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Are you thinking positively?

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We tend to be negative creatures at times. Are you thinking positively? Eric talks about the why it's important to think positively.

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Are you feeling frustrated? Everything annoying you? Let's go over the impacts of positive thinking. You're listening to Practical Podcast Tips. My name is Eric Beels. And today, I'm going to cover tip number 18. Are you a positive thinker? Unfortunately, our nature tends to lean towards negativity. Let's talk about this. So we tend to be very negative creatures, like, you know, if you stub your toe on a table, or a bed frame or something like that, do you think wow, the rest of my body feels amazing? No, you think of how how much pain your darn toes in right used to stub your toe, right? That's kind of a fun example, I like to give on the fact that we tend to be negative creatures we don't, we tend not to focus on a lot of the good things and the positive things that we have in our lives. And I like that analogy, because it kind of puts it into perspective, that the rest of your body might feel amazing. But if one thing is in pain, one part of your body is not doing so well. We tend to focus on that. And that's why, you know, a lot of people tend to go through the day, you know, they grumble about everything that's wrong in their life and whatnot, right. And one of the things I wanted to talk about in this episode, is the power of positive thinking, and how a lot of us fail to realize the power of our words, okay. And the power of words is a really incredible thing. And it really helps establish and solidify positive thinking. Now this isn't to say that we won't have moments right where we're down on something, or we're having frustrations on something and vent and complain about something I say we don't have our moments. But doing this really helps establish ourselves to go about our daily lives in a much more positive manner. And the reason I'm talking about this on this show, is your positive thinking will lead you towards producing better episodes, you'll be more upbeat, you'll be more inclined to want to record your episodes, if you're having, you know, difficulties and thinking like, Oh, I gotta go record another episode, that sort of thing. You know, you start falling behind? Well, positive thinking will really help encourage you to record more of your episodes, right? And the format of these episodes, I can't go into everything in this one episode. But I will break this up into future episodes as well. But in this episode, one of the things I want to have you do is, and this is a fantastic start for positive thinking. And that is, what are you grateful for?

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What are some of the things in your life that's are good things in your life, one of the things to do is to write three things down every morning, write three things down on paper that you are grateful for, make sure you write them in present tense, okay? And write them as very self centered in that sense. And it can be simple things. So for example, I have my write down, I am so very grateful for having a roof over my head, or I am so grateful for my wife, I'm so grateful for Amber. Right, right those things down, and then speak them out loud as well. Now, if you're embarrassed to speak in front of somebody, go to a private room, find a private spot, and actually speak them aloud, speak them in front of the mirror even so you can watch yourself speak them. This does wonders for your mental well being if you're actually starting to feel kind of like down when you're saying that that's a sign moreso that you need to be more great on those things. Just the little things, those things go so so so far. One thing I've done actually on this as well. And this includes multiple things on it, but one of the steps in it is writing three things down. And this has been in development for a few years now. But I've developed a worksheets on productivity, setting the right mindset setting goals. It's a one page worksheet. What it does is it asks a few questions on it. And it's a daily worksheet and one of the steps in it is writing down what you're grateful for. And then speaking those things. So what I'm going to do in the show description, I'm going to put a link to that worksheet that you can download. There's some other steps in it as well. But honestly, you don't even need to worry about those those steps necessarily. The main thing for this episode that I want you to think about is just being grateful for the things in your life and making sure that you do that in the morning. Okay, because it's really important to establish your entire day. No sometimes there something happens Right. And then it's like, you're like, my whole days ruined now, right? Because something bad happened, you don't want to let something like that, you know, ruin your whole day. In a similar sense on the opposite side of that spectrum. If you set your day in a positive manner, at the beginning of the day, just like how something bad happened can sometimes ruin your whole day. Well, positive thinking and stating what you're grateful for the beginning of your day, can also have the same effect but in a very positive manner. So if you feeling like you know, everything's going wrong in your life, and everything's kind of falling apart, right? The things that you're grateful for, write the good things down in your life, the people in your life that you're grateful for even as simple as I'm grateful for, you know, having a warm meal, right, just some, some real simple things like that, whatever it might be. And that will significantly help maintain positive thinking throughout your day. So if you're not doing that, write three things down every morning. It could be the same thing multiple times too. So if you're feeling negative all the time, this is a great, great starting point. So I hope you learned something from that in this episode. And I hope that helped you out. I will see you in the next episode.

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