of one to 10.

Do you feel like there's any

improvement yet?

From, from Saturday?


Okay, good.

It's probably going to be a

couple more weeks.

I would think before you're

like back to a hundred percent.


I would put it at a Saturday was like a



I'd be maybe three and a half, four.

So my gut's telling me that

you've had this lung

infection for quite a while

and it's just been dormant.

Like you haven't had like

symptoms bad enough.

And that's kind of why you

haven't been feeling great.

But coupled with that,

your blood sugar may have

been elevated for a long

time if you've been on the

pred for a while.

And that could also have

been contributing to you

being more susceptible to being sick.

So it's like, again,

it's kind of these two

things that we have to really look at.

And what I want to really

focus on is getting the

blood sugar under control

while you're healing and

getting you feeling better.

You know, because nutritionally,

I think that there are some

things that we can do to

strengthen your immune system and,

you know,

obviously get the blood sugar

down that we spoke a little

bit about on Wednesday and, you know,

help get you feeling better quicker.

I don't know that you have

food related issues with

what's going on with your lungs.

Like there are some people where I'm like,


you might have these food

sensitivities with like

dairy and it's causing you

more sinus stuff.

The reason I don't think

that is because typically

people that have things

like that also experience

like skin related issues.

Um, like,

like eczema or like acne or other

things like that is usually

when there's like a dairy

issue or severe gut issues with dairy.

Like you have like things like that.

I don't think you have any of that.

I think this is truly you

having a weakened immune

system and your body's responding and

It could have been a little

bit of a combination of two.

But the main thing is our last episode,

you got pretty vulnerable with us.

And I think that the real question is,

is are you ready to like

put yourself first a little

bit in your life?

I am.


Did you guys have that talk?

We did.

We've yeah.

My wife and I have.


It's hard because my

sister's in surgery right now.

Like life doesn't stop because I'm sick.

She's having cancer removed as we speak.


So that is, that's going on right now.

We did get,

we did get good news on

mother-in-law that they're

going to be able to do some

stuff with medication as

opposed to chemo.

So that's good.

But like that, that stuff keeps going on,


What's happened to this whole thing is one,

I think it was a,

wake up call for not just for me,

but for my wife to see what

this did to me.

And so like she went out

today and got fresh vegetables,

some fresh fruit, um, at lunch,

we had a nice wrap for,

for lunch together.

Um, and it was really good.


and so she's ready to buy in to all

this now too.



I'm to the I'm pissed off.

Like and,

and maybe that's what I've needed

a long time is that chip on

my shoulder to like, now,

all I want to do all my

only goal in my head is I

want to get rid of all of

these prescriptions.

I want to check them off the box,

throw them in the trash and move on.

100% agree.

I think that nutrition is

something we need to address.

I think you're doing a

pretty good job this week.

So I think that going forward,

there's a couple of things

that I really want to

change about our check-ins

because I think that you've

kind of been deflecting

really going all in on nutrition.

taking care of yourself.

And so going forward before

every one of our calls,

I want that check-in form filled out.

I want to be able to take a

look at that beforehand,

and I want to pull it up on

our lives and be able to say, hey,

this is all the things that

you're reporting this week.

I want to pull up your food diary.

I don't want to see any more blank spots.

I'm also going to take some

responsibility for giving

you more freedom in not

taking control of some of that stuff.

because I trust you,

but I want to be able to be like, Hey,

like, no, I want to see fiber here.

I want to see these numbers here.

And I know that there was a

point that we talked about

stuff and you were like,

it's a little too overwhelming for me.

I just want to focus on the protein.

I just want to, and we backed off,

but I think that you need

to get it all under, under control.

It's time to like,

take this seriously because

I don't want to see you

sick again because

And I want to make sure that

you are making the right

kind of progress.

And right now, we can't make gym progress.

That's okay.

We can get you healthy

enough to get back to the gym.

And when you're cleared to

go back to the gym,

we'll talk about that then.

But that's the main thing.



so a couple of things I mentioned to

you on the call was really

wanting more fibrous carbs

and you're adding in more

fresh fruits and vegetables with,

I love what I love,

but here's what I just want

to kind of show you.

That's, and I'll pull it up.

Let me just, cause I want to be fully, Hey,

we're going to get rid of,

we're going to pull this

share screen up here, share screen.

Do I want to share the whole

entire screen?

All right, guys,

just don't judge the 5

million tabs I have open because I have,

you know,

ADHD and I have to have 5

million things open at all time.

Okay, so this is really my concern.

You see this number 12 here under fiber?

Okay, this is typical for you.

This day was a good day, 50 that day.

Today, you've only logged one meal, okay?

But you tend to be very low

on fiber.

And when you're eating low calories,

fiber is typically low

because when you're eating low carbs,

but when you're getting in

enough carbohydrates,

you want to make sure that

that fiber count is up.

So if you're eating,

let's call it 167 carbs,

but you're only getting 14 grams of fiber.

We want to really increase that.

And so what I really want

you focusing on right now

is that whenever you're

picking up any grain products,

you're looking for complex carbohydrates.

You're looking for high fiber carbs,

no white products,

because that's going to get more.

It's going to bring more

good gut bacteria into the gut,

which can help with the immune system.

It's going to help with digestion.

It's going to help with everything.

It's going to help with your blood sugar.

So we've really got to get

the fibrous carbs in and

the fruits and vegetables

are also a part of it as well.

Um, you know,

right now I know that you're

not moving a whole bunch.

So, you know,

calorically we might end up

changing things.


so I do want you getting back to

weighing in just so I can

see what's going on with your weight.

You know, this way we can kind of say,

all right, here's where you're at.


we might have to change some

things a little bit because

it's also when it comes to blood sugar,

it's not just carbohydrates,

it's calories.


and I want to talk about that for

people to understand, but yeah,

getting your calories where

they need to be for you to

obviously still see some,

some results is also important.

Um, I like that you're hydrating.

So making sure that you're

getting some electrolytes

in throughout your day, uh,

if you're getting in fruits

and vegetables, that's going to be good,

but that's going to be your

main focus right now is

really getting the diet dialed in.

Um, you know, still, we still be flexible.

You still go out for date night.

You still do those things,

but the majority of your food,

we really got to be

focusing on that stuff.

And that's what we're trying to do.

From the time we got back to the hospital,

we're cycling through the

grains we had to the grains

we're getting and doing all

that kind of stuff.

We're getting a winter

weather emergency tonight

due to four inches of snow.

So we got all that stuff

today to prep for the

weekend because we're

probably going to be snowed

in a little bit.


And like,

I really made a conscious effort

yesterday to get like an apple in,

to get some stuff,

to get some good fiber in.

Today I had, um,

the Jimmy Dean's light

sandwich because it was a

whole wheat muffin.

Um, and I had some oatmeal today, um,

to try to up that.

We had a wrap for lunch with

vegetables throughout it.

So I'm really trying.


You didn't log your lunch yet.

So I don't know what that

was looking like.

So, but I know that your breakfast so far,

let me just, your breakfast was,

it's weird because it's showing up on.


Your breakfast had five grams of fiber.

So still not a whole bunch,

but it's still better than nothing.

You know,

and I think if you're depending

on what kind of wrap you had for lunch,

we're going to slowly start

to work on that.

You know,

like that's the stuff that you

can kind of work on.

So like,

does oatmeal add any fiber at all?


Oatmeal's got good fiber in it.


Look at the package.


and I'll send you my high fiber food

list again, but, um,

there's also like different brands too,

but like, that's just,

you want to look for all of those, um,

fiber sources.

Jeff asked about your protein source.



he had the Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich.

It wasn't a whole bunch of protein,

but it was still a

relatively balanced meal.

He had, you know,

22 grams of protein this morning.

So you're probably going to

be playing a little bit of

catch up on protein.

So, but yeah.

So I think that the main

thing is getting you back

to some structure,

keeping your stress levels down.

So stress also raises your blood sugar,

by the way, people.

So people that focus on diet

stress and cortisol levels.

Jack up your blood sugar as well.

So we want to make sure

we're doing that movement wise.

I think that for you this week,

because you really can't work out,

I think that, well,

you can't get your heart rate up.

I think that every time you

eat also after you eat,

like either doing like a 10 minute,

like very easy,

just walk it around your house.

You could even pedal easy on

your bike at a walking pace.

Like you can do that as well.

You know,

like just something to get some

blood flow into your body.


and then I think the other thing is


You don't want to get tight hips and tight,

all these things.

So even though you can't

work out right now,

those are things that you can be doing.

So I think that you can kind of,

as you're starting to feel a bit better,

just making sure that

you're stretching a little bit,

not getting too tight,

sitting all day and all

that kinds of stuff.


The hardest part right now is

that gas pushing on my

stomach and it's pushing on

my excess skin.

It's like a weird dynamic I have going on.

And every time I stand up,

like it is burp city, um,

to just kind of be, get comfortable.

And then, so yeah, the mobility,

I need to try that and just

see if it'll help.

What are they saying that

the burping is just from the, uh,

the pressure and the, from the lungs?

Uh, I were,

there's a scope ordered already

for my esophagus and stomach.

Uh, we, I just haven't had it yet.


Um, let me just take a look at something.

Is the burping and stuff

worse at certain times of the day?


Just all throughout the day.


Taking a look at things.

How much water are you drinking?

We are, we're transparent on the show.


If I go to the bathroom and

have a bowel movement, it's better.


And it's a relief for a few hours.

All right.

How much water are you drinking a day?

Quite a bit.

Like pretty much stop drinking.

Anything but.

But it doesn't matter.

You're drinking hydrating.

You're drinking at least 100

ounces of fluid.

Oh, yeah.


All right.

Let's give it a couple of days and seeing.

I'm hoping that maybe with

the lung infection getting better,

but I'm just wondering if

there's not something going

on with your stomach.

Are you still taking any supplements?


I went off those with all the

prescriptions just till I

can get regulated.



Cause I am, I'm, I am a little bit,

the burping stuff has got

me a little puzzled because your food,

nothing that what you're

eating is like really like

sticking out to me is like,

that's what's causing it.

That's why I was wondering

if maybe it's a reaction

from what's going on with the lung.

Cause it kind of,

they kind of went hand in

hand that that started to

get bad when you started to get sick.

So I'm just wondering if it

might just be from that, you know, the,

the lung infection.

So what I have outstanding

is I have a scope on my

throat and stomach coming.

I have cardiology on Monday, um, to talk,

to have another EKG and to

see what the next steps are

for the heart and then new

family doctor next Friday.


And I know you mentioned

full transparency.

Are you going to the

bathroom more than normal?



Less than normal.

Less than normal.


Let's really try and push the fiber up.

Let's see if it doesn't help a little bit.

The other thing, you know what?


I do have a fiber supplement.


I don't want you to be a fiber



You know what I want you to

do this week for the gut?

Let's go ahead and take down

the fat intake.

So you've been pretty high on fat.


I want you to utilize in the numbers

that I have in trainer eyes,

one 85 protein, one 85 carbs and 65 fat.

I don't want you going over

70 fat this week.

And I want to see if that

helps with the gut.


So, uh,

cause sometimes you might be having

a gall related issue,

a gallbladder related issue.

And let's just see if

there's not something going on with that.

So let's lower the fat intake this week,

like starting today.

They did mention that at

some point during the

weekend or when I was in

the hospital about my gallbladder.

Well, see,

maybe I should just become a physician.

I mean...

go back to school and be a

doctor uh no let's let's

take the fat intake down

because your fat intake has

been a little bit high

let's try and get it to

around like 60 to 70 don't

go over 70 and see if it

doesn't help with the with

the gut stuff uh so jay

birch asks are you gulping

air in an effort to breathe.

I'm not, thank goodness.

Um, thank goodness.

The, the sinuses have cleared.

Like I can breathe freely through my nose.

It is much easier to breathe

through my nose now than it is my mouth.

That's good.

It gets you doing some nasal

breathing exercises when, uh,

you get back in the gym.

So Carolyn giving you props.


I could be a doctor, Dr. Cheryl, Dr. Naso.

That sounds like a scary

movie doctor's name, like, you know,

like Dr. Giggles, Dr. Naso.

But, but yeah, no,

I think that let's lower your,

let's lower your fat intake

and up the fiber and obviously protein.

How is your sleep?

When I sleep, it's,

it's deeper now than it's been in years.

Um, but then I'll like wake up,

have to clear my throat, do some stuff.

And then my mind is playing

awful tricks on me.

Um, and I get some anxiety,

which I have never had.

So, um, like last night, this is a,

a great example of how my nights go.

Went to bed at 10, woke up at two 30.

had to clear my throat, had to pee,

do that kind of stuff.

I come to go back into,

to bed and then I can hear

every little wheeze in my,

in my throat and it starts

freaking me out.

And then I,

I get to a point where I feel

like I can't breathe.

And so I get up and then I

go downstairs and I sleep sitting up.


When do you go back to work?

I went back today.


How'd that go?


It's a, it's a holiday weekend for us.

So there were,

there was nobody in the office.

It was like the perfect day to go back.

Presidency weekend, right?



Uh, I've never tried a CPAP machine.

I've never been diagnosed

with sleep apnea.

Um, but it has been mentioned this week.

And so I,

when I get to my new family doctor,

that might be something

that is ordered a sleep test.

All right.

Um, yeah, but see,

you don't report like

waking up feeling tired or groggy.

You always seem to sleep well.

So, um,

I don't know.

You know what I'm saying?

Like you've never really been like, Oh,

my sleep sucks.

But I will tell you this.

I'm having this weird side

effect where when I close my, my eyes,

I like,

I get these visions of what I

think my surroundings should be.

And I can like see it brushed out.

And it is the weirdest thing ever.

Never had that happen before.

Not on a psychedelic.

I know WAD Zombies coming in with that.

And then what it does is it

makes me nod off because I

want to stay to see the

painting finished.

That's crazy.

You're going crazy, Scott.

I'm just kidding.

And what's funny is I've had

a lot of people from around

the world DM me that they

have the same thing I have.

And they all talk about that

until it's fixed, I will not off.

It is just, you're so tired.

It just, but I don't, I don't,

I'm afraid to ask them,

did you have visions of

things before you nodded off?

Were you seeing things?

Were you like going crazy?


No, I feel like,

I feel like this was a

little bit of the wake up

call you needed.

So I feel like hopefully

we'll be able to get you in the clear.

When is your first doctor's

visit with your new doctor?

Next Friday.


So we have about a week.



hopefully by then you'll be

feeling a little bit better.

And then again,

the EKG cardiology is Monday.



hopefully I would ask the

cardiologist just like,

Are you cleared for any movement yet?

You know, how, how mentally, mentally,

how are you feeling right now?

For me to,

to even think about doing any

kind of major movement.

I don't even know how I would do it.


Like the way I feel right now.

I'm not talking about major movement.

I'm talking about walking.

I'm talking about.

That's what I'm talking about.

That's what I'm saying.

Like walking out to the,

get the mail about wrecks me.


I'm sure it does.

But what I want to make sure

of is that when you're cleared for it,

that you're doing it

because it's not going to

feel good when you first

start doing it again.

And I get it.

You don't want to do it

before the doctor says to you,

but you don't want to be

one of those people that's like, oh,

it's going to really suck.

It's going to really suck

for the first couple of days.

We just want to make sure

you're cleared for it first.

Do I wear a smartwatch?

So yes, I have one.

But I lost the charger at Legends.

So I need to order a new charger.

Don't you have a loop strap?


You got rid of it?

Long time ago.

Well, that would track your sleep too.

I actually have a watch.

So you just want to wear

your watch instead.

Yeah, it tracks sleep.

It does everything the Whoop did,

and I didn't have to pay monthly.

I don't think my Apple Watch

tracks my sleep as good as

my Whoop strap does.

I don't have an Apple Watch.

What kind of watch did you have?

It's like a GPS.

It's called Asunto.



I feel like my Apple Watch tells me

that I sleep like a champ,

but my Whoop tells me when

I sleep like shit,

and my Whoop is usually right.

If I can feel the difference.

So, yeah.

Yeah, I feel like.

Yeah, it's just like a Garmin,

but it's this brand.



I don't watch nothing

tracking anything I do.

I don't watch nothing tracking anything.

Apple Watch can tell the time at least.

That's pretty much all I use

my Apple Watch for.

That and my steps.

I really don't even use it

for anything else.

It's just kind of a... You know,

the reason I got it was

when I first got my Apple Watch,

I was looking for... I had a Garmin.

And the reason I didn't get

another Garmin was because

the battery kept dying so quickly.

It was like my third one and

it would last for like a year.

And then all of a sudden,

the Garmin battery would

start dying like half a day.

So when I was getting a new watch,

the reason I got the Apple watch,

I was like, oh, cool.

Like I can use this for my music.

I don't have to use my phone.

So like when I go on a run,

I don't have to use it.

But they get you because you

only can do that if you buy

the freaking data plan.

And I'm like,

I'm not paying an extra 15

bucks a month for a data

plan for my phone, for my watch.

Come on, really?

So I didn't ever get it.


So I had an Apple Watch

years ago when I traveled

the state for my job.

And I did it because so I

could see a text message,

see if it was important or

not without pulling my phone out.

But then I realized like,

was becoming rude like I'd

be talking to somebody and

look down at my watch

rather than and pay

attention to the watch

rather than the person I'm

talking to yeah and so I

was like this is dumb and I

just got rid of it I don't

even look at my text

messages on my watch like

ever the only time I really

did was when I was at

wadapalooza because my

freaking phone was dying

and I'm like stop opening

your phone it's just making

it worse and that's when I

was using my watch more than anything

so kenneth what happened was

as I was in the hospital

and the care was so good I

cannot say enough about the

staff at this hospital in

delaware it was awesome I

said to them I don't trust

my doctor anymore I don't

want my stuff sent to him

but I don't know what to do

because I don't know how to

find a new one while I'm

laid up in bed so they set

me up with a counselor at the hospital

they got me a new doctor and

I am meeting with her next

Friday for the first time.

So I will have a brand new

family practitioner, um, next Friday.

Good stuff.

And we'll be on again for Tuesday, right?

You want to do it again Tuesday?


I think this is my last show until I

can get more confident

going up and down the stairs.

So we're not doing a show next Tuesday.

Well, we may,

if I feel better after the cardiologist.


Um, regardless,

I want to make sure we

check in somehow with everybody.

So if it's me,

then I'll do it just so that

they can kind of see your

check-in what you've

reported and that you're

being honest with

everything and that you're

taking care of yourself.

Cause I want that for you.

I have not rescheduled any

of my shows until I start feeling better.


Well, regardless,

I'll make sure there's an

update on Tuesday,

even if it's me doing a

solo something with your check-in.

But we'll do something.

Or if we have to wait until

next Friday after your

doctor's appointment that day,

if that would be a better day, you think.

But let's make sure we keep

everybody updated in the loop.



Sounds good.

And you like my new Chicago bears?

I'm looking at that.

I'm looking at your hat.

I'm like,

he's just all sports sports down today.

My wife Valentine's gift.




I think I'm going to go over to,

there's a little Italian

festival here today.

I might go over and take a

look over there.

All the Italian stuff's going on.

You have fun in that Florida weather.

It's very nice here today.

It's beautiful out.

I'm not even going to lie.

I was outside a little while

ago and I'm like, oh,

it's a perfect day to be outside.


I'll be in my snow globe in Ohio.

In your snow dungeon, in your igloo.

All right, guys.


if you have any questions for what's

going on or

Anything that we talked about today,

make sure to DM Cheryl or myself.

I will keep you up to date

as much as possible.

And I want to thank,

from the bottom of my heart,

every single one of you

that has reached out to me through DM,

through comments, through text.

It's overwhelming,

the outpouring of love that

I felt and received during this week.

There's times where you

wonder like if you're

making an impact with

anything that you do.

Like I got a freaking card

from CrossFit wishing me well.

And that they're in my corner.

I could not believe it.

Like that just blew me away.


but the people that have gone through


that are sharing their stories with

me are helping so much.

Um, and what, what to expect, uh,

what's going on.

The prayers that everybody's

sending me are awesome.

Um, I love you all.


I love this community and I can't wait

to be back.

stronger and better than

ever to hang out with you

guys for a long time going

forward as I get healthy.

So with that, thank you a bunch.

Love you all.

And we will see you next

time on the Clydesdale

media weight loss journey.