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Looks like they ARE listening to our podcast, after all. Good.

Show Notes

In what might well have been the best decision ever made by Warner Bros. in the history of space and time, they decided to put James Gunn (and Peter Safran, but be honest: did you even know the name before reading about it in the announcement? We certainly didn't) in charge of everything DC!

The nerds were ecstatic about the news and decided it was bombastic enough that they needed to talk about it ASAP. Well... Luciano and Matt were, anyway. Chris and Spencer were so distraught that their homeboy Zack Snyder was left entirely out of the deal (and the conversation, really) that they couldn't even make it to this recording. 😏

They're also debating forwarding their ideas on how to fix the clusterfuck the DCEU currently finds itself in directly to the new heads of DC Studios. What's the worst that could happen (besides a restraining order), right?

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What is You're Wrong?

You're Wrong is on permanent hiatus, but Chris, Luciano, Matt and Spencer aren't! They have a new podcast, dedicated (almost) exclusively to movies, called Popcorn & Plot Holes. Come listen to their ramblings at or anywhere you get your podcasts from!