B-Side Morning Brew w/ Bij & Niles

Bij and Niles introduce some of their original music recordings to their new radio listeners and reflect upon what they have done, and prepare for what they have coming up. Tune-in as Bijon and Niles regale us with stories behind-the-songs from their freshman album “It’s A Crossover Thang” that gained recognition from The Recording Academy and up for a 2022 GRAMMY® Nomination for “Best Jazz Vocal Album”.

What is B-Side Morning Brew w/ Bij & Niles?

B-Side Morning Brew with Bij & Niles is a unique radio show broadcasted on 91.5FM KUNV Jazz & More in Las Vegas, pairing music and lifestyle through tasteful consciousness. Live the Lifestyle™. Shows air the first Sunday of each month.

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Good morning and welcome.

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You're listening to beside morning brew would be at Niles had

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coffee chat.

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chillin on the corner of lifestyle app

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and music stream on 91.5k would be jazz. Okay,

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okay. All right. Be the everybody loves Bijon dang that you do. All right, we're, we're moving and grooving here. It's springtime. Spring is upon us. Welcome my brother. Welcome. Good morning. Yeah, it's a pleasure to to be with you. As always. It's great to see you, man. Likewise, let's start with our sip of coffee. Oh, yeah, that's it. You know, we springtime is here. And I think there's a song in that somewhere. But that's not what we're gonna be talking about today. Not that song. Anyway, I'm talking about our songs. You know, we figured we'd give the listeners some new, some old. But if there are some new listeners out there, we wanted to kind of give a spring reboot, refresh, to hip you to the music that Niles and I have been putting together with jazz Republicans as well as our own projects. We felt it was time. But you think my brother to share it with

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I think so. I mean, for those for those of our new radio listeners that may not have gone to our shows at Smith Center have been privy to what we've been doing over the last few years, and including the albums we put out and all the concerts, now's the time to introduce our lovely radio audience to what we do musically.

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And since we have a lot of stuff cooking the both of us on our own, and then when we come together, you know, we have a show coming up later in the year that will definitely keep you posted on but Niles and I definitely have our own projects that we're really working hard on and getting in the studio and married

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to you. I'm not married to you. It's okay. We can

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you know, what do they say absence makes the heart grow fonder? You know, it just it just, you know, it just makes makes it that much more exceptionally fun when we get together. I think it's important, maybe not in the marriage to separate and then come back. But we

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have another goal we have.

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Indeed, it, it works. Wow. So we thought we'd share that with you. But as always, you know, the creative process is fluid. And, you know, we're constantly evolving and constantly doing different things. So it's nice to take a step back and reflect upon what we have done and, and also prepare for what we have coming up. So how should we start this off?

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Let's get into No, no, I was gonna say it. Yeah, it was stop your yak and let's go into this. Let them hear the music. Yeah, I mean, I would say we start off with the tune. The last recording while we were on the studio together was a year, year

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and a half ago now. Well, I don't know it was close to a year ago. Yeah,

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we're working on our second album, this was going to be on that second album. And then ultimately, I decided to for now put my half of the songs on it. So just kind of shelve them for a bit. And I just thought you should put your stuff out on EP because it's just so slamming it, you know, so I think you should play. I mean, I'd love to hear struck off that EP, but you tell me.

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Yeah, I mean, that's awesome. I mean, I'm a trumpet player, those of you know or don't know. And a lot of my influences come from, like, tower power and some of the old r&b horn bands, Earth Wind and Fire cameo. Michael Jackson, those types of things. And so I've always been a fan of that the horn section, horn band type thing, and I decided to write a tune that kind of reflects those influences. And this is a tune entitled stripe. You're

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listening to it here on besides morning brew with BJ Niles on 91.5k u and v, jazz and more.

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booth is how we do it that is such a slam and I'm sorry man is a slam in tune was horns sound great man that was you face which is Tom Luhur on what sax was he playing was

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that he was playing tennis

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and skits Sam skits Lemus was was also playing was he was he wasn't playing tenor though on that he was playing alto sax? Yep. Yep. Slamming horns, man, a band slamming our band slam and what are you going to do? What are you going to do?

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What do you do? You gotta do it. We're gonna do a lot of fun. Yeah,

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I mean that we, you know, to, to let the pee Well, no, I mean, that was a great recording session, our boy Rob Katz at his recording studio, beautiful recording studio out by the airport there. And he's just works his magic man, he's so good at what he does, you know, so blessed to

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have a real deal.

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The real deal? Absolutely, yeah, man.

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Well, let's check out one of your tunes. Now. I mean, all our influences come from different places, right? So and over the course of the years, we've had jazz Republic and our own groups. Now as makes fun of some of the my influences and where they come from, sometimes it can come from some interesting retail shopping. Or from a student or from a student in the hospital, it doesn't matter where it comes from, as long as we pull from it and put some good music down. But tell us a little about this, this next tune your influence,

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oh, man, you know, again, going up around Motown. Ultimately, the jazz stuff was always behind there, but who really my biggest inspiration here, musically is staying. I mean, just since the police that's why I started playing music when I was a kid, even though I was hyper aware of jazz and what was going on it just at that time in my life, that wasn't my thing until sting left the police and then brought in all those cats Branford Marsalis and Omar Hakim all those guys Darryl Jones on paste, you know, what's integrating hints of jazz? You know, I mean, he always says it's not jazz and it isn't jazz. Those that might be the jazz please. Yes, we know Sting's first solo record is not jazz. However, there's jazz integration and that's the thing that album for me is what was kind of the the the the floodgates that you know opened up for me in terms of okay, let me let me go back and listen with a different ear and try to be a better musician even you know, maybe even a more technical musician Sting has always been my inspiration that's what led me like you It's like my tastes go everywhere from simply read to you know, just sticking to you know, Bauhaus which is goth punk rock, I mean, you know, it's all that but so this this tune though, that we recorded on our first album together back at the poems recording studio, right before the lockdown right before the pandemic and we had to put it on ice during that time like most everybody did, obviously this song it was inspired by I was walking in downtown Fremont area one night and and just getting ready to cross the street. Something just hit me just looking at the people and it seemed lonely. Without further ado without going too deep into it. This song is called waits to cross Fourth Street

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you're listening to beside morning brew with Bayesian Niles on 91.5k u n v. Jazz and more.

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It's lonely as hell on through the back streets of my mind. Messages. Be my guy. hands him a jacket. Stand him nap the

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way to cross falls straight. Wait cross falls straight. To cross for street await to cross for a way to cross for street. Wait to cross for street wait to cross the street or wait to cross for help calm her heart. by a stranger.

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Become a stranger in or misuse. Loving. The flowers of love a Wilton

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allow price for street. Weight cross forms Street. Weight to cross for street a way to cross for weight to cross for street weight to cross form Street. Weight to cross for street weight to cross. I

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woke up in the morning found my last been rearranged when things go wrong. When did everything start to change? is a stranger in the mirror I don't recognize my face the message getting clearer my last because stray?

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Standing still now I'm standing at the corner loves cold embedded she can't

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wait to cross falls Street. Wait to cross for a wait to cross. Q wait Cross for street wait to cross for street wait cross falls way to cross

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Welcome back you're listening to besides morning brew with BJ Niles here 91.5 Cane V jazz and more. And that song was called wait to cross for street off our first record, which was called it's a crossover thing. Yeah, man, there's everybody's playing on this is so slim. And again, we went in and did a nine song record in one day. We played those songs live and everybody just went off and the energy was just staying on that same album, do you want to you want to shut down a little bit. revisit

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a tune up that. Once again, our influences come from so many different places in this. This tune. One of mine was influenced by my daughter Vivianne. Who is now 12 about to be 13 Going into seventh grade.

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What's so funny is I remember the day you call me when after she was born. It was like within a few days and like, Man, I want to share a cigar. I'll never forget that call actually. Yeah,

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yeah. pretty trippy.

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We were both in Southern Cal at that time living down there. Yeah. You were in Orange County

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living there and so. Okay, no, it was a great time to be alive. No, we both live it out there and you know, we're just celebrating. You know, you watch your daughter grow up. Any one of our listeners who have children out there you understand where I'm coming from. So this tune is entitled vvdn

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Welcome back you're listening to besides morning brew with Bs denials are 91.5k, u and v jazz and more, man, that song is, in terms of what you've written that is my favorite of yours. Actually, that's

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one of our hits. That's one of our gases that we pretty much play at most of our shows at that

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song live. It's just so incredible. And as the date draws near, but Well, we will be playing Smith Center again on September 10. This year, so we're gonna have a very, very special show and, but to book in this, I believe this was the last song on the album, in fact, so me being a huge fan of Miles Davis, there was a time in my writings and I at the time, I was doing what I called Organic sampling, which is basically taking a section a main section or the hook of a particular song of a famous artist, and then I would rewrite a song completely around it

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well and original lyrics as well. I mean, yeah, original lyrics. There's no lyrics. It's an instrumental tune. So you definitely made it your own or put your own spin on with the with your great lyrics that you write.

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So this song is called, we call this one Have sowhat

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no dance was ever love they begin to draw me in the deadly sin your amorous flower bloom seduce me with a smile and last and you read one little sand hill fume kid kids rose why Black Rose Ray on a bed it's

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relaxed Cray

Unknown Speaker 26:09
relaxed calm the masquerade

Unknown Speaker 26:21
relah Cow lipstick Sharon

Unknown Speaker 26:39
is within you read dreads and slowly you begin to undress sweet Mary Nana of love you Bulla now strings with the silicone glove Raven hair and hip nah extend rose white room for the night. black balls rain or bed

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relax Ray

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calm one day you asked to

Unknown Speaker 27:18

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relax several day.

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Relax Ray calm

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that was fun man to take a look back. I enjoy that sometimes retrospective is good. Yeah, I think we also kind of gave you a nice little mix tape. And we're looking forward to seeing you all live at a show and please come up and say hello to us. We'd like to also thank 91.5k u and v as well as high note roasters without coffee. Nothing. Good

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morning everyone enjoy your Sunday

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you've been listening to beside morning brew with beach and Niles chillin on the corner of lifestyle app

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and music stream on 91.5k You and we get

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