Birth, Baby!

Today we chat with Meagan Noble about Ecstatic Birth. Many of us have heard of it but don’t know what the heck it is! Meagan breaks it down for us. 

Meagan is a full spectrum doula, student midwife, and childbirth educator. Following the home births of her three children, she shifted her career to birth work and now helps families find joy and flow in their birth journeys. Meagan’s approach is caring, intuitive, and education-focused. She believes deeply in the power of birth to transform women and families, and strives to bring deeper connection and trust to families in the birthing room." 

Instagram: @meagannobleatx

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What is Birth, Baby!?

Birth, Baby! is hosted by Ciarra Morgan and Samantha Kelly, birth doulas and childbirth educators in Austin, Texas. This podcast is meant to guide families through the decisions they'll be making during pregnancy, birth, and their postpartum journey. Through interviews with experts, personal experiences, and evidence based information, your hosts will address questions and concerns they routinely hear from their community.