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The "Population Bomb" theory (aka depopulation agenda) has been going on for many decades, if not many centuries. The only difference now is that it's right in the open. For whatever reason people refuse to believe it's true, but unfortunately it is.

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The "Population Bomb" theory (aka depopulation agenda) has been going on for many decades, if not many centuries. The only difference now is that it's right in the open. For whatever reason people refuse to believe it's true, but unfortunately it is. I'm hoping by sharing more reputable guests explaining this topic it may help "wake up" others to what is really going on. Again, this is a 100% apolitical and pro-human podcast. Nothing more, nothing less.

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What is The Jonathan Kogan Show?

The Jonathan Kogan Show brings you the most important, underreports news (and hot takes) that you need to know but the mainstream media is not covering. If you are searching for the truth, and of course the cold hard facts, then this podcast is for you. But, if you are looking for fake news and distractions from the real news, then you will be better off going to CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News. We do not cater to any corporations or powerful elites, but rather everyday peasants who simply want to know what is really going on without the propaganda.

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One we're live on everything because that's what we do we go live on all platforms to share the truth in nothing but the truth so first of all i'm going to say one thing in jan not january on the first this is kind of a this isn't goin work out so well but on the first business day of every month i'm going to ask for your support patron dot com for its lash ownership economy or twitter at g z hit that money sign and donate first business day of the month even tough today is technically not a business day but it is the first week day of the month so yeah i'm gonna ask you if you appreciate the work please support if you hate the work don't follow the work it's a freedom of whatever you want to do kind of world so i guess when the issue some were jumping right into welcome to john the coganshow so i'm sure a clip from george gammon george gammon is another truth teller he specializes finance okay and like white boarding so you can understand the economy okay just like myself a political we we do not believe in politics we don't associate ourselves and we simply just care about the truth and i don't know what it is about this topic that makes people avoid it or go conspiracy theory conspiracy your but like the fact that aletes have been obsessed with ugenics ye for many many centuries and that i mean in world war two with the not is bill gates his dad was a part of planing parenthood and forming all that and bill gates himself is just obsessed with gen mutations and what not you know god bless them i guess you have when you have that much money you have the only hobby you can have is changing other human beings so god bless uh so here's a video he made today and it's a throw back to an older article but it's just the point that this podcast isn't conspiratorial it's not conspiracies it's to give you the heart hitting truth the hard hitting facts that people either avoid because they don't have the cahonas to talk about it or are scared what other people talk about it on this podcast we don't care what other people think because we just care about reporting the truth we have one objective of this podcast is to tell you the truth and then leave it to you use your critical thinking and analytical skills to come to your conclusions we don't come to conclusions on this podcast okay so we don't do that all right so here we go let's get right into it and this topic is the de population so there and by the way elon must has kind of been funny i guess say on fire but it be pretty funny on twitter but he posted yesterday something very interesting and if plays right into this topic and i want to read the tweet exactly i probably should have had it up but he was replying to someone else's tweet and he and i quote see here he goes so dr jordan b peterson posted paul erlich has been famously wrong about everything he has predicted for six decades and he links to c b s news science say planet amidst of six masextenchin event lan replied his quote population bomb book that's a book the book title is population bomb might be the most his population bomb book might he forgot the word be the most damaging anti human thing ever written and the reason why i'm covering this is because as you and i know many listeners do know this is a pro human podcast we love all humans regardless of political affiliation regardless of skin color regardless of religion regardless of how dumb you are r u are we are a pro human podcast from beginning to middle to end back to the middle back to the beginning you understand what i'm saying cover to cover as they say in ancient rome i made that up it's not really ance rome i'm not really sure what it is but you know what i mean cover to cover which by the way i always tought was a really dumb phrase like cover to cover that's so stupid but you know what i'm saying you got the point so instead of me covering the depopulation agenda with genesis and bill gates all that stuff i'm gonna cover it with george today okay and i'm gonna let him take it because i want to play reputable reputable people talking about similar stuff so you don't just hear me talking about it so you know that there's other normal people in this world that see what's going on and that i'm not psychotic and it's very very normal obvious if you do your own research nd he explains very well quote of the his channel is called rebel rebel capitalists and the title of this video is shocking proof depopulation agenda is a con see fact and i'm going to play it and well you know i'll chime in here and there because tht'swhat you come to this podcast for but just listen to the man just listen here we go fact checked bill gates loves you he also funds polite effect don't hide it any more oh m that's usually the case take it away george yeah i'm just gonna make this real simple they want you dead they don't want you to reproduce your useless eater the actual word that they use to describe you and your loved ones is quote useless eaters just look up you've all now horary useless eater you can look up the speeches on youtube that is what you are if you didn't know that's what you are now you know what you are god bless m kill all the listeners to the jonathan cogan show would be a start no i'm just kidingthat's a terrible idea but they hate you and i love you that's the difference yeah oh hm oh they funded the nats genus ugenisis program oh because they love you oh h why what's wrong they just want to depopulate the planet whatever oh let me put up my power point you see these are the peasants and we are the elite that's on next slide slide to number one is look at all these peasants there's too many of them it is what we call a population bomb so let's help set it off and then depopulate the world thank you very much eh um well yet a yeah yes why not that's great no here's no money in that there's no money in that just kill him yeah yeah so that's a really interesting point we're living in this bizarre world at this moment where the divide between reality and this alternate reality of like everything is the opposite is so extreme and i still know people that are living in this bizarre world where everything is literally opposite of the truth and like you have people that are living in what is the truth because they aren't obsessed with donald trump they aren't obsessed with politics they aren't obsessed with joe bid in in fact i had a little trivial question for you donald trump joe baden jngjingp michael jordan barba strysandum uh gislane maxwell and jonathan cogan all have in common i'll give you a second we're all human okay and so we're all the same that's it done i tricked you you were like oh what's different oh my god they're so bad something so bad so one of them is bad five of them are bad no we're all human and this s a pre human podcast people to push the truth away for this podcast to dismiss it they have to associate me with some political party otherwise there's nothing they can't say anything because if you do your own research everything i say is truthful right except whatever i say is my opinion that's my opinion but when i report on something it's all truthful and people they want to dismiss it because it's really hard to believe that there's people that they want to depopulate the planet nd you're part of the planet so therefore you're going to be depopulated it's very tough to digress trust me i'm very aware of that but when you come to terms with reality it's great you can move on and realize who this is fantastic i can live a life you know i understand there's people out there build gates who hate me and that's fantastic but you know i'm on to live my life and i'm gonna live my life fantastically and that's it but i have friends that want to dismiss me so bad like in fact i was just told something like i know it was it was talking towards me but i know someone he said quote i know someone who has a boner the fouche files and first of all why would i have an erected penis for filing papers whether they are digital or physical pieces of paper that's not what gets i'm not into files okay they could becalled the jonathan coganfiles and i would be not interested the could be sexy woman files it doesn't matter okay i'm not into file so first of all it's a crazy statement it's just that's how far people go to dismiss reality to say that you get a heart on a physical heart on for files and let alone fouche and let me telyouwhtithik about foch he's a human he's a human that's it that's hat i think about him do yu tink i was to say something else well that's because your brain washed to think that i'm goin to say something else but i don't care about the guy he's a human just like i don't care about ronald macdonald who maybe isn't a total human but whoever plays ronald you know what i mean okay you get what i mean okay that was a bad example but you understand what i mean okay which by the way mc donald did come out with their first fully automated macdonalds in texas you should look that up sometimes fully automated so we're getting very close to getting rid of the peasant completely fully automated macdonalds is live in texas so we're moving real fast by the way with the eye but not to get off track so people want to dismiss you so here's hat i tink about i don't care i just want to see the truth whether that comes out in something called falgifiles whether it comes out from joebian's mouth whether it comes out on twitter or wheer it comes out of my ass i don't know okay i don't care it does not matter i don't know why i have to articulate this on so many episodes it does not matter okay i do not care all i care about his objective truth it can come out of my left toe and if it's truthful i will yell to the world okay it can come out of your aunt's husband's daughter's child's ass and if it's a truth it's fantast stick okay it's just about truth it's not about political filiation and what's really set people off this this trump derangement in his obsession with this donald trump guy that makes people go bankers that's a big reason i think that's seated with the guy who said this i think he has that derangement in the which is very sad very sad because when that down he's old he's very old man so i imagine gonna die in the next decade right a threat i'm just saying he's around that age probably what are pope going to do people are gonna lose careers when that guy dies like literally people are going lose their livelihood there's on be no income becase there's no stories people have built literally incomes like literally thousands of people probably definitely hundreds have built incomes their livelihood that way they support their families around one human being that is the most flawed dumb business model in the entire world because if you do the john of the hogan show does and you use report on the truth and nothing but the truth i hope you got you can go forever and so i just want to make that point that this is a pro human a political podcast through and through that's it and this is the depolitagenda is real i'm sorry i'm the one breaking it to you if i'm the one breaking it to you sorry but do you think you want to know if there was someone outside your house trying to put poison in your coffee would you want me to tell you and not tell you if you don't let me tell you don't listen to his podcast if you do want me to tell you listen to the jaw ogan show shows some support at the beginnin of every month that's all all right i got off track let's finish this up oh h h m by the way someone i'm gonna do this myself but i'm telling you i listened to titan which is the rock i'm not a most done with the rockefeller biography and his philanthropist mentor who set up who got really into changing medic schools putting like like patrolium in the medicine and taking over the bio farmsutical industrial complex rock fella that's what he wanted to do after he captured oil and made a monopoly wanted a monopoly of er medicine like bill gates is doing and his philanthropist like advisor who was ahead of that because rockefeller was focused on his oil but later in life he went full time on that his it was attorney his name last name was gates i need to know if that's in the bill gates line it has to be because they are they're both monopolists in the same blodline it's probably bill gates's grandfather s my guests i'm a look into it if you get a chance look into it the philanthropist the top guy who did all the stuff with rockefeller's money who worked with rockefeller his last name was gates and he was a lawyer i got to know if that's in the blood line it probably is so this is what they do this is what the elite do i'll play a little bit more of this and then we'll wrap it up yeah oh yeah m okay well they can go tackle michael stott okay i don't care any more this is just the stuff you need to know and we want to start twenty twenty three on a pivotal moment okay which is to know that we are under threat we will survive we need to build communities perhaps we start them online create network states like pology says very smart idea and we just need to be in this together and we will come by we have to create parallel economies parallel structures parallel industry is okay because the main line main stream institutions have been captured they are against us and that is what it is it's no big deal it's not a big deal it's really not a big deal i promise okay so twenty twenty three great year economy not doing so hot actually seems like everything s not really doing so hot but it's gonna be a fantastic year not for all but it's gonna be it's going to be a rough year it's going to be a rough year food horace s to start at the end of the year and then they're really going a hit next year peter zion for all this faults is pretty accurate with the geo political stuff he says we'll lose a billion people from famine in the next ten years so a hundred million a year which starts later the end tis ear but really hits in twenty twenty four again i've had a famine clip from i predicted that i don't know back in june on my podcast and you can go listen to that s a very good episode and i played a clip on it on tik tok and boom months later they band it all of a sudden just out of nowhere so maybe the c c p knows it's coming and they're trying to ban it get ahead of it not let people prepare his is what it is i'll probably hit africa first but i hate europe the manufacture energy shortages control people's food energy and control the money that is the goal henry kissonger's quote he's part of the group here this no secret it's just out in the open now and someone who wants to deny this podcast is denying truth because it's very hard it's a very hard thing to grasp this this this game is so big and we're just pawns it's very hard to wrap your head around i'm very aware i still think i'm crazy like when i talk about this trust me i feel nuts but it's all true just your own research it's all true and once you realize that the sky's limit then you can do whatever you want it's fantastic it's like a relief so if you know anyone here i said i'm on request something first business day every month even though technically today is not a business day share this with one person let's try to double the audience at the end of the month share this share the rumble share the youtube share the podcastling from j s k dot transistor dot f m share with someone who's living in that alternate reality of literally everything is opposite from true which is the most bizarre thing and let's see if we can have them join the community and be open to truth again that's all very welcoming over here they can let their politics go and they can be free finally they could be free trust me they love it share it with one person and if you're fantastic share it with two and if you're phenomenal share it with three if you're super star shared with like five thousand okay as all i got for you today thank you for supporting The Jonathan Kogan Show thank you for listening again you can you can donate and support the podcast at g z on twitter thank you george gammon for sharing that clip and i'll see you guy is the next one audio by love you world piece