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The CIA released a number of documents related to the assassination of former president John F. Kennedy, which occurred on November 22, 1963. The documents cover investigations of the assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, and his associates, including his brother, Robert Oswald. Here's everything you need to know.

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The CIA released a number of documents related to the assassination of former president John F. Kennedy, which occurred on November 22, 1963. The documents cover investigations of the assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, and his associates, including his brother, Robert Oswald. The documents include information regarding CIA correspondence with other agencies and the public, and contain details of the FBI's investigation into the assassination.

Here's everything you need to know.
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[jonathan_kogan]: One we're live what's up everybody welcome
to The Jonathan Kogan Show a good show

[jonathan_kogan]: today april twenty seventh nineteen sixty one
john f kennedy gave a speech that warned

[jonathan_kogan]: us of essentially what just out in
the open today of the new world order

[jonathan_kogan]: which is in nineteen sixty one john
eh kenny gave a speech because of the

[jonathan_kogan]: conspiracy which by the way what you're
going to hear in a minute i got

[jonathan_kogan]: three good clips we got two good
clips about what was just released with the

[jonathan_kogan]: j f k files and then right
after that john f kent's speech on april

[jonathan_kogan]: twenty seventh nineteen sixty one which warned
us of conspiracy threatening our nation defining for

[jonathan_kogan]: us what we would what we could
expect should we allow it to manifest today

[jonathan_kogan]: and today we can see much of
what he warned us about has now become

[jonathan_kogan]: let's just say out in the open
okay things like and you'll hear this in

[jonathan_kogan]: a speech the dangers of excessive and
unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts for outweigh the

[jonathan_kogan]: dangers which are cited to justine which
by the way the concealment of pertinent facts

[jonathan_kogan]: is routine today throughout government and what
they call que plausible deniability which is a

[jonathan_kogan]: toi term coined by the c i
a during the kennedy administration what a shock

[jonathan_kogan]: which by the way you'll hear shortly
which is exactly where the term conspiracy theory

[jonathan_kogan]: which is one of the most popular
terms today all of a sudden people came

[jonathan_kogan]: conspiracy where's out of nowhere olvoslyonboom you
got tens of millions of people across the

[jonathan_kogan]: world hundreds of millions of people are
of sudden conspiracy there's people like myself who

[jonathan_kogan]: are a political don't believe don't ever
have anything never had any interest ing conspiracy

[jonathan_kogan]: theories whatsoever zero none zero never even
looked into conspiracy there in my entire life

[jonathan_kogan]: none zero literally none never questioned anything
nothing then the air born vivos happens lockdowns

[jonathan_kogan]: happen a lot of crazy things happen
i start looking into things and then realize

[jonathan_kogan]: i've been fooled anyways as you learned
on this podcast we try to uncover the

[jonathan_kogan]: truth and that's it no bias no
nothing just what is going on let's figure

[jonathan_kogan]: it out and we like to play
things from all sources whether it super left

[jonathan_kogan]: new sources or super right we like
to get we like to get everything because

[jonathan_kogan]: we don't care about politics it's an
illusion to freedom none of it's real it's

[jonathan_kogan]: all surat it's all it's all theater
it's not real okay don't come on please

[jonathan_kogan]: our rites were taking a long time
ago let's be honest no matter where you

[jonathan_kogan]: are in the world that's that's the
case but now we have this like infiltration

[jonathan_kogan]: you got clause bragging on on t
v about the infantry did government especially in

[jonathan_kogan]: canada with with prime minister trude i
know that over fifty percent of cabinets uh

[jonathan_kogan]: uh is world economic form young leaders
and class is a real not his dad

[jonathan_kogan]: was tie dat off hitler i mean
that's just those are real news i now

[jonathan_kogan]: it's tough to you know operation paper
clip where during the nuremburg trials the united

[jonathan_kogan]: states brought over some of the top
germany had some of the top scientists academics

[jonathan_kogan]: economy as all that stuff operation paper
clip was during those nuremburg trials we brought

[jonathan_kogan]: them you know a lot of the
scientists over to the u s put them

[jonathan_kogan]: into you know government or izationis like
nasaw and other just look up operation paper

[jonathan_kogan]: clip and so they can avoid getting
in trouble and then we use them for

[jonathan_kogan]: you know for the united states for
our advantage because they were the top but

[jonathan_kogan]: they we noses they were literally noses
and then they became the top levels of

[jonathan_kogan]: the united states government and what do
you know when you let nansie's become the

[jonathan_kogan]: top of the united states government what
happen so nothing everything turns out just fine

[jonathan_kogan]: and uh anyways like i said everything
that's going to happen from ever since you

[jonathan_kogan]: know two years two years ago to
now till t twenty third s goin be

[jonathan_kogan]: all distractions craziness and now they just
dropped j f k files but just enough

[jonathan_kogan]: to let us talk about and go
kind of deep into it and spark media

[jonathan_kogan]: you know distraction look over here jaff
but not enough to realize oh wow really

[jonathan_kogan]: the cia killed him no way wow
what a shock wow crazy no one would

[jonathan_kogan]: ever think that but that is where
and you're goin to hear it shortly but

[jonathan_kogan]: unfortunately i want i was listening to
the c n n h take on this

[jonathan_kogan]: and listen the fox news and i
rely want to play the anderson cooper you

[jonathan_kogan]: know because i don't place the inn
alon here just hoping that they would be

[jonathan_kogan]: willing to talk about this you know
truthfully and i listened to the segment on

[jonathan_kogan]: this and it's just propaganda of how
you should not think the cia had any

[jonathan_kogan]: part in this and to think so
would just make you go your seat there's

[jonathan_kogan]: and that all this showed was this
had nothing to do with our intelligence agencies

[jonathan_kogan]: at all and you should never even
question them i mean the loves you they

[jonathan_kogan]: all love you and sure they're going
to surprise you on your next birthday is

[jonathan_kogan]: crazy so i can't even play it
so unfortunately i got to play a tucker

[jonathan_kogan]: carlson segment which i don't want to
do but i just play the people who

[jonathan_kogan]: are willing to talk about this in
the right light and not the right light

[jonathan_kogan]: and honest like that's all and so
let's just get some and then by the

[jonathan_kogan]: way i'm going to play on the
third clip which you want to want to

[jonathan_kogan]: miss which is the j f k
speech denouncing secret societies you know builder bourg

[jonathan_kogan]: group and everything that we know has
been going on and now it's just out

[jonathan_kogan]: in the open with like literally the
symbolism the petafelia the the craziness that's going

[jonathan_kogan]: on in this world right now just
like destruction of individual governments ah and he

[jonathan_kogan]: warned about in a speech and it's
really really good it shows you exactly why

[jonathan_kogan]: perhaps he was killed by the people
who really run the country in the world

[jonathan_kogan]: but who knows maybe that makes us
a conspiratserious but let's get some context on

[jonathan_kogan]: uh you know what was just dropped
with the gfkvefiles and this ll just be

[jonathan_kogan]: a quick three minutes of a little
background that was the best backgoud i could

[jonathan_kogan]: find at least and then we're going
to get into how conspiracy there came about

[jonathan_kogan]: and then j f speech which just
shows exactly why he was probably murdered so

[jonathan_kogan]: here we go take a lesson

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: so why if they knew if they
knew this was such a threat why didn't

[jonathan_kogan]: the ci intervene to prevent this why
didn't the c a love us so much

[jonathan_kogan]: and protect us because they love us
the intelligence if you have not learned the

[jonathan_kogan]: n s a but snowdon reveal and
can't even live in the united states for

[jonathan_kogan]: revealing which is the ruth of our
government ever since the patriot act which was

[jonathan_kogan]: by george bush who basically signed a
right away where he can spy on american

[jonathan_kogan]: citizens without any court order right and
then snowdon vilest has to live in russia

[jonathan_kogan]: now now they're trying to like like
rewrite history in real time that he's a

[jonathan_kogan]: horrible person and betrayed america but when
you go against the u s government you

[jonathan_kogan]: just your threats cris forever even if
you are a whistle blower and doing things

[jonathan_kogan]: and telling people and educating people on
things that we deserve to know as the

[jonathan_kogan]: american people like hey we're being spied
on without court orders every single citizen because

[jonathan_kogan]: we signed our rights away and voted
our rights away with the patriot act which

[jonathan_kogan]: came soon after september eleventh that's what
happened at the time we didn't know that

[jonathan_kogan]: that's what was happening with the patriot
act you got to love these names the

[jonathan_kogan]: patriot act what happens it allows us
to spy on patriots and then not have

[jonathan_kogan]: court orders or what happens with the
inflation red ion act oh well it produces

[jonathan_kogan]: inflation it's basically opposite day every day
of the week when it comes to whatever

[jonathan_kogan]: bills and whatever they pass if it's
called we love you act it means they're

[jonathan_kogan]: probably going to put us on death
row that's it that's it point blank so

[jonathan_kogan]: one of our favorite words of this
podcast as you know if you're new you

[jonathan_kogan]: must be a newly found conspiracy theory
which means you are questioning power and you

[jonathan_kogan]: are realizing that perhaps we were lying
to whoa makes you a danger to democracy

[jonathan_kogan]: how dare you question authority you stay
in line you shut your mouth you don't

[jonathan_kogan]: ask questions and you go or we
tell you to go we tell you to

[jonathan_kogan]: go to a camp you go to
a camp we tell you to stay in

[jonathan_kogan]: your house lock down you stay in
your house lock down you do as we

[jonathan_kogan]: say you do not ask questions and
you shut your mouth you know the rules

[jonathan_kogan]: right that's not new to you you
know that's what come on you know the

[jonathan_kogan]: rules that is what it's that is
what we call an open and free society

[jonathan_kogan]: shut your mouth do as you're told
stand line or go to camp sleep away

[jonathan_kogan]: camp where we're going to love you
so much and then send you back home

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah okay so here's the next segment
explaining where conspiracy theory came from because it

[jonathan_kogan]: came from these j f k files
because anyone who questioned the j f k

[jonathan_kogan]: files was guess what a conspiracy theorist
so this was actually shared this clip was

[jonathan_kogan]: actually shared by robert f kennedy junior
himself who is the nephew of jack kennedy

[jonathan_kogan]: or john f kennedy also known as
jack kennedy who was the formerly preside the

[jonathan_kogan]: united states who was murdered by i
don't know perhaps a conspiracy with the intelligent

[jonathan_kogan]: agency but we're not here to promote
conspiracies we're here to find the truth take

[jonathan_kogan]: a listen to the segment

[jonathan_kogan]: m

[jonathan_kogan]: m

[jonathan_kogan]: the salzburg family who owns the new
york times for about five generations owned slaves

[jonathan_kogan]: they were literally slave owners now they
write stories like they're active it's for equality

[jonathan_kogan]: but they literally own slaves at the
beginning oh wait no that's a conspiracy theory

[jonathan_kogan]: let's just call truth conspiracy theories

[jonathan_kogan]: that's the same government by the way
who gave syphilis to african americans and didn't

[jonathan_kogan]: tell them or didn't treat it for
like decades just to see how it would

[jonathan_kogan]: manifest at's okay no problem until i
believe the senator tim kennedy shut it down

[jonathan_kogan]: same people same people very good people
they love you

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: so i'm going to stop it there
because it plays right into j f speech

[jonathan_kogan]: which is and by the way this
is so important like i've said in podcast

[jonathan_kogan]: many many podcasts ago which is if
you're watching a vid on you tube and

[jonathan_kogan]: they tagged they put a link to
an article below the video okay like the

[jonathan_kogan]: ones that i've seen are a change
from the united nations right which the united

[jonathan_kogan]: nations now set brags in the public
they own the science on it they own

[jonathan_kogan]: it and they're gonna fix google results
not saying climate change isn't real just saying

[jonathan_kogan]: it's tah to have a specific definition
below all utube videos relating to climate change

[jonathan_kogan]: then there's election integrity everything is a
free and fair election shouldn't question it that's

[jonathan_kogan]: tagged below videos and then also the
air born virus is also tagged about the

[jonathan_kogan]: real facts about the air born catastrophe
that's happened the past three years and what

[jonathan_kogan]: not to question so if there is
a link to a wick of the article

[jonathan_kogan]: government dotwebsite below a utivideo you can
pretty much assume that that is the opposite

[jonathan_kogan]: of the truth pretty much the opposite
like if they're a guess what they're tagging

[jonathan_kogan]: video s now with since the jfkfiles
the john f kennedy assassination tag so you

[jonathan_kogan]: can pretty much assume yeah what do
you know the government was a part of

[jonathan_kogan]: it but why but why now the
new world or that's wide in the open

[jonathan_kogan]: with all these horrible people and you
know the penfeliais just no problem at all

[jonathan_kogan]: and you know whatever it's it's a
good thing to do it's fantastic now very

[jonathan_kogan]: very good john f kenney gave a
speech april twenty ninth april twenty seventh nineteen

[jonathan_kogan]: sixty one where he literally warned about
exactly what has come to light which is

[jonathan_kogan]: why out in the open unless you're
sleeping under a rock the past three years

[jonathan_kogan]: just right in the open right maybe
perhaps this is why he was killed he

[jonathan_kogan]: warned us of the places like the
build up a group warned us of the

[jonathan_kogan]: world economic form warned us of this
whole a conspiracy of powerful elates to shape

[jonathan_kogan]: the world to their liking which is
what cloud shops say goes this is the

[jonathan_kogan]: unique moment in time where we in
this room we shake we shaped the world

[jonathan_kogan]: we have the power to shape the
world and then people who think the world

[jonathan_kogan]: is going back to how it was
let's just say this is fiction okay that's

[jonathan_kogan]: staight from the nazis a real natty
real nancy okay because we like to throw

[jonathan_kogan]: terms like that around like fasces all
this stuff but people forget the real definition

[jonathan_kogan]: so it's very very important that we
might get to an extra clip but listen

[jonathan_kogan]: to this real speech j f k
secret society speech it's a little bit long

[jonathan_kogan]: but just just listen and now you
know why he was killed okay very very

[jonathan_kogan]: important so here we go i started
in the middle he told some jokes to

[jonathan_kogan]: me and and the key things he
talks about is the importance of a press

[jonathan_kogan]: that holds the powerful accountable that does
not the dangers of censorship and how that

[jonathan_kogan]: can kill a democracy or republic and
how people are trying to infiltrate this to

[jonathan_kogan]: promote censorship to then shape the world
this secret society you know these builderburgh people

[jonathan_kogan]: he literally talks about the things that
are happening that would be such a danger

[jonathan_kogan]: to our freedom literally talks about it
take a listen this is j f k

[jonathan_kogan]: giving us a warning and now the
warning has unfortunately come true but let's take

[jonathan_kogan]: our world back here we go

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: oh they cheer they cheer for the
first amendment that's great i missed that

[jonathan_kogan]: that is did you hear that do
you want me to just read that again

[jonathan_kogan]: just to be sure that you understood
what you heard okay for we are opposed

[jonathan_kogan]: around the world by a monolithic and
ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for

[jonathan_kogan]: expanding its sphere of influence on infultration
instead of invasion on subversion instead of elections

[jonathan_kogan]: on intimidation and instead of free choice
on gorillas by night instead of armies by

[jonathan_kogan]: day what's he referring to today groups
such as the builder burghers the council on

[jonathan_kogan]: foreign relations club of rome the tri
lateral mission started by the rockefellers united nations

[jonathan_kogan]: the world economic form and others conspire
to infrultrate and subvert all governments and societies

[jonathan_kogan]: to remake them in their own image
that is what we know is happening that

[jonathan_kogan]: is what j f k warned us
about before he was killed definitely not by

[jonathan_kogan]: the c i a they love you

[jonathan_kogan]: so perhaps what is he talking about
here president eisenhower spoke of the military industrial

[jonathan_kogan]: complex and his farewell speech i belive
that was nineteen sixty two um m there

[jonathan_kogan]: is the c f r and united
nations the c i a and f b

[jonathan_kogan]: i and our economies are perhaps controlled
by the federal reserve the large banks jipymoregan

[jonathan_kogan]: bake america et cetera and then their
huge companies like for the food santo and

[jonathan_kogan]: of course big farmer conglomerates control the
science and our political party parties are completely

[jonathan_kogan]: corrupted by con capitalism they're all friends
well maybe they're all friends but it's not

[jonathan_kogan]: true open and free markets we know
that now whole game is raked um and

[jonathan_kogan]: its preparations are concealed the whole gay
is ready reminds me what was that that

[jonathan_kogan]: one of the first debates back in
two housen sixteen or whatever when when thumpers

[jonathan_kogan]: running at all the republicans up there
i believe or i think it was maybe

[jonathan_kogan]: republican and democrats i don't know maybe
is just republicans he's all the way they

[jonathan_kogan]: were right you know like this guy
has no chance he's a fool right and

[jonathan_kogan]: and he goes the whole thing is
ragged the people on their side is lie

[jonathan_kogan]: what do you what do you talk
about the whole game it's not trump but

[jonathan_kogan]: if you if it's red how do
you know it's ragged i know the game

[jonathan_kogan]: is raged because i use it and
that's a funny that's exactly relates to the

[jonathan_kogan]: joke that dave chapelle did on sataday
night live not too long ago the whole

[jonathan_kogan]: thing is raked how do you how
do you know trump because i use it

[jonathan_kogan]: i mean listen we aren't we aren't
pro trump we aren't pro anybody we are

[jonathan_kogan]: anti politics but that ship is funny
it's preparation are const not published the mainstream

[jonathan_kogan]: media six monolithic corporations that control almost
everything we watch here and read has been

[jonathan_kogan]: bought off and mandated to conceal the
truth and publish only what propaganda is prepared

[jonathan_kogan]: by h h the elite and those
are empower which is very similar to the

[jonathan_kogan]: c i a i told you about
operation paper clip what about operation mocking bird

[jonathan_kogan]: operation mocking bird is the c a
infultrating the main stream media so everything we

[jonathan_kogan]: hear is propaganda that the c i
a and intelligence apparatus wants us to hear

[jonathan_kogan]: operation mocking bird has dominated corporate me
since nineteen forty eight the pentagon has used

[jonathan_kogan]: the corporate media as a propaganda delivery
systems at least at least the late nineteen

[jonathan_kogan]: nineties and the u s army s
fourth psychological operation sops group in fort brag

[jonathan_kogan]: works in the news division at none
other than c n n brought to you

[jonathan_kogan]: by fyzer

[jonathan_kogan]: okay

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: what happened mainstream news what happened

[jonathan_kogan]: an error does not become a mistake
until you refuse to correct it that guy

[jonathan_kogan]: is part of the same party as
president joe bydon a so called democrat whatever

[jonathan_kogan]: that means we don't do politics but
j f k warned us of exactly what's

[jonathan_kogan]: going on right now he warned us
how censorship does not lead to what is

[jonathan_kogan]: in the best interests of the people
of whatever country this is the context of

[jonathan_kogan]: america i know we have listeners in
over fifty countries so this is relevant to

[jonathan_kogan]: we are a global world now okay
ever since the nineties when m t v

[jonathan_kogan]: streamed worldwide people who grew up as
millennios are very similar to each other more

[jonathan_kogan]: so than ever from all different countries
becaus we were watching the same media the

[jonathan_kogan]: same type of stuff so we kind
of all grew together for the first time

[jonathan_kogan]: ever right you distributed this this this
main line media across different countries and so

[jonathan_kogan]: we're very similar more so than any
other time in history across the globe show

[jonathan_kogan]: me censorship i'll show you totalitarian or
a dictatorship government that's how it works the

[jonathan_kogan]: main ship news law site of every
single thing j f k just put in

[jonathan_kogan]: there j f k warned us of
the elite the cabal that whatever you want

[jonathan_kogan]: to say of imposing their way of
how the world should work and should operate

[jonathan_kogan]: on to us and that's what's happening
right before our eyes in real time and

[jonathan_kogan]: then they killed his ass they popped
them they popped them and now they're covering

[jonathan_kogan]: with the files but they're leaving the
there they're putting enough out there for us

[jonathan_kogan]: to talk about it but not enough
to be like oh wow all the conspiracy

[jonathan_kogan]: theorist were right back then and then
the ones that are conspiracy just now are

[jonathan_kogan]: obviously right so now the conspiracy theorist
term is delayed truth absorber something like that

[jonathan_kogan]: so the whole thing is crazy you
now know why he was killed he warned

[jonathan_kogan]: of this time back in what was
it was that nineteen seventy one or so

[jonathan_kogan]: i want to get the date for
sure so i don't lie to you it's

[jonathan_kogan]: tagged on youtube videos about the jfkjfkassassination
so we know the opposite true so we

[jonathan_kogan]: know they killed him april twenty seventh
nineteen sixty one and now it's playing out

[jonathan_kogan]: before and the masonry media should be
ashamed of themselves main line journalists journalist who

[jonathan_kogan]: are not a part of the winning
team who think they are should be ashamed

[jonathan_kogan]: of themselves to go along with this
narrative they should be ashamed of themselves to

[jonathan_kogan]: want pro censorship they are the media
they're the last line of defense they're the

[jonathan_kogan]: only ones that can hold the powerful
elite accountable and they're going along with it

[jonathan_kogan]: they should be ashamed but you know
what that's what gives rise to podcasts like

[jonathan_kogan]: this the johnthecogan show subscribe ever you
get your podcast and other fantastic independent creators

[jonathan_kogan]: which is going to change the landscape
media like never before we're going to look

[jonathan_kogan]: back the twitter files will be the
pivotal moment that we went the opposite way

[jonathan_kogan]: to a d centralized creator first media
landscape and it's going o be good and

[jonathan_kogan]: better for the world but i just
want to make it clear main stream journals

[jonathan_kogan]: should be ashamed of themselves they deviated
from their one core principle telling the people

[jonathan_kogan]: the truth working for the people of
the people by the people the people the

[jonathan_kogan]: people the people and they lost that
and they should be ashamed i hope they're

[jonathan_kogan]: ashamed all watching post people will take
a little it's all that nonsense that's propaganda

[jonathan_kogan]: get back to telling the truth you
know don't tell the truth and this podcast

[jonathan_kogan]: will keep going to the moon to
the moon okay maybe we'll even reach pluto

[jonathan_kogan]: or that other planet that we don't
have a name for i don't think but

[jonathan_kogan]: it's like the eighth one or ninth
one whatever one it is okay but past

[jonathan_kogan]: pluto we're gonna go wherever all right
that's all I got in the j f k

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[jonathan_kogan]: with heart hitten facts truth nothing but
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[jonathan_kogan]: by the people this is the podcast
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[jonathan_kogan]: peasant's first elite never game for don
zilchnadabavada we out all right thank you I

[jonathan_kogan]: love you bye