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Daily Boost - 25 Teves

25 Teves: Eternal Life, Part III: Immortality

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Topic for Teves: Celebrating Miracles

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At the time of the resurrection of the dead, the body will derive life from [the all-encompassing Divine light,] [or ha]sovev kol almin. [This revelation] transcends even the vitality of the soul, for which reason the soul will then be sustained by the body. In that era, both qualities will be manifest: There will be an infinite revelation (the light of sovev), and this revelation will permeate the body, whose source is from the Divine Name, Elokim. (Sefer Hamaamarim Meluket, vol. 4; Kuntres Shabbos Nachamu 5750)

In our life and divine service, our understanding and emotions are like the soul, giving inspiration, life, and vitality to our actions and mitzvos. However, we must learn to appreciate action, as well. The very act of a mitzvah itself, the fact that we are doing G-d’s will, is infinitely valuable. We need understanding and emotions to motivate and direct our actions, but only action accomplishes anything real or lasting. It is these actions that will bring eternal life.

Hisvaaduyos 5748, vol. 3, pg. 565