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On this episode of Mahakatha, host Preeti dives into the beautiful and profound bond between a mother and child through the power of Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Mantra. She discusses how this connection may not always be obvious, but it is always present, often manifested in the subtlest forms. Preeti highlights that this bond is a shared experience for everyone, regardless of whether their own mothers are actively present in their lives or not.

The episode explores the idea of a patient and nurturing mother figure, acknowledging the meaningful and important stories shared by listeners. Preeti mentions a touching comment from a listener who expresses how they feel their mother's presence everywhere and extends gratitude for their comment.

The essence of the Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Mantra is discussed, with its intention to connect with the guidance of female heroes who have played a significant role in shaping our lives. Preeti emphasizes that this mantra is not bound by geographical locations and aims to reconnect with the rhythm of nature.

Drawing parallels, Preeti highlights the generosity and selflessness of a mother, equating her to Mother Earth, who provides everything humans need and desire in life. She stresses that this connection between Mother Nature and her children may not always be visible, but it is always present.

Preeti expresses that unrest, ill health, rage, and stress experienced by humans affect Mother Nature, resulting in observed trends of calamity, depletion, and loss of valuable resources. However, moving towards well-being, abundance, kindness, giving, and love can lead to abundance and beauty in nature.

Despite listeners having strained relationships with their mothers or experiencing loss, the mantras discussed on the episode provide a way to keep the rhythm between mother and child alive. Preeti acknowledges the emotional responses that thinking about one's mother and childhood bond evoke, whether they bring forth happy memories or more intense and regretful ones.

Towards the end of the episode, Preeti offers a special discount on the Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Mantra for podcast listeners and encourages embracing a new perspective towards Mother Earth and well-being. She promises a new episode for the following week and believes that Mother Nature responds to humans, matching their heartbeat, temperament, emotion, and intentions. Preeti suggests that by changing the rhythm and focusing on well-being, prosperity, kindness, and giving, positive change can occur if everyone takes charge.

Join Preeti on this thought-provoking episode as she sheds light on the incredible bond between a mother and child, the connection between humans and Mother Earth, and the healing power of mantras. Don't miss out and tune in to Mahakatha for a new perspective on the importance of embracing the rhythm between mother and child.
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Each episode features a different mantra, such as Shiva mantras, Buddha mantras, Krishna mantras, and devi mantras, with an in-depth exploration of the lyrics and meaning behind each one.

The host, Mahakatha, is an expert in the field, and provides valuable insights and guidance on how to incorporate these mantras into your own meditation practice.

Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or new to the world of meditation and mantras, this podcast offers a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to deepen your understanding. Additionally, it will enhance your spiritual journey. Discover the ancient wisdom and transformative power of these sacred chants from India through the "Meditation Mantras Podcast" by Mahakatha.

Do you know the earliest example of a mother's

love for her child?

When you were in her arms as a baby,

her heartbeat and your heartbeat were

perfectly synchronized. If your

heartbeat went up, her heartbeat went up as well.

If her breathing were shallow or deep, your

breathing would immediately catch up to her

rhythm. This rhythm between

mother and child is what we're gonna talk about today.

Hello and welcome to Mahagata's meditation Mantras as

I'm the host of this podcast, Preeti, and I welcome

you to yet another brand new episode.

In this episode, We are going to explore one of

the most unconditional, most loving

relationship and bonds and rhythms

of all time. That is the bond between a mother and

a child. Now, I don't mean to get you

all emotional, thinking about your mother. You must be in the middle

of a busy day. But You have

to acknowledge that thinking about your mother and

you as a child and thinking about that bond,

Shift something within you. It calls forth

an emotional response when you think about

your childhood with your mother. Whether you are

recalling the many happy memories with your

mother, or the songs she used to sing you,

and put you to sleep are the stories she would read you. are the

fun things both of you would do together, or

whether you are remembering, more intense,

more painful, or even more regretful

things. Either way, positive or

negative, there is a very hardwired

emotional response when we remember our mothers.

And the example I gave you in the beginning of this episode

only goes to prove that even biologically,

the bond, the conversation, the relationship,

the give and take between a mother and a child,

is present right from the beginning.

This rhythm, this connection takes many different forms

as the child grows up and the mother grows older.

And it may not be so apparent anymore. There may be

glimpses of it when the mother is the first person

to have an intuition that something's wrong with the

child. If the child is unwell or struggling

financially or otherwise. It may take subtler

forms, but that bond that rhythm

is always there. If you slow down,

she slows down. If you catch

up, she catches up. And whether

we have our beloved mothers in our lives right now

or not, there is one form of a

mother that we all share. This

mother is patient. This mother is giving

generous selfless. This mother provides you

with everything you need and desire in

this lifetime. Right from oxygen to

the roof over your head. It is this mother

who provides for everything.

And that is our mother earth.

And just like the mothers who give birth to us,

Mother nature also has an

irreplaceable rhythm

with all of her children, including you and me.

Now, this connection between

you and I and the vastness of mother

nature may not always be visible, but it's

always there. For instance,

if we, her children, are experiencing unrest

and ill health, and

rage or stress.

Then if we look around, We'll see the

same unrest, the same ill health,

the same lack of prosperity, the same rage,

same unevenness instability

in mother nature. We see

calamity, we see depletion, we see extinction,

we see the loss of so many

valuable Resources in nature.

Well, it seems she's just trying to catch

up with us. On the flip side, the

more we consciously move

towards well-being, the more We consciously

move towards abundance and kindness

and giving and love. The

more abundance in beauty, and

renewal we see in nature.

Her lakes and rivers are refreshed. The seasons

are brighter and the weather is kinda.

After all, like we were in a birth

mother's arms. We are

in mother nature's lap as well.

So it makes sense that she responds to

us. She matches to our heartbeat.

She matches to our temperament, to our

emotion, and our intentions, she

matches up, like the heartbeat of our birth

mothers matched up to ours.

And when we look at our relationship with Mother Earth

in such a way, a completely new

approach towards the environment,

towards conservation, towards nature, opens

up. Understanding her as mother

and you as child, you can now recognize

her calamity, her unrest, her

lack of well-being. And you can

try to change the rhythm by

focusing on well-being, focusing on prosperity,

focusing on kindness and giving it away easily.

And surely enough, if all of us

as the human race and as children of mother nature,

can take charge of this rhythm.

That loving mother who listens to

us, who nurtures us, She will be abundant

from our intention for abundance.

She will be healthy and free from our intention

to be healthy and free in our lives. And

so in today's episode, I want you to join

me in saying to mother earth,

Mamta Namami.





No more me.

Through this little chant, we have lowered

our heads, joined our hands, and asked for mother's

blessings. We have asked for her grace. We

have given her our gratitude, and

we seek for her. to keep

reciprocating to us like she always has.

And in speaking to mother earth in this way, We have

also touched the nerve and soothed the

nerve that connects us to our birth

mothers. Speaking of these phenomenal

female figures we had in our lives, our

first heroes are first friends.

I want to introduce to you a mantra that is dedicated

to the mother form of

the earth. And that mantra is called

the Yajdevi Mantra. This

chant is traditionally practiced every

morning, ideally in the company of nature.

And the purpose of this chant is to simply

acknowledge our connection with nature and bow to

her for forgiveness, for blessings.

By chanting this mantra, a lot of our listeners have unexpectedly

sensed a connection with their birth mothers

and felt an inner healing taking place

within them. Many of these listeners either had a

strained relationship with their mother or unfortunately

had lost their mothers, and this Mantras became

a beautiful, unexpected way.

of keeping that rhythm between mother and

child alive. And so quickly, I'm gonna read

you two comments from the YouTube thread of this

mantra. The first one says, dear Mahakathad

team, you are saving lives out here. You should

know. May the great mother continue guiding you?

My love and gratitude to you all. Thank you

so much dear listener for this comment that made our

day here at Mahakita. It love and

support and kindness like this that keeps us

going. Your stories keep us going.

The second one says, so pleasant that I

can feel my mother everywhere.

Thank you, dear listener, for this comment as well. This

is really the essence of this mantra.

to help you feel the guidance of

your mother of the divine female

heroes in your life who've helped you grow up and be the

person you are. This mantra connects them with

you. no matter where they are, no matter where you are.

And like we discussed in this episode, this

mantra can be a beautiful way of bringing

back the rhythm between us and our

ultimate mother nature. I hope you

enjoyed This new perspective, I hope you enjoyed this

episode. And if you haven't listened to the Yadevi

Mantra, then I'm here with something very special for you. for all

the listeners of this podcast. You can now avail

the Yadevi Mantra at a 30% discount

by using the coupon code mentioned in the description of this

episode. So go ahead, gift yourself this

mantra. and try and embrace this new perspective

towards Mother Earth and towards your own well-being.

I'm gonna be back next week with a brand new episode of the

podcast, until then, stay blessed.