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Adam & Mike welcome one of the top high-intensity training experts in the world, Dr. Doug McGuff. Together, they will try to help you find The REAL Fountain of Youth.

Show Notes

This is one of our most important episodes.  A must listen!
Dr. Doug McGuff and I met back in 1995 at an exercise conference and we have stayed in touch ever since. He is such a brilliant thinker and teacher. I cannot emphasize enough how important Dr. McGuff has been to our understanding of the mechanisms and benefits of high intensity exercise  Dr McGuff  is a full-time emergency room physician and owns, Ultimate Exercise, a high intensity, personal training facility in South Carolina. 

In 2008, Doug released the ground-breaking book, Body By Science, and is considered one of the top high-intensity training experts in the world.  I highly recommend that you follow Doug for his incredible insights and findings via and his YouTube channel.

We kick off this episode discussing that the measurement of an individual’s muscle mass should be included as an important vital sign, similar to one’s blood pressure and hemoglobin A1-c.  Strength, we are learning, is a great indicator of overall health; including being a good predictor of system inflammation and physiologic reserves.

Doug does a fantastic job explaining the concept of S-O-R (Stimulus – Organism – Response), helping us to understand the relationship between exercise, genetics and our expected (and unexpected) results.  

Did you know that muscle is the most powerful endocrine organ in the body? High intensity exercise and healthy muscle mass dictates and signals for: 

  • the reversal of the aging process

  • how energy is utilized in the body

  • the conversion of white fat to brown fat (a good thing). 

  • the partitioning of nutrients

  • how glucose is regulated

It will be practically impossible for you to listen to this episode and not feel compelled to hit the weight room ASAP.     Enjoy!

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What is The InForm Fitness Podcast?

The InForm Fitness Podcast with Adam Zickerman and co-Host Mike Rogers is a presentation of InForm Fitness Studios, specializing in safe, efficient, High Intensity strength training.
On our bi-monthly podcast, Adam and Mike discuss the latest findings in the areas of exercise, nutrition and recovery with leading experts and scientists. We aim to debunk the popular misconceptions and urban myths that are so prevalent in the fields of health and fitness and to replace those sacred cows with scientific-based, up-to-the-minute information on a variety of subjects. The topics covered include exercise protocols and techniques, nutrition, sleep, recovery, the role of genetics in the response to exercise, and much more.