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Daily Boost - 24 Shvat

24 Shvat: The Engagement and the Wedding

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Topic for Shvat: Women and Moshiach

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“The Torah that Moshe commanded us is the inheritance of the congregation of Yaakov.” (Devarim 33:4) Do not read it as inheritance (morasha), but engagement, (me’orasa).
When G-d gave us the Torah it was only our engagement to Him. The wedding will take place when Moshiach comes.
(Shemos Rabbah, 15:31)

Marriage is a completely unconditional relationship. Unlike a mere business partnership, each person in a marriage commits his or her very essence to his or her spouse.

At the giving of the Torah, we committed to G-d, and He committed to us. However, our marriage is not complete until we fulfill our commitment. When we serve G-d unconditionally and with an essential joy, we help to consummate our marriage and bring Moshiach.

Hayom Yom Tishrei 26th
Sichos Kodesh Shavuos 5724 Seif 1