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Daily Boost - 26 Tishrei

26 Tishrei: Ma'asim Tovim

The Daily Boost is a podcast, created by Tut Altz, to help inspire your day with a daily Moshiach-related Torah thought.

Show Notes

Topic for Tishrei: Essence of Moshiach.

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Rav said, “All deadlines for the Redemption have passed, and the matter now depends only on repentance and good deeds.”
(Talmud, Sanhedrin 97b)

Reconnecting with our inner self (teshuvah) is one half of the formula for Moshiach. Ma'asim tovim, good deeds, represent the other half. These acts of goodness and kindness flow from an essential love and dedication to one’s fellow. Furthermore, they can be expressed in any number of positive ways, such as giving charity to the needy, visiting the sick, feeding and clothing the poor, supporting widows and orphans, and the list goes on.

Each act of kindness serves as another stone used to build the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Throughout the generations, the Jews have been contributing those stones. The stones that you contribute could be the ones that complete the building so that Moshiach can move in!

Kuntreisim of the Mitteler Rebbe, pg. 281
End of Tanya—we make this world a Mishkan for Hashem (dirah b'tachtonim) through Torah (refining our understanding, which reveals our yechidah) and tzedakah (expressing our essence in actions).