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In an effort for Scott to get as fit as possible, he is doing his check-ins live on the air with Nutrition Coach Cheryl Nasso.  One week ago Scott was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation and we check in today to see what is next.

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What is going on, everybody?

Welcome to the Clydesdale

Media Weight Loss Journey.

My name is Scott Switzer.

I'm the Clydesdale.

She is my nutrition coach, Cheryl Nasso.

And we're here to have our weekly chat.

And I've already been

scolded coming into the episode.

So, hey, Holly.

Hey, Kenneth.

Hey, Megan, Damian, Corey.

Good to see you all.

I'm looking at the chat,

and I just can't help but

just look at Damien's workout for today.

Burpee box jumps and a rower.

Just, man.

You know, I just, before we get into you,

I have to tell you,

I revisited an old workout

last week just for the fun of it.

An old workout from Ben

Bergeron that we did called Fortitude.

It's a 30-minute EMOM.

Odd minute is 15 calories on the rower.

Even minute is 15 burpees for 30 minutes.

And I'm sure people can now

do more than that,

but that was back then the standard.

And I decided to do that last week,

but I did it with burpees over the rower.

So Damien, I feel for you, man.

I think what's worse than

rowing in burpee box jumps

is echo bike or a salt bike

into any box jump.

You just...

It just hurts.


We do this for fun.


We do this for the experience.

That's really what it is.

You know, we say we do it for fun,

but we don't.

We do it because we have

this sick thing in our

brain that like loves the

experience and being like, oh,

that workout was so bad.

Because y'all know that's what it is.

We all want to be able to

talk about what we did, you know?

So just a little...

actually goes very well into

the journey that we're on

right now with Scott is

sometimes the journey is hard,

but getting through the

journey is what makes it worthwhile.

Cause you have all the stuff

to talk about and you've

been going through some tough times.

So let's shout out to, uh,

Judy Reed and Aaron Frazier

who jumped in the chat as well.

So don't miss anybody.

We got a good group.

We got a good group.

A lot of people rooting for

you to get better.

So, um, fill us in a little bit.

You had your cardiologist

appointment at EKG yesterday.

No results yet.

No results.

I mean, I have the results.

I don't know what they mean.

Um, in my, um,

My, my hospital has a, my chart app.

So all the tests go right in

there so I can see them all.

I just don't know what any of it means.

And I haven't heard from the

cardiologist with yesterday

being a holiday.

I just don't know like when

he'll be back in,

but I am still in a fib for sure.

The, they met with me before I left,

told me that I am still in

a fib and that a doctor

will be in contact.


the doctor that saw me in

the hospital is now my doctor,

my cardiologist,

and he'll be in touch with

me for next steps.


What are your restrictions right now?

Are they telling you that like,

you shouldn't be moving around at all?

Are they telling you like to

kind of be sit sedentary, lay down,

like work wise,

are you able to go to work?

Like what's that look like

for you right now?


so I've been back to work since Friday.


I have a sedentary job,

so it's not like a lot of

stress on any kind of movement.


they do not want me to raise my heart


Um, the stroke risk is just too much.

And, um,

until they get everything under control.

it's all about eliminating

the stroke risk.

Got it.


Uh, terms of, uh,

like your lungs and breathing,

is that getting cleared up?

Are you feeling any better there?


Um, much clearer.

I can take a full deep breath now,

which I couldn't, um, a week ago.

Um, um,

It's weird though.

Like if I take a full deep breath,

I immediately burp.

And we've talked about that.

It's been funny.

I've had so many people

reach out to me who've been

through different things.

They had me on metformin for

the high sugar and it

actually can cause burping.


And that might be,

the issue there,

but I see my new family doctor on Friday.

So, um,

we can talk about all that stuff

and maybe there's a different medicine.

Um, cause my sugar,

I've got it down in the one fifties.

It was at three 80 when I

went in the hospital.


and they took me off all of the

prednisone and then, um,

I've been on insulin and

metformin and really

watching my diet and it has been

It'd been one fifties average.


What is it when you wake up

in the morning?

One 50.

It's not moving much during the day.


So after you eat and fasted,

it's about the same or does

it go up after you eat?

So they have me take it when

I wake up and before every, before lunch,

before dinner and before bed.

But not after dinner or not, not after.


I was just curious what it was,

if it was spiking at all after you ate.

Just curious about that.

I mean, out of curiosity,

I could test it once.

I'm just curious.

I'm a dork about that kind of stuff.

I know we had mentioned

looking at the fat intake

that that could also be

some of the stomach discomfort.

Did you work on in

decreasing that a little bit this week?

Looks like you did.

I did.

And my logging is a little

bit off because I told you

like the HelloFresh meals,

they are a little bit higher in fat,

but we take out a lot of the fat.

in preparing them.



when it calls for like oils and stuff

like that, we do not use that.



That's I,

I hate the hello fresh meals

because of that.

They are so loaded in fat.

I mean, they say, hello,

this is the problem with marketing.

Somebody that like is trying

to eat healthier, right?

You hear hello fresh.

You think what these have

got to be super healthy

meals and granted some of them likely are,


I don't think that they're

all very healthy.

A lot of times they're using

white flour breads and

pastas and they're usually loaded in fat.

And like you said,

you're like not using it.

But a person that's not

paying attention is literally like,

why am I eating healthy and

not losing weight?

Because your meal has a thousand calories.

You might as well have had

the burger and fries from McDonald's.

You know, like it's a it's a part of,

you know,

so I really I honestly I know

that they're fun for variety.

But my opinion on those kind

of meals is get the ideas,

like get the ideas for the meals,

but simplify and recreate, you know,

and if maybe you want to

have one or two a week

because you want something

a little bit different for variety.

But I mean, I'm going to be honest, like.

For instance,

this is not taken on your diet,

but I am a nutrition coach,

but a chicken and biscuit pot pie.

Chicken and biscuit pot pie.

I have no idea what the ingredients are,

but what am I picturing?

I grew up making pot pie, and I love it.

But it's typically going to

be like a cream-based sauce,

like something very heavy

with like a pastry crust, you know,

and there's like chicken.

You know,

so it's like I'm fine with the meals,

but like just it does make it.

I'm off on a tangent right

now about this HelloFresh

because it's something that people,

even like the meal prep companies,

you know, Clean Eats or whatever, have.

ideal nutrition.

They're all the same.

It's like you pick a meal and you're like,

oh, this must be healthy.

Then you're still getting 800 calories.

Just saying.

It is better than just going

and grabbing takeout.

I'm not saying that.

A little tangent.

We only do two meals a week.

Fat intake other than that day looks...

lower for the most part let

me see um yeah it's

whenever you have the hello

fresh meals it jacks your

fat up like thursday your

dinner had you know

23 grams of fat and 70 carbs.

And again,

you're likely not using all of

the ingredients,

but I don't know what the

source of those carbs are.

Like where are those 70 carbs coming from?

Was it pasta?

Was it, uh, you know, what,

what was it that night?

Do you remember?

I don't know.

I don't remember what was posted.

It was, it was pasta.



So again, I doubt they're using a,

like a whole grain high fiber pasta.

It's likely just a white flour pasta.

Just not that I'm not

demonizing those things,

but like when I'm trying to like, Hey,

let's kind of work on these little things,

those types of things.

And if it's only twice a week,

that's fine.

But just some things to

watch out for as we were

talking about fat intake,

something for everybody to

listen in on that is buying

a lot of these types of things.


Lex, Carolyn, I made a shepherd's pie.

Oh, by the way,

I have a chicken pot pie recipe.

That's pretty,

pretty obviously macro macro friendly.

I love that word.

I actually hate that word or

that terminology, but so, but just,

just the example of what we

do is like that pot pie,

like it didn't have a bottom crust.

It was just,

and it was more with chicken

broth than like a cream.

And we didn't use all the

biscuits on the top.


So we like cut back the carbs that way.

You know,

we don't use the oils they ask for.

There's no need for it.

Nothing sticks.

The worst part is you really

can't even like when you go

on their website,

you really can't even look

at things beforehand.

I think if I were you,

I would probably when you're doing it,

look at the fit and wholesome brand,

but again, you can't choose.

And I can't even look at

that until I actually click to sign up.

I'm on their website right now.

I'll be honest.

I would never have ordered the pop high.

Um, but when I was sick,

I didn't have time to go in

and change the order for the week.

So I just got what they gave us.


Um, so yeah, that's how that happened.


so just kind of watching out for

the HelloFresh stuff.

So your weight is trending

back down a little bit.

So we're kind of obviously medications,


I'm sure they gave you

fluids in the hospital.

They always pump you up with fluids,

whether you're dehydrated or not.

You didn't fill in your check-in form.

I already got talked to you about that.

That was one of our things.

So how has your hydration been?

Have you been drinking enough water?

Oh, yeah.

Okay, good.

How has your sleep been?

I mean,

it's been better than it was before

I went in the hospital.

But I still wake up in the

middle of the night,

but I'm falling asleep at

seven o'clock at night.

So then I wake up at like

one and I'm having a hard

time falling back to sleep.

And then I do like another

like four to eight.



So a little bit disrupted.

Um, all right.

Um, all right.

So a couple of questions I

asked my clients on their

check-in that you didn't answer.

How did you win last week?

How did I win last week?

How'd you win?

Um, give me a win.

I've been completely

compliant with my medicine.

I've been, uh, tracking my food every day.

Um, I've been trying to hit my targets.


I have a much more concerted

effort toward my goals and

me over the last week.

I would agree.

I would say you've gotten

vegetables and you've been

really winning.

Like you've been winning

things on my end here.

I want to know physically, mentally,

what you feel like has been

your biggest struggle.

I know the breath thing,

I know the heart thing,

but what has been the

hardest thing for you this

week with like compliance, with nutrition,

with everything?

just mental, just mentally not,

not diving down in the hole.

Um, I actually, Lex texted me yesterday.

Um, like I,

I've been doing Legos like to

just kind of keep my, my mind free and,

um, and do stuff.

And I have a Chicago bears

home that I'm working on now.

Um, and that,

and so I just do a little bit at a time,


And I do that to keep my

mind out of the bad places.

You know,

can I just tell you that your

coach resonates with that?

You know,

I've got my own struggles and

it's funny that you

mentioned Legos because today I'm like,

I got to start a puzzle.

I like puzzles.

Puzzles are good for me

because I've been working

on not filling every second

of my day with work.

I'm the kind of person,

if there's a free moment,

I should be filling it with something.

And when I have idle hands,

it's not comfortable.

So I've been thinking about that.

I like the Legos.

That's kind of a cool thing.

Yeah, I had some in my...

like people got me for Christmas.

Like I have the Chicago bear stadium.

I have a helmet that I just

hadn't gotten around to,

and I'm just taking time

for me to do that.



so struggles has just been mostly


just like keeping yourself out

of your head.

I'll be, it's scary.

It re it brings up whenever

you had something going on

with your health, like it's like,

the problem feels amplified.

It always feels amplified

because it's like,

you can't do anything about it.

You know?

And it's like, you're just,

especially right now you're

like in a waiting game and

all we can really do in

those moments is like,

like you're doing like,

what am I going to do?

I can't, the more I worry about something,

the crazier I get, you know,

you just got to keep plugging along,

you know?

So I love that for you.

So you're getting through this struggle.


Any specific questions for this week?

That's the next one.

One more struggle I had is

when I saw the news about

Myra Brandt from Training Think Tank,

like with everything I've gone through,

that really,

really hit home and hit hard.

That we don't have – we're

not promised tomorrow.

That's – when I saw that, I was like,

you never –

you never see those stories

happening like in your life

to somebody that you've met

or experienced or been in contact with.

And, and then when it happens,

you just realize how precious life is,

how like she had no,

nobody has any idea that

the next hour could be their last hour.

And it truly like bringing

tears to my eyes right now

that literally at any moment,

it could be done.

And, and you're right.

It's, it's, it's so important for us to,

to take care of ourselves

the best that we can, you know,

like your life is worth so much more,

you know?

Um, I give myself that same advice and I,

and I know that's what you were feeling.

I was like, man,

this could have been really bad.

Like if, what,

what if I didn't go to the

hospital that day?


Like what, what if you didn't go?

Like what would have

happened if you're like, Oh, I'm okay.

you know, but people it's,

it's hard and it's really easy to,

to just think if you're a,

if you're a person that's

very used to like just

grinding through and

pushing through and like

feeling like shit, you just,

you don't even realize how

bad you feel because you're

just grinding through.

Like for instance,

your blood sugar has

probably been high for a

long time and you probably had no idea.

And that could have killed you, you know,

like it's, but like, we don't even know,

you know, so it's so important.

In fact, it's, it's crazy.


I'm due for a follow-up with my doctor

and I, I, I called my doctor today.

I did.

I was like, you know what?

You're not going to wait.

You're going to go ahead and

call him and you're going to get put,

get some new labs run and

see how things are looking.

So I would say that was,

I just feel for her family,

for the everybody.

I mean, it's just,

it's crazy for sure.

I know it's a tangent again, but,

but that definitely mentally a struggle.


All right.

How would you rate your

effort this week towards your goals?

I would give you a five.

I would too.

And by the way, guys,

the scale is not one through 10.

Are you weighing out your food?


All right.

Did you eat out at all?

i don't think so I didn't

see anything I did well I

had I did have pizza friday

night oh yes I did see that

yeah I think that was the

night I saw you didn't log

that night yeah you logged

your lunch but not your

dinner okay um drinking

enough water no alcohol no

workouts I know step count

I likely am going to guess

is probably less than 2

000. um are you currently menstruating

Not currently.

Not currently?


Just making sure.

Not due for another week or two.



Have you had any significant

changes in your hunger or

your cravings this week?

I would say my appetite is

definitely back.


It was definitely gone for a few months.

Now I'm trying to keep it down into...

Um, the target you gave me,

which I think is 18 something.

Um, and I'm, and I'm not doing it.

It's like 22.

Well, I'm okay with that.

Cause like if,

if you don't lose a pound right now,

but you're staying consistent,

I'm fine with that.

Like right now,

the goal is if I have to

give you a little bit more, I will.

I'm also just trying to

really work as much as I

can on your insulin

sensitivity because we

can't get you moving.

So this is a good for all of

my diabetics out there.

Um, anybody that deals with blood sugar.


People like to focus on carbs.

It doesn't matter.

There is a time when carbs

matter in terms of raising blood sugar.

So if I'm only having carbohydrates, yes,

that's going to spike my blood sugar.

But what really we want to

do when we're trying to

bring blood sugar down is

we've got to make ourselves

more insulin sensitive.

And to do that,

if you are in a calorie deficit,

that's going to make you

more insulin sensitive

along with if you're moving more,

which gives the body this feeling like,

Hey, I've got to use energy.

It helps your body burn

through glucose and then

burn through body fat.

So that's kind of why a

calorie deficit is the best

way along with movement is

going to help bring that down.

So if I can keep calories down, I will,

but most importantly,

you're controlling them.

So that's good.


All right.

Any, well,

we talked about your sleep

quality that you're waking

up in the middle of night.

We can kind of touch on that.

How about any significant

changes in your mood, motivation,

or mental state?

I know you mentioned mental

was a struggle.

Do you think it's improving

or about the same or

getting worse than last week?

It's improving.



Do you have any calls with

your therapist lined up yet for yourself?

Um, our therapist retired,

so I've got to find a new one.

Yeah, I gotcha.

Funny story.

I actually fired my therapist yesterday,

so I have to find a new one too.

So she, uh,

she was talking down to me and

I didn't like that.

And regardless, this is just me.

I'm just sharing my open

stuff with you guys.

I don't care if a therapist

can talk down to me.

I'm like,

This isn't making me feel

very safe right now.

So just going to call it here.

And I didn't like it.

So I'm on the hunt with you, Scott.

All right.

Any changes in your energy

throughout the day?

I wouldn't say so.


So did this affect your

energy throughout the day?

Like, were you feeling really tired?


So that's still about the same.



All right.

So we're good there.

We'll talk about that.


I know you mentioned the burping.

You pooping regularly?

So that's been a big change this week.

I've been constipated since

getting out of the hospital.

And then that all changed yesterday.


Well, that's a good thing.

We had, we had a good bowel movement.

That's always a fun thing.

Getting that fiber intake up

will really help with that a little bit.

You know,

that's one of the numbers that

we've talked about and

we're going to kind of dive

into that a little bit today.

Cause that's like the next

thing you're doing a good job of,

you know,

making the changes that I've

been telling you to.

So we're going to keep

working on that as well.

All right.


and then we're not working out right now.

It's my last question is

elaborate on anything that

you feel to be significant this week.

And I feel like we all know

significance right now is

everything that we got

going on and kind of

getting some answers.

So just really,

really excited about

meeting with my new family doctor.


Seeing how that goes and

moving forward with a new plan.


With them.

I think the main thing to

address right now is gut

and sleep because you're

doing the nutrition.

You can't really work out right now.

And I know you had posted

something online.

I think it was on Instagram

that there might be surgery

involved if this AFib doesn't go down.

So the first way of fixing

it is shocking my heart back into rhythm.


which is still a procedure

where they have to put you under.

So I would be under anesthetic.

They would shock me,

get me back into rhythm.

And then if that doesn't work,

then there's a thing called

an ablation where they go

in and clean off the sensor

at the top of the heart.


It's crazy.

It's crazy what doctors can

do really is you're going

to become like RoboCop.

What's amazing is like the

number of people that have

reached out to me that have

had all of these procedures,

like is huge.


Like it is.

And when I,

when I first announced that I had this,

AFib is one of the,

is the most common

irregular heartbeat in the world.


And the bad thing is it's not correctable.

It is only, you can only like,

bandaid it, fix it, whatever.

So even though they shocked me in,

then it's,

I still have to make I have to

watch it because it can go back to a fib.

If I'm not careful.


How do they monitor that with you at home?

So I don't they're not.

What's that?

How do they know that you're

still in a fib just because of the,

they didn't eat KG yesterday.


But you don't,

so right now you don't have

any idea right now as

you're sitting there,

if your heart's in rhythm or not,

like you can't even,

like you can't feel it.

I mean, I can tell,

I can tell by the feel that

it's still there.


Like, but I also went,

I charged my watch so I can

watch my heart rate.


Um, and I can watch my sleep at night.

What kind of a watch is that?

Uh, it's called Suunto.



It's just, it's a form of Garmin,

just an off brand.

Suunto watches.

Um, I'd like to know which one you have.

Um, does it, I think it's the nine.

Does it sync with your Apple help?

Um, a little bit.


This is good because this is

one of the things that I

wanted to do today to talk to you about.

I actually wanted you to

find out about getting some

kind of a activity tracker

where I could actually see

data of like your heart rate.


like even wearing it when you're

working out,

like I would love to see like

what's going on with heart rate,

all that stuff while you are training.

I think you should wear that

when you go back into the

gym or get back on the whoop train,

you know, like something,

some kind of a wearable that can do that.


I did wear this when I was,

when I was in the gym.


and it has all the same data as a whoop.


It, um,

It just, I lost the charger at Legends.

So I had to buy a new charger.

Yeah, just getting,

the charger's probably not that much.


Right now.

I already bought it.

Okay, cool.

Which model do you have?

I think it's a Series 9.

Okay, yeah.

They're pretty expensive,

so it's probably a nice watch.

Yeah, it has a lot of stuff on it.



Cause that was one of the

things that I wanted to

actually do is get you on

some kind of a tracker.

And then what you can do is

make sure it's synced up

with Apple health and you

can just add me.

I'm going to actually send

you an invite and then we

can sync up Apple health

and you'll be able to I

think you have to ask,

I have to ask you to share.

So I'm going to ask you to

share your data with me so

that we'll be able to see everything.

or I'll be able to see everything.

They won't be able to see everything.

I'll be able to see everything.

So, and you'll be able to choose,

just make sure that you choose to like,

allow me to see everything on your watch.

So that I'll be able to help

you out with things.

And then obviously when we

get back into the gym,

it's also going to be

helpful for me to see

things like your resting

heart rate and stuff and

help get you back into getting fitness.

So, but yeah,

that was actually one of the

things that I wanted to

cover today was getting you

on some kind of a

a smartwatch.

And I know it was asking me

about your scale brand.


cause I thought it would be helpful as


If your scale just synced up

right with your Apple

health as like accountability to like,

it just syncs automatically this way.

You don't have to worry about like, Hey,

I'll be able to see every

day just like that.

So that,

that watch and everything just

syncing right through Apple

health will probably be helpful,

but I doubt your scale does that.

You probably just have a basic scale.

whatever scale so we'll get

there I think this is a

good start all right so

let's talk about a couple

of things this week for you

um I know we mentioned last

week really working on the

fiber intake um and I'm

just kind of taking a look

at things because

It feels like Tuesday wasn't that long ago,

but it was.

I know that I mentioned a couple of things,

you know,

switching out your bagels and such.

Are you kind of working on

finishing up what you have

at home or did you get to

the grocery store to buy new things?

Tomorrow we have an order for pickup.

Okay, cool.

Just because I'm kind of taking a look at,

you know,

Friday was just the only day

that you didn't log anything.

Saturday you had the rest of the ragu.

I'm still finishing up your bagels.

I do like that.

I see fruit, which is really good.

I love that for your carbs.

And you're eating a nice big

salad every single day, which is awesome.

Popcorn is a great high fiber snack,

by the way,

popcorn underrated for sure people.


I think the main thing still really is,

is just working on the

fiber intake is we got to really work on

getting the fibrous carbs in.

Um, so, uh,

I do see the Dave's killer breads,

high fiber today, which is good.

Um, you didn't, yeah,

you had mashed potato today.

Was the mashed potato something you made?



So that's a recipe that you

found in there or did you, um, uh,

did you log that yourself?

Just curious.

It was a hello fresh, um, mashed potato.


So it was made fresh with potatoes.


Potatoes also underrated.

I used to be afraid of potatoes.

I was afraid of potatoes.

Like paleo had me so brainwashed.

The thing that like potatoes

were bad for me.

I'm like, oh my God,

it's not a sweet potato.

It's not a good potato.

Potatoes are actually very good for you.

And the skin,

if you can do like a baked

potato with the skin on,

really good for fiber as well.

So high volume as well too.

Potatoes are very low

calorie and people don't realize that,

you know?

So I think the main thing is

I would love to see whole grains,

high fiber at your three main meals.


whenever you're choosing

your grain products,

really looking for something that has,

if it has like 20,

I think my rule of thumb is like,

three to four grams of fiber

per 20 grams of carbs.

Like if it has 20 grams of

carbs and there's not at

least three or four grams of fiber,

probably should be choosing

something else.

So I would always just look for high fiber,

whole grains, um, make some like wraps,

even those like carb

counter tortillas or little abash breads.

Any of that kinds of stuff

can be great ways to get

your fiber intake up.

Sorry, I'm getting a call.

I'm just going to hit

delete because I don't want

that to distract me.

But that's really good.

Raspberries and avocado are

also super high in fiber if

you like those foods as well.

That's really going to be

the main focus this week is

getting your fiber count up.

Everything else is looking really good.

Your protein has been pretty good.

Let me see where that's been.

Yeah, that's been much better.

And your fat's been down.

So really the next step is I

want 30 plus grams of fiber a day.

Every day.

That's what I'm shooting for.


I would just look up,

and I know I sent you that

high fiber food list.

Those are just some easy ideas.

And you might not have the

same exact brands,

but you can probably find

almost the exact same thing

with whatever brand you have.

In fact,

if you just send me the name of

wherever you go grocery shopping,

I'm sure that I can look at,

I've done this for,

I've got clients in the UK

and they don't have any of

the same products as us.

So I have to like,

and their labels look weird too.

So I have to like look at

everything and try and

troubleshoot and try and

find them products.

But, and popcorn, if you like popcorn,

popcorn's a great high fiber grain.

People don't give corn enough credit.

So I just had memories of old movies.

Remember the movie Nacho

Libre and Jack Black?

Get that corn out of my face.

Get that corn out of my face.

Oh my God.

I got to show you.

I'll have to share this with

everybody since we're

talking CrossFit here too sometimes.

We did this thing at the gym

that I used to be at called the Boo Bash.

We did every single year and

we would have a partner and

we would like dress up for the Halloween.

And one year a guy was Nacho

Libre and I was whatever

the skinny guy's name was.

That was his friend.

I was the dude.

Oh God.

I got to show you the picture.

It was awesome.

So, but tangent.

Sorry, I'm on my hamster.

Well, I hate to cut today short,

but I'm now doing these

from my main floor and my

wife is about to get home

and my dog's going to lose his shit soon.

Well, we haven't seen your dog.

Where's your dog?

He's sleeping on the chair right now.

But the minute he hears the

garage door go up, it's all over.


that could have made for some excitement.

Um, well,

I'm probably going to be doing

them from up here for a little while.

So maybe next time I'll bring,

I'll show them at the beginning.

All right.

All right.


so your homework is let's get that

fiber up.

Let's get that fiber intake up.

Um, go ahead and sync your health,

Apple health with me.

Uh, that'll be helpful.

And, uh,

obviously last thing is just like

when you're ordering the HelloFresh, uh,

just trying to find the best ones, which.

Every once in a while,

choose the chicken pot pie.

That's a childhood staple for me.

So, but I'm good.

You're good.

We're good.

All right.

Well, it's been fun.

Hopefully next week we'll

have some more answers.

After the family doctor,

hopefully I hear from my

cardiologist in the next

day or two and we can

update next week as to

where everything is.

With that,

we will catch you next time on

Clydesdale Media Weight Loss Journey.

Bye, guys.