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In this episode I have the pleasure of chatting with Martin Woodward the VP of Developer Relations at GitHub.

Show Notes

In this episode I'm joined by Martin Woodward, VP of Developer Relations at GitHub. We recorded this episode at GitHub Universe 2022 in San Francisco. We talk about the conference, DevRel, some of the new GitHub features, how people use GitHub, and more. Hope you enjoy!

  • What is GitHub and what do you do? (1:34)
  • When did DevRel start at GitHub? (7:38)
  • Codespaces (11:42)
  • James Bond (15:59)
  • IntelliJ and Codespaces (21:33)
  • Developer Productivity (25:37)


Creators & Guests

Matt Gardner
I'm your host of The Noob Show!
Martin Woodward
VP of DevRel for @GitHub. Previously Executive Director @dotnetfdn and original creator of the @Microsoft org on @GitHub (he/him)

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Hey everyone, Thanks for listening! In this episode of The Noob Show, I chat with Martin Woodward, the VP of Developer Relations from GitHub. We record this episode at GitHub Universe 22 in San Francisco. We chat a bit about developer relations, what GitHub is, some of the new features announced at GitHub Universe 2022, and a bit of other things such as management tips and how to measure developer productivity.

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