Technology Untangled

Welcome to season four of Technology Untangled from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. A new series means a new format, so join your hosts - yes, plural - Michael Bird and Aubrey Lovell in unravelling the stories and technologies which are changing the way we work. Every two weeks, we take a look at an emergent story in technology and interview experts from across the field to get behind the headlines and find out what's going on and why it matters. 

Coming up in this season, we'll be looking at bias in AI, the rise of Exascale computing, and revolutions in healthcare among many more. 

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Michael Bird

What is Technology Untangled?

Why isn't talking tech as simple, quick, and agile as its innovations promise to be?

Technology Untangled is just that - a show that deciphers tech's rapid evolutions with one simple question in mind: what's really going to shape our future (and what's going to end up in the bargain bin with the floppy disc)?

Join your host Michael Bird as he untangles innovation through a series of interviews, stories, and analyses with some of the industry's brightest brains. No marketing speak, no unnecessary jargon. This is real tech talk from the people who know it inside and out.

Discover which tools and systems are revolutionising the way we do business, what's up next on the endless innovation agenda, and, most importantly, how you can future-proof and get ahead of the curve.

Aubrey Lovell (00:03):
Hello, and welcome to the trailer for season four of Technology Untangled from Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Michael Bird (00:10):
A new series means a new format. So we're your hosts, yes hosts, Michael Bird and Aubrey Lovell.

Aubrey Lovell (00:17):
Every two weeks we cover a new topic, which explores the rapid evolution of technology and unravels the way it's changing our world.

Michael Bird (00:31):
Coming up in this season, we'll be looking at topics such as bias in AI.

Anjana Susarla (00:37):
Bias in AI comes from essentially three different things. One is, what is the data that has been used to train the artificial intelligence? Second issue is how the models themselves have been trained. The third bias comes from people deciding to use the outputs from AI in some prejudicial fashion.

Aubrey Lovell (01:00):
We'll also be looking at the rise of exoscale computing and its significance.

Doug Kothe (01:04):
So in an exoscale computer, you have tens of millions of parts. So one huge challenge is just designing the computer and architecting it in a way that it can actually boot up and run. That's been a tremendous challenge.

Michael Bird (01:21):
We'll also be diving deep into healthcare. And the ways in which tech is transforming the way we are treated.

Andy Cachaldora (01:28):
Actually, how diagnostics is and AI is being used now is more around the prevention. So can we use AI to predict whether that's genomic sequencing. Or looking at historic data and looking for clinical signatures to identify, "Hey, this patient's already potentially at risk of having some form of disease." Then as a result of that survival should for patients massively improve.

Aubrey Lovell (01:52):
And of course, so much more. Technology Untangled is available on all major podcasting platforms. Subscribe so you don't miss out, and join us on our journey.