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Daily Boost - 5 Shvat

5 Shvat: A G-d Fearing Woman: Compelled to be Herself

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Show Notes

Topic for Shvat: Women and Moshiach

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Charm is false, and beauty is futile; a G-d-fearing woman is to be praised. (Mishlei 31:30)

A mother feels compelled to answer a baby’s cry, not because someone is forcing her, but because the bond of mother to her child is integral to her being. As a mother, she simply must help her child.

At his core, a Jew is one with G-dliness. This is not simply something he does or even something he enjoys; it touches his essence. In exile, one might perform mitzvos out of habit or a feeling of responsibility. Behind this feeling, however, is hidden an awareness that G-dliness is simply who we are.

Maamar Yisro 5724