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Matt Hancock wanted to “deploy” a new Covid variant to “frighten the pants off” the public and ensure they complied with lockdown, leaked messages seen by The Telegraph have revealed.

The Lockdown Files – more than 100,000 WhatsApp messages sent between ministers, officials and others – show how the Government used scare tactics to force compliance and push through lockdowns.

We also review the new information around Dr. Fauci funding research that would specifically 'discredit' the origin of Covid-19 coming from the lab in Wuhan. It also seems that everyone involved are the "usual suspects" if you know what I mean.

Overall, all of the information is absolutely bombshell news and it's great to see as time goes on that the truth continues to come to light. This is an apolitical, pro-peasant movement and all we care about is the truth. Check out any of the older podcasts to confirm our legitimacy and/or watch this episode on another platform below:

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The Jonathan Kogan Show brings you the most important, underreports news (and hot takes) that you need to know but the mainstream media is not covering. If you are searching for the truth, and of course the cold hard facts, then this podcast is for you. But, if you are looking for fake news and distractions from the real news, then you will be better off going to CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News. We do not cater to any corporations or powerful elites, but rather everyday peasants who simply want to know what is really going on without the propaganda.

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Every single day since I started creating this podcast, there is just so much going on in the world is that every day we have bomb shells. Nearly every day we have bomb shells, But before I get into that yesterday I was on a Twitter spaces with Grand Cardon, Now some pig, Some other people, By the way, you guys are listening, or if you knew to The Jonathan Kogan Show because you were listening to that twitter spaces. Thanks for being part of the movement, the largest political movement in human history. Okay, bringing world piece pro Human, pro Freedom, pro Love, Back to the earth and pro Earth, Of course, anti tyranny. So I, we were just talking about. Generally Everyhingthat's going on how chaotic it is. Basically the great receivers, the Great Awakening and I gave you the stick if you're if you're new, If you're If you've been it on the Cocon show for a while, you know the stick. Okay, so basically we were just spitting fire. just telling the truth. Okay, awakening the masses, Okay, providing them a political point of views, And after I was done, Grant made a question. He put Question through the whole Twitter space, saying Okay, is Jonathan a genius or is he full of ship and wanted to get a pull? Wanted to get a temperature of what I said and what people thought. So people started posting their comments. He said, Either put genius or full of ship, And nearly everybody wrote Genius. A couple wrote a couple screws in his head or loose. But I deemed one of those two people, and we straightened that out and we're on the same page. So really one person, but they just couldn't grasp it Because what we talk about here is so meta. It's so truthful that it just shocks. it Is the Sh. It's the largest red pill in the world. It's the largest awakening in the world. Okay, but you guys know that you girls know that because you've been part of this movement for many months now. I mean, we're coming up to a year, almost a year of truth, Red pills, facts, a political, unbiased news to your ear to your you tube channel, wherever you get, The Jonathan Kogan Show, By the way, Scribe to wherever you listen, O The Jonathan Kogan Show, And if you're not subscribed to the Youtube channel, The Rumble Channel, or any podcast player, please do that now. okay, Um, so yeah, so so basically why I'm telling you this Besides just inflating my ego and patting myself on the back, which we're a political here. So I don't care about that stuff. Is you are listening to trustworthy material, and if you think twice about that, go look at the previous hunder sixty two episodes and just check how Our record is. Have we been accurate or have we been inaccurate? Go look at them. We almost are batting a thousand. We might be batting a thousand. Actually, don't even know we might be being a thousand. So let's get into the What's that message is? Project for Fouche, Fabricating scientific papers. It's all coming out. Why is it coming out now? now? that's a good question. but we're not going to get into that exactly. Maybe at the end This is so big. this is so big like. I can't even believe this is real. And the great thing is is that we're starting to see real journalism again. They're trying because they know that everybody knows that these journalists newspapers publications channels. They know that we know that they are lying, And so they're trying to change course. Because guess what, it's not even financially viable to be a liar. It actually goes against your bottom line, so it's very Strange to lie. It hurts you financially. it hurts you reputationally. it hurts you in everything. Maybe you had like a little sprint there from like you know, twenty, twenty, twenty, twenty two. but now you're in the gutter. No one believes any of it. None of it. That's why they come to the John the open show. That's why we're breaking through the main stream. That's why we are becoming the main stream. So now let's get into Project Fear. The telegraph is posting real stuff. So Matt Hancock is the health secretary in the U. K. All right, He Sent what at messages, his communications to a journalist to ghost write a book for him about the pandemic. All right, and before I get into reading these and poling them up on the screen, just know that the same people that used Ovid as a power grab to make up for their own insecurities and weaknesses, are the same people calling you a conspiracy theorist. So perhaps you are on Right side of history, Because guess what you are. We are everybody who has brain cells left in their head. Know what the truth is. It just took many many podcast episodes and Youtube episodes to get it out there, And there's other truth tellers out there, but they came a little later. the movement. Some came on in August in September and didn't really pick up to like January of this year. We've been on this movement before it was cool because it was the right thing to do. So these messages are crazy. He sent it to a journalist to ghost write a book for him. Well, these messages exposed, let's just say a lot of corruption like a lot of corruption, like psychotic corruption. And so this journalist decided to publish them in what is now referred to as the Lock down files. And if you don't remember Lock downs, Lock Downs is when the government across the Western world went full blown tyranny and told people they can't leave their. Their house is just like Wardyharrilson said On Sar, Live, You can't leave your house till you take a force experimental gene therapy. Then you are allowed to leave. It's almost like there was collusion between big farm, a big government and politicians and the media all to get you to do things against your will. Maybe you were lining up at the door at C. S. God bless your soul, if you were, that's fantastic, but for a lot of people they just like to be free. We like to be left alone. So let's get into what this Posed. Because this is unbelievable and I'm not even kidding. This is unbelievable. All right, So first things first, the Telegraph, we're very happy that they're doing journalism again. So it's called Project Fear. Authors discussed when to deploy new Covid variant. Do you believe that? Yeah, you hear that correctly. That's real. Okay, That's real in his messages Is what's that messages? Let's just read it for you. You're watching. I have it up on the screen again. This is from the telegraph Mad Handcock wanted to quote, Deploy a new variant to quote, Frighten the pants off, close quote the public, and in sure they complied with lock down. Leaked messages seen by the Telegraph have revealed this is real. This is absolutely one thousand percent real. and I'll show you the. I'll show Er. I'll read the What hat messages in order. After this, the lock down files. more than one hundred thousand. What's that message is Between ministers, officials and others, show how the government used scare tactics to force compliance and push through lock downs, so your kids can't go to school, so they can't learn, so they're behind forever and you can't go out and exercise and be healthy. You get more sick, You. you don't have the the freedom to assemble with your other human beings to perhaps protest. Not very very smart. Isolate, spit out propaganda through the mainstream meetin in the internet and get everybody Into a sicosis. That wasn't part of it. That was a little commentary. That's why we're the number one news commentary. Podcastinalbania. What's up Albania? You guys are awesome. So in another message, Simon Case, the camp, the Cabinet Secretary said that the fear guilt factor was vital in ramping up the messaging during the Third National lock down in January twenty twenty one. Well, if you keep complying, you better get excited for the eighteenth lock down in January Twenty twenty eight. When you have literally zero freedoms at that point, you see you can't be quiet. You must speak up the previous month, Matt Handcock, the then Health Secretary appeared to suggest in one message that a new strain of N. I got to be careful because the algorithm you understand C, v, I, D, because I feel like already said it too much, and this will probably get flag from misinformation or dis, information or mal information or a whole bunch of bull Ship. That came those words. Sorry for my language. but those words were created by the Soviet Union to basically uh, take the credit to to discredit anybody who went against the essentralized government narrative. That's where the words came from. They're now just using it again in the Western world and people are literally saying. Oh, I'm a dis information expert. If you're a dis information expert, you are probably the biggest spreader of this information of all time. It's the biggest fraud titles ever. But you know that by now because you enjoy the truth, So again, a new strain of who had recently emerged. I'll read it again. the then house sectary, Mathancock, appeared to suggest in one matches that a new strain that had recently emerge would be helpful in preparing the ground for the looming lock down by scaring people into compliance. Remember this also made you a conspiracy theorist if you thought any of this or spoke out about it, which just meant you were over the target and you were getting to the bottom of the truth when you just slander someone that already says Conspiracy. There is there big. They're all. It's just to discredit you. It's to get people to look away, and it works for some people. But now you know that that's the only tactic they have. They don't counter it with other information. They just slander. Okay, just deformation you know what's a conversation on December Thirteenth attained by the Telegraph, Damon Pool, one of R. Hancock's media advisors informed his boss that Tory, M. P. S quote, furious already about the pro Spect of stricter covid measures, and suggested we can roll pitch with the new strain. The comment suggested that they believe the strain could be helpful in preparing the ground for a future lock down and tougher restrictions in the run up to Christmas. Twenty twenty, R. Hancock, then replied quote, We frighten the pants off everyone with the new strain. Close quote, So the people who jumped on this power grab during this pandemic unquote Just weak people. Just want the people who got excited to say, Put on your mask that. Now we know from Cockran Library the gold standard of research that they don't work. Or where are your papers when I would go to a restaurant in New York. I'm like I thought my people fall for this like I'm not nosy Germany. Like what's going on now like it seems awfully similar Right across the bridge. Where are your papers you? Oh my God, where are your papers? Anti Baxter. I don't know. It's crazy and I'm allowed to say that I'm in to do okay, So don't get Your pans up in a bunch. Uh, M. pool agreed saying, Yep, that's what we will get. Proper behavior change. They are laughing in your face, But guess what we were all doped is okay And now we're on team A political. Now we're on team Freedom, free love, and we're on team. Peasant were coming together like never before, and that's the establishment in the leads. Biggest fear. if we join hands across party lines and realize that we are more seeing more of the same than different, and they stop dividing us of a rat. Stan are things that have have plagued human race forever, that have been used as the dividing conquered strategy forever. If we can see through it like we do on this show and we come together with our brothers and sisters and our peasants all across the world. It's over. It's done. We can't lose because we will not comply. back to the story. The discussion came two days after M. Hancock was informed the emergence of a new variant, while crazy timing, known as Alpha or the Kent, varying in December. twenty twenty, a surge in cases later, led to the effect Cancellation of Deer of Christmas on December nineteenth. Okay, so you understand what I'm saying, so let's get into the. What's that message? Here it is. I'm going to read you. The What's that message Is a screen shot of it. If you're listening, Matt Hancock. We frighten the pants off everyone with the new strain, but the complication with that breit is taking the top line. Damon pool. Yep, that's what we'll get. proper behavior change, Matt Hancock. When do we deploy the new variant? Damon Pool. Been thinking more about this and think we need to be more cautious. The strain that is, think you made the point earlier. but we need to keep schools off paperwork slash agenda, Matt Hancock, Yes, Damon Pool worth doing a bit about No leaking at the top. I think big risk with the variant right wing papers go for a renewed push for Let it rip On the basis the vaccine strategy is undermined, Matt Hancock. That's why we reassure on the vaccine. So There's just so much to get into And this ties into Fouche fraugulantly, putting forward the um, Uh, new email show, Dr. Anthony Fouche Commission scientific paper in February, twenty twenty, To disprove the Han Lab leak theory, This was all a manufactured crisis. From the start, We can get into the reasons for this and I got into that on the Twitter spaces. And if you've been with the show, you know a lot of the reasons. There's a lot of cycles convening at this point in time it's crazy time to be alive, but we're not going to get to that right now, because well, if you're new, go back and listen to some of the Epi sodes, Go look at the titles. They're interesting. Okay, the truth doesn't fade. Okay and the lives fade and then the truth comes to the fore front. Okay, what is its sunlight is? The sunlight is the best disinfecting. That's like the cool phrase. Well, we thought it was just in our best strategy, best interest to tell the truth. And that's why you come back. That's why you listen to this podcast. Because you, There's no agenda. How do you know that? because we're a political, it's impossible to have an agenda period, full stop period, not a agendlbut. You know what I mean, So what do I want to go with this? So actually, let's play a little bit of the Telegraphs video on you tube, Which is about these articles. They made a little Youtubevideo about the lock down files, And I think it gives a pretty good. let's just say synopsis of it. And so let's pull that Up here and let's play the beginning of that, because I think it gives a good summary of the lock down files, and this is so massive this.

All right, so let's pull up that video from the Telegraph, which gives a little summary on these lock down files. It's a fantastic. Um. It's a fantastic little summary and I think you'll like hearing it. So they title it why Matt Handcock. What's that? messages were revealed by the telegraph? The lock down files. All right, let's play this for you. All right. take a listen. Okay, Sorry to pass so quickly, but where were you the last three years? Okay, where were you guys? Where were you journalists? Okay? Now you feel like it's appropriate. Maybe it was appropriate two years ago. Maybe appropriate a year ago. Now it's appropriate. Why? now? Okay? I'm glad you're on the right side of history, but it took a long time for you, remember ethics? Yeah, they put many of them out of business forever so they can solidate power into a few male international corporations that can then have a monopoly on everything, and then we have to go to these six Venus. They control everything that we dou. they hate mom and pop shop. they hate the peasants. they hate you. Why? I don't know. I don't know. I don't know the true reason why we are so disgusting. that peasants are so nasty and we can't associate with peasants. Oh my God, look at them. look at the food they eat. On My God. they can't meet their peasants. Well, you know we say it's better to be on team peasant than team elite. Why? Because we're in the greatest fight of our lives for real freedom, humanity is going to thrive because of this fight. Okay, I'm just glad that people are realizing the importance of this Why there aren't literally billions, if not hundreds of millions of people outraged over this. I have no idea what's going on. People are not just absolutely disgusted of what has happened, and this is literally arguably the Greatest crime against humanity overall, and really the way it was handled. The response to the pandemic is what really killed. more, people literally killed died and people aren't outraged or both, people who lost loved ones, the people who lost friends, the people who lost, just teach her all this crazy stuff. The, maybe there is more outrage and I just don't hear about it, but this is insanity. Let's get back to his place for a couple more minutes and then we got so much more to get into. Like how Fouche fooled America So crazy, So I always talk about it from the angle with the mass of how it was always a lie. We know it never protected against viruses like this, and it was always a fake. Okay, it was always just for compliance, but I feel the better argument is from those who are more compassionate. You know, I look at things very dispassionately, I just look for the adductive truth, but the way to get the hearts of people who actually did believe in that or still do believe in it is okay. Well if they're lying about the mass and it didn't work and you had someone who would have Safe for at home like an old person, that then went out with a mass and thought they were safe and went out. And because it doesn't protect, caught the virus and died that is actually, That's the bad. That's really the negligence and the really bad reasoning of recommending the mass. Okay, not just to get compliance, but you killed people who thought it would protect, but it did not protect in public And so they went out thinking they're safe, but they weren't safe and they died from it. That's a very compassionate way to look at it. I look at like. Listen. It's just straight compliance. They were just trying to go as far as you can. This is corruption at the highest level. This is big farmer, buying all the politicians of media and this is everybody at the highest level on the elite team being on the same squad. Okay, just massive, massive corruption agenda like great reset, massive massive manipulation, massive fraud. I mean, this is crazy what we're at, but I'll play another minute of this and then we're goin to have fouche fooled America. All right, so we'll stop that there, but I'll link it below so you can watch the rest of it. I don't know you think, but I'm sure it's gonnatllyu. What I think? This is disgusting. There should be so much outrage over these lock down files. Okay, especially if you have children herein this time and they couln't go to school. They ouldn't learn they could be with their friends. they were forced to mask, and like, if they re a little baby, who literally grow and learn how to speak by watching other humans faces their parents faces, but couldn't see cause of mask, And they're gonna have speech impediment, impediment And learning disabilities and just delayed onset of everything. If you are not outraged, that's okay, but that's crazy. If you're not okay, it's okay and you're still on team Peasant and we love to have you, But this should wake up everybody. Why it's all coming out right now, Probably because we're going deeper in a world worth three and something much bigger is happening behind the scenes. So because everything is by design, it's all distraction. This is all carefully orchestrated in some way. So who? Exactly? but we have to still cover the truth because it doesn't really get the air time it needs. I still need people to be aware of the truth and what has happened. Literally the largest psychological operation. What? Let me tell you what the Cia does? The Ci distableisdestabiliz es foreign countries by creating dis information campaigns, Okay to distabilize the country and the political system. Well, that's psychological warfare that has been mastered over decades Was turned inwards on its own people in the West, in the U. S. in the U. K, and Canada and Australia, New Zealand, the Five Eyes, the intelligence agencies for all of those all right, like we can't spy on our own people, even though we know they do. so. The U K, spies on our people, sing with Canada, and we just switch flop and they all work together. The Five eyes, What you have experienced in the last three years is the highest grade psychological warfare, fifth generation warfare that humans have ever experience in the history of humanity. But the people are waking up. They accidentally woke up the sleeping lions. I know that was a terrible lion, but you know what I mean. It's the spirit behind it. Our spirit animal is now lion. Okay, and you know what their spirit animal is, Snake, or some satanic creature, Because they love saying Okay, they love saying. Um, let's just get into. They really do love saying. they like praise, saying like they bow to saying they do like Satanic rituals. It's crazy. We somehow Came into a world where it's totally inverted, where we are being run by these literally Satanic worshipper people. Right, and like we are very, you know, pro spiritual, pro kindest pro Human, You know many of us are pro God or pro Something good, good energy pro source energy. Whatever they try to disconnect us from source energy and turn us into tribal human beings that praise a movement or something human. made. Okay At any times we have Is another human, or like climate change or something like that, bad things happened. Okay, you cannot praise other humans. Okay, go watch video in nineteen thirties Already That same thing happened and that's what's happening now, But the people are awakening like never before. People are coming from all sides of the Isle to join the political movement because they know this is much bigger than politics. This is a freedom verse tyranny type of fight. Okay, this is a good verse evil fight. Don't know what else you call it when you start just putting petafellia in the open when you mutilate little children, and they can, when you can vaccinate little children against their parents. Knowledge that is not okay, ever ever ever. That's why they can't get like that. It's crazy and that is not a political opinion. That is a human opinion. All right, That is just being sane. I don't know how to say it. You know what I mean, so let's get into how fouche Fooled America Maltincoldof, kil Dorf, Koldo and J. Bacharia Frind of the show you can go listen to podcast I did with him many podcasts ago now, which is just crazy. It's been a long time. See if I can have him back on some this from News Week. How fouche fooled America. Very very important piece. here. Pay attention. So When the pandemic hit America needed someone to turn to for advice, the media and public naturally look to Anthony Fouche, the director of the National Institute of Alergy and Affection Diseases, and esteemed laboratory, iminologist, and one of President Donald Trumps chosen Cocon advisors. Unfortunately, Dr. got major epidemiology, and public hath questions wrong, Reality and scientific studies have now caught up with them, so let me just name a few things they got so wrong. It's not even Natural immunity. Why? Because they need to force mandates on experimental gentherapies, So we have known about natural immunity from disease at least since the Athenian plague in four thirty B C. It's twenty twenty three. We're talking about four thirty B. C. pilots, truckers and long shore men know about it and nurses know it better than anyone under fogies mandates. Hospitals are firing heroic nurses who recovered from after they contracted wild, caring for Patients with their superior immunity. They can safely care for the oldest and frailest patients with even lower transmission risk than the vaccinated Crazy. Okay, these are the top pdenologes in the world, Writing this article, Who are re, also known as fringe petemiologists, which was a concerted effort by Fouche to discredit them to get his totalitarian measures put in place. I'll just list the other ones that will move on protecting the elderly. They failed on that which was the Great Baron Declaration School closers. Can we all agree they flopped on that horribly, some being closed for over two years. Like in California, That is psychotic. Okay, that is psychotic. Look at Sweden masks. That was all for compliance and show contact tracing collateral public health damage. Nobody's ever going to trust the public health establishment. ever. The C. d C is done over. And that's all I want to say with that. So now I want to get more deeper into what's being exposed. Not only from these. what's that message is, Which is the U K. health Minister, but the fouche, the fouche, also known as the Science for people who want to praise little crazy psychotic Anthony Fouche, Unbelievable, It's like Joseph Mindeloatever, from from Nazi Germany, Is unreal. Is unreal. So this is A New York Post and it is New Emails show Dr. Anthony Fouche Commission scientific paper in February, twenty twenty to disprove Whan Lab League theory, Remember when you were conspiracy theorist? For that I remember that good old days, new emails uncovered by House Republicans probing the coin, Nineteen pandemic reveal the deceptive nature of Dr. Anthony Fouche. Well, I thought he was such a savior, So there's some people like the Crassington, These twin brothers, who Like, literally must be paid by, like the the Democratic Party, because you have to be Partizan, Not to just see the truth. Whether Partizan Republygon, Partizan Democrats, they happen to be democrats, like literally a week ago. I re tweet. If you think a hero like Okay, Yeah, right, okay, don't do your own research. They show he prompted or commissioned and had final approval on a scientific paper written specifically in February, twenty twenty to disprove the theory that the virus leaked from a lab, An China Eight weeks later, Fogy stood at a White House press conference alongside President Donald Trump and cited that paper as evidence that the Lab League theory was in plausible while pretending it had nothing to do with him and he did not know the authors quoted. There was a study recently, he told reporters on April seventeen, twenty twenty, when asked if the virus could have come from a Chinese lab quote where a group of highly qualified evolutionary viorologists looked at the sequences and bats as they evolve in the mutations, and To get to that point where it is now is totally consistent with a jump from a species from an animal to a human. It's impossible that it came from the an institute of virility that literally studies Covid viruses in a laboratory in Han. But no, that's impossible. It came from the white market down the street. How dare you your races if you think that Okay, your races. You hate humans. If you think that this virus came from a lab where the exact same virus has studied, you are a racist. So the paper will be available. I don't have the authors right now, but we can make it available to you, Fouche, said, The paper, titled The Proximal Origin of Sars Cove Two was sent to Fouche for editing in draft form, and again for final approval before it was published in Nature Medicine on February seventeen, twenty twenty, It was written four days after Fouche and his N I H. boss, Dr. Francis Collins held a call with the four authors, who discuss reports that Covid Nineteen may have leaked from the Han Lab and may have been intentionally genetically manipulated the house over site subcommtte, published Email Sunday, Which the papers, co authors, Dr. Christine Anderson, Mitch Fouche quote, prompted him to write the paper with the goal to disprove the Lab League theory. Okay, no problem. And then it was by Oh, listening to who was prompted by Jeremy for. For whatever his name is, Tony Fouche and Francis Collins, Jeremy Fra, literally is famous. I believe he's the one that helped with manipulating the numbers For how bad the pandemic is, Um, with the Welcome trust And like, and did that that study in Brazil, or had a part of it about Iver, Macon doesn't work to discredit it, and he basically mishandled the whole thing, and now this last December, he was promoted as like the chief scientist of the World Health Organization, for our then head of British non profit, The Welcome Trust, which has built Bill Gates, which has historic ties to the farm suitical industry, in the Gates Foundation, was rewarded with the plum role of chief scientist of the World Health Organization Last year, We living in such an up Down world that the worst you do, the more negligent you are, the more evil you are. You actually get promoted at the highest level. We are in an inverted reality. At this point of time its bizarre. It's strange and we must fight back and we are. This is how you fight back and you wake up the masses. So I'll read this last part on the day the Proxima Origin paper was published, email show Ferrar pushing through a crucial change quote, Sorry to micro, manage micro edit, But would you be willing to change one sentence? Ferrars change was to replace the word unlikely with improbable in a statement about the Lab League Origin, So it would read. It is improbable that Sare Cove to emerge through laboratory manipulation of an existing Sars related corona virus. Literally, people got kicked. Social media got their channels removed on you tube for suggesting that it could have come from a lab in the same city that we found it. Which study is the very same thing that was came that came out of that lab. That was a pandemic in the world, which was a covidvirus. That's all they study there, like back corona viruses. Okay, and people's livelihood creators were taken off. and now the energy epartment comes out and says, Oh, that's where it came from with a low likelihood, But that's what they believe it is that it's from a lab like anyone with a brain like John Stewarts. Incredible bit. You know, he went totally psychotic on his own show, which is crazy. He's a shell for the regime. I don't know what happened. They probably have some blackmail on him. I see anybody who's a shell for the machine. Now they must have like Jeffrey Epstein type blackmail on these people because they're just giving up all their credibility. John Stewart was. I'm sure he was some of a truth teller and he was like a rebel and all the tuff. Now he's a shell for the regime, But when he went on Colbert, who is Executive producer and they talked about it coming from a lab, he crushed it, so you know he's seen in his head. He's trying to be a shell. It is so disingenuous When you watch his show, it's so disingenuous. It's such fraud. But yet when he goes and does a bit on Colbert about how it came from a lab, everyone loved it because everyone knew that's what probably happened, and literally creators lost their livelihood because of it because of it. So improbable means having a probability too low to Spir belief unbelievable, even ridiculous. That's what Fouche and friends wanted us to think of the Lala theory that look probable from the gecko, as one dissenting scientist sat at the time, and looks more probable by the day. The question of why Fouche went to such effort to obscure the origins of Covidnineteen, as a major focus of the G P led committee. While they're at it, they should quiz the Bin. Administrations knew us, negotiator for the Pandemic Accord at the Who, Ambassador Pamela Hamamahamamdo, a former campaign Bondlerind Hai school made of Baracobama Last month, she sided with China to keep deliberations around this new international pandemic treaty secret. What are they trying to hide? Yeah, So you know Wat's going on right now. The Who is currently creating a pandemic treaty to basically give up sovereignty of all individual nations, So it goes to the O. So if they want a mandate, lock down force injections, just full blown tyranny. they get the say when there's a pandemic that W h l, which is the fort. The Just fonder is Germany, the second large just fonder is the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation, the third United States, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. You look anywhere and you see Bill Gates scarey face, Okay and abortion, love of Melinda Gates, which is fine. We're not. It's okay. it's okay. That's if that's your cup of tea. We don't care. We're not political, but that lady is obsessed with abortions. It's bizarre. It's like Hey, we could talk about any of your favorite subjects. What do you want to talk about? Melinda? Want to talk about the bolortions? It's just like what you don't wanta talk about. Like sports. you wntatakabout Your family won't think about motions. It's just a thing that's a very bizarre thing to want to talk about all the time. It's all I'm saying. Usuall you want talk about our favorite movie, or maybe a song you like, or maybe your own children, But to talk about boarding African young girls children. It's just very odd. It's very strange, so it's a red flag to us. But here's the point. Let me tell you, the punch line The punch line is is, Yes, we are alive at a Unusual time and history, and there are a lot of things going on, a lot of cycles, converging all at the same time. And perhaps it's the last fight for humanity to be free, which is my thesis, and I know how meta that sounds. How crazy that sounds. I am totally aware that it sounds like I have screws in my head that are loose. But if you go and look at all the previous podcast, all of the Youtube The rumble channel ever, you're on And you just look at the documented episode That we have on this show. How can you say with a straight face that there's no credibility Because we were telling the truth before the truth was cool and we made truth cool again. We made truth great again. Just getting it's funny. It's funny right So You have to understand. the world is run by very dark forces for the time being, and very bad people. Okay is this family that have been running stuff for hundreds of years, Perhaps likely very likely. Does it all trace back to the same corporate Black Rock Van Guard State Street, which, by the way, in three years, are going to own ninety percent of the fortune. Five hundred ninety percent. That's normal. Yeah, let's consolidate power in the fewest amount of hands possible, so we can just have ful Blown to talitarian regimes. You are seeing corporatians take over your government in the West. That's what's Excuse me. That is what's happening. I am sorry to be the one to break the news to you that that the that you are literally experiencing, what happens when corporatians can buy out politicians and buy out the media and then literally implement anything they want. They got you to lock down in your home, they close down beaches, They closed down hiking trails, like the best place for your microbiom, They shut it down and they said you can't leave unless you take an experimental gene therapy, whether you like it or not, And then they started giving it to children. Then then they started managing it for babies, and then they're managing it for schools. It's crazy. T's not normal and now, in fact, I will read this last article here. I said Jeremy. For who did a terrible job. Him in the pandemic, got promoted from the Welcome trust built on the gates to the World Health Izationbilon Gates funded, as well as the chief scientists talking about recently, How guess what? Just like they're normalizing everywhere else that. Guess what there's going to be pandemics. Get ready. There's going to be more. It's just a matter of when, it's just a matter of when let's pull this up. I mean this is just crazy. You really can't make this up. so oh, here it is. Here's the name of the article from the Guardian There. there may still be surprises For our warrants of pandemic perils ahead as the former sage advisor leaves. Welcome to join the Who. He talks about exhausted health workers. the U K, sluggish response to Covid and the danger of conspiracy theories. Yeah, you want to know why conspiracy? You want know why conspiracy theories are dangerous, Because you should not do your own research. You should shut up, you should not think for yourself. You do not use your critical thinking skills, and you listen to politicians and Orful rich people that tell you what to do. And if you step on a line, we will Okay. So I'm jus gonna. I'm not going to read this. I'm just going to kind of give you the gist of it, but he goes quote, Ould, be less sanguine. Nice words. Okay that the pandemic is over. I think the overwhelmingly likely scenario is we are in a completely different place and it's much better. the world has immunity now largely, but there may still be surprises than the pandemic. There's goal Through a horrible wave. At the moment, I don't think there's full transparency about cases or about that or about the impact of that. and he goes, We need new vaccines to actually stop infection. Remember hen? They told you stop infection. like for many, many months, saying like you're an idiot If you thought I didn't. Yeah, remember that we are not in a good nough position to be sure that this is not coming back until we can get transmission blocking vaccines, And I don't know if they're possible, but I think they don't know they're possible. They were damn Cerne like two years ago. Oh wait, but never mind. they never said that, but I think the ambition should be there At the end of this decade as soon as possible. I think if we allow this amount of virus to continue to circulate, we are constantly running the risk of a new variant. He goes. This pandemic doesn't stop any other virus from merging from emerging, and he talks about how H five and one is really concerning issue, and how it's probably going to be bird flew. Historically, says hundreds of people who have been affected with the virus thirty per cent of die. Just be on the look o. go listen to podcast I did called Catastrophic contagion, Okay, catastrophic contagion, So Just to give you a little snaps of this and we'll wrap it up even to one was a simulation funded by the Billmen Gates Foundation, Johns Hopkins, that literally perfectly perfectly perfectly planned out. It was an unbelievable coincidence. They simulated exactly what happened in the pandemic, Exactly. It was like textbook. It was like training. It was unbelievable, unbelievable foresight. Six weeks later, you had a real case of Ovid. Unbelievable. Well, the same people involved an event to one have now A different exercise that you might not have known about called catastrophic contagion, Except this time it comes for your kids first. No problem. it comes for your kids. Well, if you want to try and protect kids and be on the side of good, go listen to the podcast episode I did a little while ago now called Catastrophic contagion. Of course, guess who was funded by the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation, but I'm sure they're doing good. Yeah, okay, okay, yeah, don't do your own research clown. You understand what I'm saying, So there will be another one there there. They've normalized now, people like Oh pandemic pop all the time. When was the last one? nineteen eighteen? What was the last one? twenty nineteen. When's the next one? that one, and twenty, twenty, three, ten, twenty, five, twenty, seven, to twenty Third. Now that it happened all the time, it's not normal. it's not normal. How can I help? I can't. I'm trying to help you remember the time in life when you knew pandemic happened like once every hundred years, not once every three years. Okay, but it's going to happen. Perhaps it happens next year. There's a big election. Maybe stuff like that. Maybe it happens this year. I don't know, but the exercises catastrophic contagion. these people can predict what happens in the future perfectly, and they are also incredible at investing in the very companies that make the most money. We get the most funding from the government right before the pandemic happens. Like Bill Gates and all the vaccine manufactures. It's incredible foresight, incredible, like mind blowing or like investing in green energy, Nal Sudenwe have a truly Nola green energy bill. Unbelievable, these people are the best investors ever. I'm sure they're not corrupt and I'm sure they love you and your family. So you understand the gist. These are bomb shell revelations that are going on Now. These, What messages are huge? They are talking about when they want to deploy the new variant to get you to comply. This is massive. Okay. share this with someone. subscribe to John the Coan show. If you haven't, If you want to donate to help the pod, which would really help go to Patric Dot Com Fort, slash ownership economy, And just don't Just don't patroon dot com Fort slash ownership economy. It would be massively helpful if I see one. If I see one donation in the next twenty four hours. One additional donation. I'm going to increase this to two podcasts every single day For you only if I see one of the next twenty four hours. That's it. So that's all I got for the day. Project Fear, it's called. It's being exposed. Why it's being exposed Now, I don't know. I just tell you the facts. Thank you for watching the John the Coon show. It's always good to be with you. I love you. Please subscribe wherever you your podcast. Please subscribe to the Youtube channel. Please follow on Twitter at k, o g Z, where I post all of these videos. Every podcast. The Atkeogztwitter account is gaining steam. People want to be a part of an a political movement And this is your chance. Join the movement at cogs, k, o g, z, and subscribe on rumble. And that's all I got for you. If no one told you to day, I love you. wherever you are in the world, Have a great morning, great afternoon, great evening Doesn't matter, whatever country you're from, You're human, your pro peasant, your pro human, your pro freedom, your anti tyranny. You're part of the team. I genuinely love you and thank you for listening. Seriously, thank you for listening. I appreciate it all right until next time, Adios by bye sea.