Well Designed: A Human Design Podcast

In this episode of the Well Designed podcast, Kyle Wood and Brandi Healy discuss their personal journeys of discovering and learning about Human Design. They share their experiences of how this system has impacted their personal lives and relationships, as well as their businesses.

Kyle and Brandi also discuss how Human Design is a useful tool for finding your own pathway to success. There's not just one way to achieve success, and that everyone operates differently in business. Human Design provides a framework to better understand oneself and others, and to find unique pathways to success.

  • (01:17) - We welcome you by talking about the weather. Apologies.
  • (03:18) - Today's topic: How we found Human Design
  • (04:20) - Kyle's first thoughts about Human Design
  • (05:58) - Generators speaking to efficiency appeals to me as a Projector
  • (09:05) - How Brandi first came across Human Design
  • (12:50) - How to know when to learn more about Human Design
  • (21:45) - The importance of supportive partners
  • (28:37) - The gift of understanding others' designs
  • (30:24) - How we met and the podcast began
  • (31:47) - Combining two people's charts
  • (33:17) - Farewells

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What is Well Designed: A Human Design Podcast?

A podcast that helps health and wellness professionals find more ease in their work. Each episode we'll look at challenges that you might face in running your own business and how human design can help.

Kyle Wood: yeah, it was really helpful
for me to see why something which

I'd already realized, which is in
business, people operate differently.

You know, I work with a lot of people
who self employed people and run their

bit in business and had just seen all the
different ways people had found success.

And, um, used to really frustrate me
seeing You know, products marketed

and things like that and coaches
out there who are very much like

this is the one way to success.

And so human design was really
reaffirming for me to be like, yeah, okay.

I'm right.

Like that there is not one way.

There is lots of pathways and,
and here's a way I can help people

find their individual pathway.

All right, there we go.

I was like warm, I was warm, and
now I'm chilly, so I'm going to be

moving around a lot as we record
this episode, just so you know.

Brandi Healy: Sounds great.

I have a fan on in here.

It's very warm here.

Kyle Wood: Oh yeah, yeah, uh, yes, I
keep seeing, uh, like people from the

Northern Hemisphere, they're, you know,
gradually becoming browner and browner as,

as they're, they get their summer tan on.

Um, yeah, it's, it's always a weird thing.

Uh, but it's

Brandi Healy: Now you know
how we feel over Christmas.

Kyle Wood: it's not as weird as like,
which you probably get, this happens as

well, and apologies to those listening
because we're just diving in here, but

you, you probably get as well, like
people go to, to Bali or something

like that from Australia during winter
time and suddenly they've got this

like full tan in July, which is not
typically when people are tanned.

Uh, it does stand out quite a lot.

Brandi Healy: that's what I'm saying.

Like over the holidays, it's
like, I see you and your family

and you're all on the beach

Kyle Wood: ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, yeah.

Brandi Healy: this is some bullshit.

Love that for you, but also super jealous.

My beach is gray.

Kyle Wood: Yeah, because it's not
like you get a white Christmas

or something novel like that.

You just get grey.

Brandi Healy: Yeah, but I mean,
it's, I should not complain.

It's one of the loveliest places to live.

So, you know, there's that.

I don't think I would
enjoy a white Christmas.

I'm not built for cold like

Kyle Wood: No.

Need the warmth.

Um, yeah.

Yeah, I like both.

I like, I like the seasons.

I don't, I mean, Granted,
our winter is just windy and

cold, not freezing with snow.

Uh, but anyway, I should
introduce today's episode.

So welcome those of you listening.


This is the well designed podcast.

My name is Kyle Wood and the
other person you've been hearing

talking is my co host Brandy Healy.

And today we thought it'd be
interesting to talk about.

How we found human design and why,
like we even, why it piqued our

interest, what, what was it about it
that, um, that got us excited, um, and

how did it feel and things like that.

So we'll just like walk you through
our stories of, of how it came

into our lives and, uh, hopefully,
yeah, this is something that you

guys would like listening to.

Brandi Healy: So, you go,
how about you go first?

I'm, you know, curious to hear a
little bit about how human design

was introduced to you, and what
were your first thoughts about it?

Kyle Wood: Okay, so I, I realized
there's this thing inside of me where I

can't tell you about something without
being that annoying person who has

to like backtrack and tell you the
whole story leading up to the story.

Brandi Healy: I want the story.

This is projector to projector here.

I'm here, I'm here to go deep.

I'm not here for surface level, so bring

Kyle Wood: Yeah, it's like just, just
give me the thing because context is

so, I feel like so important and maybe
it was just like watching, being, you

know, that TV generation and watching
a lot of movies, the, um, the hero's

journey just got like locked into me.

Brandi Healy: Let's hear the origin

Kyle Wood: The origin story.

Yes, so, uh, cast your minds back
to 2020, um, and The actually as the

pandemic was reaching its fingers across
the world and you know, we're sort of

getting these weekends where it's like,
okay, you just got to stay in the house.


Um, I was currently going through
a launch in my business and I

was like, ah, do I keep going?

Um, and.

There, uh, another lady I follow, uh,
Jenny Blake, who runs a business, uh,

back then she ran a podcast called Pivot,
now she runs a podcast called Free Time,

um, she does this sort of cool thing
where she starts a new podcast whenever

she writes a book, which is kind of a
cool way to build, do her marketing,

she's not big on social media and stuff.

Anyway, I really liked the stuff she
was talking about in that she had

a membership area called Momentum.

And I, this is something I've noticed
that we'll talk about this through the

lens of human design, that generators,
maybe because they're often looking

for efficiency, things that help them
be sort of efficient, um, and, and

get things done, that the language
appeals to me as a projector as well.

Um, because it's about, usually
about like using your time better.

So this, this sort of mastermind group
really appealed to me and, uh, I was like,

all right, you know, despite everything
else going on, I'm going to sign up to it

because like I need some help and support.

Um, so it was in that group that
someone first mentioned human design

in front of me and it was Jenny.

I think, I don't know if she was looking
for a podcast guest or what, but she,

she popped in the group chat one day and
was like, Hey, has anyone heard about.

Like, does, who do people follow
online about human design?

And I was like, human, like, what is this?

Like, human design, what,
what's this, this thing?

And anyway, someone, uh,
recommended, um, Erin Claire Jones.

It's his website.

Who, you know, we both
did our training with.

And I had a look at her website, and I
was like, this is really interesting.

This is kind of like, I'd just been...

You know, learning a bit about
Enneagram and, you know, previously had

learned heaps about Myers Briggs and
Clifton strengths and stuff like that.

So I was like, oh, cool, like
a new, a new personality thing.

Um, I looked up my chart, which
was, um, on the, like the official,

like that jovian archive.com

Brandi Healy: yep.

Kyle Wood: and, and got my thing and I was
a projector and they had like a free book.

So I read a little about, a bit
about the projector and I was like,

oh yeah, this, this resonates.

Pretty well, but I at the time I
wasn't really interested in like,

you know The next step on that
website is kind of like do courses

and and I wasn't really interested
in that So I just kind of left it.

I think I signed up to
Aaron's email newsletter

Um, and, and then, which I like,
I want to learn about this later.

I just sign up to the person's email
newsletter and then if I like their

emails, I'll sort of engage more,
but otherwise just unsubscribe.

And uh, and yeah, and at that point she
was only sending like one email a month.

So um, yeah, so that, that
was how I initially got, um,

introduced to human design in, in
Kyle, Kyle's long story format.

Uh, Do you, do you want me to continue,
cause then obviously that was like, I

sort of forgot about it, or do you want
to share now how you first got introduced

and then we come back to my story?

Brandi Healy: Yeah, maybe we do a little
flip back and forth because I feel like

our journeys are going to converge, right?

Kyle Wood: Yeah.


So, so how,

Brandi Healy: also not only our orange
like our individual origin stories

But it's like our origin story of our
partnership without even knowing it.

Kyle Wood: Yeah.

Brandi Healy: so

Kyle Wood: Yeah.


Brandi Healy: For me it was about
I know you're like getting a little

Kyle Wood: Yeah.

Brandi Healy: here.

Um For me, it was about a year
after you discovered human design.

So it was spring of 2021.

So, you know, living in the world
of COVID now for about a year.

And I had already done my 200
hours certification, um, for,

you know, yoga teacher training.


And, you know, very similar to you,
you know, part of that training was,

um, you know, learning about enneagrams
and I was very intrigued by that.

That was, I spent a lot of time
looking into that in early days of

pandemic as I had lots of time on
our hands as most of us did, um.

And prior to that in different companies
that I had worked for, CliftonStrengths

was actually something that I had
used in a few different companies

that I worked for as well as different
systems like the DISC and the OAD.

And now, you know, knowing
more about my type.

I'm also a projector.

We love a system.

So it's like if you tell me like,
this is the system that we like

to use, especially if it helps me
learn about myself or other people.

I'm like, I'm here for it.

So, you know, I was very much,
um, you know, listening to

a lot of wellness podcasts.

And one of the podcasts that I listened
to very regularly was, um, be well.

by Kelly with Kelly Lovac who
is a holistic nutritionist,

Kyle Wood: Okay.


Brandi Healy: one of her guests
on her podcast was Who became

my teacher Erin Claire Jones?

So, you know, she was on Kelly's
podcast and did kind of like a little

level overview of like this is what
human design is and spoke to You

know, Kelly's design and kind of
how that shows up in her business.

And so it was like, wow,
this is super intriguing.

I wonder, you know, what my chart is.

So I did the same thing, went on to Jovian
archive, you know, populated my chart.

And re listened to the episode
because I was like, Oh, she talked

about some of this stuff already.

So, I retain really, I retain
information best like through listening.

I love an audio book.

I love a podcast.

So, went back and listened and kind of
like looked on my chart like, Okay, cool.

This is my type.

This is kind of how I
create opportunities.

All right, like this really aligns for me
and at that point, I didn't really take it

any further and about three months later,
I started a program and I was working

with a trauma informed coach in a group
coaching container and they used both

your astrological birth chart and your
human design chart in the work that they

Kyle Wood: Huh.

Brandi Healy: Um, with
each of their clients.

So it was reintroduced to me, um,
probably about three months later.

And when they really took the time
to, you know, expand on what it

meant to be a projector, and kind of
took me through, like, my open and

defined centers, I was like, Wow.

This is so cool.

And I had been following Erin, you know,
on Instagram, and I think I had also

subscribed to her newsletter as well.

But that having somebody, you
know, explain my individual

chart to me a little bit more in
depth, like, was very intriguing.

So, spent the time to, you
know, really try to understand

my chart more from there.


Um, I think by the time I finished my work
with her or with them, excuse me, um, we

were, you know, coming up onto spring of
2022 and I remember telling my husband,

I was like, I feel very similar about the
system as I do about my yoga practice.

It was like for a long time, like my
yoga practice was something just for me.

Until it was something I felt very
compelled to share with others, like,

this is too good to keep to myself.

And, you know, human
design felt the same way.

Like, what little I know at this
point has served me so deeply, like,

I feel really drawn to learn more.

And I think at that point is
when Aaron started teasing that.

Um, she was going to be doing a
training, you know, in the coming months.

And so I was like, this is a person
that introduced me to it and I feel

very drawn to study with this person
specifically because the way that

they present the information is
just very clear and very practical.

Um, so that's kind of, you know,
what, what that looked like for me.

Kyle Wood: Cool.


I, uh, Yeah, I didn't
realize you had done that.

So, the, the beauty of email.

So, I was getting these emails now.

Going back to my story, I was
getting these emails from Erin.

And, uh, yeah, about once a month.

And she would, she would usually share,
like, a bit about, you know, the types.

Maybe, like, through the
context of something.

Or she would share, um, a little story.

And yeah, so the stuff she was then
sharing about projectors, it was

like, Oh, this is really resonating.

And, uh, she ran like a discount, you
know, on, on getting a, one of her

blueprint books, you know, lots of
people have these, but it's just, it's

a book that explains your human design.

It's a PDF that goes through
all the different bits.

And I got that and read that and it
was just like, Oh my God, like there

was just so many things in there.


That really resonated, um, and, and, you
know, it was like so much information as

well as like integrating it was difficult,
but I did some, some journaling around

it and started to connect the dots, you
know, to see where I've been invited into

opportunities and, um, you know, like how
my profile had already like showed up in

my life and, and also how like over the
last couple of years, and especially cause

it's all happening during COVID, Pandemic
and everything's changing anyway, that

I was not following some of these things
that had come quite naturally to me and

I had issued them in favor of trying
to do things like, you know, especially

running an online business, trying
to do things like I see other people.

So that got me curious to learn some more.

So I signed up, I did a workshop
with her on the other centers

and that was then really helpful.

Like sharing that with my wife and looking
at our centers and it's like, Oh, wow.

He's like, wow.

We have these like some communication
issues, um, and how we can fix that

or how we can communicate better.

Uh, and then my mom gave me
some money for like Christmas

or my birthday or something.

And I, I, yeah, at this point as
well, I was getting this feeling

like, I just feel like I just keep
getting called back to human design.

It would like I'd do something with
it and then it would be a few months.

Go back to my business.

And then again, like, this sort of
like, calling would come, and I was

like, Okay, I want to do a one on
one reading with Erin, so I used this

money that Mum had given me, and...

And you signed up and, and did
a reading and at the end of the

reading she did say, Oh yeah, I'm
like, I'm working on a training.

Cause, cause I could feel it's
like, I, I want to teach this.

I don't know whether it's like, uh, just
be a straight up human design reader

or if, um, uh, you know, I just want to
take this and like apply it in my own

business or if I want to take this and.

You know, give it to my existing
audience of like fitness trainers, uh,

for my business, but I, I, yeah, it
could feel like that, that he Spleenic

Authority was like going off saying
this is something to learn more about.

So yeah, so I asked her about it and
she's like, yeah, um, I am interested.

I am thinking about doing a course.

Um, which, but like, that was like
September 20, 21, I want to say.

So it was then a whole year.

It was like radio silence.

But yeah, I guess, yeah, I pretty
much, uh, decided then, like,

yeah, just kept that calling.

And that was very, like, I'll speak
to that, that was very uncomfortable.

Because, becoming a parent, um,
I had stopped listening to that,

like, instinct and that intuition as
much, and traded that for, you know,

doing things more, like, rational.

Not that I'm, like, a terribly
irresponsible person, but had,

I guess, felt like I needed
to justify my decisions.

So, um, it was very uncomfortable,
but like you found, it

was similar to when you...

When I did your yoga teacher training,
this was very similar to me when

I had been studying engineering
at university and did my, got my

personal trainer qualification and
was like, this is what I want to do.

And like, I don't want to do, you
know, yes, I've spent over three

years studying engineering, but I
still like, this is what I want to do.

I want to do personal training.

So yeah, it was very similar thing again.

And, um.

And I was like, yeah, I
should listen to that.

And I shouldn't try and rationalize
it, but I should just listen to this

and let's just see like where it goes.

And luckily I have an amazing wife.

He's like very supportive and
that's all she wants for me.

So, um, that sort of got me to that stage.

Brandi Healy: Mm hmm.


It's interesting because we, I
kind of did it backwards from you.

So I did the workshop with
Aaron, the flow workshop.

Kyle Wood: Okay.

Brandi Healy: And after the flow
workshop, I went and for my husband

and my anniversary, I bought
us both our blueprint books.

Kyle Wood: Uh huh.

Brandi Healy: And so then from there, we
kind of like I would go back to that flow

workshop and I was like, we were having
conversations similar to you and Zoe

around like, you know, let's look at our
charts and like, how are they different?

And it's like, first we're reading
our own and then we're reading each

other's and then for Father's Day,
I bought him our two children's so

I had them all printed and bound and
And you know, I like have them on my

nightstand and I've been myself like
picking someone's up like almost daily.

And even now after studying, um, I just
find that such a useful tool and have

found, you know, in that time from the
time I took the workshop and got those

blueprints, I think similar to you.

It's like, as I started to tinker with
it a little bit and saw how impactful

it was, not just for myself, but for
my relationship with my partner and as

well as like, you know, how we've looked
at parenting our children because their

designs are very different from one
another, like for as many similarities

as we have in our family, there are also
like, you know, some pretty substantial

differences and having that awareness,
like, you know, Felt really good to

say like, Oh, I feel kind of like more
confident about, you know, how I'm

going to choose to, you know, support
my child so that they are growing up in

a way that feels really natural to them
instead of trying to mold them in a way

that maybe societally they should be.

Kyle Wood: yeah, with the kid stuff,
it's huge, so what, what, and what

was your husband, like, what was
Dave's reaction to this, to you, like,

getting into this stuff with, mm,

Brandi Healy: He's like super open to it.

And again, like having a supportive
partner was like huge in this, you

know, to say like, we're going to talk
about human design in our partnership.

And also we're going to look
at like how we raise our kids.

And now I want to invest
in this training and sure.

And then it's like, and mind you,
this is like within a two year period

that I do yoga teacher training.

And then I do, you know,
this human design, this human

design training as well.

And I think at that point, like,
you know, he is a sacral manifesting

generator and he was just like, no,
I think that you should do this.

Like, I see how.

It's impacted you.

I see how it's impacted me
by you sharing it with me.

I see how it's impacted our family and
if this is what you feel drawn to do.

And I think that when I really sat
with it, it wasn't different than

what I had already been doing.

It just gave me another tool to do it.


Kyle Wood: yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, like a framework to.

Speak to what you, yeah,
you're already trying to do.

Um, yeah, it was really helpful
for me to see why something which

I'd already realized, which is in
business, people operate differently.

You know, I work with a lot of people
who self employed people and run their

bit in business and had just seen all the
different ways people had found success.

And, um, used to really frustrate me
seeing You know, products marketed

and things like that and coaches
out there who are very much like

this is the one way to success.

And so human design was really
reaffirming for me to be like, yeah, okay.

I'm right.

Like that there is not one way.

There is lots of pathways and,
and here's a way I can help people

find their individual pathway.

So, so yeah, it's that, that
got us to this, like this.

Well, what was it?

Was it, was it, did you see
something on social media or

Brandi Healy: a year ago.

Kyle Wood: or...

Brandi Healy: I got it.

I think that I got an email and I saw
a, you know, Instagram story or posts,

like there were teasers leading up to it.

And I knew that I had been
tinkering with my authority

and I have weight for clarity.

So it's like, I know I'm not meant
to make decisions in the moment.

So knowing this was on the horizon,
and this is the same thing I did when I

hired a business coach, like knowing that
the time to make a decision was coming

on the horizon, I'm like, okay, like.

Think about it as if you were
to, this was presented to you.

If you had to make this decision today,

Kyle Wood: Hmm.

Brandi Healy: like what, how do you feel?

And it's like, I feel really excited.

I feel very compelled by this.

So then the day that it's like we're
launching, I had that time to find that

clarity and like, you know, tell my
husband like today's the day, like I'm

signing up and he's like, okay, great.

Kyle Wood: Ha ha ha, yeah.


Brandi Healy: I support that, you
know, and, you know, it was again,

similar to my business coach.

My business coach was like, when I
told her about I, you know, um, sheer

human design, she was like, amazing.

And then.

When we got to the part where we're
discussing like are you you know

ready to move forward and I was
like, oh, yeah I already decided

because I used my authority.

I already decided I just needed to like
have this call to do like a vibe check

to make sure that we like mesh but like,
you know, I'm in so you know that's kind

of how it got to the point to like You
know, how I used my authority to enter

into this and it was like the day that it
launched, I like signed up immediately.

Kyle Wood: Yeah, same.

Ha ha ha.

Yeah, I got that intuitive hit.

And then I went and talked
to Zoe and I said...

You know, like I feel like I really
want to sign up for this, but you

know, I don't know if it makes
financial sense at this point.

Um, and she's like, no, you should do it.

So I was like, all right.


Brandi Healy: We had the same
conversation in our house.

Kyle Wood: and like all the financial
stuff worked out, like it was crazy.

So yeah, it was, it was really a
nice, uh, experience and exciting

to, To think about putting some time
into, into this, the other thing

that really like worked out well for
me was like doing stuff with the U.


is typically very frustrating for
me because the calls in my time

zone are often at like anywhere
sort of like between 2 and 5 a.


So, because a lot of people run the
calls in the morning in US time and

maybe it's that's the beauty of having
a projector that she ran the calls

at like four o'clock in the afternoon
her time, which was 6am my time.

Like that's not unreasonable.

Uh, and I, yeah, I just
loved that whole process.

I loved the, like getting up early
and I'd have done my call pretty much

before like the family even woke up
and just get that little hit on it on

a, it was a Wednesday morning for me.

And, um, yeah, it was, yeah,
it was, it was just awesome.

Um, and it was so awesome as well to see,
like, to, to do this with a projector,

which Erin is and see, you know, how
does a, how does a projector run this?

And she was very open about the behind
the scenes, the process as well.

So that was really cool too.

Cause like I said, I often was like.

Joining courses with like generators,
which were great, like fantastic people,

but you know, they were running like
16 calls a week and then doing this

Brandi Healy: Yeah.

I'm like, I can't work like that.

Kyle Wood: Yeah.


And, um, it's like,
yeah, especially, yeah.

It's like, I just don't have
that capacity these days, um,

to do that every single week.

So, yeah, that was, that was really cool.

What was, um, what was the experience
like for you of doing the course?

Brandi Healy: You know, I think because
we've gone through the course twice

and I think the first time it was
really about going through the course

with the lens of looking at, looking
at and understanding my own design I

think also looking at like my family,
my partner and my two kids charts

Kyle Wood: yeah,

Brandi Healy: a lot during that first

Kyle Wood: yeah, same,

Brandi Healy: And then, um, The second
round, I feel like I focused more

on like, okay, how do I feel about
how do I want to share this with

others in a way that feels authentic
to who I am and to my own design.

And, you know, the, again, I think the.

The first experience I feel like
was very like an introspective time.

And then the second go was more
under the lens of like, how do

I get this message out there?

And I think during both, you know, they
were these group settings and I felt So

fortunate to hear from other people in
both groups that had different designs

than my own or the ones that I was exposed
to on a daily basis within my family unit

or people that I work with, um, which
is like, there's nothing like hearing

what it's like to be a manifester than
from a manifester or, you know, somebody

that has a certain authority, then that
person that has that Uh, authority.

It's one thing to read about it.

It's a whole other thing to have someone
share their lived experience of it.

And I think that that was the most
powerful piece of that training.

And you know, I was just, you know,
this connection came from that.

So it's like so grateful that like I chose
to make that decision because now here we

are almost exactly a year later from the
time that we had the first call, the call.

And, you know, now we have a human design
podcast, which like, if you would have

told me a year ago that this is what
I would be doing, I'd be like, no way.

Kyle Wood: Um, yeah, um, it's been a
fun journey and it's been really fun

to really explore my design in the
business as well and like really honor

it and really think about is this like
staying in alignment, uh, as I do it.

So yeah, I'm excited to see, see where
this continues to go and where this

Human design journey continues to go
and, um, yeah, yeah, I'm glad, uh,

Brandi Healy: I'm glad we both said

Kyle Wood: yeah, yeah, yeah.

Well, I think you said yes.

I was like, you know, are there any
other wellness health professionals?

Like we had, you know, a group
portal where we could talk during

the course and you said yes.

And then.

I win all hermity, so I don't
think I even responded and then

I like circled back to you.

I think it was a while.

Was it a while later?

Do you remember?

Brandi Healy: I think so.

But in fairness, it was over the holidays.

Kyle Wood: Yeah, yeah, that sounds right.

Yeah, because we finished up.

Yeah, and so I sort of circled back
around and found other people, a couple

other people and uh Yeah, just got that
like intuitive hit about you again.

I was like, yeah, I think this
is this is the person um so

just trusting that and Uh, yeah.

It's been good.

Brandi Healy: I think that what'll be
fun, we'll share in another episode about

what happens in, when you layer charts
on top of each other because that was,

you know, how you work in partnership
with one another and I think that

that was a fun experience for us to go
through of like well, let's check it out

and see what it would be like to work
together and, you know, kind of some of

the discoveries that came from there.

But this was super fun to kind of have.

A trip down memory lane.

Kyle Wood: Yeah!

And I think with the overlaying it'd
be maybe also cool to look at like

where one of us has a defined...

Center and the other person's open or
undefined, well mine, I don't have any

open centers, they're all undefined.

So, so where we have that and how
that shows up different, and then

how we, how we've intentionally
honored that in the other person in

the way that we operate different.

That could be a really
fun, uh, episode to go

Brandi Healy: And how we, how
we lovingly remind each other

Kyle Wood: yeah.

Ha ha ha ha ha.



Brandi Healy: when we see
the other go off course.

Kyle Wood: Yeah.

Ha ha ha ha.


Brandi Healy: And by we, I mean Kyle.

Kyle Wood: Me?

You mean I go, of course, or I...

Brandi Healy: me, no, you, I go off
course, and you're always like, we, I'm

thinking about doing this, and I'm like,
yes, and you're like, think about it.

Kyle Wood: Ah, yes, yes.

Use your authority.

Brandi Healy: You're like, think
about it, and I'm like, okay,

but tomorrow I'm telling you yes.

Kyle Wood: Yeah.

Brandi Healy: This was fun.

Kyle Wood: It was fun.

Alright, thank you so much for listening.

And, uh, we look forward to, uh, sharing
more with you in the next episode.