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For this episode I brought on Anna from @pokegalofficial and let me tell you, she is a gem. She's a long time (20+ years) collector with a BEAST collection. I'm talking vintage booster boxes, modern booster boxes and dozens of full binders. She's been doing this for a while and she knows her shit ;)

This episode was really fun because we of course talk about Pokemon, but we also get sidetracked and somehow ended up also discussing our own personal ghost stories. Yes, her ghost story creeped me out. This episode is silly and fun, so I hope you enjoy!

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At Geeked Out Collecting podcast we apply financial and investing principles to our hobby collecting - from trading card games like Pokemon and Magic the Gathering to Comic books and Funko Pops, we do it all. The goal is to turn dusty hobby collections into profitable nest eggs.

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best time to go to california are we live hey guys 
oh oh i could see the comments oh there we go this  

is like on the i'm on the other side i'm on the 
other side okay i'm not sure if i see the comments  

there's srr oh my goodness i apologize to you guys 
this was supposed to be last week asked everybody  

i was just telling i'm going to be on jessica's 
broadcast on the 17th i i was announcing it  

and i wrote the date wrong i wrote the date 
bro i wrote the game this is why i need slr to  

mod everything for my life i apologize to you 
guys how is everyone doing how is everyone doing

i i always apologize to my viewers and i tell 
them this all the time i've been partying my butt  

off so i'm not worried about pokemon cards i've 
been like out completely partying i've been like  

i still love pokemon cards don't get me wrong 
but ever since california opened up i've been  

going out oh and i met um sherry cola i think 
that's her last yeah yeah the cherry cola the last  

time i i hung out google her type her google her 
uh and i met her it was just really nice oh jess  

you disappeared oh sorry it's because i'm on the 
ipad i'm right here though i'm still here sherry  

cola oh yeah is she okay oh she's an actor oh okay 
awesome yeah yeah yeah yeah i met her really great  

and we had a blast how did you meet her what the 
hell how are you meeting me i i just recognized  

her and i was just watching one of her shows and i 
just recognized her and she always wear a hat and  

i'm like hey i recognize you you're at a club like 
hey i recognized you i said can we take a picture  

and then and i'm like we're gonna party 
right she's like uh-huh we're gonna party  

yeah we're gonna party do you remember when 
i no no go ahead go ahead and you remember  

how i always joke i'm gonna find a rich husband 
well there you go there you go you guys you know  

all right so so okay question are you an extrovert 
or an extrovert when you drink oh can you party  

however that is um that's a good 
question i don't really okay so i stopped  

okay so when i went to law school i did okay 
that's a lie let's not lie to my audience in here  

i'm just trying to figure out if i drank more 
in law school or i really okay okay i think i  

can answer this question so during like finals 
and midterms i don't drink but after all of them  

my goodness i drink like i i drink like i was 
the stink now i think i was succinct just keep  

pouring on to me because i i really know how to 
party i know and um so that was the best things  

but that was a good question i think when i am a 
little bit buzzed and i go out and i party i think  

i i'm a little bit more open i'm a little bit more 
open okay so see but yeah the reason why i ask is  

because i'm trying to figure out if you would be 
a good wing woman or not when i go to california  

because i'm an introvert i don't approach people 
i i don't that's not me i'm scared i don't do  

that i don't know when you go to california 
these people they'll just open up to you  

and they'll be like hello welcome to california 
so where are you going to california so i can  

host and you have to do orange county california 
orange county california i don't know you tell me  

when i should go i'm going to i'm going 
to florida in august so i can't go then  

um i don't know is it is it a good 
time to go to california in the winter  

or should i wait for like the spring like when is 
the weather out it's always hot it's always hot  

my least favorite month is january 
because it tends to rain a little bit more  

and i do not i i'm not a rain person i mean once 
in a while okay like two days but not a week i'm  

not a big brain person but any time any time 
okay so anytime except january any time okay  

january so january so you let me know like a week 
in advance and we're gonna go out and i will plan  

and i will take you out to uh whatever you like 
whatever you like in california it's like uh  

bars after bars and then we're gonna 
go out i'm down i'm down i'm down  

food and i i love that food i i will do all 
the things i i love like okay so for the next  

year for the next 18 months at least i think 
i'm gonna really try to make effort to meet  

happy people in real life like literally i just 
met connor in real life a few weeks ago he was in  

chicago we got to hang out it was so much fun 
it was weird because like i had never met him  

but i felt like i met him i felt like i knew him 
the whole time so so it was really cool to meet  

him and then in august i'm going to a trade show 
a card show in florida where i get to meet a whole  

bunch of people that i've interviewed before like 
a whole bunch of uh people that i've bought from  

before and i get to meet them in real life and 
that [ __ ] is really fun like i'm telling you  

covid has me thriving because i've met so many 
people like like more so than normal anyways  

random real random brand that we've been going 
on but i will let you know when i have something  

planned for california because i would love to go 
especially if i can squeeze in a trade show since  

you know i've been working on the app and i'm 
trying to get that you know all taken care of i'm  

marketing for that it's been a lot but you know 
i will let you know it'll be fun have you been to  

disneyland in california i have not 
yeah it's fun no you're gonna go to  

disneyland i have a lot of friends that work 
at disneyland we can get we can get in all time

we're not going to pay 110. we might get a fast 
pass here and there but there's going to be weight  

life and we're going to be like oh my god it's 
burning hot right now but but i do want to do  

a giveaway at the end of the stream so it'll 
be for later oh okay it'll be really great so  

that'll be really great so um i'm really 
excited but california has opened up and  

i want to know your perspective on this as 
well california's opened up and i think it  

was a june 15th or something and so a lot of my 
friends they have messaged me and they said look  

look we're getting married this is our 
wedding we're pregnant or i'm pregnant or  

you know so forth and baby shower time so i 
squeeze in everything that i have not done  

or they are not you know haven't been able to do 
in the last year and a half or 18 months to like  

run away when they open up like things just keep 
it up and i found you know and i've noticed that  

like hey i've been slowing down on you know 
pokemon cards and i've been doing a lot of live  

live yeah and um i just want to know if that's 
something that you're experiencing too or just me  

no i've had to um we're in july um god the time 
passes so fast in in june i took a whole month off  

uh for podcast stuff um as far as as far as 
releasing things i was still interviewing people  

because i wanted to prep for season three and 
have some content ready for season three um but  

but yeah um i think in june i was definitely 
feeling some burnout um because it can be a  

lot of work you know for us to to do content and 
honestly it takes even more work for us to really  

you know put it out there properly you know in a 
way that can can grow and that's something that  

i've been taking the time to learn and figure 
out and just try to figure out those workflows  

but yeah i've been trying to spend time on life 
too like i had a meeting a meeting i had a wedding  

earlier this year like in may with for my cousin 
i have another wedding coming up in september with  

bridal showers and all that crap in between 
all those things i'm a very much a person  

where it's like so so we talked about that i'm 
an introvert i'm like an introverted extrovert  

and when it comes to things i'm funny because like 
ugh i gotta get ready ugh i gotta do the thing  

i hate wearing dresses i hate wearing dresses 
my cousin's wedding was the first wedding i  

did not wear a dress i wore a freaking 
suit girl i wore a suit because i'm like  

no you gotta set your pictures you gotta set 
pictures i will it was real cute i had navy pants  

with a white blouse and then one of those uh 
it was like a salmon or like just a light pink  

um cotton blazer but it was like one of those 
80s style ones so it was like an 80s kind of  

look for it was like long um you know it's kind 
of hard to see because the camera is so small but  

um it was really nice it was really cute i 
liked it i'll have to send you a pic for sure  

for sure it was real nice so but you know anyways 
i mean as far as getting into pokemon stuff i know  

it has been a while since you've been doing 
pokemon stuff but um i mean like as far as as  

pokemon stuff goes i guess let me see i'm trying 
to think of some things that have happened while  

you were gone let me see let's give you a recap 
of what's happened when you've been gone pwcc has  

been doing some pretty crazy auctions there's some 
options going on right now for some really awesome  

cards like uh like a masaki promo uh card one of 
the gengars yeah it's going real nice um oh i mean  

it's probably gonna you know end up selling for 
thousands but um hmm ooh yeah that's that's been  

pretty interesting there's a lot of like there's 
a ton of charizards that they're selling right now  

so we'll see if the prices drop because there's 
literally like 15 charizards graded charizards in  

this block alone so i don't always pay attention 
to pwcc when the auctions happen but it makes me  

wonder you know when when the same kind of card is 
selling all at once surely the price is going to  

come down a little bit and retrace because we've 
been seeing a retrace for the past few months  

oh yeah oh yeah of course of course and um by the 
way you guys thank you to jessica who has been  

hooking me up with all these great guests rock 
pokemon travis from going twice all thanks to  

jessica okay she is considered a true friend so if 
you're watching like subscribe and follow her on  

twitch okay i do not know where you're streaming 
this but whatever you are followed i'm pretty sure  

that's the correct follow subscribe do whatever 
it is she is an excellent friend you guys if you  

guys listen to her you guys are on the right path 
i love her just let you know she helped me so much  

not just from you know collecting from just 
collectibles but just to help me from a pure  

friendship and i absolutely love her so uh if 
you guys do i vouch for this woman there you go i

i wanted to talk to you because you hooked 
me up with travis from  

and i had him on and he said so he used uh pwcc 
too and he said that the cells he had about 90  

000 worth of uh when he had the pwcc about 90 
000 worth of cells that people did not paid for  

90 000 holy [ __ ] he said it on the stream and i 
was like what i was shocked he's like yep 90 000  

they were unpaid for so i truly believe that 
is some type of shoe bidding or some type of  

people just like oh my goodness or uh just type of 
buyer's remorse right or they're like okay we need  

to type something out and get it there that's 
90 000. so and you of course talk about data  

and that's where we need to go like hey perhaps 
that card did not really sell for that price  

right and perhaps that card someone just put 
a crazy amount of number and that's the card  

and it's really hard especially with collectibles 
because and what you talked about uh perhaps you  

know getting working on something with your app to 
find true and accurate data that really reflects  

somebody really paid for that product yeah oh 
my god 90 000 um that is such a high number  

and i thought the other thing too with pwcc 
especially for those higher items they're supposed  

to be vetted buyers right like that's what i 
thought that's what i thought but apparently  

there's always buyer's remorse regardless of 
who has it i mean i have it myself trust me i  

buyers remorse all the time i probably have lots 
of things that i've done you know and it's crazy  

and it probably accumulates right probably yeah 
and especially with all the hype that's going on  

and um people with other type of interests 
can actually do and manipulate the market yeah  

you know and it kind of makes sense too since we 
have been seeing like a 40 or more retrace i mean  

obviously some items are holding strong but a lot 
of parts of the market you know have been taking a  

dive right um you know i guess i guess i i guess 
it could be possible you know trying to you know  

artificially maintain the prices or increase the 
values i mean that makes sense that's one big  

challenge that i will eventually have to tackle 
that i have not needed to yet but is to figure out  

because if an app is going to be able to go in 
and you know pull sales data for a particular item  

the one thing i have not yet figured out is 
how do i validate show bidding like how do  

i validate that and i'm not i've not really uh 
figured that out yet um but but at some point i  

will my that's a problem for my future self now 
does not have to worry about that but but yeah  

i mean god wow that just blows my mind you know i 
i wouldn't have been surprised if he told me like  

ten percent maybe twenty percent but that is nice 
it probably is because he has a lot and he's oh  

my goodness that was one of the stream that i have 
learned so much one of the best streams ever and i  

have learned all the marketing and how people can 
make money and that was one of the best thing and  

also a very awakening stream because uh the people 
that listen oh there you go there's king pokemon  

hi how are you gary hope you are well hope you're 
well oh my goodness we have king pokemon on here  

hi gary you were in san diego that means you 
were two hours away from me just let you know  

a few hours away from me sounds like he could have 
visited i zach would have gone for drinks exactly  

you know and um i i gary was so awesome on 
the stream so awesome on the stream and um  

so i went to school in san diego gary just to let 
you know uh and i i always make this joke people  

in san diego they drive slow my god or i drive 
pretty fast but my goodness people in san diego  

they drive so darn slow i mean cause they're 
like in those like real fancy cars you know  

cars they can't like you know there was no fancy 
car in san diego there's a lot of one-way street  

that's in san diego so probably they 
drive slow because they might just  

go by i might be on a one-way street here which 
happened to me twice so that's a terrible i'm just  

i'm letting you guys know i'm a terrible driver i 
fit all the stereotype of an asian driver i'm just  

i am terrible i got three 
speeding tickets in three months

yeah i fought two of them out of three and i 
won two so technically only one is in my record  

i'm terrible i'm just her i'm a terrible 
i was about to ask you how do you fight  

speeding tickets but then i remember that you're 
a lawyer and so you could just do that yourself  

i have friends that can just go in and they 
do all this stuff it was well worth it for me  

so i loved it very nice beautiful 
and so far oh got it yeah there's um  

uh i think it's encinita where they have the san 
diego zoo and they have safari so it's really nice  

that sounds like fun yeah that's going to be real 
fun oh my goodness the kids would love that that's  

how could you not that that's amazing um oh yeah 
oh yeah but seriously three tickets girl come on  

get it together here in illinois you have to take 
the test again like the written test if you get a  

speeding ticket yeah it's like i would say i 
would it's the written test come on you never

do you know how um do you know how uh what is 
it do you guys do you watch big bang theory  

okay sorry no no not at all sheldon cooper when he 
was taking the written test and then the lady and  

he was just talking to the lady he was like blah 
blah blah this is not how it is and she just goes  

stamp get out of here that'll be me you're like 
why can't i speed when the next person to me  

drives really slow i don't get it you know and i i 
think striving slow costs is more accident anyways  

i'll be like let this crazy girl go it can for 
sure for sure absolutely that's so funny oh my god  

so when i visit we're we don't have to drive 
anywhere we can uber let's just uber places  

yeah okay cool trust me when you come down 
to california you just tell me when what time  

where you're staying we will go that's all you and 
what type of food you like oh my gosh all of it  

all of it we will go okay we will go where you're 
where you stay and we are going to have a fun time  

we're gonna partay we are gonna party we're 
gonna party but but you don't have to okay  

so i i was just telling how and i hate to say this 
you know in a live chat but usually well you know  

they made a show in orange county and a 
little the girls here in orange county  

are a little bit more like a party type girl 
and i love it that's kind of like i'm like i'm  

gonna i'm gonna have fun yeah that's your vibe a 
little bit more a little bit more superficial so  

um notice that and uh you know we can go to uh san 
diego where the vibe is a little bit more chill  

you know oh screw it we'll go all over 
the place we'll go all over the place  

for a whole week and we can just hell yeah 
let's do it i'm down really it'll be great  

really i can be your wing women and you can 
be my wing women yeah i'm well okay so i  

i will do my best as your wing woman i don't know 
but i i will try i will try i won't be able to go  

up to people well no maybe i can because it's 
not me you know what i got you it's okay it's  

okay we gotcha we got stuff we gotcha but um 
anyways so i've been like uh but back to what  

travis was saying and i've learned so much 
so much that was one of the best dreams that  

um i had one of the best dreams 
that i've learned that's awesome

oh yeah exactly and about and i one of the things 
that i have learned with the junk slabs right i  

personally view them that he had some were just 
junk stop as in these labs are probably not going  

to sell i mean for yeah commons developer profits 
correct right but then he goes well it accumulates  

so 18 per slab okay fine it accumulates 
but compared to my time and maybe yours  

18 profit is not enough for me right or people 
just a regular viewer who just it's not enough  

and um and so i was just doing and i was just 
thinking about it and i was like you know what  

so how do you even manage to make 18 and be okay 
with it and he explained the whole process to me  

and i want to share this with you guys as well i'm 
mistyping everything not drinking okay gary okay  

okay so um but it's okay if you are though it's 
okay if you are it's okay it's definitely okay  

um hopefully you got back to vegas and it was a 
safe drive for ya and i bet you it's hot in vegas  

if it's hot in california it's probably burning 
in business right now or in arizona where you live  

but um i've i've i was such a great business 
model that he said so for example right um he  

would open a pact or open up a box right he does 
it on live and he does it i believe on what nap  

i've never what not now what not what now what is 
not right i apologize i i uh um uh mispronounced  

the app so he just basically by the time that he 
opens the pack for them or by the time that he  

opens the product for them the the buyers such 
as me and you he's already made enough profit  

for them to enough profit to actually sent to 
either cgc or you know or psa whatever he decides  

to do so it's already profitable by the time he 
sends it so he gets it back whatever he sells peer  

100 profit right and compared to me 
and you who has to go out open the pack  

get the card get the pay to get the card graded 
so our profit margin is actually much uh smaller  

compared to his and he's okay with utter cutting 
the price right yeah compared to me we're like  

okay look i spent this time i opened all these 
packs i need to get the best profit margin he goes  

well okay well it doesn't matter here because 
i've this is completely already paid for yeah  

and that was one of the best thing that i have 
learned and this is the best business model of um  

how hard you know to make money and ashley shows 
you how hard is it just for me or you or just  

anybody that's new to this how can how hard is 
it to make money and you're competing with the  

big guys out there and going twice is pretty big 
on ebay oh they're they're huge i mean i mean oh  

my gosh and you know what i love their their their 
model i love their business model they do a lot of  

things right i mean everything right probably in 
my opinion um because them along with a few other  

collectors i know what they do is their cost basis 
per card is so low sending it to cgc in bulk for  

six to eight dollars depending on how you know 
depending on how much the uh you know what they  

have to pay per card depending on where they go 
with and before whichever price hikes you know  

you're looking at maybe 18 or card or even less 
right for whatever graded slab for for them in  

this case because they bought so low i mean that's 
the secret the secret to the hobby is you want to  

buy lots but then sell in pieces because you know 
if i sell you know a 16 slab for 25 30 35 you look  

like you're getting a deal which you are depending 
on the card and but but but to me you know i'm  

still making my money on that and and i know for 
them gosh i mean i've been watching them for a  

while they just have a rolling a rolling process 
of cards coming in cards coming out correct um  

they're always doing auctions and honestly you 
know i i really loved having a conversation with  

them too because one of the things that they told 
me as well is you got to trust the market you know  

like if you auction something that is probably a 
true reflection of what it is as long as there's  

not show bidding and the people actually pay 
for the auction you know all those things aside  

but i mean being a true reflection of the market 
that's just where it was at and their cost basis  

is so low then that's okay they don't have to 
stress about each little individual thing exactly  

exactly spot on analysis oh hey tuan how are 
you sending love to you and jeffy boxing six  

guaranteed busting six guaranteed guaranteed cafe 
guaranteed i love that you're so into sports i  

don't really know i don't know what you're talking 
about you're talking about the buccaneers right  

huh no not the buccaneers no the milwaukee bucks 
oh okay i don't like certain type of a certain  

type of uh i only like basketball and i think 
that's about it okay that's about it that's about  

it um you talk some mad [ __ ] i do notice that i 
do notice that look at all these clippers how can  

you not hype it up with all these you know i mean 
i had no idea who your team was but now i know  

you had no idea oh yeah oh you know why talk 
matt [ __ ] is because cafe here cafe here ah

what do you see look at the 
comments kawhi to the lakers  

how can i not talk look at that look at that i 
mean if you need to let loose right now it's okay  

now they see they they troll me on my channel 
and i i i'm not gonna lie sometimes i totally  

deserve it i totally deserve it but 
once but once i get something right  

my goodness the storm the storm is coming i would 
show them that i would troll them back but the  

terrible part thing is that i don't know 
when they're like trolling me serious

i don't know i'm like but you know what just let 
you know jess pokey girl is misinformed lebron

oh man oh man i feel like shots fired with that 
oh my goodness oh i had i had island huh so on  

and she she was talking about lebron james 
and she doesn't like it okay everybody has  

their own opinion right people like blue people 
like pink it don't matter and they were like  

going on and on and on and on and then um 
she's a wnba player correct right i was yeah  

and i was just like i i honestly i put gasoline 
in that because i was just saying let ankle  

and i was just i was terrible i am terrible 
my audience know how terrible i am no i know  

you're free they don't they know how terrible 
i am but i am anyways we're gonna go back to a

no castle i mean you know we were talking okay 
so we were talking about going twice and we  

were talking about their business model and that's 
something that we've talked about before is it all  

matters on your entry point how much you 
got the thing matters the most because  

if you got it for dirt cheap correct it 
doesn't matter if there's a you know a retrace  

you could still potentially make money exactly 
absolutely and that's what a lot of things are  

happening right now a lot of um so i 
think to me in my honest opinion it's  

you people need to learn how to properly 
and i'll say it properly invest right  

there's a lot of things there's a lot of 
suggestion okay invest in this and less than that  

and i'm heading towards uh the housing market 
property and and i've always used this uh stud  

exactly well who is that what is that forget 
some real estate you're like you know i've always  

learned oh my goodness i have something to show 
you guys that i took a picture of i will i'm gonna  

show you guys upload it on my facebook and i'll 
show you guys yes so i've um so i've learned about  

you know trying to learn how to flip houses and 
make and do uh because right now how i make money  

i completely live for free right now okay so i i 
got really lucky back then i bought a house and  

it was it came with a bunch of cats don't get me 
wrong and i love that it was about six years ago  

about something no seven years ago seven years 
ago i bought a bunch of houses a bunch of cats  

i love them those cats are darn spoiled but i 
cut that house for a really good price extremely  

good price and it was completely from a seller to 
buyer so it didn't even go on the market because  

it was next to my mom's house and so i got a great 
apr i locked in the interest so the house is now  

for rent so i just what i do is that i just 
double the house i'm sorry i just doubled the  

price for the rent for the rental uh and i just 
take whatever profit i have and i goes towards  

my other place and that's how i do it so i want 
i want to learn about housing and um i for my  

portfolio i think with collectibles i think it's 
going to be under like 10 i'm not even i don't  

even think i want to head back to collectibles 
anytime soon and that's my goal but i was just  

learning and this is great when it comes to just 
making money because i i'm surrounded these people  

they're they teach me right they go okay it's 
great you bought a house how much did you buy for  

how much is it to fix how to do this are you 
in the end are you making money because they  

always say look you can buy this house way above 
marketplace i'm sorry market price and you can  

put so much money into fixing the house up and 
then you end up selling you you're not going  

to lose money that's not how it is what's the 
entry point and this is exactly the same thing  

you apply with collectibles almost the same thing 
and um i've learned so much just doing that um  

it depends and it all depends it's all peer 
calculation it's all numbers and i really wish  

the people that are out there trying to learn to 
invest or just learn how to do anything have the  

pure fundamentals that needs to be taught right 
and um and i think people don't and it's also  

another thing in the community is who do you trust 
right who do you trust and i've always tell this  

it's always a quote that i've learned and i've 
told you this in private the best quote you guys  

is never ask a robber if you need a haircut or not 
right because there's a conflict of interest there  

and that's what's going on it happens a lot in the 
collectibles in just whatever industry there is  

i've learned that a lot and it takes time and it 
takes a lot of practice of who you should trust  

and that and i've noticed 
especially in pokemon right now  

that i've i've noticed that i want to know you 
know if you notice this trend too if that perhaps  

you know there's a lot of conflict 
of interest when it comes to  

people giving uh giving honest advice rather 
than just like hey you know what i'm thinking  

the underlying of it all is me i'm trying to 
sell you something yeah yeah absolutely i mean  

i i definitely think there is some conflict of 
interest um you know if someone's telling you  

about something hyping up a set hyping up a box 
hyping up something and then they're like oh by  

the way i've got some at my store buy them 
there you know my first question is hold up  

timeout if i was them and they just told me to 
buy all these things why are they selling theirs  

that's the first question that comes to my mind 
i love it thank you yeah so you know i mean  

i i think that you know if that doesn't if that 
that doesn't pass the sniff test in in my eyes so  

i mean but but it's a weird fine line too right 
because you know as a creator you try to manage  

education that you give right information 
that you give um and then if you are also a  

creator who sells which is completely fine it's 
completely fine to sell there's no problem but  

but balancing those two things without conflicting 
them them conflicting each other is is a really  

hard line to go down i don't think i can do it 
i'm not really much of a seller to be honest  

i'm a terrible seller i i just collect collect 
collect collect so i guess you know i'm a great  

person to to sell too right but um but yeah 
i mean i mean i i think i think creators do  

probably to a certain extent struggle with that 
but you know oh see you later gary thank you for  

hopping on bye gary we love you um so um but yeah 
i mean and you know uh casimo in the in the in  

the chats we have a ton of chats he's real great 
he he knows so much and i mean honestly kind of  

going back to something that you've brought up 
before people don't like it when you tell them  

they're not going to make money and and you have 
to be honest with them they get mad and i mean  

again that people don't like to hear the truth 
and the truth does not sell and there's tons  

of articles and books written about it the truth 
does not sell but but i love you too love you gary  

but the thing is that you got to understand from 
their perspective right when people put their hard  

time i'm sorry how their time sweat and all that 
good stuff something do you really want to hear  

by somebody saying dude you're not going to make 
any money you you are not going to make any money  

and i completely understand and i always tell 
my my audience audiences right people pay me me  

to get what i always my joke is to a lot of people 
what do you do i make the rich get richer that's  

it that's my goal right that's the goal what i 
do the rich just get richer with me okay so i  

tell them this is like this what i want to do okay 
what's the law for this what's the next what's the  

target plan right how do i protect myself and 
what's this what's that and i would be like i  

this is terrible right this is terrible 
you're not gonna win this this you're not  

gonna win this there's no patent for this this 
is just terrible this is a terrible plan and go  

and they'll be like what you're negative you 
you are negative you don't want me to succeed  

you are this and this and i'm totally used to it 
like fine you don't like to hear what i tell you  

okay that's fine but you by the way you 
still got to pay me you said it'll be like  

regardless okay you still gotta pay me because 
people don't wanna hear like and i completely  

and i completely you know understand because i'm 
pretty sure you can relate to that as well i can  

you know like i can like i'll be like whoa don't 
tell me i'll find out later and i don't you know  

and if and if you don't listen to me you know you 
know sometimes i could be wrong right sometimes  

i could be wrong but if if you but you know 
what always you know what's always the best  

teacher experience and losing your money and 
they'll come back damn they'll come back and  

they'll be like okay so how do we fix this and 
be like well my rate is double oh you're a savage

i just you know but that's the truth and it's 
okay yeah it's really really fun but i do i do  

what i do and i am not going to change and 
i am very firm in what i believe in what i  

preach and i practice what i preached 
um so and it's really really it's  

i see there's a lot of it what's 
going on um and i think it takes  

um a certain type of people to eventually learn 
right maybe their maybe their best interest is not  

i'm sorry maybe listening to them is not the 
best interest for myself because maybe they have  

something involved then they want right um and 
it's also it's very very very difficult in that  

aspect right and i love that you said it like okay 
if it's so great then why are you sell it to me  

exactly you want to keep you want to keep it to 
yourself and if it's so great why don't you do it  

right exactly why don't you do it exactly 
like how you know how big is your position  

right how much of the market 
do you have then i mean  

so what i love about rudy and i can't remember if 
in the last conversation when i mentioned it i'm  

sure i did ruby from rudy from alpha investments 
i don't know if he had checked him out or not but  

he's he's a guy i really like because he's honest 
he used to be a financial advisor so he actually  

like that's how he approaches his business his 
investing in collectibles and also he discloses  

his positions on things like he says i'm going 
to continue to build a position in this you know  

um sometimes with some product that he 
pushes he keeps like a little portion  

of that set aside so that he can sell that to 
patrons because i'm a part of his patron and so  

he's been you know a really great um access point 
to certain types of product that i can't get  

or it's hard to get um at better distributor 
um you know level prices but he discloses those  

things too like hey this is what i see in the 
market i've got a decent position in this you  

know this is what i think go and do whatever the 
frick you're gonna do because you're an adult and  

you're gonna do whatever you want anyway but 
you know this is what i'm doing so well yeah  

oh yeah absolutely and i i've always noticed 
and you know there's a lot of people that i  

talk in the hobby and you know between 
closed doors and i i've learned that a  

lot of people don't really disclose whether 
they're sponsored or what they don't they

it is not clear and i've noticed that a lot a lot 
and that's where personal interest is extremely  

conflicted and i always tell my honest i will be 
lying to you guys if i tell you everything that  

i have have if it goes down to ten thousand 
dollars i will be depressed i'll be so upset  

that's honestly honestly the truth and i feel 
like sometimes it does happen to me right um but  

and i've i've talked to squeaks i love sean by 
the way you are amazing and we had a talk and he  

just said as long as you do the right thing 
you are going to continue to grow and these  

people are going to stick with you and he's a 
very successful man successful and i see that  

i'm like i'm going to follow in your footsteps and 
um he's built a decent sized audience yeah oh yeah  

oh yeah and he has one of the biggest fan me 
so and i i i absolutely agree with him because  

eventually people are going to learn they're going 
to find out they're going to be like you know what  

we're going to leave and i always tell a lot of 
the you know i always tell people that pokemon  

cards or any type of collectibles 
it's a luxury good people can do it  

get rid of it stand up and said you know what 
i'm done nothing could go to zero tomorrow  

that's exactly true that's exactly true and people 
can lose their job and not to sound negative but  

people can lose their job people can lots of 
things you know like my great friend kat who  

just started a you know has a started family it 
says no i'm selling it priorities that's why are  

you quitting she goes priorities i'm like okay and 
that's it but what people don't understand that  

this is just a hobby right this is just luxury 
good people can get up people can sell that's it  

and that's how i always approach that and how 
i see um so when there's people that are out  

hurting the hobby they it's not right and it's 
not it's not right in my eyes because you want  

people to stay in this hobby you do and any type 
of hobby you want people to stay in and not leave  

because people can easily make up their mind 
and says nope selling it all never coming back  

never never coming back and we have seen that you 
know when pokemon in the 1990s got really really  

popular and then how many years for it to become 
this popular oh my god yeah again again right  

again and that's one of the argument people say 
well you know what people leave but they'll come  

back well how many years did it take two years it 
took a long time a long time it took a long time  

and um and that's what i have completely learned 
and you know don't get me wrong i made a couple of  

mistakes here and there i have two it happens you 
know i i have i've i've made a couple of mistakes  

i've learned from it a lot and i've also learned 
to be patient uh don't get me wrong sometimes  

patient did not paid off but i would say a lot 
of times like 90 of the time paid off like i was  

waiting some uh some vintage booster boxes i was 
like you know it might go down it didn't so yes  

but most of the like time with modern cards oh 
it went down i saved a lot of money doing that  

yeah yeah i mean i mean but but like what you had 
said though earlier sometimes experience is the  

best teacher and sometimes you really though 
you really need those punches in the face to  

really learn those lessons i mean even even 
entry point even recently within the last six  

or so months i can't remember but here i'll 
show you really quickly give me one second

all right can you hear me yeah i can hear you okay  

it was weird anyways so just recently i 
bought a grail of mine and it's an excellent  

piece to have in any collection but after the 
fact i realized that i paid way too much for it  

you know i paid the price right and so when it 
comes to you know the growth of this item i may or  

may not actually see growth who knows possibly but 
anyways so i just bought this within the last six  

months right so this is going to be a shadowless 
pack with the venusaur art great i love it  

dinosaur this is really nice psa 10. this is great 
and is that the modern casing no it's not right  

no this is this is old this is in the 200 yeah 
this is an old cert um this is actually i i  

noticed looking at the apr for this on psa 
when you look at the certification lookup  

this used to be a pokemon rev uh pack yeah yeah 
it was pokemon revolutions one of the first  

owners and early sellers so um but yeah 
anyways i mean this is fantastic it's great  

it's definitely a holy grail of mine because i 
have a special affinity for the shadowless cards  

you know and and it's graded and it's amazing but 
after the fact so following one of my principles  

which is if you're not 100 sure how to buy 
what you're buying buy the graded version so  

that then if you want to buy the raw version you 
have a graded version to compare to because it's  

authenticated it's real you can trust it well for 
this something that i learned for the shadowless  

there's like a 50 50 chance that this pack is 
not shadowless because this is a short crimp  

so something that i learned i didn't realize that 
i needed to look at the crimp of this because i'm  

thinking okay this is authenticated i'll be good 
you know this is the real thing you know psa  

has in the past graded things that were 
fake you know that's happened especially  

with the vending series cards uh they're 
like a japanese series um really great set  

i love those cards and they've been known to grade 
you know fake ones but what i didn't know is that  

i needed to really learn about the pack first 
before buying the authenticated version because  

yeah it's it's an authentic pokemon pack yeah 
it's probably not you know tampered with but  

the crimp is a real tell so if it's a long crimp 
it's a hundred percent for sure it's a shadowless  

pack but now with this because it's a shorter 
crimp it's only about fifty percent chance of  

it being shadows and the only way i know for 
sure is to open it so with that being the case  

it's risky right so i should have paid a lot less 
i paid 1700 for that i should have paid a lot less  

i know wow i know it's okay it's lesson learned 
nothing can be exactly exactly you know it's uh  

this is something i learned from my hobby friend 
joel i i like how he said this you either win  

or you learn and that's i've learned that i've got 
to be stricter on the price now recently i i want  

to say those packs and even the actual long crimp 
packs have sold recently for anywhere between 1100  

to 1300 so it it really hurts it really hurts 
but you have to feel that because then you come  

with you know like an energy the next time it's 
like a different energy than this time and um  

yeah i guess you're right i should just open 
it right now huh i should just crack it open  

then we just gotta open it right now that no 
weird that's really really funny jeffy is what  

how do i say this he likes to stir up 
things i always watch an eye on him i  

love it though he's so funny though he likes your 
controversy most of my rats are because of him so

hey i like it i like it this is a controversial 
man but you know what about that experience right  

because me and you we are true collectors 
we've been doing it for a while i've seen  

your collection right menu we've been doing it 
for a while look we take that loss great we moved  

on but how many other people cannot take that 
loss how many by listening to people influence  

or youtubers who actually just not saying the 
right thing and they end up losing money how  

right especially people that just came in due to 
the pandemic and realized you know i like pokemon  

but money is really loud money talks loud 
they talk a different language between me  

you and i right different yeah different trust 
me you and you have followers gary has followers  

i have followers poke ref has followers you 
know what i have the most followers money money  

money appearance absolutely a financial 
attorney here i'll tell you something money  

has the most follower right you take that 
loss if i take that loss i take a mistake i  

said you know what i still love the hobby i was 
doing it because i'm a long-term collector and  

i love the hobby but people that just 
like i said that just came in here  

learning this they see this they're like oh 
my god i just lost the money this is not cool  

sell it get up and they leave that's it yeah 
and we just want someone there so if that's  

why it's so imperative it's so imperative that 
people got to start off the right track right  

the right track because look if they're in it 
the thing is that it has to be a quick balance  

because i'm almost positive that you even though 
this was a mistake you have made more positive  

moves towards your collecting than this right 
so hopefully this was a small mistake but all  

its outweigh you know all the positive 
outweighs this this is what i'm hoping  

oh yeah oh yeah i absolutely agree and and you 
know with the great thing too with those losses  

because because i will even say you know we 
don't talk about it that much in the hobby  

maybe but obviously something that's talked about 
a lot in financial is opportunity loss right you  

know putting your money in the right place for the 
right growth you know the most growth that it can  

get i mean that's important and um you know i've 
had those kinds of losses in the past too where i  

really believed in something but i was scared 
and i should have gone in harder but i didn't  

and i lost because i could have netted more but 
didn't because i didn't go in it hard enough  

i mean that's happened to me a number of times 
across a number of different things with fortnight  

that's happened to me and cosmo and i kind of have 
these conversations because he's a sports guy too  

um you know in baseball cards but uh 
there are some players that i'll kind of  

follow and buy cards i'll buy their rookie 
cards that i think are going to do well right  

it's a little it can be risky because you know 
if they don't pan out as a player you know  

then the cards probably aren't going to net you 
much um over a period of time but i mean you know  

for players that ended up doing really well i 
didn't go hard enough on their cards i mean there  

is this one particular card i bought for 45 bucks 
a year and a half ago maybe two years ago now  

uh because kovid has got me i lose track of time 
because covid year of covid doesn't feel the same  

as any other year but um like time wise but that 
card is now selling for around 200 to 230 dollars  

so talk about talk about profit like so so to your 
points you have losses you have wins and and so  

you know those things knowing about those things 
and then applying them for the future honestly  

you know just because maybe you missed the boat on 
this one thing but there's going to be other boats  

and so will you actually apply what you've learned 
in those cases right so you know it's just it's  

just one of those things oh absolutely oh yeah 
absolutely and i think this applies towards this  

life in general uh definitely in general so you 
know that's what it is and i love it and i've  

don't get me wrong i've made a lot of mistakes 
throughout my life a lot a lot yeah sometimes  

it takes one twice a little while i drank too 
much vodka too much i'll never do it again okay  

you want to hang out okay so so this is really 
random you want to hear a funny story though  

so last year this is this is a drinking story 
this is completely has nothing to do with nothing  

other than the partying that we were talking 
about so last year another cousin was getting  

married i have a [ __ ] ton of cousins and they're 
all getting married uh likewise and pregnant here  

oh god the pressure anyways um so last year in 
september they got married and they had an open  

bar and i am like i have a lot of dude cousins i 
have a ton of dude cousins and and i'm like one  

of the guys like i don't know that's how i am when 
i'm around guys i'm just like one of the guys and  

anyways long story short i took too many shots the 
drinks weren't even like the shots weren't even  

that good i mixed [ __ ] i got way too drunk at 
my cousin's wedding and i was puking for all night  

i was hungover all night this was like college all 
over again and i'm like what is my deal so ever  

since then i literally i literally have not drank 
ever since then it's about like a year goodness  

wow that is terrible i'm really sorry so happened 
to you it it it was me because i was being a  

dumbass so like long story short because we've 
been talking about pardon and stuff i don't know  

that if i come visit you i will be able to drink 
because it makes alcohol don't mix alcohol that's  

the thing when you vomit you're usually mixing 
some type of alcohol i think that's what you  

did did you mix alcohol don't ever mix i didn't 
bear with you that's what you did yeah you mixed  

alcohol and lickers i mixed lickers too browns and 
glasses you know that's and i i all the mistakes  

look okay again going back to applying mistakes in 
the future like the lessons in the future i know  

all these things i went to school right and i 
did not apply these lessons i did not eat enough  

i did not pace myself i mixed my liquors i also 
drank b i was just being a dumbass and i'm 34  

33 and i did it and i was anyways okay so i don't 
know if i'll drink when i go to california i don't  

know because it makes me queasy when i smell it 
and i think about it like even almost a year but  

but hopefully hopefully maybe i'll get to a point 
where it'll be okay you know we're hanging out  

um we got totally sidetracked but but i mean going 
back to some advice like like you've seen a lot of  

people in the hobby giving some really bad advice 
what's like the only first piece advice like that  

someone you've heard someone say i want to hear 
it oh okay oh my god the worst piece yeah oh my  

goodness i don't know about the worst oh my god oh 
okay okay i don't know if i want to drop names but  

i'm not gonna do it for your chat you don't have 
to it's okay i'm not gonna do it oh drink just to  

flicker straight up see use up the controversy 
he just wants to kill us you think you have it  

you know what kill your favorite two people 
i should have sent you a bottle of alcohol  

before doing this so that you can have it 
for the stream and just drink it straight up

if you do beer baby girl you gotta do beer 
that's it you know beer beer takes time but uh  

anyways um but okay so that's a really good 
question okay and i hate to say this okay  

i hate to say this i apologize i'm gonna say 
i apologize if you guys are offended by this  

take my sincere i have i apologize beerus trash 
um apologize well i'm gonna say this but there  

are a lot of gullible people out there a lot a 
lot of gullible people my god my goodness okay  

so there was this one youtuber and he 
was selling cards on youtube okay he  

was selling cards on youtube i'm just gonna 
throw out this card okay this is an example  

this is not the card he was selling okay it 
was a psa graded card okay psa credit card  

and it was a psa 9 i believe so and his his 
channel is filled with people that are very naive  

don't know anything about pokemon they probably 
got back in because he was opening packs for them  

so they don't know about the serial number for psa 
nothing at that i do because i was watching it so  

so he opened the card he bought it on ebay 
obviously he opened the pact okay and he looked at  

the card and he wanted to sell it to his audience 
okay he wanted to sell his audience and i was like  

hmm you know what i'm gonna double check if i can 
see that card on ebay i just type it in by card  

okay just type it in that card see your number 
matches and i don't remember the exact number you  

know i probably i don't exact him out but i think 
he bought it for seven hundred dollars okay it was  

like a sold like a week or two away he still he 
bought it for seven hundred dollars i looked the  

serial number it matches and he was selling to 
his audience for thirty five hundred dollars two  

weeks 35 and so he was telling his audience this 
okay he was telling his audience this and he was  

telling his audience this and i saved that guy i 
saved him i've eventually i got blocked later on  

because i saved that guy because i saved money he 
was it was he was trying to sell it for like 27 or  

35 i forgot what the number was something 
stupid though something ridiculously dumb  

he goes to them he goes this card is under value 
right this card is under value this card is going  

it's going to go up okay to the moon you got to 
buy this card and i'm going to sell you this card  

for 30. i'm just going to throw out 3 700 or 3 700 
right jessica you're you're pretending you're that  

audience you're that audience member i'm like 
jessica you are gonna buy this card for 3 700.  

this card is gonna go up to thirty seven hundred 
dollars so you are going to buy for the take  

some money that is the stupidest people are so 
callable that is stupid you never never listen  

to me you guys you never never never want to buy 
a product for what you think the potential is  

you buy the product future pricing you bought 
the product for what it's worth now that is not  

investment okay market or under market exactly 
that is not investment people that is just not  

investing all right okay that is not an investment 
that's just spending money did someone buy that  

i luckily and i went to verbank and i typed it in 
it was a psa card i forgot what it was i typed it  

in i privately messaged that guy on the score and 
said dude don't buy that price don't buy that card  

that guy's just ripping you off he's just trying 
to make a thousand off of it send him to burbank  

and he bought that card from i think burbank later 
on that that's the scam right people see gullible  

people fall for that you guys they do they they 
they he he he fall for that right people gullible  

people fall for that they'll be like okay so okay 
so you think this card is under value yeah that  

card is completely under value okay so i should 
pay for never you never pay for any potential  

um never you that's the number one thing with 
just one of the fundamentals you never pay for  

the potential value a house that could be flipped 
could be cost eight hundred thousand it could be  

nine hundred thousand but right now in that 
condition is that in it's a [ __ ] that's what  

my boss always said right my car is a [ __ ] that 
house is a city i'm not paying for this much if  

i flip it and someone pays for it okay that could 
be market value right that could impart value for  

that time and only that time you never want to pay 
for the preventable like i could talk potential  

market value of anything and based on what based 
on what if it's exactly based on what right you're  

thinking why do you think that based on what and i 
thought that was the biggest one of the scummiest  

and that's completely misrepresentation in my eyes 
right completely uh and people are so gullible  

where they really believe that and they think 
okay if i pay for this card now he has that card  

he pays my card it's just gonna go up with 
no potential i'm sorry with no factual  

just this card is just no data no nothing 
no data nothing this card is just under it's  

just under value it's just going to go up right 
when you invest and especially with entry point  

it is so darn important right so darn important 
right that and that that's like how is that an  

investment channel when you're just 
sitting there blatantly ripping people off  

that's not an investment you're not 
that is trade out a conflict of interest  

come completely conflict of interest and that was 
not helping that was helping the youtubers pocket  

that one that was one of the worst advice 
i've ever heard are they a big youtuber  

are they big or uh yeah he's he's he has a gaming 
channel and a lot of people that came over to his  

gaming channel and he is so crazy and i started 
to notice what he was doing i started to notice he  

was doing so i would privately message the people 
that he's just trying to rip people off on discord  

i was privately messaging him uh people and then 
one person thought i was crazy and did not know  

what i was doing and thought he was a pokemon 
expert was crazy and then told him so he private  

messaged me on this court he privately messaged 
me on discord he said i am creating i have like  

fake accounts so if you yeah i have fake accounts 
so if i just want to make sure there's i'm gonna  

implement fake accounts and um to make sure that 
you are not doing this and not i'm like what  

that is that's he's doing fake accounts because 
he's beefing his numbers exactly so he's like yes  

bank account so if if i sit there and i message 
one of his accounts he knows that i'm not helping  

so there you go right there you go so that's 
how you straight up shady and um i know  

luckily back then when he started that channel i'm 
blocked now completely uh but he's what he started  

that channel and a lot of the viewers they left 
they would not they they left i think only maybe  

two went back but a lot of the viewers and the 
buyers they are out of pokemon they lost so much  

money listening to his advice and believing in 
that and not understanding the fundamentals if you  

are really investing how do you invest and that's 
where people need to teach how to invest you never  

never pay for any potential type of market 
period right and that number was so arbitrary  

3 700 or whatever number he threw out why why 
that number what data to back it up that was  

so arbitrary and um that was one of the worst 
investment advice i've i've ever heard oh my god  

there was there was more there was more and it 
all came from this one that that youtuber there  

was there was totally more totally totally yeah 
would it be surprised if he's trying to scam his  

his his viewers like that i mean that that's so 
that's interesting yeah you know and what's really  

interesting is how the next few years are going to 
play out because so much fraud is happening on the  

internet now for example um what is it called 
the phase clan one like a like an esports team  

um an esports team a few of those members 
were caught pumping and dumping crypto  

on their social yeah you know what i'm talking 
about yes yeah so so i don't think they're being  

held accountable for any charges of fraud i know 
i think one of them might be suspended from their  

team but long story short they got found out 
so you know i think it's going to be really  

interesting to see how the next few years play 
out for those kinds of creators and influencers  

who you can prove that they're scamming their 
frauding their visitors you know i mean for a  

while i used to listen to that channel coffeezilla 
do you know who i'm talking about it's not at all  

it's a youtube channel uh long story short he 
talks about um you know like entrepreneurs that  

sell you courses or things like that oh yeah 
yes yes yes we'll talk about those too oh my  

goodness gracious i'm telling you guys there's 
so much scams out there so much so much get rich  

scams out there be careful you guys be careful 
be careful you guys i have seen it and people  

are falling for it oh my goodness they are falling 
for it they are what i meant for gullible people  

and that's sad because it's predatory these 
people are in the worst condition of their life  

right it's so predatory and you're sitting 
there like hey let's get rich and that's okay  

yeah it's so bad oh um anyways keep going i 
do have something to tell you guys afterwards  

keep going keep going hell yeah but yeah 
no i mean that's really the point you know  

um being disastrous monetarily um and then 
also you know promoting products that they  

claim to cure things like cancer or things 
like covid you know those are especially scary  

um because that could impact someone's life in 
another way you know not just financially but  

yeah you got to watch out that is terrible that 
is terrible yeah and for these guys who are giving  

out uh financial advice on youtube and stuff like 
that uh you know claiming it's the free market  

and that's what they will say they will defend 
themselves they're like hey you know what this  

is this is the free market i can do whatever i do 
dude actually the free market is actually pretty  

much really regulated if you really look into it 
right it's really really regulated you gotta have  

certification you just can't say in the blankly 
tell someone invest stock in pokemon invest in  

this and that you got to be certified to even say 
what's going on or else yeah i mean because yeah  

because if you have a certification you have a 
fiduciary responsibility right exactly a fiduciary  

responsibility and there's no conflict of interest 
and these guys when they give these advice it's  

you know what the conflict of interest i'm sorry 
you know what they have in mind is for themselves  

um no i'm not no no bs that's themself and i i 
recognized all these tactics that i've learned  

all of this when i was in uh law school all of the 
stores are selling it and these are just people  

that relied on them okay that rely on them and 
backed with the free market right uh and they're  

like oh it's a free market but you know what 
that's not like again i again it's definitely  

not true very regulated they don't understand that 
and they're just sitting now just doing this so if  

you're an orange okay so i don't know whoever is 
here in orange county but i forgot i was following  

this um this case i was following this case i 
think it happened about two three years ago so  

very predatory it was a place that can do that 
can reduce student loans right reducing federal  

student loans so people can come in and just 
apply and say hey i want for you guys to help me  

reduce my student loans all of this stuff so they 
eventually shut down because the court was like  

you guys are scammers you guys are just 
scumbags you guys are scamming people  

that needed help the most but anyways the court 
shut it down i think the company was in irvine i'm  

not too i forgot what it was it happened two three 
years ago but how they market themselves okay  

so me and you we can go to the federal website 
and apply and to get our federal loans or student  

loans reduced that easily okay okay i would not 
say easily but yeah if you read the instruction  

it's pretty simple straightforward to get it back 
so how they advertise to let's say somebody they  

don't understand how to do with this like um and 
very someone that just got out of law school or  

got out of a medical school there are like 
a hundred thousand dollars or more in depth  

and they said you know what i'm struggling i 
need my federal loans reduced and forgiveness  

so how these guys were advertising and i followed 
the case and they would train their sales rep to  

advertise like this so i can come in i side up 
to the program it was like a thousand dollars  

plus to fill out the paperwork and you're 
paying them for their service even though  

someone me and you can go to the federal uh loan 
government i'm sorry the federal website and just  

apply on our own but how the courts found it 
it was misrepresentation it was perhaps lying  

misleading to the audience with how they yeah 
false advertising yeah yes so they will say things  

like this when this is their sales pitch they will 
say things like this pretending i'm your you know  

you're somebody that is gullible and you're very 
predatory like jessica you got to hire us because  

you know you file you you hired a cpa to do your 
taxes right you're gonna hire us pay us a thousand  

dollar initial down payment pays a thousand dollar 
initial right you wouldn't want anybody to do your  

paperwork for you right you hired a cpa you hired 
an attorney you hire a doctor to to make sure that  

you're doing it right you hired us to do it oh the 
court found it was extremely misleading this is  

completely against public policy and they're like 
you guys are taking advantage of people like this  

shut down that company and you know the same 
thing that's happening with a lot of youtuber  

channels there's just streamers they're 
going out and these people they're coming in  

and they don't understand pokemon they're 
relying on their advice with financial advice  

and i see that happening where like 
that one youtuber just straight out  

honestly just lying to them that was a pure 
lie making up numbers making upsells like what  

is going on to get these people because they 
they don't know they you know they don't know  

they don't know where to start they're 
new to pokemon to me that's just sad  

sad yeah yeah i i mean i think it definitely 
matters more not how much you make it but how you  

make it how much you make but how yeah yeah i said 
it right um yeah i think that's crazy important  

um i mean because you can also be held accountable 
in the future i mean it doesn't seem like many  

people right now are being held accountable i mean 
even going back to that sale of the fake box from  

bald guy you know crypto yeah yeah that was a huge 
sound ten thousand dollars yeah yeah yeah yeah  

like like how is the would it be the fbi i 
think that that that does have a division  

for fraud like that i can't remember whatever 
governmental agency i don't know how they haven't  

investigated that yet because of how big it was 
i mean i guess maybe it wasn't that public even  

though like we're pokemon people and you know 
that's our world and it's a big thing for us  

but i mean i don't know i feel like in the future 
that could be that could be something that they  

should worry about because even back in the 60s or 
70s with the hoeness wagner card right do you know  

the honest wagner baseball yes yes andrew pricey 
uh was on my uh show and i i was on my stream i  

learned so much my goodness oh yeah nice nice 
but you know the the honest wagner card i can't  

remember when he was officially held accountable 
and i don't know if he was putting put to jail or  

he had consequences right but long story short 
he owned the honest wagner card and he had  

very very gently sliced the sides so that it 
would peer appear better and he sold that then  

you know without disclosing that right and then 
so it got found out you know experts can see that  

okay this card is in fact you know been tampered 
with i mean because honest wagner i don't know if  

i want to say it might be like a graded at its 
highest condition is probably the most valuable  

baseball card in the world that is like the og 
right you know you have people that are partial  

owners to the hoeness wagner right so this was 
just a raw version of it and but anyways long  

term short you know that guy was held accountable 
for fraud because he didn't disclose that he had  

tampered with the cards right because he would 
have gotten a different price for it oh i can  

totally see it oh yeah thank you oh yeah there's 
a lot of the thing is that the law is crazy okay  

so i've done a lot okay i've done there's also 
a lot the law has a lot of loopholes too don't  

get me wrong i've done immigration i've done 
criminal i do banking which is finance now  

and um so a lot of the laws has a lot of loopholes 
but you want to know something the courts  

the courts take a lot of criminal cases and 
the criminal they take that's very seriously  

very seriously uh i i think with 
criminal laws probably one of the least  

at least with the loopholes even tax dollars 
some type of loopholes tax laws i'm learning  

with that very criminal it's very much against 
public policy and um you know i i one day i do  

believe a lot of people like the fitness group 
here with what uh these scumbags that jeffy was  

saying one day that they'll be extreme they'll 
be accountable i really i hope so but it might be  

too late the damage is already done they probably 
made so much money the damage is already done and  

i do want to talk to you about this jessica so 
at the beginning i got i i i do believe and you  

know i could be wrong based on my assessment 
but i feel like i got a little bit of um  

trying to face this correctly a lot of people 
called me negative and thought that i you know was  

not very uh was not healthy you weren't telling 
them they were going to get rich yeah it was  

that girl was telling me they're gonna get rich in 
two or three years so you know and i they thought  

that i was not helping the hobby by just saying 
really i'm not telling them what they want to hear  

so because i i mean i understand where they're 
coming from right a lot of this the sellers were  

like you know what but this is but it happened 
to me uh during echo uh based collectibles too  

someone actually made a quick comment and echo 
and i we both uh disagree with that comment but  

uh and i want to know your opinion 
on this too since we're on the topic  

they said look but don't you want the viewers 
to be uneducated because there's gonna be like  

right don't you want to because if they're all 
educated this is the comment they said that and  

uh you know i respect his opinion right everybody 
has it uh i and he's i think it was uh here i  

forgot the viewer i probably i forgot was a he or 
she i apologize if i mispronounce your pronouns  

but anyways it's not mispronounced but if i got 
your pronouns wrong so i think it was she she  

said look don't you want them to be uneducated 
because if they're all educated no one would buy  

and the market would just be consistently the same 
there will be right there will be less competition  

don't you think that it's better that way but 
anyways i i want to know what your opinion and  

what your thoughts on that because i kind of 
went an event on that and that's when yeah yeah  

yeah oh my gosh um yeah seriously i mean i'm sure 
my thoughts echo your thoughts which is um that's  

bad for people to stay in the hobby because they 
get burned and that's and that's something that  

you've been talking about you know almost this 
whole time you know keeping people in the hobby  

keeping it healthy and positive because you know 
it has been really frothy right it has been really  

frothy a lot of people have been putting money 
into it and a lot of people are going to be stuck  

holding the bag because they bought a card for 
too much too too much way over market value  

or i guess maybe an inflated market value 
because technically if like you know around  

that time if something was selling for a thousand 
that's technically reflective of that market so  

okay fine i'm gonna pay a thousand or a little 
bit more depending on what it is but anyways  

yeah i mean you don't you you don't want people 
to be okay so part of our jobs is to educate i  

mean that's what we do is to educate you know and 
and i think obviously when it comes with creators  

sometimes they also do it for entertainment 
so there's a level of like entertainment  

um to it you know especially with 
box breaking which is completely fine  

but you know creators like us who who i don't do 
any box breaks but i know you do but either way  

you know you do some balancing with education 
and that's a lot of the content you know

i mean we wouldn't be doing our jobs right 
i guess like we wouldn't really be doing our  

jobs and i mean it just helps people out i don't 
know like i almost don't have words because that  

fundamentally to me doesn't make sense 
like why would you not want to help  

people unless you want to scam them oh exactly 
you know you guys are going in right now  

what does that mean yeah no no we're just going 
ham we're preaching oh oh that's what he meant  

got it oh i can talk about this a lot and 
the thing is that right the thing is that  

people don't understand i'm sorry if i radiate 
through this again this is just luxury goods you  

guys okay all right this is luxury goods i i know 
collection i do collection as well with something  

people go in there like hey maybe i should file 
for bankruptcy and the first thing i said what  

memberships do you have what collectibles do you 
have what can you get rid of now okay right you're  

like well i have listened this sell sell sell sell 
sell right if someone says okay well you know i  

might go bankrupt and like give i'll be like well 
i don't say personally pokemon cards but why did i  

say that i would make a joke you have pokemon 
cards i'll help you sell them sell them now  

get rid of that costco membership you don't 
need it get rid of that golf court membership  

you you you don't need it get rid of it okay 
that's the thing people people think this is  

people think pokemon cards it's like people 
can't live or people will die without it nah  

man this is not a house okay uh you know my the 
charizard's nice but that card is not going to  

keep me warm at night it can burn flames but 
i there's i can't keep it because people don't  

understand that this is a this is a hobby it's a 
trading card game okay it's a trading card game  

for anything that you guys magic and so forth 
as a trading card game you want and you need  

people in the hobby you need it you need it period 
because you burnt these people out they're getting  

scammed you're giving raw advice they leave 
who are you going to sell it to who are you  

going to sell it to right if they rent out the 
money they can't pay their debt i'm sorry they  

can't pay their bills they have the massive 
debt do you really think that they will buy  

more pokemon cards from you or anybody in the 
hobby it's that's you people people think of it  

the short term like short thinking it's very 
short term right oh my goodness these people  

are buying now what about the long term and it's 
really funny because i always tell the people this  

you you all the people that are hyping 
this up hurting double charging or whatever  

making packs expensive you are just and people 
that are agreeing agreeing to pay for these prices  

you're just shooting yourself in the foot 
period you're just putting on yeah yeah  

long term very long term right because one you 
are agreeing that all right i agree to pay ten  

dollars a pack i agree to it they're what are you 
gonna do they're just gonna push your buttons and  

be like okay well what about 11 what about 12. 
you're just going to burn yourself out you're not  

going to enjoy the hobby right i mean i i don't 
know about anybody but i certainly don't have  

the money to pay 12 or if i do i would not 
even want to okay right yeah i want to and  

and all the people that are piling up and have 
all these seal products and by the way go you if  

you can have it go you have all these products 
sealed up pile up in their closet for future  

don't you want people to don't you want the hobby 
to be strong you want to just want people to be  

happy and you know happy and be in the hobby 
don't you want those are your future buyers  

right and that just doesn't make sense to me 
and um that's just to me it was very short-term  

thinking um i agree because i i think i've seen 
it all i seen i was there when the hobby was dead  

and then you were totally uncool that 
black and white you know that black and  

white dead nobody wanted it you collect black 
and white you collect pokemon you were a loser

loser i'm like hey that's not like pokemon you 
know the cat's meowth made a joke on my stream  

she's like yeah my co-workers were laughing at 
me i was like it's like my like why it's like  

a pokemon oh isn't that a kitten yeah oh my god i 
got that yeah you do oh yeah oh yeah always always  

but i mean no yeah you you've been here from the 
beginning i mean i collected in the beginning but  

you know that collection is long 
gone i have no idea where that is so  

so i mean you've been able to see a lot more of 
the ebbs and flows because after a while i did  

stop too um partially honestly because there 
wasn't really anyone for me to collect with  

because it wasn't cool you know like it just it 
just wasn't it was like a little kid thing and  

and you're in middle school and you're like 
oh i'm not a kid i'm not gonna collect pokemon

and then when you get into high school it's like 
well okay i do feel like i'm probably a little too  

old and so you make yourself feel guilty to you 
know enjoy something so there's a whole time frame  

of sets that i just know [ __ ] about i don't know 
[ __ ] about because i wasn't collecting during  

that time i mean i got back in you know around 
the time i hid in fates um which has been great  

i i don't really collect too much modern but 
yeah i i mean i i definitely agree you have to  

you know balance balance the community i mean 
and you have to so what i will say is compared  

to other communities pokemon is one of the better 
ones um in terms of being very welcoming in terms  

of doing a lot of teaching and helping people 
out and stuff like that because there are  

other ones that i've had you know i've not had 
bad experience but seeing bad experiences happen  

so it's kind of like okay but um but yeah i mean 
the long-term growth um of pokemon i mean of  

course there's going to be newer generations but 
you want to make sure that you know those newer  

generations can still enjoy it um that they'll 
they'll still be at least some positiveness  

within the hobby because again you know if you're 
trying to sell for the future like what you are  

saying you know those people are going to be your 
buyers but you burned them so now you lost them so  

exactly exactly absolutely and you know people 
that were like oh hey you know dude that's really  

negative you shouldn't educate i'm like dude 
these are your buyers man like these are these are  

these are the people these are your buyers period 
these are you know and and i i was just like wow  

i was a little bit shocked by a little bit 
the backlash but you know what it's actually  

pretty strong right now and because this is when 
pokemon was all hyped okay this is like nothing in  

pokemon nothing nothing in pokemon you can 
do and to mess it up okay it was all hype  

it was going i mean every day there was no sight 
of retrace and then things started to increase  

they retrace and then oh okay you could be right 
oh like okay and now they're like okay i see what  

you mean i see what you mean but there's a 
lot of things that are happening right now  

and it's very different and it's very difficult to  

collect right now but i do believe it's 
gonna go it's always a trend it's always  

up down up down and um you know it's gonna be 
okay i'm a very patient person i always teach  

i'm not peach preach about patience when 
would my audience preach and um i do box break  

but my audience they know they know what profit 
i made i tell them all of it and when they buy  

they buy to support me they don't buy because 
i'm telling them they're going to get rich

i definitely do not do i definitely do not tell  

them that they're going to get rich 
of anything i tell them by myself

yeah but other than that um yeah 
i mean so you know talking about  

the market because we've been 
seeing a lot of interesting stuff  

you know this last year so far um looking a little 
bit to the future uh what are your thoughts on  

what the market will continue to do for the rest 
of this year that's a really great question and  

um so i got pancake analytics on love him 
thank you for that by the way so love tom  

this is what i think and this is just based on my 
experience just based on my experience and this is  

what i'm gonna use since it's the last one with 
generations okay which is the 20th anniversary  

set that came out this is my experience this is 
what i think uh this is what i think disclaimer  

so it always says this pokemon is great 
with advertising great obviously and if  

you saw all the cars that came out for the 20th 
anniversary set it's going to be a great set  

from what i think from what i see so the from 
what okay this is what my prediction will be  

it's a little bit slow right now okay a 
little bit slow right now and then the  

next set which is i think it was evolving skies 
it's gonna get back up people are gonna be hyped  

it's gonna be getting excited be very excited 
for that and then it's gonna be a little bit of a  

bloom not a little bit maybe a bit of a bloom the 
20th anniversary set and then it's gonna die and i  

think that's where the slow decline will 
be my honest opinion uh because back  

then with generation i paid 27 a pack 
regeneration people were getting back  

people are very hyped and very happy right with 
it and i love that set with generations and then  

it just died die for a little bit it slowed down 
and then it got to this point so um i got to this  

point and i took well it took like what five years 
so classical time yeah yeah you were paying 27  

a pack 27 a pack i was in line at gamestop to 
get generations in line so was that msrp no  

that 27 was a pack from a thing from burbank 
oh verdict and on craigslist back then they  

didn't have to offer up or anything a market 
a facebook marketplace on craigslist paying  

27. because that charizard that charizard 
from generation was going for 250 250 a card  

and i pulled it a gamestop 
like ah hell yeah i kept it  

and then i you still have it oh i still have it 
i don't sell i don't sell i still have a lot but  

that's what i'm thinking and not only that i do 
think and i want your opinion about this too i do  

think a lot of people might maybe not a lot but i 
think that people are learning uh they are they're  

getting themselves not so but uh more people 
are eventually just trying to like phrase it  

in a way it didn't sound too condescending but the 
people that were new um they're slowly casting on  

learning how to save money and they're 
educating themselves what do you think  

a lot of facts of it yeah i think 
i think they're definitely getting  

smarter about it i think what also is 
probably happening too um people that aren't  

native to the hobby coming in to try and you know 
make their own you know profits which is okay  

i mean that that's totally okay those 
things are going to happen and i think  

i think now as we kind of go through this 
retrace i'm sure some of them are leaving  

now because they're not seeing what they thought 
they were i mean i remember this back in november  

this guy bought a first edition gyarados psa 10. 
bought it for 6 000 and i knew this because the  

the ebay seller reached out to me this guy was 
trying to two weeks later after he had sold  

after he had bought it was trying to sell it for 
double that i think 13 is what he was trying to  

to sell it at two weeks later and so 
this guy's just trying to make a quick  

you know trying to trying to you know 
up his up his money on that and just  

thought it was completely ridiculous like 
based like based on what what is what is  

this is this future pricing do you think 
this card is actually going to go up to 13  

000 right now come on get out of here you know 
um yeah so so it was really interesting because  

uh you know according to the seller of that 
card um the the guy was telling him that oh  

you know this is gonna go into my collection 
i'm gonna you know hang on to this for a while  

um you know that that's that's what he told 
him but you know instead he turned around and  

was trying to flip it on instagram i thought it 
was so crazy um what what is interesting too i  

do also see um you know a few content creators 
that i trust they kind of have also noticed um  

that in the market there there are cards getting 
absorbed into collections that will probably stay  

in collections for 20 plus years so you know a 
long time a long time which is which is really  

good um so i think that'll be interesting because 
you know some of those cards depending on what  

they are you know we might not see them on the 
market for a while you know especially if they're  

a low pop card i'm really really interested to see 
you know as psa gets through all of their cards i  

think they have caught up to september right so 
they're working on october something like that i  

mean anyways they're behind like no other they're 
almost a whole year behind on their backlog  

um so you know being able to see those cards 
come in um and seeing how that impacts the market  

i think a lot of people are going to see their 
cards come back as sixes or as sevens so when it  

comes to the mint to the gentleman i don't think 
we're gonna see that much movement um but you know  

i'm really hoping that cdc comes out with their 
population reports i cannot wait i need bgs to  

do that as well because one of the things that i 
you know a lot of people want to see is the true  

you know i mean obviously just those three 
companies doesn't even give you a true population  

but to get as true as we can of a population for 
certain cards you know those things are going to  

go i mean the populations are going to skyrocket 
so you can imagine the supply or i'm sorry the  

you know the prices for those cards are probably 
going to come down once people get smarter on that  

you know it's just that we can't because 
the data's not there to support that  

so i know absolutely oh yeah oh i totally totally 
agree with that and i also noticed this is a very  

niche market as well with this pokemon i 
don't know about magic but very niche right  

like who is gonna go out and spend 13 000 on a 
card not not a lot of people not a lot of people  

and and i i think my friend uh hisoka said it 
best it's hot potato who's gonna end up paying  

overprice and stuck with that card that's what 
he said at the best and i'm like oh that is it  

that is it who's the most gullible who's 
gonna end up losing the most profit  

and that's it i i absolutely 
agree and um absolutely yeah yeah  

getting getting caught holding the bag you 
know and kind of i agree with you you know  

people knowing the markets and and and winning 
and willing to put time into the markets to learn  

they will benefit because they will stay away 
from things that are overpriced like what you said  

being patient being patient because you know if 
you've got slabs and i've talked to a few people  

about this before if you've got slabs that is 
it like for example the uh sabrina's gaze right  

the band japanese sabrina's gays the population 
on that card is so there's so many of that card  

but sellers were trying to sell this card for like 
300 plus dollars and i'm like but really though  

even as a psa 10 there's so many of them like i'm 
not gonna pay 300 for that card i still want it i  

mean you know and and i and i have the card at 
cgc right now and i do also have like another  

one that i i bought for a good price i can't 
remember how much you paid but you know i mean  

you know again going back to watching your price 
point if you have a card that is that there's a  

ton of and and you think that you're overpaying 
you know if you think that price is too high it  

probably is because like again a lot of what 
sellers do and you know i'm guilty of it too  

you put future pricing into an item like what 
you were saying the potential of a card being  

valuable you try to get that price for the 
market right now but that might not be a true  

what people are willing to buy for that card so if 
let's say you think the cap for that card is 300  

and you buy at 300 you most likely 
never see gains on those cards or  

it'll take a really long time to maybe 
see every games or marginal games you  

exactly and it's again with the fundamentals right 
and from what i'm seeing right now and i there's  

a joke i shared my instagram and hopefully you 
saw it too this is what's happening people buy  

i sell low buy yes that's what there's i'm like 
well that's not how you make market dude the  

people that made the most money doing this is why 
when it's completely buy when it's low sell when  

it's high and the people that are a new very new 
just you know novice they're just basically saying  

okay this is what it is it's just peer just not 
doing enough research and that falls into again  

who should you trust right and especially with 
collectibles and there's a lot of channels out  

there and twitch i notice and there's out there 
saying pokemon flipping and pokemon investment is  

easy and i completely completely disagree with 
that completely okay i completely disease okay  

no it's not i've i'm just hard it's absolutely 
difficult one you need to have the knowledge of  

that card right you need to really know it you've 
got to know that card what's the organic debian  

or this pack you need to know exactly what is the 
organic demand for it right is it fake is it real  

do people actually want that card how popular is 
that card right and even with data it could be  

very misleading extremely misleading right so 
let's say the pop report is like two or three  

maybe it's low because people don't want that 
darn card people that's look because people don't  

people aren't great in it yeah that could 
be it exactly and and just because they're  

like oh you know i have a pop too that card's 
twelve thousand like dude nobody wants that  

card you can put twelve thousand nobody wants 
that card and i think it's really difficult  

because if you're looking at a binder right 
and you just go with psa and you type in the  

proper pop report it's very misleading you've got 
to know what's the organic demand of that card  

and that's where it's very very important to me i 
i definitely i definitely agree with you one 100  

percent you know and um uh casable 2 also brought 
up a good point to it you know future pricing  

is also advertising and i have seen that you know 
absolutely in fortnight when you see you know a  

particular card um being listed for twenty five 
thousand twenty thousand fifty thousand fifty five  

thousand you know part of that is to get eyes on 
that like oh interesting okay so why is that card  

being listed for that much you know it 
really starts to peak people's interest  

to see you know what's going on with that and 
i mean you know i i i don't know that those  

uh people who i don't know that the 
sellers who list the cards for those prices  

um expect to actually make that much i 
mean if someone is willing to press the  

you know the play button on something like that i 
mean then they'll go ahead and you know take it i  

think that's probably uh you know how i would feel 
if i was in that situation but i mean yeah i mean  

absolutely just going back to what you you know 
you've been saying and you haven't said it yet and  

i'm surprised one thing that you haven't said yet 
in this stream and i'm surprised you have not said  

anything about being a greedy investor you haven't 
heard it and i've been waiting for it and yeah  

i'm a very greedy person you guys i love they 
know i know what to say i am very very very very  

greedy like i am letting you go like i am very 
very that's what i learned from my clients my  

goodness you guys the people with the most money 
my goodness you guys like and this is just my  

life experience that i've learned and i've this 
is back then when i was working at a a family  

law firm okay so this is me brand new like not 
knowing anything working a family law firm so um  

i'm not disclosing anything but this is just pure 
public information so i just wanna make sure i  

say that um so um i when i was new and 
i was an intern i when you do family law  

and they do child support alimony the person 
needs to disclose their income right so that's  

how you figure it out you know alimony you know 
the attorney and the law firm has all of that  

so i would see this person comes in or this guy 
or female whatever they'll drive a nice bend with  

nice rolex right nice shiny shoes and all that 
stuff you look at that and you're like that man  

has money that man has money you're looking at 
you're like oh my goodness he's broke he's broke  

like me when i was a college student oh wow even 
worse like bro then i would come in and i you know  

and i was just looking at a guy white t-shirt pair 
of jeans and probably a pair of converse okay not  

even converse probably payless shoes or something 
because regularly you're like oh man okay this  

can this guy can this guy afford and you're 
looking like my god this is this man has money  

and that's when i started to learn and i lost i 
started to listen to dave ramsey knew who he is  

yeah rice and beans rice and beans dave ramsey 
and that's when i started to learn all these  

fundamentals and how to do all of this and learn 
when i'm not getting scammed and when i'm learning  

this guy is trying to pull something here that 
he should not be pulling and this is all of it  

this is just life experience that 
i've been lucky to gain and learn  

i don't even think school teaches you this at 
all at all at all and uh this life experience  

that i have learned and what i'm seeing 
right now and i think i said in the last  

stream is how are these people they're making 
their money you're they're not how are they making  

their money okay what is the end goal the end goal 
is for you to get that card graded and for them to  

sell the card right get the card sell that 
card so what is that the end goal is to make  

profit okay i understand right and that's 
okay people want to come in to make profit  

it is what it is they're not doing it correctly 
from what i'm seeing some are most are not  

with new people then they're not right they're 
one they're paying packs at a premium price  

okay that's how you want to lose 
you want to make lose your money  

a go ahead msrp easiest way to do it right 
go ahead lost your money two so it was  

what too they're paying someone else to do 
what there is they're sending someone else to  

uh grade their cards for them like a middleman 
okay and this is super expensive super pricey to  

do it learn it yourself do it yourself i get 
it no time's hard just do it yourself right  

okay and then back then where are the ebay fees 
and all that fees by the time do you really  

make your money is that how you're really making 
your money i'm very greedy i want it all i want  

to eliminate all that stuff i want it all i 
want it all i'm going to learn how to do it  

i want every pinch every penny every sense 
there is to go back to my pocket and and i  

you know i guess that's how people do it 
but when a lot of channels they go this is  

investment this is how you invest that's not 
an investment that's not how you invest so  

yeah yeah i mean i mean and the other thing too 
is if we're talking about it at this point it's  

probably too expensive to be investable 
anymore because it was investible when it was  

cheaper like you know i mean so i mean okay first 
edition boxes are definitely not in my budget  

right to me it's not investible you know right 
but it was investable for everyone who's kept it  

kept theirs from the beginning paid out i 
don't even know what msrp was back in the day  

do you know for those boxes it was like 150. oh 
okay okay back and when they just opened right  

yeah yeah yeah yeah my local car shop i 
remember correctly was selling for like uh  

maybe i could be wrong but i know 
the unlimiteds were a hundred dollars  

uh i know that because i spent 
my christmas money on on that  

well i opened the box that's okay i always 
said it i love it it made me who i am now  

um i think it was 100 i think the other one's 
150 i could be wrong it could be wrong it's 20  

something years guys well well yeah but i mean 
but i mean even still like it was you know it  

was investable back then right like like that was 
a good entry point you know i'm sure there's other  

entry points that made that along the way made 
sense too right you know mostly anything less  

than what it's currently bought for can make it 
investable i guess depending on when you're what  

your exit strategy is right but i mean you know 
again entry point how cheap did you buy it for  

because i mean because i mean you know looking 
at the um the fortnite cards that i have in the  

promo cards that i have yeah probably at the end 
of the day i spent for those cards you know 25  

a card to to to buy to to buy the bundle that they 
came in and then to get them graded probably about  

24 25 and um in a recent auction that i saw for 
one of my cards that are our psa 9 the galaxy  

psi 9 you know i don't know if it's a confirmed 
sale but uh like confirmed that they paid for it  

it sold for you know 1099. so if you look at that 
that is a crazy roi which i mean that would have  

you know even selling that one car would have 
you know funded the whole all of the money that  

i put into fortnight right which is part of the 
reason why again you know i didn't put enough  

into it like i was i i bought enough to make 
me feel comfortable and safe but i felt too  

safe with the little that i bought and i should 
have gone harder so anyways but um but anyways  

you know enough of that but again you i could 
sell it right now for that price you know and be  

completely fine or i could sell it for you know 
one-fourth of that price and still be amazingly  

fine because my entry point was so exactly exactly 
and that's the people that are making the most  

money now because they've been collecting for like 
myself they've been collecting for if i do sell  

right and the same thing with going 
twice it's it's there's it's all profit  

it's all profit at that point so 
whatever they got three two prices down  

entry point is everything at this everything 
everything knowing your fundamentals  

right knowing your fundamentals knowing who to 
trust right and that's where well yeah knowing  

who to trust just the knowledge for the card 
and um a lot of things sell that don't sell  

that what does it say you don't sell that don't 
sell that he's talking about my galaxy probably  

oh don't sell it then whatever that is don't tell 
it don't sell it i need to get him on the stream  

you need to come on the stream oh dude anyways 
i would i want to show you something so i went  

to sleep a cat yesterday with a friend of 
mine and it was in uh this was in east l.a  

okay do you guys know sign that says cash for 
house do you know that song yeah i was like yeah  

flip this my goodness you guys want to see how 
you want to see this i want to see this real  

quick i'll show you something okay yeah let's 
share it on my facebook or share my screen  

check this out you guys cash for pokemon look 
at that cash for pokemon oh they can't see it oh  

that's awesome oh i got it do you see it now 
oh i was looking there you guys for pokemon  

that's awesome that's awesome this is cash for 
pokemon i wanted to share that that is so great  

i love that oh man you know talk about hype man 
i am hi so something you said earlier is you know  

you're probably not going to you know invest too 
much more into pokemon you're going to shift a  

little bit more into real estate so does that mean 
you're not buying any more collections no more  

collections no not at all i bought oh my lord that 
stack right there is like you're lying you say no  

no not at all i i'm a i buy for the right 
price um i work with the status right oh yeah  

oh i buy for the right place that's me uh i work 
with a local card shop and i hate to say this but  

i kind of do monopolize a lot of the local car 
shop because they know me so well every time  

they buy a collection you want they they don't 
even sell to anybody but me first so they call  

you i feel really they call me first i come they 
don't even put it they just buy the collection and  

they and i i really do i hate to i hate to say it 
but like i like for the local car shop in orange  

county i get first dims okay three for sure the 
fourth one i'm trying but they go they do call  

me three for sure so um they call me and i i'm 
very very lucky so i do buy from them but i do  

support my local car shop because i know how they 
do it right they buy percent and then they sell  

it to me for a lower price so i get 30 sometimes 
30 even more uh buying from them and i love it uh  

so that's how i i buy all these cards but i i am 
not i'm going to reduce with my portfolio maybe  

10 pokemon because i have a lot of steel products 
back then i had went heavily on seal products um  

but as of right now everyone's doing it everyone's 
doing it there are so many seals collectors  

everyone is doing it so i think i think by the 
time that i would even see a nice return it's just  

going to be it's going to take so long i don't 
have that patience right now i'd rather take that  

money invested in real estate learn a little bit 
more about bitcoin see what's going on but heavily  

heavily on real estate um i follow me kevin a lot 
and oh i love me kevin he's cool and i like him  

they asked him in one of this broadcast they asked 
kevin how many property do you a property do you  

have he said like in 2026 he said 26. so i learned 
i learn from i i try to follow uh i save my time  

just learn educate what what makes the most money 
and only that there's this youtube channel there's  

this guy that goes around and these guys that 
sell like drive sports cards and he goes around  

and he goes hey what do you do for a living and i 
think like six out of ten times people were like i  

invest in real estate real estate yep and i'm like 
i guess i buy houses i buy houses i'm doing it so  

i wanna i'm learning how to do that i'm learning 
to um get there and i just think i think i hate to  

say this but i think with uh what the way pokemon 
is going on right now i just don't think it's very  

smart at all a booster boxes right now it's like 
what 140 and how long is pokemon gonna reprint  

i just yeah it's it's just so long and back then 
it was already 90 and it took a long time to even  

get a seal booster box to even go up in price from 
what i think it's a good investment because back  

then i bought these booster box for like 85 but 
then pokemon were reprinting them they were on the  

shelf there was for three years it was 285 and 
they would go up like five dollars ten dollars  

a year now everyone's doing it and back then they 
didn't right everyone's doing it now and now msrp  

whatever you know arguable but they said 44 
so you buy a box with 144 you keep it sealed  

right now seriously it's at that high right now 
from or some yeah for vivid was it a vivid booster  

box was like 140 but that's only vivid though uh 
battle style is like 90 from my local maybe 100  

chilling rain is what 110 110 you guys 
so um but okay but i am looking into  

uh i am completely skipping chilling rain i'm 
i'm not touching chilling urine at all i'm  

not touching vivid i'm not sorry i'm not touching 
balance style chilling ring i think they're saturn  

so what i might trash what i might consider 
because i might consider if i get it for a great  

value hold a case or two of um evolving skies and 
the 20th anniversary set so i might consider into  

that but we will see like again with the entry 
point how much am i getting it for how much am i  

getting for and um i have a friend who completely 
quit pokemon he says you you have my consent  

share my story and he was listening 
to all these type and he felt it  

he fell for it so he bought a booster boxes for 
vivid voltage two hundred and eighty dollars

two hundred and eighty dollars jessica and he 
bought six of it he bought a case and now it's  

like 1 30 1 40 and i and i he asked me how 
long is it do i even get even it out i say  

probably for a while few yeah yeah definitely 
a while a while at least five years maybe  

you're probably for a while and 
he left he's like oh i'm done  

and that's where the fontamentos come 
in right mm-hmm that's when yeah come in

oh man that's that well yeah i can't win them all 
but you know hopefully hopefully you know and like  

what we were just saying you know people seem to 
be getting smarter so so so that's very good you  

know taking in information being a little bit more 
patient because you know again there will come a  

time where you know the prices might potentially 
get even better for buyers you know yeah there's  

some potential for it to potentially get even 
better but you know anyways um look i've had you  

on for almost two hours i feel so bad do you see 
how it is dark now i feel terrible that i've had  

no i don't care i like talking to you well hey 
so i want to pick a fight um i like the lakers  

oh gosh you are not welcome to california anymore  

period you can come by yourself there's 
no host here okay i'm i'm kidding that's

i mean you know you know like i'm 
i'm from the chicago area i have to  

like the bulls even though they suck 
all the time i mean not all oh my god

see i was out that was a test to 
see if he was still on the stream  

i wanted that said that that's and so that's 
what it was you know also maybe trying to  

figure out how we control we control you 
very easily get you triggered you know  

oh no yeah that's it oh no i don't mind i i don't 
mind if as long as an la team wins i'm very happy  

uh i don't care i really don't care don't 
get me wrong i prefer she says that now  

i prefer the clippers okay if it was bad about 
la's i want the clippers to win and i got into  

it i i got into basketball the same way that i got 
into um a pokemon i went to my first basketball  

game and i fell in love with it which is the 
clippers and i fell in love with it and i just  

like okay and i you know when i like something 
i'm heavily heavily involved in it and heavily

you know you remind me of 
a cubs fan right now really  

did they ever win a 
championship they did eventually  

it did eventually it took a while it took it took 
him a long time it's how long a really long time

oh man i might be getting my dates wrong 
but i want to say it was probably like  

early 20th century maybe the 19th 
century like they did not win an entire  

an entire championship during about 100 
years 21st century yeah yeah wow yeah  

definitely definitely that sounds about right so 
you know talk about ultimate fans i actually okay  

so i like the socks i'm not a cubs fan i'm not 
a red sox no the white sox sorry the white sorry  

okay white sox yeah so i don't mind if the 
cubs win but if they're playing the white  

sox i want the white sox to win right like 
i want them to get crushed humiliated like  

like i want them to you know lose terribly but um 
but when i felt really bad when they did win in  

2016 because there were so many bandwagon fans i'm 
like nah you're just being disrespectful because  

literally they have not won in over a hundred 
years and we're talking people cubs fans never  

seen them win a world champ a world series 
in their lives you know in their lifetime  

but but but you know anyways so so i guess the 
clippers are kind of like the cubs then huh  

oh my goodness look what happened how did i block 
this man you're halfway there anna it's only been  

thank you jefe i was about to ask i was about to 
ask you that number was darn it i'm gonna tell you  

guys i'm gonna tell you a true story to my my uh 
so you know i went out uh to a bar with a friend  

and a true story you guys true story i went out 
with a bar with a friend and this is the number  

50. okay i wanted to admit i want to say this real 
quick so they went up to bar with a friend and  

then we had a bunch of mutual friends there friend 
no no no really really this was a friend this was  

a friend friend friend for real for real for real 
okay that was a friend and um no no she uh she has  

a boyfriend now that good stuff so i went out 
with the friend and she was just talking about  

her boyfriend and with a bunch of mutual friends 
were there and uh so i was the only one that was  

single i don't mind you know [ __ ] so so um her 
friend bought uh okay you guys i'm gonna say this  

i know the pronouns are not wrong her friend 
bought her wife okay pronouns are not wrong her  

wife to uh the table and i introduced myself and 
i started talking and uh and i was like okay what  

do you do and uh you know they were like oh i work 
at a as an engineer and i'm like cool and i'm like  

her wife like what do you do you know like hey 
what do you do and uh she was like i do exorcism  

i was like what look what happened last 
week you guys i was like what you exorcism  

what do you mean i was like yeah if you ever buy 
a house or anything i can you know get the go the  

ghost can go away i'm like extras tell me more 
tell me more if that ain't that i can't think  

oh my god about it she says she can go into a 
house and she can read orals and everything right  

and i'm like read my aura read my aura she 
goes well you're a little bit drunk right now  

but you know it looks good i'm like of course 
we're going to appear chasing me and she goes  

oh i'm also a psychic and i can read futures 
and i can read you know like do palm readings  

and stuff apparently she's really popular 
now she's a whole clientele i said all right  

read my read my client and she's 
like okay give me your dominant hand  

and i said okay i'm right-handed so pulled her 
glasses she took a little mini flashlight and  

she looked at my hand okay she carries a 
random flashlight she is a psychic woman  

she does this psychic woman i'm telling you 
something i've i've been through a lot of psychics  

a lot of psychics okay this is one of the best the 
best i've had okay and she was friendly too huh  

the best you paid her for like a meeting oh okay 
okay it was great it was free i always tell my  

audience this because i tell them a lot of stories 
i was not born here i was born in vietnam and  

the nurse that helped my mom delivered me she's 
a well-known well-known psychic in the hospital  

right well no people always request her i want her 
to be my nurse and i want her to read my my baby's  

future so my mom was just luckily she was there 
helped my mom gave birth to me and the nurse my  

mom told me this i was born at six in the morning 
at six something in the morning and my mom said to  

me she said this oh yeah the lady that um you 
know helped me gave birth a nurse uh she said  

two things about you she said you're gonna marry 
really really late but the thing is that once you  

marry the person that you marry will love you to 
death and number two you'll be really rich in life  

you'll be very successful i said okay all right 
so that's just some background so this lady with  

a little flashlight okay she's looking at my palm 
okay she goes you're gonna marry at the age of 50.

i swear i swear that's why the 50 story 
wanted to retrigger that she's like

you got a marathon i was like betty  

what i'm gonna what diddy she's like 
she goes you need to freeze your eggs

and then she goes she goes she goes to me she 
goes in your past you know she's like she's like  

you like yeah i mean she goes when you were 
young you used to be really really awful with  

the relationships don't you right right i'm like 
how did you know she's like i know i'm psychic  

she's like you you used to like play a rock 
you used to be a little bit of a heartbreaker  

back then i was young okay i was really 
young and dumb okay so i messed around  

sometimes and she's like no never getting 
all the the teasers yeah and then therefore  

therefore karma's gonna come back to you and 
you're gonna get married at 50. but the good  

news is that you're the person that you're 
gonna marry to we'll love you a lot i'm like  

okay i thought it was really funny 
well all right all right i guess

all right well i mean i hope so you know  

thank you psychic thank you sidekick 
i thought it was really funny there's  

other things that she'll say but this little 
thing she said it was so amazing okay she said  

freeze besides being fine she said that you are on 
your way to creating something right and yes i am  

i'm doing and i'm trying to get it 
panned and i'm trying to get everything going yeah  

i do the own pat my own patent law so i take the 
paperwork it takes time and she just said straight  

out she goes you're doing you're on your way to 
do something you're gonna make money doing that  

continue to do that and that's what you were going 
to do that was strong i thought that was spot on  

and um i don't i thought it was one of the best 
she read me perfectly and um it was shocking  

shocking i thought it was really fun 
number 50. you know i so i wondered  

i wondered about because i saw 
that you always put it on all your stuff but i  

i've never caught it when you talk about it and 
so i'm like oh is this a sponsored post okay this  

is a sponsor post but now it's a sponsored 
post and i know that it's sponsored by you  

but me i am i'm creating it and i have to pan 
everything everything so we think with patent law  

and trademark law and all that good stuff but then 
she just disappeared uh oh no oh i'm still here  

i'm pulling up the website sorry i'm still here 
oh no it's not even there yet i have nothing done  

yet i haven't trademarked everything yet i have 
the trademark so a little thing with uh you let  

you guys know this right so it depends on a lot 
when we trademark something right you trademark  

for example um geeked out collecting you can 
trademark yeah okay geeked out collecting  

when you trademark you think it's every other 
country and everything wants you trademark no  

there's no it's just the us yeah it's the us right 
but then you can also pay more to trademark from  

other countries where they are known to steal 
ideas and you got gotta pay more and the paperwork  

is way more extensive way more so i'm trying 
to patent for some countries i can't steal it  

but i'm starting to think if they take it there's 
just there's just yeah that that's honestly  

that makes so much sense because right now i'm 
not going through a patent process but i'm going  

through a trademark process for my my app and 
the name for it oh i'll talk about that okay  

yeah yeah so i okay so first because i don't know 
[ __ ] i don't know [ __ ] um i started going to  

legalzoom and so i oh don't start so i i know 
that now i know that now i can't deal with that  

order i can't hold that order because they wanted 
me to spend six hundred dollars and that didn't  

even include the filing fees and i'm like that's 
[ __ ] that's [ __ ] so so so i i instead went  

with a different company um which was 
cheaper than legalzoom and all the fees were tied  

into it there might be some extra ones depending 
on if like i have to file for multiple classes  

you know and that's kind of something that unless 
you know exactly what you need you're not going to  

know ahead of time so it makes sense um but yeah 
so i'm waiting for that to get through because one  

of the things that i noticed with my app is there 
is actually a card folio app that already exists  

but here's the thing i don't know that if it's 
that it's been trademarked so i'll find out  

soon if not i'll just rebrand because i have 
other right names like a name is a diamond  

what is what are you trying to trademark 
though if you don't if you don't mind  

just the name yeah it's just the name cardfolio 
app yeah so it's just a name not a logo  

um i don't know you don't like it right away i can 
search it oh okay well all right well well so i  

i i did do some searches but i don't know if my 
searches were good i'm not gonna lie because i  

don't know [ __ ] like again i don't know [ __ ] 
about these things um so but anyways i'm in the  

process of working on that right now because i 
have seen another app completely different than  

what i'm trying to do right completely different 
in a completely different vertical it hasn't been  

updated since 2015 so i'm pretty sure i'll be fine 
you know i'm not going to be stepping on any toes  

i'll just have to uphold the trademark and do all 
those things it is true you know what jeffy it is  

it is yep it is let me show you the screen yep it 
is unless i oh cal foley has been bought by jeffe  

oh jeffy did it damn it cafe cafe cafe chiang 
gao so so how's it going don't worry i will throw  

the crap out of him don't worry don't you worry um 
oh okay do you mind if i share the screen i know  

yeah here here yeah no go ahead here i'm adding 
it to the stream okay there we go there you go so  

they let it died okay because it's trademarked 
you've got to renew it right okay now they've  

trademarked it again darn then let me see what did 
that when did they do it when did they do it yeah  

filing date is 2015. okay so it must be those 
guys that have that app they haven't updated  

that app since 2015 registrant um that's it okay 
turbo florida okay that that information looks  

familiar when does it die when does it die oh 
an attorney oh no that's attorney of record okay  

let me double check so i just wasted all 
that money because it was already so it's  

going to get rejected so i have to go in 
and be like 2005 it's not it's not going to  

it does not say let me double check 
it's usually not going to be for a while


yo registration date 2016 status day 
doesn't say yeah not for a while boo  

sorry my face was just in the camera for like five 
minutes because i was trying to read uh i'm sorry  

oh okay so then i do [ __ ] okay oh well it 
is what it is um they did all these trade all  

these signs but you still would not you don't 
want to you see how they trademark all of this  

oh it's just a different oh no they just 
did it it's the same oh it's been going on  

for a while i assume they just updated their 
um so they canceled it they canceled 2004.  

oh i think they just basically did it again it's 
i'm almost positive it's the same people yeah  

yeah yeah um what city is that does that look 
like it's from does it say like a location for  

the people boca florida oh okay what is that 
the office club inc so that's the company  

or hmm it depends oh my goodness we're like 
totally checking things out yeah probably yeah

yeah because this is yeah because this 
is the app and i noticed that it is  

it's not even a good app it 
doesn't have very good reviews uh  

okay so that was me being a little bit mad anyways 
i'll have to [ __ ] well all right good to know  

good to know i'm sorry i didn't have to rebrand 
no it's okay you know what jeffy if you could i  

would trade you that shadowless pack if you could 
i'm in florida you need me to pull up on them let  

me know oh yeah yeah have faith i know how you 
look like in real life they'll be like this guys

oh yeah let's do it yeah

i can't hear your mic for some reason now oh 
i totally uh yeah no no i totally need myself  

that's good i totally dropped my thing my bad okay 
here should i are you trying to share your screen  

oh no no no not at all okay my bad uh 
i was trying to exit that my bad no  

all right um do you know how to do the giveaway 
how would you like to do the giveaway i'll give  

away i have to send some giveaways away i've tons 
i'll tell i'm like three people i'm going to send  

on tuesday i do want i don't want to hold 
any more bags on tuesday so how do you want  

to do the um i don't care whatever's easiest 
for you uh should we have everyone like like  

have a winning number right and we can have 
our one okay you can do whatever you like  

is that is that yeah okay yeah so so i'll come 
up with a number i'll come up with a number  

and then everyone can guess what should 
we do number like one through a hundred  

or something like that what's going on oh you're 
the host you let me know okay all right well you  

know you're the expert damn okay so guys all right 
in the chat give me a number one through a hundred  

and i've got a number in my head which everyone 
how many times can they guess they just keep  

spamming okay um like if no one gets close um 
uh yeah you can spam you can spam okay spam

man i am so sad about the about the trademark damn  

i should have looked and then i 
would have saved myself 600 bucks  

hopefully i can cancel people i recognize how 
are you guys doing i'm not dead i am alive  

i just been partying you guys i she was a little 
bit hungover yesterday this morning you know i was  

just partying you guys i will i will be i have 
a lot of packs to open but i'm just partying i  

got the new it's not a sky stream that i have it's 
just sitting there i need to um i just need to uh  

get going but yeah yeah absolutely um so uh let 
me see so people hey drew me what's up dude oh hey  

from the twitch let's go dude um okay so when 
should we stop do they have to pick the number  

oh you're you're hosting it okay all right um 
cosmo are you still on here go ahead and put  

your number let me see drew me hey throw me a 
number and you get to win a card from the card  

yeah pokemon okay you they can pick this or they 
can pick this this is not bad but you know i think  

this is probably better whatever they look like 
it's whatever you want it's whatever you want  

whatever all right very nice everybody i own 
it up to them for uh being extremely flaky and

it's stuff flaky i am terrible i'm 
terrible i like to party yeah i mean i i've  

i would mostly i i've um i've totally like i was 
just telling jessica before everything that uh  

the year of quarantine me not 
going out i just basically  

went ahead yeah i just went ham and i 
just oh i might be partying out though

you need to rest you need to rest 
well especially with my eggs being  

freeze or my freezing i think i'm 
gonna i'm gonna be okay with that

oh my god i cannot you never want to psychic 
anything like that no no oh my goodness  

no i haven't i haven't but what 
i will say is um like you know  

okay so so i'm i'm mexican and puerto rican and so  

like a part of psychic-ness kind of like 
lives in my culture a little bit because um so  

so like like a lot of superstition in mexico like 
a lot of like we call it brujeria which is like  

you know witchcraft and stuff like that like this 
stuff is kind of real to us and like i i lowkey  

kind of feel it like i don't mess with it you know 
any stories like i don't mess with that [ __ ] um  

i don't go there because like ghosts i don't go 
there because it's just like i don't i don't um  

really scary stories like haunted houses i don't 
mess with girls i've seen our girls which is why i  

don't tell me about it oh my god okay oh wait wait 
wait wait who's winning who's wanting yeah okay  

so we let's do two winners let's do two okay two 
winners okay two winners so so the first one was f  

w because you picked the number the number is 29. 
let's go okay so for mw is like super lucky okay

fmw i will be married with kids okay when 
it comes to dating okay i'm telling you  

all right okay so which one do you want f and w 
uh you get both of these or one of these i have  

your address so you don't even have to and then 
the second person whatever uh f and w picks the  

second person gets whatever yeah so uh so tell 
me how many people i love this stuff yeah yeah  

okay so the ghost story is really crazy right so 
um i lived in spain when i was young for two years  

so when i was a kid like third and fourth grade 
and we lived in what were called chalets which  

like the closest thing i can think they're like 
townhouses but they're relatively big so and we  

lived in like this kind of cul-de-sac or a gated 
community so so there was like a road outside of  

the gated community but there were literally walls 
they were i'm trying to do in camera there were  

literally walls around the entire place and the 
only way you could get in was through a security  

guard so no one could like jump the wall or 
anything like that so the window to my room faced  

the wall so i could see that wall and it was like 
a street right so there were lights and at night  

um you know things would reflect like like you 
could see the light the light would fly through  

through the window and one time i woke up i 
was asleep like this i turn over and i look  

at the wall and i saw a shadow on the wall and i 
could not explain the shadow because i'm on the  

second story right so i'm on the second story 
and i see a shadow because the light is coming  

in through my window and it wasn't the light 
itself right it was just a figure of a person  

and i you know maybe it was a ghost 
maybe it was just my imagination i was so  

no no no i was so shadow people i 
believe it oh yeah mm-hmm for sure

okay i told the audience this if i've seen a ghost 
twice but my mom's house okay so my mom's house  

when she bought this my old house my mom's house 
not this house but my mom's house when you know  

when she bought it um let's go do that [ __ ] okay 
what is that what is that what does that tell me

yeah let me know which which one do you want 
so i have your address and the second winner  

let me know whoever second winner oh my goodness 
i'm totally like flipped oh yeah that's right we  

do have a second winner so the second winning 
number is 55 so let's yeah so we'll get the  

second winner and then i want to hear your 
story but 55. so who's the closest to 55.  

let me see we've got srr for 40. f and w for 43. 
oh go ahead go ahead oh let me uh get a bag so  

i can write their name down okay one second oh 
yeah good call good call um yeah so let me see  

dude did you really win again what the 
hell do we have anyone else close to 55  

let me see because i can't do math i told you 
f w like it's like off the hook like i said  

i it's it's shocking amazing how lucky okay i'm 
gonna do some math really quickly oh i have it  

okay yeah go ahead which one do you the single 
card perfect that's a good choice all right so

okay if uh if f and w i'll give it to someone else 
oh let's find f and w just get for ya no problem  

or give it someone else it doesn't matter i think 
i think i think he does get get the second number  

okay yeah i think you do get the second number 
dude so totally up to you if you want to actually  

win it or if you want to give that to someone 
else or should we just call a different number  

so that we all every one of you 
you are the host you are the host  

i don't want to have the best decisions yeah 
yeah okay well i threw a curveball it's my fault  

well here um i'll choose i'll choose another 
another number really quickly all right let me  

take it out i got another number the other number 
lord jesus take the wheel the other number is 93.  

damn i apologize oh they can guess again they'll 
guess again okay okay yeah yes again you know what  

another number good all over you guys new guests 
i don't know how to do this but i got a pro i got  

i'm learning i'm learning okay new number guys 
new numbers let's go put numbers for the game  

and so i so when my mom bought this house 
and not this house but her old house and um  

not the what else when she bought her 
house i moved out so we didn't have the  

internet we didn't have anything we just 
can't google anything out nothing at all  

the house has a shrine okay it has a 
shrine and when she bought that house  

she was really strange she totally lowballed and 
i remember her telling me she's like i low ball  

that guy and i don't think he'll take it but what 
the strategy was we low ball and he counters and  

we probably take the counter right yeah that 
makes sense totally totally low ball the guy  

three minutes he calls we'll take the 
offer we were shocked my mom was like okay

he got this house oh man the house 
has a ship you bought a haunted house  

oh man she bought a haunted house so it has it has 
a shrine right it has a shrimp and i've i posted  

that article to the when i was telling the ghost 
story in my audience if you type in the address  

it shows up the article of who to the man that 
passed there anyways so there was a shrine like  

literally in front of the house okay and the owner 
always said you need to do incent you need to  

respect the shrine you keep you know fruits 
and all these stuff down and my mom's really my  

offerings and my mom is buddhist and she believed 
all of this stuff and she did it and one time  

she's like i gotta go out of time out of a 
towel you need to do this you need to like  

do insane you need to do your offer how 
old are you all that stuff back then or  

now you know but yeah back then when you were 
having to oh my goodness probably when i was

25 or 26 okay okay okay i go whatever whatever 
this is a shine mother i believe don't get me  

wrong i'm very spiritual but back then i'm 
like this is a shrine i'm not going to do  

any of this stuff nothing nothing 
nada okay she went out of town  

no inset i let the shrine i was just it's 
dusty i'll let it go whatever i don't care  

so oh no this is what i was in uh at cal state so 
i was uh i graduated i graduated law school 2016.  

okay over 20 in my 20s i i don't remember so 
i let it go and it was raining okay back then  

i had my finals so i always take my nap and 
my nap i woke up at 3am i woke up at 3am i  

realized holy crap i left my books in my car and 
i need to go get my books i got to start studying  

because that's the type i am final said 11 
you studied at 3 am that was how i passed  

i don't know how i did it it was appearing rain 
raining and i went out i out the door and my car  

was parked in the driveway so i got my umbrella 
i looked i kid you got eye kitchen i looked  

and there was a shadow of a man and there 
was street lights and i couldn't see his face  

he was floating very fast but it was clear as 
day it was a shadow of a man floating really  

fast and that man that man had no legs he had 
no legs okay no thank you he had he had no legs  

he has no legs and i had no legs and he oh my 
goodness i'm getting the chest what did you do  

like what did you do like how did you yeah first 
of all i was like what was going on and i was  

floating no legs and i think it clicked i went 
holy [ __ ] i dropped the umbrella i went in  

the room i looked out and my room my room back 
then was facing the street and the thing was the  

thing disappeared so i'm like oh my god i think 
i saw a ghost and i was like what in the world  

so you know and i told my mom and my mom's 
like oh yeah that's why you got to do the  

shine because i saw him too and my brother saw 
him yeah so this is what happened so i later on  

later on when you talk to the neighbors when you 
talk to the neighbors and it was on oc register  

too oc register if you type in that address i sent 
that link once to my viewers and it was a transit  

that passed away uh in front of the lawn so they 
could not they don't have to disclose that in  

california if anything happens to the house within 
three years within the past three years they have  

to disclose it so with it three years in one day 
if someone commits a murder in that house it's  

just like they don't have to disclose it right 
but it was in the driveway i'm sorry it was on  

the sidewalk in front of the house they don't have 
to disclose that because that's the city property  

so we go and we talk and i talked to my neighbors 
and i said this is what happened and then my  

neighbor like for four house that was like oh you 
didn't know you guys bought that haunted house  

i'm like what she's like oh yeah you your family 
bought that haunted house we thought we knew  

that the last owner the wife kept seeing the 
man that's why the husband has to build a shrine  

so the man to stop showing up it's 
scaring the husband and the wife

and i was like what happened so this 
is what happened um we found out that  

the transit basically was trying to rob the 
house in front of us okay from the front of us  

and the guy took a knife and stabbed the transit 
the transit crawled out of that front of the i'm  

sorry crawl the house and the lives in front of us 
and he died on the sidewalk that's exactly where i  

saw and he and that happened during a rainy day 
so he only appears when it's raining so that's  

so during when it's raining my mom will like 
give all these offerings and you know he'd stop  

showing up i moved out and wanted another crazy 
stuff i have a friend that is very spiritual  

she claims to see ghosts you know very spiritual 
she claims to see spirits in that so she broke  

up with her boyfriend and she was so depressed she 
didn't want to go home and she's like i don't want  

to go home let's continue talking me you know uh 
three years only that's weird yep three years only  

so you know me being a friend i'm like okay well 
you know what we can just go back to my mom's  

place where i live back then and we can sit in the 
driveway and we can talk right and you can just  

talk and let it all out and she's like okay no we 
pulled in the driveway and we were talking about  

20 minutes she goes to me she looked at me and she 
says and i don't want to tell you this i said what  

we need to go home no i need to go home because 
i said i said what why what why all right i mean  

i i i saw that i was by then i was so used to 
that spirit there i said what why and she's like  

so i was in the driver's side 
she was in the passenger side  

and um she said i don't want to tell you this but 
there's a man that's staring right here she's on  

the passenger side he's looking into your car 
right now and listening to us that is so scary  

that is so scary oh my god i freaking never 
and i never told her about that haunted house  

i never never told her anything at all and i 
was you know you s you're seeing him right now  

she's like yeah he's right there we need to go 
home and i kid you not she did not want to go home  

during that she was like she needed company she's 
like this is freaking me out we need to go home  

i dropped her off thank you and she's like 
she told me oh yeah you're that that place is  

very bad you need to make sure you 
cleanse it all that stuff and i'm like  

hey exorcism hey hey um hey i didn't need a 
psychic with an x or something so who was the  

second winner second winner all right the second 
number is nine so it looks like we got jody jody  

i get it perfect okay i will ship jodie then 
wait jody you already won this card jody  

fnw one no no no he won this card my past stream 
oh seriously oh my god yeah you know what judy  

you know what jody if that's the case i'll send 
you these instead is that okay jody i'll send  

you this instead of hooking it up of course i 
like okay jody i have not sent your cards yet  

but you know what because you won twice your 
cards are getting shipped and i need to ship  

a lot of people i need a ship mike and raheem 
get it together get it get it together jody  

oh jeffy's number eight though oh no hefe is 
number eight oh my bad oh [ __ ] my bad happy  

okay oh dude my bad jody thank you sr that's why i 
have my mod i'm just don't give it to someone else

maybe we should give it to somebody else hey every 
did you ever get the mewtwo can you let me know  

got it i already have your 
address okay that's my um  

let's go that's it oh man let's go that was 
awesome dude i i am legitimately freaked out  

by your second ghost story i see see um so some of 
the scariest so in my opinion some of the scariest  

ghost stories are the ones that you hear in 
mexico like like the scariest the scariest stories  

you know how um i don't know if you've ever 
talked to any um you know anyone who's native  

american and they talk about scary stories on like 
the reservation i believe those things because  

it feels very similar to the ones that 
you hear in mexico some really really  

scary [ __ ] like i remember one time um like 
this isn't a story of anything but my cousin  

um i was visiting in monterey mexico which that's 
the northern part a little bit of a northern part  

of mexico anyways we were in monterrey and we 
were traveling very far like about an hour or  

two away because we're going to this special like 
um god what was it we were going to a hot springs  

and in one of the city one of the towns that we 
had to drive through it was very very early in the  

morning because so so it was dark um and we had to 
be there by a certain time and one of the things  

that my cousin told me was like okay don't look 
out the windows like don't look out look straight  

don't make eye contact with anyone that you might 
see that's like on the street through this little  

town we're going through because there are brujas 
here you know they're witches they're people  

that like you know do like nefarious things long 
story short you just don't want to [ __ ] with it  

you don't want to go there you don't want to [ __ 
] with it yeah la llorona [ __ ] like like this is  

some real stuff i don't know i don't know um i 
just i believe it and i don't go there and it's  

it's really really it's it's scary to me i don't 
mess with it um like the scariest stories are like

southern american or indigenous scary 
stories i swear to god i swear to god  

anyways wow i did not think that we would 
talk about ghost stories today well i did i  

i'm gonna tell you guys something okay 
because i i i believe this to be true  

but um i want to show you guys something 
this is this is something that i um  

i did let me double check if i can uh i'll show 
you i'm gonna share this my screen real quick  

yeah let's go ahead this is what i did as a 
presentation when i was telling on my guests  

but let me share this real quick um i i try to 
when i tell a story i try to be the most visual  

and let me go here oh is that it okay so this is 
what i saw and this i went back to my mom's house  

to take a picture and i did photo editing and 
this is exactly what i saw let me share my screen  

you're about to show us a story of the ghost show 
us a picture of the ghost we're gonna see a ghost  

no we're not there's no picture of the ghost it's 
an image of what i saw oh okay okay okay okay

it looked exactly like that this is just me 
editing so it was a picture of a man exactly  

like red exact spot exact spot because 
that was in my mom's house so you see  

how if it was a human being i 
would know that's a human being  

but it was a black shadow of a man 
but no legs that man was just floating

so that's exactly how i was looking 
like i'm not gonna sleep tonight anyway  

well no problem and yeah i could see the arms 
but i could i could not see the legs that's  

exactly what i saw and i did it oh my god 
yeah that's i was i knew it finally clicked  

but um so i'll tell you guys this i 
i i uh now we're talking this is why  

now we're just talking so this was about i 
think five years ago where um my friend told me

this is not [ __ ] okay this 
is the truth so you guys  

i'm not making this up she about to say something 
scary oh my god no no no no no no so i had  

i had a a friend who introduced us to introduce 
me to one of her one of a friend right one of  

his friend and it was just you know when we're 
hanging out and uh it was just a friend and um  

and i was just not into this guy at all like i was 
just you know he wanted it was like a blind date  

that just didn't work out right we had nothing in 
common nothing in common anyways nothing in common  

and i never liked him and i was very very friendly 
and so she he pulled she pulled me over about six  

months later and he tried to get with me all this 
and you know she pulled me over she's like look  

i want to tell you this because i'm your friend i 
felt responsible for doing this but i just found  

this out and i said what what i'm not going to 
say the man's name okay but she said so and so  

put a love spell on you i'm like what 
what i love spell and they work oh hell no  

i couldn't even remember the man's name 
i could not remember the man's name okay  

and i was like how did you know 
this she's like oh he admitted to me  

that he went to somebody does psychic 
voodoo and that the sidekick even told him  

that this girl that you really like does 
not like you there's no chance in hell okay  

they're just you should move on but he was like 
no no no let's let's let's let's let's uh let's  

try it and and apparently back then when i think 
it was facebook yeah facebook is getting popular  

i guess that he has to get a picture of uh your 
love interest right and then you have to print  

it out and you have to give it to them and and you 
have to have a piece of their hair and oh my lord  

now that i think about it you're probably right i 
was in his hair my goodness not the undies no we  

did not go that far but maybe the hair maybe the 
picture no maybe he doesn't have anything that's  

why i didn't work and i was you know you know 
what happened he got served an ad from a scammer  

talking about how you can get pick up all the 
chicks by using a love spell this is how you do  

it he said apparently it's true apparently and 
then i was like what that was she's like look  

i'm really sorry i have to tell you this i 
feel really really really responsible for  

this but i did not know who's this crazy and i 
was just like what i was mine that was shocking

and so and i was just and then it took me a drive 
this is back when barnes nobles was still kind  

of cool and then i took a drive to barnes noble's 
and there's books about love spells and all these  

spells and and then um now there's such thing as 
like fiverr and i think etsy if you guys google  

go to fiverr go to fiverr right now go 
to fiverr right now fiverr as f i v v e r  

okay go to fiverr right now now i'm enabling the 
audience i'm a terrible host here okay goodness  

question don't worry this is a scam you guys true 
testimony that it does not work okay right here  

go to fiverr right now and share the screen oh 
you know what maybe i can do it okay without  

you disappearing go ahead go ahead yeah yeah i'm 
here okay i don't know okay yeah you don't want  

you to disappear okay so this is fiverr this is 
where please enable your ad blocker okay hello i

okay let me do this so i this is something new 
and it took time for me to like was like what  

is going on so okay i it's coming on there you go 
okay cool so how do i search look look look love  

spells look at this dude it comes up there is no

for only five dollars somebody can be obsessed 
with you fast results fast results look look  

look at the reviews look at the volume 
exactly reviews what is this there is no way  

oh hold on i gotta share the other 
screen okay hold on oh this one shares up  

this one was for five doll for five bucks 
someone could okay cass oh look at this  

look at you guys look at that look at that for 
five dollars i will cast an extreme powerful  

obsession love spell with fast results 
by the way fast results look mine reading  

imagine imagine mind reading you will love jessica 
for the rest of your life you will love jessica  

for the rest of my oh my lord i mean can you 
believe five dollars no you're right we'll go  

through reviews poor um 1 000 percent recommend 
what but then they got a but then they gave a 4.7  

like if you would recommend why did you not just 
give them a five that's so silly that is so crazy  

so a youtube like gimmick video waiting to happen 
an influencer is going to find out about this  

and then they're going to do a thing and then 
it's going to be a video that pokemon cards ah  

pokemon cards obsessed with this that's just 
so many crazy goddamn scams out there right  

right there's so many scams out there and it was 
nuts that this probably happens very frequently  

when we're talking about scam we're totally not 
even talking about public hearts but this happens  

so frequently so i bet you that guy who i you 
know and i believe my friend because he admitted  

to my friend and i you know it's kind of nuts 
because um when i went to barnes noble's they  

said you know if you do have a spell um you know 
there's ways to get rid of it so i went out and uh  

bought chris you got rid of it you played well i 
don't i don't know i was kind of creeped out like  

i was creeped out my friend told me in 
confidentiality sage ice age i sage i really i say  

i say and they said go dive in the beach water or 
something for cleaning and bloom like a fumu i was  

like okay let's do it i was a little bit freaked 
out i wasn't i'm not gonna lie to you i was a lit  

a little bit freaked out when my friend told me 
that that's hilarious i know that would freak  

me out too because that's a little stalkerish 
like he wasn't stalking but that is stalkerish

i don't know that's like intense that's right 
and if you want someone to love you don't you  

think you like not to be in a spell that has to be 
genuine and love like like you're right like right  

i mean you know anyways but i mean jeffy 
i agree we are in the wrong line of work  

um and cosmos common spend cells would make 
sense like if that's what we did and helped  

collectors out that actually wouldn't be a 
bad deal but there's a lot there's so many  

so many there's just so many a thousand a thousand 
reviews like literally what the [ __ ] if you  

okay so so they had that one had 39 reviews right 
for five dollars they made 195 bucks now granted  

honestly the roi on that is just like really 
terrible but i you know i don't know how much  

work they put into that or not but here let me 
add you look but look at this look at this look at  

how many five thousand plus 1k oh my lord binding 
loves ten dollars ten dollars ten thousand k  

oh my ten thousand k listen to me so 
oh my goodness so i i i will never do  

this because i believe in like bad karma but 
like how how would you even know if the spell  

works like like like how would why would they 
send you a picture of that like what they now  

i'm okay now i'm very curious oh oh it hasn't 
they paid for those reviews they must have right  

oh let me share this other screen where 
is that oh there you go this one yeah  

okay here let me add it so this one right is it 
this one yeah so look at this ten dollars that's  

a lot but like how would you even like how would 
they even know do they send you a picture of what  

candles i don't know but apparently it's really 
good reviews and you need to talk about this is  

this is ethically wrong right this is ethically 
wrong like you are messing with people's personal  

autonomy and where this is wrong right like 
yeah i'm with you you're you're messing with  

people's free will here yeah i'm with you 
oh my god two nights look at look at these  

oh my goodness extra fast delivery oh if you 
if you if you put that ad on i'm gonna do it  

tonight i was gonna do it tomorrow but i'm gonna 
do it tonight instead oh my god that is so cool

probably fake but there's so many how can they 
be all fakes and remember there's people that are  

there's people that are very very gullible when it 
comes to love people are really i love the adults  

there's people that are willing to do anything 
anything oh you don't even know that there's  

people that this spiritual clean like cleansing 
and there's like scams out there that says like  

you have a spirit that's following you we need a 
cleanser so you can know how you know someone said  

that to me once i'm like no no no no no there's no 
spirits that's following me i know when i messed  

up that's me it's not them there's nothing 
there's no negative okay it is me that is me  

i i'm very i'm very that that is me that's that's 
undecisive adam that's no that's that smells good  

it's miata you don't need a drunk animal 
that was that was me it's not it's not it's  

not the spiritual that's not the spirit it's me 
it's me they're like oh but you don't know no  

i'm not going to be oh man oh man you know though 
you know though that that talking about gullible  

people we're talking about gullible incels right 
now that's probably what we're talking about oh  

man oh man that's so crazy that's hilarious 
though i had no idea we would be talking about  

ghosts i legitimately was scared earlier and i'm 
gonna stay up until like two or three o'clock  

in the morning now because i'm scared no no no 
how do you protect yourself against the ghost  

that is why i am scared of ghosts and i don't 
mess with it because how do you protect yourself  

oh you can't get you wanted you're hiding 
it but it's got i got it in my head  

you know you're right you're right you're right 
i don't know i why would you pay a loss but  

when you could show up monday night character 
just before last call you didn't tell no lie

or you could just pretend that you're rich on 
social media you could also do that pretend you're  

rich um i'll spend some money to rent a car for an 
hour like a lambo so that you could take pictures  

or on the runway with the fancy jet you could do 
that you know versus anyways that's so crazy to me  

you know okay so conversation nothing about 
pokemon cards you guys you guys have learned  

nothing about pokemon cards but you have learned 
there's such thing as a love spell so anyone in  

the market you can get it at fiverr oh my god that 
that blows me away i don't really have words for  

it to be honest but um you know honestly okay so 
your first ghost story really is a little freaky

they ignore them ignore them they're super 
don't worry i will get them back don't you  

worry i will get them back hey you said 
you were planning on marrying a rich  

man didn't you talk about that z's got it 
apparently you know i saw z's facebook mm-hmm

i don't know about rich okay i don't 
know about red shield shots fired up  

and and according to the sidekick z has to wait 
about 18 more years until i settle down oh [ __ ]  

oh [ __ ] we got some time yeah yeah that is 
some time yeah that's so funny the psychic i  

can't believe said that she's she's like she's 
like you're gonna realize that your looks don't  

it's not working anymore and you're forced to 
settle down and that's what the psychic said

the psychic was like you're going to realize 
you're going to have money and then you're going  

out and you're going to party and you're going 
to have a lot of fun and you realize you won't  

even commit and you realize your looks not going 
to work anymore about the age of 50 you're gonna  

come in but the good thing is that your husband's 
gonna love you a lot oh yeah that's hilarious oh  

but you know it's really funny because i actually 
enjoy that talk so much that i asked um you know  

i said hey you know let's be friends so we are 
friends and uh we're facebook friends so if you  

ever need an exorcism you can contact me you have 
to pay her to find you you have the her to fly  

to you to do it so you know it sounds like she 
might be a little pricey if we have to you know  

anyways i apparently needed an exorcism for this 
house but i guess i can't because i can't afford  

your house is not haunted 
jessica yeah i don't know that  

you don't know that because you would 
not be living in that house right now

and you know oh my god and you know and you know 
it's funny because i live in that haunted house  

for like 20 20 years 20 no maybe 18 18. okay okay 
through that time you guys you guys check this out  

you know how like you have like you hear stories 
where you're like my mom and my grandma live in  

that tantalus for so many years and it's funny 
because like i would think about it and i would  

be very like curious like why would you stay and i 
look at and i look at myself like oh i did stay in  

that house for 18 years myself i just got used to 
it jessica we just got used to it could someone in  

the comments vouch for me please have you ever 
just know anybody just kind of got used to it  

did you live in a haunted house did you live in 
a haunted house that's the question has anyone  

lived in a haunted house oh my god the house is 
oh no the house is haunted that house is one that  

that that house we can accomplish was very much 
haunted because we saw him we saw we call him the  

spirit man um i i i can find that article for you 
guys and i can post i can post it i can post hey  

hey hey hey you gotta post it now oh no i gotta 
post it i'll find it now you gotta post it  

do not disturb do not disturb that is one of 
my mom's house people that live there now knows  

it's haunted and you can and if you uh you get 
an exorcist on fiverr oh man we gotta look now  

exorcisms hold up i gotta look now i disappeared 
okay look look okay so let's imagine no no no no  

no ghosts are real john i'm telling cosmo that 
ghosts are real i you have to i was like you  

okay i was like you i became a believer living in 
that house i i i am a believer okay i was like you  

i really really was until i saw that man and i 
saw him five dollar exorcism oh my god let's go  

let's go five bucks you can risk it right i'm 
okay so what do you want me to search do you  

want me to search go ahead yeah yeah let's do 
it let's do it because you can show your screen  

here do this thing five dollars exorcism oh my 
lord what the hell are they gonna do but that you  

know what they're gonna do they're gonna send like 
a piece of stage and like here you do it yourself  

you do it yourself um is that a charmander on your 
bed you sleep with the charmander yes yes okay um  

okay if i i'm just gonna make a joke 
i'm gonna tell you guys another story  

and i don't if you guys believe me 
you guys believe me but i swear this  

uh maybe it's just me that is a little bit nuts 
well obviously this is well that's probably true  

that's probably true through this chat you know 
okay all right let's go let me share the screen  

okay uh look jessica you i can donate five 
everybody can donate five dollars you don't  

need to worry look at this five dollars 
we can do it oh long distant exorcism  

oh okay long distance starting at 195 bucks 
oh one person has done that they were done if  

they're if they're trying to get an exorcism they 
believe it's real and they have motivation wow  

oh my lord okay let's check the 20 one we can 
donate i can do i can donate for you 20 dollars  

look at this i could donate all right let's 
see well let's see this one right here  

okay what are the add-ons we need to know 
where they're at no look at their packages  

so so basically no add-ons man see i can't 
go with the basic package because i need  

a deep cleansing you know deep deep you need 
to clear the entities and a protective shield  

a protective shield that's the add-on 
oh my god the protective shield okay  

so you know captain america we're gonna give 
you the captain america special okay oh my god  

do you do you see that there's it says on there 
more than 211 five star reviews where they were

oh man they were desperate okay let's read thank 
you for the fabulous service i'm feeling a lot  

better maybe you are my little or top seller 
one of the best thank you so much for your help  

oh oh my lord people in the us in canada 
all over the country that's hilarious  

uh most recent let's go to most 
recent oh that is the most recent  

my goodness oh my gosh and hey if you're watching 
three days three days special premium clearing  

three-day special three-day special my lord that's 
a cell you want to get 100 worthy i saw that ghost  

go what do you do for a living oh 
i do fiber long distance exorcisms

long yeah you can't say that that's wrong 
you're not going to get any cells this is  

how you make yourself sound better fiverr right 
okay yeah yeah yeah how do i say this oh no no  

i was gonna say i perform personal services but 
that makes you seem like a hooker so that's a  

how do i i was like i was gonna say an escort but 
yeah yeah that works oh that stuff that's true too  

how do i make myself too i may just kill this 
i was to say i provide a very special nina  

that's again that's good yeah and maybe 
the chat can help there's a theme here  

you can tell us if you need to you know if you 
need to talk you know there's a theme but um  

no no i'm i'm i've never gone that route you 
guys i've never gone i just can't do it yeah  

i've never been on that route i've never done 
that round i need to the motherboard at least  

oh man oh man hey yo oh my gosh started talking  

see the child was all quiet now they started 
talking because we went off the rocks yeah  

we went off the rails i think i wouldn't entitle 
this like pokemon and exorcism something like this

that's really totally wet like five only 
fans oh you got it only fans tell us

no i don't i don't i don't i i i'm i know 
not at all no i try to be very you're classy  

a classy one man totally classy at only five or 
only that someone told me i don't know they're  

trolling again my audience like to troll me 
so that's why i said i don't know if they're  

telling me the truth or not but they someone 
in the audience said fiverr you know it's just  

not for you know the naughties but you can 
there's book clubs for fiverr you can join  

like book clubs and other 
stuff like hobbies and i'm like  

oh okay i didn't know that again my audience 
like to troll me so i don't know if that's true

i oh man and only fans it it empowers people who  

you know like to provide their services 
via a webcam oh you know webcam girls cosmo  

web cameras i did not know that no no 
only fans he's asking about only fans  

i but you could go you could for five dollars 
i don't know anyways i don't know your proper  

margins what you're trying to get at but you can 
start creating a profile oh my god can you imagine  

i was gonna never mind i won't say it i won't 
say it i don't know if i can no like is it like  

i mean i was gonna say for a five dollar you 
know webcam stream i've not been to one but i can  

imagine it's not gonna be very good i don't know 
five dollars you get what you pay for that's true  

that is true you know that is true but well it 
adds up though you know five dollar of many guys  

or women or women women let's not judge there you 
know or women and yeah get outside it can get it  

i think i i think i think your fans what 
they were saying was correct because  

if i'm not mistaken cardi b is on there but 
it's not like mature content it's just like  

behind the scenes content yeah that's what i 
thought that's why yeah so people use it that's  

what i thought i didn't i didn't think it was 
like a naughty naughty website well i mean okay  

okay not completely naughty but you know behind 
the scenes right am i am i wrong here i could be  

completely wrong i am not going to sign up for 
only fans to find out i couldn't even keep up  

my my instagram yeah you should i couldn't even 
keep up with my streams only fan no way no oh man  

dude i i feel i feel that though i don't think 
i can manage both either way so did you hear  

about uh there was a nurse or a doctor i think it 
was a nurse that had an only that has or had it  

could whatever she might delete it that i'm gonna 
just say has has an only fan and people found out  

and they were attacking her integrity yeah and 
fired her right oh you heard about it oh yeah  

yeah i'm pretty sure i heard about it yeah yeah 
okay so i'm not going to risk my career oh yeah  

it's also really invasive of her privacy too i 
agree i agree and that has nothing to do with  

her work or her skill as a medical professional 
that's so terrible i absolutely agree and like  

and i'm telling all my audience there like if 
you have professional anything put a different  

name on facebook okay don't add your co-workers 
do not add your co-workers because they'll gossip  

you know it's an intimate nature we understand 
you know i got something sometimes i do gossip  

you know and like it's human right we we got 
something we're bored so yeah i you know put a  

a uh i thought i wouldn't say a fake name 
but a um like a pseudonym like a pseudo  

like a fake yeah just like a stage name or 
something correct right so nobody can find you  

and um that's what i i always recommend like when 
i send cards out when i do pack rip and ship i  

send out to an address that belongs to me but it 
was a couple of my houses that i own so they won't  

ever find me so that's how i always recommend 
uh to my audience right anything professional  

sitting in a different name so they can't find you 
on facebook and very you know that's what i always  

do so if they ever be like this attorney you know 
yeah you're not gonna find me on there yeah uh  

you you you kind of you're sneaky you know you're 
like that's sneaky smart smart you gotta be  

smart about it you know you're right you're 
right you gotta be a smarty greedy investor  

yeah smart i like that and i i can't believe she 
got fired for that i'm gonna that's really funny  

yeah that doesn't seem like that's a fireable 
offense because that's personal i don't know i  

don't know i don't know if there's a lawsuit there 
you tell me but it feels like there's i need them  

i need to know a little bit more that's really 
sad it depends on the contract that she signs okay  

it has nothing to do with her you're right that 
depends sometimes the if she signs in the hospital  

and they said hey you agreed not to do this and 
these are the terms she can't sue but i would  

probably think it's a good lawsuit that's terrible 
yeah yeah your co-workers are dumb and salty  

maybe maybe maybe who knows but yeah yeah 
well shoot anyways we've gone off the rails  

all right this one this one's great this is 
good yeah for sure for sure absolutely this is  

what have your audience learn about pokemon cards 
absolutely nothing but exorcisms excellent you can  

get long distance exorcisms for five dollars 
and love spells and love spells to be honest

absolutely nothing on here oh do you guys have 
any questions about pokemon cards because i  

[ __ ] a lot ladies my slr feel better i hope 
that uh i hopefully feel better you are amazing  

take care slr we'll talk and um another 15 more 
minutes you guys or maybe 10 i'm gonna call it at  

night as well because it's eight i sleep tonight 
yeah it is it is definitely it is definitely late  

well i mean so for the podcast you know for 
everyone who's going to be listening that's  

not on the stream everyone obviously knows where 
they can find you but for the podcast listeners  

let us know where they can find you yeah you guys 
can search pokegal exactly how it is and my face  

will show up everywhere and you guys subscribe 
and like and i do a lot of um if you don't mind i  

would like to advertise my next guest that's okay 
uh i will have laughing pikachu on uh she's a good  

friend of mine and i will have luis alonso on as 
well and uh these are big time collectors and my  

goal for the next broadcast is that besides going 
on a crazy rant tangent and going off the rails is  

that i i like to bring og poketubers back because 
right now from what i'm seeing is that people  

are putting so much emphasis on the prices and 
how much they cost and the collecting was the  

collecting aspect seems to be gone and back then 
when i started the channel with poke gal we traded  

we open the packs we trade we collect we have 
fun and you know and it's so different now  

it's so it's so different that something 
that we love and enjoy it turned into  

just a lot of viewers eyes just money and i don't 
see that you know i want to collect i want it to  

go back and then you know i get it okay this is 
progress and this the way it is now but i will  

always continue to educate my viewers and um you 
know sometimes i do get annoying i do admit that  

but i do my best to try to educate viewers and 
i'm i'm very straightforward i don't know if you  

notice very straightforward and i think that's 
the attorney in me where i can't i can't i can't  

like stop it sometimes but i'm very 
straightforward so it's just it is what it  

is yeah absolutely and and you will be launching why don't you be launching that  

well trademark takes a long time i don't know if 
you know a little bit about that it takes about  

six to eight months and then when i did it it 
was doing the pandemic and it took a long time  

so everything took a long time um i'm hoping 
within the next six months if things go right  

of course i have to test it and i want to prevent 
as much not lawsuits and must i want to prevent  

everything and of course i'm expecting to 
lose money before i make money i mean yeah  

i'm just going to be realistic that's it that's 
it and of course i have to pay the programmers i  

have to pay all of this before i make money 
so um let me know if you need any help with  

that if you want advice or like uh an unbiased 
opinion on i would like to medical decisions

yeah and um i would really really like that 
because uh you know eventually something starts  

free but eventually when it gets bigger people are 
going to pay so yeah yeah absolutely that sounds  

good keep me posted on that it'll be very cool i 
want to see it okay looking sell celebrations me  

too me too we don't spend thousand on the website 
or anything insane oh i already did yeah i already  

did i already spent thousands i think i spent like 
twenty five thousand i already did i already did  

i already did i did you know did someone try 
to uh scout did you know that yeah  

no yeah i did i went to and i typed 
in it says available and i said okay  

i'll probably go back and buy no one is going to 
buy nobody except me i went back again still available i think the 
third time it says unavailable someone bought  

it and this person private messaged me this person 
messaged me and said hey if you want to buy it's a  

thousand dollars now and it's on ebay if you go on 
ebay you type in or pokegal it's like  

a thousand dollars a best offer so that's where 
you guys that's what i'm letting you guys know you  

guys know if if you have an idea like on godaddy 
type in the website and just buy it okay because  

i think there's a system of where people go we're 
like okay what are they looking at and they'll go  

by and they'll scalp it yeah yeah very very shitty 
and really terrible um that is horrible i guess  

i'll have to get like official pokemon go to ebay 
go to ebay and go to is for a thousand  

so so it's they're auctioning it on ebay that's 
a thing no no it's just i buy it now our best  

software oh oh gotcha gotcha okay okay gotcha yeah 
that is so crazy i didn't know yeah a thousand  

people buy domains for the surface of yep exactly 
there's domain flippers as well and i i wrote back  

to that person i said good luck selling it i 
will never buy it never yeah oh this is crazy  

i didn't know you could buy domains like that off 
ebay so they have a web it's probably something  

somebody that works there i believe and they 
probably notice what domain is being searched  

how often is being searched and they buy it and um 
i google it i googled i google this you guys it's  

a real thing there's people that do that there's 
people that do this there's people that do this  

and usually somebody that works at godaddy 
and there's forums and people talking about it  

yeah there's people that will check it out about 
it this is all they do this is all they do yeah  

yeah that's all they do there's cards that's 
all that's not gonna do so i i think it's just  

somebody that works there just realized what the 
searches and how i was stupid that i um search it  

once or twice and i think that they're realizing 
okay this girl's gonna pull the trigger soon  

because i search it like three times she's gonna 
pull it soon i'm gonna buy before let me grab it  

let me grab it so um what happens if you trademark 
your name what's what happens if you trade  

trademark pogo i don't know that you could because 
it's pokey probably is trademarked i'm guessing  

but that's true but but would that put you in a 
position where they have to relinquish the domain

without costing a thousand dollars

yes and no because they bought it right they 
have to leave english i'm sorry they have to  

give me the domain but i have to pay them for 
something for it because they'll be unjustified  

right that's just unrich right that's how they 
yeah well i have to give them something it depends  

on that they want a thousand i said dude it's not 
worth anything and we'll work to terms on that  

uh but yeah yeah it really really it's worthless 
the the domain is property okay that domain is  

property okay they bought it it belongs to 
them they just can't use it does that make  

sense they just can't use it that's it they just 
can't use it yeah so yeah yeah you know and if i  

go and i take in like hey this is it i can try 
most likely it's probably not gonna work out i  

just probably have to buy it and said look you're 
not going to use it what's worth now if the court  

takes it i still have to give them something or 
else it's unjust uh enrichment but is property

well anyways well hey you know i do appreciate 
you coming on um let me know what i can help with  

uh for um because you know 
i'm here that's what i know that that's what  

i know i don't know [ __ ] about nothing else 
but that's what i know so just let me know but  

i do appreciate you coming on and everyone on the 
stream thank you so much for coming this was great  

it was so awesome to see you guys i remember some 
of you guys from the other stream that we had  

so um this is really good my audience is 
so funny they they uh they're used to it  

and you guys do subscribe to uh jessica if 
you're on jessica come over and i always  

i talk a lot i need to do box break i i lied 
to my audience i said three times a week  

well that was well let's get into 
this before the bars open again

you know it would be kind of cool if you 
did a box break at the bar i don't know  

how that would work logistically but yeah 
but like throwing up or like drunk edition  

yeah you should have like a bottle and then like 
your box break and then just do something with  

that and then maybe like put your own label on 
the bottle poke a gal that'd be kind of cool  

just ideas anyways three times yeah i promised 
them three times a night i lied i i definitely i  

did that for one week and i'm like i'm now i'm 
and that's when they're like oh that's a lot

oh yeah no no but it's all good this 
is what we're here for see this is why  

we haven't because we have fun so anyway well 
thank you so much again for everyone and um  

i will give you all a good 
night and we'll talk soon  

so our bye guys take care end the stream 
jessica and then we'll talk a little bit