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Daily Boost - 17 Shvat

17 Shvat: A Beautiful Home

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Show Notes

Topic for Shvat: Women and Moshiach

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Women exist to bring beauty to the world. (Taanis 31a.)

Three things open a person’s mind: a beautiful house, a beautiful wife, and beautiful possessions.
(Talmud Berachos 57b)

A home must serve certain basic functions. Beyond that, however, one’s home should be beautiful, and everything in it should be beautiful. A beautiful home not only serves one’s needs, but it also raises a person to a higher state of being, a state where one feels open and free to be one’s true self.

So too, when making a home for G d, it is not enough that the home be merely functional; it must be beautiful. G-d has given women a special spiritual and physical beauty, as well as the ability to beautify everything around. Women must use their unique ability to fill everything connected to holiness with spiritual and physical beauty. In such a home, G-d’s Essence is open and revealed.

Sichos Kodesh Yud Shvat 5717 Seif 27