Ashen Snow

In the depths of Seven Arches, the party investigates Kaneepo the Slim, navigating through shadows and secrets. Meanwhile, Vin contends with an unsettling entity within, a personal struggle echoing the mysteries concealed in the heart of their investigation.

Aubrey Knotts, @MadQueenCosplay everywhere on the internet playing Freya Abernathy half-elf magus.
Archedas, @Archedas2, ugtarchedas on Instagram / tiktok playing Varren - Human Amnesiac Thaumaturge
Misfit, @Misfit_Playland across all socials playing Mia Kitsune Oracle
Christopher Rondeau, @skaldstale across socials playing Vin Tien, the Dark Champion
Pete from Rise of the Rulelords as the Storyteller

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Original Compositions from Harry Scannell

Ashen Snow Theme

What is Ashen Snow?

Join Vin, Varren, Mia, and Freya on an extraordinary journey through the mysterious Missing Moment in the captivating Pathfinder 2e adventure path "Gatewalkers." Get ready for thrilling encounters, epic quests, and unimaginable discoveries. Don't miss a single moment of this thrilling show!

Pete/GM: Patient Record 2 A7, Name
Redacted, Entry Dated 10 4AR, Exhibit

Sambular Taste Slash Hunger Examiner
Notes, What follows is an entry from a

patient's personal journal, which I took
upon myself to read and transcribe herein,

for purposes of research, of course.

You know that feeling of remembering a
past meal so intensely your mouth floods

with hot saliva and your jaws ache
from the phantom of the past chewing.

How a meal or certain dish can
lodge so firmly into the malleable

basement of your brain That remains
forever, ready to be found anew

at the slightest hint of memory.

Now imagine all of that, but with no
memory of what it is that you had tasted.

All that diaphanous desire of
long past memory, but none of the

details to relieve the hunger.

Now you can begin to perceive the
curse placed upon me by the door.

Welcome to Ash and Snow.


Christopher/Vin: just keep getting

Misfit/Mia: worse.

They're so bad.

Christopher/Vin: I have a question.


Does your voice hurt after doing some
of those voices last, last session?

For us, it was like 20 minutes ago.

For you guys it was last week.


Pete/GM: you know.

Actually, no.

Uh, I have a nice.

fizzy drink here and uh, that
helps soothe the tonsils?

Vocal cords.

I like,

Christopher/Vin: sat up straight
when he started talking in some

of those voices, like, I feel
like I need to be more attentive.

Archedas/Misfit: One of our players
in another campaign, uh, does a full

Batman voice, like full, WHERE IS SHE?

Uh, as his default speaking
voice for his character.

I don't know how he does it for a
full, like, three hour session, but

he does, and it doesn't bother him.

Pete/GM: That's impressive.

Let's, let's just say, let's
try not to have extended

conversations with your entity.


Archedas/Misfit: know what?

Christopher/Vin: Let's sit down.

Misfit/Mia: Let's talk about your past.

Don't ever let Mina near this.

She's got so many questions.

Archedas/Misfit: We see Vin meditating
and speaking to whatever is in his brain.

Uh, and then he has a brain
aneurysm and collapses instantly.

We're done here.

I'm not talking to you anymore.

Pete/GM: Forever.

Basically, that's exactly
what would happen.

Misfit/Mia: So, after a really long,
really, really long, intense fight,

we finally, we kicked its butt,
saved a unicorn, we did good, y'all.

We went to the city, or back to
the city, or whatever, and then we

got some sleep, and everyone else
seemed to not have really good sleep.

I had great sleep, until I woke up, and
I saw this scary little, like, stick Fox

thing, and I know where it came from,
and I can't prove that it came from Mr.

Creepy Face, and I don't know what to do.

However, I did try Call for the
first time, and that was great.

Makes you really hyper.

And now we're gonna get our day started.

Pete/GM: So we're at our first
investigation into Kniepo, where we'll

be playing one of Pathfinder's many
little mini games that they put in.

So, you have been given a
couple of places to investigate.

The Quaking Stacks, the first
victim of the Gorga, a recent

attack, and the Finland Farms.

All of this is to try to find
out what Kniepo the Slim is.

And how you might be able to find him.

Now for each of these investigation
sites, it is going to take a full

day worth of travel and investigation
to perform that investigation.

You don't have to be together for this,
but the more investigation that you

do in a place, the more information
you will get from that space.

After you do an interview, or look
at the evidence, or whatever, as an

exploration activity, you're going to
decide what kind of skill check you want

to do to gain that investigation point.

You do a critical success, you
get two investigation points.

You succeed, you get one, and
if you critically fail, you'll

lose one investigation point.

Based off of how many investigation
points you roll at the end of your

investigation, That is how much
information I will give to you.

Well, Viren's pretty

Archedas/Misfit: good at
talking to people, so I

probably know where I'm going.

Aubrey/Freya: Yeah, I was definitely
gonna go check out the stacks.

Cause Freya is not the most personable.

Misfit/Mia: I, uh, Mia really
wants to go to the I think

that's where Viren is heading.


Archedas/Misfit: headed to
visit the last of the victims.

The farm was where he was
probably gonna head after that.

Christopher/Vin: Okay,

Misfit/Mia: yeah, cause Mia's
just gonna head straight to the

Archedas/Misfit: farms.

He wants to talk to people as early
as possible, so that what happened is

more fresh in their mind and they might

Pete/GM: remember stuff.


Now keep in mind, you, while there
is a sense of urgency, this isn't

to say that only one person can
investigate one place at a time.

In fact, if only one person investigates
one place at a time, you will not

get the full picture of each area.

At least if, even if the person
is, does a critical success.

So you don't have to split up entirely,
and you don't have to do everything today.

Yeah, we could go back

Archedas/Misfit: to that location
to get more points, I'm assuming?

Like, we don't have to do it all at once?


Misfit/Mia: I, I do believe Mia is
dead determined, since there isn't a

sense of urgency, to take a day off.


She's gonna pamper herself a little bit.

I mean, like, she's never had
the opportunity to, and now

she does, and she's like, I
wanna know what this is like.

Pete/GM: Sure.

Christopher/Vin: And Min looks for a spa.

A spa that's suited for fire monkeys.

Archedas/Misfit: Druid spa.

You get the moss robe, and the, the pumice

Pete/GM: stone on your feet.

Alright, so, who is going where?

Archedas/Misfit: Uh, Theron's gonna
head to speak to the last victim

of the that latest Gorgon attack,
uh, I think his name was Poppel.

But on the way there, he's going
to stop by an inn and just request,

What's the largest room you have?

Because I need space.


Pay for said room.

And immediately starts setting
up a full conspiracy board on the

wall, just tacks of red string of
related information he knows already.

Uh, get what information he knows so far,
which are mostly just like, Kniep'o the

Slim at the very top, threads coming off
there, some sort of fae ritual, weird

shadow stuff, Gorga, the Shadow Key.

Uh, something to do with seven
arches linking in between with

the He and the Fae ritual.

Already, probably like seven
or eight strands of string

fully crossing over each other.


And then he'll make his
way out to this farm.

Pete/GM: Uh, gold is probably
enough to safely secure a room for

your ostensibly permanent usage.

He will gladly pay that off.


And you head off to visit Papel.

Mosby, Freya, where are you going?

First, I

Aubrey/Freya: was going to hunt out
where I could get my weapon upgraded.

Uh, I was going to get a, uh, my sword.

I would get a, essentially a cold iron
weapon because we are fighting that.

And, um, since we got a plus one rune
from the staff, I was going to have

that transferred to my short sword.

And then Among other things, I
was going to do some training

and try to do some research.

Mainly more focused on training because
I felt like I really dropped the ball

in that last fight and I'm trying to
make sure I'm not going to next fight.

Pete/GM: Well then, the silver
and cold is your destination.

Mia, what are you up to today?


Misfit/Mia: actually gonna ask Vin if
He would like to go to the spa with me.

Best date ever!

Let's go to the spa!

Let's go to the spa!

Let's go to the spa!

No one else understands
what it's like to have fur.

I've never been to a spa before.

Neither have I.


I always heard people talk about
them, and they just seem super fancy,

and I kind of want to experience it.

At least once, you know?

Christopher/Vin: Okay,

Pete/GM: let's go.

All right, there is not
a particular location.

You mean the Justice House is another?

Yeah, the Justice House, totally.

But you are able to find,
uh, some, I don't know.

What is the medieval equivalent of a spa?

A spa?

A bathhouse?


Misfit/Mia: like a super,
kind of, almost Greek style

Pete/GM: bathhouse.


Well, Seven Arches is built.

At the intersection of three different
rivers, and so there are naturally a

couple of places built along the river's
edge that bring in the water, and then

heat it up with coals and fires, and
make a nice, hot, almost pool sized bath.

The edge of Slick's

Misfit/Mia: hat bandage is just
like I'll pay for it, don't worry.

I have money for once, and this is nice.

I've never had money.

Christopher/Vin: Yeah,
y'all, I also have m m money.

Misfit/Mia: Shhh, shhh, shhh, shhh.

She's just like, she puts a
hand over your face, cause

she's not used to having hands.

She just puts her hands over your
face, like shhh, let me do this.

I just wanna I'm experiencing
what it's like to be a human.

I'm in disguise.

Christopher/Vin: Never
been a human before.

Oh, oh, do humans give

Misfit/Mia: gifts?


I think.

I I'm gonna go with yes.

I've met some nice humans.

They've given me

Christopher/Vin: fish.

I accept your gift.

She just

Misfit/Mia: like, skips off.

Do do do do do do!

Pete/GM: Freya.

The Silver and Cold is a notable
location in Seven Arches.

Smart travelers know that because
this area is teeming with fey

and beasts, creatures who are.

Silver and cold that adding
cold iron and silver to their

weapons is pretty high in demand.

When you get there, you find camera
Lee, a human female blacksmith,

hammering away at several weapons.

As you go into this.


It's kind of enchanting because
all of the weapons in here shine.

This is not like any kind of blacksmithry
that you've seen with just the

dull reflectivity of Iron or steel,
everything in here is coated with

silver and cold iron, which kind of
glistens with this almost bluish hue.

It's kind of like stepping into
a cathedral, almost, with how

the sun is reflecting on all
of these beautiful weapons.

Camor is pretty stocky.

But, approaches you with a glad smile.

Well, hello!

You look like someone who does a good
fair bit of adventuring based off

of all those holes in your jacket?

Aubrey/Freya: Yeah, yeah,
like do the thing and put a

finger through one of them.

Ah, yes, I, um, happened to end up
on the bad side of an acid flask

the other day, and I haven't had
a chance to replace that yet.

Pete/GM: Let me guess, you're
out there to go fight fairies.

Among other things,

Aubrey/Freya: yeah.

Uh, I happen to, um, run into some and
realized I don't have a I don't have

the proper weaponry, so come in here

Pete/GM: to fix that.


Well, we can set you up nice and fine.

What are you, uh, looking for exactly?

Aubrey/Freya: It's this point where,
you know, I'll slide the the blade

out of the the holster and sort of
just Handed over, just being like,

something along the lines of this.

I mean, if this blade could be
coated with cold iron or anything

like that, that would be good.

I've trained with it for a long time.

I, I know it's weights and it's,
and how it handles very well.

So, but if not something
similar, this short sword.

Pete/GM: And, uh, looks like
you're carrying a staff.


Aubrey/Freya: um, I
happened to pick this up.

Uh, Last time I was out, I believe
it has a rune on it, and I was seeing

if you were the kind of person who
would be able to transfer that to

my blade, make it a little bit more
accurate when fighting fairies.

Pete/GM: Perfect!

I can get this done, no problem.

Now you do know though that it takes
a bit more skill to fight the fairy

folk than just having a nice blade.

Aubrey/Freya: Yeah, my, um,
bruises and stuff, uh, definitely

are reminding me of that time.

You know, where I can spar,
or anybody looking to, uh,

Pete/GM: train.

Now, are you able to do flips?


Aubrey/Freya: can.

I've always been pretty limber,

Pete/GM: um Well, I can
tell you're a half elf.

Of course you're limber.

Ah, yeah, I mean I won't tell anyone.

Thank you.

But, uh, someone like
me, been around enough.

I can see these kinds of things.

If you want, I can show you some tricks.


Aubrey/Freya: never gonna say no to,
uh, getting a hand up on everything.

Pete/GM: And she starts to show you
some cool things with the sword.

She is tossing the blade behind her
back, grabbing it one handed, and then,

like, stabbing it between her legs.

She is balancing it along
the side of her foot.

Doing all of these kind of things
now the thing is you want to have a

certain amount of panache When dealing
with the Fae if you can catch them

unawares or distract them You'll
have that much more of an upper hand.

They really like the shine of These
silver weapons even though they are weak.

I understand that I am also weak for


Pete/GM: things Hey, you think you can
try something like that out and give it a

shot And she tosses you back your weapon.

Aubrey/Freya: Yeah, um, Freya sort of
keeps it in the sort of same usual reverse

grip that she has and is, you know, moves
as if to tumble through this person.

Um, move around as to get

Pete/GM: behind them.


Give me an acrobatics check.

Aubrey/Freya: Uh, and that is a

Pete/GM: 21.


She has seen a lot.


Quickly grabs you and flings you on
the floor, holding you by the wrists

as she's just a little bit above you.

But one of her hands has a dagger,
which is centered on your ribs.

That would have been good,
but you project a little bit.

Aubrey/Freya: Well, I guess it, uh,
shows that I still have a few things to

Pete/GM: learn.


Well, it's gonna take me a little bit
of time to get all of these switches.


Why don't you, um, come
back sometime tomorrow?


Aubrey/Freya: uh, I'll be around.

I'll, I'll

Pete/GM: drop by tomorrow.


I'll look forward to it.


Aubrey/Freya: I will take
my bisexual ass to the

Pete/GM: library to study.

Varan, you are given the
location of Pa's farm, and are

able to find it pretty easily.

When you get there, you
see a farm of turnips.

Those rows have been Plucked by
now, and most of the vegetables

have been put into bags.

You see carts.

You see a stable.

But you don't see anything to pull it.


Archedas/Misfit: Perhaps that was
something that came up in the attacks.

Either way, he'll head his way over,
look for the gentleman that's described

Pete/GM: to him.

You knock on the door,
and a farmer answers it.

You can tell instantly
that he is Pretty drunk.

Archedas/Misfit: Hello, sir.

Uh, here on behalf of, well, myself, uh,
a few contacts with the Oak Stewards, uh.

Pete/GM: What are you here for?

Archedas/Misfit: Uh, I had heard recently
you had some issues with a few Gorga.

Uh, some Fae sorts.

Pete/GM: GORGA?!


Archedas/Misfit: Well,
not here anymore, sir.

Nothing to worry about, sir.

Just here to make sure they
don't come back and discuss with

you what might have happened.

Pete/GM: They killed Shaylin!

And he, he's a pretty well built guy.

Farmers usually are, and
collapses into your arms, crying.

It's kind of a

Archedas/Misfit: brief fallback.

I'd I understand, sir, that

Pete/GM: I can't believe she's gone!

Archedas/Misfit: Brief connection of
two and two together in Varen's mind.

Again, putting this red thread,
but only metaphorically this time.

Must be difficult getting goods
back to town, then, I would assume.

Pete/GM: It was the best mural in
the kingdom, my beautiful Shaylin!

Archedas/Misfit: I do
apologize for your loss, sir.

Unfortunately, there's not much
I can do to bring her back, but

I could certainly offer a hand
with bringing these into town.


Pete/GM: do that?

Well, of course.

You'd do that for old Pa?

Well, you seem

Archedas/Misfit: to be in
need of assistance, and I'm

in need of information, so
you can talk along the way.

How many of them know you, stranger?

Not many do.

I Name's Varin.

Just kind of pat him on the back.

Why don't we get you switched over to
water here for a bit time and, well, maybe

a coffee once we get into town, and we'll
see if we can't figure things out here

Pete/GM: for you.

He brings you inside, and you can
see kind of why he is so distraught.

There are trinkets everywhere of farmers,
of donkeys, there's like Donkey, salt

and pepper shakers, and a picture of him
drawn with what was probably his mule.

He sits down with a heavy thump at
his table and slumps down onto it

with his head buried in his hands.

You come visitin Pa.

I don't know you.

I can tell you don't care about my donkey.

Archedas/Misfit: Well,
I can't say I haven't.

Met your donkey, sir.

Uh, new into Seven Arches, and not been
properly introduced, unfortunately, I

Seems like it was a quite a good mule,
as you said, and, well Your dedication

to such is very clear from your home.

What an honor to meet her!

Pete/GM: What you come around for,

Archedas/Misfit: then?

Well, I can't say I'm a
fan of the Gorga myself.

Uh, we've put a couple
down recently, and GORGA?!


They're not here, sir.

Nothing to be worried about.

But we've, uh, we've put some down
recently, and, well, the goal is to

get them out of the area entirely, so
that nothing like this happens again.

Pete/GM: You killed those vicious demons?

A few of them,

Archedas/Misfit: yes.

I'm sure there's more, but
nothing we can't handle.

Pete/GM: I don't know much about them.

I can tell you about my story.

Archedas/Misfit: Yeah, that'd
certainly be helpful, sir.

Any information we can have, uh,
we're typically looking to find what

exactly might have happened, where
they may have came from, why you may

have been targeted in particular.

Anything, really, you can

Pete/GM: remember.

Alright, you have been very nice to him.

Go ahead and give me a diplomacy roll.

Archedas/Misfit: Baron is very
personable when he wants to be.

Uh, and he's very good
at this kind of thing.

That's gonna be a 24 total.

Pete/GM: 24?

That will be a critical success.


Archedas/Misfit: said, very good at
this kind of thing, when he wants to be.

Totally not the made up bullshit
in his mind of needing charisma to

just convince himself that it works.

No, he's good at convincing
others it works, too.

Pete/GM: Man, Shae Lynn.

We were just going to sell
turnips and seven arches.

Then I saw them skull dogs with eyes
like saucers full of night, dead canines.

But I saw something else.

But you're never going to believe, Pa.

Archedas/Misfit: I don't want to
interrupt you, sir, but if I had to take

a guess, thin faced figure in the dark?

How'd you know?

That's precisely what
we're looking for, sir.

We're hoping to put an end to that legend.

Take care of things.

He, we believe he's the one
responsible for those beasts in the

first place and we're hoping to take

Pete/GM: care Yeah, yeah I saw him.

He's like a tall, thin man.

Except he was all shadowed like.

Except for that smile.

I could see this from the shadows.

Gleaming teeth like I'd never seen before.

But the thing is, he didn't talk to me.

I heard him.

Heard him in my mind.

He points dramatically at his forehead.

He's telling me I was worthless.

He was laughing at Shae Lynn being torn
apart by those, by those fairy dogs.

I never felt so powerless.

I couldn't do anything to help her.

I just become Just let him sit

Archedas/Misfit: there for a moment
and get through things for a time.

Kind of step his way over,
pat him on the shoulder.

Hell sir, I'm, can't say I'm much of a
farmer myself, but I can certainly lift a

wagon and help you on your way into town.

If you have any further problems,
you're more than welcome to find us and

tell him the inn that I'm staying at.

Uh, if you notice anything odd or
strange, or you need another hand in

bringing another load of food into
town, certainly feel free to reach out.

If not myself, I have some friends with
the stewards now that may be able to

offer assistance, and perhaps we can speak
with them about getting you a new donkey.

I wouldn't want an old man having to
charge his own goods into town every day.

Pete/GM: Oh, that'd be just dandy.

Misfit/Mia: I can't

Pete/GM: thank you enough, Darren.

I bless, I think I've
been blessed by Shaylin.

Not the donkey Shaylin, but the
Shaylin herself for you coming here.

I think I'm gonna name
this new donkey Varin.

Archedas/Misfit: This kinda gives each
other, well, certainly appreciated, sir.

Uh, of course.

It'll be hard to compete with a
fine mule like that for how much

help I can offer by comparison.

Pete/GM: You've done a lot.

You believed old Pa.

Archedas/Misfit: Of course.

What purpose would you have to lie to me?

Uh, I do hope you don't mind
if, perhaps, later today I

stop by and take a look around.

Uh, of course, happy to continue the
conversation here as long as you so wish.

If there's anything else
you want to tell me.

Pete/GM: Oh, that'd be fine.

You're welcome here
whenever you want, Varyn.

Archedas/Misfit: Certainly appreciate it.

Uh, I may have some compatriots of mine
helping me look into things here, uh,

that are along with me, but I'll be sure
to stop by and let you know that they're

here, if they're in attendance with me.

Wouldn't want to Ghost having you worried
that there's someone sneaking around your

Pete/GM: property, of course.

I'm, I'm feeling pretty tired.

I think I'm gonna lay down.

Yeah, you do that, sir.

Collapses onto a couch in his house.

You see that there are several
bags of turnips that you

can take into town for him.

Archedas/Misfit: Just get him set up on
the cart, bring that with me, but before

he leaves, uh, just kind of Find something
to prop this guy's legs up with to get

him a bit more laid back and comfortable.

Go through, like, not dig through his
house, but like, find a little cabinet,

has a cup in it, fill it with some water,
set it beside where he is when he, so

when he wakes up he has something to
drink, and find a picture that would

fit on, like, the side table beside
where he's at of him and the donkey,

and just set it there beside the water.

Pete/GM: I bet he'll appreciate
that when he wakes up.

And you have earned two investigation.

Vin and Mia, you are at
a place being pampered.

Mia, your claws on your paws
are being sharpened and filed.

Vin, there is someone with very
heavy leather gloves who is massaging

your scalp through the flames
and you guys are just relaxing.

Why would we ever leave?

This feels so

Misfit/Mia: nice.

They even found the good itchy
spot right behind my ear.

Christopher/Vin: That's how
you know, worth every copper.

Misfit/Mia: Can I like, tell you
something without being judged?

Pete/GM: Uh, you

Christopher/Vin: know, I don't
normally think very well, so I don't

normally judge very well either.

Misfit/Mia: Alright, first off,
I think you're not thinking

well, it's just a front.

I actually think you're really
smart, I think you just don't want

people to think that you're smart.



Christopher/Vin: just not, I mean,
yes, very, very, very, very smart,

Misfit/Mia: very naive.

She knows not , I'm
really scared about this.

And she like leans in and she's like,
Kem, Kempo can, can, what's his name?

You know?

I don't know.

He scares me and I'm really worried about
him and that whole I am chosen thing mean.


Pete/GM: ever

Christopher/Vin: think we're just
kind of in over our, our heads

Aubrey/Freya: all the time?

Pete/GM: I gotta be honest,

Christopher/Vin: I, I'm never hurt.

Another human being before.

Hey, we'd spar once in a while.

I don't

Misfit/Mia: even do that well.

Like, looks at her claws

Pete/GM: and is like, Hey.


Christopher/Vin: never, I don't,
I don't think I've ever been in

Misfit/Mia: a real fight.

Been in plenty of fights.

I've seen you fight.

Christopher/Vin: Not with a person.

Misfit/Mia: But you were
win win the other day.

Christopher/Vin: Yeah, but I
don't, I don't think I've been

in a fight with consequences.

Misfit/Mia: Oh.

Yeah, if there's one thing I know, it's
definitely consequences to actions.

Even if they're unintentional
consequences and actions.

She like, shuts down.

Christopher/Vin: This
uh, uh, uh, oh, oh, oh!

Uh, have some drugs.

Misfit/Mia: Absolutely.

Archedas/Misfit: I'm not good
at talking about feelings.

Do drugs about it.

Healthy coping mechanisms
here at Gatewalkers.

Misfit/Mia: So far, Vin has never
done anything to steer me around.

So she has total trust in him.


Pete/GM: known each other

Christopher/Vin: for like half a minute.

Pete/GM: Total trust.

As you both are smoking the
flea leaf, having a good time.

Vin, you hear a voice.

Uh, Mia, do you hear that?

Misfit/Mia: Hear what?

Just like, batting at something in
the air, all lazily, just, eh, eh.

There it was again!

I don't hear nothing.

Are you going crazy?

And she gets like, in your
face, and like, looks in your

eyeball, like, You going crazy?

Pete/GM: You look inside,
and his eyes are red.

But, Mia, so are yours.

Misfit/Mia: Yeah, I
think you're going crazy.

But I think I'm going crazy too.

We'll just be crazy together.

It's everyone else's problem.

They shouldn't have left us alone.

You know

Christopher/Vin: how I was, uh, I did
the insensitive thing and brought up

the, uh, the imaginary friend thing?

Pete/GM: Yeah?

I think, uh, my friend might be real.

Misfit/Mia: I thought, I thought the
whole thing about imaginary friends

was they weren't actually real.

They were only kinda real.

You're reeling your own head.

Christopher/Vin: You ever, uh, play
the game where you're like sitting

around in a circle and you have this,
like, ball or something like that?

You gotta toss it to the next
person and yell, HOT POTATO!

Misfit/Mia: Uh, yeah, we had something
like that back in the village.

Wasn't quite that, but yeah.


Christopher/Vin: imaginary
friend was like, potato head.

And I swear, he's just
calling my name right now.


Pete/GM: like, it sounds like, VINNNNN.

How to

Archedas/Misfit: piss off the thing
living inside you in 1 easy step.

Bad impersonations,

Pete/GM: Vocally.

Misfit/Mia: Mia's just like, She's just,

Christopher/Vin: VINNNNN.

Misfit/Mia: Like that.

And then she uses the message
spell, Just goes, VINNNN.

Pete/GM: My imaginary friend.

VINNN, the image of Mia, In mid laugh,
holds there, like time has stopped.

I'm so sorry.

And you hear the voice
inside your head again.

You dawdle.


Christopher/Vin: imaginary friend.

You pamper yourself.

You relax.

There is work to be done.

I think taking a break

Archedas/Misfit: makes a
more productive tomorrow.

You know,

Pete/GM: let's take the week off.

And, as soon as you say that,
your hand starts to move,

and it's not you moving it.

Do I see this?

You don't.

You are entirely frozen.

As are the two people who
are in this room with you.

You think this a game, boy?

You think I am to be trifled with?

If I wanted to.

Christopher/Vin: I would take control of
your body and have you choke the life out

Pete/GM: of this one.

And you see your hand
starting to move towards Mio.

Any chance to resist?

Yeah, give me a will save
with a minus one penalty.


Misfit/Mia: bite your hand off.

Christopher/Vin: Yeah, so,

Pete/GM: yeah, fifteen.

Which at level two Will
be a normal failure.

The hand starts to approach Mia's throat.

You have reservations.

Christopher/Vin: What about feeling

Pete/GM: esophagus in your hands, feeling
the blood vessels explode all over your

fingers as you choke the life out of her?

I'm not very

Christopher/Vin: imaginative,
so I'm going to choose

Pete/GM: not to think about it.


Christopher/Vin: you continue this

Pete/GM: reckless path, I will make
you destroy everyone who has shown

Christopher/Vin: even the
least bit of trust in you.

Do you understand

Pete/GM: me, you petulant ape?

I, I, I, I, I, I understand.

As you're stuttering, your hand
is starting to feel the fur.

Around Mia's throat, as she
is there, just mid laugh.



Christopher/Vin: I'll, I'll, I'll
go look for the thing, the, the,

the thing that I'm looking for, the,

Pete/GM: the,

Christopher/Vin: the, the,
the, the, the working thing.

Pete/GM: See.




And then, life goes back into
full motion, and Mia Vynn's hand.

Is very close to your head.

I'd like

Misfit/Mia: nip at it, but not, not
out of anger or anything like that.

Just like, ah, it's close,
and I wasn't expecting that.

Y your

Christopher/Vin: fur just looks so

Misfit/Mia: soft.

I don't believe you.


Christopher/Vin: you should.


Pete/GM: hmm.

You know what, Pear?

Misfit/Mia: This feels sketch.

Just talking about some
voices in your head.

Now all of a sudden you
just want to touch my fur.

It's weird, man.

It's weird.

It might be the drugs, but it's weird.

Pete/GM: You know,

Christopher/Vin: maybe libraries
aren't as scary as I thought.

Uh, should we hit up the library?

She just

Misfit/Mia: looks at you really concerned.

But yesterday you looked like you wanted
to throw up at the idea of a library.

You know,

Christopher/Vin: old paper and fire
doesn't normally go well together,

so I normally avoid libraries.


Misfit/Mia: don't control it, and she
like, pokes at your flames like, Beep!

Pete/GM: Uh, I can kind of
turn it off, but then I get

Christopher/Vin: bored.

Misfit/Mia: That sounds
like a you problem.

Christopher/Vin: Or I
can just avoid libraries.

You're right, no library.

Misfit/Mia: That's right, no!

Christopher/Vin: We can do
some of the other things.

We can go to the

Pete/GM: farm.

Misfit/Mia: I do want to go to the farm.

I can use a walk.

The walk sounds great!

We'll be in nature, and sunlight, and
Do we have any more of that stuff?

We can, like, smoke it on the way?

It'll be like time

Pete/GM: travel.



Freya, you approach one of
the city's tallest structures.

The Grand Library of Seven Arches,
known as the Quaking Stacks.

It was once a spiraling stone
tower that tapered into a cone.

Kind of like a snail shell, but its
ruins have been thoroughly taken over

by a grove of magical aspen trees.

As you enter it, you see that there
is not a sign of metal in sight.

Every single one of the alcoves
for the books and scrolls is

built into a nook of the trees.

Any of the stairs, tables, are
like carefully crafted branches.

that have been bent and turned into the
furniture necessary to host the library.

One of the librarians approaches
you holding birchbark scrolls

and leather bound tomes.

Welcome to the Quaking Stacks.

How can I help you?


Aubrey/Freya: afternoon.

I was wondering if you had any books
on local folklore, specifically Um,

there's a legend that I heard a little
bit about that I actually wanted to

look more into called, uh, K'nipo.

Pete/GM: Oh, fascinating.

Well, I'm sure that we
can find out for you.

She steps over to one of the
trees and places a hand on it.

You can see that sap starts to emerge
from the tree and starts to coat her hand.

Our library is One of a kind.

It stores knowledge,
like a living database.


I can ask it any question about the tomes
and literature that we have here, and

it will be able to tell me the answer.

So what is it that you
want to know about it?

Aubrey/Freya: Um, kind of
just want to know like where

did the local legends start?

Is there a particular area that
these legends like to say that

Kniep'oh is from or resides in?

And what do the legends say that

Pete/GM: Kniep'oh can do?


Let me see.

She closes her eyes and you can see that
the sap that is covering her hands has

little lights in it that are kind of
flickering as she communes with the tree.

Give me a Nature, Arcana,
or Occultism roll.

We're gonna go

Aubrey/Freya: with Arcana.

I am going to use my Hero Point on that
because I don't want to live with an 8.

Pete/GM: Okay.

I'm going to live with

Aubrey/Freya: an 8,

Pete/GM: apparently.

For a 15.

It's the exact same.

Christopher/Vin: Please

Aubrey/Freya: Foundry, I just

Pete/GM: want to talk.

She is looking into the
depths of the library.

I only see scraps and
mentions of a Kniepo.

A slender looking creatures in the shadow?

The lore goes back quite a ways.

It's actually interesting.

It's written in Elvish.

That would make it over a millennia old.

Perhaps if you come back later, I
might have more time to investigate

the fullness of our archives.

Aubrey/Freya: Yes, yes, I can, I
can return at a later time, once

you've, uh, had a chance to look

Pete/GM: a little bit more.

We look forward to your visit again.

She pulls her hand out of the sap, and
you would expect to see it all slimy

and sticky, but it emerges as clean
as if she had dipped it into water.

Vin and Mia, you are
feeling a little bit dizzy.

The fresh air is perhaps
pretty good for both of you.


You approach the farmlands
known as the Thinlands.


Misfit/Mia: is actively walking around,
so this is super weird for her, she's

actively walking around in her human form.

Which is Alright.

Really bizarre.

So she's like, she's doing
all the things that she would

do as a fox, but as a human.

So like, she just sticks her
nose up and sniffs the air.

Pete/GM: As you start to approach the
Thinlands, it becomes A mistrouted moor.

As you're both looking around, you can see
that the farmland is actually really lush.

The plant life here is
growing pretty verdantly.

The crops look really
good, well irrigated.

It's gonna be a good
year for these farmers.

And yet there is something off
about this space since you enter it.

It feels almost too full of life.

And yet, you only see
the crops around you.

You're approached by a
resident of the Thinlands.

She is humanoid, but she has
branches growing out of her head,

with thick black hair covering it.

Misfit/Mia: That's creepy and cool.

Pete/GM: Do you see that too, or is it the

Misfit/Mia: drugs?

No, I see that.

That's real.

Pete/GM: Okay.

Hey, you're not locals?

I can spot it a mile away.

What are you doing here?

Uh, hi!

Christopher/Vin: My name is Vin.

You can call me Vin.

Misfit/Mia: Hi, I am Mia.

This looks really awkward,
like, robot waving her arm, not

really knowing how to human.

Pete/GM: Nailed it.

I'm the elder woman of
these parts, Abilima Choi.

Abili, you said?



Oh, okay.

And I can already tell that, like most
strangers, y'all are gonna be trouble.

And she spits at the ground.

Misfit/Mia: I don't wanna be trouble.

Although, trouble has definitely
seemed to follow us lately.

And she just, like, looks up
and, like, Maybe we are trouble.

Christopher/Vin: No, no,
no, we're the normal ones.

Fray and Vairn are trouble.

Pete/GM: No, no, we're
not, we're not trouble.

I'm here to keep the peace, and I can tell
that you don't have your wits about ya.

Oh, definitely not.

You tell me your business,
and you get moving.

Misfit/Mia: Instead of telling.

Her, uh, Mia, is just going to
like, pull out the stick fox, and

ask, like, does this mean anything

Pete/GM: to you?

She pulls it from your
hand, and looks at it.

So are you sellers of crappy art, are ya?


Misfit/Mia: No!

No, this was left for me?

Looks at Vin, like, was this left for me?

I think this was left.

What do you mean, don't insult the art.

I didn't make this.

Christopher/Vin: Yeah, it's
the principle of it though.

We're all about principles, right?

So do you know anything about this, uh,

Misfit/Mia: great piece of art?

Was there ever anybody who, who came from
this area who was known for making it?

Or making something similar?

That's what we were told.

Or the rumor, I guess.

What is the rumor?

I'm gonna go with the rumor.

I think it's a rumor.

Yeah, I, I, we were just informed
that this might be the area where

people would know about, uh,

Pete/GM: As you say that,
she covers your mouth.

Do not speak that name here.

Would it be trouble?

I'm sorry.

I don't know who you are, I don't
know what you're talking about,

bringing the name of the Slim to
my Moors, but you all are trouble,

and I don't want any part of you.

Do you understand that?

Hey, take, take, take
your hands off, off them.

She releases her hand.

I'm not

Misfit/Mia: trying to be trouble,
I really just need to know.

This, this thing.

She like, whispers not to be
condescending, but that just

seems like the right thing to do.

The Slim really thinks that,
like, I'm important or something.

I don't know, I've seen it, and then she
like, she looks like she's about to cry.

She's just overwhelmed
with this creepy figure.

She keeps having nightmares
about his stretched out face.

She's just like, I don't know what's
really going on, and I'm kinda scared

now, and I would really just like some

Pete/GM: And at this, you see her face.

Break and show a bit of compassion.

Now, girl, hide those tears.


Misfit/Mia: can't.

I don't

Pete/GM: know how.

So give me a diplomacy, nature, or
first world lore to find out more here.


Misfit/Mia: be better, please
be better, please That's Nope.

Slightly better.

Not really.


Pete/GM: Yeah.

That's nine.



You know You know,

Christopher/Vin: I think that, uh
You, you want us out of your hair?

Just, uh, just, maybe, you know, I
can maybe do some errands for you.

Maybe we can earn this information.

I can give you a massage.

Pete/GM: We just had one.

Go ahead and give me your diplomacy roll.

I have a

Christopher/Vin: magnifying glass.

I'm not even, I deserve it.

I deserve the, the net one.

I'm not

Pete/GM: even gonna hero point it.

She looks at both of you, says,
You two best be on your way.

Whatever you do, keep that
name out of your mouths.

Listen, we're just,

Christopher/Vin: we're just
asking for some help, and we

would appreciate some information.

Listen, I, I, I need, I
need some information.

I need it, or certain

Pete/GM: things might happen.

Are you threatening me, boy?

Can I

Misfit/Mia: do a perception check
past, like, I'm looking past this lady.

Like, at the, the land around her.

I just want to get a sense of, like, what
is kind of giving this uneasy feeling.


Pete/GM: There's the at mia.


You're looking around and your
vision is blurry and this foggy

location is not helping you at all.

While VIN is arguing with the Alder
woman, though, you look around

and through some of the shadows,
you see the outline of a figure.

They are tall, they are slender, with
legs as tall as most of your friends,

fingers the size of scabbards, and
you only see that shadow for a moment,

and perhaps it wasn't even there.

By the time that you are able to react
to the sight of it, it is just fog again.

It's not

Christopher/Vin: a threat,
I'm just saying that

Misfit/Mia: things might happen.

It's okay, Finn, we should just go.

Let's not bother the poor lady.

And like, Mia grabs you, and
just starts, like, stomping off.

Like, mm mm, we gettin outta here.

Uh uh, don't fucks with that.


Just kidding, have a nice day!

Maybe, maybe we should come
back here with everyone.


Christopher/Vin: Him him?

Or like, Varen him?

Misfit/Mia: Him him, like, I'd like In
her human form, she tries to replicate

and like, make herself look all gangly and
long and like, try to like, she grows out

her claws to make her hands look longer.

And she's

Pete/GM: just, Gah!


Christopher/Vin: in the mouth thing.

Pulls his cheeks back.

This one?

This one?

Misfit/Mia: Yeah, that!


It was in the shadows.

And we just need to go.

We need to go.

We need to get somewhere very well lit.

Um, and Maybe we shouldn't
like, have any more of this and

she just puts The, the Leafs.

We don't need any more of this.

I just, we should come
back here with everyone.

Cause I really feel like Vin
would have a field day here.

Instead with Freya.

I feel,

Christopher/Vin: I feel bad for leaving.

You mean Vin?

Misfit/Mia: Like me?

No, sorry, you're, yeah, that one.

The other one.


Christopher/Vin: mean, sometimes I
feel like when they're talking, I'm

just like, twiddling my thumbs though.


Pete/GM: it's like, they

Misfit/Mia: ask so boring

Christopher/Vin: questions, but
their questions are so boring,

Misfit/Mia: but they're so smart, they're
actually good at getting to the bottom

of things and talking to people and
whatnot, and we're not good at that.

I don't know if you know this,
but we're not good at that.

Pete/GM: As Vin and Mia make their way
back to Seven Arches from the Thin Lands,

unseen behind them, a little figurine
Dangles, from a tree, in the mist.

It is a Wux.

So, will our heroes find
out who Kniepo the Slim is?

Will they be able to recover the key?

Find out next time on Ash and Snow.

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