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NHL Player Safety is not policing enough incidents. Jacob Trouba is not suspended for swinging at Trent Frederic. David Perron gets 6 games, Eric Gudbranson jumps Nick Cousins and gets a game. NHL All-Star game changes. Winter Classic jerseys suck. Plus much more!

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Now, introducing your hosts, Matt Berry, Tyler Smith, and Connor Green.

Okay, Sarah, we can do all those things.

Hey, it's the Inside the Ring podcast.

It's back at it.

Special thanks to Sarah for that salty little open.

Hey, gentlemen.

How's your, how's your, how's your, how are you now?

How's my little time in between Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Oh, I'm swell.

Isn't it great?


The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is just all hell on earth.


It's just awful.

Isn't it just the worst?

All the direct decorations up, doing all the Christmas shopping, cleaning up after Thanksgiving, cleaning up your house for Christmas.

They really should give you more of a break in between the two holidays.

They should.

Like a lot more beer and drinks and food.

Yankee swap for every fucking day.

It's just like, what are we doing?

Connor can hit the hash pipe.

I mean, there's all kinds of things that you can do, you know, in between, in between the holidays to take the edge off.

Sometimes that's the only thing that can get you through the fucking holiday at the family's house.



A little bit of pipe.



You know, speaking of what you need a pipe to get through.

Children these days have a holiday program at 1.30 in the afternoon on a fucking weekday.

OK, so now I have to take my beloved personal time off of work to go listen to two or three kids scream and cry on stage.

Another five to 10 kids sing 50 percent of the song and two or three kids really, you know, be the future Taylor Swift or, you know, Luke Bryan out there.

Who knows?

But yeah.

What the hell?

Probably not.

I saw a viral video of a kid who couldn't have been more than seven or eight years old.

He's up on stage doing his, you know, recital or whatever.

And then he just grabs his junk and shakes it at the camera.

And his mother's like, no, no, you are not doing this.

was he was aggressive and he was shaking it up like an absolute savage and it was fantastic so yeah i mean maybe that's your kid i don't know who knows speaking of savages i was so we were talking about you know who's got something to talk about that's not necessarily hockey related to start off the show and a couple of shows ago i had something that i didn't bring up

So there is a person that we know that is related to the family somehow.

And they have a daughter who is in middle school, probably seventh, eighth grade, somewhere around there.

And she had a boyfriend.

And boyfriend, they've been going out for about a month or so.

You know, things are pretty serious in middle school in a month.

And all of a sudden they broke up and life is terrible.

Oh my God, she's horribly depressed.

Well, that's not the best part of this story yet.

It is the how she got dumped by a middle school kid.

So this young gentleman texts her and he says, so you know that before we started dating, I liked you and I also like somebody else.

Well, I actually liked that other person more than you, but they weren't interested in me.

So now that she's interested in me, her and I are boyfriend and girlfriend.

But wait, there's more.

he sent a selfie of them together to follow it up.


Sealed the deal.

What a middle school douchebag.

Yeah, that's rubbing salt in the wound right there.

That kid's a douchebag.

She should be happy that she can be far away from that kid.


That's grounds for an ass pounding.

I agree, but I couldn't help myself but laugh.

Yeah, I mean, that's I said, holy shit.

He's doing what everybody probably as a young teenage boy wish they could have done.

You see how when you flip words around, they're going to have a completely different meaning.

You should get his ass pounded.


Well, that's not great either.

I'm not going to lie to you.

We do not condone such actions.

Just leave the ass out of it.

Just leave the ass out of it or leave pounding out of it.

You should be beaten up or, yeah, beat his ass or, yeah.

That's what I had meant.



Well, but anyway, that is that is that is terrible.

That is some sociopathic kind of material.


That's not very good.

That's the crap.

Yeah, that's really great.

That's the program, honestly.


Speaking of hateful, plenty of hateful things happen in the NHL.

Yeah, for sure.

All right.

First off on the on the shelf, Taylor Hall, the Chicago Blackhawks is out for the season.

Halsey has a knee injury, had to undergo a knee surgery.

He'll be out for the rest of the season.

That's a tough break for the Blackhawks who were able to get him from the Bruins in the offseason and hope that he would provide some leadership, veteran ship and a line mate for Conor Bedard.

But now he is done.

Yeah, they didn't really get to develop much chemistry there because they didn't play a ton of games together.

So it's unfortunate for the Blackhawks that they lose a top six guy and also kind of a mentor to Bedard there.

So a tough break.

for chicago they didn't uh leave it a tough break and any sadness for long they made quick work of it and it's not on the the sheet for the topics but they went out and traded for anthony bovillier to fill that that space real quick they did pretty quickly yeah so i mean they had actually not a bad you know a bad little move there for for chicago yeah you know yeah much i mean

I think Chicago, if you're Chicago, you have to address that if Taylor Hall leaves.

I mean, you know, Taylor Hall's out of the lineup.

Now Corey Perry's out of the lineup.

You know, you've got the rookie Connor Bedard there having, you know, a little bit of daddy issues going on.

Bevilier, nine points in 27 games on the season.

You know, a good, I guess a good little insurance piece of some forward that can, he's only 26 years old.

So, you know, maybe he can be something that can get can blend with.

That core that they have at Chicago.

And he had actually six straight seasons, double-digit goals.

Most of them on the Islanders, so that should be even more impressive.

You should get an automatic plus six if you play on the Islanders.


I mean, the Islanders is such a nothing sort of franchise.

But I digress.

Damon Severson, Columbus Blue Jackets, he's out six to eight weeks.

Steverson, who is a really good defenseman, quality defenseman.

He has an oblique injury that he suffered on Saturday versus the Flyers, and he's expected to miss six weeks, maybe eight.

Tough loss for a Columbus Blue Jackets team that is now facing the injury bug.

They already weren't very good.

It looks like they are in the Celebrini stakes.

Yes, I think so.

I think they are.

And it's too bad because they play kind of a tough brand of hockey and are tough to play against.

We saw that with them beating the Bruins last week.

So it's unfortunate, but maybe now they get a chance to kind of turn it over to the kids and Fantilli and Kent Johnson and some of the guys there that will be the future of that team.

So as far as...

This year, you know, you weren't expecting much anyways.

But now, you know, maybe you get to play the kids more and they'll be able to gain some experience, you know, moving forward.

Yeah, tough.

I mean, it's tough for Columbus because the Eastern Conference is pretty stacked.

And, you know, there's just not a lot of room there for them to really climb out from under where they are right now.

So, I mean, it's going to be a situation where they're going to have a high draft pick.

and hopefully be able to add to Goudreau and Fantilli and some of the young players that they have.

That's really where the focus should probably be.

Ricard Raquel of the Pittsburgh Penguins is out long-term.

That's a tough break for Pittsburgh, who I've always kind of thought was –

smoking mirrors kind of team i mean they still have crosby letang you know gino like carlson carlson but but i just don't believe in them at all like i just think that they're just at the end of the day trying to be either out of the playoffs or or one round and done

Yeah, Carter's like 110 years old now, I think.

He is, Jesus.

He has a lot of miles on him from some of those battles, you know, with the Flyers, when he was with the Flyers earlier in his career, so, and then the Kings, but...

Yeah, I mean, it's always seemed like Pittsburgh is maybe a few guys away.

They have some good kind of complementary pieces to go with some of those main guys, but not a lot after that.

So, you know, they have the top two defensemen, but after that, there's not much there.

So, you know, it's...

Losing Raquel is definitely going to be a blow to them.

Sure, no doubt.

John Klingberg, Toronto, long-term IR.

Something that they cannot afford to have in Toronto is to lose defensemen.

They're already weak there, and they lose Klingberg probably for much of, if not the season, on long-term IR.

So that's a tough one.

Well, the Maple Leafs, whose major weakness again is defense.


I mean, this might be addition by subtraction because he's been awful.

So terrible.

He really has.

So maybe, you know, maybe bringing in somebody else or bringing up somebody from from the HL will will help them out more than Klingberg has been because he's just been dreadful for them all year long.

You know,

they need defensive help and they go out and get an offensive defenseman.

It was past his prime.

Just an awful, awful signing.

If you, if you want my honest opinion.


I mean, I just don't think that, you know, he was the type of guy that they needed.

And, and he's shown that he's just been terrible from the, from the opening get go.

So I think it might be more of a distant by subtraction in the long run in that

And the contract goes to long-term IR now, so they get a little bit of space to try to get somebody else.

But, man, that's pretty horrifically bad.

What a waste of 20 games.

Oh, my goodness.

I mean, he just didn't really do anything much at all.

And defensively, a train wreck.

And it's only gotten worse in Toronto since.

Well, they don't have a defensive culture anymore.

They're either right.

It's it's sort of a tough matchup for him.

And then Adam Pellick, the New York Islanders, is on a long term.

I are as well.

He will miss significant time with an upper body injury.

And here's a guy that him and Pellick back when.

They beat the Bruins a few years ago in the playoffs.

All we heard about was this guy and how great he was going to be and so forth.

And he's been a good player, but now he's out for a good amount of time.

And the Islanders, that's a big loss for them.

It sure is.

And don't you think they wish they had Devin Taves back on that team and didn't trade him away for a relief?

I think they picked...

a different, they should have picked a different defenseman other than tapes to, to get rid of it.

Go out and address the loss and add Bortuzzo from St.





Robert Bortuzzo.


Don't worry.

The cup is saved.

Robert Bortuzzo.

Yeah, I guess.

Robert Bortuzzo is ready.



All right, two-minute minor.

Patrick Laine of the Columbus Blue Jackets was scratched, embarrassed by the scratching, and didn't have warning from the team prior to it.

The saga that is Patrick Laine continues.

Yeah, I just don't know what to really make of him.

I mean, he's got all the talent in the world, but he just floats, and then he's great, and then he's terrible, and then he's scratch.

I mean, it's just you never know what you're going to get from him.

And we've talked about this a lot in different areas, but consistency is a huge thing in the NHL, especially for star players.

That's what makes them stars is because every single night they show up and they play and they produce.

A guy like Laine has all the talent in the world to be a star in this league, and he just does not consistently show up.

Let me defend this feller here.

Where has Patrick Laine played in the NHL?

Winnipeg, Columbus, but Winnipeg had now, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on.

They had a great, good talent in that team.

I'm not even talking about talent because there's talent on Columbus then.

And now it's when he's been there.


What is the leadership been like on both of those teams?

Well, it was an issue with Winnipeg.

And I don't know if they were blaming him or if they were blaming Wheeler or if they were blaming, you know, there were different guys.

In Winnipeg, it was the Evander Kane, the Blake Wheeler, Mark Shifley, and Dustin Bufflin.

They were in that time frame.

And that trickled over to when Line A was brought in and then moved out.



You know, I mean, also, if you want to look at it in the same perspective, if you want to judge Patrick Laine, what do you think of Pierre-Luc Dubois, who played in the same two garbage organizations and is now in a good Kings organization with good leadership?

and is thriving.

That would be, you know, the comparison here.

I won't pass judgment.

I would say that Columbus's leadership is fine.

Boone Jenner is fine.

I would love to have Boone Jenner on my team.

I mean, he's a great captain, so I don't think it's the leadership of the team.

I think it's him.

I think he, I mean, I think if it's, look, if you need leadership to, to be a pro, like I just, I mean, I get that that has value, but I still think it's the person that's been the problem.

with him he's a great he's got he's a great talented guy i mean would he go to another place and be great like i don't know pick a place i don't know would he go with look at the amount of benchings that paul vincent has just off the cuff used all season long in columbus already

I seem like every time we do an episode, we talk about Liney being benched.


He's not the only one in Columbus that they're doing it to.

There's like three to four other players that have been benched.


So, I mean... Yeah.

I don't know.

I just... I don't know.

I just think it's... He's... He is...

the most frustrating guy you could possibly have.

Remarkably talented.

And on that team with Goudreau and Fantilli, they should be playing like Arizona and Anaheim and those teams that have used their young talent to actually have better seasons than thought.

But they aren't, and he's a big reason why.

Winter Classic jerseys are revealed.


I just feel like they get worse and worse and worse.

I don't know if they are running out of ideas or if they just are trying too many cute things.

I just feel like they're not getting any better.

I mean, this year I feel like it's really a point of the winter season.

Classic, and neither of these teams have anything classic to draw on.

So I feel like the jerseys were kind of just a third jersey.

It wasn't anything that they were like reaching back on.

and pulling out of the vault or anything like that.

And also, if you look at the Vegas jerseys, it looks like two middle fingers.

Musical chairs.

Musical chairs.

Yeah, this is opposite day.

Yeah, you could be whoever.

Remember that when they told you that in school?

Yeah, look where that got us.

Playing musical chairs.

Yeah, so they blow.

The Winter Classic.

What do you feel about the Winter Classic?

Is this overdone?

Are we all done with this?

I think they should keep the Winter Classic and get rid of all the Stadium Series stuff.

Yeah, the Heritage stuff and the Stadium Series.

Keep one premier event and get rid of all the other shit.

Teams complaining that they're not part of it is the reason, and I get that.

The league plays their favorites.

Bruins have been in it a bunch, and Chicago's been in it a bunch, and Detroit...

So, you know, they're trying to keep it traditional hockey markets, I suppose.

But, you know, those are the marquee teams in the league.

You know, those are what people want to see in a marquee event.

I don't know if this is possible, but what I would do is like is is match the almost like the NBA Christmas Day and do like four games on the day for outdoor games.

on New Year's Day every year.

The NHL can't handle that.

They can't handle that.

I mean, they should be able to, but they can't.

You know, they don't have enough ice gurus and, you know, get the ice proper.

They've got a guy.


Yeah, they do.

They have a guy.

It's like, it's typical of the NHL.

Like we, like what happens if he's like sick or something?

Maybe when it's a swimming pool, everybody's out there, you know, Michael Phelps in it around the, around the offensive zone doing the backstroke.


Yeah, sorry.

Hey, let's go scuba diving in the gold crease.

Maybe we can find a puck buried four feet deep in the water that we've got going on here.

I think three or four games on New Year's Day would be fun.

I think it would be fantastic.

Another crazy idea, and I haven't actually heard this one.

I just pulled this one out of my ass.

What if instead of doing, yeah, a lot of ass talk, really weird.

Instead of doing any outdoor games, specialty games, all star, you know, the junk like that.

You know how they do the world championships like right in the middle of playoffs.

So anybody who's seriously in contention for the Cups not playing.


Why don't they just take a regular week to two weeks off in the middle of the season and do a world championship style tournament every year?

in north america well they've i think they've aren't they talking about world cup of hockey right well the world cup of hockey is not annually it's still either biannually or every four years no every four so i think they're gonna do it maybe maybe it's every two because it splits

Oh, maybe they are going to do it every four, though, like opposite the Olympics.

So you'll get this two years, and then two years later, you'll get the Olympics, and then two years later, the World Cup.

Well, regardless, the World Championships is every year, is my point.

It happens regardless.

Why don't you try to rope something, you know, like that into the schedule where, you know, most of these events are had because they are pandering to the ad sponsors of the team and of the leagues, right?

So you have to pitch it in a way that the league is going to be able to make more money and or expand upon their brand.

So how's an impactful way that you do that?

You have this tournament featured in 10 to 15 other countries that are watching some of your best players play with some fringe players from these countries that don't directly play in the NHL, obviously.

but there's going to be hundreds of thousands to millions more people watching that tournament than would normally be watching NHL content at that time during the prime months of hockey, you know, like nobody gives a shit about the world championships during June.


I'm all for, um, any kind of best on best tournament in hockey.

I think that's what people want to see.

That's why people love the Olympics.

That's why people were clamoring to have, you know, the world cup of hockey come back or like those Canada cup series back in the day.

Um, people love best on best tournaments, uh, especially when countries are involved.

So, um, I'm all for any of that.

You can put it in the, in the, in, in season, out of season in preseason, you know, whenever, um,

um but sign me up i'm in i love it yeah yeah i'm i'm in too i mean any type of it's not and don't have an in-season tournament that means nothing like the nba i have an actual tournament that actually means a damn if you would have asked me at the beginning of the year hey do you know who the mvp of the in-season tournament and the mv uh nba is going to be probably could have gotten it right yeah yeah probably putting a banner up

They're putting a banner up.


They had hats made and everything.

It looked different than the championship banners because they wanted to distinguish it.

Now, because this is a hockey podcast and we're talking about something NBA related, I want you to explain this to me because I don't fully understand how this works.

So I'm going to kind of explain you what I understand of how the sin season tournament works.

You kind of correct me where I'm wrong.

The base that I get is the in-season tournament isn't necessarily just like a week-long thing during the year.

It is something that happens like over months of the season.

It's like Tuesdays and Thursdays or Tuesdays and Fridays.

the games on those days count towards the in season tournament.


And I would assume that they count your wins.

And then I would assume like points and things for like tiebreaker or something like that.


And then you obviously get some type of reward.

So I assume you get a trophy, a banner, things like that.

Does it have any other impact on the season and or the playoffs?

No, I know that.

I think I heard, uh,

these players got like $500,000 bonuses if they win.

Yeah, it was money.

That was it.

Money and a trip to Vegas.

It's trying to get rid of this load management BS and having guys sit out every third game.

It's trying to get guys to play more games.

It's essentially what it comes down to.

So they'll just sit out the games that are not on Tuesdays or Thursdays?

Yeah, I guess.

Now they can just sit out different games, I guess.


So they focus, I mean, looking, working it backwards, they obviously focused on, Hey, Friday, Saturdays and Sundays.

If we have games, people are going to watch that shit.

We don't care.

But if we can nail people in the middle of the week with a spicy game, that's got meaning to it.

That makes sense.


The issue was I couldn't follow when the games were, who was doing what, like it was just thrown in the middle of the season in different nights and

I had no idea.

It wasn't tidy enough.

Like I just wait.

So it's not like every game that happens that night is an in-season tournament game.

It's only specific once.

It was specific ones, I believe, that had that ramification to it.

I didn't know when they were.

I didn't know.

I'm with you.

If you're going to have an in-season tournament, do it for three weeks.

The games didn't mean anything.

It was a regular season game that they counted towards the in-season tournament.

That doesn't mean anything.

It doesn't mean anything.

Here would be my pitch to the NHL.

Hey, if you want to do an in-season tournament, Wednesday nights, you have a triple header or a double header, whatever you want to have, on ESPN.

I repeat, ESPN.

No plus, no two.


everybody can watch it.

Everybody can watch it and you will get an East coast game.

And maybe you, you know, make one of them on the East coast, start earlier and do like an East coast, a central and a Pacific game.


You could start an East coast game at six or something and start a central game at five 36, something like that.



I mean, maybe do it in Florida.

So all the, the blue plate specials.



Um, but you have those games on a Wednesday, you make them nationally televised on blanket ESPN.

If you want to have ESPN ESPN plus both stream the game.


But you're making it the most available.

And I feel like the NHL has kind of gotten away from the old, uh, I think it was rival.

Wednesday night rivalry.

Wednesday night rivalry.

And then they switched over to NBC Sports and they kept it going.

They really got away from that.

And that was like the premier Wednesday event in the NHL.

And most people looked, ooh, what's the Wednesday night rivalry game that they're going to have nationally televised?

They did until they started putting horseshit games on Wednesday.

They started putting two teams that aren't rivals.



But I mean, you know, if you have like, look at all the craziness that's gone on in the NHL recently with, you know, people basically getting mugged on the ice and having, you know, everybody on the ice get a 10 minute misconduct at the same time.

I think there's going to be opportunities available to have absolute mayhem.

And I honestly think from a player's perspective, and I could be completely wrong on this, but if you're a player in the locker room and you're like one of the fringe third or fourth line players, and you know that you're going to be on national televised ESPN on a rivalry night game.

and you look over at another third-line, fourth-line plug, and you say, hey, man, do you want to get some absolute ISO cam on national TV?


Let's fucking drop the mitts, bro.


And they will do it.

I guarantee you people will do that.

That sounds great, but the league doesn't want fighting anymore.

Like, it sounds great to me.

I would love to watch that.

I would say 90% of the hardcore NHL fans would want to watch that.

But then, you know, the league doesn't want it.

Guys, linesmen, step in before guys can even... The league is like, oh my God, no fighting.

No fighting.

Please fight again.

With the way the player's safety is handling things...

It's just totally ass backwards of how if you want to get fighting out of the league, you got to fucking police the league better, and they're just not doing it.

They're doing a terrible job of policing the league.

They are policing the players who are policing the game themselves.

Branson was almost paralyzed on that hit by Cousins.

The refs called to play a major, watched it,

then reduced it to a minor penalty.

Good Branson ends up getting an extra two for almost being murdered on the ice.

And then he tries to fight cousins twice after that.

And the guy, and then he had to actually grab the guy and beat the shit out of them.

And then the linesman's were still trying to step in.

He's hitting them while he was down on the ice, which is a no, no one fighting, but because the league,

Because the linesmen and the referees were nowhere to be found when it really mattered, he had to take it into his own hands.

And now Goodbranson's probably facing a suspension for doing that.

And it should have been Cousins originally who got the suspension for the hit.

Should have been.

Because the hit was terrible.

Confirmed right before we started recording.

Goodbranson got one?


Yep, he got one.

Well, Nick Cousins should have got more than one because that was frigging... I think what really screwed Goodbranson there is he laid down on the ice like he was dead, and then he popped up like the fucking Undertaker in the memes, right?

And just started going absolutely crazy like he wanted to rip Nick Cousins' head off.

So that, I think, ruined your chance at having a major there.


I mean, it should be the, it shouldn't be, and it is, but they always go to the injury or not, whether or not the guy's injured and it shouldn't be, it should be the hit.

The hit was awful.

He drove his head into the dash.

I think you hit the nail on the head.

If you want to eliminate those hits, it should be punished based on the action, not the result because a lot of the NHL has based into the result.

So like, yeah,

And there's gamesmanship that organizations and coaches play.

They won't announce that a player is going to play in the next game.

They'll say he's questionable until the suspension comes out.

And then they say, yep, he's going to play the next game.

Good to go.


I mean, there's 100% teams do that and, and people, and I, and I hate it.

Like I'm, I'm glad good Branson got up and went right after cousins, even though it probably cost them a major penalty.

Like I don't want to see guys lying on the ice, like soccer players, like holding their leg.

And then all of a sudden they pop back up and take a free kick from fucking 30 yards away and score a goal and, and run around and take their shirt off and wave it around.

Like, I don't, I don't need that.

Like I,

have a guy he gets plastered in the ice gregory campbell you know breaks his leg on a shot he gets up he's not lying they're dead you know it's a he's a hockey player he's not a soccer player some other wuss bag get up and and go after the guy i'm glad branson did that right and of course there's jacob truber who's in the news again for nearly decapitating trent frederick


Bruins with a swing like that, that Marty McSorley would be proud of right in the neck of Trent Frederick and a complete reckless abandon with his stick.

And whether or not you think he hit him, try to hit him in the shoulder or in the ribs or in the whatever.

It doesn't matter.

You're you're being super reckless with your stick and you should get a hefty suspension for that type of thing.


And instead he got a $5,000 fine, which is basically like a cup of coffee for Jacob Truba.

They got 23 games or whatever it was.

So, so even though now they're trying to protect those, those types of get those plays out of the game, uh, it's not suspended now.

And it was suspended back then when fighting and, and all that other stuff was, was more, uh, allowed and more available and happened more frequently.

Have you guys seen the video mashup of the Jacob Truba swinging in the MLB?




So basically it has the video of Jacob Truba swinging his stick, and when it makes contact with Frederick's head, it switches over to some MLB player who just watches a baseball and then just watches, like, Frederick's head as the baseball goes flying around.

The stadium.

It is a drive to left field.


There's a long drive to whatever.

Speaking of something really funny that just happened.

John Navarro scored his thousand points tonight against the New York Islanders.

While I'm talking about this, both you guys pick up your phones and look up the group chat and what I sent you.

At the end of the game,

Bo Horvat eventually scored, I believe in overtime to help the Islanders win four to three.

And there is an absolutely amazing crying puppy dog picture of John Tavares.

Losing to his old fear.

Losing to his old team.

Shout out ITR writer Max Baum for sending that to us.

That is priceless.

That is terrific.

That is terrific.

We have our thoughts on John Tavares.

Yeah, thoughts and prayers, Johnny T. Yeah, thoughts, thoughts.

Senators Panthers, they policed it themselves.

The showdown had 167 pedaling minutes, 10 misconducts at once.

Yeah, did you hear that?

That was one of the best referee calls I've ever heard.

Everyone on the ice gets a misconduct.

Everybody in the ice.

That's what the referee says.

Everyone on the ice gets a misconduct.



Oh, I love it.

This is the good old days right here.

This is when, this is when men were men and hockey was hockey.

Oh my goodness.

That was beautiful.

And the wild thing is like, if I were to rack these guys off here, right?

Count on your fingers, how many names you actually recognize out of the people who got a misconduct, Brady Kachuk, Eric Brandstrom, Rourke Chartier,

Dimitri Kulikov, Travis Hamannik, Drake Batherson, Ryan Lomberg, Oliver Ekman Larson, Kevin Stenland, Jonah Gajevich.

That's a mouthful.

Sam Bennett and Matthew Joseph.

How many of those guys did you actually, you know, be as a household name?


Name is probably to Chuck baby Bennett.


that's probably about last night i suppose i mean i know some of these other guys because it's you know the bro that's like the ultimate how much of a hockey nerd are you is like how many names can you rack off yeah like earlier um for those of you who watch this show and not one of the other 70 shows that maddie and smitty do together

We just recorded Bruins benders earlier tonight and we threw up there who had the best plus minus of all time.

I feel like if you can rack off the top five, you're probably a hockey nerd.


I think that's true.

I think that's probably true.


Top five.


Well, especially if you get the first guy.

Because I think even though he was obviously a great player, you wouldn't think that that guy was the guy who has plus 722.


Hi, puppy.

That's a lot.

Oh, my Lord, that's a lot.

Yeah, it is.

It is a lot.

Five-minute major time.

2024 NHL All-Star Game.

Player draft returns.

Four captain will pick teams with a celebrity captain to assist.

Oh, great.

I hope the Blues is... Michael J. Fox.

Let me think.

Michael J. Fox.

Dennis Leary.

Who are the others?

Elijah Cuthbert.

And Carrie Underwood.

Yeah, there you go.

Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber and Drake are going to show up at the show.

Who is Ryan Reynolds?

He almost bought the Senators.

Maybe him.

He might be feeling a little blackballed.


Heart feelings.


You know what?

I just say get rid of all all-star games.

We've had enough.

It's all done.

All-star games stink.

They really do.

If you want to do it, do a skills event and have all the guys go out there and have some fun and call it a day.

Well, they are expanding the skills event.

They're going back to actually hockey-related skills, none of the bullshit gimmicky stuff.

that they were doing in Vegas and Florida.

So they're doing away with that.

They're going back towards real hockey-related skills like they used to do.

So hard to shot, accuracy, skating speed.

Yeah, and I think more actual hockey talent.

Do you remember how they used to have like a –

it was almost like an agility course, but like, yeah, that little like obstacle course through the ice.

I think they're going to have some more things like that.

They're going to have the PWHL three on three, I believe instead of the all-star event being a two day event this year, it's going to be three days with more stuff involved.

So they're really kind of sprawling it out a little bit.

Um, but of course it is in Toronto, you know, your, your main hub, you've got absolutely everything there.

I'm pretty sure that the league is going to roll absolutely everything out.

Nothing against the all-star game or anything, but I hope it's like a fucking blizzard.

I mean, I just hope this is a city is covered in like three feet of snow and people can't get around at all.

And it's just miserable because they should put it in a place where people want to go.

And people don't want to go to Toronto in the middle of fucking wintertime.

I mean, Toronto is a great city.

I've been many times.

I love it there.

But it's not where you want to go in the middle of winter.

You want to go to Vegas or you want to go to Florida or you want to go to Texas.

I don't know.

It's not fucking Toronto, though.

but that's where it is.

So that's where all the hockey fans are, or at least a lot of them.


I mean, those will show up.

I mean, that's probably part of it is a lot of corporate sponsors won't be half empty.

So, you know, that'll be fun.

Honestly, I say Canadian rights.

Play pawn hockey or something like that.

Something different.

Like I just say that any all star game doesn't work anymore.

One, because the players don't want to do it.

They make too much money to that.

You used to never see like in baseball.

You used to never see anybody in the National League.

So there was a chance to see guys who you never saw play all year long.

So now you see everybody on every network, every, every night.

So it doesn't, it's no, there's no special.


There's no mystery to it anymore.

There's no, there's no anything that's something different from it.

No, there's nothing unique.

It doesn't mean the game doesn't mean anything.

It's not real hockey because there's no hitting or anything there.

I mean, you lucky if someone stick checks somebody in the all-star game or gets in their way, nevermind, you know, back checking or anything like that.

I mean, it's just, and it's played at like 40% speed of, of the real game, which is, it's like, you know, you, well, maybe there'll be somebody who has a midget hockey, right?

You know, maybe that draft will make somebody a little pissed off that they didn't get picked, you know?

I highly doubt it because they'll probably be drunk as shit.

That's really what they should do.

They should have guys having beers on the bench or something and every shift they have to... Screw the captains.

throw all your sticks at center ice and have one guy throw all the sticks out.

Like we did down.

And all of a sudden you get guys who don't like each other playing each other.

Maybe you have a team with like nine defensemen on it and another team with all forwards or something.


That would be a good idea.


I think do something like that.

Just do something different.

I don't know.

Well, the Minnesota Wild did something different.

They fired their coach.

Dean Everson has gone and hired John Hines.

And then they went on to win four in a row, then lost a couple, and then beat the Kraken in their last game, playing a little bit better.

But that's a team that's kind of been disappointing.

Yeah, they have been.

They have been disappointing.

And we both expected pretty big things from them, and they just, for whatever reason, haven't found it yet.

I don't really know what the problem is there.

I think early on in the season, some of it may have been goaltending.

Goaltending wasn't great.

They let a guy like Dumba go.

Maybe they missed some of that leadership and so forth, but it hasn't seemed to click for them yet this year, and they're starting to run out of time.

26 in the league.

They are four to six points out of a wild card spot.

And they are $14 million in dead cap, and things are looking pretty gloomy in the state of Ohio.

Yeah, I mean, that's all based off the Suter and Parise deals, I'm assuming, right?


So, I mean, when those contracts were done, everybody in hockey was kind of like, whoa, that's a long time.

uh, and huge contracts for, for guys who, you know, Suter was never amounted to.


He was kind of like on his way, like, like starting the back half of his career.

Parise is, you know, not a huge guy.

He's, he had been productive, but, um, you know, to have, to keep that up over 10 more years after he'd already been doing it for a while.

um i don't know it's it would go down as maybe arguably a couple of the worst contracts and in the league um you know if you want to throw the kovachuk trade uh contract in there too with atlanta from back in the day if you think about this right and you really think back on it the nashville predators are absolute legends of getting rid of defensemen at the right time yeah

If you think about it, just in recent history, Ryan Ellis to Philadelphia, he played two games and then hasn't played since.

Ekholm went to the Oilers, got hurt, didn't play so much.

He's back now.

Shea Weber, they traded him for P.K.

Subban, and then after a year or two, he's turned into nothing.


and then right there ryan suitor he was a former predator as well yeah yeah well yeah i guess they they seem to be pretty shrewd as far as that stuff goes and and good on them um but yeah i mean i don't know some they need some upgrades though nashville does

Well, they are in the first wildcard spot in the Western Conference with a whopping 30 points.

But do you know who is hot on those heels?

With 28 points in the Western Conference.

Arizona Coyotes.

Abso-fucking-lutely, baby.

The Yotes.

Arizona Coyotes.

As in dogs.

The Coyote Mullets.

Yeah, Coyotes.

That would be a hell of a name, eh?

Wouldn't it be?

All right, Corey Perry incident.

Contract was terminated.

Something happened with someone in the organization.

Some people said it might have been Chris Chelios' daughter who was in.


Speculation only.


And to tell you who it wasn't, Conor Bernard's mama.

Nope, wasn't Conor.

Wasn't her at all.

And that was really difficult for him to have to swallow.



That was really bad.

I don't know how that rumor gets started and then runs through it.

And he has to deal with it.

The mom has to deal with it.

The Blackhawks have to deal with it.

Perry has to.

I mean, it's just a terrible situation that it goes around.

I mean, it was hilarious, honestly, but obviously not a good thing to have out there that they have to deal with.

Let's clarify here because I am very familiar with Conor Bedard and his family because I follow hockey pretty significantly.

For the people who weren't, I had a friend who very loosely follows it, and I live in Illinois where the Blackhawks are unfortunately a large deal.

And I had someone text me and goes, dude, what the hell?

Is this legit?

Like, I don't how the fuck am I supposed to know?


Like, I don't know.

Just wait until, you know, the team announces something.

And then he goes, obviously, and Googles Conor Bedard's mom and sends me a picture.

And he goes, oh, I see why.


And I'm just thinking to myself at that point in time, I'm like, you bastard.

But at the same point, I'm like, you know, this probably wouldn't be the story if she was an absolute ogre.

Let's be honest.

I mean, sure.

Somebody same token added it somehow some asshole who wanted a few thousand more, you know, views or impressions to get their creator page monetized or something through that dumb ass story out there and lit everybody amok.

It did.

And it was for no good reason.



Yeah, that was that was bad.

Caught fire.

And then and then Bedard had to answer to it.

And the team got to be really bad.

And finally, they had to come out and say, no, it's not has nothing to do with that.


In a conference that was really weird, a press conference where they came out.

Did you guys actually watch that press conference?

A little bit of it.

And it was strange.


And Kyle Davidson, you know, gave everybody a nothing burger, made sure to say that it wasn't anything to do with a player or their families.

And then when talking about the situation and his responsibility, basically started to cry.


And to be honest with you, I was like, I don't know about you, bro.

but if I were in your shoes, I probably wouldn't be crying right now, but I would be horribly embarrassed.

Like, why are you crying?

Like, are you trying?

Cause it's too much.

Did your PR director tell you to like, if a crocodile cry.


But it, and, and the whole point of the Blackhawks have had several black marks against them.

Like, this is just another thing that,

that they probably all wanted to get past all their past issues.

And now to have this, the other thing that kills me about this story is there's people immediately when his contract gets terminated, who goes, well, did they con, did they terminate his contract super early and without really great cause because of their track record in their history?

I'm like, Jesus Christ, people, can you not just be happy with any right.

If they do, they didn't, if they don't,

A hundred percent.

And like, God bless them.

If you want to terminate a player's contract because they do something shitty within your organization, I feel like that should be within your bounds to terminate them from playing from your team and potentially paying them that money in that contract.

Here's where I differ in where I start to stray.

This is happening a lot for different reasons.

There was the fellow on the Red Wings earlier this year, Philip Zedina, I believe, who terminated his contract and went to the Sharks.

There's been a plethora of other players who terminated their contract and go to other North American leagues or go to Europe.

To me...

It feels like a really convenient way for teams to somewhat circumvent the cap and get rid of a player who's not going to be useful to them or that they have a way to get rid of.

And they make an agreement and say, hey, terminate your contract so you can get out of here.

They did not have to have Corey Perry agree.


That was not consensual.



And we haven't heard anything about Perry or what's going on.

I mean, he did come out a day or two after they terminated his contract and said that it was somewhere along the lines.

He said it was an alcohol related incident, did some things he wasn't proud of, going to take some time to seek some assistance, et cetera.



I wonder if he is out forever or the rest of the year or what would happen if anybody would touch him right now?

I don't know.

The vibe that I get from listening to people like Elliott Friedman, Frank Cervalli, Chris Johnston, folks like that speak about it.

They all don't seem to think like this is the end of Corey Perry.

They think that if he wants to play again, he's going to be able to play again, which makes me think that.

Maybe I'm terrible for saying this, but it makes me think that this may be somewhat of an overreaction by the Blackhawks for what happened.

Right, just because of their history.

Did he do something that was bad?

Obviously, yes, or we wouldn't be here.

But in normal circumstance on, you know...

The Arizona Coyotes.

Is that player getting fired?

Is it a cheat on your wife kind of thing bad?

It doesn't sound like it's a sexual assault or a physical assault.

They said it wasn't criminal.

right so anything like that so that it's just you know i think it probably is um a little bit of an overreaction on their part and and it's warranted from all the heat and everything they've gotten that you know they had to kind of probably nip this in the bud before it got to a point where it was bigger but

Here's my criticism for the Blackhawks in this.


But if you wanted to nip it in the bud and get ahead of it, why is absolutely everything around this a fucking secret?

So nobody knows what actually happened.

Well, I mean, that's true.

Create your reaction, right?

You keeping it a secret is what caused the Kyle Beach scenario in the situation there.

We're doing the same thing again.

The only thing that I can think of that would make it that way is that the victim, whatever the case may be, whatever happened, maybe didn't want it to happen.

Yeah, I know, but then the public's going to be looking and digging into Jane Doe then.

Who is Jane Doe?

Who is Jane Doe?

And then the press is trying to find out who it is, and then there's a whole thing.

So I think that's the only counter I would say.

They gave enough clues where if you were hard up to try, you could find out.

I just don't understand why it never went any further.

Like it, it just, we haven't heard anything about it since like nothing.

There was no, probably because it wasn't criminal that there really wasn't.

No, it was probably, you know, he did on his wife with somebody or, you know, advance at somebody.

And I mean, the cheating on the wife stuff happens, I would say on every team, probably.

Yeah, probably.


Let's be honest here.

The black Hawks in the NHL probably gave the,

look to all the reporters in the nhl and they said all right we're done with this story on to the next one yeah maybe they just let it go yeah uh and i could see perry like coming back and playing with like tampa bay or dallas like latching on with a team that's you know a contender for the cup that he but here's my question that he's had experience with yeah then no yeah since you guys are the boston bruins gurus here

How does this Corey Perry non-criminal situation and contract termination sit with you in your opinions with the Milan Lucic domestic abuse allegations, criminal trial happening, stepping away from the team, still under contract with the Boston Bruins?

I would have let him go.

Yeah, I would have.

Me too.

I would have let him go.

I would have terminated his contract.

I mean, cause obviously, obviously there was criminal activity there because he, he went, even though he pleaded not guilty, there's still, there's a, there's a trial.

There's, there's a whole incident that's documented.

Everybody knows the details.

It's happened once before.



If you know what the details are and those are the details you can, you can make your own decision on it and he should have been let go.

I think, I mean, I think, I think he should have been let go and, um,

I don't think the Bruins handled that well.

I don't think they handled the Mitchell.

Is it Mitchell?

Mitchell Miller.

And I thought he'd be gone because of the Mitchell Miller thing.

I thought that they would let him go and act swiftly because of how they bungled the Miller thing.

Now, here's a question for you.

Would you take Corey Perry on the Bruins?

I would.

Because there's no criminal activity in light of the Lou Cheech and Mitchell Miller things.

Is that something you'd be willing to do?

I would, and I think Perry would be a decent fit for the Bruins.

I agree 100%.

Why do you want to have two grease fires in your house at the same time?

That's to me that if you can't say in one breath that one's not criminal and one's criminal and then say they're both grease fires, because that's not the case.

I mean, he is, if it's not criminal.

You are still going to face a PR nightmare, no matter what.

Would you though?

I don't know.

I think there's going to be, I mean, no matter what the percentage is.

They haven't said, no one said anything about it.

He's just sitting there on IR.

Like, you know what?

They haven't let him go.

No one's questioned it.

No one's mentioned it in weeks now.

But do you remember what happened with the Mitchell Miller situation where they got butchered for three to four days and then nobody heard about it.

And then randomly in the middle of the summer, they got sewered again for a week.

it won't be that because it's not it's not criminal and what mitchell miller did is different than you know yeah i feel like there's going to be a group of people out there

no matter how big or small that will harp on, you know, whatever he did and we'll bang that drum and let's face it, you know, those type of headlines get a lot more traction, you know, on the internet and a lot more clicks and that shit spreads like wildfire.

To me, as long as it's not criminal, I don't have a problem with it.

If it's an alcohol thing, your head coach was an alcoholic who got fired.

I mean, yeah, his life around.

So if Corey Perry, you know, had an alcohol related something or other, he could spot help.

and he's fine now, and it wasn't a criminal activity, I don't have any problem with him being on the Bruins.

And they could spin it as Monty went through the same thing.

He could spin a fourth-line role that Lucic was supposed to have, and he has more talent than Lucic does, and he's one of the cops.

If you terminate Lucic and then sign Perry, then it's best of both worlds.

You've terminated Lucic because of...

Because you should think you should.

And you sign Perry like it takes some of the steam of signing Perry and keeping Lucic because that that I guess I could see.

But I would sign Perry.

Well, I mean, it's not criminal and not everybody believes in matrimony.

Like not everybody believes in that type of stuff.

And I will say that we don't actually know what happened.

So I will always leave the wiggle room to say that he could have done something really fucked up and maybe not.

It could have been.

But again, if it's not a criminal, then where do you start?

How do you evaluate being real about this right now?


I mean, it's hard to say, it's hard to say because at the end of the day, some people believe like many just said, a crime is a crime.

And another act that's not a crime can be up for interpretation of what, how, how serious it is or how much people really care.


I think, I think he's going to play again for sure.

I think it's going to be on a team that is in a smaller media market for somebody like the Bruins.

It is not worth it.

They are one of the biggest media markets in the NHL.

And again,

You know, you've already had the hot potato of Mitchell Miller.

You had the recent hot potato of Milan Lucic.

Yeah, maybe Corey Perry could help your team out.

But at the same time, what's the point of risking another one?

Yeah, if I'm in Arizona, I'd pick him up.


You could be a veteran with those young guys.

Yeah, exactly.

I mean, I would.

No one gives a rat's ass.

Yeah, I mean, Arizona would be a pretty good fit, I think, for him because it's a smaller market and they're pushing for the playoffs.

He could add something there.

Or go play for somebody like Lou Amorello, who's one of the strictest managers to work under.

Yeah, I mean, there's a bunch of places he could go that I think he'd be fine.

I mean, he's... He's an NHL vet.

He's got a lot of cups.


I mean, I think he would help anywhere he was.

I'm sure Anaheim would take him back in a heartbeat.

Yeah, Anaheim would take him back.

I think Tampa Bay would take him back.

I think, you know, where else was I thinking?

He played in Dallas, didn't he?

Dallas, right.

Dallas was the other place I was thinking.

Dallas is another one.

I think all those places would take him back.

I think any of them would be happy to have him.

Yeah, I mean, he had four goals and five assists at nine points.

He played for Anaheim, Dallas, Montreal for a year in Tampa Bay.

I forgot about Montreal.

Montreal one year.

Damn, the little worm gets around.

Two years ago, he had 19 goals.


So, I mean, I still feel like he could help somebody.

Honestly, I think he would be a pretty good fit for the Bruins on the fourth line.


I think he would, too.

I mean, I'd take a stab at him.

All right, Detroit, here's our last one.

Speaking of veteran fits here.

They took a stab at a veteran, Patrick Kane, who in two games has a goal and is a minus three and scored the lone goal in a 5-1 loss to Ottawa.

What do you believe?

How does this impact their season goals?

I think it doesn't in the grand scheme of things get them over any type of hump.

I think it's a flashy move that doesn't have a lot of substance.

I agree with you 100%.

I don't think he really is going to add anything to the table.

We've talked about it before, but guys coming off this particular surgery are not good when they come back.

They're just not, they don't produce at all.

Or they play a few games and then that's it.

I think the guy who's had the most impact coming back from this was like, and he played like 52 games and had 27 points.

And that was it.

Didn't Brad Marchand have the same exact surgery?


Hip resurfacing?



Not resurfacing.

He didn't have the resurfacing.

What did he have?

He had double hip procedures, but it wasn't resurfacing.

It was something else.

All the guys who had the resurfacing, it just hasn't.

taken they they're just not the same player when they come back uh and he might be good and he'll be on a line with the brinket and they'll probably score some goals but he was bad defensively before and he's going to be worse now so um a red wings team that kind of prides himself on on defense um

I just don't think that he's going to be the answer for them.

I think Matt's right.

I think it's a splashy move that's not going to really do much.

You also have to look at it in some other scenarios here, right?

So like on ice, off ice, front office.

On the ice, is he going to help the team?

Is he going to score goals?


Is he going to be a veteran presence that's going to help a lot of those young players win and learn how to win?

Yeah, he's probably going to do that.

In the off-the-ice section, he's going to sell a shitload of jerseys.

So you're going to make your money back.

He's making, what, $275 on the salary cap?

And then in the front office, right?

So you bring him in this year, sign him for the rest of the season, and you already have...

a handshake agreement with him.

He's got a no movement clause with the understanding that if you are not in the playoff hunt by the trade deadline, that you're going to look to move him again.

He's going to have some say in where he goes and you're going to recoup some assets.

And I think that playing on a line with Debrinket and,

and Joe Valeno is probably going to score him some points.

If Dylan Larkin comes back from this injury that we'll probably talk about in a few minutes, he could probably put up a whole lot more and either A, drive them into a playoff spot, or B, get them a pretty good trade asset at the deadline and move them somewhere else.

I think he's cashed.

I think he's still got some life left.

I think he didn't do much of anything for the Rangers in the playoffs last year.

I think he's much of the same now.

And that's where they claimed he was still injured.

I just don't see it.

I don't see it.

And it's already two games in, he's minus three.

I just don't see it.

I just don't see it happening for them.

And you know what?

I hope it doesn't happen either.

It just doesn't.

It shouldn't.

It shouldn't.

it shouldn't be the type of move that puts them over.

It's such a, it's such a hollow move to me.

They're still looking to add there, you know, they're in on the Noah Hannafin sweepstakes allegedly, you know, so they've got room to improve.

They still have a shitload of cap space, unlike most other contenders.

So yeah,

You never know.

They might be able to hustle and shake and move some more pieces and add significant bodies to this team.

Imagine that if they did get a Noah Hannafin.

That's another significant add to that team.



I mean, that's different.

That's different.

He will help them.


Well, he'll help them.

He's 26 years old and he's 26.

Patrick Dean is, you know, so if they add all these other pieces and we say, oh, Patrick Kane helped him get to the playoffs.

It's not because of Patrick Kane.

It's because of all the other pieces they added.


I mean, yeah, but look at what they're bringing him in.

Like he's an older player.

He's making real small money.

Like it is obvious that they're not bringing him in to help Dylan Larkin and Alex to bring it, you know, unlock their.

inner you you know no he is there to be with them and to be a scoring presence they are going to set him up and leave him wide open because they are the younger better players and he will benefit by being the assumed older slower player in my opinion i hear here's my prediction he doesn't make it through the season he gets injured again and he's gone

maddie hot takes so i'm actually i just looked up the hip resurfacing thing and they were talking about ed jovanovsky who got it in 2014 he played 37 games and then quit uh and they said before nick backstrom he was the most successful return from hip hip resurfacing surgery in the nhl prior to that so 37 games and then he quit was the most successful one prior to backstrom who played now done

too right and backstrom's out again after he played either 47 or 52 games or something like that so it's it's it's not a surgery you really come back from and if he does i have to do some pecking around if he does good for him but

it's, it's just, I think he's cashed.

I really do.

And I think, you know, he, he's not gonna, he'll score some goals, I think, because they'll, he'll be out there on the power play and he still has a great shot.

He doesn't have to move really when he's on the power play.

So, um, he'll get his points.

The Red Wings have, you know, good talent around them.

Um, but when it comes to playing five on five, terrible.

So Dylan Larkin's out now with his injury, he'll be out.

Well, probably for a significant time.

They say at least a week, but it'd probably be longer than that.

Did they say what the injury was or just like upper body injury?


I think they said upper body was, I mean, is it, I mean, concussion symptoms probably.

I think it's concussion.


I'm pretty sure it's concussion.

Like a two hander to the side of the head or whatever.



He did.


Are you talking about Trent Frederick?

Oh no.

Dylan Larkin.




So Larkin's out.

So that's a big loss because Larkin and Debrinket had some really good chemistry there.


You know, I know Detroit Detroit's pretty good, but this is a loss for them.

It'll be interesting.

Did you see the second half of that Dylan Larkin altercation?

No, I don't think I saw that.

That's where David Perron got suspended.

Oh, Perron got suspended.

When Dylan Larkin's basically laying down Patrick Starr on the ice and Artem Zub is, I believe it's Artem Zub, it's right behind him.

And everybody's got their arms up yelling for the trainers.

And here comes David Perron and just cross checks him right across the face, man.





I'm not a big fan of Dave Ron, honestly.

I think he's one of those kind of rat players, you know, always has been with the, with the tent advisor.

He looks like a little rat out there.

I can't stand.


Old grinder.

He's not an overly respected player.

Well, he's, he was on some of those blues teams that were.

Oh yeah.

History of being a little over the line over the edge.


And on the blues three different times, I believe.



Yeah, Larkin's out for a while.

So we'll see.

We'll see how that happens.

But Perron's out six games.


So he's done.

You know what?

So are we.

I was going to say, man, we are actually going long.

Holy Moses.

We did.

Yeah, I think that'll do it.

Time to cue the music like we're playing in the Grammys or something like that.

Let's get that.

Shut the fuck up with your speech.

We're leaving.


Thanks a lot.